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Dairyman's daughter 4 Colleen's Entrance

{m/f, m/f inc, mast, oral, sex, cons, voy, coerc}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
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Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don’t start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

It was three long lonely days before I could get back out to the
farm and see Cheryl again. By that time, my brother Jim was over his
bout with the flu. He was with me when we rode our ponies over to the
McClure's place.
My heart sank when Cheryl came out of the house. Beside her was
another girl. She was short and skinny, with freckles and brown hair.
Unlike Cheryl, Colleen was wearing a dress, which was a little small on
her and showed signs of many washings. The hem was way above her knees.
I thought to myself that it must be an old dress to play in because
there were old stains here and there that obviously would not come out
when washed. Jim and I climbed down off our ponies and walked up to meet
the new girl.
Cheryl looked at me with a half smile. "Hi Larry! This is my cousin
Colleen from Chino Valley. Colleen, this is Larry and Jim from the farm
across the road."
Colleen looked at me longer than made me comfortable, then to my
"Hi! Wow! You guys got horses huh? Are you gonna go riding?"
Just then Cheryl's mother came out of the house and greeted us.
"Hi Larry! Hey Jim I guess you must be feeling better?"
Jim came out from behind me and spoke up "Uh Yeah Mrs. McClure. It
was only the three-day flu. I'm over it now."
"Well that's good news! Are you guy's gonna take the girls out
riding today?"
My hopes brightened. "Yeah Mrs. McClure If that's okay with you."
"Of course Larry! You and your brother are such nice boys! I've
told Colleen all about you Larry. I hope you don't mind if she rides
with you. I know Cheryl doesn't mind. Do you Cheryl!"
"Of course not mom! Jim, is it okay if I ride with you?"
I was stunned! Something was going on and I had to find out about
it. When I looked at Cheryl, her face showed no sign for me to read. My
asshole brother was barely concealing his glee at somehow one-upping me.
I decided to try and make the best out of the situation and play along
until Cheryl and I could figure something out.
I forced a smile. "Yeah, it's okay with me. Colleen, I think you
Cheryl's mom interrupted me in mid-sentence. "Oh Larry, can you
come inside for a minute? I need your help with something."
I knew I was busted then. A surge of dread ran up my spine.
She didn't answer me, but I knew that she expected to be obeyed. I
glanced quickly at Cheryl expecting to see guilt in her expression, but
she was as surprised as I was.
Fighting off the urge to run and hide, I followed Mrs. McClure
inside the house and sat down at their kitchen table where she
"I'm sorry that I had to interrupt you out there Larry. You were
about to tell Colleen to go and change into better clothes for riding
weren't you?"
"Well, Yeah! A dress isn't the best thing to go riding in!"
"I know Larry. I didn't want Colleen's feelings to be hurt. You see
Colleen's parents are having problems with money right now. The poor
girl doesn't have a lot of choice in clothing. We're planning on buying
her some more clothes for her ourselves, but that's going to have to
wait until school starts up again. It looks like Colleen might be going
to school here for a while.
"But I thought that she was just gonna spend the summer here!"
"Larry, I know how much you and my daughter like each other. It's
kinda hard on a mother when her only daughter starts growing up.
Mrs. McClure looked wistfully out their large kitchen window,
thinking to herself. She turned her head and touched my arm.
"Cheryl would never speak to me again if she ever found out that I
told you this."
She looked at me, trying to decide whether she had made a mistake,
then went on.
"Cheryl started her first period a few days ago."
I immediately flushed three shades of red, then looked at the
floor, then the wall. Anyplace but to Cheryl's mother and her
embarrassing words. I had to look at her when she touched my arm again.
"I'm sorry that I embarrassed you Larry. I know it's unbelievable,
but I was young once too. I developed early just like Cheryl, so I know
all about what she's going through. This really doesn't have a lot to do
with you, but there's a good reason why I won't let her go out with boys
"Uh Mrs. McClure, We…… I mean Cheryl hasn't… I mean we're just
"Larry, It's okay! I'm not accusing you of anything. I really just
wanted to explain about Colleen and to ask you to be nice to her. Kids
can be so cruel, especially at school. Colleen's parents never had much,
and the poor girl had to go to school with those terrible old worn out
dresses. She got teased unmercifully at school in Chino Valley."
"She's really a great kid once you get to know her. Cheryl knows
that too. She and Colleen were best friends before we moved out here.
Don't let the fact that you and Cheryl can't ride together anymore make
you less than cordial to Colleen. That's all I wanted to say."
"Okay Mrs. McClure, I'll be nice to her. I'll make sure Jim is nice
to her too."
"I knew I could count on you Larry. Now go ahead and have some fun
Everyone was waiting for me when I went outside. Cheryl blushed and
averted her eyes from me. I had to make the best of it so I put on a
cheerful tone.
"Okay, Where do you guys want to go to today?"
Jim received a stern look from Cheryl when he said, "Let's go to
the orchards!"
Cheryl said, "We've already been there Jim, I wanna go someplace
"You haven't been there with me yet Cheryl!"
"Precisely Jim!" She made a furtive glance over her shoulder
realizing that Jim's casual remark could easily get her into a lot of
trouble. She frowned at him and stomped her foot in frustration.
Jim quickly realized the error of his ways. "I opened my big fat
mouth again didn't I Cheryl."
To break the tension I spoke up "Well lets mount up and hit the
dusty trail okay?"
I looked at Colleen "Have you ridden before Colleen?"
"Yeah, a bunch of times. I just need a little help getting on
that's all. You guys like to ride bareback huh?"
I hopped up on Arizona's back, then swung my leg over and sat up.
Colleen came over, and I patted my leg as a signal for her to use my
instep as a step like Cheryl always did.
When Colleen lifted her leg to climb up, she exposed her panties
unknowingly. My eyes bugged out when I saw a rather large hole in the
crotch of her panties. I got a good long look at her goodies from the
lower part of her hairless pussy all the way to her ass hole.
When Colleen realized what she had revealed to me, she turned beet
red and quickly put her leg down.
When I saw her lower lip quiver, I knew that she was so embarrassed
that she was going to start crying and make her embarrassment even
Acting quickly, I swung my leg over and slipped off Arizona's back.
"Okay Colleen, tell you what. I'll take Arizona over to the fence
and you can mount up that way. I stood behind her so the poor girl
wouldn't be embarrassed again, but she had second thoughts when she
realized that my brother had moved and was in the perfect position to
see what I had seen.
With sorrow in her voice she said "Why don't you guy's go ahead
without me. I think I'll just stay here."
Cheryl looked pleadingly at me, begging with her eyes for me to
think of something quick.
"Nonsense Colleen! You're coming with us!"
I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto my pony's back. As I
lifted, Colleen's hands shot down to the hem of her dress and pushed it
between her legs to hide the gaping hole in her panties. Jim wasn't the
wiser, so her action meant nothing to him. Since I knew, my eyes went
directly to her crotch and got another quick glimpse from a different
angle. This time I feasted my eyes on the top part of her pink hairless
pussy lips.
Now that she was seated firmly on Arizona's back, I decided to show
the girls the new trick that I had learned from watching the westerns on
"Here Colleen, you take the reins. I'm gonna do my famous "Lone
Ranger" running mount!"
I walked around behind my pony, patting him on the rump to let him
know what to expect, then stepped back about six feet and started my
run. When I got within leaping distance, I put both my hands on his rump
for leverage and jumped, landing squarely on target towards the front of
Arizona's back and up against Colleen's butt.
Arizona took a few steps forward, but the little girl reigned him
in. Colleen turned and smiled gratefully at me. I recognized the look
immediately. It was the look I got one time from a really fat girl at
school when I was nice to her.
I said to myself, "Well she may be a little plain, and she's got
way too many freckles, but at least she's not fat!" Then the other side
of my brain told me "Shit! She ain't got no tits, just little bumps up
there. She's way the hell too young to even consider kissing! She don't
even have any hair on her pussy either! How the hell are you gonna get
rid of her?"
As we rode away from Cheryl's house a thought stuck in my head.
This girl who was sitting in front of me had a pussy that was at this
very moment in contact with the hair on my horses back! I felt a
stirring in my loins that turned into another raging erection that got
stuck like it always did in the fold of the front of my Levi's. It
didn't help one bit that Colleens butt was right up against it either.
"Hmmm" I thought to myself, "I just bet in about an hour her pussy
is gonna start to itch like crazy!"
Cheryl asked Jim to trot ahead a little ways so they could talk.
When they were out of ear shot Colleen gave me a quick smile, then said
"Thanks Larry!"
"Thanks for what Colleen?"
"For not embarrassing me when you saw that big hole in my panties. I
could'a died right then and there! I just wish you hadn't seen it. I
know that you must think of me now!"
"Oh? And what would I think of you now that I've seen that you have a
pair of panties on that have a hole in them?"
"You probably think that I'm just white trash!"
"And I would think that because I saw your panties? Did you show
them to me on purpose then?"
"NO! It was an accident! But that's not why anyway!"
I was starting to get a thrill out of leading this girl into saying
dirty words. Ever since Cheryl had talked that way to me in an intimate
moment or two, I got a rush thinking about it.
"Okay then Colleen, if it's not because I saw your panties when you
tried to get on my horse, what is it then?"
She squirmed a little in discomfort. Her movements transferred
directly to my hard cock which was trapped inside my thick Levi's.
"You know,……… what you saw!"
The short battle between my prick and my conscience was over in an
instant. In matters of sex, it seems that my prick usually wins out. I
did however need to get my prick out of that painful fold in the lap of
my jeans. What Colleen thought about me really didn't matter. Somehow I
knew that unless I hurt her feelings or humiliated her, she would
probably go along with whatever I wanted to do. Within reason of course.
I gave Colleen the reins, then boldly reached into my pants and
pulled my erect cock out of the fold in my Levi's so it could lay
against my belly where it had more room to grow.
Leaning forward, I took the reins again with one hand. With my free
hand, I boldly placed it on her stomach and pulled her back until her
butt was firmly pressed against my crotch. She stiffened when she
realized what I had done.
"Why did you do that Larry?"
"When you answer my question, I'll tell you why okay?"
"What Question?"
"What did I see if it wasn't your panties then?"
"You know! Through the hole!"
I sighed in feigned exasperation. "Never mind Colleen, You're too
young anyway."
I patted her on the shoulder then removed my hand from her belly
and scooted back away from her.
It was after I clicked my tongue and sent Arizona into a trot that
Colleen made her decision. She grabbed the reins and pulled back,
slowing us back down to a walk.
"I'm NOT too young Larry!"
"It's okay Colleen, I shouldn't have even thought you would want to
"You saw my…………My pussy Larry! Through the hole in my panties when
I lifted my leg!"
With that said, she reached around and reclaimed my hand and placed
it back against her belly, then scooted back against me.
Mission accomplished! Colleen had given in and done just what I
wanted her to do. She even went one step farther by grabbing my hand and
resumed the position that we were in before.
I leaned forward and spoke quietly in her ear, "I don’t think your
trash Colleen. It was a real surprise when I saw your pussy, but I liked
I saw her blush, when I said the "P" word in her ear.
"Maybe we should catch back up to Cheryl and Jim now Colleen. I
don't want you to feel like I'm trying to make you do something you're
not ready for."
When Colleen felt me straighten up and prepare to bring Arizona
into a trot. She grabbed my hand that held the reins.
"Wait Larry!"
"Okay, we can hang back for a little while more."
"It don't even have any hair on it yet! And I know you and Cheryl
like each other! Why?"
"Why what Colleen?"
"Why did seeing mine make you like it more than Cheryl's?"
"I don't understand Colleen, Of course I like Cheryl. A whole lot!"
"Not Cheryl! She's got hair on hers!"
"Her head? You have hair on your head too Colleen!"
"OH LARRY! It's not nice for a girl to use those dirty words!"
"Yep you're right about that Colleen, Especially in public! But
it's just you and me and Arizona! He won't get offended! Hell he won't
even get turned on if you say those nasty words I'm trying to get you to
say! He's a Gelding!"
"But those words are what White trash uses!"
"There's a big difference between a trash girl talking like that
and you talking like that Colleen!"
"No there isn't Larry! They're the same dirty words!"
"Yeah you're right about that Colleen. But a trash girl will say
them to anyone and at any time."
"Yeah I guess you're right, So you want me to talk like White trash
around you then?"
I could see the anger starting to build by the tone of her voice.
She was thinking that her assumption was right about me, that I really
thought she was white trash and wanted her to talk that way because of
"Wait a minute Colleen, You're missing a big point here!"
"I don't think so Larry!"
"You don't really want to say those dirty words, right?"
"I might not have good clothes Larry, but I'm mot trash either!"
"Think about this Colleen! You don't want to say those dirty words
right? Nice girls don't talk that way!"
"YES! You're right! I don't see why you want me to talk like trash!
Even if it's only around you!"
"I don't want you talking trash around me either! Okay, I'll put it
as plain as I can. What I really like, is playing word games with you
until you finally give in and say it!"
"I don't think any less of you when you finally break down and say
the word I want to hear! I don't Honestly know why I get a little turned
on by fishing those nasty forbidden words out of you! I admire your
"OHHHH! I get it Larry! That's why you pulled me back against
your……..You were getting hot making me say………say………pussy!"
"There ya go! And don't ask me why cause I don't really know!"
"Okay, I see what you mean Larry. There's just one more thing that
puzzles me."
"What's that Colleen?"
"Why do you like mine when Cheryl's has hair and everything!"
"Hmmm, Cheryl's head?"
"OH LARRY!" She shrugged her shoulders in frustration. "Cheryl has
Hair on her pussy! And I don’t have ANY!"
"She does? Cheryl has hair there?"
"Wait a minute! How come I gotta say the dirty words and you
"Do you want me to say them Colleen? I will if you want!"
"No! Are you trying to avoid answering my question?"
"I didn't know Cheryl has hair there. Why should I know that about
"LARRY! Cheryl and I don't have any secrets! I know every thing
that happened! You're lying and I don't like it!"
"Wait a minute Colleen, I promised Cheryl that I would keep it a
secret! I haven't said anything to anyone! Not even to my brother!"
"Okay, so answer me then!"
"I guess maybe its cause you DON'T have any hair there. Don't get
me wrong though, If I had my choice, I'd pick Cheryl over you any day. I
think you know why too."
She said quietly "Yeah, she's got a chest and all I have are these
stupid little bumps! I got all these darn freckles. There's all kinds of
reasons why."
"Colleen! Cheryl and I liked each other way before you came to
visit. The main reason is that She's a lot closer in age to me!"
"I'm a bastard okay! I should just take you riding and not flirt
with you at all. I don't feel right about it but Cheryl's mom is making
sure that we don't have a chance to be alone together. I want you to
know that right up front!"
"I know." She said meekly.
"Don't feel bad Colleen, If you were in Cheryl's place, I'd go for
you. You got a real brain and I like that!"
She hung her head, I guess comparing brains to breasts doesn't
compute when it comes to attracting boys.
"I leaned down and whispered again to her ear, "You got a cute
little pussy too, from both angles!"
I felt the heat of the blood that rushed to her face in
embarrassment, and the hint of a smile.
I just had to talk to Cheryl, so I dug in my heels and brought my
pony to a gallop. When I caught up with Jim and Cheryl, I noticed that
my hand had moved up to Colleen's chest and directly over her protruding
nipple. She got flustered and jerked my hand down when Cheryl and my
brother turned and saw where it was.
"Cheryl, we gotta talk!"
Jim said possessively "Cheryl's mom wants her to ride with me from
now on Larry!"
"I know that Jim! We still gotta talk."
I handed the reins to Colleen and slid off the back of Arizona,
then walked over to Cheryl and took her hand, Ignoring my brother's
protests. We walked hand in hand into the grove of citrus until we were
out of earshot.
"I'm Sorry Larry, but my stupid mother is insisting that I ride
with Jim as long as Colleen is staying with us."
"Yeah, I know Cheryl."
We sat down and put our arms around each other.
"Your mom told me about Colleen and her problems. She asked me to
understand. She knows we're sweet on each other too. I guess she wanted
to make sure that I don't take our enforced separation out on Colleen.
She must have a rough life huh Cheryl?"
"Yeah, Her Dad drinks and They're having a hard time making it.
What are you gonna do Larry?"
"That's what I gotta talk to you about Cheryl. Did you see what
happened when she tried to get on Arizona's back?"
"I didn't see, but I put two and two together Larry. You got a free
show right?"
"Larry, I'm so proud of you! Any other boy would've teased poor
Colleen to no end. You were a real gentleman about it."
"No I wasn't Cheryl. I hate to say it, but it really turned me on.
Then when you and my stupid brother rode away, I started flirting with
her. I'm such a bastard! I just wanted to tell you about it before you
find out from her."
I was looking at the ground, too ashamed to look at my girlfriend's
face. She turned my head and kissed me tenderly.
"She's got a crush on you Larry, You know that don't you?"
"Yeah, I saw it in her eyes. What do we do now Cheryl?"
"We do nothing Larry! We wait my mother out."
"But what about Colleen? Cheryl! I found myself playing a little
game with her, to see if I could get her to say pussy. I know she likes
me and is willing to do almost anything I want. When she wouldn't say
it, I told her to forget it. That she wasn't old enough yet anyway!"
"That's not all Cheryl! That big hole in her panties? It suddenly
came to me that her pussy was right against Arizona's coat. I got a
hardon thinking about it. I knew she wouldn't raise a fuss so I had her
hold the reins while I reached right in my pants and readjusted it. I
even got a little kick out of doing it in front of her. After that I put
my hand on her stomach and pulled her butt against me! I knew that
although it embarrassed her, she wouldn't object!"
"Don’t forget where your hand was when the two of you caught up
with us Larry!"
"That was an accident Cheryl! Hell I don't know, maybe it wasn't!"
"Larry, will you promise me that you won't deliberately hurt her
"Cheryl! If you don't stop me I'm going to use her! I like the kid,
but there's no feelings like what you and I share!"
"I won't do that Larry. Remember when you told me how shy you are
around girls? Remember who was the one that made the first advance?"
"Yeah, but!"
"You're definitely not shy around Colleen are you?"
"No, but that's cause I know she'll eventually do whatever I want
her to if you don't tell me to quit!"
"Larry, I'm gonna tell you a secret okay? You might not like me too
much after I say it. Just promise that you won't tell a soul about it
I looked at Cheryl, gauging her worried look. "I promise Cheryl."
"Our house has two bedrooms Larry."
"Okay, but I don't see…"
"Colleen sleeps in my bedroom, with me Larry."
"Hmmm, okay, but…"
"In my bed. We sleep in the same bed Larry!"
Cheryl saw the flash of understanding come to my face, then the
realization of the possibilities. What she didn't understand was that I
had three brothers and had explored like any normal kid who gets
"Now you understand?"
"Maybe, but!"
"I'm NOT gay Larry! What I'm trying to tell you is that I used her
too! I had to kinda work her into it but I've done a lot worse things
with her than you just did!"
"It's not the same Cheryl!"
"I know! But I just couldn't help myself Larry! Colleen and I
starting talking about boys and I got a little too worked up."
"CHERYL! What I might do is a lot worse! What if I end up……….What
if I screw her!"
"You rape her?"
"NO! You know better than that!"
"So you take her out somewhere and get all of her clothes off and
she says no at first, but finally you talk her into it and you fuck
"YEAH! What about if I do something like that? Will you ever
forgive me?"
"Will you make sure that she comes as hard as you made me come?"
"Of course!"
"Then you would have done almost the exact thing that I did with
her six months ago Larry!"
"I feel like such a heel Cheryl! I already have plans, I want to
make her do things that she wouldn't dare do unless I make her do it!"
"Oh? Like what Larry?"
"Like taking her panties off and making her go around without any
until I give them back to her!"
"Gawd Larry! That'll scare the shit out of her!"
"Yeah I know!"
"Do you promise to tell me when you finally get her to do it?"
"Are you going to lift her dress up in front of your brother or a
"No! That would really humiliate her! I'm not interested in putting
her down!"
"Will she get attention Larry? Will you make her feel like you
enjoy being around her and you like talking to her?"
"Yeah but!"
"Are you going to hurt her?"
"NO! Maybe a little If I end up fucking her!"
"Well that's a given Larry!"
"So I have your blessing then?"
"Conditional blessing Larry."
"What conditions then?"
"You don't lie to her about your feelings toward her. Like telling
her that you love her when you really don't."
"Yeah Of course!"
"Always defend her in front of others, NEVER put her down in front
of others either!"
"Okay I can understand that Cheryl."
"Larry, this is gonna be hard, But you'll make her feel hurt if you
come on to me when she's around. She already knows that you and I have a
thing going. She'll be hurt if we do that in front of her. It's gonna be
hard enough for her to play second fiddle anyway."
Cheryl saw my hurt look and kissed it away.
"That doesn't mean that we'll never get a chance Larry! You still have
to come and take what's yours!"
We looked deeply into each other's eyes for a long moment. I
finally nodded my head reluctantly.
"One more big thing Larry!"
"GOD! What else now?"
"Your brother!"
"That's easily taken care of! I'll break his neck if he tries
"No you will not!"
She put her hand on my leg for reassurance.
"He won't get past second base! That I promise you Larry!"
"But why Cheryl?"
"Think about it Larry! How else are you going to get Colleen and I
"Shit Cheryl! That's going too far!"
"Larry, Who do you have real feelings for?"
"YOU! You know that!"
"Who do I have real feelings for Larry?"
"WHO LARRY! Who is my guy?"
I looked down and quietly said "Me."
"Damn straight! And don't you forget it!"
We flew into each other's arms, ending up lying on the ground
kissing and groping before Cheryl's resolve pushed us apart. Sitting up,
we had a quiet moment to calm down. Cheryl's far away look turned into
"One last thing Larry!"
"Larry, I want you to think about this. Colleen goes back home a
virgin. You gave up on her and basically ignored her. Some farm boy back
home casts an eye on her and sees an easy quick fuck. He gets exactly
what he wants with promises of love and happiness and then dumps her.
Will that be a memorable first time for Colleen?"
"Hell no!"
"What about this scenario then. You get Colleen out alone somewhere
and start making out with her. She says you can fuck her if you want.
You make her come her brains out like you did to me, then you get her to
get you off. Even though you know she'll let you to do it, you don't
fuck her. The next time you get her out there all alone she ASKS you to
fuck her. She doesn't allow, she asks! Here's the big difference, Now
she WANTS you to do the deed! You tell her no again and make her come
until she passes out, does that sound familiar? The next time she'll
practically beg you. You of all people know I'm right about that! This
time you say yes, but only when you think she's ready or maybe when she
earns it."
"Okay, I think I know what you're getting at Cheryl."
"When you finally give her that sore pussy she's begging for,
you'll do it right I know!"
"You'll fuck her hard?"
"YEAH! I'll fuck her hard! I'll fuck her so hard she'll go home
"And all the while, she'll know that it's not love. At least not on
your part?"
"I don't love her Cheryl. Like I said before I like her, she's fun
to be around."
"Then how the hell can she possibly regret maybe the only man in
her whole life that really knew how to make her cream her panties?"
"Okay Cheryl. You got a deal! But NOW I have a condition!"
"Okay, I'm listening."
"My first time is NOT going to be with her! It's gonna be with you!
And I'm gonna make sure that Colleen understands that. If you and I
can't have our first together, then neither will Colleen!"
"Larry……… That'll make her feel………."
"CHERYL! WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you want to lose out on such a special
gift? My first is a gift too! And it's yours! ONLY WITH YOU THOUGH, NOT
"Oh Larry! YES! It's bad enough that I have to put my feelings
aside so Colleen won't feel like an outsider. What was I thinking?
Colleen can borrow you for a while. She can have everything but this."
Cheryl grabbed my crotch for ettect.
She can even borrow it after I'm done with it. We'll have that
first time with each other Larry, I promise!"
"I promise too Cheryl. The very first time Colleen mentions it, I'm
gonna lay it on the line. She'll either have to understand and agree or
forget it."
We both knew that we had stretched our private time together so we
had to cut our embrace short.
As we walked together, Cheryl said "Tell Colleen that I gave her to
you. I'll it explain later okay?"
I nodded to her as we walked hand in hand. Before we got within
sight of the others, we grudgingly let our hands go.
Jim was fidgeting on his pony and Colleen was looking a little hurt
when Cheryl and I emerged from the grove. Her spirits picked up when I
repeated my famous running mount, then put my hand on her stomach and
pulled her against me.
We rode until we came across one of the main farm road
intersections. Colleen seemed a little quiet to me so I suggested that
we split up and ride around the mile long sections on each side of the
road. That way we would meet up when we came around the last part of the
intersection. Everyone but Colleen agreed right away, She agreed only
after she looked to Cheryl and got her nod of approval.
I took the far side to ride and crossed the road. Before very long
Colleen slid forward so that her butt was no longer against my crotch. I
waited a few minutes, then asked the girl what was wrong.
"Nothing." Was her only reply.
I thought that maybe she was a little peeved that I had gone into
the citrus with Cheryl. She was going to have to get over that herself.
I simply answered "Okay", then waited her out.
She finally said "I'm a little scared Larry, can we go back?"
"What are you afraid of Colleen?"
"I just want to go back. Please?"
I stopped Arizona "Think about this Colleen, Cheryl and Jim are
riding in the opposite direction as we are right?"
"What's the quickest way to meet up with them?"
Being a smart girl, she answered right away. Okay, The same way
we're going. Can we just go back home then?"
"What would happen if we go back home without Jim and Cheryl?"
"We'd get into trouble!"
"Not WE Colleen, It would be Cheryl and Jim. They would be the ones
in hot water I believe."
She didn't answer, so after a while I had to try again.
"Colleen, What's wrong? Is it me that scares you?"
She remained quiet.
"Okay then I'll have to deduce the reason then. You scooted away
from me as soon as we were alone, so it's me you're afraid of. If that's
the case, I apologize. I really shouldn't have done that to you in the
first place. If you want, we can turn around and I'll let Arizona run
for a bit, we'll probably catch up with Cheryl and Jim pretty quickly.
How about we do that?"
"Why did you want to get me alone then?"
"Well you looked a little upset that Cheryl and I spent so much
time in the grove. I thought you might want to talk about it."
"Then you didn't want to………… To…… You know!"
"Colleen, I'd only do the "You know" if you were ready to do it.
But to answer your question as honestly as I can. Yes, I would like to
show you what "You know" is all about, but not this time. I know that
you just met me. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself that you
can trust me."
"Then if I tell you to stop, you'll really stop?"
"Definitely! But I haven't told you what I have in mind yet."
"Okay tell me then."
"First things first. I don't want you to answer me right away. Only
when you fully understand just what you're getting into. You might say
yes the next time we go riding, or a week from now. But this is between
you and me. Cheryl too but not so much as you might think. My brother is
to know nothing! Nobody else either! Okay?"
"Okay, so far."
"I've only really explored with Cheryl, I'm much too shy around the
girls at school. As a matter of fact, Cheryl kissed me first. I wouldn't
have had the guts to do it on my own!"
"You're sure not shy around me Larry! Especially after what you did
with me!"
I was quiet for a moment then broke out into a belly laugh. Colleen
set her jaw and got quiet again.
"What the heck did I do now Colleen?"
"Shit Colleen, I'll never laugh at you! I was laughing at me for
Christ sakes!"
"What WERE you laughing at then if it wasn't me?"
"Okay, Remember when you said "Especially after what you did with
"I wanted to try to pry some more nasty words out of you! I was
gonna ask you And just what did I do Colleen?"
Colleen laughed, then she said, "You're weird Larry!"
"Yeah maybe you're right, I'm just a bunch of raging hormones that
gets turned on when he gets a good clear shot of pussy from a girl that
he shouldn't be interested in at all."
"Didn't I cover for you when it happened Colleen? Did I point and
laugh like another kid my age would have done?"
"Okay you're right, but I still don't like it what you laugh at
"COLLEEN! Think about it and tell me that what happened isn't
funny! Years from now you'll laugh your ass off about it! You gotta
learn to laugh at yourself girl!"
"I guess so…"
Okay just remember this, You were understandably ready to stay home
because your parents are having problems and can't afford to keep you in
good clothes. I came along and RESCUED you from a horrible situation!
Nobody that was there knows what happened did they?"
"No they didn't. And I really think you were cool for doing that!
Thanks again, really. I guess you aren't that weird."
"So you're in the clear, give yourself permission to get a yuck
yuck out of something that came to no harm. Anyway, that's for later. I
still want to discuss my idea that I have about you and I."
"So do I Larry!"
"The first thing I want to tell you is a promise from me okay?"
"I will never intentionally hurt your feelings. You might think I
hurt you, like a little bit ago about your unintentional free show I
got. What I'm talking about is like maybe mentioning the pussy show to
Cheryl's mom. That would DEFINITELY hurt right?"
"Okay, That would be mean of me to do that. That is what I'm
talking about. Here's the second one. I'll never MAKE you do anything
that you don't want to do. I might ASK you to do something that would be
hard to do, or might scare you a little. But it could give you a thrill
too. You can always say no at any time and the game will be off. It will
be off permanently though, no second chances! I'll know that you've
reached your limits."
"Wait Larry! What type of stuff will you make me do?"
"Not make Colleen, I'll ask you, Most likely I'll tell you to do
it. I won't make you do it.
"There's no difference between telling me and making me!"
"Oh yes there is! What if I tell you to eat your carrots? You
refuse, so I just stop feeding you. You can always find food somewhere
else and you won't starve. The food will never be as good as the food I
have. I could MAKE you eat it though. Tie you to the chair and force
your mouth open and ram it down your throat."
"Sorry, it was the best I could do under such short notice. You get
my drift though right?"
"Sorta, Give me a realistic example!"
"Okay let me think of one."
We rode for a little bit. Then an idea hit me.
"What about if I give you a demonstration. It will only last for
maybe fifteen seconds or so. You've got to trust me and let me do it. I
won't hurt you I promise. You might get a little scared, but thrilled at
the same time. Can I do it?"
"You want me to say yes to something that I no nothing about?"
"I'm sorry, but yes. You've got to trust me on this one. I'll tell
you this much. It'll test your limits. You'll see whether you're old
enough to handle it."
Naturally I had to use the "old enough" lever. That gave her a BIG
hint. She knew that she had to prove that she was old enough. I was
going to do something sexual to her that would only last a few seconds.
We rode in silence while the girl stewed over the choices.
"Slap me when the time is up! Make me take you home! Never ride
with me again! But trust me just this once okay?"
Time was running out for me. We turned the last corner and I could
see Cheryl and my brother off in the distance.
"Look Colleen, do you see Cheryl and Jim up there?"
"Is that Yes as in yes I can see them, or yes as in I'll give
myself to you for fifteen seconds to do whatever you want?"
No sounds could be heard but the steady clop of hooves in the dirt.
Then finally a quiet little "yes."
My prick had already stiffened with anticipation. I leaned over and
kissed Colleen on the neck while giving her the reins. She momentarily
shrugged her shoulder in reaction to me. I reached around and pulled her
against me like I did before, but this time my hand drifted up to one of
her budding nipples. I gently pinched them counting off the time
internally. With eight seconds to go, I brazenly lifted her skirt and
found her clit and pressed on it through the hole in her worn out
panties. My time limit passed, but I kept on for another ten count, then
reluctantly removed my hand.
Her face was definitely on the red side, her lips set firm. She
said nothing, but did nothing either.
I leaned back down to her ear "Thanks for trusting me Colleen. That
was wonderful!
It was about three minutes after I took the reins back from her
that she finally spoke to me.
"I sorta feel like a…..A tramp!"
"A tramp will let anybody do that Colleen. You only let me do it. I
promise I'll never hurt you. I won't take your virginity either. I'm a
virgin too. Cheryl and I have a appointment to keep with each other on
"Can we lope for a while Larry? I want to feel Arizona run!"
"Sure Colleen, whatever you want!"
I took the liberty of placing my hand on Colleen's belly to hold
her in place and then dug in my heels and clucked Arizona into a full
We didn't talk about my little experiment for the rest of the ride.
Colleen didn't scoot away from me either. I took that as a positive
sign. When we got back to the house, I hopped off the back of Arizona
and helped Colleen down getting a quick flash of pink skin for a reward.
Cheryl's mom came out and asked how the ride was. Cheryl piped
right up and thanked us. It took Colleen a few seconds to look me in the
eyes, but I got a quick smile from her as she thanked me.
As I let my horse go into the pasture I cussed to myself that I
forgot to tell Colleen that Cheryl had given her to me, whatever that
Two nights later, I got a call from Cheryl. Naturally Colleen had
told her everything that happened between her and I. Cheryl told Colleen
about what we discussed in the grove that day also including the giving
to me part. Apparently what she meant about giving Colleen to me was her
permission to Colleen to have me while she and I were forcefully
separated. Cheryl said that she was in the process of persuading Colleen
to agree to my proposal. It took a bit of talking before Colleen
admitted that my little exploration had turned her on more than scared
Cheryl had to cut the call short because Colleen was through with
her bath and now it was her turn to bathe.
I told Cheryl that Jim and I were coming out the next day to go
riding with them.
Cheryl replied, "Oh great Larry! I'll get to work on Colleen
tonight and talk her into saying yes."
After I hung up the phone I wondered if hairless pussy tasted any
different than the furry stuff.


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