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Dairyman's daughter {m/f first times, mutual mast, cons.}

By Typoman

Edited by Mrs. Typo Do not repost this story without my header. Do not
remove my name from this story. DO NOT POST THIS story TO ANY COMMERCIAL

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended
by reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

I was in the 7th grade when I first met Cheryl. We owned about 24 acres
of land to the east of the dairy where Cheryl's father worked as a
dairyman. We bred and raised Welsh ponies along with a few other assorted
animals. My father was an Anesthesiologist, so I guess the farm was more
of a tax shelter for him than anything else. We lived in town, which was
about 7 miles away. The ponies were my mom's pet project. Most people
think "Shetland" whenever I mention the name Welsh Pony. Believe me,
there's a world of difference between the two breeds. The Welsh breed is a
very gentle and rugged breed, in other words, a great kids pony. They
stand about 5 hands taller than a Shetland and are much stockier. Every
Shetland Pony I've ever seen was mean as hell.

Enough said about the breed. I know it might sound a little strange to
read this but we boys just hated to go to that farm. Whenever my dad had
any free time, he'd round up his 3 boys and head out there. Some of that
acreage had young citrus trees and we had to cut the weeds around those 7
acres of citrus using hoes, while the neighbor used his tractor and simply
disc'ed the weeds down. During the summer it was miserable out there.
Toiling with our hoe's in the 115-degree Arizona heat. My dad was not the
type to do things the easy way.

Because we hated the work and the heat, riding and feeding the ponies
were disliked too. My brother and I learned later that there were some
benefits to those ponies. The girls we knew at school were a lot
friendlier when they found out we had horses to ride.

The dairy across the road from us had two extra houses besides the main
house. That's where the hired dairymen and their families lived.

My brother James and I were riding a couple of ponies in front of the
dairy and spied the new girl that lived in the dairyman's house. I'll
remember the sight of Cheryl to my dying day. She was about my age, with
long brown hair and the biggest set of titties we'd ever seen on a girl that age. They just seemed to point right straight out.

I looked at my brother, "Wow! Who's the new girl at the dairy Jim?"

"I don't know Larry, looks like she's living in the house that the
Boysters own."

"I wonder how old she is. Let's ride over and talk to her!"

"Naw Larry, she don't want to talk to us. Let's just ride over to the
orchard like we planned."

I looked at the new girl once again. My older brother Jim had me by
almost 2 years. He had always been pretty shy, but the size and shape of
the girl's breasts really had my interest. I was almost 14 years old and
really starting to become a lot more interested in girls. Jim on the other
hand was too shy to even try to make out with a girl. I decided that I was
going to have to risk rejection and try to talk to her.

"Jim! Will you just look at her? She's got tits! Big ones!"

He looked again "Yeah, but.... "

"Well you can do what you want, but I'm going over there."

I turned my horse and started to cross the road. My brother was riding
close behind me. When we got closer, the girl noticed us and stopped
raking her yard. I was committed now, so I smiled and waved. To my
adolescent relief, she waved back. After I crossed the road and entered
her yard, I made my move.



Dead silence. My best line was used up. I had to think fast!

"You live here now?"

"Yeah, We just moved in last week."

"Uh, My name's Larry, This is my brother Jim."

"I'm Cheryl."

"Uh, What grade are you in Cheryl? I'm in the 7th."

"The sixth grade. How do you like Junior High Larry?"

"Oh, it's okay I guess. We have a lot of different teachers instead of
just one like in elementary school. Where did you move from?"

"We were in Chino Valley. We moved here cause my dad is getting more
pay. Is that your horse Larry?"

I puffed up in pride. "Yeah, but it's really called a Welsh pony."

"I've never seen a Welsh pony. What's his name?"

"Arizona! I named him myself!"

"What's your pony's name Jim?"

Jim looked a little flustered when Cheryl spoke. He was a little
pre-occupied looking at Cheryl's breasts. "Her name's Bonny, she's
Arizona's Mother."

Cheryl walked over to my horse and petted him. "How often do you get to
ride him Larry?"

"Oh a couple of times a week I guess. Do you like to ride Cheryl?"

"Oh Yeah! We got to ride the horses at the dairy in Chino Valley. I
really miss riding."

"You can ride with us if you want to!"

"Really? Right now?"

"Sure! Hop on!"

"Hang on, I'll go ask my mom!"

I turned to Jim and smiled, Silently gloating over my new conquest.

Cheryl came out of the house with her mother.

"Larry and Jim, My mom wants to meet you guys. Mom, this is Larry and
Jim from the farm across the road."

Even though I was a little scared, I decided to try to make a good
impression. "Hello Mrs. Ummm. I'm sorry, I don't know you guy's last

"McClure, That's okay Larry, I'm Mrs. McClure. Cheryl told me that you
asked her to go for a ride?"

"Uhh Yes That's right Mrs. McClure. We were going for a ride anyways.
Uh what I mean is that me and my brother were. Cheryl looked like she was
interested, so we thought she could ride with us. Uh that is if it's okay
with you that is."

"Where are you going to go riding Larry?"

"We usually go up the canal for a ways, then take Broadway road to
wrecker road, then cut across a couple farms to get back. It's not that

Cheryl turned up her eyeballs behind her mother to make a "Look at what
I have to put up with" gesture. "Motherrr! We're not going out on a date
or anything! I just want to go for a ride!"

"Darn right you're not going out on a date Missy! Remember what I said
about that? You're only 13 and You can't date until you're 16"

"I know mom But!" "That's three years away Cheryl!"

She stamped her foot in frustration "MOTHERRR!"

"You haven't even finished raking the yard Cheryl!"

"Can I go when I've finished then?"

"Okay, you can go whenever you're done with the yard.

Cheryl started right away on the yard. I sat there on my horse like a
dumass until she gave me a frustrated look. I realized that I'd better
help her finish, or I'd be waiting for a while. My brother sat there on
his horse like a knot on a log for a while before he decided to help us.
In the meanwhile, I discovered that I could see down Cheryl's blouse
whenever she bent down to gather up the grass and put in the bag I was
holding. The top of her bra had a frilly edge, but that was nothing
compared to the part of her breasts that weren't covered. Jim soon noticed
what I was looking at and tried to get in position for the view. He blew
it for both of us by being way too obvious about it. When Cheryl looked
up, she saw what Jim was looking at. Fortunately I was not looking at the
time, but after that, she was a lot more careful about how she bent over.

When we were done, Jim tried to get Cheryl to ride with him. Now that
he had seen some of Cheryl's charms, his shyness was soon forgotten. We
always ride bareback with just a hackamore instead of a bridle. I could
tell that Cheryl knew how to ride as soon as she used the instep of my foot
to hop on my horse behind me.

I never realized that a girl's breasts would touch my back if we rode
double. I got an immediate and painful woody that always seemed to have a
way to get caught in the fold of my Levi's while sitting. I tried to
ignore it, but it wouldn't go away. Finally I had to do a two handed
readjustment to relieve my agony. Jim kept a watchful eye on us and
noticed what I had to do. The asshole even laughed when Cheryl asked me
what was wrong. I tried to ignore her question, but she repeated it.

"What's wrong Larry?"

"Nothing Cheryl, I'm okay now."

"What do you mean by now Larry?"

Another laugh from Jim, "He's got a boner Cheryl! That's what's wrong!"


"Oh yeah, then what did you just do then if not try to hide it?"

"SHUT UP!" I kicked Arizona in the ribs a little harder than my pony was
used to and he sprang into a full gallop with Cheryl hanging on for dear
life behind me, her breasts pressing into my back.

We left my brother in our dust. I turned the corner by a citrus grove
and looked behind me. When I saw that Jim hadn't came around the corner
yet, I made a detour and headed between a row of citrus trees. As soon as
Arizona slowed to a trot, I turned again, losing my brother for the rest of
the afternoon.

I finally stopped and helped Cheryl off my horse and then slipped to the
ground myself. Cheryl thoughtfully grabbed Arizona's reins and tied my
gelding up to a tree branch. My embarrassment was so great that I started
to cry. Cheryl just sat next to me and waited quietly for me to calm down.

"Sometimes, I could just kill that fucker!"

"Larry, I'm so sorry that I made you get a" She looked down to the
ground "You know. I get teased all the time because the other girls at
school don't have any yet. And the boys at school are always looking. I
had to hold on to you when we rode together, and I didn't think. I'm

"I was dumbstruck. She was apologizing to me for her tits! "Cheryl,
it's not your fault! I'm pissed at my brother not at you!"

"But if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have gotten the You know what I

"Cheryl! To tell you the truth, I get a boner just talking to you! I
can't help it either! People tell me that it's part of growing up."

Cheryl leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips when I turned to look
at her. I was flabbergasted. Her kiss was totally unexpected. Cheryl's
smile made me want to kiss her back. She broke our gaze by looking at the
ground. I was thinking that she was starting to regret her forwardness, so
I decided to risk rejection and try to kiss her back. She looked me in the
eyes when I touched her cheek. I leaned to her and gently met my lips with

We continued our kiss for an exquisite moment. We looked into each
other's eyes then kissed again. I put my arms around her. She didn't
resist as we lay back in each other's arms. As we lay on our sides,
Cheryl's breasts were pressed into my chest. At first I didn't want the
embarrassment of my erection giving itself away by pressing against her but
she pulled me to her and smiled at me knowingly. When we kissed the next
time, I felt her tongue gently probing my mouth. Our tongues met Gently
for the first time, then with more urgency as we got used to each other.
When I tried to roll her on her back Cheryl stopped me.

"Larry, I'll get in a bunch of trouble if I come home with grass in my

I took what she said as an end to our making out and broke our embrace.
"Oh, I'm sorry Cheryl. I didn't mean to get carried away."

"It's okay Larry! I didn't mean it like that! We don't have to stop!"

Pretty soon I found myself lying on my back with Cheryl on top of me,
grinding her crotch into my leg.

Cheryl whispered in my ear "Bring your knee up Larry!"

I was so turned on! This was the farthest I've ever gotten with a girl.
My hands went to her hips and I helped her press against my leg. Her
excitement grew. I watched the expression on her face change to a look of
pleasurable concentration. The top snap on her cowgirl type blouse popped
open by itself. She smiled when she caught me looking at the bra and top
of her breasts. Cheryl sat up and pulled on the material of her blouse
making the rest of the snaps give way with a sequence of small pops. She
took my hands and placed them on her bra-covered breasts.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me! I was actually feeling a
girl's breasts! How could something be so soft, yet firm? Cheryl's pelvic
motion on my leg stopped for a while as she enjoyed the feeling from her
breasts. She bent down to kiss me, forcing my hands away from those
precious mammaries.

"The hooks are in the back Larry" She whispered in my ear.

By now the tail of her blouse had been pulled out of the waist of her
Levi's. I reached around with both hands and pinched the material together
and to my amazement, I felt the strap in the back of her bra come loose.

She giggled in my ear "You're a natural Larry!"

Cheryl sat back up, my eyes reluctantly moved from the now loose bra to
her inviting smile.

My mind told me, "She wants you to pull that bra up Larry!"

With great reverence, I reach out and take the bottom material of her
loose bra and lift.

MAGNIFICENT! My first pair of breasts, and they're all mine! Luscious,
soft, globes topped by nipples that stick out from the front like a pair of
pencil erasers! Cheryl's areolas were about the size of an Oreo cookie.
In my adult life, I've seen many breasts, but none can compare to my first
personally exposed pair! Her breasts stuck almost straight out from her
chest. Almost exactly like the outline that first attracted me to her this

Soon I was to get another first. Cheryl pulled the hem of my tee shirt up, lifting her weight off my middle. I lifted my waist slightly to aid
her efforts. My tee shirt moved up and exposed my chest. She leaned back
down to kiss me feverishly. AHHH the first experience of bare breasts against the bare skin of my chest! Now my ardor knew no bounds! I roamed
her back with my hands, attempted to work my way inside the back of her
pants, but to no avail.

Now Cheryl was feverishly working her crotch against my leg. I realized
that I was soon going to have an accident in my pants.

"Cheryl, wait! I'm gonna make a big mess in my pants if we keep going!

"LARRY! Don't make me stop now! I won't mind if you, You know in your
pants. But I've never allowed a boy to take his pants off and especially
not mine! That's as far as I go!

"Why's that Cheryl?"

"Cause it's too dangerous if a boy gets his pants off! That's why!"

"Cheryl I promise you! I'd never do that to you! Besides, if we both
get what we want, we'll both be satisfied! I just don't want to make a
mess in my pants!"

"Okay, what do you want me to do?"

"How about if we just pull my pants down a little, I'll figure out some
way to clean up afterwards!"

"Okay, I'll trust you! You gotta promise not to tell ANYONE! I'll get
into so much trouble if my parents find out!"

"I promise Cheryl!"

"Not even your brother?"

"Especially not my stupid brother!"

"Okay, Do you want me to you know, your pants?"

"Wow, That'll be great Cheryl!"

"Okay, here goes nothing!"

Cheryl unbuckled my belt and got the top button undone like a pro. My
zipper came down. She parted the top of my jeans, revealing my underwear
with a big wet spot on them.

"Oh, Did you already, you know, go off?"

"Not yet Cheryl, sometimes some seeps out especially when I get really
turned on like I am now."

She bit her lip then pulled the top of my underwear as far down as my
pants would allow. My hard 5 incher sprang out, surprising her a little.
She let go of the waistband of my undies with a snap, forcing my cock back
down. Now only the head was exposed to her view.

"I think you better climb off me Cheryl, So I can pull them down."

She seemed to have a hard time taking her eyes off my crotch, then she
shifted her eyes to mine and smiled, then moved her weight off me. I
quickly lifted my hips and slid my pants and underwear down to my knees.
Once again, her gaze was glued to my upstanding prick.

Gathering my courage, I took her hand and placed it on my cock, Cheryl
quickly looked at me, then back to my prick and squeezed.

Such a feeling! A girls' hand on my meat and she's actually squeezing!
I let out a small moan.

"It's, Larry! Are they all like this?"

Mine is Cheryl, Jim's if sorta soft when he gets an erection."

"Wow! I want to see what happens when you...uhh...You know!"

"Okay, that'll be great Just take your hand and go up and down like

I showed her by example. She picked right up on the method. Before
long the dribble from the end had slicked up her hand, giving me an idea.

"OH GOD CHERYL! That feels so good, Can we try something?"


"I was thinking that if you put both your hands together sorta like a
tunnel, then I could ......Well maybe I could show you."

She did as requested and soon I was fucking her hands.

"Oh I see, it's like my hands are...... Well almost like we're really
doing it!"

I was lost in my own feelings and getting really close to coming but her
movement stopped me. Cheryl climbed back of top of me and lay down taking
me in both her hands once again.

"Maybe this'll be closer to the real thing for you."

"Yeah, that's a lot better!"

"Let me know when you're gonna squirt, I still want to see it happen

"Okay, it won't be long now!"

She started sucking on my neck while I was fucking her hand made pussy.

"Okay Babe! I'm getting there! Better sit up a little cause I'm

She sat up just in time, My first squirt splattered up my chest, then
the second one made the puddle bigger and even caught my chin. Cheryl let
out a little giggle as I continued to fuck her fists. They were really
slick with my goo now. When I stopped Cheryl took the initiative to keep
going. I had to clamp her hands in place to keep the feeling from going of
the Richter scale. I squeezed her hands around my crank really hard and
shot one last goober, which landed with a mind of it's own on her left
breast. Completely spent, I released my vice like grip, then my body went

"Wow Larry! There's so much of it! And look! You even got my titty!"

We both laughed, "Cheryl, That was absolutely the best that I've ever
had! Thanks!"

"You're welcome Larry! After we get us cleaned up it's my turn okay?"

The best thing we could come up with to clean up with was an old newspaper that we found. We finally got a lot of my mess removed. I
looked over and noticed that Cheryl looked a little sad.

"What's wrong Cheryl?"


"C'mon Cheryl, something's wrong. Tell me!"

"Are you, will you still want to ride with me after what we, I did?"

"Well of course! What makes you think I wouldn't want to take you
riding again?"

"Well some of the other boys just wanted, you know. And then when they
didn't get what they wanted, You know."

"Cheryl, Believe me! I'll always like you, no matter what happens!
Come here and kiss me again."

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her passionately. We pressed out
bodies together. "Cheryl, let me do something for you! After all, you
really made me feel wonderful."

"Just hold me Larry, and kiss me. All over!"

DING! My brain signaled me. "Larry, she did say all over!"

I took off my tee shirt and spread it on the ground. Cheryl received my
kisses and allowed me to lay her back on my tee shirt. I stopped
momentarily to pull my pants back up and buckled my belt. Cheryl noticed
what I was doing and gave me an inquisitive look.

"That's to show you that you can trust me Cheryl. Besides, it's pretty
awkward with my pants like that."

I started my kisses again. First on the lips, then the nape of her
neck. It was time for my downward exploration. I paid extra time and
attention to her breasts, marveling at how her nipples grew with my
attention. My kisses reached her navel, while I crossed the fingers of my
free hand and undid the snap on her jeans. Her lack of protest gave me the
all clear signal to continue. Ever so slowly, I worked her zipper down.
Still no protest, only a small moan came from the girls' lips. I could
smell Cheryl's excitement now. Moving my mouth back to her lips, I kissed
her tenderly while my hand gently slid beneath her panties and down to her
damp nest. She shuddered when my finger slipped between her folds and
found her button. I gently explored her entire pussy and tentatively
entered her.

She made a slight nervous jump. so I made a quick exit and slid my
finger back to the bump that made her react earlier.

"Is that your....?"

"Yeah, Oh Larry! You're the first boy that I've let go this far. Go
slow and please don't push too hard inside me. I don't want it to
get....just, please go easy."

"Okay, I understand. I've never gone this far, so tell me what feels
good okay?"

"Okay, that bump is .....clit. That's where it feels best."

"Would it be okay if I put my finger up.....I'll be really careful, I
just want to feel your cherry okay?"


I gently slid my finger back down and slowly entered her. She was so
wet that my digit slipped easily inside her tight pussy until her hymen
stopped me. As close as I could tell without actually looking, the depth
of her cherry was a little past my knuckle.

"That's it Larry, Don't push on it. It feels really strange with
pressure against it."

"Wow, okay. Now I'll try to get you off."

I went back to her clit and gently massaged it with my middle finger.
Cheryl's hips bucked at the contact."

"Is this okay Cheryl?"

OHHH....That's.....Wonderful Larry! Just a little faster okay?"

"Like this?"

"Yessss....Now kiss me! I want to come while you're kissing me!"

Cheryl's hips picked up the rhythm as our lips and tongues urgently
expressed our mutual desires.

She broke contact "Oh Larry I'm gonna Come! Kiss me!"

Her arms locked around my back and she abandoned herself to her intense
orgasm. Cheryl raised her hips all the way off the ground several times as
her young lust quenched itself. Finally she let out a gasp and grabbed my
hand through her jeans to stop my massage to her clitty. She went limp and
gave out a long, fully satisfied sigh.

Cheryl was such a beautiful sight. Her arms splayed straight out and
eyes closed. I watched her for a few minutes, my finger dead still but
still in contact with her engorged clitoris. When her breathing settled to
a normal rhythm, I started to suckle one breast, then quickly tapped her
clit like an impatient man might do on a desk. Cheryl came alive and
immediately started to come once again. She rode out this second orgasm
without stopping me. I guessed it was because of the subtlety of my
movements. Her orgasm rose and rose in intensity until I felt she could
take no more, and withdrew my hand.

I looked at the glistening moisture on my fingers, then to Cheryl's
closed eyes. My curiosity brought that wet finger to my mouth to taste for
the first time. A movement in my peripheral vision made me look back to
Cheryl's smiling face.

"How do I taste Larry?"

"Delightful Cheryl! Can I get a better taste the next time?"

"Only if you let me taste you!"

Our mutual smiles were soon broken by the sound of my brother's voice
calling to us. We quickly got dressed and enjoyed one last kiss before
hopping up on Arizona and leaving the orange grove.



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