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Archived Sex Stories

Dave and Diane part 2


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Dave and Diane: Part Two

Written by AnnabelleandJay Comments to:

Chapter Two - Diane's Web

Diane awoke in her bed at home. Her mind was cloudy and confused. She
had no idea what time it was, only that it was dark outside. Was it still
the night of the party or had she slept through an entire day, she
wondered? She looked over to see Dave's empty side of the bed. She sat
upright on the edge of the bed, struggling to remember, struggling to
separate her dreams from reality. Her whole body was sore and ached. She
would have sworn she had a hangover, but she had drunk almost nothing
during last night. "My God!" she said staring at the clock beside the bed.
The clock told her that she had slept through the entire remainder of
Saturday and well into Sunday evening.

Her mind was reeling. Had her husband, Dave, really set up a 50th
birthday/25 year anniversary sex party, where she was the object of a
20-man orgy? Had she willingly given herself to any man in the room? Had
she really screwed six guys at one time, while every opening in her body
was filled? Had she really… She stopped and tried to focus her thoughts.
Glancing down, she saw dried cum all over her body! She gingerly spread
her legs and saw that the lips of her vagina were red, enormously swollen
and sore to the touch. She slid her hand down farther between her legs and
felt the raw, swollen ring of her anus. The nipples or her large breasts were chaffed, bruised and rock hard. "Christ, this is great," she groaned
sarcastically, looking at her erect nipples. "I'm going to be perpetually
in heat." Then she stopped, thinking that this reminded her of something,
but she couldn't remember what. She had clearly had sex and lots of it.

Diane limped into the bathroom and slipped into a hot shower, hoping to
begin to piece together the previous night. As the hot water streamed down
on her, she remembered the last part of the night clearest. Dave, her
husband, and Steve, the limousine driver who took her to the hotel, brought
her home. She remembered leaving the hotel wearing nothing but stockings,
spike heels and Steve's tuxedo jacket.

When they arrived home, Dave and Steve had fucked her before she finally
collapsed. Steve had the largest cock she had ever seen in all of her 50
years! It must have been 18 inches and thicker that her arm. She had
tried to suck him off during the gangbang party, but never quite got the
job done. Then, when the three of them arrived home, she could recall
herself seductively saying to them, "Yes! Yes! I want you both in me!"
And, naturally, they gladly obliged, with Steve sliding under her and her
husband around back. Her cunt was so stretched from the all-night fucking,
that it easily accommodated Steve's gigantic prick. They double penetrated
her several times, with Dave always in her ass. She remembered Dave saying
"Baby, I'm going to be your backdoor man from now on." Dave had screwed her
more in the ass last night than he had in twenty-five years of their
marriage. As she recalled, she enjoyed it quite a bit! As well as
enjoying the numerous times that the guys in the hotel room took her anally
that night.

The night washed back into her mind like the warm shower water. Yes,
she remembered Steve trying to stuff his enormous penis into her asshole
while Dave lay beneath her, fucking her. After all the stretching her
asshole had undergone that night, it still wasn't large enough. Standing
in the shower, Diane could clearly recall moaning to Steve, "Don't give up
on me, Sweetheart. I have to have that big cock in my ass. I'll work and
stretch it out for you. I promise." She made this promise while kissing
and screwing her husband. And she remembered sucking Dave while sitting on
Steve's massive member. She would ride up and down on his cock, using her
legs to lift herself completely off his giant cock, and then release and
slide down his entire length. And Steve was delirious, cumming again and
again. He said he had never met a woman who could take all of his size.
But Diane could and did, over and over again, into the early morning hours.
When it was all over, Diane remembered being carried upstairs and put in

Diane now stepped from the shower, threw on her bathrobe and went
downstairs to see if she could find Dave. There was no Dave, but she did
find a note on the kitchen counter. It read: "Go to the computer. And
don't forget to answer your e-mail." She stared in confusion at the note.
The last note she received from Dave began the whole crazy gangbang party
process. "I'm getting a little tired of this note shit," she said to
herself as she walked into the study and sat down at the computer desk.
The screen saver was running and it was only when Diane moved the mouse
that she realized what she was looking at, as the screen flickered and

There on the computer screen was a web page entitled "The Party." The
only other words on the entire page said "Contact her" and an email address
link. Diane stared at the page in disbelief. She was on the web page!!!
There were tiny thumbnail pictures of her in the hotel room spread all over
the monitor screen. She clicked on a tiny photo, and a large version leapt
onto the screen. There she was in the photo, sucking some guy while he
came in her mouth. She sat amazed as another click showed her being double
penetrated by two men. She was sitting astride one man, his large cock
stuffed her pussy, while another reamed her ass. Another click displayed
two enormous black dicks jammed into her cunt at the same time. "Oh, my
God!" she thought. "Did I really do that?" Diane noticed the face of the
radiant woman on the screen. It was a face glowing with pure sensuous,
sexuality. She had never really seen herself while having sex before. But
from this point of view, she could see what Dave saw when they made love.
She was vibrant, and amazing! The photos did not lie.

Diane clicked again and her breath caught in a sudden inhale, amazed to
see herself on her hands and knees and a man with his hand and part of his
arm buried into her cunt. His arm literally disappeared inside her, half
way up his forearm. "Well, I guess that explains why I'm so sore this
morning." She had never been fisted before. But she could now clearly
remember the moment of pain and pleasure when she could feel the final
thumb knuckle roll inside her, stretching the tender muscles of her vaginal
folds. And she remembered exploding in a searing, red light of sexual
ecstasy. Now, her hand drifted down to her vagina and her bathrobe fell
open as she remembered the some of the events at the party. She gently
began rubbing her clit, noticing that a small pool of wetness had already
begun to soak through her robe.

She clicked another photo and her mouth fell open. "I couldn't have
done that!" she exclaimed aloud, as she stared at the monitor. There she
was, on the computer screen, with a champagne bottle stuffed into her cunt.
Only three or four inches of the bottle remained visible, as she ground her
hips down onto it. Behind her, a young, slim, black man was hunched over
her with his long, thin penis pushing into her asshole. In the photo she
could see some drops of cum squirting out, as his prick pushed in her ass.
"Unbelievable," she murmured to herself, as her fingers began to move
faster and faster over her erect clitoris.

Breathing harder, Diane scrolled down the web page to the final panel of
photos, and while she didn't want to admit it, she knew instinctively what
she would see there. One clicked and she realized that what she had hoped
to be a cloudy dream was, in fact, reality. On the screen, her own face
looked back at her. But it wasn't a face she had ever seen before in any
mirror. This face was the face of carnal desire, as her eyes rolled back
in sensual delight and her mouth an open moan of pleasure. And they're,
clinging to her back, and locked around her upturned ass, was a huge, brown
Great Dane. Diane could hardly believe her eyes as she shook her head,
trying to convince herself that it was not she on the screen, that it
hadn't happened.

She clicked the mouse again, this time revealing a photo taken from the
side of her and the dog. She could clearly see the dog's large, bright,
red penis jamming inside her gaping cunt. Her ass was arched high allowing
the animal better entry. Diane stared at image of the large, red penis
stuck inside her. Sitting in front of the screen, Diane could feel it all
coming back to her. Her fingers began to rub her clit faster and faster.
Diane could feel herself panting hard, her large breasts now bouncing as
she masturbated. She was hot, flushed and sweating, as she could now
clearly remember the pounding of the animal's hips against her ass. She
threw the bathrobe off, now hot and on fire, her body covered with sweat.
Sitting nude in the chair, Diane began to pump her hips against her hand,
just as she had done against the dog's thrusts. "Yes! Yes!" she moaned,
as she knew her orgasm was approaching. "One more, just one more," she
howled, clicking on the final picture.

The computer whirred, and a new window popped open, telling her that a
20-second video was loading. "Come on, come on!" she urged the machine
frantically. Then, the movie player window came alive with sounds and
motion. There she was, in a video, moaning and writhing, as the dog clung
to her back and fucked her. The speed of the dog's hips amazed her,
revealing only glimpses of its huge red penis thrusting in and out.
Diane's fingers savagely worked at her wet pussy as her orgasm overcame
her. As she shook from the first wave of her orgasm, she saw herself and
the dog on the monitor starting to cum. The moan that was coming from the
computer's speakers abruptly stopped as the video cut off.

Diane sat quietly in the chair at the computer desk for several minutes
after her orgasm ended. She could no longer explain, or think, or reason,
after what she had seen. "Fucking a dog is one thing," she murmured. "
But liking it is another. And Dave took a movie of it."

All during her life, she had preferred being in control of things. She
was a successful executive, a mother of three grown children, and a mature,
50-year-old woman. She wasn't supposed to be feeling like this, like a
sixteen year old girl, who's hormones had just kicked in. And yet, the
woman on the screen in front of her was sexy, vibrant, alive, and charged
with a sexual radiance that was hard to explain. As she sat in front of
the computer, a small envelope icon in the lower corner of the screen
continued to flash. Remembering Dave's note, which said, "Answer your
mail," Diane clicked on the icon.

A mail server and address she had never seen popped open and told her
that she had 364 e-mails. People were sending her e-mails! She began to
curiously to sift through them, praying that there wasn't one from someone
who recognized her. Some were pictures of guys' cumming on computer
screens with her image on it. Many were raves telling her that she was the
sexiest woman on the face of the earth and asking if they could join her
next party. There were even four proposals of marriage. One e-mail came
from a West Coast biker gang telling her that they had decided to appoint
her their "Gang Momma," and all she needed to do was show up for the
initiation. She smiled to herself.

Diane paused as she started to open the next one, seeing that it read
"To animal Lover." She opened it to find a brief note, a web link address,
and a password. The sender commended her for her dog show on the web site
and offered her a free weekend stay at his farm resort in the mountains of
Tennessee. He described it as a resort for "selected couples with unusual
tastes." He directed her to the web address and instructed her to type in
the password he supplied. And that was all. No further explanation and no
name was given. Intrigued, Diane clicked the link and typed in the

The screen bounced to a simple, plain web page. There was no writing on
the page, just pictures. It looked like a typical promotion page for a
resort ranch, displaying a beautiful hotel and some barns. She saw group
photos of four couples, obviously patrons at the resort. They all appeared
happy and were smiling, carrying cameras and camcorders as typical tourists
do. Diane noted that the couples were all very normal looking, certainly
not models for the web site advertisement. She saw an attractive, tanned
and very country club looking guy, together with his wife, a gorgeous
blonde. Her large breasts were amply displayed in a low cut dress, which
seemed out of place to Diane, this being a ranch resort. "Obviously a
trophy wife," Diane noted to herself as she identified what were clearly
huge breast implants on the blonde. Diane scrolled down the page in an
instant she saw the true nature of the ranch.

The screen was filled with pictures showing women having sex with
horses. There were photos of the men taking pictures or movies of the woman
with the horses. In another photos, other wives were kneeling in front of
the men, with cocks stuffed in their mouths, while the men took photos of a
woman and a horse. "This is too wild!" Diane murmured to herself, then
falling silent as she realized that she has recently had sex with a dog.

Diane sat and stared at the screen in amazement. She had been invited
to spend a weekend having sex with horses in Tennessee. She was equally
amazed at the size of the horse's cocks and the willingness of the women to
do it. She clicked another photo and once again the computer indicated
that a movie was loading. This one was 4 minutes in length and took longer
to load. Suddenly the sound of horse snorts came out of the speakers as
the screen jumped to life. There was the trophy blonde inside a well-lit
barn, on her hands and knees on top of a 2 foot elevated platform, which
was covered with padding and straps for her to hang on to.

Someone stepped into the picture and smeared a lubricant all over the
blonde's ass as another man brought a large black stallion in. The horse sniffed the blonde's ass and snorted again. In a sudden lunge, the horse rose up and rested his front to legs on the platform. Swinging between his
legs was a massive, thick cock, which tapered out to a large black head.
Diane guessed that if was well over two and a half feet as she sat and
watched the video play. She watched as the blonde's huge tits swung back
and forth as she pumped her hips, perhaps trying to entice the horse.

Diane dropped her hand again into her lap and began spreading her cunt lips with her fingers as she watched the woman on the screen. As the
blonde rocked back and forth on the screen, Diane slipped two fingers in
her dripping cunt and began to work them in and out. On the screen, the
horse's handler lifted the giant horse cock up and steered the massive head
into the blonde's generous hole. Both Diane and the blonde on the screen
let out simultaneous groans as the stallion rocked forward, imbedding six
inches of cock into the woman. The blonde then rocked her ass from side to
side and pushed against the horse, causing another six inches to wedge into
her cunt. Diane responded to this sight by shoving two more fingers into
herself. She worked her four fingers desperately into her cunt as if
trying to match the actions she saw on her computer.

The blonde was now clinging to the straps anchored on the platform as
the huge horse snorted and pushed. Another six inches disappeared. With
that, the blonde began to push and pull, moving back and forth, and finally
impaling herself each time on at least two feet of shining horse dick. She
slid up and back, taking in more and more of the horse's penis in with each
stroke. Each time the woman pulled herself forward, the wetness on the
black cock caught the light and glistened momentarily, then plunged back
into the darkness.

"She's done this more than once," Diane thought to herself, perhaps with
a touch of envy, as she watched the blonde manipulate the massive horse cock inside her. Unable to resist, Diane tightened the four fingers
stuffed into her loosened cunt, pulled her thumb into the middle of her
hand and pushed her entire fist into her hot vagina. She expected more
resistance and perhaps a burst of pain. There was none, only pleasure.
This time was not as painful as the first time she had been fisted two
nights ago. She realized her smaller hand had been the reason for the easy
entry. She lifted her leg onto the computer table to give herself better
access, and began sliding her fist deeper and deeper into her vagina, while
she stared at the buxom blonde on the screen.

The blonde was now pumping furiously as she rode the horse's cock with
true mastery. She was accommodating well over a foot of the horse's dick
with the ease of a jockey, sliding up and back on the dark pole. Suddenly,
the horse snorted, shifted its back legs and began to tense. The blonde froze in mid-stroke, held perfectly still for a brief moment, and then
released the most sensuous moan Diane had ever heard in her life. With
that, the horse moved back, dragging his lengthy cock out of the blonde.
As the head of the cock finally emerged from the blonde's well-used slit,
the horse's penis fell heavily away and it dismounted from the platform.
The blonde continued to tense her body for several moments, as the lens on
the camera zoomed in, focusing on her cunt. Diane heard a voice from
behind the camera saying to the blonde, "OK, I've got it," meaning the
close-up camera shot. Then, with another moan from the blonde, a torrent
of horse semen flooded out of the woman's cunt. Quarts of liquid gushed
out of her steaming cunt, splattering onto the platform, instantly
reminding Diane of her bout with the dog.

With her leg propped up on the desk and her fist crammed deeply into her
cunt, Diane leaned forward and clicked the mouse to play the video again.
As the blonde once again rode the huge, black horse's dick, Diane rammed
her fist in and out of herself. Instinctively, she spread her fingers open
on each pull back send and added sensation through the walls of her vagina.
She pumped his fist faster and faster, working to go deeper but realizing
that the angle of her arm would not allow it. Then she could feel it. The
tingling sensations, turning to a burning, then contractions turning to
waves of delight marking her orgasm. She screamed again as she had done a
few minutes ago during her first orgasm. The scream echoed throughout the

Moments passed as Diane sat resting in the chair, her leg still on the
desk and her fist still stuffed inside her. Her breathing slowed and the
flushed redness of her flesh started to fade. Then a voice from behind her

"WOW. I've never seen anything like that in my life."

Startled, Diane spun around to find her husband, Dave, standing there
with his erect cock in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other. Dave
walked over to her and placed his hand over her hand, which remained inside
her. Embarrassed, Diane was speechless. Even after twenty-five years of
marriage, giving birth to three kids, and sharing the most humiliating
moments of her life with him, being caught in this masturbation scene had
totally embarrassed her. Slowly, Dave took her hand and eased it out of
her vagina. He knelt down between her legs and slowly began to lick the
wetness from her hand and fingers.

"That was absolutely amazing," he murmured, continuing to lick her hand
while his other hand stroked his erect cock. Then he lowered his head and
softly began to lick her moist pussy, slowly lapping at her enormous labia.
The lips of her vagina were enlarged and swollen several times their normal
size. The activities of the gangbang, their threesome with Steve, and her
self-fisting was obvious on her genitals. Dave tenderly sucked on each lip
as he worked his tongue deeper and deeper into her. He moved his tongue up
and back and finally focused on the swollen bud of her clitoris.

Diane began to breathe heavily as Dave's tongue flicked and teased her
clit. She realized that her masturbation had really turned Dave on.
Instead of being embarrassed, she felt a surge of pride and power at being
able to get him that hot, especially after all these years. Of course, she
did remember that every time she looked at him during the gangbang party,
he had a raging erection in his pants. And he had never fucked her as
furiously or as wildly as he did when he and Steve shared her after the
party. She smiled as she reached out and pulled his face firmly into her
crotch, pressing his mouth harder onto her aching cunt.

Dave was now sucking her tender, swollen clit and rolling it around with
his tongue. Diane began grinding her hips into his face as he sucked and
lick her. The moist, slurping sounds increased, as she became wetter and
wetter, now on the edge of another orgasm. Sensing that she was about to
come, Dave locked his mouth on her clit and furiously worked his tongue
back and forth. Diane pulled harder on Dave's head, burying his face
deeper and deeper into her as she pumped faster and faster. Diane exploded
into him, bathing Dave's mouth in a wash of warm liquid. Dave slurped and
lapped at her moisture as she pumped in the chair, each diminishing wave
receding to a smaller one.

Though she was still coming down from her climax, Dave gently slipped
his hand beneath his chin and stuffed three fingers into her soaking cunt.
Diane went wild again, and started bucking and humping again. She knew
what Dave wanted to do to her.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes! Push it in! Do it!" she urged.

With that, Dave rolled his large hand and pushed. Despite how stretched
she was and how wet she was from excitement, Dave's hand was still too big
to do this without lubrication. Disappointed, Diane was about to ease up
when she heard several odd sounds and sensed Dave reaching for something on
the floor. She heard the rattling of paper, a scrape of a plastic lid and
then felt Dave's other hand on her cunt. It was covered with warm,
slippery goo that Dave quickly smeared into her hungry opening. First his
fingers went in, then all of the knuckles of his hand went in her, and then
she held her breath as she could feel him working his thumb in. He was
working his hand in and out of her, a little deeper with each forward
thrust. She felt the tingling rush of her tissues as they worked and
stretched to their limit, then an explosion. A dam burst and his fist lept
in her, moving in and out with a passion she had felt since the early years
of their marriage.

"Open! Open! Wider! Yes! Yes!" she urged his as he began opening and
closing his hand inside her tunnel. She felt her inside walls move and
stretch as he expanded his large hand. Each time she felt his hand close,
she pushed forward, taking more and more inside her. And then she had no
choice. She was going to come again, but she didn't want this to end.

"No! Don't stop! DON'T STOP!" she yelled.

At that, she threw her head back and met this oncoming rush with
anticipation and, this time, a need. Again, shudders wracked her body as
she gave herself up to the moment of overload she had become so familiar
with in the last two days. She had experienced more orgasms in the last
two days than she had in all of her life. And she now loved every minute
of it.

Dave slowly pulled his hand out of her, and Diane saw the look of
amazement and excitement on his face. He stood up, and stared at her
gaping cunt. Diane looked at him and smiled seductively, as she slipped
several of her fingers into the wide opening. She felt like she was
eighteen and teasing the high school jock. "You like that?" she said,
continuing to rub herself. "Obviously you do!" she said looking at his
throbbing erection. "Well, I've got something for you," she said and stood
up, leaning over the desk, spreading her legs open and sticking her ass in
the air. She had always loved teasing him and the playfulness they shared.

"Oh, that looks good," replied Dave. And I've got something for you,
too!" Dave bent down and pulled out a small, black latex anal plug from the
bag on the floor. Diane saw that the plug had a hose and inflating bulb
hooked to it.

"This is to make sure you keep your promise," he said, and scooped out
another large glob of lubricant from the nearby jar.

"What promise?" Diane asked.

"Don't you remember your promise to Steve? You said that next time he
sees you, he'd be able to fit that cock of his in your ass. You did
promise. And this will help you keep your word." With that, Dave pushed
the finger full of lubricant into her upturned ass. He smeared it
generously around her sore asshole and slid the small plug in.

Diane quickly inhaled from the sudden intrusion into her rectum,
unprepared and still very sore from the other night. "Ohhhhhh, that
promise," she groaned as Dave quickly slipped his erect cock into her cunt,
just seconds after pushing the plug into her ass. Diane threw her head
back over her shoulder and smiled. "MMMMMMM, what took you so long," she
purred, as they slowly began to pump against each other. She could feel
Dave begin to increase the speed of his thrusts. Suddenly Diane felt him
lunge forward, deep into her with one muscular push, and freeze, wedged
deep inside her. At that same moment, she felt something else, something
in her ass. The plug Dave had slipped into her ass just got larger. Dave
pulled back and gave another deep push, and the plug grew again. Once
again, Dave pushed and the rubber stopper expanded. She turned back and
saw Dave squeezing the inflating bulb attached to the plug. He lunged and
pumped the bulb again.

Diane felt like her ass was going to explode. The inflatable dildo in
her ass was now twice its size! She could feel it pressing the walls of
her colon outward, rubbing hard against Dave's cock still wedged into her

"Do you like it?" Dave asked eagerly. "You'll have to, if you if you
want to be ready for Steve's cock. He's coming over next weekend."

"Owwwwww," Diane howled. "Yes I like it!" She panted hard several times
and judged that she could stand just one more pump. "Again!" she groaned
and heard the bulb squeeze. The pain roared through her ass as she felt
the toy expand. With that, Dave pulled his cock out of her and lifted her
sweating torso off of the desk. She was standing with her legs spread, her
ass awkwardly stuck out to ease the pressure in her ass.

"That's beautiful," Dave said staring at the large black plug that
filled her ass. "You have got to see this!" and he pulled her over to a
large wall mirror. She could hardly walk but she managed to waddle over to
the mirror with Dave's help. Diane turned her round ass to the mirror and
bent forward, straining her head to look back at the reflection. She
couldn't believe what she saw!

The black plug in her asshole was enormous! She saw that her anal
opening was now well over two inches wide! The usually pink, rubbery
muscles of her sphincter were now white and stretched taught.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight," Dave said, as he reached out and ran a
finger around the greasy rim of her ass. His rock hard cock gave away the
fact that the sight of her ass was driving him crazy. "But, you know, I
think Steve is bigger that that," he said teasing her.

"AGAIN!" she graoned. Dave quickly squeezed the ball.

"AND AGAIN!" she roared wildly.

Dave moved behind her and grabbing the ball again gave a large squeeze
as he drove his cock back into her wet cunt. He began to pound her
furiously, as the swollen toy in her colon pressed heavily against his
dick. Diane was now driving back into him with a fury of her own, aware
that he was about to cum inside her. Just as she could feel his hot juice
start inside her, her world went black. Dave had just hit the release
button on the pump bulb, and with a sudden whoosh of air, the plug
instantly deflated. Her body convulsed and her knees collapsed as the
sudden change triggered her instant orgasm. She felt none of the usual
preparatory signs, no tinglings, no shudders. Just a massive wave that hit
her like a brick wall and knocked her to the floor.

Dave was still on his feet above her with his cock spurting semen on her
collapsed body. There was nothing he could do but grab his cock and
continue furiously pumping, letting out a desperate yell.

"AHHHHHHH" Dave screamed, as he showered her body with huge jets of cum,
again and again, until there was nothing left.

Diane lay on the floor twitching, oblivious of the cascade of semen
falling on her body. Her mind was just colors now, moving from black, to
red, to a searing white light. Slowly, she opened her eyes and found Dave
next to her.

"Are you all right?" he asked worriedly.

She slowly smiled up at him, saying "I think we'll have to do that at
least once a day this week, to get ready for the weekend." They both

"You are amazing" he said quietly and leaned down, kissing her deeply,
and softly slipping his tongue into her dry mouth. With an instinct that
comes from twenty-five years of familiarity, Dave slid his hand between her
legs and gently stroked the swollen lips of her vagina.

"So, how did you like your present?" Dave asked as their mouths parted.

"Wonderful," she replied and kissed him again, reflecting on her new
sexuality discovered at the party. Not to mention the fact that she and
Dave were now fucking like rabbits in heat. "Who were all of the men?" she

"I found 'em on the Internet," Dave said and went on to explain how he
found them and screened each one to insure that all were disease free and
of larger than normal cock size.

"Thank God," Diane said, laughing. "I just thought they were growing
them bigger since I've been out of circulation."

"Can you explain to me why I didn't collapse from exhaustion after the
first hour?" Diane asked. " We're normally asleep by 10pm." "And why did I
feel so drunk on a couple of glasses of champagne?" she added.

"Oh, that," Dave replied sheepishly. "Do you remember the enema you

"The nasty, dark stuff in the bowl?" Diane said.

"That's the reason," Dave said nodding and explained that the enema was
a mixture of red wine, coffee, some herbs brewed in the coffee, with a few
"other things." He told her that from the enema, the alcohol and caffeine
were absorbed straight into the bloodstream, while the herbs were to relax
her colon.

"Anticipating that my colon would get some attention, were you?" she
asked playfully.

"Hoping so," he answered.

"Where did you learn about the enema mix?" Diane said.

"Where else - the Internet," Dave said. "You can find anything you need
there, from enemas to hung, horny guys. And your wonderful web site will
disappear in another hour." She was relieved when Dave told he was not
intending to leave her photos spread all over the web, just for a few more

"And you even found me a virgin," Diane laughed.

"Yeah, I saw that you picked right up on that. Poor kid, though." Dave
remarked. "You know, you've ruined him. He'll be in love with you as long
as he lives and no woman will ever be able to measure up to you. Lusting
after mature women for the rest of his life. Poor kid."

Diane noticed that Dave's stroking of her cunt had increased and she
could see signs of stiffening returning to his cock.

"So bring him home and I'll teach him how to really fuck," she said
seductively, and dropped her head down on him, wrapped her lips around his
throbbing, erect cock. She hungrily sucked at his hardness and he moved
his head down between her legs, working his tongue around and into her wide
anal opening, as she moaned her approval.

"You are absolutely gorgeous," he said, admiring the beauty and the
power of the passion in her. "And I'm betting that you'll be ready for
this weekend."

"You know, you have a birthday coming up soon. What would you like for
your present?" Diane asked, fumbling for words around a mouthful of cock.

"I don't know," Dave murmured, as he continued to tongue her asshole.

Diane lifted her head and softly asked, "How about a nice trip to

End of Chapter Two

To Be Continued in Chapter Three: Working girl


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