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Dad's Randy 3


Dad's Randy 3 (incest, m/b)

Chapter 8

As Ricky led me in to my room, I felt the ghost of Rick's cock still in
my ass. He had stretched me so much that I felt like I was walking
bowlegged. I had wished he had cum so that I could feel his juices drip
out of me. God, what cock, I thought to myself. He had tamed me and I
wanted more of him. I realized that all my fantasies, were not really
about my dad but rather about cocks. I had been fucked twice in the last
day and had come to love having my ass drilled.

"He got to you didn't he?" Ricky asked, as we got to my room. "Man, he
really filled me up, I can still feel him in me." I replied, what sets this
"prepared" shit?"

"Dad likes all his boys shaved" he responded as he pulled a sheet out of
his overnight bag and spread it on the floor. "Completely?" I asked. "No,
just your crotch and asshole" was the response. "Take off your pants and
stretch out" he said, nodding towards the sheet. I took off my pants and
stretched out as he had asked, using my hands to cover my crotch.
Meanwhile Ricky had dug into his overnight bag again and had pulled out a
scissor, razor and shaving cream. Turning back to me, he laughed. It was
the first time he showed any emotion. His smiled lit up his face and his
features softened to the point, where it looked like girl's face not a

"I'm not going to cut your balls off, relax and spread your legs," his
grin making him even more feminine, "I've done this to all the boys who
have joined the club."

Oh, yea, the club, I thought. When I asked him to tell me about the
club, the smile vanished and the emotionless face returned. “Let’s get
started and I’ll tell you the story” With that he had me pull my legs up to
my chest exposing my hole. I felt very exposed but it didn’t seem to faze
Ricky. Using the scissors, he trimmed all the hair as short as possible
around my hole. Then he spread the shaving cream all over the area and
began shaving me. I don’t know why but I was rock hard. As he shaved
around my hole he began the story of the club.

About a year ago, he and his dad were playing pool in their basement and
they had an argument, about what he couldn’t remember. The argument died
down and they continued to shoot pool. On a particular long shot, he had
to spread his legs and reach as far as he could. He was about to make his
shot when I felt his father’s hand on his back forcing him flat on the
table. He tried to put up a struggle but his father was too strong so he
went limp. He had no idea what was going to happen until he felt his
father undo his pants and pull them to his ankles. He knew that his father was gay but never really thought about it. He felt something poking at his
asshole and then something enter him. At first he thought his dad had
shoved the fat end of cue stick up his ass but instantly realized that his
father was raping him. He felt like he was being ripped in two, the pain
was so intense. To make matters worse, his hip bones were banging against
the table each time his father thrust into him. He heard his father say
that he was going to teach him a lesson that he would never forget. Ricky
went on to say that even though he was physically being raped he wouldn't
allow the rape of his mind. At what seemed like a long time, the pain was
subsiding and a feeling of pleasure had replaced it. In his mind, he
fought hard against the building pleasure. He didn't know how long he held
out but he fight anymore and gave into the pleasure (His father told him
later that it too almost an hour). He started panting and pushing his hips
back into his dad's thrusts. Thru the haze, he heard his father laugh and
say, "You're mine now, bitch." His only response was to moan. His dad
continued to fuck him and rode him hard until he rammed his cock as deep as
it would go, depositing his seed deep into his son. As he continued to
fuck in and out, he told Ricky that now that he submitted to him and his
juices, that he, Rick, owned him and that Ricky's life was his to control.
Ricky would obey him without question. Ricky just nodded but that wasn’t
enough. "Say it" his dad commanded as he fucked Ricky harder. "Yes sir"
was Ricky's weak response. Ricky went on to say that some time during the
raping, his will snapped and he would do whatever his dad wanted. To prove
the point, his dad pulled out of him and commanded his son to clean him.
Ricky slid to the floor and took his dad in his mouth. He used his tongue
to clean what he considered to be his master. Ricky had decided that he
would submit to the cock but not the man.

His father sensing his son's submission, pushed him off his cock. As he
went up the stairs, Ricky heard his say "good dog" leaving him to ponder
his fate. Later, after he went to bed, he heard his father enter the room
pull the covers down and say “Raise your legs” Ricky blindly pulled his
legs to his chest and his father mounted him. Ricky let his father fuck
him but he felt nothing. When his father finished and dismounted, he just
turned over and went to sleep.

By this time, Ricky had finished shaving my asshole and was rubbing the
area with cologne. He told me to put my legs down and he moved to my
balls. I realized that he had not nicked me even once. Cupping my balls,
he trimmed me and continued his story.

Over the next few weeks, his dad would often fuck him or force his cock
down Ricky's throat. Ricky would pretend that he was enjoying it but he
just went thru the motions. His mind would be a million miles away. About
this time Rick ordered him to let his hair grow and gave his female hormone
pills. He could see his facial features were becoming more female, his
waist was slimming and his breasts were growing and his cock was shrinking.
He also said that his father had begun leaving lingerie that he was
expected to wear to bed. Make-up with for his face instructions appeared
on his desk. It took him awhile to learn how to do his face. Each night
he would let down his hair, don the clothes and do his face.. The first
night that his father was satisfied with the makeup, as his father fucked
him, he called him his bitch and his cunt over and over again

He pause both the shaving and the story and we took a break. I needed
to piss anway. As I peed, I felt my balls and around my asshole. There
was stubble still on my balls but my asshole and the area surrounding it
was as smooth as glass.

Returning to my room and lying down again, I commented about the
stubble. Ricky just said that I would have to tweeze it as balls were
difficult to shave. The only hair left on my crotch was just above my
cock, which had gone limp. Taking up the scissors again Ricky started
trimming the remaining patch. He hadn’t gotten how the club came into
being yet so I asked about it.

As he trimmed, he continued his story. Because his dad worked in a
health club, he sought out gay divorced men who had sons his age. He would
then carefully feel them out about any desires to fuck their sons. Ones
that responded positively, he befriended them, the others he blew off. He
would learn all about their fantasies of incest and then he would invite
the man over for dinner. He would have me dress to match each man’s
fantasy and spark their hidden desires. After dinner, we would play pool.
Rick would make innuendos about I looked like their sons and how the man might be able to fuck me if he played his cards right. He would have me
prance around and be as enticing as possible. Then he would work the man in to a frenzy so that I thought they were going to rape me on the spot.
When the time was right, Rick would offer to let them fuck me but first
they had to let him fuck them. All immediately agreed thinking that they
would then get their turn with me. Within minutes, dad would have is cock
up the man’s ass. He would fuck them into submission so that by the time
the fuck was finished he had enslaved them to him like he had done to me.
The next step was for the man to seduce and conquer their sons. Dad would
reinforce this idea and even plan it for the man. So far, non of the men had failed to fuck their sons. When the deed was done, “the test“was set

At this point he paused and said that he was amazed that I had made his
dad cum. His father was able to control when he orgasm and I was the first
to make him shoot his load. All the other boys had needed at least two
“tests” and then passed only when his dad decided to "let the boy win".
He, Ricky, had tried to let the other boy's win but no matter what the
other dad's never outlasted his dad He said all this with amazement in his
voice. I just replied that I got lucky.

He had finished trimming and moved to shaving the stubble. I guess out
of fear, my cock stayed limp He went on to describe that with the addition
of my dad and I, there were six sets of fathers and sons in the club and
that it met once a month. The agenda was always decided by his dad the
night of the meeting and ended with an orgy. So far, none of the boys had
fucked their dads. He went on to say, that the club had met just the past
weekend, and I would have to wait three weeks to meet everyone.

By now he had finished shaving me and again rubbed cologne over the
area. When he finished, he did something that surprised me and made me
hard. He kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth. Before I could
respond, he broke away. Before I could ask the question he said “because I
like you” I just smiled.

Then we heard my dad's voice say dinner was ready. I got up and put my
pants on as Ricky cleaned up. Going down the stairs, Ricky confided in me
that he would not be surprised if his dad had a surprise for me after
dinner. My cock jumped. I got excited at the thought of Rick’s cock
filling me again.

Chapter 9

Dinner was on the table and we all sat down. Ricky had slipped once
more into the introverted person I had originally met. I felt sorry for
him. I liked him and wanted to be his friend. The talk was light with my
dad and Rick doing most of the talking. All I could think of was Rick’s
cock, how thick it was, how it felt in my mouth and my ass. We finished
dinner and Rick told us that since the dads had made dinner, the boys would
clean up. Calling my father by name, they went into the living room. As
we cleaned up,Ricky and I talked about school and found that we had a lot
in common. He seemed to loosen up while we worked but retreated back into
his shell when we were ready to join our dads.

My dick was hard all thru dinner and got even harder as I imaged what
was going to happen in the living room. But what I saw made my cock wilt.
My dad was kneeling with Rick's cock halfway down his throat. I was
shocked. Even though Ricky had told me the story of the club, it hadn’t
dawned on me until then that my dad was one of those men, Rick had
conquered. Behind me, Ricky, whispered "Surprise" with all the sarcasm he
could muster. I was momentarily devastated. My father had made me submit
to him. I had even drunk his piss but here he was sucking on the man who
had tamed him. At that moment, I knew our relationship had changed
forever. My dad would no longer force me to do anything. If he wanted to
fuck me, it would be my choice, not his.

Returning my attention back to the scene in front of me, Rick motioned
us to chairs. It dawned on me that this whole scene was for my benefit,
that Rick was in control and that my dad was just like me, Both of us would
submit to Rick's demands. Rick was berating my father saying that his son
was a better cocksucker that he was, that I could take all of him down my
throat and my dad couldn't. Wanting to prove his point further, he had my
dad move to his hand and knees. He drove his cock into my dad forcing a
grunt from my father. Within minutes, my dad was crying “fuck me, fuck me”
Rick only laughed and looked at me, a shit eating grin on his face. As for
me, I was hot. I was turned on watching Rick fuck my father and my father asking for it. My previously limp cock had risen, making a tent in my
pants. I say that Ricky had noticed and a pout came to his face. My heart
went out to him but there was nothing I could do about it now.

Rick was telling my dad that he was going to cum and fill his belly with
his load. His hip jerked a few times and his head fell back which signaled
his release. My father was moaning "Give it to me, fill me up, coat my
gut," my dad arched his back and shooting his load. Rick pulled out of my
dad and turned to me, "Clean his ass, boy". My father had fallen back to
his hands and scurried over to him. Rick's juices were oozing out of his
hole. I lapped at this and decided to let my father know that things had
changed.Stiffening my tongue, I jabbed it into his hole. He wasn't
expecting this and he grunted. I tongue fucked him like he had finger
fucked me. Each time my tongue entered, a moan escaped my dad's lips.

From behind me I heard, "Enough, he's enjoying it too much." With one
more stab, I pulled away from him. I turned to Rick and Ricky, licking my
lips. Rick was grinning again while Ricky just looked into his lap.

Looking at the clock, Rick announced that it was time for bed. The boys would sleep together and the men would sleep together. Ricky's face
brightened. He probably thought he would be sleeping with his dad. Ricky
and I said goodnight and headed back to my room.

Chapter 10

Ricky picked up his overnight bag and said he would be right back. I
was nervous. I had never slept with anyone before and wondered if he
expected me to fuck him or him fuck me or none of the above. I usually
slept naked but tonight I put on a pair of shorts and got into bed.
Minutes passed, then more minutes passed. I had drifted off to sleep when
he finally returned. I awoke to a bag dropping when the figure turned
around I asked “who are you? The person just giggled. Standing at the
edge of the bed, was what appeared to be a teenage girl. Her hair was long
and fell over her naked shoulders. Her eye makeup accentuated her blue
eyes and her lips were a bright red. Her cheeks were rose colored which I
attributed to make up. She was wearing a white babydoll top that
accentuated her small breasts. Her stomach was flat and her navel was
pierced a simple stud. She wore white thigh high stockings which showed
off her slim legs. The outfit was completed with thong panties that
clearly outlined her cock and balls…cock and balls! It was Ricky and he
was beautiful! My cock rose like a geyser, putting a tent in the sheet.
Seeing the tent, he smiled and what a beautiful smile it was. “Habits are
hard to break.” He said, followed by "I'm glad you like what you see."
Then, he climbed into bed. Turning on his side, facing me, he asked if I
was ok. I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. I had expected him to
look like the Ricky I meet this afternoon. But the person beside me was
another person altogether. "I don't know" I croaked. "I understand," he
said in a not male, not female voice. He move closer to me, turning my
head towards him and smiled again before giving me a quick kiss. "I think
I'm in love with you" he whispered, "the moment you made my dad cum, I fell
in love with you. And as I shaved you, I shared with you more than I told
all the other boys put together. As for my sleepwear, habits die hard but
I wanted to look pretty for you. I want you to make love to me. I been
fucked but never made love to. Will you, can you do that for me?" The last
sentence was said more of a plea rather than a question.

My mind was a whirl. It seem to me that, because I had rammed my finger
up his dad's ass making him lose control and cum in my mouth, I was a
"better man" than his father. The last two days was the whole of my sexual
experience, all of it being the fuckee never the fucker. I felt like a
virgin on his first date. I didn’t know how to fuck someone let alone make
love. It was about time I learn, I decided.

Turning on my side to face him, I pulled his face toward me and kissed
him, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He responded by trying to suck my
tongue out of my head. He wrapped one arm around me and moved his body
tight against me. I could feel his "breasts" against my chest, his cock
and balls against mine. He was hard. I wondered if it still functioned
with all the female hormones racing around his body. As we continued to
kiss, he snaked his hand between us and into my shorts until he found my
hardness. He stroked me tenderly which made me moan into his mouth.
Finally, breaking the kiss, he slid down to my crotch. I helped him slide
my short off, freeing my rock hard cock. Without missing a beat, he had me
in my mouth. He didn't move for some time, just held me in his mouth. It
seemed like he was savoring the taste of me. Then he started sucking me
slowly and tenderly as if my cock was the most fragile thing in the world.
Up to now, all my sexual experience had been about control but this was
about love. I want to reciprocate. Pulling him off me, I told him I
wanted to suck him too. I could see in his face that this was a new
concept. That someone wanted to please him.

"Turn around" I ordered He scramble around so that his head was at my
cock level and I faced his panty covered crotch. "These have got to go" I
said and I stripped them off him, flinging them across the room. He had a
small penis which was slightly erect. I took him in my mouth started to
suck him using the same techniques that I had used on “the dads”. It took
a few minutes but he harden in my mouth. I easily swallowed all of him.
He barely entered my throat. As for him, he was devouring me, trying to
take more than what I had into his mouth. As I sucked him, he moaned
around my cock. This went on for some time until he forced my head off
him. Twisting around so that he was at the head of the bed, he spread his
leg and just said, “Now!” Moving between his legs, I lifted his stocking covered legs into the crook of my arms and entered him. I slid easily into
his ass as far as I could go. His only response was to whimper. I started
moving in and out of him slowly, taking my time, not like the fucking I
received last night and today. His hips rose and fell in time with me.
His cock had not lost its hardness, if anything it seemed harder. His eyes
were shut tight, concentrating on my cock making love to his hole. His
expression was one of pure bliss. I got the impression that he had never
experienced anything like this before.

As for myself, the familiar pressure had returned filling my brain. My
hips moved faster keeping time to the building pressure. Ricky felt the
change and his hand went to his own cock. His self-stroking duplicated the
movements of my hips. As the pressure mounted, my hips moved faster
forcing my cock deeper into him. I let go of his legs, and they
immediately wrapped themselves around my waist. I fell forward landing on
my palms. Leaning down, I forced my tongue into his mouth and tried to
stick it down his throat. He wrapped his arms around me hugging me to him.
I felt like the top of my head was going to blow off and it did, My eyes
glazed over and I saw sparks. And with the sparks I emptied myself into
him. I never had such a powerful orgasm in my life. It was better than
all my beat off sessions added together. My hips bucked, my head came up
and my ass cheeks tighten spurting more and more boy goo into him. Looking
down at him, I saw that he had let loose his load. It spewed all over his
silk covered belly and chest and the look on his face was one of pure
ecstasy. I continued moving in and out of him until I fell out. His legs
and arms fell away and I rolled off him. We just lay there for a few
minutes and then he moved to my cock and cleaned me like a cat cleans its
fur. When he was done, he crawled up and put his head on my chest. I
wrapped my arm around him and we fell asleep.

Chapter 11

The next morning I awoke to a mouth on my cock. Ricky was gently and
loving sucking me. I noticed that his hair was pulled back and tied in a
ponytail, the makeup was gone and he was dressed in jeans and a shirt.
When he noticed that I was awake, he took his mouth off me and smiled "Good
morning sleepyhead." I responded by pulling him into my arms and kissing
him deeply. When we broke the kiss, my mouth went to his earlobe and
nipped it. "I think I love you too" I whispered, licking the inside of his
ear. He just grabbed me tighter and held on. Then we heard someone
calling us to Sunday breakfast. We held hands as we went towards the
kitchen but I could feel him going away from me as we got closer. By the
time, we sat down, he was back to the boy I met yesterday, deferential to
all; his eyes, looking at nothing in particular.

Breakfast was a silent affair and when we were done and had cleaned up,
Rick told us to drop our pants and bend over the table. Ricky and I looked
at each other, knowing what was to come. We bent over the table so that we
could look at each other. We grabbed each others hands. Without any
warning, Rick rammed into me, filling me with his thick cock At the same
time, my dad had forced his cock into Ricky and was fucking him with all
his might. Ricky had his eyes closed but he tightened his grip on my
hands. Rick continued to ram me but I felt differently than when he fucked
me yesterday. I didn't feel helpless and out of control. Rather the
opposite, I would let him fuck my ass and maybe enjoy the fuck but I would
no longer submit. I would only pretend that I did. A plan had formulated
in my mind to get even with this son of a bitch; for Ricky, for all the
others that he abused.

Rick was ranting while he fucked me, telling us boys, that he and my
father had heard us fucking last night and this morning’s fuck was to show
who was in charge. He was really getting off on being in control. I
moaned and whimpered when appropriate. That's not to say that I didn’t
like his cock filling me, I did. It felt great but I was not going to be
his fuck toy. He was ramming me with all his might Sometimes I moaned
because it felt so good, sometime just for effect. All in all I couldn't
wait to get this over with. It was then that I understood Ricky’s
behavior. I had come to the same conclusion. They can fuck me and I could
enjoy it but they’ll never own me. I looked at Ricky and he looked at me.
Our eyes locked and he knew, I knew and squeezed my hands harder. In
response, I squeezed back. Both dad's were really fucking us now. My dad
was like a pile driver fucking Ricky, his hips a blur. He thrust one more
time, and I could tell that he was cumming, shooting is semen into my
love's bowel. I was angry but I was helpless, Rich was pounding away at my
ass. The pleasure level in me was rising but then I felt him tense and he
emptied his load into me. He pounded me for a little bit longer and pulled
out of me. He ordered us to our knees and clean the respective cocks that
had just fucked us, using our mouths. I took him all the way down my
throat and wrapped my lips around his thick pole. I savored the feeling.
Pulling back my head, the remnants of the fucking tuck to my lips. I did
this a few times and then he pushed me away. Ricky had finished cleaning
my dad's cock and sat there on his knees, looking down.

Rick ordered Ricky to get his bag as they were leaving. I followed him
after him saying I would help. As we walked up the stairs, I could feel
the cum drip out of my ass. I just squeezed my cheeks trying to keep it in
me. When we got to my room, we fell into each other's arms and kissed
passionately. When we broke away, he said he loved me. Without
hesitation, I told him the same and we kissed again.

Pulling away, I told him that I had a plan to get even with Rick and all
the other dads and we would talk about it at school. I walked him to the
front door and put out my hand. He was momentarily stunned then
understood. He shook my hand and he left with his dad.

I closed the door and headed to the living room where my dad waited.

He commanded me to kneel, expecting me to give him a blow job but I told
him to fuck off. I continued on, that if he touched me again without my
permission, I was going to the police and charge him with rape. I would
have a doctor examine my asshole and there would be no doubt about my
story. My dad just slumped into a chair, his head buried in his hands.

I continued on that, if we did fuck in the future, and we would I
assured him it would be by mutual consent. To ease the hurt, I raised his
head and looked him in the eye and said “I love you dad” and then I kissed

It felt good to be in control. One down and one to go!

(This ends installment 3. Stay tuned for future installments where
Randy and Ricky plot their revenge on Rich and the other dads- hope you are
not disappointed in the plot twist. if you are, make it known to me thanks
As always comments suggestions welcome)


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