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Dad's Randy 6a


Dad’s Randy 6 (incest, m/b)

Chapter 19

Over breakfast, Dad told us that he would make some calls to square
things with the appropriate people concerning Ricky. Finishing breakfast,
we went of to school. As we walked to school, our steps were light and we
teased each other about stuff that we didn’t like about each other. Things
couldn’t have been better. When we got about two blocks, from school,
Ricky seemed to start to retreat into himself. By the time, we entered the
school. Ricky had withdrawn totally into himself. At the door, I stopped
to talk to him but he didn’t. He kept on going, heading toward his first
class. I was stunned. I felt like a stranger not his lover. Class after
class, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. No matter how hard I tried to
concentrate, my thoughts remained on Ricky. I had no answers. At lunch,
Ricky was nowhere to be found. The day finally ended and I felt so low
that I didn’t think anything could get me out of it; not even a good
fucking by my dad.

I trudged homeward. Out of nowhere, I felt a pairs of hands cover my
eyes and a voice say “Guess who.” My heart soared, it was Ricky! Knocking
his hands away, I turned on him ready to give him holy hell. But I
couldn’t, he was grinning from ear to ear. He was so beautiful when he
smiled. My funk melted away and I hugged him. He let me hold him for a
minute and wiggle out of my arms. He was really excited and it was
contagious. He had heard that the porn store had changed hands and allowed
high school kids in. He said that there were booths that you could pay to
see porn films. I had seen pictures on the web but had never seen a porn
movie and I was intrigued. So we set off. It took us awhile to walk
there. I was surprised that the store wasn’t in the “seedy” part of town.
In fact it was right off the main street. The windows were painted black
and had various movie posters in the window. All the posters had
suggestive images of men and women. There were no posters of men only.
Above the door was a simple sign stating its name: “Pleasure Palace.”
Excitedly, Ricky pulled the door open and breezed right in. For some
reason, as I stepped into the store, I had a momentary feeling of
apprehension. It passed and I entered. The store was brightly lit with
row after row of magazines, tapes and DVDs. I noticed that they were all
depicted men in various poses and acts. Against the far wall, was a
display of various devices ranging from dildoes to whips and chains. In
the middle of the wall was a doorway with a simple sign saying “movies”

Behind a raised counter, a teenage girl stood with had short curly brown
hair. She had a pretty face but was wearing too much make up for my
tastes. Her eyeliner and eye shadow was overdone; the eyeliner, too thick and shadow, caked on, her lips too bright. She wore dangling earrings and
a simple gold chain necklace. Her tee-shirt was cut low across her small
chest exposing her cleavage. Beneath her shirt, I could see the outline of
her bra. It was a size too small, forcing her small breast to look bigger.
The counter hid the rest of her. Looking at Ricky, I noticed he was
staring at her. She had looked up and smiled, then went back to what she
was doing.

Nudging Ricky, we moved around the store, picking up various items. I
kept catching Ricky staring at the girl. Finally, I had enough and told
him to go talk to her already. Stumbling up to her, he started talking as
I ambled around the store. A few minutes later, I looked up and they were
having an animated conversation. I was getting. Hurrying over to put a
stop to the conversation, I told Ricky we had to go; it was getting late.
But he blew me off, telling me that I could go and he would be “home”
later. I, again, tried to persuade him to leave but he just shook his head.
What could I do? I made my way to the door and left.

All the way home, I vacillated between being strong and weak. I kept
telling myself that this was a girl not a boy, On the other hand; maybe it
was a boy being a girl. When I got home, it was a little to early for dad
to be home from work and I was full of anxiety and energy. It was almost
dinnertime, so I started preparing dinner. I was so focused on what I was
doing that I didn’t hear Ricky come in. He turned me around and kissed me.
His tongue moved around my mouth so sensuously that I got hard and my
knees, weak. All my anxiety faded away and I kissed him back with all the
passion I had.

“Cut it out you two” Dad said sternly, entering the kitchen. We
unclenched and I felt embarrassed. Ricky just looked at the floor as he
always did when my dad was around. Dinner came and went. Ricky and I
headed up to my room to study. We were quiet except to ask a question
about the assignment. Then it was time for bed.

As usual, Ricky took some clothes and headed to the bathroom. I turned
down the bed and got in. Ricky appeared shortly there after. He had let
down his hair but wore no makeup. Removing his robe, he got into bed
beside me. Tonight he was wearing a long white sleeveless cotton
nightgown. I thought it strange; he usually wore sexy lingerie. I didn’t
say anything; I just took him in my arms and surprised me by moving to kiss
me. Usually, I’m the aggressor but I let him lead. His kiss was gentle
and full of love. He broke the kiss and moved away. Looking into his
eyes, I saw sadness. He kissed his way down my chest, spending time
licking and sucking my nipples. I was as hard as a rock. I wanted to roll
him over and plunge my dick into his now familiar ass but this was his
night. When he got to my cock, he slowly took me in his mouth, stopping
halfway down my cock. His eyes were closed and it seemed like he was
memorizing the taste of me. Seconds passed and then he took the other half
of me down his throat. He sucked me gently and lovingly. As he pulled
himself off me, his cheeks puckered and I felt the pressure of his mouth
move up my cock. He would plunge himself on me again taking me straight
down his throat only to apply the pressure again. He kept repeating this
process. He wanted to control my orgasm and not me. With each suck, he
moved faster and applied more pressure. I lay there immobile, completely
under his spell. The only thing I could do is moan. When he felt me get
close, he cupped my balls and massaged them, I was at his mercy. When I
started to cum, he slammed his mouth down onto me, immobilizing me even
further. My cock spasm, shooting spurt after spurt directly down his
throat. Even before last spurt had hit his belly, I felt drained. He had
drained me of my boy juice and my energy. It was one of the most powerful
orgasms I had ever had. I was so drained that all I wanted to do was to
turn over and go to sleep but Ricky held me until I got soft. Then he
kissed me again and I tasted my own seed. He cuddled against me and I was
asleep in seconds. Sometime during the night, I felt a kiss on my cheek
and heard; “I’ll always love you” I was so deep into sleep that I just
turned over, groaning.

Chapter 20

I awoke to the sound of my alarm and an empty space beside me. My heart
rose into my throat and I knew something was terribly wrong. A envelop sat
on my desk with my name on, written in Ricky’s hand. “Please no” I said to
myself, over and over again. Ripping the open envelop, I began reading his
goodbye letter. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read. By the time I had
finished, crocodile tears flowed from my eyes. He was gone! He had come
back to me and now I had lost him forever! The letter said that the girl in the porn store was really a boy named Jack and he had truly found his
soul mate. With the money that he found in his father’s house, they were
going away. He ended the letter saying that he would always love me and
that he would carry part of me wherever he went. Last night was his going
away present; a thank you and a goodbye.

I crawled back into bed pulling the covers over my head and cried my
heart out. Somewhere along the way Dad came in. He must have read the
letter because I heard him say Oh, Randy, I’m so sorry.” I felt his hand on
my shoulder and shook it off. Moving away, he said, I’ll call the school
and tell them that you’re sick today.”

How long I lay there I don’t know. My crying had stopped because there
were no tears left. I was numb. I couldn’t think; I just felt so empty.
Then I got angry. I was going to find him/them. When I did, I didn’t know
what I was going to do but it felt right.

Throwing on some clothes, I headed for the porn shop. It seemed the
most logical place to start. Storming into the store, I headed to the man,
demanding to know where the girl was.

Without looking up, he said, “Don’t know”. “When will she be back?”
“Don’t care”, he responded but this time I heard some hurt in those simple

I wasn’t going to get anything out of him so I headed towards the door.
Before I got there, one of the boys, that Ricky had introduced me to as a
member of “the club”, entered and headed for the movies. When I got to the
door, I reversed direction and followed the boy. I heard sounds coming
from the last booth and headed there and entered Opening the door, on the
screen was two men sucking each other. The boy had is dick out and
stroking it. Tissue lay on the bench seat beside him. When he saw me, he
cowered, pushing himself into the corner of the small booth.

“Where is he” I demanded. “Who”, he squeaked. “Ricky” “I haven’t seem
him except for school”

I could tell he was telling the truth. The anger and frustration boiled
up in me and I took it out on him. Pulling my dick out of my pants I
ordered him to suck me. He tried to squeeze further into the corner which
angered me more. Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled his head towards my
dick. When he didn’t take me in his mouth, I twisted an ear with my free
hand which made him open his mouth and yelp in pain. I thrust my semi-hard
cock into his mouth. Using both hands, I moved his head on and off my
cock. I face fucked violently. Each time, I made sure his lips hit my
stomach. I fell out of his mouth he closed it. I slapped him and his
mouth opened again. I continued the face fucking him, trying to force my
whole body down his throat. I didn’t care about him. I was using him to
vent my anger. He was not a person, just a mouth and soon to be an ass. I
was completely hard and every time I forced myself fully down his throat he
gagged. But I wasn’t content with that. I ripped his head off my cock and
ordered him to drop his pants. I could tell that he had given up any
chance of escape and had accepted his fate. Turning way from me, he
dropped his pants and bent over leaning on the bench. Taking aim, I fucked
into him with all my might. He howled with pain. “Shut up bitch and take
it!” I hissed as I stuffed the tissue into mouth, shutting him up. I raped
him with all I had. I wanted to rip him apart. He had become Ricky and I
wanted to hurt him! Stroke after stroke, I slammed into him. “Take that
you bitch” I cried. I rammed him over and over again. I was so angry that
I was out of my mind but it felt so good. For some reason, I looked down
at my cock, I saw blood; His blood. I had fucked him so hard that he was
bleeding. I had torn his guts with my rape. I stopped in mid stroke and
began to cry. Pushing him of my cock, I ran from the booth. By the time I
hit the front door; I had put away my cock and was wailing.

Once outside, I stopped to catch my breath. It dawned on me that I had
raped that kid. My anger had turned into a violent rape of a kid who had
nothing to do with me. I felt sick. I couldn’t breathe. I heard a car
screech to a halt on the street and then popping sounds. The windows of
the store splattered. Instead of ducking, I stood up and was thrown
against the wall. Sharp pain radiated through my body. Blood was pouring
from my chest made I had been shot and I knew I was going to die.

They say that during the last few seconds of your life, your life
flashes before you. That’s not true. You don’t have time!

I love you, Da…………………………………….


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