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Dad's Randy 5


Dad's Randy 5 (incest, m/b)

(Author's note: Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I have
decided to continue the story but for how long is unknown. As the saying
goes "Keep those cards and letters coming!")

Chapter 16

The next few weeks were a blur. Dad was involved in the investigation
of Rick and his activities. Rick had been arrested and Ricky had been
placed in a temporary foster home. My arm had healed and the cast had been
taken off. I would see Ricky around school but as I approached, he turned
quickly walked away. Each time I saw him, something in me wanted to grab
him and hold on to him for dear life. Dad and I talked about this a lot.
He said that it not lust, but love and that one's first love was the
toughest to get over.

As for me and dad, there seemed to be a non verbal understand that there
would be no sex between us. Or relationship had changed so that I tell him
things that I would have never considered telling anyone and he would
listen, make a comment or two. When I was done, he would wrap me in his
arms and hold me. I always felt safe and warm.

What I didn't tell him was that I wanted him to fuck me one more time. I
ached to feel his cock in my mouth and ass. Most nights before I fell
asleep, I would silently beat off to images of him; His broad chest and
flat stomach but most of all his hard cock. When I came, I would lick my
hands clean imagining that it was his come.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more. I needed him one last time. I
lay in bed waiting for him to go to sleep. I heard him using the bathroom
and get into bed. I waited until I heard him snoring and crept out of bed
and into his room. He was lying on his back. His muscled chest exposed
where the covers had been thrown off. I got hard at the sight of him.
Sneaking to the bed, I pulled the remaining covers off him. Seeing him
naked, made the lust in me, want to jump on him and ram his cock into me.
He had been working out with a vengeance lately and it had showed. I could
see his abs more clearly defined and his thighs were thicker than I
remembered. He must have been dreaming about someone as his hard cock lay
against his stomach. I could feel myself leaking. Kneeling at the side of
the bed, I leaned down and licked the object of my desire. He let out a
moan but didn't change position. Encouraged, I took the head of his cock
into my mouth, savoring the taste of him. Ever so slowly, I ate more and
more of him until he was fully in my mouth and down my throat. I was in
heaven. I was ecstatic to taste his hardness again. Lovingly, I sucked him in and out of my mouth using long strokes. He was moaning and his hips
moved in unison with my mouth. I picked up speed. With each down suck I
forced his pole deep into throat. I was so hot, my anus spasm. I was
truly randy. I wanted him to fill me, to spill his seed in me. I let him
fall out of my mouth and I delicately moved to straddle him. Taking his
pulsing member in my hand, I aimed it at my asshole. As the head touched
my hole, I came, spurting my boy goo all over his chest.

"What the fuck" he cried rising up, His sudden movement forced me off of
him and onto the bed beside him. I curled up in a ball and started crying.
Pulling me to him, he wrapped his strong arms around me asking me what I
was doing. In between cries and sniffles, I told him that I wanted him to
fuck me one more time. I needed to feel him in me, fucking me, filling me
with his hard cock. As I talked, he just rocked me back and forth. When I
was done, he told me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Every day
was a struggle to control his desires to cart me off to bed. My heart
soared and so did my cock.

Laying me down on the bed, he kissed me. His tongue darting into my
mouth. I responded by trying to capture it. Breaking the kiss, he kissed
his way down to my nipples. He nursed on my tit like a baby. His hand had
found my boy cock and stroked me, my hips responding to his touch.
Releasing my tit, he continued to kiss his way downward across my stomach
and finally to my cock. He engulfed me fully. I felt my cock hit the back
of mouth then go down his throat. As he sucked me, his finger found my
asshole. Gently, his finger entered me which caused me to thrust even
deeper into his throat. I was so hot! I couldn't take it anymore, I had
DADDY!" He needed no more encouragement. As he got into position, I had
pulled my legs up to my chest, exposing my hole to him. "Randy's randy" he
chuckled. Licking two fingers he pushed them into me and fingerfucked me.
“Don’t want to fuck you dry, baby” was his only response. Even though, his
fingers weren't his cock, I was responding. My hips moved to meet his
fingers. I was panting and the now familiar pressure was building in my

When he removed his fingers, I just pulled my legs tighter to my chest.
He was going to fuck me and I was panting like a bitch in heat. I couldn't
wait for him to slide his man cock up ass. It seemed like an eternity
before I felt the head of his cock touch my hole. I moved my hips trying
to force him into me. Then he thrust! His cock slid all the way into me.
He didn't move and neither did I. I just lay there basking in the feeling
of him filling me. He must have had similar thought because he just moaned
"Oh, baby, I missed you" I opened my eyes to him looming above me. His
eyes were closed and I could tell he was reveling in the same feeling.
Looking at his chest and stomach, I saw the outline of every muscle. Then
he began to fuck me. I let go of my legs and wrapped them around his
waist. Grabbing his arms, I fucked him back, my hips rising to meet his

I was in the zone again. It was just my hole and his cock. As he
pounded into me, I tighten my anus around his blood engorged weapon. My
hole, his cock, my universe. I kept kicking him with my legs trying to
make him fuck me harder. I wanted to be pounded and pounded and pounded
and he obliged. I never felt so full. His hard pole was ramming into me
over and over again and I still couldn't get enough!

the top of my lungs. I reached up and started to play with his nipples. I
pulled and pinched them which caused him to fuck me even harder. His hips
become pistons, driving into me like a locomotive. I continued my nipple
play only getting rougher. This really turned him into a crazy man. He
was fucking me so hard that my head was hitting the wall. I didn't care.
My daddy was fucking me and I couldn't get enough. I wanted him to fuck me

The now familiar pressure in my head was unbearable. I was again
delirious with lust. I felt like my brain was being squished to a peanut
to make room for the pressure but I wanted more! The pressure continued to
build with every pounding of my daddy's cock. Finally, I couldn't take
anymore and I yelled "OH DADDY" grabbing him around the shoulders pulling
him to me. My boy cock spewed its juices between us and my hips thrust up
and down like I had been shocked with an electrode. My cock continued
spitting my seed when he raised his head and moaned, shooting his man juices into me. I could feel it coat my innards and a warm glow filled my
body. He jerked into me a more times then collapsed onto me. We lay there
in silence; the only sound was our heavy breathing. I still had my legs
and arms wrapped around him. I never wanted to move. After a few minutes,
he fell out of me. Releasing him from my grip, he kissed me and rolled
off, exhausted. I lay there, feeling the joy of just being fucked, his
juices dripping out of my hole.

"You should get back to bed" he said. My only response was to move my
head to his waist and say "Goodnight, daddy, I love you" Without waiting
for a response, I took his limp penis in my mouth, not sucking it, but just
holding it in my mouth. I knew that this would not be that last time he
fucked me. I smiled around his cock and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke alone in dad's bed. Looking at the clock, if I
didn't hurry, I would be late for school. I would have to skip my morning
shower making me smile as I didn't want to wash dad’s dried cum off me. I
threw on some clothes and hurried to the kitchen. When dad saw me, he
turned, holding out his arms and I rushed into them. He hugged me to him
and kissed me. Over a quick breakfast, he told me that he had cancelled
his membership at his current health club and joined another, signing me up
too. He expected me to go with him. I happily agreed.

Chapter 17

More weeks went by, the hubbub over Rick, which had now circulated
around town had calmed down. Every night, Dad and I went to the gym where
he instructed me. I could see that my body was responding. When I looked
in the mirror I could began to see the results of my hard work. The fat
was turning into muscle and I could see the beginning of the outlines of my
stomach muscles. I had taken to sleeping with Dad. Most night we just
slept curled up in each others arms but some nights I would suck his man cock until he shot his load down my throat or he fucked me filling me with
his man cream.

I was feeling physically better but I still longed for Ricky. At school
he still avoided me. Every time I saw him, my heart ached. I had made
friends with the other boys in the “club” as they were in a class or two.
We would have lunch together but I never saw them outside of school.

One night, we had just sat down to dinner when the doorbell rang. Dad
and I looked at each other wondering who it could be. I got up and
answered the door. Upon opening it, I got the shock of my life! Ricky was
standing there, a suitcase at his side. His head down in typical Ricky
fashion. His long unkempt hair fell over his face but I could see old bruise around his eye, nose and mouth. I pulled him into my arms, burying
my head in his neck, whispering, “I missed you” His arms, which had been at
his side, wrapped themselves around me. He started crying and hugging me
even harder. How long we stood there, I don't know. Dad had come up
behind us. He just picked up Ricky's case and closed the door. Ending the
embrace, I kissed him, quick little peck on the lips and his eyes lit up. I
could now see the bruises. His upper lip was cut and one eye was slightly
swollen. I hugged him to me again feeling so much joy that I thought my
heart was going to burst.

“Come on, you two, dinners getting cold” I heard dad say. Letting go of
Ricky, I sheepishly looked at dad. He was smiling and I knew everything
was going to be alright. I set another plate for Ricky and we all sat
down. As we ate, he told us about the family he had been placed with. The
family consisted of the parents and two teenage boys, one, a year older than him, the other a year younger. It was ok at first. Everyone tried to
make him feel comfortable but he always felt out of place. He went on to
say that as the story of his dad started to make the rounds, the parents became more and more aloof and the boys became more aggressive towards him.
It started with words then escalated to punches. At first, when he went to
bed, he tried not to dress as he had been conditioned, but each night it
got harder and harder. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and put on a
pair of panties and went to sleep. It was the first good night's sleep
that he had there. After that night, he added more items to his sleepwear.
He stopped short of add the makeup. He felt better but not complete.

Then one day, he overslept and was awoken by the older boy pulling the
bed covers down exposing his secret. The boy was so shocked that he ran
from the room. Ricky jumped out of bed and hurriedly put on his clothes.
At breakfast, the boy didn't say anything. Later after school and outside
of his parents hearing, the boy would call him a "sissy" and "pussyboy".
Then, the other boy started using the same names to address him. It
because a game between the two boy of finding newer and uglier names to
call Ricky.

Things escalated when he broke something, he didn't say what, but it got
the older boy angry and punches flew. From then on, not only was he called
names but was beaten by both boys; sometimes by one other times by both.
It got so bad that he packed his stuff and left. He had no idea where to
go. His mother had emphatically stated that she didn't want him so he
decided to take a chance and came here.

I instinctively grabbed his hand and squeezed it. I could see the anger
building in my dad. He was outraged and I hoped that he wouldn’t pick up
the phone like he did that last time. Instead, he rose quickly from the
table, knocking his chair over and stormed into the living room. As we
continued eating, we heard him pacing around the living room.

When he retuned, he seem calmer. Picking up the chair and sitting down,
he sternly looked at both of us. He had decided that Ricky could stay for
awhile and he emphasized the “for awhile” but there were to be ground
rules. The first, Ricky was to see a therapist on a regular basis. The
second, he didn’t care what when on in my bedroom but he didn't want to see
it. And finally, Ricky was come with us to the gym. I think he wanted
Ricky to learn how to defend himself rather than get in shape. When he
finished speaking; we both launched ourselves at him, giving him a bear
hug. He just wrapped his arms around both of us and squeezed.

Chapter 18

Dad said he was going to the club to work out and asked me if I wanted
to go. I declined say that I wanted to help Ricky settle in. He just
smiled, a knowing look on his face and I felt myself blush. Once he left,
we raced to my room. I grabbed Ricky and kissed him with all the passion I
had. Pushing me away, he laughed and said we had all the time in the

I took some clothes out of few drawers, giving him space to put his
stuff. As we worked, I kept touching him. I couldn't keep my hands off
him. When it got too much to bear, I threw him on the bed, ripped off his
pants and took him in my mouth. This time he didn't try to stop me. He
just laid back and let me have my pleasure. I felt him grow in my mouth
and helped get hard by applying suction. I went into my zone, where it was
just my mouth and his cock. I sucked up and down on him, reveling in his
taste. Every so often, when my lips touched his stomach, I would open my
mouth and tickle his ball sack with my tongue. This just made him squirm.
His hand stroked my head as I sucked down to the root. I could feel him
tense and I sucked harder. I wanted to taste his boy juices. I needed to
feel his goo flow down my throat and into my belly. He didn’t disappoint
me. His hips thrust up and I tasted his seed. I gulped down his boy goo savoring the taste as it coated my throat on its way to my belly. When I
felt the last spurt in my mouth, I pulled myself away. Raising his legs by
the knees, I attacked his hole. I slobbered his jism around his hole preparing it for my rock hard cock. He grabbed my head and forced me
harder against him. My tongue found its mark and penetrated him. He
moaned and pushed back against me. I was crazy with lust. Letting go of
him, I couldn’t get out of my pants fast enough. He had brought his knees
to his chest and spread his legs as wide as possible as to make sure I
found my target. Pressing the head of my cock against his hole, I drove
into him, burying my raging cock as far it would go. He moaned and grabbed
me, pulling me down on top of him. I buried my head in his neck and
started fucking him with all my might. I wanted to possess him, to own
him. My hips were like pile drivers, my cock like a drill fucking in and
out of him. He pulled me tighter. The only sounds were that of my hips
slapping of against his and our heavy breathing. I was overwhelmed with
lust. I gritted my teeth and fucked into him with all my might. My sperm
exploded out my cock. When he felt my seed, he started kicking my ass with
his legs urging me on, to fill him with all of my love juices. My cock
spurted and spurted. When it ceased its deluge and I collapsed on top of
him. I just lay there, breathing hard, basking in my joy that he had come
back to me. I felt him stroke my head and whisper,"I missed you."

From downstairs, I heard my dad call "Boys, I'm back." Lifting myself
off Ricky, I yelled, "Be right down." We lay there for a few more minutes,
and then I disengaged myself from my love. His eyes closed and a dreamy
smile on his face. Even with the bruises he looked so beautiful.
Playfully I pinched his right nipple through his shirt. "Come on lazy
bones, we have to go downstairs". Making a face, he stuck his tongue out
and gave me raspberry which started us laughing.

Dad was moving around the kitchen when we entered. His step was lighter
and he was whistling. He still had his tank top and tight shorts on.
Sweat made his skin glisten. Lust pored though me like a vengeance.
Looking at Ricky, I saw the lust in his eyes, too. He looked at me and we
giggled. Hearing us, he turned our way, his whistling stopping. With his
fatherly gaze, he looked at us and immediately knew what had transpired. I
puffed out my chest and grabbed Ricky’s hand. I could tell Ricky was
embarrassed and let his gaze fall to the floor. Dad was smiling. He
puffed out his own chest and declared that he had met someone at the gym
and he would be inviting him over in the near future. I was stunned.
Jealousy raged through me. I felt betrayed. How could he do this to me?
But in the same instant, I was overjoyed. Thinking to myself “why not”, I
had Ricky, why can't he have someone. I rushed to him and gave him the
biggest hug I could muster. Dragging him into the living room, I told him
I wanted to hear all about it. Ricky said nothing. He followed us in and
dropped to a chair opposite me, remembering dad's rules.

Dad was vague about the details but as he talked, his eyes lit up like a
Christmas tree. I was so happy for him. Thinking with my cock, my mind
ran all the possibilities. I was leaking again. When he finished, I ran
to him giving him another hug and a peck on the cheek letting him know that
it ok with me. I don't know if he needed my approval but I felt I had to
give it anyway.

Standing, he said he needed a shower and it was time for bed. We all
tramped up the stairs, Dad to his bedroom, Ricky and me to mine. Shortly,
we heard the shower going. Ricky went to his draws and pulled out some
clothes. "I'll use the bathroom down stairs." Blocking his path and
looking him in the eye, I told him he didn't have to do this. In fact, I
didn't want him to do this. I loved him the way he was. With a stern face
he looked right back at me and said that he needed to do for himself
tonight and that we would worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. I stepped out of
his way and he went downstairs.

I fell on the bed, sadden that he had to do this; angry at Rick, at how
he forced his son to do this. Ricky was so conditioned that it had become
part of his self image. I vowed to help break the habit and do all I could
to undo all the other terrible things that his father had instilled in him.
I got up and turned down the bed, getting another pillow for Ricky. I
heard his steps on the stairs and my heart started pounding. Entering the
room, he was wearing a boy's bathrobe but I could see on his legs that he
was wearing pink stockings. Looking at his face, I could tell that he had
applied eye shadow and lipstick and combed out his hair that fell across
his face. Stripping off the bathrobe he stood there trying to be sexy. He
didn't have to try; he was gorgeous He wore a pink camisole and matching
panties. His nipples were hard under the silky material and he had tucked
his cock and balls between his legs so he looked even more like girl. My
dick tented in my pants

A look of apprehension crossed face as he waited for me to say
something. I moved to him, taking him in my arms and cooed "Its ok, baby,
everything's ok." Giving him another quick kiss, I told him to get into
bed. Moving around the bed, I stripped out my clothes. Ricky was watching
my every move. When he saw my hard cock, his expression changed but I
couldn’t read it. Slipping into bed, I took him in my arms, resting his
head on my chest. His hand immediately went to my hardness and started
stroking me.

“Shh, baby, we’re just going to sleep in each other's arms tonight”, I
whispered. I could feel the tension fall away from his body. We just lay
there, not saying a thing; my arm around his shoulders, his head on my
chest. He caressed my dick gently. I don't know how long we lay there but
the next thing I knew it was morning, Ricky was curled up, his body pressed
tightly against me.

A new day had dawned.

(Well, dear reader hoped you enjoyed this installment. Future
installments will include Dad bringing his "friend" home, and possibly,
Randy and Ricky getting revenge on the two boys for their tormenting. As
always, comments/suggestions welcome.)


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