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Daughter's Sex Ed With Mommy Ch2



Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!


Daughter's Sex Ed With mommy ch2 (f/F, incest, exab, spank, humil)

By Phoenix Arrow

Chapter 2


A what?

A sex slave. My friend Jamie said it was the coolest thing.


Come on mom, it'll be so awesome to have a sex slave mommy.

Maybe for you not for me.

Don't be silly, its for both of us. How else am I supposed to know what
its like having my very own sex slave.

But how does your friend know what its like.

Oh well Jamie's mommy is her sex slave.

Good heavens, you mean Carol? Her and I are good friends. She's even
in charge of the school PTA.

Ya I know, ironic isn't it. Well its true. It happened a few years ago
when Carol asked Jamie what she wanted for her birthday. Jamie said she
wanted a sex slave mommy. Oh she wasn't happy with the role at first, but
she's grown to love it.

But every time I've seen here at a PTA meeting, she's always stressed
the importance of good moral and ethical values by teachers and parents.

And to think, an hour after those meetings, she home licking her young daughter to orgasm. So if she can do it, than so can you.

But honey, I don't think I can do something like.

Don't worry mommy, it'll be just a little while until I can see what its
like to have a sex slave. So pretty please mommy, will you be my sex

Oh baby, I suppose. Just promise you wont take advantage of the

I promise I wont, but just promise to be a good slave to your daughter so that I can really learn what its like, ok?

Yes dear, I will.

Yes Mistress.


I believe you should start calling me Mistress. That's what Jamie's
mommy calls her.

But I don't want to....

Shut up you stupid slut and say it!

Oh my!

Sorry mommy, that's what Jamie also calls her mom, a stupid slut. Now
come on stupid slut and say yes Mistress to your daughter.

yyy..yes Mistress.

Good stupid slut. Well now that your my sex slave, what are you
supposed to do?

Well hon...Mistress, I think sex slaves are supposed to follow orders.

What kind of orders? You mean like go clean the kitchen, or go buy

That could be an order, but most of the time sex slaves have to do
sexual things for their owner.

Owner? Oh I like the way that sounds. You mean I own my mommy?

Yes sweetie, but only for a little bit until you learn what its like to
have a slave.

Of course mommy, but don't forget to call me Mistress.

Yes Mistress.

So what kind of sexual things can I make you do now that I own you?

I believe any thing you want.

Cool, there are so many things I always wanted to make you do.

Oh Mistress remember you promised you wouldn't take advantage of the

Yes of course stupid slut. Now lets test my new slave out. Stupid slut
jump up and down.....don't look at me like that, get up off your knees and
jump.....yeah like that but higher...<giggles> look at your titties mommy,
there flopping all over the place. Jump even higher, I want to see those
things really fly....Wow that's they hurt when they bounce
around like that?

Yes baby they do....but please let me stop jumping, its really hurting

Oh but there so much fun to look at like this.

Owe owe please honey, let mommy stop bouncing her breasts...owe...they
really really hurt.

Ok stupid slut, you can stop. But mom you are such a weakling. All I
wanted you to do was see your large titties bounce around and you can't
even handle it.

I'm sorry Mistress....I'll try to do better....Owe..owe...honey what are
you doing?

I'm squeezing your tits mommy, remember I own these now. I can do what
ever I want with them.

Yes Mistress, but please don't be so rough...owe

mommy just ignore my squeezing hands and tell me what sex slaves are
supposed to wear.

Well..ah...I really don't know a whole lot of what sex slaves are
supposed to wear..owe..but one thing I saw on a show once was a girl wearing a collar...uh...

A collar? You mean a dog collar?

Any collar would do I you have to squeeze them so hard

Yes I tell me, where can I find a collar for my mommy?

I guess at a pet store or a sex shop...ahh....

Sex shop? That sounds like a cool place, we'll have to go there later,
but for now I really want get rid of that bush of yours. It just looks so

But mistress, adult women are supposed to have them. Its a mark of

I don't care, I can hardly see your pussy as it is now. Lets go into
the bathroom and take care of this little problem.

Oh honey, I really wish you wouldn't do this, I don't want to look like
a little girl. I'm a grown woman.

Yes stupid slut, you are a grown woman. A grown woman who is now the
proud slave to her 13 year old daughter. And your daughter is ordering you
to loose that ugly mommy bush. Now get on that counter while I get the

Yes Mistress. mommy, coming right off. No problems at
all. I just wish you wouldn't leak all that mommy juice so much. Its
making things so slick. I just might slip and cut off that clitty of

Oh honey please don't....

Don't worry I wont. I want to be able to have fun with this clitty


That's done, now lets get the razor and finish it off.............that's
one lip.......that's the other......around the clit........Mother, I need
you to stand up and bend all the way over, I need to shave your ass now....

Like this honey?

Yes mommy, but bend over more, and spread your checks with your
hands.....good mommy slut, now hold still..........Done. Now my mommy slut
is clean and fresh. How does it feel?

It feels! I feel so naked. I look <sniff> like a little

Yes mommy, and don't you look so cute. I even have more hair than you
now. Your not an adult mommy any more, your a girl mommy. Now stupid
slut, thank your mistress for making you a girl.

<sob>..tthank..yyou Mistress..<sniff>..for making me a....girl.

Your welcome mommy. Now I will be right back. I want you to look at
your new pussy while I'm gone. But don't you DARE touch it, I know how
much you enjoy touching your pussy.

Yes Mistress

10 minutes later.....

Ok stupid slut, I'm back, let me put this around your neck.

Wwwwhat is that?

Its a collar silly.

Where did you get it?

From the neighbor's dog. I didn't feel like going to the pet store just

Your going to put a real dog collar on me??? And you didn't even wash

What's the difference, your both bitches. <giggles> Now hold
still......<click> there, I've snapped it into place. Awwwweee, mommy you
look so cute. But your starting to cry again, oh stop it. mommy slaves
aren't suppose to cry for no reason.

No reason? <Sniff> I have a used dog collar around my neck. <Sniff>

There you go again, being all selfish. How am I suppose to experience
having a slave if your going to complain about everything.

<Sniff> Ok honey, your...your right. I'm sorry. <SLAP> Owwwww....honey
why did you just slap my pussy??? <SLAP> <SLAP> Ah ah please
stop..<SLAP>..sweatie I'm sorry...<SLAP> <SLAP>...oh ah
Mistress....<SLAP>...Mistress I'm sorry, Mistress please!

That's better stupid slut, I'm getting tired of you not showing the
proper respect to your daughter. Now stop breathing so hard and let me
attach this leash to your new doggy collar

<Sniff> Leash?

Yes stupid mommy, a leash. What good is a collar without a leash. Now
hold still....there, now your my stupid slut doggy. So now what am I
supposed to do with you? Pull on your leash and have you walk behind me?

<Sniff>You could Mistress..<Sniff>...but since you think of me as your
"doggy"...<Sniff>...perhaps you might want me to crawl behind you instead.

Oh yeah that's a great idea! Ok, get on your hands and knees and follow
me doggy....<giggles> Oh mommy, I always wanted my very own pet, and you
make the perfect mommy doggy. Bark for me slut!

Oh Mistress don't make me...

I said BARK you stupid doggy slut!

Roof roof, arf, roof, bark, roof

What a well behaved mommy doggy. Now be a good girl and follow me. Yes
that's right I want you to crawl behind me, oh mommy, you look so silly. I
love the way your titties sway beneath you. What? Yes I can see that your
nipples are dragging along the carpet. What's that? Its making your
nipples really sensitive? Oh that must be soooo frustrating. Oh well,
your fault for having such big tits, <Yank> now keep crawling.

Oh oh ah Honey please, I cant take it. My nipples.....

Now really, is it too much for a daughter to ask her mother to pretend
to be her sex slave and crawl behind her with out getting all horny because
her titties are being dragged along the carpet? Now keep moving and lets
see if you can crawl across the living room with out cumming like a whore.

another 10 minutes later.......

Well stupid slut, you are obviously a whore. You must have organized
five times. And now what are you doing? Why are you touching your pussy?

Its ok baby..ah...I just need to do this real...ohh...quick...

Do what real quick? Oh mother, your not still horny are you? You just
came five times. Stop fingering that pussy right this instant.

But'll only take a moment...

Mommy, that pussy belongs to me now. I own your pussy and I'm telling
you to stop rubbing it right now!

But Mistress I need it sooooooo bad....

I don't care. This is about me not you. I can't learn anything if your
fingering yourself all the dame time. We're going to have to do something
about this. mom what do you suggest we do so that your little puss puss
isn't always so itchy?

Well Mistress, for one you can stop doing things that make me so horny.

Funny mom, but that's not an option. But I know something else that is.
Once when I was at Jamie's house, I caught her mother Carol playing with
herself when Jamie wasn't looking. I told Jamie and she got so upset that
she slapped Carol's pussy very hard several times.

Oh My!

Within no time Carol was wailing like a baby. And to this day she
hasn't touched her pussy without her daughter's permission. And I can
remember you didn't quite like it yourself earlier.

Oh no Mistress, that really isn't necessary. I..I wont touch myself any
more with out your...permission. I promise.

I wish I could believe you, but a horny mommy can't be trusted. Now
stand up and spread those legs.

But please Honey, mommy really doesn't want this.

Tough, its for your own good.

But there really is no need....Mistress why are you rubbing my slit, its
only making me...ohhh...hornier..ahhhh..<SLAP> owwwwww owe owe owe Please
it hurts, it hurts, don't <SLAP> ahhhhhowwweeee

mother stop moving so much and spread wider

Ok baby but..<SLAP> ahhh, there's no need <SLAP> oh Please <SLAP> ah
<SLAP> oh <SLAP> owe <SLAP> ah <SLAP> oh <SLAP>

mommy slut, I really don't think this is working. I think you are
actually enjoying this. I mean look at how wet your puss and thighs are.
Their drenched. Your actually getting off on getting pussy spanked by your
daughter. I'll be right back.

<Heavy breathing> But...sweaty...where are you going. I'm sorry...but I
couldn't help it...I need to cum so where did you go?

Coming mother
Oh no, honey what's that belt doing in your hand?!?

I'm supposed to be giving you a lesson stupid, not getting you off. Now
hold still and spread real wide for me....Mother stop looking like a scared
kitten. This wont hurt so bad....good idea, you should close your eyes.
That way you wont see it coming when I do THIS <WHACK>


Stupid mommy get those hands away from that cunt
Mistress it hurts...<WHACK>..aaaaahhhh <WHACK> <WHACK> <WHACK>

Keep those legs spread young lady <WHACK> <WHACK> <WHACK>

Ohhhh have mercy baby <WHACK> ohhhh <WHACK> Please <WHACK> owwwww
<WHACK> owwww <WHACK> owwwwwohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

mother get up, I'm not finished yet. And why is your whole body shaking
like that? Oh you did not? You slut. You actually came to your own
daughter belting the hell out of your pussy.

Oh Mistress....I'm so sorry....I couldn't was already so
close...Please don't whip me again sweaty.

Relax mommy. If whipping your pussy with my belt wont calm you down
than nothing will. I guess I'll have to put up with a horny slut mommy.
But does your wittle puss still hurt a lot mommy?

Yes mistress <sob> it does.

Well here, let me rub it tenderly for you....

oooohhhhh....please don't sweaty...

Does that feel good mother?....does the coolness of my sneaker feel
soothing on that freshly whipped cunt of yours?


But isn't it just so nasty mother? To be laying down naked on the floor
with your legs spread wide as your own daughter grinds her filthy sneaker
on your abused cunt? very nasty....please rub faster Mistress....

Oh mommy, you've gotten the bottom of my shoe all wet, why don't you
lick it clean.

Mistress please, that's disgusting...

Come on stupid slut, lick your mommy juice off the bottom your
daughter's sneaker.......keep going.....lick all over......good mommy. Ok
stupid slut, time to move on. What else should I know about having a

Well I really don't know anything else about how to be a slave.

That is a problem isn't it. Well let me think what Jamie does to her
mother......Oh I know. One of Jamie's favorite things to do is humiliate
her mother.

Humiliate? Jamie likes to humiliate Carol?

And how. She does it almost all the time. I think its because her
mommy gets just soooo embarrassed every time she does it.

What kind of things does she do to her?

Well her favorite thing is to expose her mother to strangers while in
compromising conditions. Jamie loves to take her mother out on excursions
with short skirts and no panties. Jamie stands back and giggles as her
mother goes into a shoe store and asks the sale persons to help her. No
matter how many times they do it, Carol's face still turns a deep shade of
red every time the guy or girl looks up from their position on the floor
and see her bare cunt.

<Gasp> Oh my!

Would you like that mother? Would you like me to take you to a shoe
store so some teenage girl or boy can stare at your mommy cunt?

N..nno Mistress...I..I..would'nt.

Oh I think you would. I think you'd love the idea of exposing yourself
to strangers like a slut.

Please Mistress, I'm a good woman. A faithful housewife and mother. I
don't like to do those sorts of things.

Don't give me that, I can see that horny look in your eyes. Maybe we
should give you a little test. To see if exposing yourself turns you on
like the horny mommy slut you are. I want you to go stand before the front

Front window? What do you mean?

Its really simple mommy, go stand in front of the window facing the
street and stick your chest up against it.

But Honey...Mistress, someone might see me.


Oh how could you be so cruel? My own daughter!

And your be a good mommy and do as your daughter says....stand in front of the window....that's it....right up there.....and
mash your tits against the glass...ya like that. Ok mommy, now your
exposed to the neighbors. You have to stand there for 5 minutes. If you
can stay there without masturbating before time runs out, I wont take you
to the shoe store.

Oh Mistress this is so embarrassing. I cant believe your making me do
this. Exposing myself to all our neighbors, in my own house.

And how does that make you feel stupid slut? It looks like your getting
all wet again.

No...I can't be...

Mother, I can see a few kids playing out on the street. Are you excited
that they might see you?

Oh please baby, this is too much....

Mother, your fingers are getting awfully close to your cunt. Better be

Mistress, may I please move, this is really getting difficult.

What's getting difficult?

Standing naked in front of the window, with my chest pressed up against
the glass, and my fingers....touching......

mother are you masturbating like a little girl for all the neighbors?

Oh baby please let me move.....

Tell me what you see outside?

Well...ahh...there are a few cars driving by, and now.....Uhh...there's
a woman walking her dog..Uggghh..and there's Um....uhhh...Mr. Peter
walking out of his house....ahhhh....he's getting the mail...OH NO!
Sweetie, he's looking right at me...he's...he's just staring at
me....Ohhhhh I'm so close....

mommy you must be making quit a sight, tits all mashed against the
window, 3 fingers buried in you dirty mommy hole. What's he doing now?


Ok stupid mommy, you can move, and leave that cunt alone.

Oh please please I'm so close Mistress....

Ding Dong....

Hmmm, it looks like you've peeked Mr. Peter's interest.

Oh no, what does he want?

He probably wants to fuck you. Should I let him?

Please don't Mistress, I couldn't bare to cheat on your father...

We'll see, now hide behind the door when I open it, and LEAVE THAT pussy ALONE.

Yes Mistress

Well hello Mr. Peter, how are you doing today?.....What?......You
thought you saw what in the window?......Mr. Peter, are you telling a 13
year old girl that her own mommy was standing nude in front of our window
for all the neighbors to see? But only sluts do that sort of thing....No I
don't think she's a slut either, but I might as well ask her about it. If
she was shamefully exposing herself like you said, than you can be sure
she'll be punished....Ok Mr. Peter, thanks for stopping by. Bye bye!

Oh sweetie, did you have to say that I'd be punished to Mr. Peter?

But you will be punished mommy. But that's after we come back from the
mall. There are many things I want to do with my new mommy slut. Those
nipples need some decoration, and I saw the perfect tattoo for that fat ass
of yours. And don't you forget that you couldn't control yourself in front
of the window. So we'll be visiting every shoe store in the mall, you have
a long day ahead of you!

Yes Mistress!

<Later that day......>

Oh Mistress, that was just so horrible. All those men and women staring
at my bare vagina. It was so humiliating.

It was so awesome wasn't it mother. I enjoyed every minute of it. We
must have been to 10 shoe stores so far. And I know you loved it to, just
look at the liquid stuff on the inside of your thighs.

Ohhh can I please clean that up, all the other mothers here are staring
at me like I'm some sick slut.

Because you are mother, but first I want you to re-live every detail
about your little shoe store experiences.

I don't ever remember raising such a cruel daughter.

Your daughter loves you very much stupid slut mommy, but your new
mistress loves humiliating you even more. So how was it.

As I said it was horrible. The men or women helping me were so genuine.
All they thought of doing was helping me try on new shoes.

And what did they find when they knelt down at your feet?

Oh Mistress, did I really have to not wear any panties? And that dress
was so small. It was the worst when it was a young girl serving me. The
look of disgust on their faces made me feel sooo guilty. And when it was a
younger boy, they couldn't stop staring up my skirt.

You complain a lot mommy, but I saw you spread your legs slightly on a
number of occasions.

Mistress please, I didn't really mean to do that. It just happened.
And the absolute worst was that dirty old man.

Oh him, ya that was the most exciting part.

How could you just stand back and let this stranger slide his hand up my

Stupid mommy, this guy must have been helping women try on shoes for
many years, and in his time I'm sure he's seen a few pussies. I guess he
figured you were just another mommy slut.

But when he started to move his hand past my skirt I wanted nothing more
than to get up and leave, but when I looked at you, you shook your head.

Because I thought this old man deserved it. How often does he get to
finger a big titted cow like yourself. But I don't remember telling you to
spread your legs for him. You did that entirely on your own you slut.

I didn't mean just...

Happened, yes I know. What a slut I have for a mommy. I couldn't
believe you almost came for an old shoe salesman. Too bad other people
started to come into the store. So here we are now, and I think we've gone
through every shoe store. Now its time to take care of my mommy's

Honey I'm not really sure about this.

Oh what's wrong mommy. Its really no big deal. I simply want these big
nipples of yours to have rings in them. I think it'll look soooo cool and
I really want to see what they'll look like.

But mistress, I thought being your slave was temporary. Pairing's
aren't temporary.

mommy listen, what's the point of teaching me what its like to have a
sex slave unless your willing to go all the way. If I ever decide to have
a real sex slave one day, I'm going to want to have her nipples pierced.

Your right sweaty, I'm sorry. We can have my nipples pierced if it'll
help with your education.

Good stupid slut. Now lets find a piercing about this

It seems a little bit dirty doesn't it?

That's how they all are, now follow me.......Hello sir, my mother would
like to have both nipples pierced. mommy take off your shirt so he can get

Honey, I don't like the way he is staring at my chest?

You silly, its because he's going to be piercing them in a moment. Now
sit down in that chair and be nice to the man.

Yes Mistress.....Owe, sir can you please not be so rough with my
breasts, do you really need to squeeze them....ahh....wait why is he liking
my nipples..ohhh

I suppose he needs to make them erect.

Yeah but their erect already, he doesn't need to bite them..owe..owe

Oh don't worry mommy, I'm sure he know what he's doing. Look, now he's
getting the piercers. Just think, when I was a little girl, I sucked on
these long nipples for milk. Now I get to watch as they get pierced.

Ahh, do the piercers have to be so cold...

Its ok mommy, I'll hold your breasts as he piercers them.

<click> it hurts, it hurts..

mother stop flailing around and cry so hysterically, your embarrassing

<sobbing> I...I'm sorry baby....I..I mean M..Mistress, but it hurts.

Its ok stupid slut, I forgive you. Now time to choose your nipple
rings. Big silver rings or big gold rings.

<snivel> silver I think <sniff>

Gold it is. Wow mom, its going to be soooo cool twisting your nipples
with those things on. Also sir, I'd like to add small metal tags to each
of the rings.

Tags sweaty?

Yes mommy slut, I want one to say "Stupid" and the other to say "Slut".
That's your new name don't forget.

Oh my!

When he's done mommy, I want you to get on your hands and knees over
that table over there.

But why Mistress.

Because I want the nice man to give that fat ass of yours a tattoo.

Wwwhat will it say?

Its a surprise, now get on the table.

Yes Mistress......oh sweaty, does he have to rub my legs like that?

He's the professional, he must have his reasons.

But why must he play with my butt hole.

mother stop talking, he's about to start...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

...10 minutes later....

He's done mom, you can stop crying now. It really couldn't have hurt that much.

How would you know...<sniff> weren't the one getting tattooed on
your what does it say?

Here a mirror, look for yourself.

I...i cant read it, its backwards.

Oh well, I guess you'll just have to see what it says later than. Now
lets get going. Pay the nice man for his good work and thank him for
making you look so pretty.

Tttthank you sir for making me look so pppretty.

Good mommy. Now let me look at your new pretty titties....mmmm these
nipple rings look so they hurt a lot when I twist them?

Ahh...yes Mistress....

Good, how about when I pull them.....

Owe owe please...

Very good. We're going to have lots of fun with these. Maybe we should
get your clitty pierced as well?

Oh Mistress please no!!!

<Giggles> Don't worry, I wont make you do it, at least for now.

Thank you sweaty.

Now get dressed, its time to visit that sex shop you told me about.

But honey, I don't think they let 12 year old girls inside places like

Don't worry, you'll just tell them that I'm your mistress, that should
do the trick.

....20 minutes later....

Wow, would you look at this place, its crazy. There are so many strange
things in here. Mommy, what are those long things over there? They look
like penises

Those sweaty are called dildos.

What are they used for?

Some women like to insert them inside their vagina's.

You've got to be kidding, some of those things are huge. Women actually
like having something like that inside of them?

I suppose. Something about being filled and stretched internally really
appeals to them.

Does it appeal to you mommy?

Good heavens no!

Then lets get the biggest one they have.

Oh dear!

I think this black one is the largest. Its says on the box: 15 inches
long, 5 inches wide. Is that big mommy?

Too big sweaty, please lets get something smaller. There's no way it'll
fit in me.

Mommy, one day when I become a grown woman, I may want to have a cock as
big as this inside me. Since I'll be close to looking like you, we might
as well see just how much you can truly take. Then we'll know if I should
try it.

Yes dear.

Now how about those...what are they?

Those are call clamps.

What are they used for?

I believe your suppose to put them on.

On where?

On the nipples.

Ouch, that sounds like it could really hurt. Some of them really look
mean, especially ones where they have these sharp teethy things. But you
already have nipple rings, where else could you put clamps mommy?

Oh honey please...

Tell me stupid slut, where else can we put clamps?

On...the...labia lips.

Oh that sounds so evil.

And also on the.....

Yes mommy?

The clit.

That's so awesome. You'll be in such pain with these on. Lets get the
biggest, sharpest ones here.

Please Mistress, do you have to?

Yes, I want to see what they look like when put on. We'll take 3 of


Now lets move on, what are these skinny long things?

Those are called whips sweetie. Their used to beat slaves with.

Hmmm, that nice white skin of yours would look really cute with red marks all over it. Pick up a medium length one. Not too long, not too

Yes Mistress.

And finally, what are those things?

They are called strap on dildos.

Do they work like regular dildos?

Yes, only your suppose to wear it around your hips, sort of to look like
a man.

Oh, I see. But what's the point?

Well the woman puts it on, then has sexual intercourse with her partner.

No way? You mean I could actually have fuck my own mother?

Please baby, don't speak like that.

Mommy, if you fail to call me Mistress one more time, I swear I'll strip
you down and spank you right here in front of everyone. Understand?

Yes Mistress. I'm sorry.

Now get that large strap on dildo and go pay for everything. I just
can't wait to use all these new toys on my mommy slut. I just know your
going to show me all the cool ways to use them on you. Mommy, your the
best. What other mom would help her daughter learn about sex by personally
showing her? I love you sooooo much.

I love you to Mistress, and its my pleasure helping you with your

Yes I know, now get your fat ass to the counter and pay for your new sex

Yes Mistress.

To be continued......


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