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Dave and Diane part 3


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Dave and Diane: Part Three

Written by AnnabelleandJay Comments to:

Chapter Three- Working girl
Diane Stone sat at her office desk trying to work, but concentration was
not easy for her to come by these days. Her mind was awash in sexual
thoughts and images. As a top executive in a major corporation, she made
million dollar decisions and ruled the lives of thousands in the company.
She should have been deciding how to deal with a projected inventory
shortage, but all she could think about was going home and having sex
tonight with Dave, her husband, and perhaps Steve, their mutual friend.

"Damn," she said, throwing down her pen on the desk, and noticing that
her erect nipples were jutting out from her blouse. "What I really want to
do is go home and fuck." Then she smiled at the thought of what awaited her
at home tonight. "So many wild and lascivious thoughts," she laughed,
forcing herself to pick up the pen and get back to work. And this was all
because of her "present."

Three weeks had passed since Diane had received her 50th birthday and
25th anniversary present from her husband, Dave. That present, one
astounding night of sex with twenty men and a dog, had changed her entire
life. Now, she and Dave couldn't keep their hands off of each other.
Despite 25 years of marriage, three kids now grown and gone, and two huge
careers, she and Dave were hotter for each other than in the early years of
their marriage. They were truly exploring their sexuality for the first
time, without boundaries and without preconceptions. Plus, they were
having a great time doing it.

Their rule, that sex with another person was okay only if the other
partner was present, pleased them both, since it was the others presence
that was the real turn-on. And Dave was great at always keeping her on
that edge, allowing her to touch the control she so needed, but still
maintaining an element of surprise. Three days after Diane's group sex
night, Dave brought home a young seventeen-year-old boy who had lost his
virginity to her at the party. Dave explained that the boy had emailed him
and asked if Diane could help him learn how to make love. The boy told
Diane that he hadn't been able to think of anything except her since that
Friday night. Indeed, Diane recalled, the boy needed a lot of help in the
sex department. He was well blessed with a nice large penis, but had
lasted only a few seconds after entering her.

Diane considered the boy's plea, as she eyed Dave sitting on the sofa.
"Well, I've never seen myself as much of a teacher, but it really could be
fun," she thought to herself. The idea creating super lover from a gangly,
teenage boy began to tickle her fancy. She glanced over at Dave and broke
into a seductive smile, saying, "Why not!" She began to slowly stroke her
hard nipples, now obvious under her silk blouse. She was just wearing a
blouse and jeans and certainly not dressed for this seduction scene. "What
the hell! I'll just have to make do," she said to herself, as she began to
unbutton her blouse. Taking on the challenge, Diane proceeded to slowly
strip in front of the boy, teasing him unmercifully as she peeled away her
clothes. Seeing that she had both his attention and the attention of his
large cock, she dropped down in front of him and began to suck his tortured
erection. He came into her mouth in less than 30 seconds, which was
exactly what she wanted. Licking the remaining drops of the boy's semen
from her lips, Diane softly purred, "Now we can get on with the real
lesson." With his penis momentarily deflated, she rolled on her back and
spread her legs and pulled his face into her moist cunt. She spent the
next forty minutes teaching the boy how to orally pleasure a woman. The
boy eagerly picked up her tips and over the length of the lesson managed to
give her three orgasms.

Seeing that his dick was hard again, Diane continued the lesson and
started the boy on what she called "the art of fucking." On her back, she
gave guiding comments to the boy while he entered her and practiced
different rhythms and thrusts. Diane caressed his taut, muscular body as
he pumped away and groped her large 38D breasts. The boy sucked so hard on
one of her nipples, he seemed to be seeking milk. Diane thought, "Jeez,
this boy is so young, three years younger than my son. But he's going to
make a lot of young girls very happy." She almost laughed aloud at the
thought of turning this well-hung, experienced boy loose on the teenage
girls in the area. On that thought, she could feel the urgency in the
boy's thrusts and he drove deeper and deeper into her cunt. He had lasted
about twelve minutes, but was now draining his cum-filled balls deep inside
her as she moaned in both approval and appreciation.

"Next time," Diane said to the boy while licking the remaining semen
from his cock, "you'll learn about doggy style." "And if you're really good
at it, we may jump right into a little anal sex," she said teasingly,
noticing that her oral attention and seductive taunts were beginning to
harden the boy's penis again as he pulled up his jeans.

And that's how the three weeks had passed following the party. Two more
lessons for the boy followed and Diane was ultimately very pleased with her
"creation." She had created a fucking machine with the sexual skills and
expertise of a 45-year-old man in the body of a testosterone-filled,
teenage boy.

But her time during the last three weeks had also been spent in other
pleasures. Steve, the limousine driver from her party, joined both her and
Dave for repeats of their great night of double penetration and anal sex.
Steve had an unbelievable 18-inch cock, something she thought was reserved
for the porno movies. In addition to its astounding length, Steve's cock
was over three inches wide, which made equally problematic to take inside
her. But she had promised both Dave and Steve that she would soon be able
to take Steve's cock anally and vaginally without problems.

It had taken her days of work during that first week for Diane to
stretch her rectum enough to take in his long and wide penis. She and Dave
had worked every night to prepare for the weekend. By Saturday and Steve's
arrival, Diane was excited in anticipation to see if her work had paid off.
And after a quick session with Steve cumming in her cunt and Dave filling
her ass, the two men switched positions. Diane sat at her desk at work
pretending to work while recalling that moment just two weeks ago when she
straddled her husband, kissed him deeply on the lips, and lifted her ass in
the air awaiting Steve's entrance into her anal opening. Steadily, she
could feel the mounting pressure as Steve's huge organ pressed against the
lubricated rim of her asshole. Dave's previous penetration there had
dilated her sphincter muscles, but nothing could have prepared her for the
size of the penis now pushing its way past her rubbery rim and deep into
her bowels. Her backside was on fire, as she struggled to relax and take
to monster inside her. She didn't know how much of the huge penis was
actually inside her, but it felt like his entire length was now slowly
plowing into her anus. Just as she felt totally stuffed and unable to
imagine anything else inside her, she felt Dave's body push up from beneath
her and slide his cock into her dripping cunt.

Soon the two men were moving smoothly together, sawing back and forth
into both of her openings. Diane was in ecstasy. She felt open and
vulnerable, having to totally relax her body in order to accept both of
them at once. Just a week before, countless men had double fucked her at
her party. But now she felt as if she were going to split in half, as she
was anally skewered by Steve's enormous cock and her husband pounded wildly
beneath her.

Sitting at her desk and recalling the moment the three of them came
together, caused waves of pulsating twitches in her damp crotch, as Diane
remember that special orgasm. She had begun to climax first and just as
she reached the height of abandon, both men began to churn inside her with
an animal frenzy. She remembered that her moans resounded around the house
and she savagely slammed back against the two rigid cocks now spurting
inside her. She wasn't sure if it was a second orgasm that quickly
followed her first, or just one giant orgasm, but she came again as Steve
and Dave poured their juices inside her.

That night was a brief two weeks ago, Diane recalled, trying to refocus
on work. While she knew she had changed, none of her colleagues in the
workplace would likely have noticed anything different in her. But she
knew she was a much different woman that the one who had skeptically gone
along with her husband's present not so long ago. There were a few
perceptible differences that her colleagues could have seen, however.
Diane's hair, once a mousy, brown color, was now a warm, rich red. While
the outward appearance of her business suits appeared the same, a closer
examination would have revealed that the large, thick nipples on her 38D
breasts were always hard and erect, jutting out from beneath her clothes. A
close observer might have picked up the little bit of extra bounce to her
breasts or the new sway to her hips when she walked into the office.

What no one at the office could have seen was the new jewelry Diane now
sported. Last week, without even telling her husband, Dave, she had the
hood over her clitoris pierced and a gold ring inserted. The ring had a
gold ball on it, which dangled down and rested right on top of her clit.
When she walked, the small ball would massage her clit, rubbing back and
forth across the bud and keeping her constantly aroused. She had a second,
larger ball for additional stimulation, which she could change when she

Diane had to laugh when she remembered the scene in the gym some days
ago. She had put the larger ball on her clit ring and went to the gym to
exercise. She was working out on the stair climber machine and the
constant rubbing of the large gold ball against her clit as she exercised
was driving her wild. She kept climbing faster and faster until she had an
orgasm right there in the middle of the workout room. The attractive young man on the machine next to her came rushing to assist her. She was sure he
was thinking that the old broad next to him was having a heart attack. She
did, however, notice that her Good Samaritan helped himself to several
handfuls of her large breasts as he moved her from the exercise machine and
steadied her.

Other people in the office would come up to her and tell her how great
she looked, thought they couldn't put their fingers on what was different.
Some would say, "Have you lost weight? You look like you've lost 15
pounds!" Another asked if she had some plastic surgery done, because she
was looking so young. Still others were saying she was having Botox

"If they only knew!" Diane remarked to herself, as she tried to
concentrate on the current inventory crisis. Her assistant tapping on the
door interrupted her thoughts. Mark, her technology guru needed to run a
problem past her. Mark was one of her technology people and one of the
best software programmers in the industry. Lately, however, Diane had
noticed that Mark was making huge mistakes and that his latest project was
way behind schedule. Mark, balding and in his mid 40's, was what many
people would call a "computer geek." Diane liked Mark and knew the company
couldn't easily survive without him. She always went out of her way to
give him and his team whatever they needed.

"I've got a problem and I need to talk to somebody," Mark said, slumping
into the chair across from her desk. He looked as though he was going to
break into tears.

"Uh oh," Diane thought to herself. "This sounds like trouble."

"It's Lisa," Mark groaned. "She's miserable and unhappy with everything
I do. I can't live without her, but I know she wants to leave. I don't
know what I'll do."

Diane had met Lisa, Mark's wife, briefly once or twice before at company
parties. She always thought Mark and Lisa were an odd match, but they
appeared quite happy. Whereas Mark was in his mid forties, Lisa was twenty
years old and only eighteen when they were married two years ago. Diane
recollection of Lisa was of a plain, pale young woman, but attractive in a
homespun kind of way.

"Please, can you help?" Mark whined.

"Mark, I'm not a marriage counselor. Why not go to a professional and
talk this out?" Diane asked.

"She won't go. Will you talk to her? She'll talk to you." Mark whined,
as he slouched lower into the chair. "Please?"

"Oh, God, I hate getting mixed up in this," Diane thought to herself,
and at the same time knowing she had to do something or lose a great
technology person. "All right, all right, I'll talk to her."

Mark sprang out of the chair, thanking Diane over and over again,
telling her what a wonderful person she was to work for. "Damn, he did
everything except get on the floor and kiss my feet," Diane remarked to
herself, as Mark bolted out of the office. Diane got on the phone and in
seconds had arranged a lunch meeting with Lisa for the next day.

Diane arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and went directly to
the table to wait for Lisa. When she arrived, Lisa approached the table
and even before Diane could greet her, Lisa was apologizing for her

"Oh, please, Ms. Stone. I'm so sorry I'm late. Please don't be angry
with Mark, because I'm late. Please," Lisa droned, her long blonde hair
and pale skin making her appear pliant and submissive. She wore a flowery,
shapeless dress that Diane thought looked like it was originally a sack of
livestock feed.

"Not another whiner," Diane thought to herself as she sternly snapped
"Lisa, sit down and shut up! You're not late, you're right on time."

Lisa eyes grew big as she instantly stopped her apologies and flew into
the chair next to Diane responding to Diane's order. Diane stared at the
young woman to several seconds, and then she knew immediately what was
going wrong in this marriage. "Of course," Diane thought to herself as the
idea hit her. "These two are both complete submissives. Each one is
waiting for the other one to take control!"

Lisa sat and quietly nodded as Diane spoke. "Lisa, Mark asked me to
help you. You do want help, don't you?"

Lisa nodded obediently.

"You do love Mark and want to be married to him, don't you?" Diane asked
and Lisa nodded furiously, "Yes, Ma'am, I do. I'll do anything you say to
keep Mark. Our marriage just doesn't seem to be working."

"Lisa, call me Mistress from now on," Diane interrupted, testing the
girl's weakness. "And after lunch, we're going shopping!"

"Yes, Mistress," Lisa replied and Diane saw that the young woman was now
alive with energy and anticipation, a far cry from the lump who crawled up
to the table minutes before.

Diane snapped out her cell phone and dialed. Her demeanor became very
hard as she barked into the phone, "Mark, this is Diane Stone. Lisa will
be in a marriage counseling session with me tonight!" She closed the phone,
not waiting for a reply. "Let's see what Dave thinks of this surprise,"
Diane said to herself, as she was now really beginning to think of ways to
explore her role as "Bitch Goddess."

It was six o'clock in the evening as Diane stood by the door, awaiting
Dave's arrival home from work. She thought she looked pretty hot and
guessed Dave would think so too. She glanced at herself in the living room
mirror. What she saw was a vision in black leather. Her red hair was
slick and pulled back tight on her head. Her long legs were encased in
thigh high, black leather boots with 4-inch heels. A black leather corset
hugged her body and held up a pair of black fishnet stockings. The corset
had openings for her large breasts, allowing them to remain uncovered.
Diane turned to the side as she admired the sight of her breasts jutting
out. She gently pinched and rolled her erect nipples, hoping for just the
right visual effect when Dave came through the front door. Diane had
decided not to wear anything covering her shaved pussy. Instead, attached
to the gold ring over her clitoris was a thin gold chain with a note
clipped to it. Dave had directed her to her anniversary/birthday present
by note, so it amused her to return the favor.

She and Lisa had spent the afternoon shopping for outfits for tonight
and Diane was amazed to discover what a beautiful body the young, blonde woman really had. The loose, baggy clothes Lisa wore when Diane first met
her and again today at the restaurant covered up a remarkable figure. At
5' 8" tall, Lisa was only slightly shorter than Diane. In the fitting
rooms of the exotic boutiques they visited during the shopping spree, Diane
was amazed when she saw the young woman naked. "Damn!" Diane said to
herself. "If I had that body, I'd let everyone know about it." Diane
stared at the girl's 34C breasts and stunning hips and ass and could feel
herself becoming moist at the thought of tonight.

Diane was tempted to begin Lisa's lessons right there in the dressing
rooms, but she remembered the agreement she made with Dave. No sex without
the other person present - that was the deal. Although she was sure it had
been designed for her having sex with men, Diane stuck fast to the deal.
And she was also troubled about her personal rule of no fooling around with
anyone related to work. But wasn't this for work, to save one of her
critical employees? So, she decided this small breach was all for the
good. Besides, watching the young woman slip into numerous outrageous and
enticing outfits made Diane incredibly hot. Though she had never been with
another woman, she and Dave had often talked about it over the last three
weeks. So it was with amazing restraint that she kept her hands from
slipping too deeply into Lisa's tight pussy as she bent and stretched to
try on the outfits. And Lisa obediently tried on all of the enticing
clothes Diane ordered her to, always responding with "Yes, Mistress."

Diane tested the snap of the riding crop she held in her hand, as she
heard Dave's car pull into the garage. When the front door swung open, she
could see his eyes widen with surprise.

"What the hell…" Dave started to say in amazement, but with the same
silencing she had received at her party, Diane stepped toward him and
seductively said, "Shhhhhhh." She covered his mouth with hers, and plunged
her tongue deep into his mouth, just as he had done weeks before. Her hand
moved to his crotch and could tell from the growing bulge in his trousers,
that her appearance was having the desired effect. She pulled her mouth
from his and looked down to her own crotch, indicating that his eyes should
follow. As Dave looked down, Diane spread her legs, revealing the dangling
chain and note attached to her clit ring. Dave reached down and captured
the note swinging between her leatherclad legs.

The note said: "My Dearest Dave, Here is a belated anniversary present
in return for the wonderful one you gave me. Hope you like it."

As Dave looked up, Diane once again kissed him deeply and softly
whispered into his ear, "Follow my lead and play along with whatever I

With that, she smiled at him, turned and walked toward a nearby door,
giving Dave a little extra swing with her ass as she let the room. When
she returned, Diane emerged holding her riding crop in one had and a leash
in the other. Trailing behind Diane on the other end of the leash was
Lisa. The young woman had a large studded collar around her neck with the
leash attached, as Diane paraded her into the room. Diane had worked the
better part of the afternoon to get Lisa's appearance just right. And
Diane thought she was perfect. Lisa's blonde hair had been teased up and
sprayed. Her make-up was very heavy and her lips were darkly outlined,
making her lips appear much larger than they actually were.

Diane marched her slave up to Dave and stopped her directly in front of
him. She could tell from Dave's face that he was enjoying the sight before
his eyes. Lisa was wearing a skin-tight, silver dress so short that her
vagina flashed out as she moved. The dress made no effort to cover the
garters holding up the black stocking she wore. She stood unsteadily
perched atop 6-inch, black patent stiletto heels, averting her eyes to the

"Well, what do you think?" Diane asked Dave, winking at him and
half-pretending as the dominatrix and half wanting to know if he like it.

"I need to see her tits," Dave responded, picking up on Diane's tone.
"Strip, slave!"

Diane took the cue and not even waiting for Lisa's reaction, lifted the
riding crop and brought it down hard across the young woman's ass. Diane
could see Lisa jerk, but only slightly, to the blow of the lash. Without
any hesitation, Lisa replied, "Yes Mistress. Yes, Master," and peeled the
thin silver fabric off of her body revealing herself to Dave. She was
wearing a silver, boned waist cincher, pulled in so tight it seemed that
her waist was merely inches around. In comparison, her hips and breasts seemed even larger contrasted to the tiny waist.

"She is beautiful," Diane thought to herself. "Christ, she looks like a
Barbie doll with that body." Diane couldn't take it any longer. She had
been staring at Lisa's body all day and now she just had to touch and be
touched. She walked around in front of Lisa and moved within inches of the
girl's face.

"Do you like the way you look now, slave?" Diane asked.

"Yes, Mistress," was the soft reply.

"Why, slave?" Diane continued.

"Because Mistress likes it." Lisa answered, still looking at the floor.

"How do you know Mistress likes it?" Diane said.

"Because I can see how wet she is," the girl replied fearfully.

"Then get down and do something about it," Diane ordered.

With that, Lisa knelt down and leaning forward began to lap with her
tongue at Diane's dripping cunt. Diane looked at Dave and could tell he
was enjoying it almost as much as she was. He had pulled his stiff cock
out of his trousers and began gently stroking it as he watched his wife being eating by this beautiful young woman.

Diane grabbed Lisa's head and pulled the girl's face deeper into her
crotch. She could feel Lisa's tongue working to go deeper and deeper into
her vagina, struggling to drink every drop of juice in her. Diane began to
pump her hips, grinding her shaved cunt against Lisa's mouth. The girl had
taken both the ring and Diane's clit into her mouth and was hungrily
sucking on both, as her tongue worked the clit around and around. Whether
Lisa had done this before or was just a naturally gifted, Diane could tell
the young woman had a real talent for eating pussy. As the girl worked on
her throbbing and swollen clit, Diane could feel her own orgasm approach.
She jerked and twitched as the wave approached and Lisa responded, driving
her mouth harder into Diane's cunt. Diane exploded as Lisa eagerly lapped
at the new surge of fluid gushing from Diane's cunt.

Diane opened her eyes to find the young woman still eagerly licking and
kissing her now swollen cunt lips. She glanced over and saw Dave, his cock
in hand and on fire from watching the two women. Diane struggled to regain
the performance of the Mistress.

"Slave!" she barked, getting back into her character. "Your Master
wants you to suck him." And with that, Lisa scrambled over and leapt on
Dave's cock, devouring it in one large swallow. Diane looked at the young woman, deep throating her husband's cock with abandon. She could see Lisa
working desperately please. She wildly locked onto Dave's shaft and pumped
her mouth repeatedly until Diane could see the blonde's gag reflex kicking
in as Dave's cock was now buried deep into her throat. Diane looked at her
husband's face contorted in delight and a small twinge of jealousy hit her.
Lisa was sucking her husband's cock with a sensuality Diane feared she
could never match. Dave was obviously lost in the delight of the best
blowjob of his life.

Lisa worked the head of Dave's cock with her lips and teeth as she
pumped the shaft with her hand. Dave was thrusting his cock furiously into
Lisa mouth, plunging hard back into the girl's throat. Diane saw that the
young woman's cunt was literally dripping wet as Lisa moaned and struggled
to work her free hand inside her. Diane raised her arm and brought the
riding crop swiftly down on Lisa tight ass cheeks.

"Slave!" Diane screamed. "That belongs to me and I will tell you when
you can touch it!

Lisa whimpered, but continued to pump her hips, hoping for something to
rub against that would offer her relief. Diane brought the crop down again
on the girl's rounded ass, but this blow evoked only a moan of pleasure.
Diane quickly put on a dildo harness she bought this afternoon. Attached
to the harness was a large, black plastic cock, which Diane now smeared
with lubricant and moved in behind Lisa.

Diane positioned the head of the fake cock against the girl's wet
opening and with a strong thrust of her hips watched as the large dong
separated the tufts of blonde pubic hair and dripping cunt lips and pushed
inside. Diane was enthralled at the sight of the large plastic dick
impaling the girl on each thrust. She now felt the power that Dave, or any
man felt, when guiding an invading cock into a woman. "Now this is real
penis envy," Diane laughed to herself. She began to furiously thrust her
hips into the shaking blonde.

Lisa was now bucking and sucking in a crazed sexual frenzy, as she
responded to being in between both Dave and Diane. She was pushing her
face into Dave's crotch, stuffing his cock as far down her throat as it
would go, while the plastic cock disappeared into her hungry cunt. Diane
shook her head in amazement looking at Lisa's desire to please and the
passion that now filled this beautiful young woman. Diane could feel the
young girl's body shudder as her orgasm began. She had never witnessed, in
person, another woman's orgasm, but was overwhelmed with desire as Lisa's
body convulsed and shook. She backed away, pulling the plastic cock from
it's hot tunnel and slipped two fingers into the girl's sopping pussy,
working them slowly in and out.

"Do you want your Mistress to finger your little pussy, Slave?" Diane

"Ohhhhhh, yes, Mistress! Please touch me!" the girl whined, trying to
talk with Dave's cock stuffed into one side of her mouth as she lifted her
hips to Diane.

Diane smiled at the sight of Lisa offering her cunt up for more
attention and added a third finger inside the blonde's hole. She could
almost feel the young woman cunt sucking her fingers deeper inside as her
slit continued to stretch, offering little resistance to Diane's exploring
hand. Diane was amazed at Lisa's ability to relax her cunt and totally
open up to whatever was there. Diane's strap-on dildo has been a tight fit
moments before when she entered the young woman. Diane could feel Lisa's
cunt craving more of her hand and slipped four fingers and all of the
knuckles of her hand inside, leaving only the web of her thumb hooked on
the outside, as she rubbed Lisa's cunt in a large circle motion. Lisa went
wild, pumping wildly against Diane's intruding hand.

Diane could tell from the tense muscles of Dave's neck and glazed look
in his eyes that he was approaching one hell of an orgasm. Sensing the
right moment to push, Diane pulled in her thumb and, just as Dave was about
to explode into Lisa's mouth, she pushed her fist into the blonde's
steaming cunt. Dave and Lisa erupted together, both shuddering with
delight. Dave was spurting jets of semen into Lisa's mouth, on her face,
and across her shoulders, as his orgasm seemed endless. Diane looked on in
amazement, astounded by the amount of cum spurting out of her husband's
cock, far more that she'd seen in the twenty-five years of their marriage.
He was covering the young blonde with his hot sperm as he clenched his
teeth and rocketed stream after stream over her. Lisa was howling, as her
body shook with the spasms as she tried to work herself deeper onto Diane's
arm, now pushed deep inside her. Diane was dumbfounded as she slid her
fist in and out of Lisa's now gaping passage. Earlier that day, the girl's
cunt had been so tight, but as if on command, the muscles and tissues
seemed to melt and fall away. "God," Diane thought remember how hard she
had worked to stretch her own vagina, "I wish I could do that!"

"Oh, please Mistress! Please don't stop! Please push harder." Lisa

Diane, seeing that Lisa was about to come again, quick pulled her
dripping hand out and stuffed several fingers into the girl's mouth.

"Clean my hand off," Diane snapped, trying to push aside her desire to
continue fisting the girl, and get back in control. "Lick it clean," she

Diane moved next to Dave and whispered into his ear as Lisa continued to
lick her hand. "Wow, where did that come from?" she asked softly referring
to his massive ejaculation. He smiled and she kissed him deeply. "You've
got to try this," she said gesturing to Lisa's still twitching hips.
"Slave, get on your hand and knees with your ass over her!" Diane said to
Lisa. Lisa quickly obeyed and thrust her ass up in the air in front of

"Watch this," Diane said softly to Dave, as she took his hand and place
it into the girl's wide slit. With a small push, Dave pulled his fingers
together and slipped his hand inside the blonde's slippery cunt. Diane
could see the look of astonishment on his face as his hand quickly
disappeared inside Lisa. The girl started rocking back and forth as she
forced his large hand deeper inside her. Dave and Diane exchanged look of
excitement and amazement at the sight of the beautiful young blonde worked
furiously to please. Dave smiled at Diane and nodded to the large jar of
lubricant near Diane. She knew instantly what he meant and dug a handful
of the slippery goo out of the container. As Dave smoothly stroked his
hand and forearm deep inside the woman's cunt, Diane pushed a slippery
finger into Lisa's tight asshole.

"Ahhhhhhhh," the blonde groaned.

Diane pushed her finger deeper, forcing her knuckle past the tight, pink
ring, which offered only minimal resistance. Diane began to circle her
finger inside Lisa's ass, massaging the puckering anus into an
ever-enlarging opening with each circle. Diane could feel Dave's hand
moving inside Lisa's vaginal passage as she slipped a second, and then a
third finger, into the girl's ass.

"Ohhhh, Mistress. Please, I'll do anything you want me to, just don't
stop," Lisa begged.

A quick look at Dave, and Diane knew that she was going to do something
to Lisa that she herself had thought about over the past three weeks -
getting double fisted. She and Dave were going to double fist fuck this
beautiful girl. Diane pushed four fingers into Lisa's elastic asshole, and
after several thrusts to relax the sphincter muscles a little more, she
pressed her entire hand against the resisting ring.

"Owwwwwwwwww," Lisa screamed and Diane brought her free hand flat down
on the girl's ass with a smack.

"Do you want Mistress to stop, Slave?" Diane demanded.

"Noooo, Nooooo," Lisa panted, as she rocked back and forth from Dave's
driving fist in her vagina. Diane raised her left hand again, and slapped
Lisa's ass, which was now turning red from the welts of the riding crop and
Diane's slap. "Kid's got a great ass," Diane thought to herself, as she
focused again on her hand seemingly stuck in the girl's anus. She either
had to give up or ram her greasy fist into the girl's ass. She elected the
later, and with one big push, she could feel Lisa's sphincter tense and
then relax for a brief second. In that instant, Diane's hand popped past
the taut opening and slid deep into the young woman's bowels.

Diane thought she was going to have an orgasm herself as she felt Lisa's
asshole twitch and clench around her wrist. The girl's tight anal ring now
wrapped tightly around her greasy wrist like a bracelet. She could feel
her own cunt dripping, as she knelt behind her submissive trophy. Slowly,
she began moving her fist deeper and deeper, now feeling Dave fist and her
fist rubbing tightly against each other, separated by the thinnest of
membranes. She drove her tongue deep into Dave's mouth as the two of them
began to work their strokes together. She could feel Dave's free hand
sliding over her ass and dipping into her drenched cunt. She could feel
his fingers working to get deeper into her aching cunt, so she lifted her
leg and felt him slip deeper.

Lisa was shaking from her third orgasm when Diane fell forward onto
Lisa's back, and grabbed the blonde's breasts, furiously massaging her
swinging tits. Dave had worked his left hand into Diane's cunt while
fisting Lisa with his right. Then, as Diane flopped forward onto Lisa, he
had eased his other fist into Diane's gaping cunt. Over the past three
weeks, getting fisted by Dave had become a regular treat in their sex life.
Now, Diane could feel her husband's fist moving inside her cunt, as she
fisted the beautiful 20year-old blonde in the ass. Diane hoped that Dave's
was enjoying his present, but never imagined that it would end up with him
fist fucking the two women at the same time.

Diane wrapped her arms around Lisa's corseted waist and together they
pushed backwards again and again, as Dave's fists drove deep into their
insides. Their moans echoed throughout the house as they pumped harder and
faster. Diane could feel Dave's hand pushing deeper and deeper inside her
and with each thrust of his arm into her, she pushed equally deep into
Lisa's stretched asshole. As Diane felt Lisa begin to spasm and shake from
her oncoming climax, she sensed her own body twitch and contract, and knew
that within seconds she was going to join the girl. As she felt herself
going under the wave which swept over her, Diane gave one final push into
Lisa's swollen asshole. She felt the blonde's anal ring clamp hard around
her wrist as the young woman's body muscles became locked in a contraction.
Diane clung to the young woman's pale, sweating body, as they climaxed

Locked together, they descended into a pile on the floor. As Dave
pulled his hands out of both of them, Diane could feel Lisa's body lurch,
as her now over-sensitive genitals responded from the touch. Diane's mouth
found Lisa's, as their tongues swirled and twisted together. Diane broke
the soft kiss and looked into the young woman's eager face.

"What a wonderful slave you will be," Diane purred.

"Yes, Mistress. I am your slave and I'll do anything to please you,"
Lisa softly replied.

It was then that Diane realized what an incredible dilemma she was in.
Lisa would do anything Diane told her to do! She could dress Lisa up like
a whore and parade around town which would be so hot and so much fun. Or
she could take her down to the porno video store and tell her to suck all
of the men there. Lisa would obey. She had the power to give Lisa to the
LA biker gang she'd met on the Internet. There, Lisa would become their
instant slut. Or she could give Lisa to Steve, the limousine driver and
make her fuck his trained dogs. All of these were easy and possible and
the thought of doing any one of them made her incredibly hot. But the
problem was Mark, Lisa's husband. Diane had to figure out a way to keep
the two of them together. Turning Lisa into a submissive slut would only
make her run away from Mark. And that would be disastrous for Diane's job.

Then, Diane had it! She knew exactly what to do to keep Lisa and Mark
together. She just had to figure out how to do it. She ordered Lisa to
get dressed and go home. Lisa was to say nothing to Mark about tonight.
She was not to allow Mark to touch her, see her naked and under no
circumstances, fuck her. Diane told the girl to shave all of her pubic
hair and arrive back at Diane and Dave's tomorrow night with a freshly
shaved pussy.

"Yes, Mistress. Yes Master," was all Lisa said, and she left.

Diane turned to look at Dave, still on the floor and sporting an
enormous erection.

"So, I see you enjoyed your present as much as I did mine," Diane said,
smiling coyly as she walked over and straddled her husband.

"What in the hell was that all about?" Dave questioned, as he took
Diane's hand and pulled her down on top of him.

"Well, let's just say it's work related. How do you like my dominatrix
outfit?" she said, gesturing to her black leather corset and boots.

"Let me show you how much I like it," Dave teased pulling her toward

Lifting Dave's rigid cock and slipping it inside her, Diane whispered in
his ear " I need you to find something for me on the Internet. Fast!" For
the remainder of the evening, Diane filled Dave in on her plan.

End of Chapter Three

To Be Continued in Chapter Four: Bottoms And Tops


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