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Dad's Randy 4


Dad’s Randy (incest, m/b)

Chapter 12

Jesus, I'm hornier than usual, were my first thoughts upon waking Monday
morning. My cock was stiff and my asshole was sore from the pounding it
has taken. Thinking back, I was amazed at how I had grown in just one
weekend. I had been fucked by my dad and his lover. I had found a lover
for myself and made love to him. No wonder that I was horny. I really
felt like my name, I was Randy in more ways than one.

I threw on a robe and headed to the kitchen where I knew my dad had
breakfast waiting. Like me he was wearing a robe as it was too early to be
in his work clothes. He was reading the paper when I entered. Ripping the
paper out of his hands, I kissed him forcing my tongue down his throat. He
was so stunned that he didn't respond. After yesterday, he probably felt
like he had to walk on eggshells. That was about to change. Luckily the
table had only his coffee on it. Stripping off my robe, I hopped on the
table in front of him, spreading my legs exposing my hole to him.

"Eat my ass, then fuck me, old man" I demanded. He just sat there
stunned. “I said eat my ass and then fuck me, you old fart” I screamed.
Still he didn't move. Taking matters into my own hands, I grabbed his head
and pulled it between my legs, his lips hitting me squarely on the anus. I
moved my hips so that I rubbed my hole over his face and he finally got the
idea. Wrapping his arms around my hips, he dove in. His tongue stabbed at
my hole, licking the naked skin. As he rimmed me, his hand found my cock
and stroked me.

It felt so good as I pushed against his face but this time I was in
control. I let him lap me for a few minutes then pulled him up so that his
cock was at the level of my hole. "Now fuck your son, ram your hard cock
into him." This time he didn’t need to be told twice. He plunged his cock
into me and started fucking me like a crazy man.

"That's it! Jam your cock into my belly, Rip into me, make me sore!" I
cried as I fell back onto the table. My hips rose to meet his every
thrust. I was in heat. I couldn't get enough of him in me. "Fuck me, old man. Let me feel your cock in my mouth." He sped up his fucking but I
wasn’t satisfied. I was consumed with lust. Pushing him off me, he fell
to the floor, again stunned. Jumping off the table, I impaled myself on
his rigid member and started fucking myself. I was totally in my world of
lust. I didn't care about him, just his cock. I rode him and rode him
hard. Each time I rammed his cock into me, he moaned. I was impaling
myself harder and faster. The now familiar pressure was back and with a
vengeance. I keep pounding myself on him until I could take no more. I
was ready to explode and so was he. When I felt him tense I jumped off him
and rammed my cock down his throat and fucked his mouth with all that I
had. I felt him grab his cock and pump it for all he was worth, shooting
his seed into the air. I could feel my cum building in my balls and fucked
his mouth harder. Then I exploded. I jammed all of me down his throat as
far as I could, his lips touching my belly, emptied my juices directly into
his belly. My hips bucked, squirting more of me down his throat. I felt
so alive that I lazily fucked his mouth until I was soft. Suddenly, I had
the urge to pee. My dick was still in his mouth so I told myself why not.
Letting loose a small stream of piss, my dad immediately gagged but
swallowed. I let a loose a little more, again he gulped it down. So I let
loose completely. I could feel the urine leaving my bladder moving thru my
body and flowing out of my cock. Dad must have opened his throat so that
he would have to swallow and my piss would go directly to his belly. I
seemed to go on forever and dad drank it all down. When I finally ran out
of pee, he licked the head of my cock, cleaning it of any leftover drops.

I fell off him landing on the floor, wasted. "What a great fuck!" I
heard him say reaching out and taking my hand. I just lay there basking
the afterglow. "After yesterday, I didn't know what to expect," he
continued, "but Jesus, you are one hot stud! I could fuck you all day

Getting off the floor and helping him up, I said, "You're my dad. You
were the first to fuck me. Do you think I could cut you off? I love your
cock in me!" He hugged me to his hard firm body. I was getting hot all
over again.

Breaking away before I attacked him again "I have to got to school"

Chapter 13

As I walked to school, I wondered how get my revenge on Rick. The point
of the exercise would be to show him that he couldn't control me. I didn't
care about the other dads or their sons. But how to do it? Would drugs be
needed? What about physical violence? No answer came to me.

I had reached school and Ricky was waiting outside the main entrance.
When he saw me, he ran full speed towards me. As he got close, I knew he
was going to grab me and kiss me. This was still all new to me so I
grabbed him before he got too close and held him at arms length. He was
stunned. I could see the feeling of rejection in his face. Smiling, I
looked into his eye and said “Hey, you hot stud, we have to stop meeting
like this!

A big smile replaced the rejected look, as he realized that every thing
was ok between us. We moved to a bench and sat down. I put my hand down
on the bench between us and he quickly covered it with his own. He
immediately launched into telling me how his dad, Rick, had fucked him
violently the night before, calling him a slut and a whore, and that he,
Ricky, would spread his legs for any hard cock. Rick had fucked him longer
than he ever did before and when he came, he covered Ricky's face with his
juices calling him "his cunt". Ricky continued that his dad then pissed on
him, covering every part of his body with his urine. "He wouldn't let me
change the bedding and I had to sleep in it" he bemoaned. Ricky went on to
say that when he took a shit this morning there was blood in his stool.

This got me so angry that I wanted to literally kill Rick. He was a
sick man. This went way beyond fucking his son because he loved him. He
was a control freak and appeared to enjoy inflicting pain both physical and
mental. He had to be stopped! I wanted to hug Ricky but we were in a
public place so I just squeezed his hand telling him we would get our due.
It turns out that Rick worked from noon to closing at the health club and
we made plans for me to come over to Ricky's after dinner. Then it was
time to go to class. We didn’t have any classes together so I didn't
expect to see him until tonight. However, after every class, Ricky was
waiting outside my classrooms, sometimes alone, sometimes with another boy.
He would introduce me as the new member of the club. (he told me later
that his father had absolutely forbidden any contact between the boys outside the club). By the end of the day, I had met the other four boys in
the club, exchanging simple hellos.

Chapter 14

When I got home, I spent the rest of the afternoon, lying in my bed
imagining the various ways to inflict my revenge on Rick. Many scenarios
ran thru my mind but the one I kept coming back to made me hard. I
envisioned him standing naked. He was positioned in the form of an “X”.
His arms, cuffed at the wrists, were held in place by ropes thru a pulley
in the ceiling and that I could control the position of his arms by tighter
or loosening the ropes. His legs were spread and anchored to the floor by
more cuffs and eyehooks.In this fantasy his chin was on his chest and his
thick cock lay limply against his balls. Even as I envisioned him like
this, my breathing got shorter. I still had to admit to myself he made me
hot. His broad shoulders, muscular chest, tight stomach and strong legs
made me weak. I loved his body…Shaking of the lust, I returned to the
revenge fantasy. I had taken a rubber band and wrapped it tightly around
his balls limiting the blood supply so that his sac turned a blood red.
Somehow, I had an exact replica of his erect prick which shoved it up his
taunt ass. He jerked against his bonds, all the muscles in his body
rippling. A machine appeared that I attached the imbedded rubber cock to
and turn it on. The machine started slowly pulling the phony dick almost
out of his ass and pushed back in. When it hit full speed, the substitute
cock fucked in and out of him like a piston on a train running at full
speed. Each time the dildo rammed into him, he screamed “Stop, your
ripping me apart, take it out.” I imagined that every so often I would whip
his back with a cane leaving bloody marks. His cock hardened and every few
minutes let go of what ever juices were left after the previous orgasms.
The scene ended with me leaving the room, the machine still fucking away
and Rick limp against his bonds.

Back in reality, I felt stickiness in my groin and realized that I had
cum without touching myself. I changed my clothes and went down for
dinner. Dinner surprisingly was not the dreaded affair I thought it would
be. Dad and talked about everything except us. He seemed to accept the
new relationship. During dinner, I told him that I was going over to
Ricky's house to study this evening. I could tell that he was hurt,
thinking that Ricky and I were going to fuck our brains out but he
recovered and said he was glad I had made a new friend. We cleaned up and
I grabbed some books for show and headed off.

Chapter 15

When I knocked on Ricky's door I heard his voice say "Come on in, it's
open." Pushing the door open, I entered into a hallway with stairs in front
of me leading upward. Not knowing the layout of the house, I closed the
door and just stood there waiting for Ricky. From the top of the stairs, I
heard foot steps. Looking up, I saw a woman's shoe, which was followed by
a black stocking encased leg. The other leg appeared similar to the first.
By now two thighs emerged, I could see that the stockings were being held
up by straps from a black garter which appeared along with black panties.
Ricky was trying to tease me. It was working, my cock harden in my pants.
His flat stomach appeared next but this time, a bauble hung from his
pierced navel. Tearing my eyes away from his piercing, He was completely
visible. Above his navel he wore a bustier, his girlish breasts strapped
in making him bustier. He had similar make up as before except his lips
were glossy. His hair had fallen over his eyes making look exotic. When
he was three quarters of the way down the stairs, he stopped and in the
best may west imitation I ever heard he said "Is that a pencil in your
pocket or are you happy to see me?" Shrugging my shoulders, I said "a
pencil" which made him giggle and rush down the rest of the stairs into my
arms, kissing me with all the passion he possessed. Then he led me into
the living room and pushed me down into the sofa. I started to say I
wanted to talk about our plan but before I had a chance to say anything; he
had opened my pants and engulfed my hard cock. His head was bobbing up and
down so fast that all I could do was moan. All I could feel was my cock in
his mouth trying to suck my cream out of me. Neither of us heard the door
open and close.

"What the fuck" we both heard at the same time. Ricky’s head jerked of
my cock, nipping me. "You fucking little cunt." It was Rick, he had come
home early. Grabbing Ricky by the hair, he pulled him off me. "How dare
you suck another cock without my permission" At that point, I jumped up
trying to defend my friend and lover. “You,” glaring at me and letting
Rick fall to the floor, "You're the one that drove my son away from me" He
move quickly toward me and I put out my arm to stop him but he grabbed it
and twisted it. I heard something snap, the severe pain shot thru me. “I
show you whose boss around here, hitting me in full force on the side of
the head, followed by a punch to my stomach. I dropped to the floor in a
heap. Turning back to Ricky, he again grabbed him by the hair ordering him
upstairs to wait for him. Turning back to me, he told me to get the fuck
out of his house and to stay away from Ricky.

I stagger out of the house and headed home. I was wobbly but had enough
strength to stagger home. As I stumble along, I reviewed the last few
days. My dad would not treat me this way. He was loving and caring. Even
when he fucked me, I could tell that he cared about my feeling and not
using me like Rick had. He would never hurt me that I was sure of. Then I
thought about my behavior, which made me want to throw up. I was like a
cock on the walk, invincible and uncaring. I was being controlled by my
dick. It's like my sexuality had exploded out of a locked box, but that
wasn’t me. It was a humbling experience. I wanted to be home so bad, to
be comforted by my dad. I loved him so. He had opened the box and let me
experiment without comment or criticism. I realized that I loved him so
much that if he wanted me, I would not deny him.

I managed to get home and staggered into the living room where he was
watching TV. When he saw me, his mouth opened "Oh, My god, what..." he
didn't finish, I had stumbled across the room and buried my self into his
body, my arms wrapped around him. All I could say over and over again was
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." We stayed that way, him letting me get it out of my
system. Finally I ran out of steam. Pulling me off him, he sat me know.
Kneeling in front of me, I told him what happened. The words rushed out
starting with last nights fucking to, how I had decided to seek revenge on
Rick and finally how I came to be in this state. As I talked, I could see
the blood rise in his face and his hand clenched and unclenched. When I
had finished, he gently pulled me into his arms. He told me that he wanted
to make a call and then we were off to the hospital. Letting me go again,
he strode off to the kitchen. All I could do was sit there but I heard him
arguing with someone. I heard bits and pieces of the conversation but what
stuck was when he said, "You touch my son again, and I'll cut your dick off
your body and stuff it down your throat." Then I heard the phone slam. He
came back to check on me say that we would be leaving for the hospital
shortly. He went back to and dialed the phone. Then I heard "Hello,
police, I like to report a case of child abuse." After that, I just heard
bits and pieces. Not long after that, he picked me up and carried me to
the car.

During the ride, he told me that he had reported Rick for child abuse
and that our story was that he overheard Ricky telling me how his dad had
abused him. I just nodded. I was happy that Ricky would get help because
I realized that I wasn't in love with him but in lust with him and that he
was really screwed up and needed a lot of help.

At the hospital, they took x-rays of my arm and head. Luckily, the only
damage was a broken bone in my elbow. The put a cast on my arm and sent us
home. Dad helped me into bed and sat with me, stroking my head. "Just
relax, champ, I just going to take a shower and I'll be back shortly." With
that, he got up and left the room. At the hospital, they had given me a
pain killer and even through the haze, I wanted my dad to fuck me again. I
wanted to feel his hard cock filling me. I wanted to feel his strong chest
against mine. I wanted to be taken. I wanted to be his slut, to be at his
beck and call, to spread my legs whenever he wanted.

I couldn't get the thought out of my mind as I pulled off my clothes.
When I was naked, I stumbled into the bathroom; I pulled the shower curtain
back and stepped in. Dad was shocked to see me and opened his mouth to say
something but I just fell to my knees, raising my head and opening my

(This ends this portion of "Dad's Randy". I don't know if the story will continue or not. What do you think? Any ideas? )

As always comments/suggested appreciated


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