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Dairyman's daughter 2
{m/f, m/f first times, mast, oral, coercion}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don't start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.


When Cheryl and I came riding up behind Jim, he leered at us.
Trying to conceal his jealousy with a mask of contempt.
"Just what the heck were the two of you doing in that grove huh?"
I could feel Cheryl's grip tighten around my waist, my anger showed
in my raised voice.
"What the heck do you think we were doing you Jerk Off! We were
getting away from you!"
Cheryl took my cue and spoke up
"Jim that wasn't very nice what you said to your brother. You
oughta try living without a brother or sister to talk and play with. It
gets awful lonely for me living out in the country without anyone close
to my age to talk to! If I had a brother or sister, I'd treat them a lot
better that the way you are!"
"And another thing, I would appreciate it if you don't talk that
way around me!"
My brother's mouth dropped open.
"Uh, I'm sorry Cheryl! I didn't mean to upset you."
"It wasn't me you upset! It was your brother, he's the one you
should apologize to!"
Jim gave me a quick dirty look, then thought better of using his
nasty rejoinder. He looked down at the ground
"I'm sorry Larry."
I just learned another lesson about the power of a female. My asshole
brother actually apologized to me because he offended a girl!
Jim looked at me with his best impersonation of an even expression.
I knew that he expected an answer to his apology. Normally, I'd just
ignore his apology, however this situation was different. I looked over
to Jim and smiled my biggest shit-eating grin. Cheryl was behind me and
couldn't see my taunting expression.
"That's okay Jim, your apology is accepted."
Every once in a while on the ride back to our farm, Cheryl would
take her hands and press against my raging hardon. Jim and I were riding
side by side, but whenever he would look at us he would only see
Cheryl's hands lying loosely in my crotch. It looked perfectly normal. I
could tell by his expression that he was trying to figure out what had
happened when Cheryl and I were alone in the citrus.
Cheryl's mom was waiting for us when we got back to her house and
waved as we approached.
"Well Cheryl, Did you have a good time?"
"Oh yeah Mom!" she turned her smile towards me. "Thanks a lot guys,
It sure was nice getting to ride a horse again!"
"We're probably gonna ride again this weekend Cheryl, Would you
like for us to come by and take you with us? That is if it's okay with
your parents."
She turned to her mom "Can I Mom?"
"Okay Cheryl, they seem like nice well behaved boys. Larry and Jim,
Would you like to come in and have a glass of lemonade or something?"
I could tell by my brother's body language that he was going to
back out so I spoke up.
"Lemonade would be great after a long ride. Thanks Mrs. McClure!"
We went inside and sat at the kitchen table while Cheryl's mom made
the lemonade. In the meanwhile, we answered what was supposed to sound
like innocent questions, but in reality were calculated to find out as
much as Mrs. McClure could about our family. Cheryl could tell that we
were being casually grilled also and rolled her eyes to show she didn't
When we left her house, Jim asked me what had happened in the
orange grove. I kept my promise and told him "We just talked".
"Aw C'mon Larry You must have at least tried to kiss her!"
"After the way you embarrassed me, you expected me to kiss her?"
My brother thought a bit, "Hmmm, well maybe you didn't try."
"One thing about her though Jim, She sure as hell made you
apologize for being a dickhead!"
He looked at me ready to get pissed, but when I started to laugh,
he saw the humor in what Cheryl made him do and laughed with me.
"Yeah I guess you're right about that Larry."
"Maybe I might get somewhere the next time if you keep your big
mouth shut. I still can't believe you blew me in when I got a stiffy!
You would'a gotten one too with a pair of titties like hers pressed
against your back!"
Jim puffed up his chest "I'da fucked her right then and there if I
had the chance! But you got the drop on me, besides she's closer to your
age. I prefer older girls anyway!"
The next time we went riding, Jim stuck to us like fresh dog shit
to a Vibram soled boot. Cheryl would briefly rest her chin on my
shoulder or give me other discreet signals that she wanted to get me
alone again. I responded by leaning back into her breasts or putting my
hand on her leg while my brother wasn't looking at us.
Jim finally caught us when he saw Cheryl kissing my neck.
"You know, all you guy's have to do is ask me! I may be a little
jealous, but I'd want my little brother to give me some privacy if I had
a new girlfriend."
I almost said something stupid about Cheryl not being my
girlfriend, but somehow my gonads signaled my brain to quash the
"Jim, I take back all the nasty things that I've said about you!
How long do we have before you come looking for us?"
"How about the time it takes me to mosey around the farm on the
other side of Wrecker road? I'm getting sorta bored with the same old
route anyway."
Cheryl spoke up, "You can't go back to your place without us or
I'll be in a world of trouble!"
"Yeah, I sorta figured that one out Cheryl. I'll stay away and call
out when I get close okay?"
"Thanks Jim, You're acting just like I'd want MY brother to act if
I had one. I owe you one okay?"
"Okay Cheryl. Why don't you see if you can find a girl for me?
Maybe ask your mom if she would try to adopt an older sister!"
The three of us laughed. Jim started to say something but he made
the mistake of getting a little too far ahead of us. I quietly turned
Arizona (My Welsh pony's name) and ducked into the same grove as before.
I could hear my brother cuss when he found that he'd been left talking
to the air.
Cheryl giggled and hugged me tight as we worked our way through the
"I wish we coulda snuck out a blanket or something to lay on Larry!
I gotta be careful about getting stuff in my hair. My stupid mother
knows all the tricks!"
"Well I hope you don't think too badly of me Cheryl, but I've got
that part covered."
"Oh you do huh? And just who were you planning to come out here
with Larry? One of your other girlfriends?"
"Shoot Cheryl, those girls just want to ride. They're not used to
horses like you and I. Besides I just don't know how to act around them.
I wouldn't know how to ask them anyway!"
"Larry, You don't ASK a girl if you can kiss them! You just kiss
them! Did I ask when I kissed you?"
My face blushed red. "No, I'm glad that you were the one that
kissed me, cause I'da never had the nerve!"
"I kinda guessed that Larry so I decided to help things along. You
know Larry, I wouldn't dare be alone with the boys from my school, much
less making out with them in the citrus."
I reigned in Arizona and slid off his back after Cheryl and tied
his reins to a tree.
We embraced and tenderly kissed. I took her by the hand and led her
a few trees away to the special spot that I had prepared earlier. All
the leaves and twigs were cleared away along with the dirt clods. I
reached up into the fork of the tree and produced an old blanket and
spread it out.
"Well, what do you think babe?"
Cheryl bit her lower lip in worried thought.
"Larry, I think I'm a little scared. I hope you don't have any big
"Big ideas?"
She sat down and patted the ground next to her. Taking her cue, I
sat beside her and looked into her eyes.
"I don't want to go,…… you know, all the way."
"I know Cheryl. You might not believe me, but I don’t want that
either, at least not yet."
I looked down at the ground, gathering my courage.
"I DO want to kiss you."
When I saw how she blushed and smiled, I knew she was willing. I
reached out and gently drew her to me. Our lips met in a gentle kiss.
When we broke apart, I cupped my hand to the back of her head and gently
caressed her cheek with my thumb.
"Cheryl, I keep thinking about how good it felt to have your
breasts pressed against my bare chest. How nice you felt in my arms."
She smiled in relief then wrapped her arms around me and leaned
back, taking me with her. After a long passionate kiss, I rose to one
elbow and took in the sight of her. Cheryl's long sun bleached hair was
spilled out on the blanket. Her smile showed her trust in me. She was as
willing as I was to explore our newfound sexuality
"Cheryl, You're so beautiful laying like this."
She blushed, "Larry you don't have to say that. I'm not..."
"Yes you are!" I interrupted. "You're also the first girl that I've
ever felt at ease with."
I kissed her again, probing her open mouth with my tongue and
Gently stroking her shoulders. I gently caressed her body, paying
special attention to her breasts and crotch.
Cheryl had on her usual tight fitting blue jeans and western style
blouse. She opened her legs slightly showing her acceptance when I
caressed her pubic mound through her jeans. I cupped and gently squeezed
each breast with bolder hands, getting light sigh in response.
As I think back to these younger times, I wonder where the ability
to undo a woman's bra or buttons with only one hand comes from. The
ability doesn't come from experience, because at that time I had very
little. I was resting on one elbow at the time, so using two hands
would've spoiled my momentum.
I pondered the button problem on Cheryl's blouse, then reached out
and pinched the edge of the material together where the buttonhole was.
To my amazement, the button just slipped through the hole and the
tightly stretched material parted!
I reached another milestone in my young love life. My first blouse
button was undone, and executed with the expertise that only someone
like Casanova could have accomplished.
After repeating the feat twice more, I had her bra covered breasts
and cleavage exposed. There were still two more buttons to go, but I
wasn't going to push my luck. I leaned forward and kissed her with more
passion. Cheryl met my passion equally in response. First base was
While still locked together in a passionate kiss, my hand went to
the juncture of her legs and pressed in. Cheryl thrust herself into my
hand and sighed through her nose.
The top button of her jeans gave way to my fingers with ease. I
kissed the exposed skin of her bra-covered breasts. Her zipper was next
on my agenda. Preparing myself to be stopped by her hand or the dreaded
"NO!", I lifted the little tab and gently eased it downwards. Cheryl
just cradled my head in her hands, pressing me into her cleavage. I was
wondering whether I should try to get my hand under her panties, or get
her blouse off so I could pay more attention to first base when she
"I wore my special bra for you today Larry. Look, the hooks are in
he front!"
I looked at her bra, then smiled when I realized what she was
talking about. Cheryl quickly unbuttoned the last two buttons of her
blouse for me then she unhooked her bra. Her hands came away, allowing
me to lift the two cups away.
I was in awe of how her nipples came to life, became erect in
response to my gentle manipulation.
"Wow Cheryl, I didn't know that they could get like that after I
touched them!"
She giggled "I think they like you Larry! Here, I'll show you
She reached up and took one nipple between her thumb and forefinger
and rolled it between them, then she pulled on it. She released it after
pulling it out about a half an inch. The nipple settled back into place,
protruding even more in response.
"Wow Cheryl, don’t that hurt?"
"Not when I do it, You try it okay?"
I took her other nipple and tried what she had shown me.
"Mmmm, That's so nice Larry, You can even pull a little harder and
I don't think it'll hurt."
I put my mouth on the closest breast and tweaked and pulled on the
other one.
"Mmmm Larry! That feels so good!"
I had already worked out in my mind how to get her jeans past her
hips without making her lift her butt off the blanket to accommodate me.
I figured that if Cheryl had to lift herself up to allow me to work her
tight jeans over her hips, she might have second thoughts and stop me. I
put my plan into action and gently worked the side of her jeans down
that was next to me. Using the attention to her breasts to distract her.
My best plans met afoul by the tightness of her jeans. I was only
able to get the side of her jeans pulled a little way down before I
reached the limits that the material would allow. I felt Cheryl move her
arm, then lift her butt to help me with the jeans. So much for being
sly, but it didn't matter now. Third base was cleared for my approach.
I felt the material of her panties, not daring to risk a look and
break the spell that Cheryl was in. Being young and inexperienced, It
hadn't occurred to me that she was as horny and eager as I was.
There was only a thin cotton barrier blocking my quest. I found the
moist center between her folds and pressed my finger in, getting a
shiver of approval. Her jeans were only down past her hips. My progress
downwards was blocked by Levi Strauss! I went for the next best
alternative and slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties.
I thought that the game was up when Cheryl began to sit up. Moving
back, I accepted the thought that she had allowed me to go as far as she
felt comfortable with.
Cheryl was way ahead of my thoughts. To my relief, she pushed her
jeans and panties down to her ankles. She grabbed me and pulled us back
down on the blanket. Her urgency for more was evident by the force of
her kiss.
Her slick juices had worked their way out and even reached the
inside of her legs. Cheryl shivered when I found her dampness. She
opened her legs, then eagerly pushed her pussy upwards. My fingers
probed the opening of her pussy and just inside. I took my time and
explored her nether regions blindly. Putting mental pictures in my mind
of what my fingers were experiencing. As I worked my way upward, I
deliberately stayed away from her clit, saving that for the very last.
Cheryl's arousal had peaked and was starting to turn into
frustration when I finally zeroed in on her button. As she worked her
pussy against my finger, I breathed in her sigh of pleasure that escaped
from her lips and held it inside me.
It was now or never. Ever since I was old enough to fantasize about
sex I had wanted to see what oral sex was all about. We had hinted about
doing it the last time we made out, so I was pretty sure that Cheryl
wanted me to. I made my decision then started to kiss my way down her
body. After planting a kiss on the edge of her ribcage, I went directly
to her bush and kissed her there. She opened her legs a little wider,
signaling me to continue my way down.
I thought to my self "Wow, she's got a lot more hair down there
than I do. I guess what they say about girls maturing faster than boys
is true!"
I kissed her again a little lower and to the side of her center,
then moved back a little for a good first time close up look at an
actual pussy.
What an amazing piece of work a pussy is. The first thing that
caught my attention was her clit, which was peeking out from between her
labia. The illustrations in my father's best medical books couldn’t
compare to the real thing. Cheryl’s pubic hair wasn’t as thick as the
bushes I had seen in the porno magazines. It was black and fairly thick
at the top. The pubes on her labia were wispy and lighter in color.
I ran my hand over her labia, then used my fingers to open her
lips. The pink inner parts glistened with her moisture. As I drew near,
the familiar odor of her excitement made my nostrils flare. I paused to
take the sensation in and relish it.
Cheryl must have thought that I was having second thoughts about
continuing with my oral experiment.
She said, "It's okay Larry, I'm sorta messy down there right now. I
think your fingers will do just as good."
"Huh? Oh no Cheryl, It's just that I've never seen one up close
like this before. I'm just, you know. It's really………..beautiful!"
"Oh, I thought that you were getting grossed out or something like
"No way!" I touched her glistening clit. "This is your……, where the
good feeling comes from?"
She responded to my touch. "Yes! I can show you everything if you
"Wow! That would be great! Show me!"
"Okay. Here, I think you'll be able to see a lot better if you lay
between my legs. Wait a minute."
She sat up and untied her tennis shoes, then slipped her jeans and
panties the rest of the way off.
"Come around to here." She patted the blanket between her legs.
I quickly got up and then lay down between Cheryl's wide-open legs.
Her pussy lips parted as she spread her legs fully open.
"Wow Cheryl! Your lips just moved apart when you did that!"
"Okay now, Here is the place where most of the feeling is."
She touched her button, then quickly moved to her pussy opening and
wet her finger and moved back to her clit, stroking it.
"Wow, I've never been this wet before! Like I said before, this is
the spot."
Reluctantly, she stopped her masturbation then spread her pussy
open with her fingers.
Not wasting a good opportunity, I moved in and ran my tongue up her
pussy from her hole to where the very top. Cheryl's hips bucked with the
unexpected pleasure.
I experienced my first true taste of pussy, then tried to describe
the taste to myself. I had heard jokes that pussy tasted like tuna and
was grateful that it wasn't true. My next taste was from the source, the
pussy hole itself. This time, her juice coated my tongue and then my
mouth. The only familiar taste I could discern was a very slight sulfur
content. It had a slick, slightly oily consistency inside my mouth.
"Larry! You're driving me crazy! Why did you stop?"
"I'm sorry Cheryl, I just wanted to see what you tasted like. I'm
ready now."
I had my plan of action all worked out from my previous week's
masturbation sessions. I had even practiced by licking between my
fingers. My first experiment was the "puppy dog lick". It got a good
response, but then I abandoned that approach and concentrated on her
clit, using her responses to my style experiments as a guide. Before
long, I settled with using the underside of my tongue in a side to side
action across her clit.
"That's it Larry! Keep doing that!"
Her hips moved up and down in response.
"Ohhh! Now just a little slower!"
She unabashedly spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers.
As I saw the way my tongue affected Cheryl, her hips gyrating and
body shivering when I licked her pussy I almost came right there in my
Cheryl moaned, then she said, "Oh Larry! Slow down a little more!
I'm getting really close, and it's too soon!"
I decided to try something new. Storing the previous style in my
memory, I gently sucked her clit and surrounding flesh into my mouth and
tried the "Baby suckle" method. Her body relaxed, then responded.
"MMMmmmm Oh God!"
I stopped momentarily to say. "Tell me what's good for you and I'll
keep doing it okay?"
"That's really good too Larry! Just keep going like you were doing
before you stopped."
I mumbled my acknowledgement as best as I could with a mouth full
of pussy. I lost my control when I looked up and saw Cheryl playing with
her nipples. My tongue drove itself hard against her inflamed clit.
Cheryl's orgasm hit her unexpectedly hard and fast. I wasn't
prepared when she started writhing and bucking her hips in her desperate
throes of orgasm. Not being experienced at the lingual arts, I didn't
know that I was supposed to hang on and ride her out. My nose got slimed
when Cheryl planted her feet and arched her butt off the blanket. I just
kept licking whatever was in range of my tongue. By accident, her
butthole ended up receiving an unintentional lick or two in the process.
When Cheryl's butt settled back on out blanket, her pussy was at least a
foot away from me. She was still caught up in the last throes of her
I crawled forward to do more, but was blocked by her hands covering
her over stimulated privates. I placed my hand on top of hers and gently
pressed down.
"It's okay Cheryl, I'm not gonna do anything, just let me put my
palm on you."
After a few seconds, she slowly withdrew her hands and allowed me
access to her pussy. She had relaxed before I gently pressed the heel of
my hand against her pussy lips. Her ecstasy had slowly melted away,
leaving her in a mellow euphoria. I increased the pressure against her
and got a slight response. When I tried a barely perceptible side to
side movement, she quaked then relaxed. After about 10 seconds, she
responded with another body quake, then another.
I had heard that females were capable of having one orgasm right
after another and found it hard to believe. Being young and full of
testosterone, I knew that I could have another orgasm fairly quickly,
but I needed a short rest in between.
It seemed that the books were right, Cheryl was heading towards
another climax. I stopped my movement and just kept up the gentle
pressure against her, then kissed her thigh to get her attention.
"Cheryl, it looks like you're gonna have another one. Do you want
me to try to postpone it, or do you want it to happen sooner?"
"Mmmm, Larry. Where did you learn how to do this? I feel…Mmmm I.
This is wonderful. Don't stop!"
"Okay, I thought it would feel pretty good. Just let me know if you
get too close, or it you want to……….You know, finish."
She stayed at that state of what I would later call "suspended
orgasmnation" for quite a while, and appeared to be satisfied with
floating there, teetering on the lower edge of orgasm. I had coaxed her
legs back open, and had moved back to her side instead of between her
legs. That way, her beautiful proud breasts could be paid homage to.
I leaned forward and whispered heavily in her ear "I'm gonna suck
on your clit now and you'll come for me."
She moaned in response, I took it that she wasn't sure whether she
really wanted me to lick her again, but was in no shape to argue with me
about it.
I turned so my body was mostly on top of her in sort of an
alternate 69 position. Every single bit of my clothes was still on.
Cheryl was dressed only in socks and her unbuttoned blouse and undone
I lowered my head and placed my lips over her labia, then sucked
gently in. As I had hoped, her clit slipped inside my mouth. Cheryl's
reaction was instantaneous. Her hips bucked upwards, then back as her
brain registered the intensity of the stimuli that was threatening to
trip her internal circuit breaker. Both of her hands weakly attempted to
pull my body away, but gave up. Her brain must have decided that it
could handle the torturous pleasure.
After I felt her relax somewhat, I eased her legs open a little
more and allowed her clit to slip from my mouth. My tongue darted out
and hit her clit in one quick jab. She convulsed in reaction. Next, was
a double rabbit punch with my tongue to her poor abused clit. The
reaction was even better.
I squeezed her legs with my hands to let her know to be prepared
for the onslaught, then I pummeled her clit as fast as my tongue could
Cheryl came with a vengeance. When her butt came off the blanket, I
slipped my hands around her waist and held on for the ride.
She was moving her pussy too fast for me to find her clit with
regular success, so as her virgin fuck hole came into my line of fire I
decided to attack it. I clamped her waist in a death grip and fucked her
pussy with my alternate phallus. Somehow, Cheryl got her legs planted
and she pushed herself off the blanket in self-defense. She ended up on
top of me, still held tightly.
To this day, I still can't decide whether she did this next thing
consciously or if it just happened by circumstance. She placed her hands
on the blanket and levered herself into a sitting position, then
proceeded to fuck my face with the abandon of an experienced lover.
I released my grip around her waist and let her move to wherever
she wanted to go. By the time Cheryl spent herself and collapsed on top
of me, I had licked and probed her from her pussy to her ass hole. The
only thing that she had not offered to my tongue was her clit. My whole
face was slick from her heady secretions.
She was completely out of touch with reality, just lying on top of
me in a limp heap, her cheek against my poor, tortured erection. I
listened to her heavy regular breathing, then became entranced by the
wet glistening pussy above me.
Cheryl showed no sign of reaction when I ran both my hands up her
legs, so I decided that no harm would be done if I did a little visual
feasting. I gently pulled her butt cheeks open and surveyed her private
territory. I shivered when my attention came to her butt hole. The taste
came back to me when I remembered that my tongue had actually probed it.
I pushed my slight revulsion away and moved my hands down to the inside
of her legs and spread her pussy open.
There it was, about an inch and a half inside her pussy. Her hymen
didn't completely block her canal as I had thought. There was a c shaped
opening at the top, or bottom from my view.
My mouth was about 5 inches away, so I puckered my lips and gently
blew air at it. She was starting to come around, because her pussy
muscles contracted and she moaned very softly.
I rubbed her lower back and butt to bring her around to reality.
She sighed, then turned her head and then plopped it back down on my
crotch. After another minute, Cheryl started moving.
Cheryl's body blocked my line of sight out. When I tried to look,
all I could see was freshly eaten pussy. I felt hands at my belt and
jeans button. My zipper came down next then my underwear was roughly
pulled down. My prick felt fresh air as it sprang up after it's long
I was about to help Cheryl pull my pants down. When the wet warmth
of her mouth enveloped my aching cock, I moaned then thrust my hips up
as a natural reaction to the new stimuli.
Cheryl hadn't uttered a word after she came back to life. She
answered my moan with a cock muffled "Mmmm Hmmm" acknowledgment.
I'm sorry to say that I just couldn't help it. I was so excited!
Her mouth on my prick was unexpected. Without so much as a warning to
Cheryl or really even to me, I came. She gagged and tried to get my cock
out of her mouth, but my hips had a mind of their own. I thrust my prick
back into her as an involuntarily reaction.
We had never discussed whether she wanted me to come in her mouth
or not. I had planned to warn her when the time came near and figured
that Cheryl could make her decision then.
I guess Cheryl must have decided that the taste of my spunk was
tolerable, because she took all of me inside her mouth. I even felt her
chin when it hit my pelvic bone. My prick was a little over five inches
at that age.
The head of my prick felt the back of her throat when Cheryl
bottomed out on it. I felt her throat constrict and then swallow after I
let loose with a fresh wad. Now it was my turn to pay the piper.
Cheryl hands were frantically working my jeans down past my knees.
She made strange animal like noises with each new wad of cum she
I couldn't help it when I roughly thrust my cock into her mouth to
aid in the deliverance of my sperm. I felt my poor sore balls (remember
blue balls?) squeezed roughly as if they were the bulb of a turkey
Cheryl was fully wound up now, and was not about to give up. She
started working her mouth on my cock in earnest.
"MMMMM" she mouthed in delight as she bottomed out against my
I felt a burning pain, ten another, and another and realized that
her teeth were scraping me up pretty badly. The exquisite pain of
sensory overload gave me the strength to wrench her off of me. The trees
swam above my head and then my body went limp.
As soon as I started to show signs of life, I realized that
Cheryl's mouth was back on my cock. I sat up in a flash and reached for
her but my strength was sapped.
I cried out "WAIT CHERYL! IT'S TOO INTENSE! I gotta have a little time
to recover!"
"Nnnn Mmmm!" was her muffled reply in the negative.
"Your teeth! They're scraping me! YEOWWWW!"
I brought my knees up in defense, effectively extracting my damaged
crank from her mouth.
She paused, then came to her senses. After rolling off from on top
of me Cheryl turned and buried her head in my chest.
"Oh Larry, I'm sorry!"
I sat up and gently inspected my poor deflating pecker. The damage
wasn't as bad as I had feared, but three long red marks were clearly
visible on the sensitive underside.
I turned on her to tell her off but my anger melted away. She was
on the verge of tears. When she saw the look on my face she broke down
and sobbed on my shoulder. I patted her on the back for reassurance.
I'm sorry I got mad Cheryl! I'm not hurt that bad, really!"
After a few minutes she regained her composure but pulled away from
me. She cast her eyes toward the ground and was lost in thought.
In a quiet voice she said "Larry, I don't know what came over me.
After I.." She looked at me "Did I pass out? I don't remember!"
"I think so Cheryl. I guess I musta went too hard when I was doing
"NO LARRY! That was……Fantastic! But when you…In my mouth…"
"Cheryl, I was really going to warn you about that, but it happened
so quick, I didn't have a chance before I started to………You know! I'm
sorry that you had to do that. You know………In your mouth."
" Larry, I'd thought about what I was gonna do when the time came.
I decided that I'd at least wait a while, maybe do it a few times before
I……… You know, in my mouth."
"Gawd Cheryl! I really didn't mean to do that!"
"LARRY! I'm glad I did it now! When I saw how much you………"
She cast her eyes downward and spoke her first explicit words to me
"How hard you came."
Then she looked me in the eyes "How MUCH You came!"
I giggled a little "Yeah, well I feel a whole lot, I dunno, emptier
"You should!"
She laughed, then laid her head on my shoulder and sighed.
"Larry, I think I'm turning into a……a……..A slut or something."
"NO Cheryl, I understand how you feel, but you're no slut. But me?
I know that from now on, I'll be hooked on…"
Cheryl had broken the explicit barrier first, so I decided that I
could talk more like my usual self around her.
"Eating pussy Cheryl! And I think that being hooked on oral sex
can't be all that bad!"
"OH Larry! You can't fool me! You musta done that lots of times
"No Cheryl, You were the first one that I've ever done that to.
Hell, to tell the truth, you're the only girl that I've ever really made
out with! I've told you that before!"
"But how did you learn how to do that?"
"Oh I've thought about what to do ever since I started to think
about girls……….And sex. I just tried things and then used your reaction
to see if it was working or not."
"But why did you make me stop when I was.." She averted her eyes
momentarily. "When I was sucking you?"
"WHY? Because guys have to have a little time in between, that's
why. I just couldn't help it when I pulled you off me Cheryl. I guess it
was an involuntary reaction. The feeling went from really great to WAY
too much!"
"I didn't mean to get carried away Larry, but when I felt your……uh,
you…The way it, in my mouth. How do I describe it? Okay it was like
this. I felt your come go from the base of your……Your cock and travel
all the way till it shot out into my mouth! Then when you pushed it all
the way in my mouth! And shot again! Each squirt was sorta…… Larry, you
were fucking my mouth and I loved it!"
"It was FANTASTIC Cheryl! I've never come that hard before! Do you
think we…………Well would you be willing to……….Again?"
"Oh YES Larry! I Want to do it again! And AGAIN!"
"When do you think we could Cheryl?"
She looked down at my newly invigorated erection, then wrapped her
hand around it and squeezed.
"Now Larry! I got to have you in my mouth again!"
She pushed me back on the blanket and kissed me deeply. As she
worked her kisses down my chest, heading towards my eagerly awaiting
cock I told her.
"Yeah, that's it babe! Kiss me all over!"
Cheryl paused, then grinned wickedly at me. "I'll do anything you
want me to do Larry! ANYTHING! You just tell me what you want and I'll
do it!"
"Anything? Really?"
She turned to face me, then swung her leg over my body and scooted
herself down until my cock was at the entrance to her maidenhood. My
mind raced with possibilities, the very first fuck was foremost.
Obviously, Cheryl was thinking of the same thing.
"Talk to me Cheryl. Tell me what you're gonna do with my cock!"
"I'm gonna fuck it Larry! You're gonna be my first! A girl can only
give her virginity once and I was saving it for that special person. My
mom told me I would find one someday, looks like I've found him!"
"You're gonna be my first too Cheryl! We'll give each other
something we'll always remember!"
Even though Cheryl was excited again, there was no lubrication on
the outside lips of her pussy. When she pushed herself onto my prick,
her dry labia locked with the dry skin of my prick and turned in.
creating a barrier to love making. I figured out right away what the
problem was, but one of the fresh scrapes on the head of my cock was
screaming in protest as it was stretched. I was determined not to show
the pain I felt. After a few painful minutes, Cheryl had finally worked
my prick on her pussy enough so that her juices coated the necessary
I was watching Cheryl's expression. It changed when the head of my
prick came into contact with her maidenhead. She started having second
thoughts about her promise.
Cheryl seemed to make a mental decision. She rose a little, then
readied herself and came back down. When her barrier made contact with
me again and stretched, she winced in pain and quickly removed herself
from my invading phallus.
With indecision in her eyes she said "Larry……………I don't think………."
"It's okay Babe! I didn't want to say anything, but those scrapes
on my dick hurt like crazy while you were trying! Can you just……."
I reached out and pulled her down from her upright position on top
of me, then extricated my still erect but painful cock from the contact
with her pussy.
"Ahhh, that's much better!"
Cheryl lay on top of me, her head turned to the side and resting on
my shoulder. She was very quiet. I was certain she was feeling pretty
low right now.
"You know babe, I just realized something. That magazine I read a
while ago makes sense to me now."
She didn't reply. I felt her body shake and knew she was weeping
and didn't want me to know.
"It said that a woman can give her virginity to a man, but the man
still has to take it from her."
After a few minutes she replied "Maybe you're right Larry."
"Cheryl, I've never wanted anything so badly than to have you
completely. But you gotta understand. We go to different schools and are
way too young to think about going steady or stuff like that. You or I
might find someone at school that we really like and might want to go
out with them."
"You can back out right now and I'll understand. But if you still
want me to, I think it might be best if I pick the time to make us
complete. It might be tomorrow, or maybe a year from now. If we break up
or move away from each other, I'll release you from your promise. Do you
still want me to be your first?"
She brought her head up and looked at me with red puffy eyes and a
big wide happy smile
"I'm yours Larry! Whenever you decide to make me a complete woman
you can have me. As far as going steady, my mom would kill me if she had
even the slightest idea that I was doing that."
She laughed "And to think I was worried that you might get mushy on
ME if we ever went all the way!"
"HA! And just when were you thinking that we'd ever go all the way
"Oh the same night after last week. I was laying in bed and
thinking about you."
"And just what were you doing while you were thinking about me
young lady?"
"Oh, I think you can figure that out all by yourself Larry!"
I laughed "Hmmm I think I was doing something very similar that
same night Cheryl, and thinking about you too!"
As we kissed, I rolled us over so I was in the commanding position.
My prick knew just where to go, even though it was sore it was hard as a
rock and ready.
I heard the sharp whistle my brother made from the edge of the
orchard and swore out loud. We allowed ourselves one last passionate
kiss. I pressed my prick against her pussy once to show her I meant
business, then sighed and moved off her.
I whistled in return to his next call as I pulled my pants up.
Cheryl gathered her clothes and dressed also. She hugged me tightly
after we both mounted up and were riding between the rows of citrus
trees. Once into the open, Arizona knickered when he heard the familiar
sounds of his mother nearby.
After Jim and I dropped Cheryl off at her house, Jim asked me
I didn't reply or even look at him. My thoughts were on how and
when I would take her up on the promise.
Jim and I sat together after we called my mom to come pick us up. I
was trying my best to ignore him.
Jim's nose flared "Larry, Is that pussy I smell on you?"
He grinned and pointed at me.
"So you DID fuck her didn't you! You better go wash that smell off
you before mom comes and gets a whiff!"
"Shut the fuck up Jim!"
I stood and walked over to the water hose and washed Cheryl's
memory off my face then sat on another bale of hay that wasn't so close
to my brother.
"Well Larry, at least I know that you ate her out! You Bastard!
That shoulda been me in the citrus with her! I'm older that you and
shoulda got first chance at her!"
"Jim, I'm gonna give you one last warning! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT
"And just what do you think you'll do about it if I don’t shut up
LITTLE brother?"
We stood toe to toe and sized each other up. Jim gauged my serious
intent correctly and backed down with a grumble. We sat back down and
cooled off. I decided to make an attempt at an explanation.
"Jim, when you get a girlfriend and get alone with her, you come
and tell me everything that happened between the two of you. Then I'll
tell you what happened between Cheryl and I. But until then, don't push
it okay? Maybe you'll understand once you've been there!"
"Okay Larry. But I just gotta know one thing, then I'll shut up.
What does pussy really taste like?"
Laughing inwardly, I held my expression even and said, "SALMON Jim!
Pussy tastes just like SALMON!"
His face puckered up in a scowl "GAWD! I HATE SALMON!"


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