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Dad's Randy 2


Dad's Randy 2 (incest, m/b)

Chapter 5

I finished my shower and came down to breakfast. Dad had it waiting for
me and I started eating. As I ate, Dad told me his story. An early age,
he realized that he was attracted to other boys and then later men. But,
to be openly gay, during those years was to invite only trouble. So he is
hid behind a straight persona, dating girls and finally marrying. During
his marriage, he found his true nature trying to express itself. It was
not long after I saw my mom and dad fucking, that he met Rick. He had
joined a health club and helped him with his training. There was an
instant attraction. In time, he had shown his true self to Rick, who had
now become his best friend. Overtime, the relationship grew and ultimately
they ended up in bed. He was spending more and more time with Rick and
less at home. One day, my mom found them in bed together and filed
immediately for divorce. He somehow got custody of me. He went on to say,
that on many occasions, he heard me beating off calling his name. He
mentioned this to Rick that he would love to fuck me and they came up with
plan which culminated last night. He said that Rick was a member of a
father/son fuck club and that he would be offered an opportunity to join
that club as soon as he fucked me,

At this point, I am most threw up. And here I thought that I had
engineered last night’s fucking but instead my dad had been waiting for
last night to occur. I was a devastated. Joining the club was more
important than me. I had been used and abused not because he loved me but
because he wanted to join a club and I was in the price of admission.

He went on to say, that Rick and his son Ricky would be spending the
weekend with us. There would be a test, which we, specifically me, would
have to pass before my dad would be accepted into the club. If I failed
the test, it would be six months before my dad would have another chance to
join. The test would consist of me giving Rick a blow job while Ricky gave
my dad the same. The winner would be the boy who made the man come first.
I was stunned. I was already being pimped out. It was more important, for
my dad to join the club then care about my feelings. If I didn't want to
do this, he would permanently send me to my mother. From my point of view
that have been a living hell. She never recovered from the betrayal of my
father to another man and had turned into a bitter woman. I hated the time
I had to spend with her which was forced upon me by the divorce decree.
The decision was easy though I hated it. I’d rather stay and be my dad's
sextoy than to have to live with that woman.

Dad got up from the table, told me to finish eating and come into the
living room. He was going to teach me to suck cock! I just sat there,
this morning, in the shower, I had accepted my role but the rules had
changed. But now, instead of willingly giving myself this man, I had
become his plaything. Was there a difference? I was willing to let him
tell me when and where to spread my legs before, only, now that it was just
out in the open.

I replayed last night's fucking in my mind and could feel my own dick
grow. For the first time in my life I wondered if I was gay now knowing
that my dad was. I was in high school and had never gone out on a date as
high-school girls scared me to death. I remembered all the times I got
hard looking at the other boys in the showers after gym class and running
to my locker to cover myself. Was I like him? Was it in the genes? I had
enjoyed the feeling of his cock up my ass. But was it his cock or just a
cock? I really didn't know. I knew that he would never hurt me or allow
anyone else to. Though I felt hurt, I realized that this was chance to
explore my sexuality. Then and there I decided that I would use him to
explore this part of me. And if I found that this was not me, college was
a few short years and that would be the end of it. With a smile on my
face, I cleaned up and got ready to suck my first cock.

Chapter 6

When I entered living room, he was looking out the window, his back to
me. Without turning, he told me to kneel and my hands behind my back.
Thinking to myself, here goes nothing, I knelt, lowering my head and
putting my hands behind my back. He turned away from the window, walked
towards me. As he did, he unzipped his pants. When he was in front of me,
he let them fall to his ankles. I looked up and there was his cock, 2 in.
from my nose. A surprise laugh slipped out of my mouth, which luckily he
did not hear. His limp cock lay nestled between his balls which reminded
me of those joke glasses with the phony nose attached. A drop of precum
had appeared on its head.

He told me to kiss just the head. Sticking it out my tongue, I licked
the precum and bathed the head. Then I took him into my mouth. I didn’t
move and neither did dad. I just wanted to get used to a man's cock in my
mouth. I felt myself grow harder and so was he. His cockhead pushed to
the back of my mouth, gagging me. Then I felt his hands grab my head and
hold me firm. He told me to breathe thru my nose and the gagging feeling
subsided. He was completely erect and I only had half of him in my mouth.
Pushing his hips forward, his cock slid down my throat until he was fully
engulfed. The gagging feeling returned and told me to breathe. I realized
that I had stopped. He held me in that position for some time, allowing my
throat muscles to adjust. After a few minutes, my breathing returned to
normal and he slowly withdrew himself from my mouth.

This was the first chance I really had to look at it. Erect, I guessed
that it was 8” long and not very thick. Blood filled veins ran around it
like a coiled snake. I reached out to touch it but he said no hands, just
my mouth. Then he told me to suck. I opened my mouth and took him down my
throat again. He smacked me on the head, telling me to watch my teeth. As
I released him, I pulled in my cheeks trying to apply pressure to his man meat. He let me do this for sometime. I had gotten into a rhythm, quickly
down my throat, them slowly releasing. I was totally absorbed in sucking his pole, that only two things existed in my world; my mouth and his cock.
I felt powerful, in control. Then he moaned and grabbed my head again,
imprisoning me on his cock. He fucked his cock in and out of my mouth. He
was now in control and my mouth was just some fuck hole for his pleasure.
His thrusting got faster and harder. If he was holding me I would have
surely fell over. I concentrated on my breathing so that I wouldn't gag.
My mouth was as open as possible and it felt that sometimes his cock went
all the way to my belly. I was getting hot. My cock was now rock hard and
cock feel more and more precum ooze out and into my underwear. He was
really fucking me now and my nose was smashing into his belly every time he
impaled me. Once again, the only thing in the universe was his cock and my
mouth. My checks instinctively sucked in as he pulled his man cock from my
throat. His cock seemed to expand even more when I tasted the first of his
seed. He pulled back so that the head was the only part left in my mouth
and told me to stroke him. Grabbing his meat, I stroked him putting more
pressure on his man tube as I stroked forward and releasing as I stroked
away. His cockhead was spewing his juices which I slurped down my throat
as fast as I could. I could feel it slide into my belly. A warm feeling
expanded thru my body as he finished depositing his man goo into me.
Pushing me away, I slumped to the floor, the taste of him still in my

He pulled up his pants and told me "not bad for a rookie." With that he
left the house. I dove for my cock, freeing it from my clothing and
stroked it furiously as I replayed the scene in my mind. I really got of
on the part where I felt in control, replaying it over and over again.
When I got to the part where he was fucking my mouth, I came. I pumped
myself harder and harder, trying to force every bit of boy cum out of me.
My hips bucked and bucked; then I slumped again. Bringing my gooey hand to
my mouth, I liked my own cream. It tasted different than his but good just
the same. I lay there with mixed emotions. I was angry that he used my
mouth for a cum catcher but at the same time, I was excited by the fact
that he was in control. I also realized that eating his cum was another
turn on. I lay there a few more minutes letting the various emotions play
out and then started to clean up. I thought about the test and got excited
all over again thinking about being forced to suck cock again made my now
limp cock stir. I was actually looking forward to it!

Chapter 7

Before I knew it, it was 4 pm, the time our guest were suppose to
arrive. Dad had gotten home awhile ago and was busy do his thing. I was in
my room when the doorbell rang. I heard him answer the door and then call
me to the living room. As dad introduced me to them I got a chance to look
at them. Rick was about the same height and weight as my dad. Just by
looking at his neck and arms, I could tell that he was a weight lifter. I
wondered if his cock was as muscled as the rest of him. His son, Ricky was
a totally different story. He had long hair which was tied back in a
ponytail and he had delicate features, more like a girls than a boys. He
wouldn’t look at me and kept his eyes lowered. We all sat down and
chatted, Rick and my dad doing most of the talking. I, occasionally,
making a comment or two. Ricky just sat there, his delicate fingers curled
in a ball in his lap, looking at no one in particular. I kept trying to
imagine what Rick's cock looked like. One version I created was that he
was on steroids and these had caused his dick to shrink so that hard it
wouldn't hit the back of my throat. In another version, it was monstrous
and I was killed from choking on it. Each image brought me shorter breaths
and a harden cock.

The conversation ran out so Rick said we might as well get the test over
with. Both he and my dad started undressing. As he got out of his
clothes, Rick explained the rules. Ricky would suck my dad's cock and I
would suck his. We were allowed to use only hand and that the first boy to
make the man cum would be the winner. I started getting naked but was told
that was not necessary.

When they were both naked, I had a chance to look at them both. Just by
looking at my dad’s muscles you could tell he worked out. His body was
hairy but not hairy enough to be called a “bear” (I had done some research
that afternoon.) He stroked his cock to fullness and involuntarily, licked
my lips. Rick, on the other hand, was completely hairless. The only hair
he had was on his head. His muscles rippled as he stroked his cock. And
what a cock! It wasn't as long as my dad's but it was thick. My dick got
instantly hard and made a tent in my pants. Rick saw this and said "Glad
you like it cause soon enough it will be down your throat." My cock jerked
and I could feel the ooze of precum. Ricky just stood there taking it all
in. I got the impression that he had done this before. Since I was the
“challenger” I was given the choice of the men standing or sitting. For
some reason, I chose sitting. Both men move to the couch and sat down with
their legs spread and their ass cheeks hanging over the edge. Rick wished
my dad good luck with a kiss on the lips and a squeeze of his cock. I
thought dad was going to cum then and there. At the same time, I realized
that I had to be quick as this would be new to dad whereas Rick would be an
old hand.

Ricky and I took our places and Rick yelled go. Ricky immediately took
dad in his hand and was stroking him. I could tell that he was changing
the pressure of his fingers as he stroked. I immediately impaled my mouth
on Rick’s log. I gagged slightly as it hit the back of my mouth but had no
trouble going down my throat. My mouth and lips were stretched as wide as
they would go to accommodate this monster. Ricky, meanwhile, had taken my
dad into his mouth and was furiously bobbing up and down. Rick's log was
fully down my throat and I took a few sections breathing thru my nose.
Then I began. Using suction, I pulled myself off him only to plunge back
down taking all of him again. Each time I did this, I picked up speed.
Rick's hips were moving to my movements but when I looked over at dad, his
hips were moving faster and I somehow knew that he was close to cumming. I
had to do something quick or I would lose. I picked up my pace, moving up
and down as fast as I could. I heard my dad moaning and knew that I had
only seconds. Without thought, I jammed my index finger up Rick's ass. He
was not expecting this. His hips thrust up forcing all of him down my
throat. Rick yelled, "I'm cumming" and shot his man cream. Moving my
mouth to hold just its head, I jerked the rest of his cum into my waiting
mouth. I heard my dad say, "Shit”"and he pushed Ricky off his cock. Ricky
landed with a thud. I continued to jerk Rick off savoring the fact that I
had won and the juices flooding my mouth. Rick finally stopped cumming and
I lifted my head, smiling and licking the goo of my chin that had escape.

"Congratulations" Rick said, now stroking his still hard cock, "I've
never lost before, welcome to the MBFclub!" (I later learned that the name
of the club was the "man boy fuck club") My father, who was also stroking
his cock, just beamed. I was in heaven, not for my dad but for me. I felt
powerful. I had just tamed this hard muscled man with my mouth. But the
feeling was short lived.

"But your father hasn't cum yet" he continued. "He gets his choice of
which of you and where he leaves his seed." My father only responded,
"Ricky, his ass". "Good," Rick replied and looking at me said, "then I get
to fuck you" Even though he had just cum, his dick was still as thick and
as hard as thought he had never cum. "Get naked" Rick commanded us. For
some reason, I wanted to rip my clothes off but I didn't. I had tamed this
monster with my mouth and now wanted to do the same with my ass.

Ricky had taken of his shirt and was moving to his pants. I had decided
that I wanted to see what Ricky looked like before I was totally naked so I
leisurely took my clothes off. Ricky had finished with his clothes and
stood there, his hands at his side, still looking at the floor. Unlike his
father, he had no muscles and was hairless from neck to foot. He had a
narrow waist and his pecs were more like breasts. His nipples were hard
and looked like a girls. In fact, his whole body was more like a girlish
than boyish. His cock was limp and smaller than that of a boy of the same
age. His balls were tight against his body. He finally looked at me and
weakly smiled. Meanwhile, I had finished undressing and my cock stuck out
from my body. "Nice, very nice. I'm going to enjoy this," Rick commented.
My father said nothing; I could see the lust in his eyes. Rick motioned me
to him. I turned so that my ass was facing him and straddled his legs.
Taking hold of him, I positioned the head against my fuckhole and pushed
down. Pain surged thru my body as his cockhead passed my ring. Before I
could get used to him, he grabbed my hips and impaled me fully onto his
cock. I felt skewered, the pain shot thru me. I knew that I was beaten
and I would never tame this beast. I went limp feeling him pushing deeper
into my belly.

Ricky had mounted my father in the similar fashion to me. He was
raising and lowering himself on dad’s hard cock. Dad, for his part, just
held Ricky's hip and let the boy do the fucking. As for me, Rick had
grabbed my hips and moving me up and down on his log. Each time he forced
me down, I felt him in my belly. I was like a rag doll. He was using me
for his pleasure and all I could do was let him. Each time he impaled me,
I felt like a pole had been shoved up my ass but it was getting to me. My
cock was as hard as it had ever been and that warm feeling was beginning to
spread thru my body. I was getting hot, my breathing shortened and I
ground against him when he was fully in me. Feeling that, he let go of my
hips, letting me do the fucking. I bounced up and down on him faster and
faster. My focus went to his cock and my asshole. Up and down I fucked
trying to force as much as possible into me. The pressure was building in
my body and I was going to cum soon. Harder and harder, I rammed him into
me. I was crazy with lust. His monster cock making me so hot. As I
started to cum, I rammed myself as hard as I could, trying to feel him in
my throat. My hips spasm, shooting my boy juice onto to the carpet. I
continued grinding against him until I finished spilling my seed and
slumped against Rick's chest. He chuckled and whispered in my ear, “your
mine now boy”. I just moaned. I was beat. He had mastered me with his
thick cock. He knew it and I knew it. I also came to realized that it was
not my father's cock that I lusted for, it was cock, period. Looking over
at my dad, he had finished fucking Randy and was watching me with pure
lust. Fuck him, I thought, I would service him as requested but his was not
the only cock I would service.

Ricky had put on his clothes and sat in a chair across from us. His
eyes, instead of looking at the floor, were on my cock. Realizing this, my
cock gave a little jerk. Pushing me of him, Rick told Ricky that he and my
dad were going to prepare dinner and that Ricky was to take me upstairs and
"prepare me". I didn't know what he meant. I was still in a daze as I out
my clothes back on. Pulling me by the hand, Ricky led me upstairs, only
stopping to ask which room was mine.

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