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Daughter of Desire


Disclaimer: The usual - you must be at least 18 years of age, otherwise

Author's Note: This story is the second chapter of the "Code Name:
Domino" super spy thriller written by Trent Wolf. Although you could read
this chapter as a stand alone without feeling lost, I recommend you read
the initial chapter. The Grey Archive or JR Parz Mind Control Erotica both
carry the full (ongoing) saga! Please use my new email address: if you have any comments.

daughter of Desire" by JR Parz


In a large house on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia...

"Sir...there's a small package for you." The manservant stated as he
entered the room.

Charles Wheatley looked up from his computer and sighed. "What is it?"

"A gift...from Mr. Gaston." The man replied.

"Gaston? Who the hell is...oh yeah, now I remember...Gary Gaston."
Charles responded. He remembered him from a Computer Technology meeting he
had attended four months ago. Gaston was the only person there that could
actually grasp the computer language he had invented. It was Mr. Gaston
who first suggested he use his discovery to analyze the mind patterns of
human beings and incorporate them into his computer software.

"What kind of gift?"

"It looks like a small statue of some a figurine. Would you
like me to remove it from it's sealed container?"

"No. Let me see it." Charles took the gift and examined it. It looked
like a piece of modern art. Why would Gaston be sending him something like
this? Charles was about to open the container when he thought of his
daughter. Could he get away with giving this to Stephanie? Stephanie, who
had just turned eighteen last month, would be leaving for London next week
to start a semester at Babson college for Females. Charles knew he'd never
find the time to go buy her something. "I think this may just work fine.
Could you wrap it up nice for me...I'm going to use it for Stephanie's
going away gift."

"Yes Sir."

"Thanks Wellington."


Stephanie Wheatley held her finger under the bathroom faucet and let the
warm water run over it. The figurine had pricked her when she pulled it
out from its sealed container. She thought it was rather ugly and wondered
what would prompt her father to purchase such a hideous thing. Well,
better to receive something than be forgotten completely. Stephanie
remembered how much it hurt when her father forgot about her eighteenth
birthday. She had long ago realized she couldn't compete with his work,
but to be totally forgotten?

Stephanie fully understood her father's importance, accepting the fact
that he was a genius. She knew that his knowledge as a computer programmer
would ultimately be used to better mankind and that he was on the verge of
developing a brand new language. Her father was careless when it came to
his notes, and Stephanie had, on several occasions, read them. Given her
own advanced knowledge in this field, she found herself truly fascinated
with the concept. Her father had tapped into a way, via computer software,
to subliminally alter the human mind.

Just as Stephanie was finishing up in the bathroom, she paused to look
at herself in the mirror. She still found it remarkable how close she
resembled her mother. Her mom had died while giving birth to her...and if
she hadn't died and was still alive...Stephanie honestly felt her life
would have been very different and definitely a lot happier. Stephanie
thought about all the boarding schools she'd been forced to attend...and
college wasn't going to be much different. At least now, she saw light at
the end of the tunnel.

Stephanie hurried to her bedroom...not wanting to run into her father in
the hallway. She locked her bedroom door and quickly stripped out of her
dress. Before slipping on her nightgown, she stood in front of her mirror
to look at herself. Stephanie was very pretty...especially when she
smiled. She stood about 5'6", weighed an even 125, and was extremely curvy.
Stephanie blushed when she brought her hands up to cup her ample
breasts...well endowed was how one of her friends had described them. She
wore a D cup, and even though she incased them in the most expensive bra
she could find, they still jiggled with every breath. To cap it all off,
Stephanie was a blonde, and everyone told her the boys loved blondes, but
if there was any one attribute that she loved more than her others, it
would be her emerald green eyes.


Stephanie knew it was a dream, but knowing this didn't help her. One
moment she was flying through the sky...and then quite suddenly, she found
herself naked and spread eagle on her bed. Stephanie quickly looked to her
left, seeing a girl, as naked as she was...beside her. Stephanie thought
the girl looked very beautiful and very familiar, and when the mysterious
beauty slid her fingertips lightly across the inside of Stephanie's thigh,
the touch sent shivers of arousal straight to her groin.

The girl told her to relax and enjoy herself and Stephanie closed her
eyes. She basked in the girl's caress and kisses as she inhaled a sweet
intoxicating aroma that drifted up to her nose. It elicit a hunger deep
inside of her...compelling her to locate the source.

Stephanie moved her nose and mouth towards her target...straight towards
the girl's most private place, inhaling her musk with pleasure. At first,
Stephanie's tongue acted shy, and poked its way past the girl's wet
petals...but the second her taste buds tasted the girl's musky juice, she
found herself craving so much more. Stephanie buried her head in-between
the girl's thighs, stabbing her tongue in deeper...making sure to lap up
all of her. Pure pleasure flooded her every sense as she was on the verge
of an orgasm.

Stephanie woke with a shudder...her nightgown matted against her body.
Her bra was unsnapped and pushed off to the side. Her panties were bunched
up around her ankles. Stephanie reached down and touched herself,
eliciting a her fingertips had entered her very wet fold.
Stephanie brought her freshly dipped fingers up to her nose and sniffed.
That smell? The same smell from her dream. Stephanie stuck out her tongue
and tasted herself, remembering the same taste in her dream. Stephanie
blushed...but this didn't stop her from returning her fingers back down to
her warm wet treasure below. Stephanie found her clit and cried out as her
groin throbbed with desire. For the first time in her life, Stephanie
masturbated...and within seconds she cried out. "Unngggghhhhhh" with an
incredible orgasm.


The virus had quickly entered the girl's blood stream, traveling
straight to the girl's brain. There it sat and analyzed...before
attacking. Quickly it altered specific areas of Stephanie's personality,
while rendering others dormant and non operative. Stephanie would now find
herself with an aggressive, dominant drive...instead of being shy and
basically docile. Stephanie would find herself sexually awake and
constantly horny, instead of her virginal state from before. Stephanie
would find herself feeling an irresistible craving for female flesh,
instead of what would have been heterosexual if active. The virus had done
its work, and released Stephanie's latent and dormant traits, turning them
dominant and primary.

When Stephanie woke the next morning...she did so a new person! New,
arousing sensations coursed through her lithe body...and as if she were
discovering herself for the first time, Stephanie brought her hands up to
cup her big beautiful tits, using her thumbs to brush her rock hard
nipples. She moaned at the sensations coursing through her. Stephanie
sprung up out of bed to take a look at her self in the mirror...and gasped
at what she saw. She wasn't just beautiful...she was stunningly beautiful
and epitomized the word sexy. Stephanie felt her new, now natural
cravings, start to lick at her moist region below, but now was not the
time. First things first, she thought to herself. First, she needed to go
play with her Daddy's computer.

V (One week later...)

Charles Wheatley was told that he would receive a very important visit
from a journalist by the name of Kara Sinclair. Ms. Sinclair was doing a
story on microcomputer chips and the potential affects they would have on
the future. The Australian Government had instructed Charles not to
disclose anything pertinent, and informed him that the lady had strong ties
to America (which included many high-tech Computer companies). Charles
didn't like this political game he was forced to play, but understood
it...and reluctantly agreed to the interview.

The first thing that struck him upon meeting her was her extreme beauty.
Strikingly beautiful would be an understatement. She was tall, standing
about 5'8'...and if there were such thing as perfection, this girl oozed
it. She wore a tight black skirt that accentuated her firm curvaceous ass,
and also treated him to a view of her long sexy legs. It had been years
since Charles reacted lustily towards a woman, almost thinking he was
totally dead down 'there', but this young lady stirred desires in him that
shook him, and for the first time in his life, he found his mind actually
straying towards unprofessional territory.

"Ms. Sinclair, it is very nice to meet you." Charles said while staring
deep into the girl's big, beautiful brown eyes.

"Thank you Mr. Wheatley. I feel honored to actually meet you. Ever
since hearing your breakthrough work in this new computer language, I've
been looking forward to having this interview." replied the beautiful girl.
"I'm flattered. Ah...could I offer you a drink?"

"Only if you are drinking with me."



Dominoe had tracked the gift from Gary Gaston to Charles Wheatley...and
the second CATT was informed, the Top Priority Code Blue Operation
catapulted to a Top Priority Code red Operation. Dominoe could tell right
away that Charles wasn't under the influence of the virus...due to that
certain look in the person's eyes. Dominoe felt relieved...but then
wondered...if he wasn't infected with the virus, then who was?

Dominoe was briefed that Mr. Wheatley was on the brink of inventing a
device that could permanently alter the mind. According to a case file and
the discussion she had with Chief Davis, Mr. Wheatley had the knowledge to
write subliminal messages directly into the language of everyday software.
If a mind control device of this proportion were ever to fall into the
wrong hands, the worst case scenario could very well become reality.

Dominoe quickly scanned the room, hoping that the gift was possibly
unopened on a shelf somewhere. As she looked, a painting from the next
room caught her attention. Dominoe tried ignoring it to return to her
search, but the painting that hung crooked nagged at her.

" beautiful." Dominoe commented while pointing to the painting
in the next room.

"Yes Ms. Sinclair...I see you also hold a fascination for fine art.
Please, come take a closer look."

Dominoe followed Mr. Wheatley into the next room...delighted at the
opportunity she'd have at straightening out the painting. "'s off
center." Dominoe stated while using both hands to center it. Then she
stood back to inspect her work. "Much better." she said happily. Mr.
Wheatley looked on in stunned silence and was about to say something when a
man entered the room. "Excuse me Sir, there's a phone call for you."

"Thanks Wellington." Mr. Wheatley turned to Dominoe; "I'll take the
call in the other room. Please, enjoy all my paintings...there's a gallery
through that door over there."

Dominoe nodded her head, smiled, and then watched as Mr. Wheatley left.
She glanced down at his nearly full drink on the coffee table and saw her
chance to pour in her mind control serum. Just then another painting
caught her attention and distracted her. Why was it that every place she
went...the paintings and pictures all needed centering? Dominoe felt a
strong pull to go check on the picture, but instead focused hard on her
mission. Dominoe poured the contents of her vial into Mr. Wheatley's
drink...and sighed. Now she could go check on that painting.

Dominoe ended up correcting three more paintings before Mr. Wheatley
returned. "I apologize for the interruption. Please, you now have my
undivided attention." Mr. Wheatley settled back down in his chair, picked
up his drink and took a sip.

Dominoe knew from first hand experience that she wouldn't have to wait
more than a few minutes before the mind control aphrodisiac worked...and
waited for that time to elapse. "Charles, I'd like you to take me
somewhere more private so we can be alone...wouldn't you like that?"

"Yes. Ah...yes... I'd like that, please, follow me."

Dominoe followed Charles up the stairs to his bedroom. Then he turned
around and waited for whatever was next. Dominoe looked around the room
and again found herself distracted. 'Damn! Another picture off center!'
Dominoe picked the picture up and looked at it. A professional photograph
of a very pretty girl; "Who's the girl?"

"Huh? daughter...Stephanie."

"She's very pretty..."

"Yes...she is."

Dominoe looked down to Charles's crotch area and could tell from the
bulge in his pants that he was feeling the effects from the aphrodisiac.
Dominoe reluctantly put the picture down...given she didn't center it, and
walked over to him. Dominoe smiled at Wheatley, seeing the desire in his
eyes. She then reached down and rubbed his hard erection through the
material of his trousers. "Tell me Charles...did you receive a gift from
Gary Gaston recently?"

" did you know?" Groaned the man, obviously in great need now
that she had touched him.

"That's not important. What's important is you answer my questions."

"Yes...I received it last week."

"Where is it?"

"I gave it to my daughter as a going away gift."

Dominoe's heartbeat suddenly went haywire! His daughter! "You mean


"Where is she?"

"She's attending Babson in London."

"Isn't that the all woman's college?"


"I have to go."

"Wait! Ah...what about me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Aren't we going to...ah...make love?"

"I wasn't planning on it."

"I thought...but I...what about this." Said Charles, gesturing towards
his throbbing erection.

"I bet it's pretty uncomfortable, huh..." Dominoe replied, turning to


"Look...if you need relief, masturbate." stated Dominoe. "My work is


Stephanie Wheatley whimpered and moaned as her innocent pretty roommate,
Trina Seavers, ardently pleasured her clit. The beautiful American girl,
who was easily one of the prettiest girls at her college, didn't appear
innocent at the moment. No, far from Trina stabbed her tongue in
and out of her wet horny hole. Stephanie felt an intense shudder of pure
pleasure, then rearranged herself into a '69' position...she wanted to
reciprocate. Now, both Stephanie and Trina had their heads buried deep
inside each other's crotch and lapped and sucked until they both cried out
to powerful orgasms!

Both girls lay on the bed exhausted. Trina broke the silence.
"I...I...don't believe what we just did." she stammered.

Stephanie smiled...leaned over and kissed Trina. At first, Trina lay
still while Stephanie kissed her, but it mere seconds, Trina's tongue
started to duel back with equal passion, and before Stephanie broke the
kiss, she had her roommate again squirming. "Trina...what we did is
beautiful...and I love you."

"I...I love you too." Tina blushed in response, then added. "Can
we...can we do it again?"

Stephanie looked at Trina with a grin and thought that sexual desire was
quite becoming on her new pleasure slave. Trina's arousal elicit the
memory of they're first meeting...less than a week ago.

Stephanie had been unpacking her suitcase when Trina entered the room.
"Hi...I guess we're roommates." Stephanie's first reaction was how
beautifully sweet and innocent Trina looked. Followed by how great her
life at Babson was going to be.

Trina's innocent loveliness inspired Stephanie to program her computer
that very night, making sure to incorporate her father's subliminal
programming. Stephanie told Trina that she was setting up an access code
for her and that she'd be able to use the computer any time she wanted.
Trina responded with genuine excitement. Stephanie made sure to set it up
so that they would each have their own password...whereas her password
would bring up the regular program, and Trina's password would trigger her
subliminal program. Stephanie wasn't exactly sure how long it would take
for Trina's conditioning to set in, but guessed less than 24 hours. She
was right.

"Come on Trina, time to get that pretty sexy fanny of yours out of bed
and go to class."

Trina pouted in response, still horny from the kiss, then blushed, then
giggled and finally wiggled her pretty ass out of Stephanie's bed.
Stephanie figured Trina was a perfectly normal heterosexual girl before her
conditioning, and only wondered for a second how the girl was taking all of
this? As Stephanie eyed the girl's naked beauty, she saw that her roommate
was about to put her robe on...but Stephanie had a different idea. "No
Trina, I don't want you to take a shower this morning. In fact, no panties or bra either...I want to be able to smell our love every time we are
near." Trina's blush deepened but she dressed without showering...and
without putting on her underwear.


Trina Seavers went to her first class in a sensual daze. She couldn't
believe what she had just done. Furthermore, she couldn't believe she had
just agreed to walk around without her panties and bra on. She took a deep
whiff of her body odor and could smell the sex on her. Her blush
deepened...but so didn't her arousal. Why did she allow herself to be
treated like this? Did she really love Stephanie? She told Stephanie she
did...she acted like she did...and if she based it on the pleasurable glow
she still felt from their love could she not be? Yet, it just
didn't make sense to her.

Never before had she ever felt sexual desire for another why
now? Initially, Stephanie didn't elicit anything other than a normal
friendship response...but the very next night, Trina found herself feeling
much, much more...and the mere sight of Stephanie's beauty affected her
with strange, new, not unpleasant, feelings. Soon Trina found herself
totally entranced by Stephanie and could lose herself in Stephanie's
beautiful green eyes. When they went to bed at night, and in the morning
when they dressed, Trina couldn't resist stealing glances at Stephanie's
very full breasts...which contrasted sharply with her own small perky ones.
During the second night, Trina dreamed they were both naked on her
bed...and making love. Trina woke up the next morning wet and very turned
on. She wished more than any thing that she could go somewhere private and
relieve her pent up passion.

The next evening was twice as hard on her, and by this time, Stephanie's
mere presence sent waves upon waves of sexual desire through her. She
tried rationalizing her feelings but failed. What was it that Trina found
so irresistible about Stephanie? Stephanie, on the other hand, seemed
totally oblivious to it all...and Trina worried that Stephanie would reject
her lesbian feelings.

When they went to bed that evening, Trina quietly masturbated...with
Stephanie only a few feet away. Trina couldn't help it...she had to
relieve the ache. Then in the early morning hour, Trina woke up to the
sound of her own scream. Trina, who had been masturbating in her dream,
found herself quite naked and masturbating for real! Her fingers, as if
they had a life of their own, jammed in and out of her wet vagina, trying
to bring her relief. Just as she was about to come, Trina looked up and
saw Stephanie smiling down at her. The sight of Stephanie, catching her in
this most private act, embarrassed her, but when Stephanie smiled upon eye
contact, she cried out in anticipation! Stephanie stripped off her teddy,
then joined her on the bed. Trina moaned, whimpered and groaned as one
orgasm after another washed over her.


Now that Stephanie knew how well her father's subliminals worked, she
looked around the school to see whom else she would add to her exclusive
club. Trina Seavers was a sexy little doll, but Stephanie had a very
hungry appetite. The second Stephanie walked into her Calculus class...her
search was over.

"Hi class. My name is Ms. Peel...and I'm going to be filling in for
Mr. Harworth for a few days." said the young woman.

Stephanie looked at Ms. Peel like a cat eyes a mouse. The young professor was breathtaking and appeared way too young to be instructing a
college class. In fact, she thought she could pass for a student. Ms.
Peel was tall...and possessed a body of stunning beauty. She wore a
conservative business dress and suit jacket, but it wouldn't gave mattered
what she wore, there was no way she could hide her vivacious body
underneath. Stephanie wanted her...wanted her desperately.

All throughout class, Stephanie's mind raced. How would she get the
young professor to watch the subliminally tampered program? Other thoughts
flooded her mind as well...and she couldn't get over how wet she was
getting from them. Stephanie concluded if she was going to have a
fail-safe way of seducing Ms. Peel, she would need Trina's help.
Stephanie knew that her sweet innocent American lover was fully under her
power...even though Trina may not realize it herself just yet.


Dominoe was relieved when she saw Stephanie enter her classroom...and
one look into the girl's eyes told her that Stephanie was under the affects
of the virus. Dominoe knew that this meant that she would have to seduce
the girl in order to administer the antidote, and felt surprised when the
idea that she would have to bring this girl to an orgasm sent her a jolt of
arousal. The feelings elicited a memory of her mission in South Beach,
Florida. Dominoe recalled how she was forced to enjoy the sex she had with
Sable. Since then, she had played down her enjoyment, blaming it on the
aphrodisiac and the mind control she was under. Why then, to this day, did
she still get aroused from the memory? After class, Dominoe saw Stephanie
approach her.

"Ms. Peel, I was wondering if I could join Mr. Harworth's Tutor
Program. I really have a complete understanding of this subject, and I'd
really like to help the other kids in class."

"Sure...ah..." Dominoe purposely stammered, giving the impression she
didn't know her name.

"Stephanie...Stephanie Wheatley... Would it be possible for me and my
friend to drop by your flat after classes today and discuss our

"That would be fine, Stephanie... Does your friend understand Calculus
as well as you do?"

"Yes Ms. Peel... Trina Seavers and I both excel in calculus." The girl smiled in response.

"Great!" Dominoe quickly jotted down her address and handed it to
Stephanie. "It's a date, we'll see you then."

Just as Stephanie was about to move away, Dominoe noticed a piece of
lint on the girl's sweater and quickly picked it off...but as she did,
Dominoe's fingers accidentally brushed up against Stephanie's right
breast...and there was no mistaking the reaction both of them felt.
Dominoe felt flustered and murmured. "I'm sorry Stephanie...I was just
picking at a piece of lint. I didn't mean to...ah...touch you." Stephanie
responded with a wide grin, obviously reading the touch quite differently.
"That's alright Ms. Peel. You may remove lint from my tit...anytime." and
walked away.

Dominoe, for the first time in her professional career, blushed in
silence. Dominoe was shocked! She couldn't believe she could embarrass
herself like this...and yet, she couldn't have asked for a better plan.
Stephanie was making this way too easy for her.


The more Dominoe thought about her mission...the more nervous she
became. In order for her to administer the antidote, she had to seduce
Stephanie and bring her to orgasm. Her reaction should be professional,
cold and calculating, but instead it was making her wet and nervous. Why?
Dominoe thought about the time she was Sable's slave...and this increased
her state of arousal. What was wrong with her? Why did she react so
strongly to her own sex? Did Sable surface latent feelings inside of her?

First, she would drug Stephanie's friend Trina with a sleeping potion.
This would allow her to focus on Stephanie. Dominoe was convinced
Stephanie was a lesbian...or at least went both ways. She seriously
doubted she would need an aphrodisiac to seduce her. Dominoe checked the
toggle switch on her capped tooth inside her mouth. From flicking her
tongue against the toggle, she could release the antidote from her tooth
and then transfer it orally from her mouth to Stephanie's during the girl's
orgasm. Dominoe just had to make sure she was kissing her at the time the
girl 'came'.

Dominoe put on a jogging suit over her naked body...then gazed at her
appearance in the mirror. She was told that she could wear anything and
look beautiful, and she agreed. The sound of her doorbell broke the spell.

Dominoe opened the door and was truly taken with the sight of Stephanie
and Trina. Stephanie wore a black leather skirt, a white halter-top and
black leather boots that went half way up her knee. Her beautiful blonde tresses came down past her shoulders and her emerald green eyes sparkled
magically. Stephanie was a vision of sexiness personified. Her friend,
Trina, wore a white leather mini skirt, pink shirt and white leather boots.
Trina's platinum blonde hair was short and stylish, and her blue eyes wore
an expression of lust and...was that confusion she saw?

"Hi girls. My study is down the hallway to the right. Would you like
something to drink...maybe some tea?"

"Thank you Ms. Peel...maybe later." Replied Stephanie with a smile.

"How about you, Trina?"

"Yes Ms. Peel...thank you."

"Go ahead and fire up my computer...I'll join you in a moment." Stated
Dominoe as she watched the girls' head down the hallway.

Dominoe slipped a fast acting sleeping potion into Trina's
would knock her out for only an hour, and then keep her in a dreamy state
for about an hour more. Dominoe figured that was all the time she would
need. When Dominoe rejoined them, the girls were giggling and having a
good time. Instead of discussing their credentials in calculus, she
decided to take advantage of the atmosphere.

"What's this?"

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I had Trina bring over her CD computer
game. It's called 'Suzy Spice a.k.a. Super Bimbo'. It's an American
game...and a blast! The graphics use 3D poser renderings and are way

Dominoe wanted to keep the mood light and enjoyable, so she asked if she
could give it a whirl. Tina got up and moved out of the way. Dominoe took
her seat and gestured towards the tea she left her, on the table.

Stephanie reached over and cleared the screen for her. "Let's bring you
back to the main menu...and start you at the beginners program."

"Sure." Dominoe replied.

Dominoe watched the screen and suddenly a poser rendering of a cute girl with short black hair appeared. Then within seconds, morphed into this
huge breasted, long blonde haired...bimbo? Dominoe giggled in fact, she giggled a lot, all throughout the game. When it
had ended, Dominoe sat there feeling disoriented...not quite sure how much
time had elapsed. Then she looked down at herself, and found she was
completely naked...with her jogging suit pooled around her feet. Dominoe
looked back at the computer screen and saw the words; 'Come Join Us.'

Dominoe slowly stood and left the den. She heard some giggling from her
bedroom, and felt a compulsion to go to them. As soon as Dominoe entered
her bedroom, she was met with the most beautifully erotic sight she'd ever
seen. Stephanie and Trina...on the bed...stark naked...licking each other.
Dominoe's body felt a potent rush of sexual desire...and more than the air
she breathed, she wanted to join them.

"Hi Emily." Stephanie said with a smile.

Dominoe felt great warmth and love for Stephanie...and walked straight
to the bed...openly gazing at Stephanie's nude form. More than anything in
her life, she wanted to make love to Stephanie...and she found Trina, an
added treat.

A very small part of Dominoe knew what was going on and she couldn't
believe how easily she had been duped. The program she just played on the
computer must have been subliminally tampered with...and was forcing these
powerful love emotions throughout her. Unfortunately, knowing it did stop
her from feeling it.

Dominoe climbed onto the bed and positioned her naked beauty right
between Stephanie's legs...Trina repositioned her body between her own
legs. Stephanie's aroma was like no aroma she ever inhaled, and she lowered
her mouth down to Stephanie's sweet smelling pussy. Dominoe felt Trina's
tongue enter her own folds at the same time. Dominoe moaned...Stephanie
moaned...and Trina purred.

A very small part of Dominoe still held on to her mission, while she
nibbled lovingly at Stephanie's clit. Trina, in the meantime, continued
working her own clit...and all three of them basked in the hot flashes of
pleasure they all experienced in the process. Dominoe used all her will
power to move away from her sweet haven and up to Stephanie's face.
Stephanie, caught up in a passion she couldn't control, eagerly accepted
Dominoe's mouth; French kissing her mouth eagerly. While Dominoe kissed
Stephanie, she used her fingers to bring her another orgasm, but this time,
she made sure to transfer the antidote from her mouth into Stephanie's.
Dominoe watched Stephanie swallow, oblivious to the drug that entered her
system and would kill the virus that had a hold on her. Dominoe
sighed...her mission was complete...and then she passed out as another
orgasm washed over her.


Stephanie lay on the bed quite naked, totally exhausted but feeling
sexually satiated. Cooing and snuggling along side of her was her
roommate, Trina Seavers, and her college professor, Ms. Emily Peel. Both
of them were still naked, and both of them, still caressed her.

"What happened?" she asked out loud, realizing that something inside of
her changed. Stephanie remembered everything she did...stealing her
father's subliminal secrets...her seduction of Trina...and her latest
seduction of Ms. Peel. She understood these actions to be wrong, but
given the pleasure the three of them just experienced...she had no desire
to move away from their caressing hands. Was she always a lesbian deep
down she wondered? What would prompt her to totally go crazy like this?
It was as if her inhibitions had been cast aside and she had succumbed
totally to a dark sexy side she didn't know existed.

"Stephanie...I can explain." Ms. Peel said in a soft voice, while still
caressing her right flank...stealing an occasional touch to her groin.
"Okay." Stephanie replied.

My name isn't Ms. Emily Peel. My name is Dominoe, and I'm a secret
agent. You were under the effects of a virus that played havoc with your
normal desires...and it forced you to act the way you did. Through our
love making, I was able to administer you the antidote...and for the most
part, you're back to normal."

Trina, who was busily caressing her left flank, perked up at this
strange account of what was going on. Dominoe continued; "The virus
changed your personality and surfaced an apparent latent lesbianism in
you...then you used your father's subliminal programming to enslave Trina,
and then me."

"You mean this is why I'm lusting after Stephanie and acting like a
passive little pleasure slave?" Trina asked Dominoe. Stephanie saw a hint
of confusion in Trina's eyes, but the girl was too far under the spell to
stop caressing her.

Dominoe reached over to kiss Stephanie's right breast and then stated;
"Stephanie...I can't help the way I feel right now. I love you more than I
thought love could feel. I know it's artificial, but just like Trina,
there isn't anything I can do to stop feeling this way. I love feeling
like this, and wish I didn't have a mission to perform...but I do. Please
Stephanie, change me back...I need to be free from your spell."

Stephanie listened to the words of the gorgeous secret agent with
fascination. She knew that she was telling the truth, and although her
original personality was back in place, the virus had awakened her
sexually...and she didn't want to lose the most beautiful woman she ever
saw. Stephanie thought...though, if she didn't return the agent, she'd be
missed and it could jeopardize everything she had and could
have...including Trina.


Dominoe opened her eyes...huh? Why was she sitting in front of her
laptop? Dominoe's mind then flooded with all the details of her recent
mission. Dominoe smiled. Mission success. Dominoe also envisioned
Stephanie, and thought...what a 'hot number'! A pleasant tingle made its
way down to her groin forcing Dominoe to question her sexual orientation
again. Was she turning gay? First Sable, then Stephanie. Dominoe's
mission went off without a hitch, but the memories of her and Stephanie
elicit far too much pleasure to ignore.

Dominoe checked in with Chief Davis, assuring him the mission was
completely successful and that Charles Wheatley's mind control technology
was safe with Charles. 'Good thing Stephanie didn't get her hands on that
technology when she was under the effects of the virus.' Dominoe thought to
herself. <Dominoe had no idea that her memories of her mission had been
altered>. Dominoe saw the next case file materialize on the screen before
her. Where would this next mission take her? Who would she sleep with
next? I hope she's pretty, she thought to herself...not realizing her
Freudian slip.


Stephanie woke up to Trina's soft tongue licking such a loving
way. Trina was her very own sex doll...and there was no way she could ever
let her American sweetheart go. Stephanie thought back to her previous
decisions. She had programmed the subliminal signals to rewrite Dominoe's
memories of her mission...she would never ever recall what really happened
to them. Stephanie didn't like to let her pretty secret agent go, but she
had to maintain a risk free environment. Stephanie did take pleasure in
one thing, though...thanks to some subliminal triggers. Every time the
beautiful secret agent thought of her, she would feel a jolt of sweet heat
down under...and if Dominoe ever ran into her again, she would find herself
once again inflamed with a sweet, irresistible, passive lust for her.

Stephanie didn't like to lie to Trina, and now that her old personality
was back, she actually felt a little guilty. She had told Trina that she
would return her back to her normal heterosexual independent self...but
instead, she merely reinforced Trina's love, lust, and docile responses to
her. Now, Trina would never dream of leaving her.

What the antidote had done for Stephanie, was give back her conscience.
She realized how immoral some of her acts were...and admitted internally
that Trina's enslavement couldn't really be considered fair to her...but
the virus had surfaced something inside of her that she refused to give up.
"Ahhhhhhhhh ...MMmmmmmmmmmm." Stephanie cried out! Trina was getting
better in finding just the right spot. Stephanie reached down and patted
her lovely pet on top of the head. The sweet innocent face looked up at
her with a huge grin, and smiled back at her. Trina's eyes read love and could this be considered immoral? Stephanie would never
hurt her slaves...and always provide them pleasure. Stephanie smiled back
at Trina with the same love, and thought it was time for another threesome.

The End (of this chapter).

A Note from JR Parz: I want to thank Trent Wolf for allowing me to
contribute to such a great story! I hope you found my take...arousing.




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