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Dad's Randy 8


Dad’s Randy 8 (incest, fisting, m/b, b/b)

Chapter 23

The doctors let me out of the hospital two day later. They admonished
me to not exert myself until I saw them the following week. I inquired
about sex and they said especially not that.

That night when we were getting into bed, Ricky fell to my feet,
inquiring what he should wear. I just told him until further notice,
nothing sexy. Instead of going to the downstairs bathroom, he changed
right there. I got into bed and watched him put on his makeup. First he
did his eyes, applying eyeliner and shadow, then lipstick. Before combing
out his hair, he put on a baby doll top and matching panties. When he
turned to me, he smiled. He looked even more beautiful in his night
clothes than he normally did. I got so hard and lust filled my brain.
Unfortunately, I was to have blue balls for some time to come. He got into
bed with me, taking me in his arms and we slept.

Over the course of the next week, everybody was so sympathetic. All the
kids at school were great. Only one problem though, every time I say the
boy I raped, whose name was Billy, I was filled with such guilt that I
wanted to run away. Then one day, he walked up to me and asked me how I
was. I could only mumble my answer. As he moved away, he handed me a not.
It said” I’m glad that you are ok. That was the best fucking I ever
had.You can have me any time you want. Forever, Billy”. I got hard right
there in the school hallway. Rushing to the bathroom, I hid in a stall
until it went away. I had raped Billy viscously and he wanted more. I had
trouble getting soft because every time I thought of him and the incident,
my dick would raise. I was 20 minutes late for my next class.

Finally, the doctors gave me a bill of health. I was in heaven. The
rest of the day all I could think about was fucking Ricky: my cock
pummeling his asshole. After school Ricky and I rushed home. He wanted it
as much as I did.

As we raced into the house, we heard my dad’s voice say “Hold it right
there” We stopped dead in our tracks. Motioning us to the couch, He
started talking and he talked he got angrier and angrier. He had known
that I raped the boy almost immediately after the incident and had waited
until I was healed. He ranted and ranted about what rape was all about.
To him, rape was the vilest of acts imaginable. I just dropped my head and
withdrew into myself knowing he was right. After about 10 minutes of
raging, he calmed down. He told me to go upstairs, take of my clothes and
bend over the bed and wait for him, Ricky was to wait down here. He was
going to punish me.

I undressed and did as I was told. I lay down on the bed, my knees on
the floor and my crotch against the side of the bed. As I waited, I
figured that I was going to get my ass whipped by his hand or a belt. I
didn’t have to wait too long. He and Ricky entered. Without a word, Ricky
straddled my back facing my dad and spread my ass cheeks. “This is not a
spanking” I thought. I had no idea what was to happen until I felt dad’s
hand rammed up my ass. I screamed and screamed and screamed. He had made
a cone of his fingers and thrust his whole hand up my ass. I felt like I
was being ripped apart. My dick which had got hard thinking about the
spanking, shriveled into my body. The pain was intense as he pulled his
hand out of me and shoved it back into me. He was talking loudly, “You
raped that kid, now see how it feels to be raped yourself.” I want to make
sure that you never do it again and if you even think about it you’ll
remember this experience. The pain was so bad that if Ricky was not
sitting on me I would have bolted. I continued to scream as time after
time he raped me with his fist. Every so often he would twist his hand in
me, making me scream ever louder.

After about 15 minutes of fisting me, he pulled out his hand and left. I
just lay there, Exhausted; my asshole spasming. I felt like my guts had
been ripped to pieces. I had definitely learned my lesson. Ricky got off
me, his breathing, labored. I heard him moving around behind me. Then I
felt his hands on my hips and his cock ram into me.I screamed again as my
guts were raw. He fucked in and out of me with abandon. Even though every
thrust tore me apart, I was responding. Lust was filling me, replacing the
pain. He was fucking me so hard that my hips were banging into the
mattress. I was in heat. “Fuck me” I cried and he did, he came in me
coating my sore guts with his seed. He fucked me a few more times and in
one motion, pulled himself out of me and turned me over, engulfing my now
hard cock. He sucked me as he had fucked me, fast and hard. In a matter
of seconds, I shoot my load down his throat. He kept sucking me, making my
dick raw. When I finally became soft, he moved to kiss me. His kiss like
his fucking and sucking was hard and fast. His tongue went down my throat
so far that I gagged.

Realizing what he was doing, he broke the kiss and buried his head in my
chest, crying. Once again, my anger at Rick rose in my chest. I just
wrapped him in my arms, stroking his head. My asshole was still spasming,
forcing his boy cum to drip out of my ass and onto the bed.

I had definitely learned my lesson!

A long time later, I went down stairs. Ricky had opened his books to
study, knowing that I needed some time with my dad alone. Dad was sitting
in the living room, reading a paper.

Falling to my knees between his legs, I apologized and told him that I
had learned my lesson. As I continued to talk, I undid his pants and
pulled his cock. When I finished, I dropped my head and took him in my
mouth. Through it all, he didn’t say anything, looking at me with a
non-descript face.

It felt so good to taste him again. I licked up and down his shaft
savoring his taste. He tasted sweaty and I was getting even more turned
on. Moving back to his pole, I took him fully down my throat and stayed
that way for a few seconds. I was in heaven. There was nothing better in
the world than having my daddy’s cock in me whether it is in my mouth or
ass. I sucked on him, taking out of my mouth and licking the pink head,
then engulfing him again. I continued this picking up speed. When it got
too much he thrust his hips sending his man seed into my mouth, down my
throat and into my belly.

I came too. Comments/suggestions always welcome



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