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Danglin Dan2


********************************************************* This story is a
work of fiction. Email any comments to Please do
not post on any other site without permission. Copyright 2002 by DaddyJ

Danglin' Dan Meets His Match

Chapter 2

The gang was all assembled at our usual meeting place to talk about what
to do about Danglin' Dan Dangelson, the neighborhood flasher. "And that's
what I think we have to do," I said as I finished talking to the group
assembled before me. "Any questions?"

"I don't know Jessi, it sounds like it could be kind of dangerous,"
Sally piped up.

"And you don't think that Mr. Dangelson running around is dangerous?" I
shot back at her.

"He just flashes his cock at people. What harm can that do?"

"Well what if he gets out of control? What if he does more?
Or.....what if he starts on younger girls?" I could see the wheels turning
in Sally's head. I knew that she would be behind anything I decided to do,
I just had to convince her that she would.

"Well.........ok Jessi. I guess if you think that's what we have to do,
then I will be behind you 100 percent." I smiled and winked at her and she
knew that she had made up for her moment of hesitation. "How about the
rest of you guys?"

We sat there for a bit, not wanting to force anyone to do anything that
they were not sure of. "Look guys," I said, "If you don't want any part of
this, I understand. You can just walk out of here before I give you all
the gory details and we'll pretend this meeting never happened." Another
moment of silence and some of the kids got their coats and walked out with
their heads hung down. "Ok leave you spineless worms!" I shouted as they
walked out. (I really wanted to shout that but I understood their decision
so I kept my mouth shut.) When all of the wimps had walked out, we were
left with just two people. One of the people left did not surpirse me.
His name was Rob and he would do anything that Sally was a part of. He was
not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer but he was big and strong.
Standing about 6'2" and weighing about 185, this blonde headed 19 year old would be a big help to us in the fear department. The other one was a
surprise! She was a petite little waife of a girl. Her name was Delores
but all of her friends called her Dee. I motioned for Dee to come sit
beside me. Dee stood up and walked to me. She was a cute little red headed girl who stood about 5' tall and a little heavy at about 125 lbs.

"Hi Dee," I said flashing my best smile at her. "So, do you mind if I
ask you a few questions?"

Dee shook her head, looking like she was nervous at the thought of being
questioned. I giggled a little and patted her hand. "It's ok Dee, this
won't be an interrogation. I just need to know a couple of things."

"Ok," Dee said in a soft voice.

"Ok, now I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but some of the
things I have planned may not be entirely on the legal side." The young girl looked at me and nodded her head. "If you decide to go ahead and help
us with this, you have to promise that you will not back out. It's now or
never. Is that understood?" Once again Dee nodded. "Ok, now for the sixyt
four thousand dollar question," I said looking Dee in the eyes. "Why is it
that you are willing to take part in this excursion?"

Dee shifted in her seat, hesitating to give me an answer. I watied
paitently as the young girl chose her words. "I dunno," she said

"Come on Dee," I said, "out with it!"

"It's just, you see, my older sister told me that he
did that to her at her 18th birthday party." Her expression changed as we
spoke. "I'm telling you right now Jessi, the poor girl was scared out of
her wits!" Tears started forming in the girl's green eyes and made a trail
down her face.

"So, that is your sister's problem. What does that have to do with

"It has everything to do with me Jessi! You see, my big sister went off
to college and she always did everything in her power to protect me from
that perver. Now it's just me and my little sister living at home with mom and dad. In a couple of years she will be of age and I don't want her to
have to go through that." Dee's eyes were filled with pain as she relayed
this story to me. "I'm sorry Jessi, if you don't want me to go I'll stay
home." Dee stood up and started to walk away.

"Wait Dee, now why wouldn't I want you to help me?"

"I dunno, I guess maybe because I am short and dumpy." Dee hung her
head, standing there as if waiting for me to tell her to go.

"You're not short and dumpy (ok, she was petite and pleasantly plump but
it was all in the right places) Dee," I said to her. "In fact, you are a
pretty little girl."

Dee's face brightened a little. "You mean I can help you?"

"Sure you can help us. That is if you promise to keep take this secret
with you to the grave!"

"Oh I promise!" Dee exclaimed, jumping up and down, shaking her chubby
little body all around as she moved. "I won't disappoint you Jessi," she

"Ok! Ok Dee!" I motioned over to Rob and Sally to pull up a chair. "Ok
gang, I have a plan and here it goes!" After laying out the plan (of course
I'm not gonna tell you what it is silly, you have to read on) we all went
our seperate ways until Friday.

Ok, now you are probably asking why we waited until Friday to put our
plan in motion. Well, you see it's like this. My dad was going to a
seminar at the state capitol and he wouldn't be back till Monday. Now, not
only was he going to be out of town but when he left, he usually asked the
neighbors (yes, you guessed who one of those are) to keep an eye on the
property and help me if I need anything. Of course, Mr. Dangelson takes
this opportunity to do a little window peeping. And, if he gets caught, he
can always claim that he was asked by the Judge to watch his place while he
was gone! It's a really good situation for him to get his jollies but also
a really good situation for us to put our plan in motion.

It just so happens that the school was not in session this particular
Friday (just a coincidence) for a state teachers meeting. I had taken
daddy to the airport the previous day so that left the entire day of just
doing what I wanted. It was wonderful! I loved my time alone but I have
to admit that as I lie in bed that morning I started to have second
thoughts about our plans for the night. The alarm clock had gone off at 10
and as I looked around I wondered how things had gotten this far. The rest
of the day was uneventful (except the things that I had picked up at the
adult bookstore, but I'll tell you about them later) but I had a lot of
things to get ready for this evening. The gang would be over here at 6:30

At 6:25 the door bell rang. I rushed to it and there they were. Just
as planned, Rob, Sally and Dee were all standing there with smiles on their
faces. I rushed them into the house and looked around, making sure that
Mr. D had not started his prowling yet. I was right, he was still
tinkering in his garage and he hadn't noticed the group of teenagers that
had assembled in my house.

Approximately 15 minutes later, Rob called the Dangelson residence.
Mrs. D answered.

Rob: "Hello, is Dan home?"

Mrs. D: "Yes, just a minute."

There was a long silence on the phone and I watched as Mrs D opened the
garage door and called danglin' Dan to the phone. I prepared myself to
sound like maybe I'd had a little too much to drink.

Mr. D: "Hello?"

Me: "Hello. Dan?"

Mr. D: "Yes?"

Me: "Hi Dan. It's your next door neighbor Jenni."

Mr. D: "What do you want?"

Me: "I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the other day?

Mr. D: "What?"

Me: "I said I just wanted to tell you I was sorry about the way tat I
acted the other day!"

Mr. D: "Jessi? Have you been drinking?"

Me: "Now Mr. D, Have you ever known me to drink?"

MR. D: "Well, I've never seen you actually drink, but I know that
daddy's out of town and when the cat's away, the mice play.

Me: "Mister D, I can't drink. When I drink I loose all control of
myself. I do stupid things!"

Mr. D: "Stupid things? Like what Jessi?"

Me: "Well, they are things I could only discuss with my best girlfriend
Mr. D!"

Mr. D: "It's ok Jessi, I won't hold it against you."

Me: :Ok Mr. D. I gotta go now. Bye."

I hung up the phone and the trap was baited. Now I only hoped I would
catch a rat! One last thing before Mr. D arrived like I hoped he would. I
moved into the bathroom while Rob set up the video camera and stripped down
to my birthday suit. My body quivered with anticipation as I took an old t-shirt that went down just about 6 inches above the knees. It was loose
and sloppy, but it was worn out and very thin. I looked at myself in the
mirror. My little nipples could almost be seen through them and I have to
admit, giving Mr. D a show was going to be a blast! Next I slipped my
cute little ass into a pair of white nylon panties (I'd just trimmed all my
excess body hair off earlier) with lace around the waist and legs. And
then for the final piece, I put my foot into a pair of white opaque nylons
with a seam that ran up the entire length in the back. These were a pair
that my mother had worn, but I was sure she wouldn't be back. I slowly
pulled the nylons up the length of my smooth legs.

"He's coming Jessi!" I heard one of the girls yell.

"I'm almost ready!" I shouted back. I rushed over to the mirror and
quickly combed my red locks and parting my hair in the middle, and tied
each side into a pigtail. "Very good Jessi," I said as I admired myself.

"He's coming up the sidewalk Jessi!" Sally said as she put her head into
the bathroom. "Wow Jess, you look so Cool!"

"Thanks Sal," I said, my excitement building inside me.

"Don't you think the 'Slippery when wet' is a little much," she asked,
pointing to the words written across my t-shirt?

I just giggled and shook my head. "It is a nice touch isn't it!" The
doorbell rang and if I jumped an inch, I jumped a foot. "Hide Sal! It's
showtime!" Sally moved into position and I took a deep breath and let the
doorbell ring once more.

"Who is it?" (yeah, we all know who it is) I yelled as I stood with my
hand on the knob.

"It's Dan, Jessi!" he shouted back.

My hand trembled slightly as I turned the knob. I wondered if I was
going to be able to pull this one off. "Oh well," I sighed. It was too
late to turn back now. I slowly pulled the door open and there he stood in
all his radiant glory (ok, I'm being sarcastic here!)

"Well, hellooooooooo Jessi," Mr D said, moving his eyes up and down my
young frame.

"Hi Mr. D," I giggled, trying to act like I was embarrased to be seen
like that. "Let me get a robe."

"It's ok Jessi. You look fine. May I come in?"

"Well, I dunno Mr. D. Daddy is gone and I'm here all alone. I'm not
sure it'd be proper."

"It's ok Jessi. I'm sure he won't mind!" With that Dan the Danglin'
dumbass waltzed right on into my house! I quickly followed him as he
walked to the bar and helped himself to a scotch and water.

"Look Mr. D, I really don't think you should be here," I said as I
walked toward him and faked a stumble. Mr D caught me and held me in his
arms momentarily. I blushed a deep shade of red (hey guys, it was a real
blush ok!) "Jess," he said, "you have had a little too much to drink
haven't you girl!" I shook my head but he just laughed and slapped me on my
ass as I turned to walk away.

"Mr D!" I yelled. "Stop it!"

"I think it would be ok if you called me Dan tonight honey!" Dan quickly
downed his scotch and poured himself another. I tried to act angry at his
blatant disregard for my feelings, but we all know by now that he only
cares about himself.

"That wasn't nice Dan!" I said as I pulled my shirt up, and rubbed my
red ass cheek. His eyes immediately moved down to my butt cheeks. I swear
that I could hear him salivate at the sight of my smooth legs covered in
the white stockings.

"Oh now Jessi, that didn't even leave a mark girl," he said to me this
time walking over to dad's recliner and sitting down.

"Did so!" I shouted. Dan's eyes almost popped out of his head as I
pulled my shirt up high (hey guys, it's all a part of the plan) and pulling
my panties down slightly showed him the red mark on my cheek. Dan gulped
as he stared at my sweet ass. I quickly pulled my panties up and dropped
my shirt down, but it was too late. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat
(you know why don't you boys) as he took in my young frame.

"Damn Jess," he almost moaned. "You look so sweet and pretty today. I
love what you've done to your hair!"

I plopped back onto the couch and was seated directly across from Dan. I
pulled my legs tightly undrneath me and acted like I was trying to adjust
myeslf so I wasn't flashing him. Dan's eyes went to my legs and I felt
myself getting a little turned on at the feeling of power I was having on
this middle aged man.

"Dan, I think you should leave now!" I said in my firmest voice. Dan
just shook his head and laughed as he kept his eyes pasted on my body.
Standing up, Dan walked to the bar and set his glass on the counter. This
time he didn't fill it. He turned and started walking towards me. My body
was quivering as he moved closer to me. It seemed like he was walking in
slow motion as he moved until he stood directly in front of me! "I know
what you want Jessi," he said as he moved his hand to the waist on his
pants. "In fact, I know what all you young girls want!" he exclaimed as he
undid the buckle on his belt. My eyes grew large from the terror (and
believe me, I was terrified) of what was about to take place. I fully
expected at this point in time for him to drop his pants, but he didn't!
Instead, he removed his hand from his waist and moved it to the side of my

"Oh god!" I heard myself saying as this unexpected turn of events
unfolded. I had only expected him to flash his cock in my face but now he
was touching me! Instead of it repulsing me like I thought it would, it
was kind of a nice feeling. "No Dan, please," I said softly, as I closed
my eyes enjoying his touch.

"But you look so nice Jessi," he said as his hand moved to my hair and
he gently moved it down across my pigtail. "You look so young and fresh
girl." I know I moaned as this man's touch even though I didn't want it to,
I could feel my body responding. Dan continued to massage my face and I
let him stroke me like a little puppy dog. My face turned red as Dan moved
his hand from my cheek and it touched my shoulder and roamed down and he
brushed my hard little nipple through my t-shirt. I snapped my eyes open
and yelled "No!" I moved to get up but Dan just took one of his large hands
and pushed me back down. "Wha'ts wrong little Jessi? Don't you like Dan's
touch?" Dan leaned forward and cupped my chin in his hand and pulled my
face up and then he kissed me. It wasn't at all like I expected! It was
almost pleasant! I pulled away from his grip and he laughed a laugh that I
didn't particularly like. My mind was spinning and my heart was racing as
I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into!

"Dan. I think you should leave now!" I said in my firmest voice. Dan
shook his head and that was when it happened. His hand seemed to move in
one swift motion and his pants were unzipped, unsnapped and his shorts were
open exposing himself. I gasped when I saw it. It was HUGE! It was
larger than anything I had ever seen in my life. I swear to god that it
had to be at least 9 inches long and 3 inches in diameter!

"It's a nice one isn't it?" Dan said as he watched my eyes bulge out of
my head. "You can touch it if you want Jessi," he said smiling. I didn't
want to touch it, I swear I didn't (well, ok, I really DID want to touch
the most beautiful cock in the world) but then I saw my hand move forward,
trembling, moving to his long cock! It was semi hard but it looked so
smooth and inviting. My hand touched his dick and it flinched and I
wrapped my hand around it and it immediately started growing in my hand!
"Oh yes Jessi, you don't know how long I've waited for this moment." Dan's
eyes rolled back in his head as I stroked his long meat. I thought about
the fear that I thought I would have at this moment but it wasn't there. I
thought about the fear of touching Dan's cock with my friends watching but
it wasn't there. I thought about the fear of being filmed stroking his
cock but it wasn't there! "Oh god!" I yelled and moved quickly releasing
his cock and sliding off the couch.

"Wait Jessi, don't you want to kiss it?" Dan laughed an evil laugh and I
turned red once more. "Come on girl, get back here and kiss my little

"Dan! That's nasty!" I said in my best little girl voice. Dan's eyes
glistened like diamonds when he heard me talk like a junior high girl and I
think I saw his cock swell a little more!

"It's not nasty Jessi! It's fun. Why don't you come over here and try

"Because I'm scared Dan," I said meekly (ok I wasn't that scared but it
works into the plan silly) as I hung my head in fake fear.

"There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of Jess," he said in a soothing

"But......" I said pausing.

"But what," Dan asked?

"But, If I could like maybe tie your hands so you wouldn't be able to
hold me down, I might try it!" I said looking a little less scared.

"I don't think so little girl!" I could tell that Danny-boy didn't like
this idea at all.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned to walk away. I watched Dan in the
reflection in the mirror. Just like I thought, his eyes averted to my
sweet little ass. "Ok Dan, your choice," I said as I walked to the bar and
got a glass of water. I walked back towards dan and sat down again, this
time in daddy's recliner. Dan couldn't take his eyes off my stocking clad
thighs. I positioned myself so he could see just the crotch of my silky
white panties. "It's a shame too Dan. I've never done that before. You'd
be my one and only."

The gears in Dan's warped little mind began to spin as he thought of how
he could have his way with me. I slid forward to get out of the chair. I
made sure that my shirt rode up my thighs so he could get a good view of my
panty covered pussy. His cock visibly flinched as I stood up. I sauntered
in front of the pervert standing in my living room with his cock hanging
out of his trousers. I loosened my fingers around my glass and it hit the
floor with a thud! "Oh Shit!" I screamed. "Hurry Dan, get something to
clean it up!" Dan looked confused as what to do, so I pretended to look
around and then I made my move. I crossed my hands, took hold of the
bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it off of my head. Dan stood there open
mouthed as I threw it down on the wet spot on the carpet and started
soaking the liquid up.

Dan's cock was now standing fully erect (at least I thought it was) as I
stood there in my white panties, stockings and nothing else. I bent over
and gave Dan an excellent view of my ass as my panties rode up into the
crack. "Damn!" I heard him exclaim as I teased this grown man into a
frenzy. I finished soaking up the water and slipped my wet t-shirt back
over my head. The cool water made my nipples stand up like little soldiers
and it just added to the excitement of the moment. Dan made a move towards
me and I screamed and moved away! I ran towards the front door and put my
hand on the alarm button. "Make one more move and the police will be here
in a matter of minutes. Dan froze in his tracks as he could see that I did
indeed mean business! "Now get your clothes off Dan, or I push the
button!" Dan stood there like a dumbass (it wouldn't be that big a leap
folks) as this little teenage girl threatened him.

"Look Jessi," Dan said as he tried to reason with me. "I'll do what you
want, just don't push the button!"

"Then take those fucking clothes off Dan!" I barked at him. Dan didn't
have to be told again. He fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and soon
had it and his undershirt off. His body wasn't nearly as old looking as I
thought and my excitement increased as I watched him do a striptease for
me. Hesitating slightly, he looked at me and I motioned for him to drop his
trousers. Dan pushed his pants down and then somehow got the boxer shorts
over his huge pecker. Stepping out of his pants, he pulled his socks off
with his feet and low and behold, I had a naked man at my disposal!

"Not too bad for an old fuck," I said giggling. My eyes moved over the
length of his body, giving him the opportunity to see what it felt like to
be looked at like a piece of meat. "Not bad at all Dan." Dan's cock
started to deflate slightly as he realized that he was no longer in control
of the situation. "Ok asshole, there is a pair of handcuffs behind the
counter. Put them on!"

"No Jessi," he whined. I nodded and he looked down at the floor like a
little boy that was in deep trouble. I motioned for him to do as I told
him and he reluctanly did my bidding. Whistling as I watched his naked ass
(not because I liked the looks silly, for the humiliation factor) as he
moved to the bar he picked up the handcuffs and slipped them on one of his
wrists. He was ready to snap them over the other wrist when I told him to
stop and come towards me. I motioned for Dan to put his arms behind his
back. Dan turned around and I took the cuff into my hand and proceeded to
snap it on the other wrist.

The next thing I know Dan had spun around and the breath had almost been
knocked out of me as he threw me to the floor. I hadn't gotten the cuff
over his other wrist and he had me pinned underneath him! "Get off me you
stupid fuck! Get the fuck off of me," I screamed. Dan laughed and put all
his weight on me. I gasped. I yelled. I kicked. I bit. I tried with
all my might to move him but he was just too big. He pushed his big fat
mouth on top of mine and gave me a sloppy wet old man kiss. I felt his
hand move between my legs and he touched my pussy! "No Dan! Stop!" I
screamed. Then, for the first time in my life, a man moved between my legs
and I felt it. I felt his hard, hot long, thick cock touch my leg!
"Noooooooo!" I cried as he moved forward and pressed the head into the
crotch of my underwear!

Dan moved his hand that had been in my crotch and put it across my
mouth. I could smell my pussy juices as he held my lips closed. It was
intoxicating to smell myself! The tingle that had been small a short while
ago was now a large spasm! "Please Dan," I moaned through his fingers.

"Jessi! If you promise not to scream, I'll let you go!" I struggled
some more but it was of no use. "Jessi! I said is you promise not to
scream, I'll let you go!" I couldn't move! I couldn't scream! I couldn't
breathe! I had no choice! I nodded my head and mumbled into his hand.
The pressure let up on my lips a little at a time. Dan wanted to make sure
that I wasn't going to scream. I gasped for air as he released me and then
finally, finally, finally I could breathe! "That's better you little cunt!
Now are you gonna take it easy or take it the hard way?" Now the fear was
back with a vengance! I didn't want to loose my cherry like this! My mind
raced as I thought what to do.

"Please Dan, I'll give it to you, but I want to taste you first. I want
to taste every inch of your body!" Dan's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!
His weight shifted and I squirmed out from beneath him. I looked around
for my friends but I couldn't see them. They must have gone to sleep, I
thought as I sat up in the floor. Dan stayed laying down. I put my hands
on his back and started rubbing his shoulders.

"Mmmmmm. Yes Jessi, that feels so good!" he moaned as I caressed him
with my fingers. I looked down and the cuffs were still on his wrist. If
only I can get his arm behind his back I thought! I saw a motion to the
side and there was Rob standing in the dark of the next room. I motionined
with my eyes to Dan's arms. "Oh Jessi, you hands are so talanted," he
moaned as I moved down his back.

"Close your eyes Dan. I positioned myself over his back and I sat down
across his buttocks. I could feel his hairy naked ass on the inside of my
thighs. The hairs tickled my legs as I squated down across his ass. I
pulled his arm to his side and gently massaged his biceps and worked my way
down the length until I was at his hands and then I massaged each finger. I
repeated this several times and I felt his entire body relaxing. I started
to massage the other arm the same way. I pulled it to his side and gave it
my best massage, once again working down to his fingers. I squirmed my
sweet little pussy across his ass cheeks and he moaned. Then I took each
of his hands into mine and gently, so lovingly pulled on each one of them.
I caressed his hands and his fingers and worked the kinks out until I had
them behind him and then.......and then........and then I snapped the other
cuff aroudn his wrist!

"You stupid whore!" he yelled when he realized what had happened! He
bucked and I rolled off and hit onto the floor. "Unlock me now Jessi!" he
screamed, glaring at me. I rubbed my head and he rolled over and was lying
on the floor like a turtle on his back. "Let me go NOW Jessi!"

"Oh my!" I gasped when I saw it. His cock had actually grown bigger! I
crawled on my hands and knees to where I could get a better look at it.
His dick twitched when I was close enough for him to feel my hot breath on
it. I'm not sure what came over me as I kneeled there and saw his cock at
it's fullest but I knew what I had to do. Dan watched as I moved close to
it, wrapping my hand his huge hot cock.

"Jessi! Oh yes Jessi! You are such a good little girl!" he moaned as I
gripped it in the palm of my hand. I glanced up and saw Rob still standing
in the doorway. I could have motioned for him to come to my rescue now,
but I did not. Instead I moved my hand up the length of Dan's beautiful
prick. "I've watied so long Jessi. I've waited so long," he groaned as I
began to stroke it back and forth.

"Can I taste it Dan," I asked. Dan nodded (yeah, like he would turn
down a blowjob from an 18 year old girl) and I released his cock. "Sit in
the chair Dan and I'll make you feel so good!" Struggling to get up,
somehow he managed to get to his feet. I stood up too and led him to the
easy chair (not daddy's of course) and he sat down with a plop.

"You are so beautiful Jessi! You are so pretty," he said as he looked
down at me. I moved a few feet away from him and I stood in front of him
and pulled my t-shirt off my head once again. Dan's eyes got as big as
silver dollars when he saw my pert little breasts. "So young and so
sweet," he said as I dropped my t-shirt to the floor. My pussy was
spasming slightly as I dropped to the floor and crawled across the carpet
in front of him.

"Can little Jessi suck the big man's cock?" I asked in a little girl's

"Yes, the little girl can suck the big man's cock!"

"Close your eyes big man!" I said as I moved between his legs and kissed
the inside of his thighs. Dan closed his eyes and I turned my head and
motioned for Rob to move behind him. "Here it comes," I said as I bathed
his cock in my hot breath. Dan moaned and I took his blood engorged cock
into my hand and then I did it. I touched it with my tongue! I actually
put my tongue on the head of Dan's cock! It was hot! It was sticky! It
was salty! It was wonderful! Pre-cum had formed on the slit of his dick
and I licked all of it off. Dan moaned as my tongue cleaned the end of his
cock. Rob moved in behind Dan and waited until I gave him the sign.

Dan's cock was less than an inch from my mouth and I moved down and
gently licked his big hairy balls. To my surprise, they tasted good too! I
savored the smell of the first man in my face and then I kissed his nut
sack while I stroked his shaft. I moved up on my knees and my lips were
just inches from the head of his fat prick. And then......and then.....and
then I did it! I moved forward! I move down! I moved my lips onto his
cock. "Oh fuck," Dan moaned as his cock head parted my virgin lips. He
squirmed, trying to get his arms free. His eyes popped open a little and I
removed my lips from his dick. "Close your eyes Dan or I stop!" Dan
snapped his eyes shut and I moved back and wrapped my lips once again
around the head of his cock and I started to gently suck on it. I pushed
my mouth down onto his cock as far as I could (ok it wasn't very far but
remember, this is my first time) and he groaned as I began to move my head
up and down on his fat knob. "Oh god yes Jessi! So sweet! Such a sweet
little baby," he moaned as I stroked his rod and sucked the head.

Although I had never felt it before, I knew what was about to happen. I
saw Dan tense his body and I knew that he was ready to cum. I started
sucking him in deeper now, sucking him down into my mouth and I realized
that I wanted it now! I stroked his long 9 inch cock and sucked on it and
then I felt him tense and then it hit me! It was a long, hot, thick blast
of cum that splattered the back of my throat! I choked and pulled off and
his cum shot into the air! It hit may face! It hit my hair! It hit my
chest! It hit everywhere that it could hit. I watched in amazement as his
dick spurted shot after shot after shot of salty, sticky gooey cum until it
was just a trickle. Dan slowly opened his eyes and smiled as me as I
kneeled between his legs with cum on my face.

"Jessi?" he said.

"Yes Dan," I said with my cum covered lips.

"You are a good little slut!" and he put his knee into my chest and
pushed me away!

I laid there stunned! I laid there hurt! I laid there madder than I
had ever been in my life! "You no good bastard! I yelled at him. His
eyes danced in merryment as he thought he had gotten one over on a young girl.

"Now Rob!" I screamed and in a flash, Rob had thrown the rope across his
chest and had him tied before he could move.

"What the fuck is going on Jessi! Let me go you little slut! Let me go

I stood up and walked to him and smeared my cum covered lips on his
mouth. Dan turned away from me and spit. I laughed as I walked into the
hallway. I could hear him fighting and kicking but soon he had settled

"It's time Dee," I said smiling at my friend. "It's time."

To be continued.


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