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Dairyman’s daughter 3

{/m/f m/f first times, mast, oral}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

Do not repost this story without my header.

Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don’t start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

It took about a week before the scrag marks that Cheryl's teeth had
done to my prick healed. I still masturbated like crazy thinking about
her. Especially the way I felt when I licked her pussy. I guess the best
way to describe the feeling was power. The feeling of arousal a person
gets when they cause another an intense orgasm. I'm hooked on eating
pussy now and will be for the rest of my life.
It was about a month before I was able to be alone for any length
of time with Cheryl again. I had been over to her house a few times and
talked privately in her bedroom, but we couldn't do a damn thing there.
She had to keep the door to her bedroom open while I was there. Not that
her mother distrusted me, as a matter of fact, she never really checked
on us while I was there. We were able to sneak in a few quick kisses and
maybe a feel or two.
We were both so sexually frustrated. I had to do something. What
happened turned out to be dangerous, but quite a turn on. Jim had the
flue and had to stay home the afternoon that I went out to help Uncle
George with the irrigation of the fields.
George Gordon wasn't really our uncle. The best way to describe him
is to say that he was the last of the original old time cowboys. My
parents met him when he worked for a riding stable in Phoenix.
Eventually the stable was sold to a land developer and torn down. He was
on social security and was not allowed to make a lot of money so he came
to work and live with us. That old man had a lifetime of stories to
tell. He probably forgot more about horses than I would ever know.
He would go out to the farm every morning and basically did
whatever he felt like. Uncle George was also cool, He knew that Cheryl
and I were sweet on each other and he kept his mouth shut about it.
Summer vacation had just begun, so I had a whole glorious 3 months
to receive Cheryl's offer. I left with Uncle George that morning to help
later that evening with the irrigation. Cheryl soon came over and Kept
Uncle George and I company while we worked on the back pasture's fence.
My mind was certainly not on what I was doing and George knew it.
Before long Uncle George got disgusted with my inattention and told me
to go and sit down for a bit. Naturally, I sat next to Cheryl and held
her hand while we made eyes at each other.
We were not paying a lot of attention when I heard George say
something about how "OLE Fritz could'a jumped any fence if he'da wanted
I asked him, "Tell Cheryl about Your horse Uncle George! She'll
like it!"
I just loved to hear Uncle George talk about his experiences as a
cowboy. His back was to us as he related the story about his "best
cuttin' horse Fritz" Cheryl was sitting on the tailgate or our truck
beside me, when I realized that Uncle George was letting us have a
little moment of privacy and would not turn around. I put my arm around
Cheryl. She flinched a little and gave me a worried look, darting her
eyes to George's back as a signal. I just smiled and put my finger to my
lips, then quietly kissed her. After a few minutes, she realized what
Uncle George was doing for us, so she relaxed.
We were trying our best to keep quiet, but the small amount of
noise that we made would have tipped anyone off. When Uncle George got
to the "Then OLE Fritz just dug his tail in the ground and stopped" part
of the story, I knew that his favorite tale was coming to an end. He
slowly straightened up and then stretched his back and turned to us.
"Larry, Could you go into the barn and get me that extra bag of
fence clips? I couldn't find them the last time I looked for them.
Cheryl Maybe you could go and help, huh?"
This was our big chance, my feet wanted to run all the way to the
barn with my girl in hand but I kept my cool and walked. When we got
close to the barn Cheryl looked over to her house then gave out an
exasperated sigh.
"Shit! My mom's out front working in the yard Larry!"
My heart sank when I looked over and saw that she was right. When
we got to the barn and went inside, the bag of fence clips was right
there on the floor beside the door.
when I tried to unbutton her blouse She pushed me away with a
determined look on her face.
"NO LARRY! It's too dangerous! My mom has eyes like a hawk. She'll
be over here in about 5 minutes!"
"Damn Cheryl!"
"I know!"
Her hands went to my belt. Before I knew it my pants were down to
my knees and Cheryl was pushing me back to sit on a sawhorse. She knelt
on the dusty concrete floor and pulled my pants the rest of the way down
to my work boots and spread my legs open. I gasped in unexpected
pleasure when her lips slipped over the head of my cock and down the
She looked up at me "I'll be a whole lot more careful Larry, just
let me know if what I'm doing feels good."
Back to her task she went, her head bobbing up and down on my stiff
One small contact of teeth against prick made me jump, although it
didn't hurt. She looked up at me, her lips wet and glistening and
mouthed a "Sorry" then went right back at it.
It was such a turn on to be able to see the complete act of having
my prick sucked. Watching Cheryl's cheeks sucking in on the upstroke
really got to me too!
"God that's great Cheryl! Use your hands too!"
She put one hand on my balls and GENTLY squeezed.
Her lips made a wet smack when they left contact with the head of
my cock. She continued stroking me with her hand and smiled devilishly
up at me.
"I want you to come in my mouth Larry! I want to taste your come
I'm a real sucker for a girl talking dirty to me, especially after
hearing her talk like such a nice girl for so long. I practically came
on command for her right then and there.
My body stiffened in response to the change in sensation of pre-
orgasm build up.
"Oh, It's gonna happen Cheryl!"
"I'm gonna come just like you wanted Babe! Right in your mouth!"
"Remember to slow down when I get there okay?"
She shrugged her head to make me remove my hands from her head.
They seemed to go there on their own volition.
"NNNN nnn". A definite "Don’t do that!" statement that I
permanently logged in my memory banks.
"Okay now baby slow down a little………A little more cause I'm gonna
I desperately clenched my butt cheeks together and my prick muscles
to hold the first eruption back Some must have leaked out because her
mouth felt slicker. Like when I used hand lotion to jack off with. I was
able to hold back for about 7 seconds. Which was a new record for me.
My hands went back to the sides of her head once again when I let
loose with my first load. Realizing what I'd done, I jerked them away
just in time to see her cheeks swell then return to normal after she
swallowed my spunk down.
My second wad was delivered just as she reached the furthest point
of her upstroke. She swallowed again then she took all of me into her
mouth in a quick thrust. I rewarded her action with a tonsil wash.
I gently touched her head with my hands, then removed them to tell
her that I wanted her to stay right there with my prick against the back
of her throat.
All my muscle control that held my sperm delivery system in check
gave up and relaxed, no longer able to hold the flow back.
Cheryl greedily accepted each gush from my erupting fuck stick. She
gave out a long cock muffled "MMmmmmmmmmmm" that only ceased when she
swallowed my secretions. When her throat cleared, she voiced her
acceptance and pleasure again. All the while she gently squeezed my
balls and tickled them alternately.
The light from the open door to the barn grew dim. The next thing I
knew I was in Cheryl's arms. She had been holding me up. I looked into
her expression and saw her arousal and satisfaction at the same time.
She went to kiss me, then hesitated. Thinking, "Who would want to kiss
the lips of a woman that just sucked a cock and tasted like sperm?"
My actions told her "I certainly would!"
Taking her face in my hands, I kissed her fully on the lips and
even slipped my tongue into her mouth. The taste of my own sperm was
both revolting and stimulating at the same time.
"That was FANTASTIC!" I told her when we separated. "You were great
I reached down and took my cock in one hand, then ran my finger up
the underside from the base to the tip. Cheryl had been watching what I
was doing. She smiled then quickly lapped up the goober I milked out for
Cheryl imitated my milking action and brought up the last traces of
my spunk, then she slowly took all of me down her throat. We kissed once
again while both of her hands squeezed my youthful still very hard cock.
We both jumped when we heard Uncle George's voice just outside the
barn door.
"Well Hello Mrs. McClure! How are you doing today?"
Cheryl's mother's voice was a lot fainter and thus farther away
than Uncle George's. He had been watching out for us and saved our butts
big time!
My pants were up and buckled in a flash, Cheryl wiped her cum
slicked lips on the long sleeve of her blouse and gave me a quick,
worried smile.
"Yeah Mrs. McClure, I needed a bag of fence clips that I couldn't
find earlier. Hey you kids, you havin' any luck finding that bag for
I snatched up the bag and headed out the door just as Cheryl's mom
was about five feet away.
"Yeah We found it Uncle George!"
"Oh good! Where the heck was it then Larry? I looked all over for
it this morning!"
Cheryl spoke up before my hesitation could give us away.
"Oh it was on the bottom shelf behind that bag of oats Uncle
"Well I'll be dammed! Oops pardon me Ma'am!" He said while tipping
his old yellowed cowboy hat to Cheryl's mom.
"Cheryl, Dinner is going to be ready in about 5 minutes you better
go and get washed up."
"Okay mom I'll be right there."
"Maybe Larry and Mr. Gordon would like to join us Cheryl. Why don't
you ask them?"
George said "I appreciate your offer Ma'am, but I still got a lot
of things to get ready, We're getting irrigation this evening. I bet
Larry's hungry though, ain't you boy!"
I caught his quick knowing wink and replied "Thanks Mrs. McClure,
I'd like that!"
"Oh good Larry! Come along then, you can wash up at our house.
Cheryl, go get your daddy from the milk house then we'll sit down and
It was so sexy to see Cheryl lick her lips while we were eating. I
knew that she was doing it for me. Cheryl was really good at deceiving
her parents. Our eyes rarely met the whole time we were at the table.
Cheryl saw me to the door and said her goodbye in a casual self-
controlled tone. After I reached the edge of her yard, I looked back to
see a closed door. She was a master at keeping up the "just a friend"
During the dinner, Mrs. McClure told Cheryl that her cousin Colleen
was coming down from Chino Valley to spend the summer with them. My
heart sank to my knees when I realized that my chances to get Cheryl
alone again were going to get very slim soon. Then my hopes brightened
when I thought that Jim could have someone to ride with and keep him
I asked Mrs. McClure "How old is Colleen?"
"Oh lets see, I think she'll be about…"
"Eleven I think Larry." Cheryl broke in. "She can be a pest
sometimes, but all in all she's okay."
"FUCK!" I said to myself. "She's gonna hang around us like stink on
"Oh Cheryl! Back in Chino Valley, you and Colleen were inseparable!
Why the big change now?"
"Oh nothing Mom, I guess I'm just older now."
"I see! Well just remember, she'll be older too!"
I kicked a rock as I crossed the road on the way back to our farm.
"Just what I need! A little snot nosed brat hanging around us! Well
Maybe Jim isn't so picky about age as he says he is!"

Author's note:
I was starting to get a little uncomfortable with the adult/minor
stories I was writing. Also, I wanted to experiment with my character
forcing/coercing the female into doing things that they would never
normally do.
After a lot of thought, I remembered the girl Cheryl McClure who's
father worked at the dairy across the street. She and I were sort of
sweet on each other but being young, we never even kissed. (Yes, she
really had really nice breasts just like I described, even in the 6th
grade) Along came the cousin Colleen, a flat-chested younger girl with a
slightly homely face. I pitched a bitch when my brother insisted that
Cheryl should ride with him because of the ages involved. Wouldn't you
know it, about a month later we decided to go out into the barley field
and make out. There really wasn't anything wrong with Colleen except for
the fact that I wanted to have Cheryl. My brother was the one that got
to kiss Cheryl. That was all he did too! I remember that Colleen's lips
were tight against her teeth, which made her a horrible kisser.
So here I was, stuck with this younger girl who by the way had a
crush on me and was more than willing to kiss me. She was really not
that bad of kid all in all, if only she had tits!

To this very day, I swear on top of a stack of bibles that if I
were with Cheryl, I would have at least felt up those wonderful breasts
of hers!

The root of this story involves Colleen. The poor kid who naturally
has a crush on me is going to have to do a lot of things that she would
never normally do to prove that she is old enough to be my girlfriend.
Chapter 4 just needs editing. It involves a talk with Cheryl who
agrees and wants me to use her. Colleen turned out to be from a very
poor family and was teased and ostracized by her schoolmates because of
her old worn out clothes. Naturally, Cheryl's mom knows that Cheryl and
I are sweet on each other and makes sure that Cheryl rides with Jim. She
takes me inside and asks me to be nice to Colleen because of the hard
life she's lead so far. She wanted me to understand about separating me
from Cheryl. I won't elaborate any more about chapter 4 because it will
be posted very soon.
I can't wait till I get to the part where Colleen agrees to let me
do anything I want (chapter 5). She can back out at any time, but that
would be the last of me allowing a girl with only sticky out nipples and
a bald pussy to be my girlfriend.
What will the first thing I do after she understands exactly what
she's getting into and agrees?
Shit! I've known from the very beginning of the story just exactly
what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna reach right out and………Shit! I better not
tell you or you're gonna expect it. That'll spoil the whole story!
Never fear! I'm gonna post this chapter tonight, edit chapter 4,
then start to work on chapter 5! I'm raring to get to the main reason I
started this line of stories!
11/14/99 4:00 PM. MY brother called today. He's pretty clean cut
and always has been. I brought up Cheryl and the barley field for him to
remember. How he was the one that got to kiss Cheryl. What was his
"But Larry, All I did was kiss her."


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