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Dad's Randy 7


Dad's Randy 7 (incest, m/b,b/b)

(Author's Note: SURPRISE! so many of you wanted the story to continue
so it will, for how long is unclear)

Chapter 21

I was dreaming. I lay in a hospital bed, light shown though the window.
My chest wrapped in bandages, IV bootles hung above me and ran down into my
arms. Ricky was stting in a chair facing me, holding my hand. He was
crying mumbling over and over again "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"


He saw I was awake and his face lit up like a light bulb. He' so
beautiful, I thought, then immediately, he put me here, i should be so
angry. But i couldn't. His smile and presence melted any anger that i
had. Loved bloomed in my chest again and I tried to reach for him. My arms
were too weak and the bandages restricting my movements but he understood.
Gently wrapping his arms around me, he buried his head in my neck, mumbling
"it's my fault, it's all my fault"

Even in my weaken state, i once again felt alive, complete, whole!
Turning my head, forcing him to move, I puckered my lips wanting a kiss
more than anything in the world. Testing, he gave me a peck on the lips
and pulled back. Seeing everything was ok, he moved in. His kiss was so
gentle, so loving. I opened my mouth and let his tongue enter. Our
tongues danced a ballet of love. I didn;t want the kiss to end,ever. He
had come back to me again. My heart soared. But was he here to stay?
Even one day away from him had made me a crazy person. Then i remembered.

Shaking my head to break the kiss, he backed away stunned. "PLEASE
THE WORLD! MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!" he wailed, dropping to his knees and
covering his face with his hands.

"Everything all right here" A nurse said, popping her head around the
curtain. I just nodded and she went away.

"Ricky, sit down and tell me what happened"

Struggling into the chair, still sniffling, he told me how i came to be
in the hospital and not a coffin. After the bullets shatter the glass and
hit me, the shop owner called 911. The cops and the paramedics were there
in minutes and rushed me to the hospital. I had been shot in the chest.
The bullet punchured my lung and passed out my back without doing any other
damage. He jokingly said that i would make a great peephole for a front
door. He thought that was hilarious; i just smiled.

He continued that minor surgery was necessary and that the doctors had
stitched the entrance and exit wound as well as the lung. I had been
unconcious for three days which did not concern the doctors. This, they
said was "normal" because of the shock my body took.

Continuing the story, He and Jackie were on their way to pick up some of
her things at these store when they heard the shooting. By the time they
got there, the ambulance was rushing off. Whe he heard it was me, he
collapsed on the spot and wailing crocodile tears repeating over and over
again "My fault, My fault."

He paused again, looking at me for forgiveness. I wasn't ready to do
that, yet even though every part of my body said "Do it, forgive him"
Instead, I gave the warmest smile i could muster. He seem to accept it and
continued the story.

My dad showed up and somehow got him home to our house and that my dad
just held and rocked him while he poured his heart out, telling my dad all
the things that his father had done to him and how he felt about it. They
stayed that way late into the evening. He ended the story saying that the
next morning he was at my bedside and hadn't left since. I reached out my
hand and he grabbed it like a life perserver.

I asked him what happened to Jackie. He relied" I don't know and i
don't care. I want you, to love and obey" He emphasised "obey." By now, it
was dark outside. I had to forced him to go home. He didn't want to leave
my side. Finally, he gave in and left.

I had dozed off after Ricky left when i heard, "How you doin, champ". I
was my dad, standing beside the bed. He leaned down and kissed me, his
tongue darting into my mouth. Believe it or not, my dick jerked. I was so
happy to see him that i started balling. He reached around me and gently
hugged me to his broad chest. I continued to wail until there were no
tears left. He gently lowered me back to the bed and with a voice filled
with relief and admonishment, he scolded me. i just smiled at him letting
the emotion flow out of him. When he was finished, he was smiling as
broadly as i was.

Sitting down, he filled in some gaps. It turns out that the store owner
was his new lover and that next call after the police was to him. He had
been here off and on for the last few days. He went on to say that Ricky
has alot of problems but he loved me so much that he contemplated killing
himself and i should give him some slack.

I was shocked! The anger at Ricky lessened to be filled with love.

Dad and I talked about my condition for the rest of the time he was
there. Now that I was awake, doctors would take the IV out of my arm and
that I was to walk around to build up my strength. I could even take a
shower if i wanted. Shortly after that, he left.

Laying there, i felt so lucky. I had two people who loved me. Then i
fell asleep.

Chapter 22

When I woke up, Ricky was sitting in the chair next to my bed and the
tubes were no longer in my arm. Smiling, Ricky kissed me again with all
the passion in his body. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around him.
Surprisingly, my dick tented my sheets. Seeing this Ricky, gigled and took
me in his mouth through the sheet. Slapping him on the head I said "later,
help me out of bed. I need a shower."

When my feet hit the floor i expected to buckle. Instead i felt pretty
strong and pushed Ricky's helping hands away. Moving to the bathroom, the
back of the hospital johnnie opened and Ricky tickled my asshole, making me
jump. In the bathroom, i took off the johnny and looked at the stitches in
my chest. They were an inch below my nipple and vertical. Ricky had
started the shower and was undressing. He had his back to me and as when
he took his pants of i saw a tatoo right above his crack. "Randy's Bitch"
it said. We'll see about that, i thought.

Joining Ricky in the shower, he immediately started soaping my body. My
dick was hard and so was his. "So you're my bitch" I causally said. He
dropped to him knees and looked up at me.

"Open your mouth" and without hesitation, he did. Taking my dick in my
hand, I pissed directly into him mouth. He gulpped and swallowed as fast
as he could.

"I claim you as my bitch, my property, for now and forever. Your mouth,
ass and cock are mine to do with as i please. Do you accept?"

He just nodded, my urine hitting him on the forehead and eyes.

To be continued!



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