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Daughter's Delight PT 2


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This is a continuing fantasy story of explicit sexual
acts and if you are not 21 years or older should not be reading this
type of material.

If this form of writing is unlawful then please go no further.

If you are good so far then one last thing, the subject matter is
about incest and teenage sex. It is very explicit in content, if this
offends you then what are you reading this for?

comments gladly accepted
Daughters Delight Pt 2

Jan watched me as I finsihed up with my coffee and then headed
down to the exercise room for my morning workout. She was cleaning
off the table as I turned the corner and started to climb the stairs
to the master bedroom suite. I have a 15 x 15 room that has some
decent Nautilus equipment in it, the walls are all mirrored and the
equipment is bolt down in the center of the room, along the sides I
have some free weights and a running mill. I started me workout with
a 30 minute warm up and then started to do my run. I had been on the
mill for about three minutes when Jan opened up the door.

"Dad, do you mind some company in here, or would I be a
distraction?" Jan asked.

"Be happy to share some of this equipment with you Jan," I
called back, "and I doubt that you would be a distraction to me in

Wrong answer. Jan came into the room, she had on a sports bra
and a pair of very loose knit shorts. Nothing else. She looked at
me, walked over to where she was directly in front of me, she then
turned her back to me and started her warm up exercise. I could see
that her eyes were watching me in the mirror, and I of course was
watching her. Keeping her knees straight she would bend over and
touch her toes moving from left to right staying bent for a few
seconds longer on each rep. Now less then four feet in front of me is
a perfectly shaped ass, wearing shorts that just cover it when she
stands up straight. As she bent down the shorts came straight up and
I was looking through the legs openings at bare skin and hair cover
cunt lips. She then laid down on the floor with her feet pointed
towards me. She placed her hands under her hips and lifted her legs,
ankles together, into the air, when they were about two feet up she
spread her legs wide and I don't need to describe the vision I saw
then. She was laughing at me all the time. After she had done
several reps of leg lifts she rolled over on her stomach and pulled
her knees under her. This lifted her beautiful ass straight up in the
air and the shorts were buried down in the slit. Her dark thick cunt hair was in very plain sight and I could see that there were drops of
mositure on them. Standing up she did some knee bends and a few other
warm up exercises before looking at me with a grin.

"I think that I had better do my dance routine downstairs, in
fact I will warm up down in that room we were in and you can film me
doing my dance steps if you would?" she quickly said.

"Give me fifteen minutes and I will be down and if you really
want me to I'll shoot some fil of you." I replied.

With a quick bounce of her hips she was gone.

I had grabbed another quick rinse off shower and headed down
to the studio. Jan was still doing some warm up type exercise when I
came in. I walked to the control console and turned on the power.
Flipping several spots on they illuminated a stage in one corner of
the room. It was elevated in three stages, each stage two foot higher
then the proceeding stage. Each level was about fifteen foot long and
ten foot deep. The lights were set for each level. I told Jan to go
to the computer and program what music she wanted to dance to. She
walked over and sat down at the keyboard and explained how it worked.
It didn't take her long to make her selections.

I turned on three different camers and cued them in and
started the tape drives. Her music started and she began her dance
routine. I had filmed for about ten minutes when she motioned me to
cut. I stopped the tape and she said that she wanted to change
clothes real quick. She ran back to her bedroom and was quickly right

Jan now had on a cheerleaders outfit, a white thin stretch top
and a short pleated blue skirt. She started with a couple of mind
blowing kicks and jumps. Then she looked at the camera and started her
special number.

Looking at the camera Jan annouced, "This is a very special
message to my father, I hope that as he sees this he will know what
the message is."

She then sat down and spread her legs wide apart. She
placed her left hand on her left thigh, her hand moved in towards her
pussy, carressing the skin lightly. As her hand reached the edge of
her panties she switched her hands and did the same to her right
thigh. I moved the camera in until just her legs and panties could be

Each time she switched hands her fingers moved a little
further up her panties leg band. Soon her hands were stopping where
they were laying flat on her panty covered pussy and her middle finger
would trace a line that was her hair covered slit. I could see the
mositure seeping into the panties as her hands pressed a little harder
each time.

The music changed tempo and she lay on her back with her hands
stroking the panties as her hips started to rise and fall, she bent
her legs at the knees, drawing her feet back towards her so she could
lift her ass higher with each new beat of the music.

I watched this as in a trance, my eyes help prisoner by that
shifting white vee on the screen. She then rolled over on to her
stomach and pulled her knees under her until her ass was moving up and
down like she was humping the floor. Her crotch was now very dark
with moisture along the center line.

Rolling onto her back again she raised her butt high off the
floor and released something in the panties, because now the white
panties lay off to the side and I was staring right into a pussy that
was swollen open. I could see her clit peeking out between the
swollen lips and the hair that lined them was wet with liquid.

My cock was somehow in my hand, and I was breathing hard.

"Yeah, daddy," Jan moaned, " move away from the moniter and
sit right down here where I can show you all of my gifts to you."

I threw the camera in to auto and moved over to where she was.
Sitting down on the first level, my head was waist high to her. She
sat up and turned her back to me. She bent at the waist until her ass
was uncovered. Her feet spread wide apart she began to play her
fingers up and down the open slit.

"This is for you," she said as her fingers flicked across her
clit and down to the open hole.

Her hands moved away from her pussy and she strightened up,
turning to face me she asked me,

"I want your cock in my cunt, not just a few times, I want it
every chance I can get. I want to drain you of every ounce of cum you
can produce. I want you to fuck me till you can't fuck anymore.,"
Jan moaned as she walked towards me.

She stood in front of me and I could see her eyes were glazed,
but she wasn't finished talking yet.

"I realized how bad I wanted you to take me, as a woman, the
day I walked back in this house. Six months of plotting and planning
to get your hot, hard cock in to my throbbing pussy. I was going
crazy until Toni came up with this solution. Now I want to know, are
you willing to fuck me as often as you can?" She finsihed.

I stood there with a raging hardon and a need to hear her
scream in pure pleasure as I filled her tight wet cunt with my cock.
I wanted her lips on mine and her arms around me. I could only shake
my head and stand looking at her.

She reached up and asked me to turn the cameras on the bed and
to light it up. I did as she asked and then walked over to sit beside
her. She removed her knit shirt but left the skirt in place. She
pushed me back onto the center of the bed.

"This is a pure fuck, nothing but lust, I want you to fill my
cunt with your cock and then fill it again with cum. I need to be
fucked hard and fast daddy." Jan moaned.

She threw a leg my chest and rolled on top of me. Moving her
legs around she adjusted herself until she was sitting on my hips.
She reached between her legs and spread her pussy open around my
shaft. The head of my cock was sticking out from between her legs and
I could feel her wet cunt wrapped around my shaft. She placed her
hands behind her on my thighs, her breasts were thrust straight, the
nipples hard and swollen. Her hips moved back and forth, I could feel
her wet pussy gliding up and down my shaft.

I reached up and and placed my palms against her nipples and
started to roll them under my hand.

"Ohhhh, god that feels good," she moaned, "that hard cock
rubbing against my clit really makes me wetter!"

My cock was soaked with her own cunt juice and I could feel
it running down around my balls as her hips moved faster over my
shaft. Jan leaned forward, her hand darted between her legs and
grabbed my cock. She lifted herself up as her hand pushed my cock
straight up under her, she then lowered herself on to the hard shaft.
I watched her slip inch by inch down my cock, feeling the
tight resistance of her wet pussy as it engulfed me. Her eyes were
closed and she was breathing in gasps as she finally had it buried to
the balls in her tight cunt. I could feel her clamping the muscles of
her pussy around the base as she gave voice to her passion.

"Ohh god, ohhhhh god, that feels so fucking gooooood!", Jan
screamed, "fuck me nowww, and fuck me hard. I want that cock, ohhhh
god, it feels so big in me, ohhhh god.!"

Hearing my daughter telling me those things made me hotter and
hotter. I lifted my hips up to push my cock deep. She pushed back,
grinding her hips down and around my dick as I did the same. She
lifted herself until the tip was barely inside, then dropped like a
rock, her pussy was like a tight glove atound my cock and each
movement caused a flame of heat to move from my balls upward.

She was pumping her hips up and down as I moved my around and

"Ohhhhh, yessss, ohhhhhh yessss, more, more , don't stop
fucking, don't stop, oh god, it feels so fucikinnng, goooood." she
hissed out.

I felt the first wave of my climax start from the bottom of my
balls, they jerked and expanded quickly, Jan saw the look in my eyes
and quickly pushed her cunt down tight agaisnt me. Her eyes got big
and bright as the cock inside expaned hard and released it's first
load of cum deep inside that tight little cunt.

"Yesssss, yesssssss, yessssss," she screamed, "give me all of
that wonderful cum, keep pumpping that hot stuff, Ohhhhhh, god I'mmm,
cummmminnnngg tooo!!"

Her back was arched, her fingers digging into my arms as she
pumped her cunt up and down in short little jerks. Her mouth clamped
onto mine and she started screaming into my mouth as she felt the
climax slam into her body. Her pussy was spasming around my cock and
it only increased my own climax. Suddenly she went limp on my body
and just lay there breathing hard.

"Oh god I love it, I will never get enough of it. I want that
cock in me all the time." she whispered to me.

Jan eased off my cock then spun around and took the semi rigid
shaft in her hand. She opened her mouth and sucked the entire shaft
deep. Her mouth was sucking him clean. Her tongue danced around the
shaft as she slipped it in and out of her lips. Licking the last drop
she could find off my turgid cock she sat back and looked at me with a
smile. I reached up and pulled her down to me and gave her a hard
passionate kiss, I could taste both of our love juices on her tongue.

Releasing her I got off the bed and pulled up my shorts. She
walked towards her bedroom and disappeared. I sat there thinking
about this situation and wondering how to keep it here between us
without something bad happening.

Jan came back into the studio wearing a simple sundress, she
looked at me and asked me what the problem was.

"Well, first, we have to behave as parent child outside of
this house. Second, you and I have to have dates or at least
socialize with others our own age group. Third, you're mother left me
because of my high sex drive, I wanted to fuck her two or three times
a day but she thought once a month was enough. Think you can handle
that much?"

Jan grinned and answered me back quickly, "on first point yes
I understand that part, and when anyone is around here we have to
conform to their idea of father-daughter, now on two and three, if you
will trust me I have a solution to those and one that will last long
term. I can't tell you right now what it is, you are going to have to
allow me to show you and to trust my judgement on this. As far as
your sex drive is concerned, I am your daughter and if I can't keep up
with you I can always get help from my friends. In fact, tonight Toni
plans on have that beautiful cock of yours fill her pussy as well as
her ass. She likes having her ass fucked more than her cunt. Sheri
will try for it tonight also, so be prepared. They will be back
shortly with some things that they want to use tonight. Toni wants
you to film her and Sheri and I playing around. I haen't made up my
mind on sharing your cock yet. But I will not get mad if you fuck
others. Just tell me about it so I don't get surprised by a step mom someday. Okay?"

I was wondering when she would bring up her two friends and
wasn't really surprised about the casual sex between the girls either.
Why, I don't know, but I seemed to just have been aware without really
realizing it. I was looking forward to this evenings performance too.
I felt my cock start to harden at the thought of three young tight
pussy's needing my cock to fill them. I wondered who was going to
quit first?

The girls had come back and headed down stairs. I was asked
to come down in about an hours time. I had no idea what it was
exactly that they were planning, but at least I had been forwarned of
what the results were to be. I had a few tricks up my sleeve two that
was sure to help out and I knew that a couple of them were sure to
surprise the girls.

I walked into the studio room and was asked if I would mind
making a tape for them. I told them that I could and to let me know
when they wanted me to start filming. The three girls moved over and
asked for the flood lights on the center level only. I watched the
girls as one stood off to the side, and started the music. The three
girls had on short skirts, buton up blouses and no shoes. They looked
like normal school girls. As the music started and I was aware that
the music was very slow and easy with a subtle basic drum beat, Toni
and Sheri started dancing to the music, Toni had Sheri in her arms and
was tightly holding her close. Toni leaned her head down onto Sheri's
shoulders and started kiccing her on the neck as they danced, Sheri,
pulled away and tried to move off. Toni pulled her back into her arms
and locked her lips onto Sheri's. Sheri resisted for a few seconds
then slowly responded. As they continued to dance and kiss, their
hands began moving and caressing each other. A skirt would lift and a
flash of nylon panties, a hand across a breast then down.

The music changed it's tempo without me being aware of it. My
eyes were glued to the monitor and operating the cameras for the best
focus and close up of this little number. Both of the girls were
starting to get a little hotter as their hands slipped under the
skirts and caressed nylon clad ass cheeks. Then the music changed to
just a very basic drum beat and Toni turned Sheri around so that
Sheri's back was to Toni and grabbed a wrist in each hand. Toni held
Sheri's arms wide apart and made her stay that way.

Jan walked into the light, she walked over to Sheri and
reached down under her skirt she slipped her hand. Slowly she pulled
her hand up Sheri's thighs and then across her panty covered pussy.
Jan stood off to one side so that my camera had a clear view of the
skirt pulled up and the hand stroking that pussy. Sheri struggled
weakly, attempting to break free. Toni bent her mouth down towards
Sheri's neck and started kissing it, at the same time Jan reached up
and unbuttoned Sheri's blouse from top to bottom.

Sheri stood held in place by Toni, her blouse unbuttoned and
her head tipped back, her eyes were closed and she was starting to
breath faster. Jan pulled the blouse open wide and as she pushed it
down Sheri's shoulders, Toni pulled Sheri's arms down to her waist
then behind her back.

Jan placed her mouth on Sheri's shoulder and started kissing
her down across her chest then to the breast and finally she captured
one of the very stiff nipples between her lips and starts to suck on

Sheri is now starting to moan loader, her breathing is ragged
and she is pushing her tits up into Jan's mouth. Jan reaches behind
Sheri and grabs Toni's skirt, she slips it up untill it is up around
Toni's waist. I turn the back camera on and drop it low, aimed
uopwards, the monitor shows Toni's beautiful ass, bare, no panties ,
she has her legs spread wide and has pulled Sheri's hands between her
legs. Sheri is finger deep in Toni's wet cunt. I watch as Sheri
fingers Toni passionately while Jan is working her mouth on down
across Sheri's stomach.

As Jan's mouth reachs the top of Sheri's skirt she stops,
reaches down and pulls the skirt hem up and tugs it in to the waist
band. This leaves a clear view of bare skin from the edge of the
skirt to the top of a pair of blue nylon panties. Jan hooks her
fingers into the waistband of the panties and slowly pulls them down
until they are reasting on Sheri's ankles.

Jan unhooks the panties from Sheri's ankles and pushes her
legs apart. Sheri's eyes open wide as Jans mouth darts between her
legs and the tongue flicks across her clit. Her mouth opens wide as
she grasps for air. Toni lets go of Sheri's hands and reaches around
her to cup both firm tits in her hands, she grips the stiff, swollen
nipples between her finger and thumb and rolls them back and forth.

Jan stands back and slowly disrobes, she then reaches out and
pulles Sheri away from Toni. Pulling Sheri to the floor with her, Jan
straddles her and drops her head between the spread legs. Her mouth
locks down on Sheri's pussy. Sheri arches her back and pushes her
hips up to meet Jans mouth. Sheri raises her head and begins to kiss
and lick at Jan's open pussy. As the two girls are becoming very busy,
Toni walks over to the console and looks at the monitors. I have
camers going at both ends of the stage and they were focused in tight
to the girls. Both scenes were shots of their spread legs and
face's buried deep in wet pussy.

"Now, it's my turn," Toni said as she looked down at my

She kneeled down by my chair and turned it so I was facing
her. Reaching up she grabbed my shorts by the band and tugged. I
lifted my butt up and they slipped off. My cock was waving in the air
and hard as a rock. Toni reached up and stroked it softly with her

"This is what I want," she whispered, "and I want it buried
deep in my cunt. I am so damn wet from thinking about having you
shove that dick deep and hard in me that I had to jack off twice last
night just so I could sleep."

I pulled her up to me and had her bend over the console,
reaching up between her legs I used my fingers to spread the lips of
her smooth pussy and buried my face in the opening. My tongue licked
and flicked all around her clit and she hissed in delight.

"Ohhh, yeassssssss, ohhhh god, suck it harder, yessss,

I ran my tongue up and down her soaked cunt, licking and
sucking at her clit. She was twisting and panting hard as I quickly
drove my tongue inside her pussy.

Ahhhhh, god more, ohhhh, your tongue feels so good, I love
they way you're eating my cunt!" Toni moaned.

I released her pussy and spun her around to face me, as she
turned to me I reached between her legs and stroked her clit with my
fingers. My mouth locked on to one of the swelling nipples and the
other nipple was between the fingers of my free hand. I moved my
fingers across her swollen clit and eased the middle one down towards
the pussy opening. As she spread her legs farther and pushed her hips
towards me the finger slipped in and out.

"Ohh, ohhh, god, I want your cock in me so badly, I feel like
I'm on fire and my pussy is burning up. Please fuck me, fuck me,
ohhh, god, fuck me now!!" She cried.

I couldn't answer with a mouthful of tit, but my finger
started spreading the wet juice that flowed out of her cunt all around
and down. I moved my finger out of her cunt and then slipped my thumb
in, my finger tip traced around the rim of her asshole.

"Oh yesss, oh yess, please do it, oh yessssss!" Toni cried as
my finger worked it's way into her tight little asshole.

She was shaking and crying in pure pleasure as my finger and
thumb slipped in and out of her cunt and asshole in unison. I hears
another moan beside me and turned to see the other two girls, watching
us. They were finger fucking each other as they watched us with a
gleam in their eyes.

I stopped finger Toni and pulled her out of the control room
and ove to the bed. I stopped and whispered insturctions to my
daughter. I laid on my back, my hard cock pointing straight up in the
air, Toni straddled my hips and slowly covered my cock with her pussy.
She eased herself down, hissing in delight as her pussy filled itself
with my cock.

"Yessss, yesssss, that's what I wanted, a hard cock to fill
this empty cunt with. Now I want to fill it with hot cum, hot cum I
drain from you.!" She hissed at me.

I lifted my hips and rammed the cock in hard and deep, I
grabbed her and pulled her down towards me and told her,

"Something nice is coming your way so just lay still until I
let you go, ok?" I said to her.

She looked at for a second then shook her head that she

"Jan, go ahead and give Toni the pearls." I said.

Jan reached down and removed the small item from the bag. she
held it up and taking some KY jelly covered each of the seven small
round balls. They were each attached to a string and had about three
inchs between each pearl. As soon as she had the pearls lubricated
she bent over behind Toni.

Toni felt the small object being inserted in her asshole and
qucikly relaxed her muscles as one by one the seven pearls were placed
inside. Then Jan's finger pushed them deeper until only the string
was visible. Toni was breathing haard now.

I pushed Toni back into a leaning postion and slowly started
to shove my cock in and out of ther cunt. Her eyes got big as she
could feel the pearls in place and my cock was riding over each
indention. The more I stroked the bigger her eyes got. I pulled her
down and rolled over, keeping my cock buried deep inside of her.

Toni lay under me and I was hammering down with my cock.

"Ohhhhh, god ,yess, yess, fuck me harder,harder, fuck me ,
fuck me, ohhh god, it feels so fucking gooood, your cock is driving me
crazy!!!" Toni yelled as she fucked me back.

I montioned to Jan and she grabbed the string from between
Toni's ass cheeks. Just as Toni's eyes glazed over and her body
started to arch, Jan jerked on the string once.

Ahhhhhhh, ohmygod, ohmygod,ohhhhhhhh sweet jesus, ohhh,
Toni screamed as the first pearl popped out of her ass. Then she felt
the second and moaned as she rocked her hips from side to side.

I looked down at her face and watched as her eyes opened very
wide, her mouth opened to cream but no sound would come out. Jan had
jerked hard and popped out the remaining pearls in one motion.

I slammed my cock in deep and ground my hips agianst hers as I
fired hot cum deep inside time after time. Toni was going in ten
different directions at the same time. Her body was shaking and
trembling as the climax peaked so hard she lost all control. Her
pussy was pulsating and as it did it shot jets of liquid out that
soaked my balls and thighs.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHMY GOD, OHHHHHHHHH, I commminng and I can't stop,
ohhhhhhhHHHHHHH MY GOD!!" she screamed as the pleasure tore through
her body, she had never lost control before.

She always controlled the situation and now she had lost it
completely and she loved it. The climax was so strong that her body
jerked and shuddered as each wave went through her. She lay as limp
as a rag on top of me and mewed as she trembled. It must of lasted a
good ten minutes before she finally stopped shaking. I rolled her
beside me and weakly stood up. Sheri was staring at me, her eys were
glazed with a look of lust that almost frightened me. Jan was looking
at Toni opened mouth and eyes wide. I looked back at Toni, she lay on
her back, her legs spread wide, her inner thighs and pussy covered in
cum from both my cock and her cunt. Her eyes were closed and she
breathed deep, her breasts were swollen and her nipples had stiffened
and were pointing straight out. I looked at Sheri and walked towards

Sheri reached down with trembling hands to my cock, she
lowered her mouth to it and softly licked all the cum and jucie off.
Her breasts were placed on either side of the shaft and she moved her
chest up and down, the softness of the skin and her tongue flicking
across the head had it stiff and hard once more.

I pulled Sheri over to the bed and had her on her knees. I
reached down and slipped my cock into the slit and found she was as
soaked as Toni was. I eased my dick into her cunt and slowly worked
it in and out till it was ball deep.

"Oh, god, ohh, yesss, make my cum like Toni, oh, pleeesee,
make me cum like Toni did. She whispered as the cock moved in and

I had Sheri slip down on to her stomach with a pillow under
her hips. I then moved my feet under me so that I squatted down
behind her. I was moving my dick not only in and out but in a
circle, and I found what I wanted when she jumped.

"Oh damnnn, that felt good, ohhhhh yess, thatss it!" she

I used long slow strokes to increase her passion as the head
of my cock rubbed against the front wall of her vagina. I had guessed
that she had never had a climax like the one she was about to have.
Her G-spot was far enough back and almost in the center, I could feel
her start to shuddar as her pussy filled with liquid.

Jan had crawled onto the bed and as I watched she eased her
face and tongue down towards Toni's crotch. Her tongue slipped down
and flicked across Toni's swollen clit. Toni gasped and her body
shuddered as Jan began to lick and clean the cum off of the soaked
pussy and legs. I felt my cock getting harder as I watched my
daughter eating up my cum.

Sheri started to rock her pussy from side to side as the lust
built up inside of her. I felt her cunt start to clamp down on my cock
and knew she was nearing her climax. I slipped my hand down between
the cheeks of that pretty ass and getting my finger wet off of my
moving cock I eased it around her tight little ass hole.

I had my finger in to the fsecond knuckle and was working it
in and out when she suddenly yelped and clamped her legs tight around
my cock.

"Ohhhhhh, my,ohhhhhhhh, I feel like I got to pee, please stop
ohhh, please stop, I got to pee now, ohhhhh no, oh no, ohhhhhh!!!" she
cried as her climax neared its peak.

"No, Sheri, that is just your climax that makes you feel that
way, just let it go. Don't hold it back. You wanted a fucking like
Toni, so you're getting fucked like Toni. Don't hold back and tense
up." I explained to her.

I felt her relax her legs and just as she relaxed the muscles
of her cunt she turned ballistic. She ejaculated all over herself and
me. She pumped out stream after stream of hot liquid. Screaming and
crrying at the same time. Jan stopped eating on Toni and watched
Sheri climax.

"Ohhhhhh nooooo, ohhhh no, I'm commingggg, I;mmmm
Coommminngg, god, oh god, oh no, oh no, ahhhhhhhhh god!!!" Sheri cried
as she jerked and shook. Her pussy was clamped around my cock like a
vice and she was trying to force more of it in her. I rode her as she
began to buck and twist. She suddenly went limp under me, she lay
there gasping for breath as I eased out of her. I moved off of her
and lay down between Toni and her.

I suddenly saw Jan's face next to mine, she looked at me and
grinned wickedly.

"Rest dear daddy, cause I'm going to wait until they leave
until I fuck you. And I will, you know. Tonight after they are gone,
I am going to blow you then fuck you, and in the morning Iam going to
fuck you again. Then all day long while we are at home I am going to
tease you till your cock is ready to explode. So rest up, the night
is mine." I heard her whisper in my ear.

Then I felt her tongue around my dick, not sucking me, just
licking it clean.
Part Three will follow shortly

Thank you for your comments, I hope you enjoy this tale of fun and
adventure. Plenty more to follow.


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