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Dairyman's daughter 8 / Chapter 8 Colleen's Passion Awakened.

{m/f/f, mast, oral, anal, cons, coerc, hyp}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Don’t start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

Colleen and I were still within sight of the house, so we walked
apart until we went into the barn. I sat on the same sawhorse that
Cheryl and I had used me and embraced Colleen.
"That was sorta close huh Colleen?"
She smiled "Yeah! It was kinda scary but I loved it! Especially
cause the three of us were doing it together!"
"Yeah, I never expected that to happen. I'm glad you're happier now
"I think the past is finally gonna go away now! I just want to
forget it and never have to think about it again!"
"You can't do that honey! The past will come back and haunt you
until you learn to deal with it. I'm sorry I gotta be the one to tell
you that, but I been reading some of my dad's books. They say you just
need to bring the bad past out, then deal with it.
She hugged me tightly, burying her face in my chest. "I don't want
to Larry! Why can't I just forget it!"
"The hard part is already over Colleen! You already brought it out
by telling us. That makes it twice now that you've recalled it. Wasn't
it easier to tell Cheryl after you told me?"
"Okay, I want to ask you a simple question. Here we are, just the
two of us together where it's private. What do you want to do right
"I……I just want you to hold me! It feels so nice in your arms!"
"Do you know what Cheryl or I would want to do if we were alone
with each other or you right now?"
"Yeah, You and Cheryl would finally get to make love. If I was here
You'd want to make love with me too I guess."
"Damn straight girl! Right now I want to make you come your brains
out, again and again!"
"Okay Larry, we can do that."
"We can huh? Do you want me to make you come again?"
She thought for a minute, "Yeah………"
"Don't you see the difference Colleen? Now maybe it's cause people
are different, but I think you are just going along with what we want
instead of what you want. I want you to desire me or Cheryl the way we
desire you or each other!"
"Okay Larry." She started to undo my belt, but my hands stopped
"Colleen, have you ever heard of hypnosis?"
"Yeah, That's when people do funny stuff like on television!"
"Well you're right there, but that's not good hypnosis."
"Good Hypnosis?"
"Yeah, you see when A person is under hypnosis, all their guards
are down. They'll do and say things that their conscious minds wouldn't
let then do normally."
"I see. You want to hypnotize me so I'll want to let you lick me or
fuck me. But you can do that now Larry! I'll let you do anything you
want to me!"
"Do you trust me Colleen?"
"Yes Larry, I really do!"
"Okay then, Sometimes people are too scared to allow themselves to
be put under hypnosis cause they're afraid that the person hypnotizing
them will find out all their dirty little secrets. Private secrets that
everyone has. I want you to know that I'm not interested in making you
tell me stuff like that okay?"
She finally pulled her head away from my chest and looked up at me.
"What do you want me to do when you hypnotize me Larry?"
"Lets get our tack and go find Arizona so your Aunt don't wonder
why we've been in here so long okay? I'll tell you more as we walk to
the back pasture and ride."
As we walked down the service road that ran along the edge of our
property, I continued filling Colleen in.
"A person that's hypnotized won't do something that's against their
will, like if I tell you to jump off a cliff while you're under. That's
sort of an extreme example but its true. Now, let's say I tell you that
you have clothes on when actually you're bare-naked. You might believe
that, and even see clothes on your body that aren't there."
She jerked her head up to look at me. "LARRY!"
"Don't worry Colleen, I wouldn't dream of doing that to you. Now
lets say that I did do that and then put your clothes back on and told
you to forget about being naked. Do you think that you'd completely
forget about what happened?"
"I don't know Larry, Would I?"
"Well Colleen, you might not remember it for a while, but
eventually the memory will come back. Especially if something bad or
embarrassing happened."
"Oh Wow!"
"That's why you can't try to forget the bad things that happened to
you. Those memories will keep trying to come back until your conscious
mind learns to accept and understand why it happened. Then after all
that has been settled, your conscious mind will put that memory to
"Is that when I'll finally be able to forget it Larry?"
"No Colleen, that's when it isn't important anymore and if you do
remember it again, it won't bother you."
"It makes me scared every time something reminds me Larry. I think
it'll be good for you to hypnotize me. When can we do it?"
"As soon as we find a nice quiet place Colleen. Like the orchard
over there."
We reached the back pasture and Colleen called Arizona over to her
with the help of the apple she brought with her. In a few minutes, we
were riding towards the privacy of the orchards that dotted the
landscape around the farm.
"I need you to understand one more thing Colleen. Its called
"I know what the definition is Larry. Association is a group of
people or a business right?"
"Yeah, but there's a lot more to it besides that. I'm gonna say a
word and you tell me the first word that comes into your mind okay?"
"Okay good. You associated apple with orange. They're not the same
but they can go together, understand?"
"Okay, I see what you mean."
"Here is a very bad association that most people have. Guilt and
"Why is that bad Larry! If a person is guilty of murder, he should
be punished!"
"What if a person blames themselves for something and doesn’t get
caught doing it Colleen?"
"I dunno Larry, what?"
"Their mind knows that they're guilty, and now it has to come up
with a punishment suitable for the guilt that they feel! Like the time I
lied to Uncle George. He knew right away that I had lied but he said
nothing. It wasn't three seconds later that I told him that I had lied
to him and apologized. I knew that if I didn't fess up right then, his
disappointed look would haunt me. Uncle George smiled and forgave me so
my guilt was resolved. My punishment was the look he gave me."
"I've read where some doctors and scientists believe that a
person's unresolved guilt made them get sick, not just an upset stomach
"Do you think that's my problem Larry?"
"It's a big part of it Colleen, but there's another association to
guilt you need to think about. Along with guilt, there can also be
forgiveness. Let's say as an example that I was out shooting sparrows
with my BB gun and I missed. The stray BB hit my horse by accident. I'd
feel really bad about what happened right?"
We'll say that my horse wasn't really hurt, he just got spooked.
After I saw that Arizona was okay, I told myself that I had done a
really dumb thing. Then I promised myself that from now on, I'd always
make sure to look behind where I was shooting so my mistake would never
happen again. Knowing that I had learned my lesson, I could forgive
myself as long as I didn't do it again. I associated guilt with
forgiveness and put an end to the matter."
"Colleen looked down, thinking I was really meaning her."
She jumped a little at the sound of my raised voice.
"He's the guilty one dammit! What was the punishment he paid for
his crimes Colleen?"
"He died!"
"Damn straight Colleen! Not only did he die horribly, but also he
might have inadvertently caused his own death. He probably started
drinking more to try to forget his guilt and that caused his ultimate
punishment! It's over with now Colleen! That old bastard got what he
deserved and now you've freed yourself of those reminders you've had to
"You're right Larry!"
"Colleen, you're gonna have to learn to get pissed off at the
bastard that took advantage of you!"
"I'll try Larry Honest!"
"Don't worry about that now honey, It'll come eventually. After
you're through being pissed at him, you might even possibly forgive him
because something made him that way. Maybe he was abused when he was a
kid, that still don't make his actions right though!"
We reached the orchard and rode in-between the rows of trees to
where I still had the blanket stashed. After we dismounted, I grabbed
the blanket from its hiding place and gave it to Colleen to spread out
while I tied Arizona to a tree.
I joined Colleen on the blanket and we talked about unrelated
things for a few minutes to help break the tension. I finally asked
Colleen if she was ready to begin and she nodded her head. Now came the
time to see if all my practice would pay off.
I had Colleen lay back and took her hand in mine.
"Isn't it nice and quiet here Colleen? The shade makes it a lot
cooler too."
"Yeah Larry, I like it here."
"Okay honey, for a while I want you to just close your eyes and
listen to the sound of my voice. There is a slight breeze blowing, you
can feel it cooling your skin. The slight noise of the breeze as it
moves through the citrus is reassuring, you feel so relaxed and peaceful
here. Every muscle in your body senses the peaceful surroundings and
gives up its tension. Your toes are relaxed now, the peaceful relaxed
feeling moves to your ankles then up your legs. It's such a pleasant
peaceful sensation. Now your abdomen and fingers are swept up in the
relaxing wave traveling up your body."
"Open your eyes now Colleen and look at my finger. You can't take
your eyes off my finger as the relaxing wave your body feels is
traveling up your chest and arms. Your eyes feel heavy now, as if a
weight is pulling them shut. When the relaxing wave hits your eyes, you
won't be able to keep them open. The base of your neck is now completely
relaxed. Both your arms too. Your body feels heavy, arms, and legs so
heavy and relaxed. The relaxing wave is to your eyes now Colleen. You
can't keep them open. Good!"
"Wow, I think it's actually working!" I say to myself when
Colleen's eyelids fluttered then closed.
You are in a deep restful sleep now. The only sound you hear is the
sound of my voice. Deeper…………deeper. Floating in a deep restful sleep.
I lift one of her arms off the ground and let it go when it is
about eight inches off the ground. It stays right where I leave it,
suspended in mid air. I keep watch of her arm while I continue talking
in a slow gentle voice. Two minutes pass by. Someone pretending to be
hypnotized would be struggling to keep their arm raised.
"I think she's really under!"
I press her arm down to the ground.
You have no feeling in your body now Colleen. You seem to be gently
suspended above your body in a peaceful slumber. Totally disconnected
now. You feel nothing, just peaceful relaxing slumber.
The book I studied said if the subject has reached a deep level,
one good test is to pinch their arm hard enough to leave a mark and
cause pain, but I had a better idea. I gently lifted the loose leg of
her shorts and peer inside at Colleen's bald little pussy. Then slip my
hand inside and gently tickle her labia. Colleen doesn't jump or react
in the slightest way to my fingers. I pinch her arm and leave a red
welt. The girl is under! I've done it!
"Now you are lowering back inside your body Colleen, all your
feeling returns. This restful place you are in now is so very welcome.
All your worries and concerns have no meaning here. You can experience
things, relive past experiences with no worry because you are looking at
what's happening from the outside. You will wake up very soon now. When
I tell you "Wake up!" you'll wake up feeling so refreshed and good! You
will remember these next words Colleen. When I say "Colleen Relax!" you
will immediately go right back asleep like you are now. This command
only works if I say it. Anyone else saying my command words will have no
affect on you. You can speak now. What is the command for you to sleep
like you are?"
"Colleen relax."
"That's right. And what will happen when I say it to you?"
"I will come here."
"Do you like it here Colleen?"
"Yes, it's so peaceful!"
"That's right Colleen. No matter how upset you are, If I give you
the command "Colleen relax" you will toss those worries away and drift
into this deep restful state."
"Now open your eyes and look at me. That's good! You can trust me.
You can trust my touch. Feel how good and right my hand feels when I
touch you."
I place my hand on her arm and colleen smiles peacefully. I move my
hand up her arm and across her chest.
"How does that feel colleen?"
"Mmmmm really good!"
"That's right, How does it feel if I touch you here?"
I move my hand directly to her shorts where her pussy is underneath
and rest it there.
"Mmmmm it's nice there too!"
"Do you trust Cheryl like you trust me Colleen?"
"Yes Larry."
"Her touch is just like mine Colleen, a good feeling. If anyone
else touches you in any way you will make your own decision as to
whether or not they are good or bad touches. Do you understand?"
"If I kiss you on the lips like this………Is that a nice feeling?"
"Mmmmm Yes!"
"Do you want me to kiss you again?"
"Yes! Kiss me again Larry!"
"Put your arms around me Colleen. Pull me to you!"
We kissed gently, then her passion emerged for the first time. I
gently cupped her breast and coaxed her nipple between my thumb and
finger while our passion soared. I kissed her again, then whispered in
her ear.
"What do you feel when I caress your nipple Colleen tell me?"
"Mmmmm It makes me tingle all over!"
"And when I touch here on your pussy?"
"Mmmmm that's really good Larry!"
"Do you want me to stop?"
"Nooo, Don't stop!"
"Do you know what will happen if I continue caressing your pussy
like this Colleen?"
"I'll come!"
"If that's what you want then all you have to do is ask me to make
you come okay?"
"Don't stop Larry! I. I want…. Make me come Larry! Please?"
"Anything you want Colleen, I want you to come too! As a matter of
fact you can feel your orgasm building now can't you!"
She started breathing heavily, her body responding to my gentle
"I'm in control of your orgasm Colleen. When I tell you to come,
you will, not before okay?"
"Mmmmmm O…Okay, Please make me come Larry! I need it so bad!"
"Very soon now honey. This orgasm will gently wash over your body.
It won't be so powerful that it becomes unbearable. You can come for as
long as you want it to last. Here it comes Colleen can you feel it?"
"YES! I'm so close now! OH LARRY PLEASE!"
"Now honey! Come for me now!"
Colleen's hips bucked off the ground in response to my command. She
cried out her release as I gently caressed her folds with my fingers.
"That's it baby! A nice gentle orgasm, NOT TOO MUCH NOW! That's
better! Your orgasm has evened out now. You can ride it as long as you
I wish the alphabet contained enough letters to describe the sounds
that a girl makes while she's in the throes of orgasm. Simple words or
combinations of letters would do no justice to the translation.
Colleen cried out her long held release of passion that had been
trapped within. She had come for me before, but under duress. This time
she wanted, hell she NEEDED to come!
Eventually, I removed my hand and drew her to me pressing the front
of my thigh into her womanhood. My hand on her waist encouraged Colleen
to rub her pussy against my thigh, after a few seconds she was on her
own. Eventually, I rolled onto my back taking the still squirming with
I whispered in her ear. "That's right darlin, just keep coming
until you let all that built up passion out! You're free now Colleen,
free to desire anyone you want. Let it all out!"
With that said, she wailed out an almost animal like scream fucking
my leg furiously. Colleen's last thirty seconds of orgasm drained her
completely. Finally spent, the poor girl collapsed on top of me. Her
body a pile of limp arms and legs.
I gently stroked the back of her sweat soaked tee shirt and spoke
reassuringly into her ear.
When I felt her start to respond, I told her "Wake up now Colleen,
you will remember everything, especially your passion!"
I knew that my command registered in her mind although about three
minutes passed before Colleen started sobbing uncontrollably on my
I reached down and grabbed the hem of the bottom of her shirt and
lifted it away from her sweat soaked back, then I fluffed it up and down
to move cooling air to her skin. Her sobs were decreasing now and her
arms and legs regained a semblance of control.
Colleen sniffled, then said, "Oh Larry!" and broke into a fresh
bout of crying. Her hot tears burned a path down my neck as they dripped
from her eyes.
"There's some water in the irrigation ditch Colleen. Do you want me
to wet your shirt down and cool you off a little?"
She nodded yes. Her sobs had finally ran its course. I worked
Colleen's shirt up her back, then rolled her off from on top of me. The
shirt turned inside out as I peeled it from her skin. When I stood, the
whole front of my body was soaked from her perspiration. As an after
thought, I pulled her shorts from her slender hips and rinsed them out
in the cool irrigation water.
When I returned and removed her shoes and socks, Colleen's eyes
fluttered open. She smiled at me before closing them again. I cooled her
face first, then sponged off every part of her body. Making several
trips back to the water to rinse out her clothes. Colleen's body
accepted my ministrations completely. Often I had one of her legs draped
over my shoulder while the other was spread out wide as I cooled and
caressed her legs and pussy. It took about three complete cleanings
before Colleen's body cooled enough to stop sweating. She was sleeping
peacefully when I was done. I didn't want to wake her by trying to work
the freshly rinsed clothing over her body, so I hung them on a tree and
lay beside her. In ten minutes, the lack of sleep from the night before
caught up with me and I was fast asleep myself.
I awoke when I felt my pants being worked down over my hips. I
helped Colleen get them past my hips then relaxed and closed my eyes
again, wondering what the girl was going to do to me.
My shoes, shirt and pants came off, then my underwear. Kisses to my
nipples and lips and hands feeling and teasing.
With no coaxing, Colleen tasted the skin of my cock with her
tongue. I lay there trying to control my reflexes, not wanting to make
her feel hurried or pushed into sucking my cock. Gradually her testing
and explorations confirmed what I forced her discover last time we were
She lay on top of my chest facing towards my groin and then put me
inside her little mouth. The feeling was wonderful! No hands, no teeth,
just wonderful wetness. I could feel maybe two or three inches inside
her mouth as she slowly worked my prick in and out of her mouth. I knew
that her gag reflex might fool her into thinking that my prick was
making her sick like the smell of the bastard that abused her, so I had
to be so very careful.
I started to rub her back and butt, then I gently held her movement
still and started slowly thrusting into her mouth just an inch at a
I thought to myself "This must be what a pussy feels like!"
Colleens legs were open and although her little pussy was out of
range of my tongue, my fingers and hands had complete access.
"Oh Colleen, that's so wonderful! Your mouth feels like what I
think a pussy might feel!
"Fuck it Larry! Fuck my mouth! I want you in my pussy but that will
have to wait!
I wet my pinkie finger with my mouth and slipped it inside her
tight little pussy at the same moment of my next thrust. With each
plunge of my cock into her mouth, Colleen got an equal amount in the
other end. Her butt waggled and her little pussy started juicing up.
My growing excitement made my thrusts longer and harder. Colleen
followed my lead by stroking my legs and balls. Her mouth was not as
large as Cheryl's, but I never felt her gag either when my prick hit the
back of her throat.
Her pussy was so small that I could easily cover it with my mouth,
I switched from my pinky finger to my index finger inside her. It went
into her pussy about an inch and a half before I bumped her hymen.
Colleen jumped a little at the intrusion.
"Are you okay Colleen?"
"Mmmm Hmmm!"
I decided to stay out of her pussy until she had more experience
with her new found desire, so I turned my hand so my pointer finger was
in-between her butt cheeks and my thumb on her clit, hoping to get her
off at the same time as me. As soon as Colleen started showing the signs
of heightened arousal, I was too damn close to even think of trying to
delay my orgasm.
"Colleen, I'm getting close!"
I released my hold on her back to allow the girl freedom of
movement. Then the first stirrings of my impending eruption began.
"If you don't want me coming in your mouth hun, you better get
"Nnnn Nnnn! Comf!"
"Okay babe, Oooohh! I can feel it building!"
I had stopped my thrusting in order to force myself not to jam the
snotty end of my fuck stick down Colleen's throat when my first wad of
goo made it's express delivery. Whatever I did, it worked like a champ!
I guess this orgasm was so different because I had relaxed. All my
muscles that hold the floodgates of sperm back were relaxed. For the
very first time I just let my orgasm run it's course.
Ever since I had started masturbating, I tried to hold back each
wad that my prick was trying to deliver. Then I sent each squirt along
with a jerk and a thrust.
Colleen was treated to three quick shots, then a pause and another
three. After that happened a few times, I sorta lost count. All I know
is that I felt my youthful reservoir of sperm drain away, then my
emergency supply seemed to be tapped directly after that and sent down
the tube.
Don't get me wrong, It was an intense orgasm! Whatever it might
have lacked in intensity, it made up in the length of time that I lay
under Colleen and quivered, then delivered.
Do you remember when you were a kid and got that first strange but
good feeling by pressing your crotch against something? For me it was
the light pole in front of my house. Take that feeling and magnify it
forty times! That's the best description that I can come up with for my
orgasm. It was almost as if an angel (or maybe an alien) had descended
from above and bestowed me with a special orgasmic gift.
The most beautiful gift of all was that Colleen had just received
her very first throat rinse without any of the possibly traumatic chokes
or gags that I might have forced upon her unwittingly.
She had just given in to her newly found lust and greedily took in
everything that I had to offer. Her blowjob wasn't delivered with as
much lust and enthusiasm as Cheryl had done with her first time, but my
recovery period would be a mere matter of a half hour instead of a week.
Each girl was at opposite ends of the blowjob spectrum. Each end however
was delightful and fulfilling.
The world didn't go dim. Neither did the intensity of the orgasm
cause me to pull her mouth off my tortured tool. I just felt the feeling
and euphoria slowly diminish. My body quivering declined along with my
Grasping Colleen by her slim hips, I pulled her gently sucking
mouth off my spent organ and aimed my tongue into her virgin fuck hole.
Colleen let out a moan and thrashed her legs and arms.
"AHHH Larry! Your tongue! It's……. It's….. Gawd I'm CUMMING!"
Deeper and deeper I forced my tongue inside her tight little
snatch. Colleen reached the point of pleasure overload quickly and I was
forced to back off from her little fuck hole. To keep her orgasm going,
I nibbled and kissed the inside of her legs and butt crack while holding
her body in my firm embrace. When I sensed her response change away from
orgasm to tickling, I let my head fall away from between her legs and
massaged her back.
"Colleen, That was FANTASTIC! I'm so proud of you!"
"Mmmmmm, Larry!"
She was still coming down from the endorphin high of orgasm and
enjoying the afterglow. I still had more work to do with her hypnosis
In a calm voice I commanded, "Colleen relax."
Her body went limp.
"Colleen you are now in the same deep restful sleep as before. A
gentle peaceful place."
"I want you to go back to the orgasm that you just experienced."
She started to moan, her body gently writhed in response.
"That's It Colleen, Now let the sensation slowly recede until the
feeling is just a pleasant feeling to you. You will feel it in your
pussy, right here."
I gently rubbed her clit and up her folds. Colleen moaned and moved
her legs.
"That's it Colleen, Is that a pleasant feeling for you?"
"Mmmmm, yes! That's really nice!"
"Whenever I say the word Tecumseh, You will feel like this whether
you are fully awake or not. Do you understand?"
"What is the key word?"
"Good, Now let's give it a try. If I say stop Tecumseh, the feeling
will drift away leaving you satisfied. Okay stop Tecumseh."
I felt her body relax slightly. "That's good Colleen."
"Okay here we go. Tecumseh!"
"Good! Now there are different levels to this command. If I say up
one level your good feeling will increase or I say Tecumseh two or three
your good feeling will increase accordingly. Do you understand?"
"Mmmm, Yes!"
"Tecumseh four Colleen!"
"AHHHH!" Colleen started to get the twitches in her pussy and belly
that are associated with the approach of orgasm.
"Good! Now back to level one Colleen!"
"Anytime you hear the Tecumseh command, the feelings will gradually
come on to you, not all at once. You will not remember me giving the
command, so the feelings will seem like they are your idea. After you
come, or go to sleep the command will wear off and you will remember
that I gave you the command."
"If I say Tecumseh Cheryl, that means that you slowly get the
Tecumseh feelings and Cheryl is the person that you are horny for. You
want to come with the Tecumseh command. It might be ten minutes or all
day before you can finally have your orgasm with her or me. If there
isn't a good opportunity right away the Tecumseh command will simply
stay in the back of your mind and give you a gentle reminder that you
want her. I'll give you an example. The next time I come over, I tell
you Tecumseh Cheryl. It's in the middle of the day and people are in the
house. Would that be a good time to act out the command?"
Colleen thought a moment and said, "No."
"Good! So the command will go dormant, you'll get a good feeling
and think about making Cheryl come and then her making you come. You'll
realize the time is not right and decide against it until a good
opportunity arises."
"When would a good time be to act on your desire after you receive
the Tecumseh command Colleen?"
"After everyone is asleep, or like when Aunt Jean went grocery
shopping that one time."
"Yes very good Colleen! Remember that this command will not put you
to sleep, your conscious mind will still make all the decisions. Don't
take any risk of getting caught."
"Okay now the Tecumseh command can be used with other words like
this example. Tecumseh squeeze Cheryl's breast and say that's from
Larry. What would you want to do then?"
"Squeeze her breast and tell her that you wanted me to say it was
from you."
"That's it! Now just one more thing Colleen, put your hand on my
When she complied, I rubbed her pussy. Whenever you touch Cheryl or
I with any part of your body while under the Tecumseh command, you'll
get a really nice feeling in your pussy. Your mouth will make you feel
better than your hand. Naturally, the faster or harder go, the better
you'll feel. This feeling wworks both ways, if we were to touch you with
our hands or mouth, your pussy will feel good too. Do you understand
"Good! When you wake up, you'll feel so refreshed and happy. You
and I have just shared something very special and you have finally been
able to let your passion come out. You've accomplished so much Colleen,
I'm really proud of you. When you wake up you will remember everything
I've told you, including the Tecumseh instructions I gave you."
"Okay Colleen, wake up!"
Colleen stirred then she picked up her head.
"What do you think Colleen, was that really great or what?"
She turned around so her head and great big smile was facing me.
"Wow Larry! And I feel so great afterwards too!"
"That's because I told you to feel that way remember Colleen? I'm
sure you would feel great anyway, but I just had to add that part to
make sure. You were fantastic babe! I really mean it too!"
"Do we have to go back now Larry? I mean we can if you want to.
After all, poor Cheryl is probably bored to tears."
"No Colleen, Let's just lay here a while and enjoy each other. It's
too soon to go back anyway."
We looked into each other's eyes and smiled the lover's knowing
smile, then kissed tenderly. Colleen went to move off from on top of me,
but I held her there enjoying the intimate contact. I looked up through
the trees and let my mind drift.
"Yes Colleen?"
"I actually sucked your dick and swallowed your come!"
"Oh yeah you sure did babe! You're gonna be all right now, I just
know it!"
"How was it for you Larry? I mean did I do okay?"
"You're a natural Colleen. Did Cheryl ever tell you that she got me
with her teeth the first time she sucked me?"
Colleen giggled, "Yeah, she felt pretty bad about it too. Cheryl
said that she did a lot better the next time though. That's why I was so
"Your mouth made me think of a little shallow pussy babe. That's
why I had to fuck it!"
"I REALLY liked that Larry! Especially when you came! Cheryl told
me to swallow it as soon as I could. She wanted me to try it because
that's what she did."
"You did it too Colleen! One of these day's I'll finally be able to
go the whole way with you."
"I want it too Larry! I want you to take my virginity right after
you and Cheryl do it!"
"You're pretty small down there Colleen. I think with you we're
gonna have to go pretty slow, maybe start out with something small like
a finger."
"Do you think it wouldn't hurt as much if you did it that way
"I'm definitely no expert in that area Colleen but It sure wouldn't
be harmful to try it that way."
"Well you're the boss Larry, I'll do whatever you want."
"The question is do YOU want it Colleen!"
"YES Larry! I want you to be my first!"
"What about if we ask Cheryl to help?"
"How Larry?"
"I was thinking that Cheryl has the most time to do it slowly.
Maybe she can use her finger and sorta get you prepared for me."
"I'll do it, but I want you to be the one that breaks my cherry
Larry. That's only fair."
Colleen's request caught me by surprise. I hadn't really thought of
having to be the one to cause Colleen's first pain in her pussy. All my
plans were centered on getting Cheryl to do the dirty work for me. I
could see Colleen's point, whoever broke the girls hymen could be
considered as the first one. It was a small but important point for the
girl that was to be deflowered. The time factor was important too.
The irrigation that both girls were to help with next Tuesday was
going to be zero hour for a double cherry breaking party if all went
well. I quickly wondered if Cheryl would be hurt if I broke Colleen's
cherry before she did, but decided that I would certainly still be a
virgin myself when the event that we had planned finally came about.
"Okay Colleen, you have a point there. I guess I can do that for
"Now Larry, please?"
"It's gonna hurt Colleen, Are you sure you want to go ahead? You
got plenty of time, maybe later you'll regret that you couldn't give
your virginity to someone really special later on."
"You're pretty special to me Larry! If it weren't for you, I'd
still just let you or Cheryl do whatever you want with me. Now I want
it! My pussy tingles when I'm close to you like this!"
"That's only a mental suggestion Colleen! I can remove it and
you'll be back to normal."
"NO LARRY! I love the feeling! My pussy is still wet, put your hand
there and see if I'm lying!"
"I believe you Colleen, hell your even starting to wiggle that cute
little butt of yours again!"
Colleen pushed herself up into a sitting position on top of me. Her
pussy nestling squarely on my still erect prick. When she moved, her
pussy lips opened around my cock and coated the underside with her slick
"Mmmm, I see what you mean Colleen, you are definitely wet down
"Oh Larry! Your hard cock feels so good against my pussy! I've got
to have that thing inside me!"
I said to myself that Colleen would get just as far as her cousin
had when she tried to do the same thing. I didn't resist when she took
me in hand and placed my fuck tool at her tiny little opening.
"Go ahead and try it Colleen. Cheryl tried the same thing and
couldn't force herself to break her own cherry. Your pussy is a lot
smaller that hers and the pain will stop you just like it stopped her!"
I watched Colleen's face as she pressed her pussy upon my tool. She
was certainly a lot wetter than her cousin was when she tried to fuck
me. The head of my cock spread her little pussy open and I felt her warm
wetness on the tip. She showed a little surprise at the new sensation,
then she moved up and back down.
"See what I mean Colleen? You better stop before you hurt
"Just a little while more Larry! I'll be careful!"
My thoughts soon began to change after about five minutes of
watching Colleen working her pussy on my cock. The girl had gotten the
head of my prick all the way inside her.
When I felt her hymen make contact and stretch, I had to force
myself to act. I wrapped my arms around Colleen's back and pulled her
body to my chest.
"NO LARRY! Not now! I can do it, You know I can!"
"I know you can now babe but I promised Cheryl! We'd both feel like
shit afterward now wouldn't we?"
"But LARRY! I need your cock inside me!"
"I promised dammit! I want to feel my cock inside you too babe,
we'll just have to wait a little while okay?"
Colleen's struggling brought her pussy against my prick once again.
I pulled her away momentarily, when her body came back against my prick
I felt my prick butt against the unyielding ring of her asshole.
Colleen ceased her struggling when she felt her sphincter scream in
protest at the intruder at its door.
"You want my prick inside you Colleen? If you don't calm down I'll
fuck you all right, but I don't think you'll like where I fuck you very
"I want to try it there Larry! Let me try okay? You're right about
Cheryl, but we never promised anything about doing it up there. Let me
go and I'll fuck you up my butt!"
"No Colleen! That'll hurt you too much! You don't really want
Colleen struggled a little more and I felt her sphincter slowly
give way and allow the tip of my prick to penetrate her nether region.
"See Larry? Let me go and I'll fuck you with my ass! Do you
remember when you wanted to watch me while I played with my pussy?"
"Yeah, but.."
"I'll come for you Larry! Your cock will be all the way inside me
and you'll feel it when I come for you!"
Her struggling had allowed more of my prick inside her rectum I
released my grip slightly and allowed Colleen a little more freedom of
movement. The flared skin around the head of my prick felt Colleen's
sphincter close behind it.
Colleen said, "Just imagine how it would feel to shoot your come
inside me Larry! There's no reason to keep holding me back now babe, let
me go so I can fuck you! That's it!"
I found myself releasing Colleen. My brain screamed its revulsion
that I would allow this girl to do such a humiliating thing to herself.
My prick on the other hand had no such conscience and had over ruled my
conscience. Colleen smiled and pressed herself into a sitting position.
She grimaced in pain when she pressed down, but she reached between her
legs and slathered my prick with a combination of pussy juice and her
own saliva.
I watched in awed silence as she slowly cajoled her sphincter into
accepting my prick past its defensive ring with tiny pushes and wiggles.
Before long my cock was fully enveloped.
Colleen grinned devilishly at me, "Watch me Larry! I'm gonna play
with my pussy for you and fuck you at the same time!
Colleen started very slowly sliding my fuck tool in and out of her
ass. Soon, her pussy started demanding more and more of her attention.
Colleen ended up squatting on her feet with her legs open and my prick
buried to the hilt inside her rectum as she diddled herself to wanton
abandon. She bit her lip in concentration and rocked her hips back and
forth as her orgasm approached.
"I'm so close now Larry! Watch me come for you!"
Her face scrunched up in ecstasy then Colleen rose off my prick
until just the head was inside, then she slammed herself down and wailed
out her release. Her hand was still massaging her clit when she
collapsed on top of me, still very much caught up in her powerful
I lost my self-control and wrapped my arms around Colleen's
writhing body. As I held her trembling body tightly, I started to slam
my fuck stick into her rectum with wild hard thrusts. Colleen's wails of
pleasure reached a tiny peak every time I bottomed out against her butt
cheeks. My precum had coated her nether regions and helped remedy the
previous lack of lubrication. I couldn't stop now even if Colleen begged
I found myself sitting up with Colleen's light little body dangling
in my arms. Her hand dropped away from her pussy and dangled beside her
loosely while I pounded away at her body. She was still coming in
fifteen-second spurts then going limp. Colleen's eyes fluttered open and
locked onto mine. She smiled then she bit her lip in pleasure as another
mini orgasm flooded her mind.
I felt myself quickly reach the point of no return as I realized
that this girl was actually having an orgasm while being fucked up the
ass. Colleen sensed my impending climax and responded with one of her
"Here I come Colleen! Are you ready?"
"Fuck………..Hard!" was all Colleen could manage to say between my
I let out my own guttural cry of built up passion released and gave
one last mighty push then emptied my loins into her bowels. Colleen's
eyes popped open when she felt my prick throb and deposit it's warm goo
inside her body.
She let out a satisfied "Ahhhhh!" then loosely wrapped her arms
around my neck and rested her head against my chest.
Somehow I managed to straighten out me legs and stay upright after
my body ebbed away from it's ecstasy and relaxed. When I started to lift
her away from my impaling member, she tensed and locked her grip on my
"Mmmm, Not yet Larry! Just hold me and stay inside me okay? That
was so incredibly good!"
"Really Colleen? Didn't it hurt?"
"Mmmm, yeah at the beginning. Not now though."
"You were actually coming while I was doing it too baby!"
"Yeah, once I started coming by my clit, your cock pounding my ass
just kept me going."
"That was great babe! You are something else!"
"I felt your cock throb when you came Larry! Then I felt the warmth
of your come inside me. I can still feel it there too, that's why I
don't want your cock out of me just yet."
"Do you still want me to break your cherry with my finger honey?
Now would be a good time."
She looked at me and shook her head no then smiled. "I think I want
that big hard prick of yours to do it Larry! As a matter of fact, I'm
gonna climb on top of you and break it myself. I think you know that I
can do it don't you!"
"Yeah babe no doubt about that!"
"You can take Cheryl's virginity, but I'm gonna give you mine! With
Cheryl, you gotta be careful about getting her pregnant, but you can
fuck me all you want because I haven't gotten my periods yet!"
"We still gotta be careful honey, what about if you get ready to
start and get pregnant?"
"Cheryl started early just like her mom. My mom didn't start her
periods until she was almost eighteen!"
"Really? Hmmm…………."
"I figure we can do it safely until I go back to Chino Valley after
school lets out next spring! Maybe even If I come back and visit again!
I was thinking that I'd better start being careful when I'm fourteen.
I was not listening too attentively. My thoughts were with Cheryl
and how she would react to her little cousin getting screwed by her
boyfriend all the time. I decided that I was going to have to change
Colleen's programming after she was broken in sufficiently.
Colleen had become quiet while I was lost in my thoughts. She
rested her head on my chest and stared off to the trees, then closed her
Colleen opened her eyes in surprise when I stood up. Her body
still impaled on my prick but she was very light and easy to carry.
"What are you doing Larry?"
"You'll see Colleen. I have an idea!"
I walked between the rows of trees past my tethered pony and
stopped at the edge of the trees to look both ways. The coast was clear.
"Larry! We can't go out there like this! Someone's gonna see us!"
"Nope, its all clear Colleen, now close your eyes for me okay?"
"Larry!…….Oh all right!"
After Colleen complied with my wishes, I walked across the little
dirt service road carrying Colleen and stepped into the irrigation ditch
which was half full of running water. She squealed in surprise and
delight when I sat down taking her still impaled body with me.
"Wow, this is great Larry! I was sorta wondering how to clean the
mess that big nasty cock of yours made inside me!"
"Are you ready to get unplugged now Colleen?"
"No! But I think I feel your cock is getting smaller. Don't it like
me anymore Larry?"
"Oh it still likes you all right, but that cool water on my balls
is another matter!"
When Colleen laughed, her muscles just pushed my deflated penis
right out of her butt.
"OOPS!" Colleen giggled. "Looks like your friend got thrown out
Colleen got a surprised look, then she sucked in air sharply. When
she saw my inquisitive look she laughed, then her expression changed and
she laughed again.
"What Colleen?"
Colleen just put her hand over her mouth and looked at me, then she
turned her head and looked downstream.
When I saw the spreading traces of my semen floating on top of the
irrigation water, we both broke out in peals of laughter. Colleen
stopped laughing long enough to make a concentrating expression then she
turned again to look downstream.
After we both stopped laughing at the second trail of white
globules drifting away Colleen said, "I think that's the last of it."
"Good thing for the water huh Colleen?"
"Yeah, but after I pushed your cock out of my butt, some water went
in and surprised me! That got me giggling and well you know the rest!"
"Well, we better get cleaned up and head back to the barn huh?"
Colleen leaned back and rinsed the sweat out of her hair and I
picked her up and carried her back to the blanket. The dry, hot Arizona
air dried our bodies quickly after we lay ourselves out on the blanket.
As we rode slowly back to the farm, I gave Colleen the command I
had planned earlier.
"Tecumseh, lick Cheryl's pussy very slowly until she comes and tell
her it was a gift from me. Don't let her put her panties on afterwards.
Wake up in the middle of the night and lick her again and tell her that
I miss her, then you put her panties on yourself and kiss her for me,
then remember my instructions and tell Cheryl everything."
I watched Colleen's face as I gave her my instructions. Her face
turned slightly blank as I spoke. When I was finished she shivered
slightly and her eyes looked far away for a moment. She shook her head
slightly and giggled.
"What's so funny Colleen?"
"Oh nothing in particular Larry!"


A few true words about hypnosis from an experienced practitioner.
About fifteen years ago, I became friends with Ron, the bodyman at
my old job. He was into the metaphysical related topics like I had been.
Ron taught me the mechanics of hypnosis. Because I learned the how and
why's of the art from him, he was never able to hypnotize me.
One time my wife and I were visiting his farm out in the boondocks
and Ron hypnotized my wife. We found out that my wife was an excellent
subject and went into a very deep trance quite easily. Ron transferred
the keywords to me so my wife and I could explore past lives. After
about two years of many sessions with my wife, I came to the realization
that a person under hypnosis will tell the interviewer anything that
they want to hear. My wife's past lives sort of ran together and
overlapped each other, so we discounted them as fantasy's and realized
that her sub-conscious was just telling me what I wanted to hear.
I don't remember how or when we got the idea of setting up sexual
fantasies for our lovemaking, but it opened a whole new world of
exploration for us.
Years later I ran into Ron again and told him about our sexual
experiments. He was not pleased at the news.
Everything that I told Colleen to experience, has been done by my
wife and I over the years with the exception of having sex with other
I'm sorry to say that once my wife is asleep, no suggestion will
wake her up to act on the suggestion. Even a suggestion while she is
awake will not work once she has fallen asleep. Very often sexual
suggestions lose their potency quickly unless they are given while she
is under. The Tecumseh keyword is one such command that I use. Command
words must be picked carefully so they have almost no chance of coming
up in normal conversation. My first experiment was to make my wife come
when I squeezed her hip. That worked for about a week then the effects
petered off. A woman can have an orgasm while under hypnosis with no
sexual contact whatsoever, but it's not the same type of orgasm as one
with actual contact. If I were to simply place my hand on her pussy and
press gently, I can make her have the real thing. It's not instant
though, I have to talk her through it.
One time I was out of state for three weeks attending a training
class. I told my wife over the phone that I had written her a letter
that had a surprise in it and that she had to wait until she was in bed
before she read it. In the beginning of letter I told her to not scan
ahead while reading it. I also wrote out that she would remain upright
and continue reading once she reads the command. I disguised the command
in the middle of the sentence like this. "You wouldn't believe what
happened at class today honey. During lunch I saw this Trish Relax at
the restaurant."
I then proceeded to tell her a long fantasy in which she got licked
and sticked several times. At the end of the letter, I told her to wake
up. A few days later she told me that she got the letter and it worked
I've read a few hypnosis stories and chuckle at their content.
Believe me when I tell you that there is no way that a woman will screw
a man that she has no interest in unless she either has no morals, or
the controller painstakingly plans out and executes a series of
conditioning sessions before he attempts that stunt. The subject will
eventually remember everything, especially if they were coerced to do
something against their beliefs or will.
Trust is essential for the subject to allow their guards to drop
and be hypnotized. I don't see how show hypnotists accomplish their feat
because the subject knows that they are going to do some funny things if
they go under. Everything has little personal dark secrets that they
fear might be found out.
One time my wife and I watched Ron hypnotize a neighbor woman and
she just outright told us that her father had raped her as a girl while
Ron was trying to explore her past lives. The woman started getting
quite upset and had to be awakened quickly. That was pretty scary for
all concerned.
What my wife and I enjoy doing with hypnosis is setting up
fantasies like Me being Arnold Schwartzeneger or my wife being a younger
girl and her brother's friend spends the night and seduces the semi
reluctant girl.
Associations like guilt and punishment play a very important part
in people's everyday lives. If you have a personal guilt that has been
bothering you, my advice is to learn from your mistake and promise
yourself that you will not repeat it, then forgive yourself. It may
sound silly to some people but it works!


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