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Archived Sex Stories

Daughter's Sex Ed With Mommy Ch1



Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!


Daughter's Sex Ed With mommy Ch1 (f/F, spank, fist, Oral, Obj, Humil)

By Phoenix Arrow

Chapter 1


Hey mommy, can you come to my room for a minute, I have something I want
to ask you.

Sure Honey, what is it?

Well, its kind of hard for me to say this.

Its ok, you can tell me anything, I'm your mom.

Ok, well its just that, when I'm in school, I find myself kinda looking
at the boys differently then how I used to.

What do you mean?

Well I used to hate boys, but lately I've kind of wanted to look at
them. Some of them even seem cute, and I get a little tingly all over when
they catch me looking at them.

Oh I see, I think I know whats going on.

What mommy? Whats going on?

Well sweetie, even though your still so young, at 13 you are starting to
turn into a young woman.

I am?

Yes and your feelings towards boys is only one of many things that are
slowly changing.

You mean there are others?

Yes. For one, your breasts will begin to grow and get bigger. Also
your hips will get a little wider. Another noticeable thing that will
happen is your pubic area will become covered with hair.

Well, I've kind of begun to noticed. I already have some dark hair growing, and my breasts are already growing. How long will all this take
to finish?

Until you are around 18 to 20 years old.

Mom, since your 34, does that mean your finished turning into a lady?

Oh my goodness, I finished a long time ago.

So how you look now is pretty much how I will look when I'm done?

More or less.

Mommy, can I ask you for a big favor?

It depends, first tell me what it is.

I will, but please don't get upset if you don't want to do it.

I promise, now what is it?

Well its just that I am kinda curious about how I will one day look.
And seeing how I will look very similar to you, I was wondering if you
wouldn't mind letting me see you..... you know.....naked?

I don't know about that.

Please mom, it would really help me understand whats going to happen to
me and you said you would help me in anyway you can.

I don't remember saying that, even though I do want to help, I don't
think I should.....oh honey don't give me that look, you know I hate it
when you look sad......I was just saying.....ok ok, how about if I just
show you my breasts, would that help you?

Thanks mom, your the best.....Don't forget the bra.....Wow I didn't
think that they would become that big.

Yes, they should grow to what is called a C cup.

Do you mind if I touch them, I want to see how they'll feel?

Ok sweetie, but be gentle.

Wow, there pretty soft. Do boys touch them like this?

I wish! They tend to be a bit rougher.

You mean like this?

Ouch, honey your squeezing them too hard.

Is this how boys do it?

No, its actually a bit harder....owe owe owe, ok ok please let them go
it really hurts!

Do they do it like this?

Yes yes, that's how they do it, now please let go!

Sorry to hurt you, I just wanted to know what I will be in for.

Its ok, you didn't know.

mom I noticed that your nipples were very hard while I was holding your
breasts. Why do they do that?

Well, when a woman gets sexually aroused, her nipples tend to harden, or
it can happen when its cold.

Are you aroused mommy?

Don't be silly, its from the cold.

Do boys do anything with them when their like this?

men often like to lick and suck on them during sex.

That's silly, why do they do that?

Because all men are babies.

Funny mom. Is that all they do to our nipples?

Well, some times men like to pinch women's nipples.

Ouch, that must hurt. Does daddy do that to you?

Now you are starting to embarrass me.

Sorry mom, but does he?

Yes, yes he does.

Does daddy pinch them like this?

Owe owe, what are you doing? Let go of my nipples this instant.

Mom, I really need to know how hard guys like to pinch our nipples. Now
is this how hard dad pinches them?

No he does it a little harder but...ah ah....yes just like that, now let
go dear, please, this really is hurting mommy.

First tell me, is this all he does to them?

Well no, sometimes he likes to tweak them left or right ahhhhhhh!

Ok mom, I didn't men to hurt you that bad or make you tear up.

Its fine sweetie, I'd rather you learn now than later.

If pinching your nipples hurts so much, then why would we let men do it
to us?

Well during sex, some women like it.

Does that mean you like getting your nipples pinched mommy?

A little, but only because your father likes doing it and I love him
very much.

mom your weird. Alright so when I finally stop growing, my breasts are
going to be big and saggy like yours.

Saggy? Do they really look saggy?

No offence mom, but I've seen men's magazines, and the women in them
look fuller than yours.

Well your right, yours will be a little fuller than how mine are now,
its just that as you get older, they tend to lower a bit.

A bit? They are almost to your belly button. I'm glad to know that
mine will look better than those.

You know sweetie <sniff> you really don't have to be so mean about it.

Oh don't cry mom, its really not so bad. Hey maybe we can try to fix
them, I'll just lift them up by the nipples.....there as good as new. Like
your new tits mom? No? Oh now your crying even more. Ok ok I'll let them
go. <Giggles> its funny how they jiggle when the fall, will mine jiggle
like that? Oh that's right, mine will be firmer. Now lets move on.

<sniff> Move on?

Ya, you mentioned that I will get hair on my pubic area soon. I really
want to know what it will look like.

Oh honey I don't think so.

Come on mom, you have to or I'll get all embarrassed when mine starts to
fully grow.


Mom, how am I supposed to learn anything if your going to be so
difficult. Now please remove your skirt.............very good, right down
your legs.....your the best....don't forget your panties.....Wow, I had no
idea your bush was so big, let me examine one of them <prick>.

Owe, what are you doing, don't pluck mommy's pubic hair.

Sorry mom, I just wanted to see how these things looked. Wow, all black
and curly. And to think you have a bush full of them.

Its not a bush sweetie its call pubic hair, and I've stopped trimming it
a long time ago.

Well I'm always going to keep mine trimmed, yours just looks too nasty.
But I still cant really see everything, lay down on the bed and spread your
legs....that's it......yep, thick hair all this is your pussy eh mom?

Yes hun, this is my vagina.

And whats this little thing pointing out through the top?

Oh, well that's what is call a clitoris or clit. It looks like that
when a women get sexually aroused.

You mean like the nipples?


Does that mean men like to pinch them to?

Ahhh ahhh, please let go of mommy's clit, ah ah, let go let go!

You mean women don't like this?

No no no!!!!

Then maybe I'm supposed to tweak them instead.


Hmm, maybe not. I don't think I'll be letting any boys pinch my clit.
So mom, will my pussy be this big and wide when I'm fully developed?

No honey, it will be a little smaller and tighter.

Why is that?

Well, after you've had sex for a while, and had children, our vagina's
tend to permanently expand.

I'll say, just look at this thing. I've heard from somewhere that boys like girls with tight pussy's, is that true?

Most of the time.

So since your pussy is as wide as it is, daddy must not enjoy sex with
you any more.

Well not as much, but we still have a good....

How could he, I mean look how wide this thing is. I bet I could stick
three fingers in without any see...maybe even four...Wow.

Honey, what are you doing? Take your fingers out of mommy this instant.

Relax mom, I'm just trying to see how it will be like when my pussy gets
this wide, I may even be able to stick in my thumb.....

No, stop stop....

There, all five fingers. You see? Now I know daddy isn't as big as my
fist so he must not enjoy you very much.

<Sobbing> No, he doesn't. He tries to reassure me when we're in bed,
but I can tell he hardly feels anything anymore <Sob>

Its ok mommy, he still loves you no matter what.

Thanks honey, its reassuring to know that. Now please take your fist
out of mommy's vagina.

Not yet. First I want to feel how deep you go.

Ah ah...honey but why....ah ah

Well I need to see how big of a dick will fit inside me.

Ya sweetie but....oh oh....please just take it out!

Calm down mom, I'm already half way to my elbow.

But your stretching me.

That's hard to believe, and besides, why are you panting so much?

Its because...because....

Why mom, is it because it feels good?

Yes....I mean no no.

Wow mom, I'm almost to my elbow, I had no idea that women were this

Ah ah.

Hmmm, I cant seem to push any further. My fingers seem to have come to
something. What is it mommy?

<Heavy panting> That's.....the...ohhhh...the cervix....ahhhh.....its's come from...ohhhh.

Oh, so this is where I came from, this is really cool! Hey mom, are you
ok? Why are you moving up and down so much?

Sorry honey, its just that I feel

Well stop it mommy, it looks weird.


Ok mom, I'm taking my arm out now, your acting too strange.

No...please....please leave it in just a little longer.



Mom, are you actually enjoying this?

I ...ohhh....well....ahhh...No, Yes, No...I mean...

Oh mom your sick. Your getting off on having your own 13 year old daughter's arm shoved up your sloppy pussy. I'm pulling it out now.

Sweetie I'm so sorry.....ugh.....ugh....ugh...ah...<PLOP>

Juezz mom, all I wanted was to learn how I will look when I am a grown
woman and you have to get off on it.

<Heavy breathing> I'm....ha very sorry....ha ha....I didn't
mean to....its just that....

I don't want to hear it, and I don't think I want you to help me
anymore, get out.

No sweetie I'm sorry, please don't ask me to leave, I want to help you.

I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, take your sloppy pussy and your
saggy tits and GET OUT!

Oh honey please, don't make me leave like this, not when your so upset
with me. Look I'll promise to behave better and show you what ever you
want to know, just don't make me leave when your this mad.

I don't know mom, you promise to help me learn what ever I want to know?

Yes sweaty.

And you wont give me a hard time about it?

No I won't, I promise.

Ok mom, I'll let you stay. But this is your last chance.

Thank you, I'm so lucky to have a caring daughter like you.

Don't mention it. Now mom, I want to examine your butt, please roll
over and get on your hands and knees.

Like this honey?

No, actually lower your head to the bed, so that your butt is sticking
in the air, I can get a better view of you that way.....Very I
can see everything. Now mom, please tell me what things boys like to do
with our butts?

Oh, well one thing is men often like to squeeze them.

men sure like to squeeze things, but ok, her, your butt is
really easy to squeeze, must be because your hips and ass are so
fatty......Mom stop squirming.....does dad like to do this?

Yes, sometimes.

I can see why. Ok, what else do boys do?

Some men also like to spank women's behinds.

<Giggles> Really? I thought only kids get a spanking. Why would guys want to do that to adult women?

I think its because it makes them feel like their in

<Giggles> Cool, your ass jiggles all over the place when I do
that....<SLAP>....there it goes again. Neat, I can even see my hand
prints......<SLAP> <SLAP> <SLAP>.....this is actually kind of fun, and your
even squirming exactly the way I did when you once spanked me, nice little
payback huh mom <laughter> just kidding. Hey mom, why would women allow
men to spank them, what do they get out of it?

Well sweetie, some women like to be spanked because they like the pain,
also because they like the idea of being submissive to their man, it gets
them excited.

Does this get you excited mom?<SLAP>...ahhh

Mom, answer me, is me spanking you getting you excited?

Sweetie I...<SLAP>.....I......<SLAP>....I

Stop, mom you don't have to answer that.

Thank you sweetie.

But now your ass is all red, will it go back to normal soon?

Yes, soon it will.

Ok mom, what else do men do with our asses.

Well, something that has become popular as of late is anal sex.

Anal sex?

Its when the man puts his penis in the woman's anus.

Oh wow, does that feel good?

Not really.

Then whats the purpose?

Well, it does feel good to men because it can often be tighter than a
woman's vagina.

Ya, I see what you mean, I can hardly get one finger in there. Hey,
maybe dad should be fucking you in your ass instead of your worn out pussy.

But honey I've heard that it really hurts.

Mom, if you really love dad, you'd do it for him.

Now that's not fair.

In any case, its safe to say that boys might want to do it to me one
day. We're going to have to see how it works.

Honey but....

Hold on mom, I'll be right
back........................................Ok back.

Oh dear, what are you doing with that banana?

What do you think mother?

Listen darling, I don't think this is such a good idea.

Mom, here you go again. How am I suppose to learn about the adult woman
body if you keep refusing to help me. Now stick out your tongue and lick
this banana, unless you want me to stick it right in?.........Very
good......get that saliva all over......don't forget the tip.......ok
that's enough, its ready. Now put your head back down and stick your butt
up really high.

Sweetie I really don't want to do this...

Shhhh, now hold still.


Juezz, this is really tough. I'm going to push harder, hold on....


Finally I got the tip in. Lets see how far I can push it in.

Honey don't....ah..owe..owe...owe...please....

mother are you ok?

It hurts, it hurts. Take it out please!!!

But mother, its only half way in.


Well I'm too tired to take it out any ways, lets just leave it there for


mother stop your moaning and tell me if there's anything else that boys like to do to our butts?

Well sweetie...<sob>...the only other thing...<sniff>...that some men like to do is to...<sob>...lick our anus.

What? Really? That's disgusting. What man would do something that

I really don't know.

Well don't think I'm going to be doing that to you mom, that's too
degrading for me. Hmmmm, but I am a little curious.

What do you mean?

Mom, some boy may want to be doing this to me one day, and I still need
to know how it feels.

<Eyes wide> Honey, where are you going with this? Wait a minute, why
are you taking off your shorts?......Stop it.....oh no leave your panties on....what are you doing?

Come on mom, I need to know how it feels, and there is no way that I'm
going to be doing it to you, so there is only one other option.

But sweetie please, I can't, your my daughter, and its disgusting....

Oh don't be silly mother, this doesn't mean anything, your just teaching
me about the world of woman hood, like all good mothers do. And a good
mother would do this for her daughter. But I guess your not a good mother.

Honey don't say that....I...I...

Mother, I know you really love me, and want to be a good mother, but I
think the banana in your behind is confusing your judgment, you really want
to do this for me. So trust me and get off the bed and kneel on the
floor....that's a good let me get on the bed on my hands and
knees.....ok, I'm all can start now
mommy.........mommy?.......come on mom, don't think too much...just move
your head let me pull my cheeks apart to make it easier for come on, move forward.....that's it, keep going....oh I can
feel your nose, keep going.....oh ya, those wet lips feel
stick your tongue out, come on, put it in inside my butt.....oh wow, this
feels wonderful, keep going....oh oh....farther....ah ah.....come on stupid
mommy push farther....oh I can really feel your tongue. Whats that? What
are you mumbling? Wait, now your starting to whine back there....Oh fine,
you can stop........Wow mom, that was the best thing that I ever felt, I'm
going to let lot's of boys do that to me. How was it from your end?


Oh come on mom, it couldn't have been that bad. But your face sure does
look funny. Its all red and there's a little dirt on it, why don't you go
to the bathroom and wash your face. <Laughter> mom you look so silly
walking with that banana sticking out of you. What? No I'm too tired to
take it out now, first go and wash your face.

<after 3 minutes> Ok sweaty, I've washed my face, but I insist you take
this banana out of me.

Ok ok mom, stop whining. Get back on all fours on the hold
still.....ugggggg....uggggg....almost out.....uggggg<PLOP>. Cool, now my
mommy has a nice big but hole. <SLAP> <Giggles>

Owe honey, what was that for?

Nothing, I just think its funny the way your ass jiggles...<SLAP>

Darling stop it.

<SLAP> Stop what? <SLAP>

Honey I said stop spanking your mommy, your hurting me.

Ok mom I'll stop. Hey, what's this?

What is what.

Turn over and I'll show'll have to spread your legs...there,
whats that?

That's my vagina sweaty.

I know that dumb mommy, but whats that liquidy stuff around it?

Please baby, don't call me dumb.

Are you going to tell me what that stuff is or not.

Well, when a women gets sexually excited for an extended period of time,
she begins to create this fluid in her vagina. This fluid is suppose to
act as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Wow, interesting. Does that mean your sexually excited right now

No sweaty.

Then why is there so much of this stuff around your pussy.

I'm not really sure why.

mother your really weird. What does this stuff taste like?

I have no idea.

Well find out, I want to know.

Why on earth would you want to know what vagina fluid tastes like?

Because I may become a lesbian....just kidding....because I want to know
what boys will be tasting when they lick me. Now stop wasting time and put
a finger in your pussy.......faster mom, I don't have all day.......ok now
scoop up some that's a big bring it to your
mouth and lick your finger......that's a good mommy, suck all the juice
right off.....Mom it looks like your going to throw up, whats wrong?

Its just that I never thought I'd be tasting myself.

So how does it taste?

A little bitter, but doesn't taste like much else.

Hmm, must be because of your old pussy, here try mine....

No honey I don't want to mmmmmfffmfmf

Mother, stop mumbling and suck my how does it taste?

I'm embarrassed to say this, but it actually tastes good. It tastes
sweet and a little but like strawberries.

Wow, that's awesome. I better get my pussy licked as many times as
possible before it becomes old and stale like your right mom?

I...I suppose.

So mom, what else should I know about becoming a woman?

Well, something that many girls discover about themselves is

I think I've heard of that, what is it?

Its something that both boys and girls do when they are sexually excited
but by themselves. A girl will use her fingers to stimulate her lips and
clitoris until she reaches an orgasm.

Hmmm, sounds like fun. I bet you must do it all the time.

What do you mean.

You must masturbate a lot.

Sweetie masturbation is for young girls with no boyfriends. I am a
married woman, I have no need to masturbate.

mother who are you kidding. We both very well know that dad doesn't
want to fuck you any more with that worn out pussy. You've been diddling
yourself like a 12 year old for some time now haven't you?

<slight sob> Honey, I don't know why you are talking to me like this,

Because its true mom. You know it and I know it. My horny mommy doesn't get it anymore but still needs relief, right?

<Openly sobbing> Yes...yes its true....your father doesn't make love to
me very much these I have to.....have to.....masturbate like a
little girl...ohhhhh <face in hands>.

There there, its ok mommy. Its not your fault that you've become older and less attractive. But stop your whining. I may decide to masturbate myself one of these days, and since you seem to be such a pro at it, why
don't you show me how my mommy masturbates?

Oh honey <Sniff> I don't know, that is kind of personal.

Mother, do you want me to go through my adolescents in frustration
caused by poor masturbation, or do you want me to learn how its really

But...but I don't think....

Mom, your really not good at this thinking stuff, so why don't you just
lay on your back......good, now spread your legs and close your
eyes.....ok, get to work.......Mom, your not doing anything.....

Darling but I don't want to do it in front of you.

Oh for crying out loud, I'll just get you started myself......

Ohhh....honey don't.....ahhhh....but no....ohhhh

Do I just rubbing your pussy like this?


Ok mom, take over.....very, so that's how its done....your
really getting into it, your nose is even your suppose to rub
your clit a your really putting on a should be
selling tickets for, you must be feeling like a complete slut
right now?


Then stop right now! I don't want to have a nasty slut for a mother.
Get those fingers out of that pussy.

Oh please honey, I'm sooooo close.

Mother, this isn't for your pleasure, its for my education, now stop.

<heavy breathing> Ok sweaty.....your...your right....I'm sorry.

Juezz, I never knew I had such a horny mother. Lets move on. What's

Well.....ha ha..... another form of sex that men and women have is oral

Is that lick Anal Sex?

Almost. Oral sex is when either the man or the woman uses their mouth
and tongue on the genitals of another.

Ewwwww, that sounds disgusting, who wants to touch a penis or pussy with
their tongue?

Well, its suppose to feel really good to the person getting it.

Oh really? Do you think boys will want to do it to me?

They may.

Have you ever gotten oral sex from daddy?

When we first started dating, he would do it a lot, then after we got
married, he sort of stopped.

And how did it feel?

I'm embarrassed to say, but it felt very good.

Hmmmm, ok mom, I'll let you try it on me.

Wait...What? Oh honey, please don't move to the corner of the
bed....this is getting too perverted.

Mom, you make it sound so good that I want to know how it feels.

But can't you get a boyfriend to do it for you.

Why would I want some stranger to lick my pussy when I can have my mom do it?

But I've never touched another woman's vagina before.

Mom, I'm not some other woman, I am your daughter, and your going to
suck my pussy because you love me and want me to learn, right?

Yes but....

That's fine mom, you can complain while your face is between my
legs....that's it, get right in there.....

But honey, I really don't <slurp> think that I should <lick> be doing
this to my own <slurp> daughter. I mean I love you so very much <suck> and
want to teach you how <lick> it is to be a woman, but <slurp> this isn't
what I had in mind <suck>....

That's it mother, keep complaining while you eat me.....oh that does
feel good...ohhhhh....ya lick right there....ah were saying?

I just wish <lick> that there was some other way I could <slurp> show
you how it is to be a woman <suck> without being naked <lick> on my hands
and knees <slurp> and licking my own daughter's vagina <suck>.

Ohhh such a goooood mommy....oh ah...are you actually suckling my
clit.....oh yes that feels awesome.....suck it like I sucked your saggy
breasts when I was little....oh oh oh...

<suckle> Like this baby? Oh I still can't believe I'm doing this
<suckle> my own daughter <suckle> I never heard of any other mother <suckle> teaching her daughter this way <suckle>

Oh ah oh....oh wow mom, I just felt you tongue slip into my pussy, put
it back in quick....ohhhhh yes...just keep licking in there, that feels
wonderful....such a goooood mommy.....just keep complaining about how wrong
this is as you shove your tongue into me...oh oh...

But honey this is wrong <slurp> I know this isn't really incest <lick>
because this isn't sex <suck> just a learning session <suckle> but using my
tongue to please <slurp> my own 13 year old daughter's pussy...I mean
vagina....just seems so <lick> wrong!

That's right mother, keep complaining while you keep licking me like the
cunt licking mommy you are...oh ah ah ah.....yes that's even better, your
really into it know....oh oh oh....yes, that's the best, rub your nose
against my clit while you stick your tongue deeper inside me...oh oh oh
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................<heavy breathing> wooooow mother <ha ha>,
that was the best thing I've <ha ha> ever felt.......


What mother? Are you still complaining down there?


You can get your face out of my pussy now mom.


What? Oh my thighs are still squeezing your head between my legs huh?
Well get me a second while I come down from this orgasm, I feel too good to
move. Actually, mom why don't you clean up the mess you made of my pussy while your down there. Just lick around and suck all the juices, you seem
to like the taste of it any ways.

<3 minutes pass> Mmmmmmm

Oh ok mother, I'll open my legs......<giggles> mother your face looks so
ridicules, its all red and wet. You did a fantastic job by the way, you
should consider becoming a lesbian.....mother, don't look at me with your
mouth open in shock, I was only kidding, though you would make many women
very happy.

Listen sweaty, I love your father very much and have no desire to look
else where.

Even though he doesn't fuck you any more and you have to masturbate like
a little girl?.......Oh mother don't start to cry again, I didn't mean it,
I'll take it back.

<Sniff> Honey, there's more to love than sex.

Yes I know mommy, but daddy is still a man, and men have needs. you mean?

Well, maybe he looks else where for tight pussys and firmer tits.

Oh no, I work very hard to keep him satisfied.

How's that mommy?

Well, this is embarrassing for me to say, but I suck his penis when ever
he asks me.

Wow, you still give daddy blow jobs? Isn't that what teenage girls do
to satisfy their boyfriends? Aren't you suppose to stop when you get
married. Mom, no offence, but its pretty pathetic that you have to
masturbate and suck cock like a little girl just to keep your man.

<sniff> I'm sorry sweaty, but I love your father very much. <sniff>

Well, in any case, my future boyfriends may be asking me to suck their
things, and I need to know how.

Oh honey, I really don't think your father would let you watch us.

I guess your right, dad has too much respect for himself, and he doesn't
love me as much as you do. But I still want to learn how to give a blow this. Oh mother stop shaking your head, its just a its not disgusting, just pretend its the real thing....come
on.....your being too stubborn again.....I'll just place it against your
lips and you start sucking ok.....mother, I cant push it past your lips if
you keep them I going to have to pinch your nipples in order
to open your mouth?......<pinch>......there, its in your mouth, now start
licking....whats the matter, don't like the taste? Well you should clean
your ass more often, now start showing me how a 34 year old woman
desperately sucks cock.........So that's what you do? You push it in and
out of your mouth slowly? Oh that's neat the way you lick the base of it
with your seem to be going faster now, is that how your
suppose to do it? Be careful, your sucking so hard the peel might break, mom you sure are a great cock cleaner, there's hardly any
brown stuff left on that banana....I even think you like the taste of your
ass on that banana......juezz mom, your sucking so fast I can hardly see
your hand or the banana.....How are you getting it past your throat like
that with out gagging, you must really do this all the I
think you split the banana peel, there's gooey yellow stuff coming out the
sides of your maybe you should!.....Mom!....stop it, its beginning to come apart......its
mushing all over your face, stop....<SLAP>

Ahh...sweetie....w..w..what happened?

I had to slap your face mother, your were sucking the banana to death.
You must have been so into it that you forgot it wasn't a real cock. Mom,
you really are a slut.

Oh baby don't say that, I just don't know what got into me, I....

Its ok mother, I understand, the mess on your face tells me everything.

Honey, I think I'm going to go wash up.

There's no time for that mother, you still have soooo much to show me,
and besides, your face looks cute with all that mush on.

But I don't think there's anything left I can show you.

Oh don't be too sure, my friend has been telling me about this other
type of sex act that I've been dying to try...I believe she called it a Sex
Slave. So mommy, are you ready for my next lesson?

Yes Dear!

To be Continued..


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