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DairyDaughter6 7


Dairyman's daughter 6 / Chapter 6 and 7. Colleen's Coercion.

{m/f/f, mast, oral, cons, coerc }

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don't start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

I had done a lot of thinking about what to do for Colleen. At the
tender age of 14 I was already a master back scratcher and an amateur
pussy licker. But a Psychiatrist, NO WAY! I was fairly certain that my
idea about getting rid of Colleen's panties would do her no harm. I had
hopes that destroying those reminders of her ordeal would help her
What the girl needed was reinforcement of the progress that we had
accomplished so far. At the end of our last encounter, I had almost
ordered Colleen to eat Cheryl's pussy when they were in bed that night,
but I hesitated because I wasn't sure how Cheryl would react. In my
wildest dreams I envisioned Cheryl eating Colleens pussy while I had my
prick wedged tightly inside Cheryl's twat. One thing was certain. I
wanted pussy and I wanted it bad!
My brother Jim had gone to Minnesota with his friend for the
summer, and that posed a problem. Now I had an odd number of people to
deal with. I really wanted to get either one or both girls away from
their parent's watchful eyes for most of the day. I moped around the
house in a funk.
I had just come out of my bedroom in the basement, and was looking
for something to look at while I choked my chicken when I ran across a
possible answer to Colleen's problems. Right there in the middle of my
dad's medical books was a book on hypnosis.
Yeah, I know. You are saying to yourself "How the hell is a 14 year
old kid gonna be able to read and understand a medical book. Believe me
it wasn't easy, I guess you need to understand how my father raised us.
Whenever my dad was talking and used a word that we didn't understand he
would ask us if we know what the word meant, then he would give us the
definition. I suppose the main help to understanding medical words is
finding the Latin root and adding the rest to figure out the meaning.
Believe me, about half of that book I didn't understand. It was a good
thing that the book was an introductory book.
It took several days after I skimmed what knowledge I could from
the book to come up with a game plan. The biggest problem was getting
both Cheryl and Colleen away from their parents for most of the day.
What I was really hoping for was an all nighter, but that was next to
impossible. I ruled out the idea that Cheryl or Colleen might sneak out
of their window for the night. My brother tried that stunt and caught
hell from my parents. I bet it would be worse for a girl.
It was a Sunday and Uncle George was home. He was always good for a
pick me up, so I decided to go to his room. His bedroom door was always
open and he gladly gave his time to us boys.
I was stunned when I got to the doorway and looked in. George was
always reading paperback books in his spare time. His favorites were
Zane Grey and Louis L'amour westerns. This time the book he was reading
was upside down! I immediately thought that because he was so old and
had lived most of his life as a cowboy, he never learned to read. In
order to hide his illiteracy, he had been pretending to read all this
time! I almost felt betrayed, but I thought that I'd just act like
nothing was wrong.
I went into his room "Hi Uncle George. Whatcha doin?"
"Oh just reading another western. What you up to today Larry?"
"Looks like you got a burr under your saddle blanket, what's eating
you son?"
"Promise you won't tell mom?"
He thought for a bit. "I can't make a promise like that Larry, not
without knowin what I'm getting into! Tell you what though, iffin you
didn't rob a bank or steal your mom's car and wreck it, I reckon I can
be trusted not to tell Ruthie, how's that?"
"Okay that's good enough for me I guess. I was wondering if you
might know about how to get a girl away from her house for most of the
night without her mom coming to check up on her."
Uncle George looked askance at me. "Now why on earth would you want
to do something like that Larry? You wouldn't be thinking about dippin
your Peter into somethin wet would ya?"
My face went red, the old cowboy saw right through me. "NO! Nothing
like that Uncle George! I just gotta talk to her that's all!"
"You can talk in the daytime just as easily as the night son, but
never mind about that. Have you thought about what to do with the
younger cousin that the two of you gotta tote around with you?"
I was about to attempt a lie, but I remembered the disappointed
look he gave me when I to lied to him the last time. He didn't even have
to call me on my lie. I fessed right up within a few nanoseconds and
swore to myself that I'd never do it again.
"I think she'll be okay Uncle George. I was thinking that Cheryl's
mom might be more willing to agree if her and Colleen were together. I
know for certain that if Colleen wasn't there, I wouldn't have a
"Yeah, I think you're right about that Larry! She knows you're
hornier that a three peckered Billy goat around that girl. Can't say as
I'd blame ya either. That Cheryl has got the charms! They didn't make em
that way when I was your age, yesseree!"
"By the way, I forgot to thank you Uncle George! You saved our
butts the other day! I was gonna thank you before, but I never had the
He looked at me and smiled that genuine full of life smile of his
and absentmindedly scratched his head.
"I don't have the faintest idear what you're talking about Larry!"
"Okay, Well?"
"Well what Larry? Oh, you mean about how to spend the night with a
girl without her mom and dad a knowin? I wouldn't recommend that a'tall!
Cheryl's mom ain't one bit stupid, but I guess you knew that already."
"Not the WHOLE night Uncle George! I was hoping maybe until about
nine or ten o'clock."
"Well, I'm sure sorry Larry, but Ruthie would skin my hide if'n you
and Cheryl kinda got in over your heads and she found out that I'd
helped the two of you!"
He saw the forlorn look on my face and asked, "How old are you now
"Fourteen since last month Uncle George, Why?"
"Oh Nuthin, I reckon I was about your age."
"What? Tell me Uncle George!"
"Shoot Larry, there ain't a whole lot to tell, but if you want to
hear about it I'll tell ya."
He set his paperback down on the bed beside him and looked to the
"I was working on a ranch in Montana when I was about your age. It
was a pretty fair sized spread and there weren't nuthi'n cept a few
thousand prairie dogs and mebbe a stunted tree every hundred acres or
so, oh yeah lots of cattle."
Uncle George picked up his Prince Albert tobacco can and started to
roll himself a cigarette. That usually meant he was settling in for one
of those long stories of his that were so interesting for a kid like me.
I sat in the chair beside his bed and got comfortable.
"Well, like I said. I was about your age. I think I'd been working
at this ranch for mebbe about a month or so. The pit boss was a mean old
bastard. He gave me the job of ridi'n the fence cause he thought cause I
was still wet behind the ears, but I proved him wrong and he ate his
words later on!"
"Now Larry, there ain't nuthi'n as lonely as ridi'n fence. It was
just me and ole Patches my quarter horse fer miles and miles! Hell I got
so lonely that even the coyotes were a welcome sight."
He finished his rolling and lit up. "I came upon this pretty good
sized break in the fence saw the tracks of mebbe about 40 head that went
through the break. After I fixed the break I went off looking fer the
stock that went through."
"How did you fix the fence Uncle George? You didn't carry barbed
wire with you did ya?"
"Naw Larry, all's you gotta do is travel the fence a ways and
there'll be a roll of wire hangin on a post for just such a repair."
"Oh, Okay. I'm sorry, go on."
"Hell, that's okay Larry. No such question as a dumb question,
less'un you ask it twice in the same day!"
"Now where was I? Oh yeah, about a half a days ride I finally come
up on em. It was just as I figgered, about 40 head or so fairly well
strung out in this here little valley.
"It was starti'n to get sorta late in the afternoon, closer to
evenin I'd say when I came up on this stock tank full of water. Now I
hadn't had a bath in damn near'n a month so that water was looking down
right nice to me about then. Hell Larry, I was stinki'n so bad, ole
Patches'ud wrinkle his nose ever'time I'd go to saddle him up. I
chuckled and said to myself that it must be Saturday, or damn near it
anyways! I decided that me and ole Patches ought'a bed down for the
night right there. That is after'n I'd had a bath in that there stock
"I remember that the water in that stock tank was colder'na well
diggers ass! That damn water was so cold it was a wonder there weren't
no ice floating in it. I got about this deep when I decided it was gonna
be now or never!"
He made a hand motion just below his balls showing the depth of the
"I gritted my teeth and squatted down.It was about then when my
poor balls and peter got the shock of their young life! They got so cold
they shrunk up about the size of a couple blueberries and a li'l ole
thumbtack! I swear you'da thought I'd changed gender! Shit, when I set
to howli'n I reached octaves I hadn't reached since I was a baby!"
We both got a chuckle before he continued. "I started backpedaling
outt'a that water so fast it'd make your head swim."
He slapped his leg and laughed "I'da made it out of that damn tank
alright if'n it weren't for ole Patches. I guess he's done made up his
mind that I really needed that bath. That ornery old bastard took his
muzzle and pushed me when I got close to him and that was all it took.
My arms went a circli'n and a flyi'n cause I was tryi'n to get my
balance. I almost made it too cept I stepped on a sharp rock and jumped
a might. The moss at the bottom of that damned tank made me slip'n fall
face first in that ball chilli'n water! I was so mad I was spitti'n
nails when I came a flyi'n outta that stock tank!
I swear if it weren't for a couple of riders that came up on me
right then I'da kilt that damn nag! As a matter of fact I even had my
old Colt out of the holster. I was thinki'n how nice it'd be walking the
30 miles or so back to the ranch to get another horse after I'd paid
back that miserable old hateful nag!"
He slapped his knee and we both got a good laugh at his
"And that ain't the half of it Larry! Here I was standi'n there as
naked as the day I was born when I noted that one of the riders was a
Filly and a right purdy one at that!"
Uncle George started laughing so hard that he started coughing
again. He coughed regularly because he smoked all his life. After his
coughing spell stopped he continued with his tale.
"I think I turned from chilled to the bone blue, to deep crimson in
less time than it takes to say howdy! Luckily, I still had my hat on so
I snatched it off'n my head and covered my privates right quick like.
Hell, I don't know why I even bothered cause my peter was so shriveled
from that water that I'da had to stick my finger up my butt just so's I
could grab my pecker to pee!"
"Well, I guess that girl was a little more embarrassed than I was
cause she certainly turned redder'n me!
"I found out that I was talking to the owner of the ranch I was on
and the filly was his daughter Molly. We parley'd for a mite and I told
them my business while that Molly just stared at me. Here I was out in
the middle of nowhere, stark ass naked with my hat cover'n my privates.
My pecker certainly noticed that Molly cause it was a standi'n straight
out in my hat. Hell Larry, I could'a let go and shook hands with the two
of them and nobody woulda been the wiser! Cept'n I'da had both hands
free and my hat woulda been dancin to the tune my pecker was playin!
"The owner said his goodbyes and turned to leave, he had to call
his daughter twice cause she was still a looki'n and a smili'n at me
with those big blue eyes of hers!"
"Wow Uncle George! So you think she liked you then?"
"Think? Hell Larry, It took me three days to saddle up and get
outta there, and then I didn't have much of a choice on account of her
father's shotgun was pointed at my back and him behind it!"
He leaned forward and spoke quietly. "You see Larry, That Molly
came riding back into my camp that night, and the night after, then she
stayed with me until her daddy came around to fetch her back home. He
let me off lightly and just chased me off'n his property with a right
fair warning to never come back."
He leaned back and looked up to the ceiling reminiscing.
"Yesseree, that Molly, she sure was some gal. Even at the tender age of
12, that girl was prime fer breeding! I was just the one to break her in
too! Shoot she just couldn't get enough after that."
"Twelve? I thought girls at that age they weren't developed enough
for that stuff."
"Oh you'd be surprised Larry, ya just gotta break em in easy and
slow, kinda like the way you boys gentle break those Welsh Ponies. You
broke enough of them to know what I'm talking about."
Then he shook his head. "Ceptin for ole Razorback! That's the only
damn critter that I'd ever given up on!"
I winced inwardly at the mention of that damn pony's name. He threw
me off so many times I'd lost count. George didn't give him that name
for nothing either. His backbone stood out like a spiny ridge.
"Was Molly your first time also Uncle George?"
He just looked at me and smiled. "Well Larry, I wouldn't go so far
as to say that. Hell that's another story entirely now ain't it!"
That was the usual signal that it was either time to get back to
work, or leave him alone.
As I stood up to leave he said. "You know that Mormon family that
has the passle of young'uns next door Larry?"
"Yeah? I know them Uncle George, what about them?"
"Well I'd just bet you they got a few extra girls clothes they'd be
glad to give you if'n you tell em you knew a girl that is in dire need
of some. It just ain't right for that little'un to have to ride in that
itty little dress now is it?"
"Wow Uncle George! You have the greatest ideas! I'll go and ask
them right now, thanks again!"
"One more thing Larry!"
I stopped and spun on my heels, "Yes Uncle George?"
We got a big head of water coming next Tuesday. I was thinking that
maybe I'd ask Mr.'s McClure if'n her daughter and niece might want to
earn a little spending money helping with the irrigation. What'cha think
son? I was hop'in you haven't made any plans cause I sure could use your
help too!"
"What time does the water start Uncle George?"
"I reckon it starts about 8:00 at night and runs till 11:30. If'n
you go and see about getting that little Colleen some of those Mormon's
hand-me-downs from next door, I'll go and talk to Mr.'s McClure in the
morning about it!"
"You're the greatest Uncle George! Do you think I can go with you
in the morning?"
"I don't see why not, but I'll be there all day as usual. You sure
you won't get bored and want to go home the way you and your brother
used to? That was of course before your balls dropped and you started
liking girls."
"I'm sure I can find enough to keep me busy Uncle George!"
"I'm sure you will Larry! I'd even bet my best Sunday hat on it!"
He smiled and picked up the paperback and pretended to read it
again. I felt that I just had to say something to him about it.
"Uncle George, Uh.. Your book is upside down."
He looked over the edge of his paperback, I was expecting to see
the dreaded look that his illiteracy revealed but he just smiled.
"Yeah I know Larry, got the damn thing on sale cause the cover's on
upside down."
He turned the book around and sure enough he was right! I was so
relieved that he hadn't spoiled the all-knowing image I had of him.


The neighbors gave me a whole bag of clothes. It dawned on me as I
went through the clothes that some of them would be downright hard to
get my hands into. I sorted out what I thought she could wear that was
suitable to my uses. One piece that caught my eye was a pair of gym
shorts just like the ones that I used in Phys. Ed. Class at school.
There was plenty of room to get my hand in through the leg openings.
After I decided that Colleen would not be allowed to wear panties
with these shorts, my prick got so stiff that I had to do something
about it immediately. Seeing as I was the sole inhabitant of the
basement until Jim came back from Minnesota, I took off all my clothes
and leisurely stroked my meat while I sorted through my newly gotten
booty. I remembered very distinctly this one piece of clothing when I
pulled it out of the bag. It was a blouse that the homely neighbor girl
who was my age wore a year ago. We were interested in each other, but
naturally I was too timid to try anything at the time. The whole damn
family was too straight laced to let a non-believer like me play hide
the sausage with anyway.
I was able to see down though the armhole of this blouse while
Robyn was wearing it. I hung around and talked to her and played with
her bratty little brother and sisters until I got several really nice
peeks at both of her developing nipples one at a time. Then her little
sister saw what I was up to and whispered in Robyn's ear what I was
trying to see. She turned red as a beet and glared at me then went into
the house to change. We didn't talk much after that.
I smiled and picked up the pace to my meat. When I was ready I
said, "Here ya go Robyn! I've been saving this just for you!"
I wrapped it around my meat and splooged all over it, enjoying the
delayed relief of youthful frustration.
There was a pair of jeans in the bag that was in great shape. I was
even sure that they would fit Colleen really well. The problem was that
Jeans were so damn hard to get into! I finally let my conscience decide
for me and threw the whole works back in the bag, minus the splooged
As I tried to imagine how Colleen would look in these clothes, my
mind kept coming back to Colleen wearing a plain white tee shirt that
was too large for her. The shirt would almost reach her knees and would
cover the blue baggy gym shorts she would wear underneath. The only
problem was that there weren't any tee shirts in the bag. The rest of
the clothes looked like they would fit her pretty well.
I was just sitting there letting my mind wander when I realized why
a girl in a long tee shirt turned me on. It was that girl at the Kino JR
High swimming pool! She had on a tee shirt that was long enough that I
couldn't see what she had on underneath it. I got so turned on that I
followed her around until I finally saw she had a pair of shorts. I was
ready for a letdown feeling that never came.
That was it, I had the perfect attire for Colleen. If my hypnosis
idea works out I'll have a little blow job queen on a leash. If it
doesn't, well I'd just have to settle for another milking like the one
she gave me before.
I went up to my oldest brothers room and looked through his drawers
until I found what I was looking for. Jerry was in Colorado going to
college and wouldn't miss a couple of his older tee shirts anyway.
I just wished that Cheryl would call me. I had called her one time
after we first went riding and we talked for quite a while. Cheryl
called me back the next day and told me that her mom had got mad and
said we could only talk once a week and only when her mom said she
could. That left me high and dry waiting for calls from her.
I knew Cheryl was competent with horses and had already gotten
permission from my mom to let Cheryl ride Bonny, which was Jim's horse.
If her mom wouldn't allow the three of us to ride, then we'll just have
to play it by ear. My other big question was if Colleen had destroyed
her panties in bleach like I told her to do.
I had a hard time falling to sleep that night with so much to think
about. Eventually the morning dawned and with it I eagerly awaited the
chance to try my new approach to help work out Colleen's problems.
Uncle George and I arrived at Cheryl's house. I picked the bag of
clothes up from the bed of our truck and followed George to the door.
Colleen opened the door just as we approached and smiled an all too
knowing smile and a blushing face. She was wearing a new pair of dark
blue shorts. She also wore one of Cheryl's cowboy style long sleeved
shirts. The sleeves were rolled up and it billowed around her chest
being way too large on her small frame.
I felt Uncle George's hand pat my head telling me discreetly that
he knew what that smile and blush meant.
He said, "Well hello there Colleen, Is your Aunt around?"
"C'mon in Uncle George, (all us kids called him that) Aunt Jean is
in the kitchen."
I went in after George and waited while Colleen went to get her
She came in from the kitchen "Hello Mr. Gordon and Larry! Would you
like some coffee? I just made a pot."
"Why thank you kindly Ma'am. I that would hit the spot about now, I
believe I would.
"Larry, Cheryl's in her bedroom if you want to see her,
unfortunately she's grounded until Friday."
"Grounded?" I was about to ask her what Cheryl had done but colleen
cut me off by grabbing my arm.
"C'mon Larry, she's in the bedroom."
I heard Mrs. McClure say, "I swear Mr. Gordon, I just don't know
what's gotten into Cheryl lately!"
"Please Ma'am call me George. Mr. Gordon kinda makes me think I
need to be weari'n my Sunday go to meeti'n hat or something."
"Okay George, But only if you call me........"
Their conversation was cut off by the closing of Cheryl's door. She
was laying on her bed and had put her magazine down when I entered.
"What the heck happened Cheryl?"
"There gone now Larry! That dress, my old panties, all gone!"
Good Colleen, It looks like you're happier too! See? I thought it
would make a world of difference if you got rid of them!"
I went over to the bed and sat next to Cheryl, who smiled sadly.
"It was Cheryl that did it for me Larry, that's why she's grounded.
I told her about what happened, EVERYTHING!"
Poor Cheryl, she had taken the hit for her cousin and was now
paying the price. I took her in my arms and we hugged fiercely. I looked
into her eyes, which went from mine to Colleen who was standing behind
me. When I turned Colleen was standing there looking unsure and left
out. When I gestured to her, she beamed and ran into our mutual embrace.
I kissed Cheryl, savoring her lips and breast in my hand, then kissed
Colleen and ran my hand down her back, stopping on her little butt.
Cheryl said "Colleen you better go and open that damn door before
the old Lady gets wind that it's closed and gives me another week in
When Colleen opened the door, Cheryl made a hand signal telling
Colleen to just leave the door open about three inches.
Cheryl smiled at me and said, "It's worth it Larry, Colleen's a
whole different girl now. When she told me what you wanted her to do, I
decided to get rid of that dammed dress too. I had to ruin a few more
things to make it look like it was a mistake instead of on purpose.
About half of my panties and my mom's went to the slaughter too."
"But why did you do it instead of Colleen? She wouldn't have got in
all that much trouble if she did it!"
"Cause the laundry's my job Larry, besides I know how my mom is. If
Colleen was grounded, neither one of us could'a went riding!"
"Your mom won't let me go riding alone with Colleen! After all,
she's a girl too!"
"Yeah, but the dragon lady knows about me and you! I bet she'd let
you take her riding!"
"Oh that reminds me Colleen! You gotta watch that look you gave me
at the door Hun! Now Uncle George knows!"
She blushed and covered her mouth. "Uncle George saw us?"
"NO! But he's been around the world a few times. He knew what that
look you gave me meant. Why do you think he patted me on the head? He's
NEVER patted me on the head before!"
When Cheryl saw Colleen's look she said, "Don't worry about Uncle
George. He's pretty neat, right Larry?"
Cheryl and I exchanged knowing smiles and I squeezed her hand. "I
think I got something going next Tuesday Cheryl! We got Irrigation
coming and Uncle George is gonna ask your mom if you and Colleen can
help. He's even gonna pay you guys!"
Cheryl brightened. "Oooo! Tuesday huh, What time?"
"From 8:00 till 11:00! In the evening!"
"Really Larry? Did you hear that Colleen? We're even gonna get
"But I can't get these clothes dirty Cheryl! You're momma would
skin me alive!"
"Oh that reminds me Colleen! There's a bag of clothes I brought for
you in the living room!"
Her face lit up and she spun on her heels and vanished out the door
leaving Cheryl and I alone for precious moments to enjoy each other's
The door burst open again "Wow Larry, there's a bunch of neat...... "
I had to break off one of my most enjoyable moments with clothes on
to motion Colleen over to us. Fortunately, the look on her face wasn't
one of hurt or jealousy. She was a little embarrassed that she had burst
in on us without thinking.
"Wow Larry! You're the greatest! Where did you get all this neat
"Well, it was Uncle George's idea. The neighbors have a bunch of
girls and I just asked them if they had anything they were gonna get rid
Colleen was almost in tears before I pulled her to me and kissed
her lips.
"There's a couple of things in there I want you to wear for me
Colleen. Here, give me the bag and I'll show you."
I reached inside and pulled out the pair of dark blue gym shorts
and my oldest brother's tee shirt.
"I gotta tell you why I like these okay? First, these shorts should
fit your waist, and there's plenty of room in the legs for me."
I already had my hand around her waist so I moved it to her butt
for emphasis.
"Do you know what I want you to wear underneath these shorts
The look on Colleen's face even made Cheryl giggle. I moved my hand
that was on her butt lower and slipped my fingers between her legs. With
the pointer finger of my other hand, I gently teased her slit from the
front for a brief moment. Colleen sharply inhaled, but didn't flinch
away. Then I held out the tee shirt.
"The first time I saw a girl wearing one of these long tee shirts,
I wondered just what she had on underneath it. We were at the Kino Jr.
High pool and I just had to hang around her until I saw what she had on.
It turned out that she had shorts on under there but it really turned me
Cheryl said, "Ohhh Colleen you can use that to sleep in too!"
When I looked at Cheryl, her eyes told all. When she read into my
eyes, she quickly averted her eyes from mine.
"That's right Colleen, Cheryl wants you to wear them in bed too.
Isn't that right babe?"
When Cheryl nodded, I said "I have another tee shirt you can use
for sleeping in the bag too."
Cheryl was relieved that I didn't get upset over her lustful
intentions. I felt my prick stiffen at the thought of Cheryl and Colleen
going at each other.
"What do you want her to wear underneath this big old long tee
shirt Cheryl?"
Cheryl Looked surprised, then thoughtful, then a devilish smile
appeared on her face.
"Well tonight I don't want her to wear anything under it, but she's
gotta have her panties on before we go to sleep!"
"You heard that Colleen?"
"Yes Larry, I'll do it!"
"Good! Now I want to see how you look in them okay? Go ahead and
change into them okay?"
Colleen smiled and said "Okay Larry, I'll be right back!"
Cheryl said "Colleen! Larry wants you to change in here. Go and
peek in on my mom and Uncle George and see if they're still talking then
come on back and close the door!"
As soon as Colleen left, I let go of my even expression and turned
to Cheryl. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled. Colleen was
understandably apprehensive when she returned and closed the door. She
stood with her back leaning against the door.
I smiled reassuringly and said, "Come on over here honey, I think
Cheryl and I want to change your clothes for you."
I noticed the slight change in colleen's expression from
apprehension and slight dread to a hint of, "I'm about to do something
naughty and I think I'll like it." It mirrored Cheryl's expression to a
lesser degree. This was the first time that I had seen it come from the
girl. Cheryl seemed to notice the change in Colleen also. She eagerly
sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed awaiting the approach
of Colleen.
"Are both of you gonna do it?"
We looked at each other smiling then nodded in unison. Colleen
seemed to like the idea also and stood in between us blushing.
Cheryl asked, "Were mom and Uncle George still talking?"
"Yeah, as a matter of fact she was pouring him another cup of
Cheryl and I moved at the same time, almost like we had planned
this new idea of two on one ahead of time. I placed my hands in
Colleen's slender hips and guided her between us, facing Cheryl. I
rubbed her back and butt while Cheryl ran her hands down Colleen's chest
then back up to her nipples.
Soon the buttons on Colleen's blouse were undone and I slipped it
off her shoulders and placed it on the bed. Her shorts had an elastic
waist and they slipped past her slender hips with a gentle tug from me.
Now all that was left was Colleen's new white panties. I gave the go
ahead to Cheryl with a small nod, her expression showed how excited she
had become from our mutual play.
Cheryl's hands circled Colleen's waist and caressed her hips. She
gently slipped her fingers under the elastic waist and paused to watch
me kissing Colleen's shoulder blades and caressing her chest. My lips
kissed Colleen's butt cheeks, following the waistband of her panties as
they slipped down with Cheryl's hands.
Colleen let out a giggle and moved away from my tickling lips.
Cheryl must have been playing with the pussy in front of her because I
saw her finger emerge from between Colleen's pussy lips when she moved
away from me. Fighting the urge to nip one of Colleen's butt cheeks in
fear of the squeal it would bring, I whispered in her ear.
"You gotta be quiet now, cause we're gonna make you come okay?"
She nodded her head and I laid her back on the bed with her legs
hanging over the edge. Both Cheryl and I caressed her body taking turns
at teasing her bald little pussy.
I asked Cheryl, "Doesn't she have the cutest little hairless pussy
you're ever seen Cheryl?"
"What are we going to do with it Larry?"
"I know what I want to do with it Cheryl, I want to lick it! What
do you want to do?"
"She's never let me do that to her Larry, but I'd really like to
see you lick her!"
"I had to sneak up on her when I licked her before. She came for me
in about ten seconds right Colleen?"
Colleen shook her head "Yes".
"I don't think I'll be able to keep quiet if you do that again
Cheryl said lustfully, "I know how to keep her quiet Larry, watch
Cheryl bent down and planted a passionate kiss on Colleen's lips,
while I slipped onto my knees and planted my tongue on her clit.
Colleen thrashed about on the bed but we had her pinned. Her cries
of pleasure were taken into Cheryl's mouth where she held then inside. I
knew time was running short and had to pick up the pace with my tongue
on her clit. I tried to use my finger to tease what my mouth did not
cover. Her pussy was so small that I had to settle for gently probing
her rosebud.
The surprise and new sensation brought almost immediate results,
Colleen's cries heightened as her orgasm took her away.
I knew that I had to stop or Cheryl wouldn't be able to contain the
ever-increasing cries of pleasure coming from Colleen. While she writhed
in our mutual embrace, I went lower and licked her little butt hole. I
hadn't planned on doing it, but since I couldn't lick her pussy, I had
to settle for the lower hole.
Colleen's orgasm continued until I drug myself away with great
effort. Cheryl sensed the end also and released the lip lock she had on
Colleen, allowing her to relax.
Acting quickly, I tossed the tee shirt to Cheryl and started to put
the dark blue Gym shorts on for Colleen. When I looked up, Cheryl
already had Colleen's arms into the shirt so I grasped them and pulled
her into a sitting position and waited while Cheryl worked the shirt
over Colleen's head and down her waist. Just then, I heard Uncle
George's voice raise and almost panicked.
Standing quickly, I grabbed Colleen's legs and lifted her butt of
the bed while Cheryl jerked them up to her waist. I rushed over and
opened the bedroom door a crack, then rushed back to the bed. Cheryl
grabbed and opened the magazine she had been reading and I quickly
grabbed one side with Colleen between us. We had about three seconds
after I sat back down to get our act together.
Mrs. McClure opened the door and said, "Cheryl, Colleen Mr. Gordon
is going to need some help next week and wants to know if you're
interested in making some money, what do you think?"
Cheryl answered "YEAH cool!" right away with an "Okay" From Colleen
Mrs. McClure looked at Colleen and said worriedly "Colleen are you
okay? You look a little flushed."
"I'm all right Aunt Jean. I guess I sorta cried a little when I saw
all these neat clothes Larry brought me."
She stood and held out her arms, "Look, I can wear these as my play
Colleen read her Aunt's look correctly and lifted the hem of the
tee shirt that went half way to her knees.
"I even got these neat shorts! I thought that they weren't gonna be
good enough for school this spring so I'll play in these."
She turned and pulled the rest of the clothes out of the bag and
asker her Aunt.
"Do you think these are good enough for school Aunt Jean?"
Mrs. McClure's "Is she using that damn thing as a dress?" look
quickly changed to a smile. I stood so she could sit on the bed and go
through the clothes one by one with her niece and complement her on how
nice they were and how good the condition was.
"You girls go and talk to Mr. Gordon okay? I want to talk to Larry
for a minute."
It dawned on me that Colleen had been covering a small wet spot on
the top sheet where her juices had pooled. I was in no position to do
anything about it, but Cheryl spotted it and nonchalantly grabbed a
blouse as she stood and covered the spot.
When Mrs. McClure looked at me, her eyes were watering. She stroked
a tear away with her fingers and stood, then held her arms out and
hugged me tightly.
"Larry, you are such a fine young man! Those clothes were just what
Colleen needed too! How can I ever thank you!"
"It was Uncle George's Idea Mrs. McClure. He said it wasn't proper
for a girl to ride in a dress. He's right too, I'm glad you didn't get
mad about bringing them to her without asking."
"That's perfectly all right with me honey. Money is a little hard
to come by and now that we've got Colleen, well it makes it a little
harder. But don't get me wrong, we love that girl! She's going to have a
much easier time staying with us. I'm glad you've taken her under your
wing. I've noticed so much improvement in her. She's smiling now, have
you noticed?"
"Yeah, she's a lot happier since I first met her. Cheryl's
friendship and understanding really makes Colleen feel more like family
instead of a guest I think."
"Well, Colleen's always been family here."
She looked at me and smiled knowingly "She's got a crush on you
Larry! Have you noticed?"
I immediately blushed and looked at my shoes. "I know, but that's
just tough. She's a little girl, more like a sister."
"I know that Larry, I think it's cute that's all. Now Cheryl on the
other hand! Did she tell you why she's grounded?"
"She said she ruined some clothes or something like that. I don't
think she meant to do it on purpose, honest!"
"I wish I could be as sure about that as you Larry, she's never
done a stunt like that before!"
"Mrs. McClure, you asked how you could thank me. Could you let
Cheryl's punishment stop today? Maybe you could take the money she makes
helping us irrigate next week as punishment."
She considered my request for a moment then said, "I tell you what
Larry. I don't want Cheryl to know that you asked me to let her off the
hook for personal reasons. Tomorrow, I'll tell her that she's no longer
grounded okay?"
"Thanks Mrs. McClure!"
"You're welcome Larry, were you thinking about riding today?"
"Yeah, I was gonna let Cheryl ride Bonny and Colleen could either
ride with me or Cheryl."
"I'm sure Colleen would like to ride, why don't you ask her?"
I did my best to look disappointed and said, "Well, I guess that's
okay. I'll go and ask her."
"I appreciate that Larry, Colleen needs all the company she can get
at her age."
I went into the living room and listened while the girls told me
all about the money they were going to earn.
"Colleen, I was gonna go riding and I thought maybe you'd like to
get out of the house for a while. Do you want to go for a ride?"
Her face lit up "YEAH!" then she realized that Cheryl had to stay
"Maybe I better stay here and keep Cheryl Company."
Cheryl said "Naw, that's okay Colleen. You go on and have some fun.
I gotta do some more laundry anyway."
"Well, okay but I don't like to leave you alone while I'm having
I said, "My mom said you can ride Bonny Cheryl. I'll make sure to
come over after you're not grounded anymore and the three of us can ride
"Okay, that'll be great!"
"C'mon Colleen. You think you can catch my pony while he's loose in
the pasture?"
"I'll betcha I can Larry! Don't forget Arizona likes me, and I'll
bring an apple. He's a sucker for apples!"
We walked out the front door. Colleen following close behind me
until we reached the street. As she caught up to me, I reminded her that
her Aunt might be watching us from her window and to be cool until we
were out of sight of her prying eyes.


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