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Daughter's Delight PT 1


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This is a sexual fantasy story and should be viewed as such. It is
intended for those of legal age and in areas where such material is
viewed as being legal to write, read, or view. If stories of sexual
conduct, strong sexual content, and graphically explicit sex offend
you then don't be reading this!

All comments are gladly accepted, if you enjoy this then let me know
and I will post more of the same type. This contains sexual contact
between young teens and adults as well as relatives. What a lucky

"A parents Sacrifice"
Bill was drying the last dish when his 16 year old daughter Jan walked into the kitchen.

"What you are you going to do this evening dad?"

Bill thought for a moment before replying, Jan and two of her
closeest friends were having a slumber party in the basement, and as
the only adult living in the house he couldn't very well leave them on
their own.

"Oh," he finally said, "nothing really, I'll probable just go
into the den and watch a movie or something until bedtime.

Jan's eyes had a little light shinning from then when she
heard he was staying home with them. She had only been living with
her father for about six months now and she resented any time he spent
out of her sight. Jan's mother had kept Jan with her after the
divorce 10 years ago, and as much as Sara (Jan's mother) had tried to
turn Jan against her father it did no good, in fact it seemed to make
the bond between her and her father stronger. Sara had finally giving
up and sent Jan back to her father with a "she's your problem now,
good luck, and your gonna need it" type of reason and a legal document
making Bill the sole legal guardian of his teenage daughter. Since she
had arrived Bill was still uncomfortable around her for some reason
that he could not explain.

Jan turned and bounced out of the room and down the steps to
the basement where her two friends Toni and Sherri were. He could
hear them talking and laughing about something and smiled to himself.
Putting the dish away, Bill hung the dish towel up and turned
off the kitchen lights. He walked down the hall to his den and turned
on the tv to watch the last of the news, as he sat there half watching
the news and half thinking to himself he realized what part of his
discomfort was from. When Jan had left she was 6 years old a little
girl, now she had returned only she had grown up and was no longer a
little girl that he could hold on his lap and comfort when she needed
it, so he thought. He knew that he had to make some adjustments to
his life style also and he sighed as he thought about what he might
have to give up bringing home here to spend the night.

He heard Jan coming down the hall and turned towards the door,
she walked in and wanted to know if she and her friends could make up
some brownies and if they did would he promise to eat at least one?

"Yes," he said, "You may make some brownies and I will eat at
least one of them, maybe even two. But you have to clean up
completely after yourselves."

"No problem dad," Jam shot back, " Oh, we want to take showers
tonight but don't want to run you out of hot water, so if you would
let us know when your going to take yours?"

"Sure," I replied, "Thanks for thinking about me first."

"I always am thinking about you first daddy." Jan said with a
big grin and shinning eyes.

I sat and flipped through the channels for awhile, and in the
background, I could hear the girls talking in low voices and the sound
of something being made in the kitchen. Soon the smell of brownies
came wafting past my nose and I detected some other odor but it was
just mometary and I let it go. I got up and decided that I had better
shower before it got to late and walked back to the master bedroom.

As I walked down the hall I called back down to Jan that I was
going to take a shower now and that when I finished they could use my
bathroom to shower in if they wanted to. I heard Jan say okay and
when on to the bedroom.

I adjusted the muti shower heads and then stripped down,
looking at my self in the mirror I thought to myself that I was still
in good shape for a 32 year old. Sara and I had to get married when
were 16 because she discovered that Jan was on the way. As I said
earlier, our marriage lasted 6 years and the only bright spot was Jan.
As I stood in front of the mirror thinking back, I realized
that Jan looked nothing like me nor her mother, Sara was a blonde with blue eyes, I was a blonde with blue eyes, Jan had dark red hair and green eyes, of course Sara said that that color combination ran in
her family though. Sara was tall and slender, whereas Jan was only 5'
4" and built on the more sturdier side. Oh well, I thought, I need to
shower. As I was soaping down my cock, he reminded me that we had
not had a relationship with a lady for 6 months and that he needed
some attention to. As I stroked the growing shaft up and down, my
thoughts were wandering and kept coming back to one of Jan's friends,
Toni, she was 17 and stood almost 6' tall, she wore her coal black
hair long and was always looking at me with those dark eyes like she
had a secret. She was a large framed girl and not one that stood out
in a crowd but she had a nice enough face and a body that was well put
together, Pervert I thought to myself. My cock was now standing
stright out and was throbing for release. Suddenly I had the feeling
as if someone was in the room, but I knew there was no one here, I was
in the shower and the girls were down the hall.

Turning my attention back to my cock I continued to massage
the hard shaft as I thought of pussy covered with soft, silky black
hair, I imagined parting that soft hair and finding a lovely pink
clit, just waiting to be teased and tasted. My cock jerked and fired
it's first load of cum across the shower and against the wall. My
knees were weak, as it continued to empty itself into the air. After
cleaning up the mess and a final rinse of my body, I stepped out of
the shower and dryed off, thinking to myself that it was a replacement
but it was a release.

I slipped on my robe and heading back in the bedroom. As I
walked around the corner I was greeted by three young ladies, they
were sitting on my bed, their heads were together and they were
talking in low tones. Jan spotted me and the talking stopped,
grinning at me, all three girls jumped up and headed for the shower.
As Jan passed me she told me to stay out of the kitchen until they
were through. They had a surprise for me and didn't want me to spoil
it first. So I headed back to the den and watched some more TV.

Soon I heard the girls coming back from my bedroom, then down
to the kitchen. Acouple of minutes later they all three walk into the
den. They had a plate with two brownies on it and a glass of milk for
me. They stood there while I started to eat the brownies, as I took
my second bite, Jan looked at Toni and grinned at her.

"Well, since he appears to be eating them we can leave now."
Toni said to Jan.

We'll be back for the dishes in a few minutes dad." Jan said
as the girls walked out of the den and headed down the hall.

After eating the brownies, they were a little dry and had a
bitter aftertaste, and drinking the milk, I sat and just sort of
watched the tv again. I began to feel just a bit odd, not sick or
anything like that, just sort of tingle around the skin and my head
felt a little light. I started to get up from the couch and then sat
back down, I was sort of numb but very much alive at the same time.

I didn't know what was wrong but at the same time I didn't
care either. I glaanced up just as Jan stuck her head in the door.

"Finished up with the dishes,Dad?" she asked.

"Yes, go ahead and take them into the kitchen, please." I
managed to get out.

Jan looked at me with concern and asked if something was

"No, I just feel a little odd," I replied, "but I feel fine
other wise."

Jan smiled at me and picked up the dishes and glass, she
walked out of the room and came right back.

Jan walked in and sat next to me, I looked at her and was
struck by her physical appeal. She was wearing a short robe that cam
only mid thigh and I could see the shaply legs that were uncovered.
Her hair was down and hanging just below her shoulders. Her eyes were
looking into mine and it was like she could read my mind. I hope not
because what I was thinking was just all wrong. She smiled and leaned
her head on my shoulder. I could smell the shampoo in her hair and
feel her soft skin against my neck and cheek.

"Daddy, do you love me?" Jan asked.

"Of course I love you, Jan. You the only love of my life." I

She threw both her arms around me and hugged me hard. I was
too aware of her firm breast that were pressing into me. She was
wearing no bra and I could feel her nipples thru the thin material of
our robes. I gentle pushed her back and smiled at her. She grinned
at me and reached out and touched my cheek, she then kissed me and
walked out of the room. I sat there for a few minutes and soon felt a
warm sensation all over again and found my self watching the tv with
out really seeing it.

I looked at the time, it had been about an hour since my
shower and I was feeling funny still. I walked over to the rec room
door and knocked. Jan told me to come on in. I opened the door and
was greeted by three young ladies sprawled on the furniture in various
positions and a stream of music. I told Jan that I was going into my
room to lay down and listen to the stereo for a while, if she needed
anything to come on in. Jan looked over at Toni and Sheri and said
that they would.

As I lay down and relaxed it began to rain, the next thing
that happened was lightening and thunder. It was getting closer by
the second, and the next brillent flash followed by a loud clap of
thunder put out all of the lights. The bedroom door flew open and I
had three girls on the bed next to me. I untangled my self and went
to check the circut box to make sure all the fuse's were still good.

Upon returning to my room I found three young ladies still
clinging together on my bed. I assured them that everything was okay
and there was nothing to be concerned over. No sooner had I said that
then another flash of lightening and clap of thunder rocked the house.

"Daddy, please let us lay on the bed in here with you. We
don't want to be in the dark by ourselves." Jan pleaded.

I thought with the three of them here together then nothing
could be said or anything happen. I told her that they could until
power came back on.

It was pitch black in the room but I managed to find the bed
and as I crawled into the middle I only bumped heads with one and
grabbed someones leg once. I laay back down with one lady on the
right and the other two on the left. I crossed my hands over my chest
and relaxed listening to the sound of the rain as it came down hard.

I felt a hand touch my leg then slowly work its way up my
thigh, I started to reach down and stop it when another hand joined
in. my mind was racing, and my heart was pounding. What were they
thing they were doing? I started to reach down and stop both hands
when both girls on either side of me turned over and faced me, they
then reached over and both grabed a hand and pulled them down. I felt
bare skin under my hands and soft lips on either side of my face as
they started to kiss me. My hands were being pushed down further
until I felt soft pubic hair. The young ladies then rolled over so
they lay partially onto my hands and started to move their hips
against my hands. They each threw a leg over mine and shifted their
weight down so my hands were under them, I tried to pull my hands back
but was restrained from doing so. I then felt the third person climb
off the bed and come back on from the foot. She slowly felt her way
up until she was laying on top of me.

"This needs to stop right here" I said.

"No," someone said.

I tried to get back up and realized that Toni was on my right
side and she was big enough to keep me down. I relaxed and waited to
see what these three were going to do.

I felt a hand reach up and gentle touch my face, the fingers
traced my cheeks and then my lips. As the fingers moved away I felt a
set of soft lips close over mine and a tongue pushed it's way into my
mouth. I won't lie to you because it sent chills down my spine but I
responded quickly. The kisses grew hotter as she started to move her
hips up and down against my cock. My cock, it gave itself away
quickly as it responded to the feelling of being rubbed.

I felt hands move down and quickly grabbed my robe and pull it
away from my body. The one on top had no panties on and was pulling
her robe open so her bare breasts were pushing against my chest. I
could feel her nipples digging hot holes in me as she pumped her now
uncovered cunt against my cock. I was trying to just lay there but my
body was responding to the treatment.

The two ladies on either side of me was not just laying still
either. Their breasts were pushed into my sides and I could feel soft
hair on one pussy and a smooth shaved one on the other. I heard Toni
whisper into my ear.

Don't act like to don't need this. We know how long you've
been without. Just relax and enjoy what you're about to get and think
of all the fun to be had in the future. Only we know what is going on
and we have no reason to talk about it outside of us four. Why ruin a
sure thing? Now just relax and make the most of what we can give you.
We are wanting to share ourselves with you now and if you can accept
it anytime you need it. Do you understand?"

I didn't understand why. I didn't need to understand. My
mind was starting to relax and enjoy the sensations I was feeling and
to hell with conventions. I had desires and needs and if these three
wanted to help me out then so be it.

As my body and mind agreed I felt the muscles relax and my
mind shut itself down. I felt Toni move her weight off of my arm and
then place her hand over mine. She then guided my hand down between
her legs and started my hand moving up and down over her bare pussy.

Sheri shifted her weight off and followed Toni's lead. I
could feel thick soft hair and a very tight little slit that was
growing damp under my fingers.

I stiffed for just a minute and then relaxed just as fast, it
had just dawned on me why I had been so on edge around Jan. I loved
her and that love was very strong, but at the same time I wanted her,
and my mind pushed that lust down deep were it just smoldered and
caused me nerves to be a little ragged around Jan. Now I was going
to accept that and deal with it. If she wanted me sexually then I was
willing to take her sexually.

Jan was still kissing me andmoving her hips wildly against
mine. My cock was trapped under her because she lay between my legs.
Suddenly the lights came back on. Jan eyes took on a look of fear,
but I raised my head up and kised her. She laughed and kissed me back
hard and deep.

Sheri and Toni looked at me with questions in their eyes as I
moved my arms out from under them. I placed an arm around each and
pulled them to me. They both grinned and started to giggle.

Toni looked at me, and asked "You're not upset?"

"No," I replied, "if you three planned this or were planning
something like this then no, I just want an understanding that this is
here and nowhere else."

Toni looked at Jan and then to me, "You mean that this night
is it?"

"Thats up to you three," I said, "If you want it to be more
than one night then it will be but if not then it ends here."

"We can talk about that tomorrow morning, cause right now
there is other important things to do." said Jan.

I gentle moved Jan off of me and rolled out of the bed. The
girls looked at me, I motioned for them to follow me. They jumped out
of the bed and moved right behind me as I headed down to the hall and
into my studio area. I unlocked the door entered and turned on the
lights. The girls gasped as they saw the giant sized bed and all the
fancy lights and gizmos around the room. Toni looked over at where
the camers tracks were and then started to grin at me. I could see
the wheels turning in her head.

As I sat back on the bed, Jan walked right up to me and placed
her arms around me. She drew my face down between two very firm
breasts, the dark brown nipples were puffed out and standing stright
up. I took one in my mouth and started to suck on it gently as my
tongue flicked over and around the hard nub. Her breath came in gasps
as I switched back and forth between her tits. My hands were
carressing her smooth shapely ass as my tongue worked its magic.

I felt someone slip behind me and spread their legs around my
hips, her breasts were pushing up agains my back and I could feel
smooth skin at the base of my spine. Toni was behind me and was
kissing my neck as she rubbed her large breasts against me. I moved
my mouth from Jan's breast and kissed my way up to her neck and mouth.
Jan pulled away and Toni moved around in front, she sat on my
lap with her legs around me. I started on her mouth and neck with my
lips and she sighed and leaned back just a little. My cock was tugged
down from the soft nest it had carressed and I could feel a pair of
lips slowly slipping up and down the head. A tongue was flicking the
tip as she worked her mouth around my cock. I looked around Toni and
saw that Sheri 's face was buried in Jan's pussy. I watched Sheri's
head twist from side to side down there and saw how my daughter was
enjoying the attention.

Toni leaned back and pulled my head down to her nipples, my
mouth locked on and gentle tugged as shivers ran down her back.
Sucking as much of her breast as I could get in, I ran my tongue
around and across her hard nipples, I felt her squirm as I sucked and
pulled her breasts with my mouth. Letting her breast go, I leaned
back in bed and motioned for her to slide forward. She moved over me
and lowered her shaved cunt to my waiting mouth. My tongue licked the
sides of her pussy and danced along the slit for several moments. She
felt the tongue quickly dart in deep and lick from top to bottom.
Toni moaned and jerked as her clit jumped and hardened.

As I ate Toni's sweet little clit, Jan was licking my shaft up
and down, pausing to slip her tightened lips down and around the head.
I felt my cock jerk several times as she would slide as much of my
cock as she could into her mouth. I moved my mouth deeper into Toni,
my tongue slipping from her hard little clit down to plunge into that
sweet little opening. As my tongue would lick around the opening and
then plunge inside she would buck against my face and whimper. I
wrapped my lips aronund her clit and started to suck it in and out. My
tongue would dance around and across it as it pulled into my lips.
She was throwing her head from side to side begging me not to stop,
she was going to cum. She suddenly arched her back and pushed her
pussy down hard into my face and jerked her hips back and forth as I
felt her juice from her pussy suddenly gush out and run down my face.

Toni fell to the side and lay there panting and trying to
catch her breath. Sheri had stopped and stared at Toni she looked at
me with a hungry look in her eyes and a question. I looked back at
her and licked my lips she rann over the edge of the bed and looked
back at Jan. Jan told her to lay down and being treated like a real
woman. Jan watched Sheri as I rolled over and spread her legs wide
apart. Her cunt was covered in a thick heavy bush. Sheri reached
down and pulled her legs up by the knees, in this postion it caused
her pussy to spread open and open it did. I slipped my tongue stright
into the hole. She yelped and shuddered as my tongue dragged aout of
the opening and up to her slit. She started to breath in gasps as I
moved my mouth over and around her sweet hole. I could see the juice
starting to flow out as my lips closed around her clit. sucking it in
I started to shake my head from side to side as I nibbled gently on
the little nub of skin. Mutongue darted down and across, and she
jerked and humped against my face. I slipped aa finger into her cunt and slowly worked it deeper as I continued to suck and taste her clit.

As I started to finger fuck her deeper and deeper her cry's of
joy were getting louder and longer. I then started to tug on her clit
with my lips and increased the speed of my finger until she hit her
climax. Screming at me to fuck her, and fuck her now. I was twisting
my finger as welling as sliding it in and out. Her hips were slamming
back and forth on my finger as she suddenly tensed her whole body up
off the bed and with a loud long cry she climaxed. As the pleasue
coursed through her body she clamped her legs around my head, her
hands held me deep in between them. My tongue still lapping at her
quivering little clit.

As she lay and looked at me with glazed eyes, I got off the
bed and faced my daughter. Jan looked at me with pure lust in her

Jan walked over to me and pushed me back onto the bed,
climbing over me she placed a knee on either side of me and postion my
rigid cock up against her pussy. I felt her wetness as she slipped my
dick up and down her cunt, she pushed my cock back until the head was
sitting at the opening and as she looked down at it, she slowly pushed
her body down. I felt the resistence around the head of my cock and
then it was in. Her pussy walls sucked at my shaft as she lowered her
body a little at a time. She was so wet that I was buried deep inside
and could feel her juice running down along my balls as she started a
slow hip movement. She leaned forward and kissed me as her hips moved
up and down my shaft. Her cunt was so tight around my dick I almost
came with each movement. I felt the other two girls moving around and
heard them talking as Jan leaned back again.

As Jan sat up stright on my cock, Toni reached down and
started to finger Jan's clit. Sheri eased her self down beside me and
started to kiss me as I heard Jan start to moan. Sheri climbed back
up above me and leaning over me she started to suck and play with
Jan's tits, and since her pussy was just inchs away I eased my tongue
up and she groaned deep down and quivered as I softly ran my tongue
acrossed her blood engorged clit. She moved her hips down so I had
better access to her and concentrated on sucking Jan's nipples.

I felt Jan as she started to move quicker on my cock, her clit
was being massaged by Toni's fingers and her tits by SHeri's mouth.
Sheri shifted away from my face so I could watch my daughter as she
came. Her face was very pink and her eyes big as she slammed down on
my cock and jerked forward. Her mouth was wide open and she was
trying to moan. Her body was shaking and I felt her cunt spasm around
my cock.

My cock fired it's first load of cum deep inside and she felt
it. Her face told me that it was what she had wanted. As soon as she
flet that first blast of cum, she started to yell

"Fuckme, daddy, fuck me harder, come inside me please, fill me
with your love. Oh fuck me daddy!!"

She had thrown herself down on me, her body was shaking and
her hips were pumping my cock for all she was worth. I felt
sensations running thru my body that I had never felt before. My head
was spinning and my body tingling. My cock was still firing it's cum deep inside. Her pussy was clamping down on my dick and milking out
everything it could get. As the climax subsided and we lay there she
kissed me and said.

"I love you daddy."

We all moved up on the bed and listened to the ran storm as
the heat of passion wore off. Jan lay snuggled up along side of me
and Toni was on the other, Sheri lay just outside of Jan with her arm
across us both.

I awoke to find my self alone. As I stumbled into the kitchen
the smell of coffee met me. A mug was poured and Jan looked at me
with a question

"Is last night going to be a problem:"

"No," I said.

She smiled and asked me if I was ready to take a shower and
relax for the day.
If you want more of this story let me know


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