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Dad's Randy 1


Dad's Randy

Author’s Note: if you like this story, you can read my other stories:
“What’s your Pleasure” and Pleasure Palace

Chapter 1

Shit, I’m screwed, I thought. My father just stuck his head in my room
to ask me something and found me with my dick in my hand, pumping away.
His head disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I lost my hard-on just
as fast.

My name is Randy and before you ask, I am not like my name. I live with
my divorced father in suburbia and go to the local high school where I am a
freshman. If you saw me in a crowd, you wouldn’t remember me. Everything
about me is average, my looks, my grades, you name it; it is average.

Every night, before I fell asleep, I stroke myself to an orgasm,
catching my fluids in a tissue. It was a habit I had picked up a few years
ago But in all those years not anyone ever caught me and, of all people, my
dad. You see, I had masturbate to images of my dad. Ever since I can
remember, he has been the most important person in my life. He has been
there in good times and bad. But he was there not like my mom.

My dad is not average. He is tall and muscular. He has no paunch and
his chest and stomach are as hard as a rock. How do I know? I’ve been
secretly spying on him when he uses the bathroom. My room is next to the
bathroom and I made a small hole to look at him when he is in there. My
favorite sight is when he sits on the toilet and beats off. I love
watching when he comes. His chest, stomach and thighs tighten so that you
can see the individual muscles constrict. His cock is bad either. When
it's hard, it is about 8' long and not too fat. Like me, he uses a tissue
to catch his semen.

Anyway, he became the object of my fantasies right after I saw him
fucking my mom. They had left their bedroom door ajar and I woke needing
to use the bathroom. Passing their door, I heard moaning and peered in.
My mom was on her back, her legs spread wide and her arms were clutching my
dad's biceps. He covered my mom completely, so I couldn't see her body,
and was moving back and forth between her legs. Each time he moved
forward, the cheeks of his ass would become taunt. I didn’t know, but, I
got an immediate erection watching his ass go in and out. Being
embarrassed, I snuck to the bathroom, took my piss and snuck back to bed. I
couldn’t get the image of his tight ass out of my mind. I still had my
hard-on and masturbated to images of his ass. It was one of the best cums
I ever had. After that, I always tried to find a reason to talk to him
when he was naked. Whenever I did, he continued doing what he was doing,
not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed. After each of the incidents, I
stored the images in my brain so that I could recall them at night when I
needed them. And now he caught me.

The next morning, I was a little embarrassed when I came down for
breakfast but nothing was said. The rest of the day flew by and I gotten
into bed, preparing from my nightly session. I had left my door ajar
hoping that he would come in and if he did, I had no idea what I wanted to
happen. But he solved that problem.

As I stoked myself, my eyes closed, bringing up the images I wanted, I
heard him say “Need any help there, champ.” I didn't know what to say. On
one hand it was a dream come true, on the other, I wanted to crawl into a
hole and die. But something in me croaked a single word, “Yes”.

He smiled and said "Don't go away, I'll be right back. With that he
left the room, only to return a moment later with a jar of something.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled the covers off of me exposing my
nakedness. My hands immediately went to my crotch, trying to cover as much
as possible. He just smiled and said that he was young once and that at my
age, beating off was the best thing in the world.

Dipping his fingers into the jar, he smeared the stuff all over his
hand. With the other, he moved my hands away from my dick, exposing me.
"Well, well," he began, "you've turned into quite a man," his eyes focused
on my limp boy cock. "Let's see what we got here." With that he wrapped
his hand around my dick and started stroking. He continued talking but I
didn’t hear him. My whole being was centered in my dick and all I could
feel was his hand stroking up and down. After two strokes I was as hard as
I had ever been. I did hear him say that the stuff on his hands was some
kind of jelly and that it helped with the friction. His hand was moving
faster, up and down and my breaths were becoming shorter. Then he did
something, I'll never forget. He moved his mouth over my cock and left it
there. I thought he was going to suck me but his mouth hovered about an
inch above me. He started stroking me hard and faster, spurring me to an

Within seconds I knew I was going to shoot and my hips bucked expelling
the first of many squirts I had in my body. My boy cum shot directly into
his mouth which I assumed he swallowed. I was estactic! My dad had just
jerked me off and I was in heaven.

This was better than any fantasy I had created in my mind. I think I
shot more boy goo than I ever had before. When I was done, I collapsed
into the bed. That was when I got the second surprise of the night. He
leaned over and kissed me. Not a father son kiss, but a real kiss. His
tongue parted my lips and snuck into my mouth. I didn't know what to do so
I did nothing and let him do what he wanted. He curled his tongue inside
my mouth and then I felt liquid fall on my tongue. It was my goo. He
hadn't swallowed it and was now depositing back in me. I had never tasted
cum before and it tasted was salty. Not knowing what to do, I just
swallowed it. When the last of it had rolled off his tongue he pulled back
from me and smiled. Tossing my hair, he said “goodnight son” and left.

I just lay there in a warm glow. I had just let my dad jerk me off and
feed me my own cum. The funny thing about it was that I felt like it was
the most natural thing in the world. With that thought in my mind, I fell

Chapter 2

The next morning, the most natural thing in the world, turned to guilt.
I felt humiliated and embarrassed that I had let my dad do that thing last
night. I slunk down to the breakfast table expecting to be given a
lecture. Nothing happened. We went thru our usual routine. When I ready
to leave for school, I said goodbye but instead of the usual plain vanilla
goodbye I usually got, my dad, still behind his paper said “see you
tonight” All day at school I couldn’t think of anything else. Did that
mean that we were going to have a repeat performance or was I reading
something into it. My mind may not have known but my dick sure did. I had
to carry my books in front of my crotch every time I thought about it.

I somehow got thru the day and evening and was getting ready for bed. I
had just finished undressing when my dad appeared and asked "Need any help
tonight, Champ?" My dick got instantly and I just nodded. Moving to the
bed, I stretch out onto of the covers. Dad had anticipated my response and
was ready this time. He held the jelly jar in his hand. As he coated his
hand, He said, "You must have enjoyed yourself last night, you"re as hard
as a rock." I didn"t know how to respond so smiled weakly and move my legs
a little further apart. With that, my dad took hold of me and started the
now familiar up and down motion. I just lay back and let dad to do what he
wanted. With his hand on my dick I felt like putty. The way I was
feeling, he could have done anything to me. I wouldn't have minded. My
breath was getting shorter and my hips were moving faster, I was getting
ready to come. Dad knew it and stroked faster. The pressure was building
in my head when I felt him force a finger up my ass. My hips thrust up and
I unloaded into his waiting mouth. At the same time my asshole spasmed
around his finger. When I had finished, he again kissed me depositing my
seed back into me thru my mouth, all the while, leaving his finger in me.

When he pulled his finger out of me, I expected him to get up and leave
but he didn’t. He brought his finger up to my mouth. Instinctively, I
opened my mouth. Unlike the taste of cum, his finger tasted pungent. He
started sliding his finger in and out of my mouth. Using my tongue I tried
to clean all sides of his finger at the same time using suction trying not
to let it escape. Satisfied that it was clean, he popped it out of my
mouth and left the room. Once again, I was left with a warm glow
surrounding my body.

Chapter 3

We fell into a routine that dad would visit me every night before I went
to sleep. His finger up my ass also became part of the routine. So much
so, that by the end of two weeks, he was finger fucking me with three
fingers and not even having to stroke my cock to make me cum. He would
however, hold my cock still until I shot, catching my jism and feeding it
back to me.

Then one Friday night, when he came to my room, instead of the usual
clothes he was wearing a bathrobe. I just figured that he, too, was
getting ready for bed. I could tell that he was naked underneath and he
had a hard-on. I didn't think anything of it and assume the my usual
position. I pulled my knees up to my chest exposing my asshole, waiting
for his fingers to enter me. He didn’t disappoint. Instead of working up
to three fingers, he pushed all three into me and began our nightly
routine. I lay back letting the feeling grow. Every so often I would moan,
but something was different. His finger fucking seemed more urgent and his
breaths were becoming shorter, where in the past I never heard them.

Before I knew it, dad had removed his fingers and his bathrobe and was
kneeling between my legs. Grabbing my legs and forcing them straight up,
he entered me, his dick pushing through my anus ring and into my belly. I
screamed. I was being raped by my own dad! It felt like a lead pipe had
been shoved up my ass. "Lie still," I heard my dad say, "the pain will go
away shortly." I stopped moving and dad didn’t move either. I took long
deep breaths because short ones made the pain in my ass worse. After a few
minutes, the pain subsided and my breathing returned to normal. Dad was
waiting for this and started fucking in and out of me very slowly. He
began talking and this time I heard him. "Just relax, Randy, pretend it's
my fingers in you and not my cock. Remember how it felts to have my
fingers in you, sliding in and out, making your cock harder and harder." I
relaxed my muscles and visualized all the other nights that dad had fucked
me with his fingers. This was really no different. His cock was bigger
and longer but the actions was the same. The pain was subsiding to be
replaced by the warm glow that I knew so well. Dad sensed this and his
fucking picked up speed. The war m glow had taken over my body and the
pain had turned to pleasure. My dick, which had shrunk when he entered me,
was coming back to life. As my dad fucked me, my dick got harder and
harder and the pleasure intensified. I remembered the images of my dad and
my mom fucking and shook my legs and dad immediately let go of them. I
pictured how my mom’s legs were and tried to duplicate the position. I
pulled up my knees to my chest then spread them as wide as possible.
Taking this as a sign, dad pushed into me so that our balls touched. I
just moaned and tried to spread my legs wider. My hands had gripped his
biseps like I had seen my mother do those years ago.

"That's it baby, take my cock. I've known for many years that you
wanted it. I wasn’t stupid all those times you came into my room when I
was naked. I could see the lust in your eyes even though you didn't know
what it was." I just moaned louder focusing on the cock that was fucking
me. I could feel his cock in my belly and my hips rose to meet his thrusts.
"You've wanted my cock for so long, well, now you have it. All of it,
filling your belly. That's what you wanted, isn't it?"

My mind reeled. Is this what I wanted all these years? Did I really
want my dad to fuck me or was this rape? Question after question swarmed
thru my brain. I was confused. Why had I wanted to see my dad naked all
these years? What did I expect to happen? Why was he the only image I
masturbated to? All these questions swirled around my brain.

Dad was really plowing me. He would pull his cock almost out of me and
then pound it back in. Then it happened. On a particular hard pounding
thrust, the answer came to me. YES, this is what I had hope for, long for.
I wanted my father to fuck me! All those years, jerking off to images of
him had come do to this. My father had his cock up my ass and that's what
I wanted!

It was then that I surrendered. There was no more fooling myself

"Yea, baby, I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you so hard that you won't be able
to sit for a week. You think you're the only one who wanted to do this? I
been waiting since the day I saw you watching your mom and I fuck. I saw
you standing in the doorway, with your hard boycock sticking straight out,
staring at us. I knew that I was going to have you, it was just a matter
of time." He was really pounding away in me."Your mother and I split up
because she caught me with another man. It disgusted her. The thought of
my cock getting anywhere near her after it had been up another man's ass
made her sick." He spat. All the pent up anger was coming out in his
fucking. I felt like I was being split in two. Each time, he fucked into
me, it felt like his cock was going deeper into my belly. For my part, I
was loving it. I squeezed my asshole around his cock, which brought me to
a new level of pleasure. I wanted, more than anything, for him to cum inside me, to fill my guts with his man cream. "Come on, daddy, shoot
inside me. I want to feel you explode." I said, kicking him in the butt to
spur him on.

"So, you want my man cream do you? I"ll give you man cream. I'll give
so much that you'll be tasting it for days!" With that, he became a crazy
man. Throwing my legs over his shoulders, he leaned down so that our faces
almost touched. This lifted my ass up so that he could penetrate me fully.
And fully he did. His hips became pistons, driving his cock into me with
full force. This just made me even more delirious. My mind was totally
focused on his cock and the pounding I was taking. With each thrust, the
pressure inside me doubled. Between the cock in my ass and my cock rubbing
against his stomach, I couldn't stand it anymore and my cock erupted,
shooting all over our chests. My hips involuntary shot up as each spurt forced its way out of my cock. This triggered something in dad. He rose
up and pounded into me with all his might. I felt my insides be coated by
his pent up juices. I was once again in heaven. My daddy had come inside
me! but my cock let loose another round of boy goo. Where it came from, I
didn't know. I was so happy. My fantasy had come true. Never in my young life had I experienced anything so wonderful and glorious. I felt truly
alive for the first time and I was going to make sure that this wasn’t
going to be the last time my dad fucked me.

Meanwhile, Dad had pretty much stopped his fucking and was leaning on
his hands breathing very heavily. I reached up taking his head in my hands
and kissed him. I just pressed my lips against his and held them there for
a few seconds, then fell back against the bed. I whispered, “I love you
daddy”. By now dad’s cock had gone soft and had fallen out of me. He just
leaned down and kissed me like I did him. With that, he moved off of me
and then the bed. He picked up his bathrobe and left.

I just lay there for along time, letting the feeling wash over me, my
daddy’s cum dripping out of my hole. Then I fell asleep.

Chapter 4

The next morning, I woke up feeling sticky all over and with a pain in
my asshole. I immediately thought that dad was right. I wouldn't be able
to sit for a week. I stumbled into the shower. As I washed the dried cum from my chest and asshole, I replayed last nights fucking. My dick got
hard and I started stroking it. But now that my fantasies had come true, I
didn’t know what to use for images which caused me to lose my erection. I
finished the shower and was drying off when dad entered. He had a
determined look on his face and I figured I was in trouble now. For what,
I hadn't a clue. Maybe he was feeling guilty about last night and needed
to talk. I certainly wasn't guilt ridden and feel the need to talk.

"Get back into the shower and kneel down." He commanded. I moved to one
end and knelt. I had no idea what he was going to do. He took off his
robe and stepped into the shower, not saying a word. For some reason, I
had bowed my head as to not look at him. Then I felt liquid hitting my
head. I knew that I had turned off the shower so this was something
different. Then I realized my dad was peeing on me. At first, I was
humiliated. He was punishing me. I still did know what I had done.
Finally, it dawned on me. I had read somewhere that that animals marked
their territory using their urine. MY DAD WAS MARKING ME. He was claiming
me as his own. My heart soared. Raising my head, the urine stinging my
eye, I opened my mouth in acceptance. piss immediately filled my mouth
which I gulped as fast as I could. Meanwhile the burning has stopped in my
eyes and I looked at my dad. He was holding his dick, aiming directly into
my mouth and he was smiling. An unspoken pact passed between us. I was
his, to do with whatever he pleased. My drinking his piss sealed the pact.
He finished pissing, shook his cock to get the last drops and got out of
the shower.

"Clean up and come down for breakfast," was all he said Then he left the

To be continued!

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