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Danglin Dan1


****** This story is a work of fiction. Pleas do not post without author's
permission. Copyright 2002 by Daddy J Email feedback good or bad to

Danglin' Dan Meets His Match

Chapter 1

My fucking ass still hurts! It's unreal how red it is. I just got out
of the bathroom and while I was in there, I pulled my cotton panties down.
Man oh man are my normally pink butt cheeks a deep shade of red! My father tanned my hide good for sure. Some would say that I deserved what I got
but others who have experienced what I am going to tell you about will know
the whole truth.

I know you were watching me you nasty old bastard! Keep it up and I
will find someone to fuck you up beyond belief!

That's what I wrote in the note. I can't believe that I actually did
it, but that's honest to God what I wrote Mr. Dangelson!

Danglin' Dan Dangelson is what all the people in the neighborhood refer
to him as. I'm not sure exactly where he got that nickname, but rumor has
it that he likes to corner young girls and shake his weenie thing at them!
I say it's a rumor because my dad (a county judge) told me years ago that
eveyone is innocent until proven guilty (and if you believe that line of
bologna, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I'll sell you).

I call him Mr. D when I see him but I want to call him a nasty old pervert! Now, let's get one thing straight, when I say young girls, I mean
young to him. You see, he's in his late 40's and so the girls in their
late teens are like babies to him. He has never actually done anything to
them as far as I know except shaking his tallywhacker at them. Sally, (my
best girlfriend in the whole wide world who wouldn't lie to me for
anything) told me that he is just extremely proud of his manhood! He's not
a pedophile but he waits till a girl has reached her 18th birthday and he
will corner them and do his dirty little Danglin' Dankelson dance! It's
not really a dance, it's just what people call what he does. Anyway,
here's what I wrote the old creep.

Dear Danglin' Dan,

Greetings you old mother-fucking pervert! Yeah, that's right, that's
what I called you, a mother-fucking pervert! You are a nasty old bastard!
How fucking dare you! What makes you think you have the right to do all
those nasty, sick, perverted things?

Yeah, that's right Dan, I know what you do to young girls when you get
the chance! My best friend told me how you cornered her one day and pulled
your nasty old thing out and shook it in her face. She was so terrified
that she could not scream. That is the only thing that saved you from
having the law haul your nasty old carcass off to the pen!

Oh, and speaking of the pen Dan, have you heard what they do to sexual
perverts in the pen? Why Dan, it's just plain horrible! They put them in
general population and they are considered the scum of the earth! That's
right, they are considered lower than pond scum Dan! And the LOVE to get
their strong masculine hands on people like yourself, you no good

Oh, you say? And why would they like to get hold of guys like you?
It's because even people in prison need their bitches! That's right Dan-o!
I said BITCHES! You see, what they do is they take guys like you and
corner them. They corner your kind and basically I guess what you would
say it is either fuck or fight! That's right Danny-boy! But most of the
time with sicko's like you it's fight and then you get fucked anyway.
Hell, when they get done with you, they might even make you wear a dress
around the prison!

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that you are a big man and
you can whip any of the guys that you've ever met. Well you see, the thing
is that you might be able to whip one of them but you won't be able to whip
them all.

Yep, that's right. They will take you and hold you down you sick old creep! When they have you held securely they will do two things. First
you will feel someone pulling your prison dungarees down around your knees
while two other people hold your legs and spread your ass cheeks apart!
That's right you sick old pervert. While they are busy doing this, the
biggest man will stand in front of you and pull out his big black thingie
and point it at your face! Oh Dan! I can almost feel myself cum thinking
about that! I can just see the look on your face as the big black man puts
his big black thingie into your mouth. Don't worry you old goat, you'll
hardly notice because the guy behind you will position himself between
those virgin ass cheeks and push his hard dickie in as hard as he can!
Every time you scream as he pushes into your fat ass cheeks, the man in
front of you will be pushing his big fat black knob down your virgin

Be warned you old shit! I know you were watching me you nasty old bastard! Keep it up and I will find someone to fuck you up beyond belief!


A very unfriendly neighbor

Yep, I admit it. That's what I wrote. And you know what, I'm not
ashamed one bit! You see, it's been a known fact for a long time that my
neighbor Mr. D loves to flash his penis at the girls. He has never done
it to me but I've made sure that I was never alone with him either. I sent
him the letter to warn him that he could not get by with it forever. That
is, I thought it would work but it backfired very badly!

It was early evening and I'd sent the note anonymously to him the
previous day. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and I have to admit
that I was pretty cocky. I told a couple of girls at school what I had
done. Perhaps that was where I made my mistake.

Anyway, I was tired from a long day at school and then after that I had
been to basketball practice. I was sweaty and tired and I needed a shower.
So, like my daddy always taught me, "cleanliness is next to Godliness." I
turned on the water and proceeded to wash all the dirt and sweat off my
body. The water felt good on my skin and I soaked up all the hot water
that we had and I got out to dry my body off.

As I stood drying myself, I looked at my tight young body in the
full-length mirror that comprises the shower door. "Nice Jessi," I said as
I looked at myself. "Not too bad for an old lady of 18!" I chuckled as I
admired my own reflection.

That's right folks, I said I was admiring my own reflection in the
mirror! It's not a sin you know to admire yourself as long as you are not
in love with yourself! (Sheesh! Like you haven't done it yourself!) Well,
like I was saying, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had what a lot
of the boys at school would call a "killer body"! I try my best to take
care of myself. I exercise as much as I can and I do everything I can to
make sure that Daddy and I have the proper things to eat. I have to do it
because mom left a few years back and we don't have any idea where she

I dried my mop of long, flaming red hair. When I say it's red, I mean
it's a dark, deep red! But......unlike most redheads, I have a complexion
that is a little on the dark side and that sets me apart from all the other
albino redhead sluts. Also, I have a long sleek frame that is set off with
a couple of very pert 34c titties. My little pigeon breasts come up to
form the perfect cone shape and they are topped off with little pink
colored dime sized nipples! After you leave my sweet little chest (come on
guys, use your imagination and follow along with me, will you) my slender
hips curve with the fullness of a grown woman. Fortunately for me, I still
have just the hint of a little girl that drives men wild. And then there's
my ass. Oh my ass is the sweetest little ass that any girl could want and
it is standing by (and I know for sure you guys are looking at my ass when
my back is turned) for your viewing pleasure. What is really cool is all
this equipment is packed in a 5'4", 105 lb frame.

So, (come on guys, put that tongue back in your mouth) I had just gotten
done primping and had combed my red tresses when I heard a knock on the

"Jessi?" the voice came from the other side. I knew that voice, it was
the voice of my favorite man in the world. It was my daddy!

"Yes daddy," I called back.

"I need to see you right now young lady!" he said in a firm voice.

My heart sank as I heard him say those words nine words! He does not
use those words unless I am about to get in trouble. I thought about all
the things I had done in the last few days and I couldn't for the life me
think of one teensy weensy little thing!

"Ok daddy, give me about 20 minutes daddy," I said to him.

"I need to see you now Jessi!"

Oh no! It was much more serious than I had thought! I picked up the
pair of pink cotton panties that I had picked out. You know the kind.
They are the kind of frilly panties that are cut high on the hips. Not
thongs (because I hate the feeling of something hanging in my butt crack
all day) by any means but ones that the butt cheeks hang out of slightly. I
stepped into them and pulled them over my curvaceous little hips.

Next was my robe. I slipped it on my shoulders and tied it and then I
checked my hair for one last time (don't ask me why, it's just a habit
dummy) and walked out of the bathroom.

I walked down the hall and turned at the end and entered the living
room. "Yes daddy?" I asked in my sweetest saccharine little girl voice.

"Is this yours young lady?" my daddy asked me as he turned and handed me
a piece of paper. I took the paper and then I felt something get caught in
my throat (I think it was my soul or something). It was the note that I
had written to Danglin' Dan! I hung my head, trying to think about some
way of getting out of answering him but I could think of none. "Well
Jessi?" he said in a voice that I knew meant I was in big shit!

"Daddy," I said in a soft voice.

"Yes Jessi?" he asked in that stern daddy voice.

Fear ran through my body as I looked at the piece of paper in my hand.
It was my handwriting for sure! Why the hell hadn't I typed it instead?
"I can explain daddy," I said, my voice trembling with a fear that I hadn't
felt since I was a wee little lassie!

"Well, how about explaining to him young lady!" My heart stopped for a
minute. I turned and glanced at the direction that daddy was looking. It
was Dan Dangelson! I shrieked and got ready to run but my dad grabbed my
arm. "You're not going anywhere until you have explained this to me
completely!" Daddy was holding my arm and I knew that it would do no good
to struggle.

"Daddy. No daddy, don't make me explain it now," I pleaded as the tears
ran down my freshly washed face.

"You will explain it to me AND Dan Jessi Lynn!" he yelled, his face
turning red with anger.

God how I hated that. I liked both of my names but when daddy used them
together, it was the end of the line. I felt trapped like a rabbit in a
cage. I looked around trying to figure how I would make my escape. It was
no use. The consequences would be far greater if I bolted. Daddy could
seem to sense that I would not run now. He released my arm and I moved
over to a chair that sat in the corner of our large living room. Shame,
fear and total humiliation is what I felt as I sat here in front of these
two grown men. I mean, I could talk to my daddy about almost anything but
not in front of Dan the Danglin' dumbass!

Daddy glared at me and as I sat there in silence. Then from somewhere
deep inside me I finally drummed up enough courage to shout, "It's all true
daddy! It's all entirely true!"

"So you did write this rubbish then Jessi Lynn?"

I hung my head in shame. "Yes daddy, I wrote it." The silence was
deafening as these two towering men stood in front of me and I felt like we
were alone in the world. I looked up at this smirking, slimy pervert, Dan
dufus that was staring holes in me. I wadded up the note and threw it at
him. I swear it slid off his slimy, greasy body! "It's totally and
completely true daddy!" I shouted.

Daddy stood there stunned. I could tell that he was ready to die from
embarrassment. "I'm sorry Dan," I heard daddy say to the creepy neighbor.
"I've tried my best to control her since her mom left. Perhaps I've been
too easy on her."

"It's ok Judge," Dan said to my dad. "Every family goes through rough
times. I rest assured that you WILL take care of it?"

"Yes Dan," daddy said. "And, if you are ever in trouble, come to my
chambers and I will see if I can help you."

"I will Judge," Dan said as he walked to the door. "I'll see you next
Friday?" he asked, referring to the night they played poker.

"Yes. Friday." Dad and I watched as Dan tipped his hat and walked out
the big oak doors.

"Well Jessi?" daddy thundered. "What do you have to say for yourself
Jessi Lynn?"

"I'm sorry?" I asked not really meaning it.

"That will do for a start young lady!"

"Well, I'm NOT!" I shouted at my daddy. He glared at me, his eyes
burning holes through me. I had never seen a look like this on my father's
face before and I will tell you it sent cold chills up my spine!

"I'm just not sure what I am going to do with you young lady! Do you
realize what could happen if Dan decided to take this to court?"

"Court?" The thought hadn't occurred to me. "But daddy, how could he
take it to court. It would drag his name through the mud and I guarantee
he wouldn't want that to happen."

"His name? His name? What about my name Jessi Lynn? I am up for
re-election this year Jessi! It would not only drag my name through the
mud, it would ruin my hopes of that senate seat next year! All my hopes of
a future in politics and YOUR hopes of going to that ivy league college!
It would all be dashed to the ground like a vase hitting concrete!"

Why did my dad have to be a judge anyway? Why did he have to want to be
a politician anyway? And more importantly, why was I suddenly on the
hot-seat because dumb-ass Dan was a stinking flasher! "Daddy, I'm so
sorry. I didn't mean to cause you any trouble."

"Well Jessi Lynn. It looks like we have one of two choices here.
Either I let Dan take you to court for false accusations or I blister your

"No daddy! No! You can't do that! I'm 18 years old now! I am not a
little girl!"

"That's the choices we are stuck with Jessi! I promised Dan that I
would punish you and I am a man of my word. Now which one will it be?"

"Fuck you and that rotten-no-good-piece-of-shit-fucking-cock-flashing
creep"! Well, that's what I wanted to yell but instead I hung my head in
shame over this ugly mess. "Ok daddy, I will take my punishment, but only
because I love you daddy."

"Come over here Jessi," daddy told me pointing to where he was standing
by the coffee table. "Now be a good little girl and bend over." I walked
over to him and bent over, positioning myself with my hands against the
table. Daddy moved in behind me and I closed my eyes tightly as I braced
myself for what was about to happen. I was in total and complete shock as
he pulled up my robe and to my horror pulled my panties down to my knees!

"No Daddy!" I screamed as I felt him move behind me.

"I'm sorry Jessi," he said as he held me with one of his large hands.
The next thing I recall is the sting of what felt like a thousand bees as
his hand moved down and hit the soft ass flesh that was prone before him! I
screamed as he removed his hand! "No daddy!" I cried as I felt another
blow to my derriere! One, two, three swats to my unblemished butt cheeks.
It may have been more but after that, I was no longer here but had reverted
to some place in my mind until the blows stopped. When I came back (I am
not sure how long I stood there in front of my daddy with my ass exposed)
daddy had tears running down his cheeks.

"I love you daddy," I heard myself saying as I stood up and pulled my
little pink panties up and straightened my robe. I walked to him and put
my arms around him. "I love you daddy, more than anything else in the

"I love you too Jessi," he said as his tears stopped. "I didn't mean to
hurt you my precious little baby, I just had no choice. I am a man of my
word!" Daddy put his arms around me and pulled me tight to him. How can I
explain my feelings at this time. It was the greatest feeling in the
world. The feeling of being pulled against the man that I love more than
anything in life. The feeling of being in my daddy's arms and knowing that
he loved me! It was so great......that is until.....until I felt IT! It
has to be a mistake I thought to myself! No, it can't be! It can't be
daddy's cock pressing against me!

I released him and pulled away. Yes! There it was! Daddy's cock was
hard and pushing against his slacks! Of all the humiliating, nasty,
degrading things in the world! How could he feel like this? How could he
have sexual feelings toward his own flesh and blood?

Daddy saw me looking at his crotch. Covering it with his hand he turned
his back toward me. For the first time in years I felt so alone! "Oh
God!" I shouted as I ran from the room. "Jessi, wait!" I heard him yell to
me as I ran from the room and shut my door, slamming it behind me.

"Unfuckingbelieveable!" I shouted as I heard the door vibrate the wall.
I tore my robe off and threw it against the wall. How the fuck could this
happen? How the fucking hell could this all turn out this way? How the
fuck............. and then ........... it hit me! Something that wasn't
there before. An itching. A burning. A feeling between my legs that I
had never had before! Oh god! It couldn't be! But it was true!

I pushed my pink cotton panties (yeah, you guys would love to see that
wouldn't you) down and touched it there. I touched it directly there (you
know where I mean guys)! It was SWOLLEN! It was HOT! And I'll be damned,
it was WET!

Pulling the drawer open on my dresser, I pulled it out. I pulled out
BOB (you know what I mean girls, Battery Operated Boyfriend) and almost ran
to the bed and threw myself on top of the covers.

My legs spread as if on their own. "Oh GOD" I squealed as the cool,
hard rubber dick touched my steaming hot, neatly trimmed, wet and ready red bush of love! I wiggled and I jiggled (put it back in your pants guys, I'm
not ready to cum yet) and I squirmed as I started rubbing it down across my
swollen red pussy lips.

I turned the knob on the end and I could feel the vibration start. It
went right through my young lithe body as I lay there and played it across
my clitty like the first chair violinist playing a fine violin!

"Oh yes," I moaned and groaned as my pussy went into spasms! I put the
hard tip of the vibrator into my cock-starved cunt and left it there,
vibrating every ounce of my being! My pussy tingled with desire and I
thought about daddy's cock. I thought about Dan's cock! I thought about
any cock that I could think of being between my sweet smooth legs and
sliding between my red fur covered pussy lips!

The pain on my ass! The humiliation of my soul! The horniness of my
wet cunt! I knew which one was the greatest at this time! I pushed the
vibrator into my sweet creamy box and started moving it around. The
sensation was wonderful as I started to stroke it in and out of my
fuzz-covered mound.

My other hand had a mind of its own and it moved over to my nipple! It
was hard! It was swollen! It wanted attention! And, it got it! I
tweaked my hard little bud while I vibrated my cunny lips! "Oh my god,
yesssssssssssss," I groaned in exstasy. The softness of my fingers moved
from my nipple and I imagined my daddy squeezing first one of my young,
soft breasts in his hands and then the other. "Mmmmmm daddy," I said, my
breath labored as I removed my hand from my soft titty flesh. I touched
the slit between my legs and then I put my finger to my tongue, tasting my
juice on my fingers. Fire shot through my body as I moved my finger in and
out of my mouth, tasting the tangy fluid! When I had my finger wet, I
moved it lightly around my nipple, savoring the sensation that was building
deep within my body. "Yes daddy, lick your little baby's titty," I cooed
as I imagined him licking the pink, hard, swollen tip. Then I could feel
it! Then it started to build up! It started slowly at first and then, (ok
guys, you can start playing with it again) my body started the familiar
crescendo of earth shattering, mind blowing, body bending orgasm started to

I imagined daddy's cock in my pussy and Dan's tongue (ok guys, I was
desperate at this point so cut me some fucking slack) on my nipple as I
pushed and pulled and moaned and groaned (get ready to let loose guys, it's
cumming) and fucked my pussy with my bedroom buddy! "Oh god
yessssssssssss," I purred as my finger moved down and started flickering
across my swollen, sweet, hot (and yes virgin) clitty!

"Sweet Jesus!" I cried out loud as it hit me! It moved like a wall of
pure and total unadulterated pleasure as it hit! I bucked and twisted and
trembled as it hit me. A gushing mass of sweet creamy fluid seemed to
shoot out of my pussy lips (not really, but it felt like it) and all over
my hand as I had the most intense orgasm (come on guys, stroke it fast I'm
almost there) that was allowed by the laws of nature.
"Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!" I squealed as it hit me and then, then, then
I relaxed. I relaxed in sweet surrender to the passion that had been there
in my young body was going, going, and now it was gone. It was gone, like
an auctioned piece to the last bidder. Trembling in my orgasmic stupor, I
was lying there on the bed and I pulled the rigid rubber cock gently out of
my sopping pussy.

The smell of my sex hung in the air like a fog. I trembled slightly as
I started to come down from my sexual high. I was jolted from my orgasmic
afterglow as I heard the door handle turn. I did the best to pull the damp
bedspread across my body as the door came open.

"Jessi? Are you alright?" I heard my daddy ask as he walked in on his
naked little girl!

"Get out!" I shouted at daddy as I lay there naked as the day I was born
under the covers (except for my titties and fur covered pubic mound).

Daddy turned red and then quickly turned around. "Jessi," he said in
his normal daddy voice. "I'm sorry Jessi. I didn't mean to loose my

"Please leave daddy! Please!"

"I love you so much Jessi," I heard my sweet handsome precious daddy say
as he walked into the hall and shut the door behind him.

"And I love you too daddy," I said after he had left.

How embarrassing! How humiliating! How was I ever going to face my
daddy again? It didn't matter how. The fact is that I would and daddy
would never mention what he might or might not have seen (because that is
the kind of daddy he is). He was firm and strict but he was the most
forgiving human being in the world when it came to his precious baby.

My body was week but I managed to get up and I slipped my panties on and
quickly threw on an old pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt on. Dialing the
phone I called my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world (yeah, I told
you about her earlier in the story) and my body was trembling when she

Sally: Hello, you have reached the number of Sally. I would love to
come to the phone but my slave driving parents have probably got me doing
some kind of thing that keeps me from chatting, so leave your name and
number after the beep and I will call you back! Have a great day!

Damn! Isn't that the shits! I sat on the edge of the bed and put my
shoes on. My heart jumped when the phone rang. "It's for me Dad!" I

Me: "Hello?"

A female voice came on the other end.

Voice: "Listen here you little cunt! Leave my husband alone!"

Me: "Who is this?" I asked my voice trembling slightly.

Voice: "This is Dan's wife. He told me what how you made accusations
about him and I will let you know that I don't appreciate it one little bit
you little bitch!

Me: "It's all true! He's a pervert!" I yelled at Mrs. D.

Mrs. D: "I know it's not you little cunt! It's a bald faced lie!"

Me: "I know it's true Mrs. D. Ask him! Ask him if he shakes his nasty
floppy dick at every young girl he sees!"

Mrs. D: "I wouldn't believe you if you told me the sky was blue you
little red headed slut! If I so much as see you or hear of you making
those kind of accusations again, I will come over there and pull all your
red hair out of your head and any place else I can find! Do you understand
you stupid witch?"

Me: "Now you listen here. I'm not making that up. In fact, you better
tell that no good pervert husband of yours that he better not try any of
that shit again or else!"

Mrs D: "You can tell him yourself you little red headed bitch!"

I heard the phone sound like it hit the table and I could hear dumb-ass
Dan's wife screaching in the background. I heard her yell something at him
that wasn't very nice and then I heard a door slam. I was ready to hang up
the phone when I heard a rustling sound in the background.

Mr. D: "Hi Jessi."

Me: "What do you want you fat pig?"

Mr. D: "I wanted to thank you Jessi."

Me: "Thank me?"

Mr. D: Oh yes Jessi! I wanted to thank you!"

Me: "And what would you have to thank me for you old bastard!"

Mr. D: "For a glance at the sweetest ass I have ever seen in my life
Jessie! That's what!"

Me: "Sweetest ass? What are you talking about............?"

Mr. D: "I was watching you know!"

Me: "Watching? Watching what?"

Mr. D: "I was watching when your daddy had you bent over and had your
precious pink panties pulled down around your ankles and was boarding your

Me: "Why you little slimy.........."

Mr. D: "And you know what else Jessi?"

Me: "Now listen here Dan!"

Mr D: "I'll tell you what else Jessi! The what else is that I was not
only was I looking. I was looking from the other room while I stroked my
dick and came right in a pair of your panties!"

Me: "Noooooooooo! I'm gonna tell my daddy!"

Mr. D: "What, and risk another ass whipping? Good, I will watch that
one too."

Me: "But...but....but"

Mr. D: "Yes, and I'll cum all over your panties again while I'm doing

There was a long silence and then finally he laughed and spoke.

Mr. D: "Look out your window Jessi."

I scurried over to the window! There he was, standing in the window of
his room. He smiled and waved!

Me: "Listen you little creepy shit! You better leave me alone!"

Mr. Dangelson smiled and held up a pair of my panties!

Me: "Oh my god you sick son-of-a-bitch! I'll get you if you don't leave
me alone you stupid no good asshole!

Mr. D: "Well, give it your best shot you teasing little cunt! I'll be

With that, he hung up the phone. I stood at my bedroom window opened
mouthed while he stood in his window and laughed at me and waived my
panties in the air. I glared at him and then the phone rang again!

Me: "Now listen you little bastard!"

Sally: "Hello?"

Me: "Oh, Hi Sally."

Sally: "Hi Jessi! What's wrong?"

Me: "Ummmmm.......nothing I can discuss now. Listen Sal, I need to get
the gang together. We need to have a meeting about Danglin' Dan!"

Sally: "Ok Jess!"

Sally hung up the phone and then it was done. I was ready to put my
plan into motion. Danglin' Dan would dangle at us girls for the very last

To be continued


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