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Dairyman's daughter 5 Colleen's Coercion

{m/f, m/f inc, mast, oral, sex, cons, voy, coerc}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don’t start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

I had found a saddle pad in the tack room that looked like it would
be suitable for Colleen to ride on without getting an itchy pussy or
legs from horse sweat and hair. Also, I had hoped to get a taste of
different pussy and the thought of horse sweat didn't appeal to me.
This time Colleen used the fence to climb up on my pony. Nobody was
in the line of view except me, what I saw was a decent unholy pair of
clean white panties. Apparently she had better panties than those she
wore last time I was with her. I would have hated to have to go around
with only a dress and undies with a big hole in the crotch.
This time we took our normal route. I was in the lead and talking
with Colleen. She never mentioned the proposition I put to her earlier
in the week, so I was the perfect gentleman.
My heart sank to my knees when I turned around and found that
Cheryl and my brother were nowhere to be seen. I spun my horse around
and started backtracking to find them.
Colleen spoke up, "Larry, we aren't supposed to go looking for
"Like hell you say!"
"Wait Larry I gotta tell you something!"
"It'll wait Colleen, I'm gonna stop this right now!"
"They're just talking! I promise!"
I stopped Arizona. "How do you know that?"
"We need to climb down and find some place to talk, I'll tell you
what Cheryl wanted me to tell you okay?"
It suddenly dawned on me. Cheryl had diverted my brother so I could
be alone with Colleen. I had to tell myself that Cheryl's business was
her own. We weren't officially going together anyway but it was still a
hard pill to swallow. Here she was putting her feelings aside so I could
help myself to get over my shyness around girls.
My brother acted tough around me, but I knew him better than
anyone else did. Jim had different convictions that most people, maybe
it would be better described as deeper convictions. Last summer while
our family was visiting my grand parents in up state New York, we had
gone to the Thousand Islands camping area. My older brother Bruce had
seen me playing with a girl that a few years younger than me. He had
talked me into getting a feel of her pussy. The plan was to help her try
to climb a tree. Both Bruce and I took turns "helping" this girl and
feeling her up. The girl protested and we said, "sorry we were just
trying to help". Jim would have nothing to do with our little game. I
told myself that the most he would ever really do is to kiss her.
Knowing Cheryl, It might take a few times alone before he even tried
that. I finally calmed myself down.
"Larry! Are you listening?"
"Can we climb off Arizona and maybe sit in the shade somewhere so I
can tell you?"
"Okay Colleen, I'm sorry I got upset. It's just that I was, well.."
"I know Larry. Climb down so I can too and I'll tell you okay?"
I turned Arizona into the grove and rode a little ways in, then
slipped off. Colleen accepted my help although she was perfectly able to
dismount by herself. I tied the reins to a branch and sat beside the
"Okay Colleen, go ahead."
"Cheryl wanted you to remember about when she said for you to tell
me something. Do you remember that she gave me to you?"
"Yeah, She told me a little more later, but I'm still not clear on
"Then she told you a little about her and I, uh…… Well she and I
don't have any brothers or sisters. Our dads worked at the same dairy."
"Okay, so you slept in the same bed a lot and ended up exploring
each other. I've got one sister that's a senior in high school and a lot
older. My brothers and I have done about the same thing Colleen. I think
it's not that uncommon for siblings to do that, after all, were else are
they gonna find out what it's all about?"
"REALLY? WOW! Did you tell Cheryl about that?"
"Uh, no. I guess there wasn't a whole lot of time."
"Can I tell her about it then, would you mind? It'll make her feel
better about what she did to me."
"Did to you?"
"Yeah. ………. That's what she wanted me to tell you about. This man
that worked at the dairy used to take me into the barn and make me do
things with him."
"God Colleen! And here I was forcing myself on you! I'm sorry! If I
only knew! I swear, I'll never do it again!"
"Its okay Larry, let me explain. When it started, he just felt me
through my clothes. I said that I'd tell my parents and he stopped."
"That's still pretty bad Colleen, you were right to make him stop.
Did he get arrested or at least fired?"
"I never told on him Larry. He got really scared and stayed away
from me. I don't know why, maybe it was cause he was nice to me
afterwards and gave me candy. I knew he always had candy and he gave it
to me even after he stopped molesting me that first time. I got used to
being touched on my arm or back but he gradually got bolder. One day he
picked me up and carried me into the barn and set me on his knee. I got
scared and cried while he took his thing out and started playing with
it. He kept telling me to calm down and stop being a baby cause he
wasn't touching me in any nasty places. I cried until he finished. Then
he set me down said I could go cause he got what he wanted from me. He
grabbed my arm when I tried to leave and said that if I told anyone
about what "I" did, my dad would get fired. He also said that no dairy
in Chino valley would hire my dad if word got around that his little
white trash slut of a daughter was whoring herself around the dairy. I
begged him not to tell and he said okay, but only because he liked
little slutty trash girls like me.
"Wow! The bastard made you think you were the bad person then!"
"Yes, but let me finish okay?"
"Okay, sorry."
"Well just like he promised, he left me alone. But I came back and
sorta kept coming back until he did it again. That time, he put his hand
under my shorts and panties. I cried, but not real loud. He put me on
his lap and made me watch while he played with his…… His thing until
he,… Well he finished. He gave me a hug and a piece of candy and said
that I was gonna be his little girlfriend from then on Or he would tell
everyone about me. Before long, he was teaching me how to milk him."
"What? Milk him?"
"Have you ever milked a cow by hand Larry?"
"Yeah, a couple of times. It took a while before I got the hang of
"Yeah, it took me a while before I was able to do it the way he
liked it too. His threats and put downs worked cause after a while I was
going to the barn almost every day to keep him happy."
"I finally told someone, my closest friend Cheryl. She got really
mad and was gonna tell her dad but I begged her not to, I didn't tell
her about why I thought I was white trash till much later. Cheryl made
me promise to stay away from him, I tried, but I couldn't."
"Cheryl kinda suspected that I was going back to him so one time
she followed me. She watched through a hole in the barn while Mr.
Greenbow played milkmaid with me."
"Did she go and tell on him?"
"No she didn't, not then anyway."
"LARRY, Don't use those words around me! I don’t like it!"
"BUT! Oh, okay. You're right. I'll try to remember."
"Each time Mr. Greenbow got me, I told him to stop. But I guess I
didn't really want him to because I never told on him. He treated me
really nice afterwards."
"I just bet he did!"
"The night after Cheryl watched us I slept over her house. She told
me that she had seen what we were doing in the barn. I denied it until
she described what I was doing in detail. I finally admitted it telling
Cheryl that I was just a trash girl and born to be that way. She asked
me who told me that, and I told her that Mr. Greenbow did after I went
back to him the second time. Naturally she told me that I was wrong and
that Mr. Greenbow had told me that to keep me quiet. We had already gone
to bed and were supposed to be asleep by then. I told her everything
that I'd done then she told me a few things about herself too. Cheryl
got a funny look in her eyes and put her hand inside her panties. Even
though I knew what she was doing I asked her. Cheryl said that all the
talking got her horny and she just had to do something. I lay there and
watched her till she was done. She asked me if I had ever played with
myself. At first I wouldn't answer her but I finally said yes, a little
while after Mr. Greenbow started playing with me. I told her that I
hadn't been able to go all the way yet.
Cheryl offered to show me how, but I was too embarrassed to say
either way, she took my non-answer as a yes. Since Cheryl was wearing a
pretty long nightgown, she took her panties off and showed me the hair
she had down there, then she asked to see mine. I was embarrassed cause
I hadn't grown any yet and shook my head "no". Cheryl started to feel me
down there, while asking to see it. I didn't tell to stop, but I didn't
just let her do it either. Each time I pulled her hand away, she'd put
it right back. Each time was longer before I pulled it away. I finally
gave up and let her do what she wanted to me. I didn't mind that much
when she felt me through my panties, but when she started to pull them
down I grabbed the waist band and rolled away from her."
"Yeah I know, maybe you'll understand after I've told you the
"I'm listening."
"We had to be really quiet cause if Cheryl's mom of dad heard us we
woulda got a whippin and I'd never be able to spend the night there
again. That's what Cheryl told me, so I didn't say a word."
"Cheryl sorta gave up, but I kept, I dunno. I scooted close to
her, we started talking again and she began rubbing me like before.
When she tried to pull my panties down again, I grabbed them like
before. This time she peeled my hands away and finally got them off."
"Cheryl gave me my first………… My first…"
Colleen turned red and looked at the ground.
"You had an orgasm?"
"Yeah, thanks Larry, She made me give her one too. I was too
scared, but she took my hand and put it on her. She even took my finger
and started doing it till I did it on my own."
"Can I ask…… How did she.."
"Her fingers."
"After I gave in and gave Cheryl what she wanted. She thought a
moment and got an idea. She told me that I belonged to her now, Now that
I had submitted to her, I had to do as she said.
She took my face in her hands and told me to look her in the eyes.
Cheryl said, "Mr. Greenbow is a bad man Colleen! He made you think
what he did was your fault and it wasn't. You are NOT white trash and
never were! From now on, you'll stay away from that dirty old man! If I
catch you near him, I'll never speak to you again. "
"I did just like Cheryl told me. No matter how much he tried to get
me into the barn, I refused. I also stayed far enough away that he
couldn't grab me either cause Cheryl said that If he got a hand on me
he'd drag me in the barn and make me think I was the bad one! I'd let
him do whatever he wanted, just like before. Cheryl was sure right about
I've learned a lot since then. Cheryl said that if I didn't learn
to stick up for myself, I'd never be independent."
"Cheryl told me later that she lied about not talking to me. She
started to cry. When I asker her what was the matter, she said that she
was using me too. She said that she felt really bad about it and that
she'd never do it again."
"And to think I was doing the same thing. I feel lower than dirt
"I'm not done Larry! A little while later, Cheryl saw me looking at
Mr. Greenbow again. She grabbed me by the arm and drug me away from
there before Mr. Greenbow saw me and knew that I was vulnerable.
She took me to our hide out and pushed me down. Cheryl almost
ripped my shorts off she was so mad! She sat on me and started trying to
push her finger inside me, thinking that my panties would keep her
finger from actually going inside and hurting me.
She kept saying "RIGHT THERE Colleen! That old bastard is gonna
take his smelly old prick and he's gonna FUCK YOU! RIGHT THERE! Then
he'll shoot his stuff inside and you'll get pregnant! ALL BECAUSE YOU
"That was when my panties tore. Her finger went inside but
thankfully not enough to break my…….. My cherry. She tore the crotch a
little more when she started to masturbate me."
"Uh those panties, would they happen to be the same ones that….."
"Yes! She put them in her pocket and said that they were hers now.
Every time before, we were in her bed and she took her clothes off, then
mine. That time I had to take hers off, ever since then, I've been the
one that takes her clothes off."
"After Cheryl was done with me, She cried and apologized. But I was
happy! I knew that from then on, she was gonna have to keep doing it
with me so that I'd stay away from him. It's been like that ever since.
Until now."
Colleen looked at me, expecting me to grasp her last statement, but
it went over my head.
"Do you know why Cheryl's mom and dad had to move Larry?"
"Cheryl said it was cause they were making a lot more money here."
"No, that's not the reason."
"Why then Colleen?"
"Cause Cheryl's dad punched Mr. Greenbow's lights out. That's why!"
"Cheryl told her dad about you and Mr. Greenbow then?"
"Nope! The old man made the mistake of trying to grab Cheryl,
that's why!"
"You mean that that Bastard grabbed Cheryl??"
"He didn't even get close Larry! Cheryl went right up to her dad
and told him what that bas…….Mr. Greenbow did."
"Good for her!"
"Her dad didn't get fired either, Mr. Greenbow sure did though!"
"They moved cause the Greenbow's have lots of family that live in
Chino Valley. He didn't want any more trouble."
"Colleen do you…….. I don't know. Do you like it when people make
you obey them? When they use you?"
"It's all I've known Larry. I guess I must because I keep coming
back for more. Cheryl don’t make me do things that scare me as much as
she used to. Except for those panties!"
Another hint went right over my head.
"Gawd, that's one heck of a responsibility for Cheryl."
"For you Larry! Remember what Cheryl told you?"
"OH NO, NOT ME! It might be a real turn on for a while but I'm not
gonna do it for the rest of my life! I'll NEVER love you Colleen!"
She looked down to the ground. I know that Larry, You love Cheryl."
"Now wait a minute! I never told Cheryl I loved her!"
"And she never said that she loved you either Larry! Maybe it's
only what adults call puppy love, I don't know. I guess I shoulda kept
"You can always give me back to Cheryl. Tomorrow, or a week from
now. To tell you the truth, I still consider Cheryl to be the one. After
all, she's the one that came to understand me. She's trying to help me
to be on my own!
I told Cheryl that I didn't want to be yours. She talked me into it
though. Cheryl told me all the rules about what you can't do to me and
I'll expect you to follow them. Otherwise I'll tell Cheryl and she'll
stop it."
"I'm not cruel Colleen, really!"
"Cheryl wanted me to tell you that she made me wear those panties
after her mom made the plans about who rides with whom, She wanted to
see what you would do. When you saw me that time, it was an accident! I
was determined that nobody would see what I had on, but I forgot."
Colleen reached into her pocket and pulled something out, then held
her hand out for me to take it. It finally dawned on me, all those hints
she had made before. I straightened out the little bundle of white
cotton fabric.
panties that once were pure white. Now they were old and well worn,
with a gaping hole in the crotch. I gently put them in my pocket. And
started thinking where the hell could I hide them. Visions of my mom
cleaning my room and finding them and freaking out. Now THAT would take
some splainin! Especially after tonight, cause they were gonna need
washing after I was done with them
"Okay Colleen. I'll do it. Don't worry about me trying to go all
the way with you or anything like that."
"I know, Cheryl's first for that. But afterwards, you might want
to, and I won't try stop you."
"When does this begin Colleen?"
"It's already done Larry, you accepted the panties."
"Okay, we'll wait till the next time we go riding. I'll think of
something to do by then."
Colleen followed my lead when I got up. I lifted her up to get on
Arizona, then hesitated and put her back down. She turned to look at me
when I squatted down. Looking into her eyes, I reached under her dress
with both hands and pulled her panties down in one swift movement.
Colleen's hands went defensively to her crotch.
"Smiling assuredly, I gently pulled her hands away. When she kept
them to her sides, I kissed her tenderly on the lips.
Colleen was a horrible kisser. Her lips were tight against her
teeth and had no give to them.
I said to myself, "She's gonna have to learn how to kiss, but
that'll have to wait till later."
I stood and pointed to her panties which were pooled at her ankles
"You'd better give me those too, for safe keeping. Don't worry,
I'll give them back long before we get back to your house."
Her astounded look almost made me chuckle out loud, but that would
have been mean. I waited until she knew I wasn't kidding She stepped out
of them and bent down to retrieve them then grudgingly placed them in my
I had a better thought and handed them back to her.
"Why don’t you go ahead and put them in the pocket you had the
other ones in. That way you can say you gotta go to the bathroom or
something and put them back on if things get too hairy for you okay?"
Colleen liked that idea a whole lot better and gave me a quick
smile of thanks.
"Well Colleen, I guess we better get going. Jim and Cheryl are
probably waiting for us."
I turned and hopped on my pony, then looked down at colleen smiling
a knowing smile and patted my leg.
Colleen gave me a fierce look and stood her ground.
"Awe come on Colleen, We've done this before! It won't kill you to
give me another free shot!"
"Okay Larry, but the only way to mount like that is if I sit behind
"By god she's right!" I said to myself. Then it hit me!
"Why don't you use your right foot and then you can sit in front
facing me?"
"That's no way to ride a horse!"
"It is when you're with me! Now come on!"
Colleen set her jaw and did as told. It was awkward as hell
unfortunately. Our legs got into each other's way. When I had her put
her legs over mine she had to wrap her arms around my waist just to sit
up straight. It might have worked if I wasn't wearing My Levi's, but I
wasn't about to do that.
With a sigh, I told her that she was right and dismounted so
Colleen could turn herself around. The stubborn girl swung the other leg
around so I couldn't see up her dress as she turned on Arizona's back.
Once we were both on my horse, I pulled her to me and set off in a
sedate walk. It took a few minutes before Colleen was talking normally,
I made her take the reins and then put my hand on her leg.
Her back stiffened immediately, but I just kept on talking and
acting normally. Before too much longer, I had my hand as close as I
could to her little puss without actually touching it.
"Colleen, have you ever had an orgasm while on horseback?"
"I was thinking. I could tell you a sexy story, and then you can
close your eyes and pretend you're all alone. I gotta know how a girl
does it to herself."
"NO LARRY! I'd be too embarrassed! I really don't think I'd be able
to concentrate enough."
"I'll give you a choice then. You tell me about the first time with
you and Cheryl, and I'll try on you. Or I'll tell you a good story and
you do yourself. You've got a choice. Which one do you want to do?"
"Larry, I was thinking,"
"Well have you ever……… ever been………… Been milked?"
"I'm not trying to keep from doing what you want, really! But I was
hoping you'd………. well Mr. Greenbow sure liked it. He said that I was the
best little milker he's ever taught! I think it would be easier for me
to do what you want afterwards. "
"Well, How do you do it?"
"Let's go back in the shade okay?"
We rode back into the citrus, then dismounted. Colleen grabbed the
blanket from Arizona's back and spread it on the ground. She looked
around, thinking about something.
"Mr. Greenbow was always sitting when I milked him. I guess you can
sit on the blanket and I'll just kneel instead of stand in front. I
guess you'll have to take your pants all the way off or I can't get
where I gotta be to do it right."
Colleen stood there in front of me, actually expecting me to just
take my pants off right there while she was looking! Things would have
been different if let's say we were lying side by side and either one of
us took them off. I realized that I had never just undressed in front of
a girl while they were watching me. Especially since I already had an
erection! NO WAY!
It was my turn to be red faced. I looked around, trying to avoid
Colleen's eyes. Eventually, I had to make eye contact with her.
"Uh, that's okay Colleen. You don't have to show me. Maybe later
okay? I think we oughta find Jim and Cheryl anyway."
"Larry! Are you embarrassed? This isn't fair! You just jerked my
panties right down and made me put them in my pocket! Now you won't let
me see what you look like?"
"Yeah but that's different!"
"Oh yeah? Tell me what so different then?"
"Would you have taken your clothes off if I stood there and watched
you? Remember Colleen, I was the one that took your panties off. And
another thing! You don't have a………."
"A dick Larry? So what!"
"What then?"
Now I was the one that was cornered. I was gonna have to fess up or
find a way to bullshit my way out of the mess that I was in.
I looked down to avoid eye contact.
"I got an erection Colleen. I can't explain it, but a guy just
can't drop his drawers when it's hard! We spend most of the time trying
to hide the fact that it's hard."
"If you take off your tee shirt, I guess I can do the rest Larry.
You don’t really have to take your shirt off, but I'd like to see all of
Now, taking my shirt off was a different story entirely! I decided
that I could at least do that without a problem. In three seconds time,
my tee shirt was laying in a heap beside me. Now the ball was in
Colleen's court.
She looked at the bulge in my jeans and bit her lip. Her eyes
quickly darted to me, then went back down to her task. She stepped
forward, then hesitated.
I was just about ready to call it quits before she reached out with
both hands and started to undo my belt buckle. sucking in my stomach
helped her finally get the button at my waist undone. My zipper was both
easy and hard for Colleen to do.
Behind the interlocking copper teeth of my jeans was a boy's five
and a half-incher dying to attain the forty five-degree angle that it
was designed for. My underwear-covered prick peeked its head through the
gradually increasing opening as Colleen slowly pulled my zipper down.
Her eyes got noticeably larger when she pulled my pants down to my
"Wow Larry!"
It took all my restraint to keep my hands from covering the
embarrassing bulge from my underwear. Luckily, Colleen saw my discomfort
and squatted on her feet to undo my lace up type work boots. Postponing
my final unveiling and diverting my attention at the same time.
As Colleen worked my laces, all my attention was soon concentrated
on her little hairless pussy. The squatting position she was in, made
that bald pussy of hers pooch out delightfully from between her legs.
I didn't realize that she had finished unlacing and loosening my
"Larry?" from Colleen brought me around.
She smiled and patted the ground in front of her, wanting me to
sit. After I sat down, I was amazed at how easily my high topped boots
slipped off.
"Wow Colleen, I've never been able to get my boots to come off that
easy! Where did you learn to do that?"
She smiled at the compliment, saying "One of my favorite things to
do is to take off my Daddy's boots when he comes home from work. He's
got high tops just like yours."
While she was talking, Colleen took off my socks, then my pants.
Her banter lessened my anxiety until she stopped talking. She looked
from the last article of clothing she set aside to my legs, then my
bulging undies and finally my face.
Now that final moment of truth was at hand, no more delays were
available to us. I decided that if I was going to be completely starkers
in front of this girl, she would have to be in the same state of undress
as I. If not, then I'd call the whole damn thing off.
I leaned forward, and took the hem of her dress and lifted it up.
In a way, I was desperately hoping that Colleen wouldn't allow me to
take her dress off. In the back of my mind I saw her thinking that her
fairly flat chest would make her shy about letting me see them.
My silent message that she should be equally vulnerable as I would
soon be passed between us as our eyes met. Colleen lifted her arms and
allowed her simple well-worn dress to come off. I took my time unlacing
and removing Colleens shoes, wishing she had worn socks, but even socks
could only stall the inevitable for a few seconds.
Now I was the unequal party and wishing I were someplace else.
Colleen got on her knees and crawled beside me to sit down. We
looked at each other nervously.
Colleen placed her hand on my chest and pressed me onto my back and
straightened my legs out.
Colleen said, "Larry, could you close your eyes? I think it would
be easier on both of us."
My voice caught in my throat as I answered "okay".
Colleen was right about me shutting my eyes. I felt a lot better
when I couldn't see her face, or what she was doing.
"I'll tell you when you can open them okay?"
I nodded "yes".
Her small gentle hands roamed my chest, legs and stomach, taking
their own time before arriving at their final destiny.
I wondered if she delayed because of her shyness, or mine? Maybe
both. I did feel more relaxed as a result.
I felt a small sensation through the pre-cum soaked cloth of my
underwear, like a single finger. My imagination flashed a vision of
Colleen with a finger in her mouth, tasting the sample she got from me.
I had to sneak a look, so I barely cracked my eyelids and was busted by
Colleen's disapproving expression. I immediately shut my eyes again and
felt my tee shirt covering my face.
Colleen said "Larry, I've never had a chance to get a really good
look at a boy before, so just bear with me please. I didn't think of
doing this until…… Hmmm. I guess it helps me when you aren't watching
what I'm doing.
I felt her hands lightly rest on my chest. "Okay Larry, here we
Her hands traced their way downwards until they stopped on top of
my prick. I fought back a moan, but couldn't control the shiver that ran
up my body when she squeezed me there. Colleen giggled after she lifted
the elastic waistband and allowed my prick to rise away from my abdomen
in response to the new freedom it enjoyed.
"Ahhh! Larry! It's beautiful! Cheryl said you had a nice one. Mr.
Greenbow's sorta drooped, but yours is like a ……"
I jumped a little when she wrapped one hand around my prick and
"Wow! She said it got really hard too! She sure wasn't lying about
that either!"
I decided to help things along, so I hooked my thumbs into my
waistband and pulled my underwear down past my butt. Colleen released
her grip on my prick and continued pulling my undies down. The band
caught on my prick as she pulled them down. Colleen stopped when she
noticed the hang up and laughed out loud at my predicament. She
stretched my undies enough to set my trapped member free and it
rebounded after making a slapping noise against my abdomen.
Colleen giggled and said "Wow, that's so cool!"
After working my underwear completely off, Colleen finally pulled
the tee shirt away from my face.
"You can open your eyes now Larry!"
She took a single finger and pushed my raging hardon down and
watched in amazement when it bounced back up on it's own. I went ahead
and flexed my cock muscles, watching her face light up when my prick
stood almost straight up then wobbled with my muscle tension.
"Did you do that Larry?"
"Yeah, it's an old trick that I learned in the Navy!"
"Do it again Larry!"
Colleen laughed with glee when I flexed it four more times and made
it stand on end for a finale. She reached out and ran her finger down
the underside and my muscles flexed at the sensation. She did it a few
more times to be sure it wasn't a fluke, then said.
"It's sorta like a cat pushing it's head into my hand when I pet
"It's cause you stroked it. That just sorta happens and I can't
help it"
"You mean here Larry?"
"YES! Are you gonna show me now?"
"You know Larry, Cheryl is about a year younger than you and she
has a lot more hair. But I like yours! Mr. Greenbow had a whole lot, he
sorta stunk there too, like he never washed it."
She traced her finger around the little ring of hair that sprouted
at the base of my sex.
"Well at least you HAVE hair Larry! I wish I had even just a little
"Let me see!"
When I started to sit up, Colleen pushed me back.
"You've seen everything I've got Larry! It's my turn now!"
"Colleen! You're driving me crazy! C'mon!"
"Just a little while longer Larry! Open your legs, I want to see
Spreading my legs wasn't quite good enough for Colleen. She had me
bend my knees and then she lay on her belly between my legs. I could
fell her hot breath on my balls while she fondled them one by one. When
my cock jumped as she tickled them, she giggled all over again.
"I'm ready now Larry! Come on and Sit up for me!"
Her surprisingly firm hand gripped my prick and pulled on it very
"Ya see Larry? I just act like your thing is a cow's teat. It's
really pretty simple, just grab, pull, and squeeze!
I moaned in appreciation to her skill.
Colleen was sitting on her butt with her legs spread open lying
underneath my legs.
"Nope, the angle isn't right Larry, I'm gonna have to move. She
stood up and placed her feet where she wanted and squatted in between my
open legs. Once in position, she grasped my cock again and pulled.
"Yeah, I think that's more like I'm used to. Could you tell the
difference Larry?"
I was able to choke back a moan to say, "I don't know Colleen, Do
it again!"
"OHHH Larry! If you couldn't tell, how come your thing is leaking
out the end?"
Colleen took her thumb and ran it up the bottom then gathered my
goo in her other hand and smeared the top half of my fuck stick.
"Sometimes he made me use petroleum jelly when I milked him Larry,
but I think the stuff from you might work even better. What do you think
of milking now Larry?"
"God, Colleen I'm in heaven! Don't stop!"
With each pull Colleen made, I felt a wave of pleasure start at my
cock and travel up my back. When she grasped my scrotum between her
thumb and forefinger and gently pulled down, the skin on my prick
tightened from she stretch and added even more sensation.
"AHHHH, That's so fine Colleen! Just a little slower honey, It's
"Okay Larry, But I'm a little out of practice. If my hand starts to
cramp, I gotta either stop or speed up and make your thing squirt okay?"
"Colleen, Use the nasty words! Tell me!"
"Okay, Your………. DICK! I've got my hand on it Larry! I can feel your
muscles…… Dick muscles each time I squeeze. I'm gonna make you .. your
gonna do it for me Larry! Sperm! That's what's gonna squirt out of you!"
"I'm gonna come all over you Colleen! The snotty end of my fuck
stick is almost ready now babe! Is that what you want me to do Colleen?
Do you want my come?"
"Yes Larry, that's what I want! Give it to me, come for me Larry!
You can't hold back now! I can feel it!"
Colleen was certainly right about it too. The look on her face as
she said those nasty, descriptive forbidden words took me to the edge.
She was feeling that same power I had felt earlier as I brought Cheryl
over the edge and beyond,
"Here it comes baby! Get ready!"
"I can feel it Larry! Show me what you got!"
When I couldn't hold my sperm back any longer, my pick erupted with
a vengeance. Colleen just happened to be starting one of her pull and
squeeze strokes, her squeeze must have happened just after my first wad
passed her grip. A wad of my goo shout out from the end of my prick like
water from the garden hose. She got splattered right up the center.
Starting from between her little brown sticky out nipples all the way up
to the underside of her chin. Her surprised look would have made me
laugh if I didn't have better things to do, like delivering the next
load coming right up the tube. She had stopped milking me in surprise
from my first shot, so it hit her body a little lower, but most of it
amazingly made the distance between her body and mine. I grabbed her
hands just before she was removing them in disgust and squeezed them
back around my cock.
"Colleen! Keep going! You can't stop now!"
She shook away her revulsion and continued to milk me, but this
time she covered the head of my cock with her other hand. The third wad
served as a lubricant. Her little hand slipped its grip and slid
completely off my prick. As soon as she put it back to my prick, I
grabbed both of them and clamped them around my still erupting member.
My baser instincts took over, and I found myself fucking her hands,
which were clamped securely around my fuck stick by my own.
Colleen tried to pull her hands away after my orgasm passed, but I
held them there until she got the message that I was going to keep them
around my prick until I was damn good and ready to release them.
"Hold it Colleen, just a little while longer."
I released my grip and leaned back, using my arms to prop me up.
The after waves of post-orgasmic pleasure were still hitting me,
although with ever decreasing intensity.
"Wow, that was really good Colleen! I've never felt anything quite
like that!"
Colleen remover hands and looked down in disgust at the globules of
my goo that had started to run down her front. The poor girl had nothing
to clean herself with, especially since her hands were also thoroughly
goobered too. I leaned towards her and pulled her panties from the dress
pocket that was laying in a heap beside her, then cleaned her as best as
the small amount of fabric would allow.
She was at a loss of what to do with the sperm that was still on
her hands and was holding them out in front of her. The poor girl looked
pleadingly at me, so I looked around and found my own underwear and used
them to clean the rest of her hands and body. I remembered the
irrigation ditch that was on the other side of the farm access trail we
had ridden on. It still had some runoff water in it, so I picked up our
undies and gingerly walked on my bare feet to the edge of the orchard
and looked both ways to see if the coast was clear.
Thankfully, we were still completely alone. I crept across to the
ditch and rinsed out the goo and returned to colleen and cleaned the
poor girl off. Her mood picked up a little when I was done.
Colleen looked at me and said "I didn't know it was gonna do that
Larry! Mr. Greenbow's stuff just dribbled out!"
I shrugged my shoulders. "It didn't help when you squeezed me right
as I came Colleen. I really didn't think I would shoot that far either.
Are you okay now?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
I was already sitting beside her, so I scooped her up in my arms
and held her.
She hugged me back fiercely, thankful to have someone to comfort
It all started when I gently kissed her earlobe, before long I had
lain on my back taking her with me. Colleen ended up lying on top of my
while I tenderly kissed her and rubbed her back. She finally got the
hang of kissing and relaxed her lips at my instruction. French kissing
came pretty easy for her and she was more than willing to accept my
tongue, but she still was not getting herself worked up the way I had
That was when I discovered her weakness for a good back scratch. I
had purposely stayed away from her butt and pussy, which were within
easy reach. As I rubbed her back, I knew that the girl was not
responding and didn't want to push it. However when I used my
fingernails to gently scratch her, she responded with a sigh of
My sister had turned me into a master back scratcher. Ever since I
could remember, she had used me to be her personal back scratch slave. I
was glad to do it as I got older because She would pull up her tee shirt
and even undo her bra so nothing would get in the way of her bliss. She
was also a sucker for leg tickles and stratching too.
A master scratcher such as I knew that I could only use my nails
for a certain amount of time before the scratchee's skin got tender.
Tender skin is easily avoided by alternating scratching rubbing and
I guess old habits are hard to break because I just automatically
switched from rubbing Colleens back to stratching. I used my new
discovery to it's fullest extent and before long I had Colleen laid
belly down on the blanket with her legs splayed open, getting the full
works from my magic fingers and nails.
If a girl is a sucker for a back scratch, then she will definitely
be a sucker for a butt scratch, then an inner thigh scratch (that's how
you get then to unwittingly spread their legs). This discovery had not
happened until my magic fingernails lured Colleen's legs apart. My
sister and I never ventured past back and legs, although I definitely
enjoyed looking at her butt and crotch as I did my thing.
Colleen was cooing and purring nicely when I made my move. Even
though I got a kick out of watching her butt cheeks clinch together when
I got close to the back side of her little pussy, I stayed away from
that little jewel until I was ready to strike.
I was sitting on her butt and massaging her back and shoulders.
What really got her moaning was when I put the heels of my hands on her
lower back and pressed down, then using the same pressure, I slid my
hands up her back. That little move is guaranteed to get a moan from the
coolest of recipients.
I had put two and two together fairly quickly when I realized that
Colleen had never mentioned doing anything oral. Even with Cheryl, as
far As I could tell, they had never gone there. Because she freaked when
my sperm splattered her neck and chest, my theory was confirmed. I made
it my special quest to turn this "Best little Milker He's ever taught"
into the Best little cock sucker and pussy licker the world has ever
known, not to mention cum guzzler! If Cheryl could do it, then Colleen
is definitely gonna do it!
The subject who's little butt I was sitting on was fully prepped
and ready to receive her first surprise lesson in the linguistic arts. I
couldn't wait to see her reaction when I pounce on that bald little
pussy of hers!
I lifted all my weight from her body and patter her butt. "Okay
Colleen, Turn over."
She was like putty in my hands. Colleen simply turned over without
even thinking that she wasn't in the mood anymore for sex. She would
have complied to my wishes, but I didn't want to have to pull her hands
away or force her legs open to lick her little hairless mound. Her first
pussy lickin' was gonna be a total surprise.
Her eyes were closed and she was completely relaxed as I took one
arm at a time and massaged the muscles there. Next came her shoulders,
finally her chest. Both of her newly developed nipples were erect and
ready for the attention they craved.
A very important rule in scratching or massaging is to stay away
from the belly at all costs! One accidental tickle can easily ruin
fifteen minutes of prep work.
I treated her breasts just like they were a man's at first, merely
passing over her nipples, and not playing with them. I so desperately
wanted to lean down on top of her and kiss her ear while pressing my
rock hard cock into her belly, but that would have given my intentions
away. After all, I can always do that after her crotch has been licked
from ass hole to belly button.
"Okay Colleen I'm gonna do your legs now (snicker snicker)."
I deftly placed myself in between her legs and picked them up one
at a time, congratulating myself on just how loose and relaxed the
muscles were. I innocently bent her knee and got such a delightful look
at her privates. For such a small pussy, Colleen had a really good-sized
clit. I had already figured out ahead of time that I couldn't be sitting
while I made my move, so when I started massaging her legs, I was
kneeling. My setup was perfect. The victim was on her back with her legs
open and knees bent. I was hard as a rock and ready to play a little
tune this unsuspecting girl's organ.
With the stealth of a ninja, I shifted my position and lay between
her legs and sucked that clit of hers gently into my mouth!
Colleen tried to arch her back to get away from my mouth. She even
pushed at my head, but I had learned my lesson with Cheryl and was
locked in and ready to ride this little bronco.
In as little as 20 seconds, Colleen had gone right up the mountain
and was coming her brains out. She continued to climax and writhe while
under the influence of my firm grip. I lightly stroked her clit sideways
with the underside of my tongue to make the freight train of orgasm slam
into her.
Ten, Fifteen, Twenty seconds. Her erotic torment lasted until her
brain went into sensory overload. She cried out a long wail of pent up
release, then went limp in my grasp. Breathing through my nose, I held
her most private place inside my mouth and waited for her internal
circuit breaker to reset itself. My arms were over the top of each leg
and wrapped underneath them. My body wouldn't allow her to close her
legs either.
After about two minutes, Colleen made a slight moan and turned her
head. From my vantage point I could easily see her eyes when they
fluttered open. Then I saw the realization come over her face that her
clit was still in my mouth.
In a weak voice the told me "don’t Larry, that's so gross! I don't
like it!"
I said to myself, she don't like it huh? Well just see about that!"
Since her clit was already in my mouth, I tortured her with the
"Baby Suckle" style, and was being very careful to use just a slight
amount of suckle. Colleen was going to have to experience this one for a
while before I allowed her to come again.
"I told my captive "Nnn Nnnn!" and started my suckle.
"LARRY! I pee outta there! How can you even think of AHHHHHHH!"
a wave hit her in mid sentence, then subsided.
She tried another approach "YOU'RE HURTING ME LARRY!"
"Oh yeah?" my mind said. "Well hurt on this!"
Colleen involuntarily spasmed when I released her clit from the
vacuum of my mouth, then I mashed her clit against her pelvic bone with
my tongue for a short but powerful three seconds. After her sentence for
lying was done, I allowed her abused button to slip back into my gently
suckling mouth.
I told her "Nnnn Nnnn!" which was pussy mouth talk for "I don't
believe you. Lie to me again and you'll see what you'll get the next
"Larry, Please?"
I increased the intensity of suckle, making the poor girl think her
"please?" was taken the wrong way.
"Noooo. Please nooooo!"
Her writhing body told the opposite story of her mouth. It asked
for just a little more vacuum to be applied, and slightly faster too
"AHHH, Larry. You're gonna make me come again! I feel so dirty!"
"MmmmHmmmm! CMMMM!"
Colleen understood exactly what I wanted her to do. When she came
for me this time, an animal like sound welled from deep within her soul
and poured forth.
I let her off easy this time and removed my mouth before she
reached her limit. I turned my head and rested it against her mound
while her post orgasmic waves slowly subsided.
"Colleen, How can something that makes you come so good be gross,
I'm going to let you go, but you're gonna have at least one more orgasm,
maybe two. So answer me okay?
"It's just gross Larry! I never have liked it. Especially since.
...Since. I pee from right where you had your mouth!"
"No Colleen! We're getting closer to the truth. Tell me what you
meant when you said "Especially since"!"
"I haven't told anyone about it Larry! Cheryl don't even know!"
"Tell me Colleen, Please? Oral sex has gotta be the best thing
since Life Serial and even Mikey liked that! I promise to keep it to
myself okay?"
When Colleen started sobbing uncontrollably, I released her and
moved beside her to cuddle, but she had curled up into a tight ball.
Now I really felt like a jerk! That bastard Greenbow had done
something else to Colleen, something that so bad she was even afraid to
tell her best friend Cheryl. Now I had opened old wounds with my stupid
"You don't have to tell me Colleen! But you can't keep whatever it
is bottled up inside you! Tell Cheryl about it okay? I hope you'll find
it in your heart to forgive me though. I'm gonna give you back to
Cheryl! Both times that we did things today, I grossed you out."
I found my jeans and pulled out the panties that Cheryl had wanted
me to have, and tried to give them back to Colleen.
"Here Colleen, give these back to Cheryl for me okay? I'll be more
than glad to take you riding anytime, I'll never hurt you again, I
She spun around and hugged me fiercely. After a few minutes, she
calmed down enough to talk to me.
"It happened the last time I was with him, Larry. I couldn't tell
Cheryl cause I promised that I'd stay away from him! He was mad cause it
had been such a long time since I came to him. When I told him about
Cheryl, he got even madder. I think that's why he tried to grab her and
got his lights punched out.
He took me to his house that time cause he said he had something
special for me. He was drunk and got mean. That was the first and only
time I ever saw him completely naked. Larry, He had hair all over his
body, it was so gross! When I tried to milk him, his thing went soft. He
yelled at me and called me a lesbian because of Cheryl! I said I wasn't
and neither was Cheryl. When I argued with him about Cheryl he got even
madder and pulled off my dress and jerked down my panties and spanked me
for lying. When I wouldn't admit it, he told me that there was one way
to prove it.
That was when he made me put his thing in my mouth and suck on it.
He smelled so bad there that I threw up on him as soon as I tried to do
Gawd Colleen, you poor thing!"
I got really scared and tried to run, but my panties weren't all
the way up and I tripped. He grabbed me by the leg then picked me up and
went into his bathroom. I was terrified cause of the way he just threw
me in the shower. I landed on my back and he held me down with his foot
and turned the shower on to rinse off.
Colleen looked me in the eyes, then turned away.
"He yanked me up by the arm and pushed me against the side of the
shower and held me there with the force of his body. I felt thing
getting hard against my belly. He knew it too cause he said he was gonna
fuck me right there in the shower with my panties on. He said they'll
hold his sperm inside me instead of dripping out and being wasted. Then
he was gonna go and find Cheryl and fuck her too cause lesbians hate to
get fucked by a man.
He pulled my panties to the side and tried to push his finger in
me, saying that his cock was a whole lot better than Cheryl's tongue.
Then he asked me if I liked it when Cheryl licked my pussy. I told him
that nobody has ever done that to me. He looked at me real mean and said
the reason why I couldn't suck his cock was because I ruined myself when
I licked Cheryl. All I could do was shake my head no.
He reached down to take his dick and put it in me and realized it
was soft again. I thought he was gonna kill me Larry, but he ended up
doing something a lot worse!
Colleen started to cry again. As I held the poor girl tightly, I
rocked us gently back and forth until she was ready to tell me the rest
of her horrible experience.
"He pulled the front of my brand new panties open and put his soft
dick inside and let my panties go. He had me up against the wall of the
shower with his smelly hairy dick inside my panties. I felt something
warm down there, then it ran down my legs.
He pissed on me Larry! He stopped peeing and said that he didn't
want a white trash lesbian like me any more. If I couldn't even suck a
man's cock I gotta be a lesbian for sure! That was why he went soft
cause his cock didn't like lesbian pussy! Then I felt him start peeing
again, he said that if anyone, man or woman ever got close enough to my
lesbo twat to smell it, they'd get sick and barf cause from now on, my
pussy is gonna smell like his piss. The whole time he was saying this to
me, I felt his pee running down my legs. He pulled his dick out of my
panties and stepped back and peed up the front of me. He couldn't get my
face, but he got my neck. He held me there in the shower and kept asking
me if I could feel his piss burning my lesbian pussy. He finally let me
go when I broke down and said that I felt it burning me, it did burn! I
can still smell his pee cause I only have two pair of panties! I don’t
know which one is the bad one cause sometimes I can smell it on either
one of them!"
She cried on my shoulder for the longest time, refusing to look at
She was still looking at the ground when she told me. "I think
that's why I reacted like I did when your stuff splashed my neck and
chest. I'm sorry Larry! I thought I'd be able to forget what he did to
me that day."
"DAMN HIM! COLLEEN! Someone needs to go up there and fill that old
perverted bastard full of lead!"
"He's dead Larry. He ran off the road and rolled his truck. Two
days before I came down here to stay for a while. It's strange how it
worked out cause I was getting sorta scared that he might grab me
someday. My mom and dad don't know anything about this. They just knew
that I missed Cheryl and, well there's other stuff that doesn't involve
me, mostly money.
Cheryl's parents have always helped my mom and dad when they needed
it. Now that they've moved away, it's rougher for my mom and dad.
I pulled Colleen to me and gave her a kiss on the lips and gently
stroked the hair from her eyes.
"Colleen, I think you should tell Cheryl what you told me."
"NO LARRY! She'll hate me forever if I tell her!"
"Well it's up to you of course, but don't you feel better since you
told me?"
Her face brightened a little. "Yeah Larry, I really think I do!"
"Okay, Now I've got to tell you something okay?"
She looked a little hesitant but said "Okay."
"That old bastard was pulling a whammy on you. He knew that you
sometimes take what people say as the truth."
"Colleen looked at the ground again, "Yeah, I know!"
"You've really got to know for sure Colleen. Otherwise his words
will still have a little truth to them. What I wanted to tell you is
that your pussy smells wonderful!"
Even though she was embarrassed, Colleen was still grateful that I
mentioned it to her.
"Colleen, I have a request. A serious one okay?"
"Okay, What is it?"
"Are you afraid that if you get your mouth on another man's penis
you'll get sick?"
Her eyes grew wide but she didn't answer my question. I had deduced
her little secret.
"I know that we really need to get dressed and back home okay?"
Still Colleen remained silent. She stared off into the trees to
keep from looking at me.
"One quick kiss Colleen, or just put your tongue on it. Just think
about how you've worried about this. It's going to be a few days until I
can come back. This request isn't for my pleasure, it's for your well
"No Larry I don't want to do it!"
"A little while ago you were so close that I could feel your breath
on my balls. You seemed fine then!"
I leaned back and rested on an arm propped behind me and uncrossed
my legs. Right here is your chance to prove that old lying bastard
Colleen's eyes quickly darted from mine then to my semi erect
prick, and she bit her lip with anxiety.
She jumped at my loud firm words and started to move closer.
"Do you really think so Larry?"
"I KNOW SO COLLEEN! Now it's time for you to prove that the old
limp dick was jerking your chain! Look at my dick girl! Does it even
look the same as his? Is it all stinky and matted up with hair?"
Then how the hell can it possibly make you ill? Come on, we gotta
get dressed!"
Colleen had been slowly but surely inching towards her assigned
task. Her expression changed to determination and she quickly darted her
head in and kissed the side of my prick, then made her exit."
"Okay Larry, I did what you wanted. Can we go now?"
"Aren't you forgetting something Colleen?"
She thought for a minute. "No, I don't think so."
"Do you feel sick?"
Her face brightened, "NO! You're right! It didn't make me sick
I held my arms out and Colleen came to me. "Thank you Larry!"
"Oh I think your thanks might be a little premature, cause now you
are going to put at least a little bit of my dick in your mouth. I'm
sure you know why, there'll be no doubt for you to ponder while I'm
I waited then said "Come on, you won't be sorry I guarantee you!"
My hand was on her back gently urging her into action. Colleen
moved in and put her lips around the head then she retreated, looking up
to me for approval. My stern look told her that she could do a lot
better. She weighed her choices, then looked at my cock.
"Take it in your hand Colleen. Put your mouth on it and see how
long you can keep it there. I'll count to five when you have it in your
mouth okay?"
She knew that there was no escape, so she quickly grasped my tool
and put her mouth around it.
"Good! Here we go 1……………..2……………..3 deeper now…4…………… up and
down on it just once okay?…….5! There ya go! You did it babe!"
"I DID, DIDN'T I LARRY!" she beamed at me. WOW!"
"Shoot girl, I bet you're feeling about a thousand times better
She quickly looked around her till she found the holy panties and
offered them to me.
"Take them back Larry. I need you!"
I accepted them. "Do you know what these are Colleen? They're just
an old pair of worn out panties that need to be thrown away!"
"Shit Colleen, I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna take them home and
come all over them when I spank my monkey tonight!"
I held them up to my nose and breathed in the scent. "You are gonna
have to be the one that throws these damn things in the trash. What good
would it do if I pitched them?"
I stood up and held out my hand to help Colleen to her feet. We got
dressed, Colleen looked at the pair of panties that I had stripped off
her slender hips earlier and looked to me for guidance. I just stared
right back at her and did my Star Trek Spock raise one eyebrow
imitation. After a moment's indecision, she stepped into them and pulled
them up.
"Colleen, Have I guided you fairly good so far?"
"Oh YES!"
"Okay then you HAVE to do this! No matter what the consequences."
"What do I have to do that's so important now?"
"I wish I could just go and buy you a couple of pair, but that
would raise questions. You have got to put both of our panties in the
washing machine and pour a bunch of bleach on them, let them sit there
as long as you can, then start the washing machine!"
"But that'll totally wreck em Larry! I won't have ANY panties
"You're right Colleen. Your aunt will just have to get mad at you
for being a twit and go to the store and buy you more! The heat you'll
get is WELL worth the results don't you think?"
"Okay Larry I'll do it!"
I reached into my pocket and pulled out the symbolic pair and
dangled them in front of her.
"You wanna borrow these nappy things hun?"
"And deprive you of your nightly ritual Larry? Naw you can keep
"That's my girl!"

man o man! I thought that I'd written myself right into a corner on
this chapter.
I would imagine that most amateur erotic writers go about writing
these things that same way I do. I get a general idea and sit down in
front of my puter and hack away. Then I call myself a dumass for putting
some stupid little detail. Then I'm astounded that somehow it works
itself out fairly well.
The hole in the panties is a great example. I first imagined
Colleen crawling on her hands and knees into a fort we made in the bales
of hay and me right behind her checking out the sights.
Well, when it was time to mount little Colleen on my horse, I
thought what better time to see the sights? Shit why not make the hole
bigger huh? What was supposed to be a little hole in panties that would
give me just a hint of pussy lip turned into a gaping hole that you
could drive a Mack truck through!
Then as Cheryl and I are talking about Colleen, she says "Tell
Colleen that I've given her to you?"
Shit, now I gotta fit that in somehow!
Anyway, I'm re-reading what I've done so far and I get to the part
where Cheryl snatches Colleen away from the perv and diddles her
senseless. I think Hey! It would be great to have Cheryl make that huge
hole in panties that no girl in her right mind would wear.
To make a long story short. A teeny little hole turns into a huge
hole that turns into a symbolic symbol of ownership that turns into a
test for me (I added Cheryl making Colleen wear them later), that turns
into a monkey spanking aid!
I know If I was a kid and had seen a pussy through panties and now
had possession of the genuine pussy peeking article, I'd choke my
chicken all over them!
Hmmm, I wonder what else can I do with those panties! Any


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