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Dave and Diane part 6


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Dave and Diane: Part Six

Written by AnnabelleandJay Comments to:

Chapter Six – Diane's Lust

The swollen head of the massive 17 inch cock bobbed just inches away
from Diane Stone's open mouth. She was naked, on her hands and knees, in
the middle of her living room floor.

"Oh, yes, give me that big cock," she moaned, as Steve teasingly dangled
his huge member in front of her. Diane's husband, Dave, stood only a few
feet away, naked, camera in hand, snapping photos of his lovely wife as she
prepared to cram the gigantic erection into her mouth.

"Ahhhh, that's how I like it, Baby! Big and hard," Diane whispered, as
the camera shutter whirred away and Dave moved to a new angle to shoot.
Diane looked over and smiled at her husband as he snapped another photo on
the digital camera. Dave's penis, stiff and standing out in mid-air, waved
and bounced as he shuffled to get a better view of his wife.

Smiling seductively, Diane reached up and wrapped her hand around the
huge pole that protruded toward her face. Turning toward the camera, she
plunged the bulbous head into her mouth and slowly began to move in and
out, as she heard the camera click and the young man groan with delight.
She sucked and licked lasciviously, slurping the massive cock head for the
camera. sucking Steve's cock was not a new act for Diane. In fact, it was
far from it. She had been sucking and fucking Steve's giant penis for well
over two months now, ever since they first met at Diane's
birthday/anniversary party.

The "party" actually turned out to be a huge gangbang for Diane,
involving some twenty men and a dog. In addition to bringing his own huge
dick to the party, Steve, an attractive younger man in his 30's, provided a
trained Great Dane, which proceeded to fuck Diane for the entertainment of
all there. Diane's husband, Dave, had arranged the entire evening and
recorded the event on several cameras.

Ever since that fateful night, Diane Stone, the 50-year old mother of
three grown children, loving wife, and successful businesswoman, had become
obsessed with sex. Diane dyed her hair a lustrous red, had the hood over
her clitoris pierced with a gold ring, and she and Dave had even ventured
into a little bondage and domination. They also had developed a
correspondence with a man who owned a unique horse farm in Tennessee who
had invited them to visit the ranch and play. Upon learning that the ranch
was a resort for women to be photographed while having sex with horses,
Diane, at first shocked, had become truly intrigued with the idea. What
she first decried as a "sick, depraved and slutty" thing to do, now lured
her and tempted her as the ultimate taboo to try. A taboo that first began
with Steve and his dog.

And Steve had become a frequent guest at Dave and Diane's house.
Countless nights found Diane double fucked in a luscious sex sandwich
between the young stud and her husband. Repeatedly over the last few
weeks, Dave and Steve had teased her with suggestions of bringing the dog back so the animal could fuck her again.

So tonight was that night. Dave had set up the bright photography
lights around the room and was now snapping away with the camera as Diane
licked and sucked Steve's enormous prick. She still had difficulty taking
more than three or four inches of it in her mouth, due to the size of the
giant. Her vagina had adjusted more easily to accommodate the size and was
now stretched wide enough for even Steve's huge meat. But it was still a
trial for her to perform oral sex on Steve.

"HUUUMMMMP," Diane mumbled trying to speak, but Steve just pushed his
member deeper into her mouth. "C'mon, sweetheart! Suck it, you hot
bitch!" Steve urged.

Diane slipped her hand between her legs and began furiously rubbing her
swollen cunt lips. Wildly, she began to jam her fingers into her wet
opening, stuffing her hand deep into her hot slit. The slurping and
sloshing noises made by her hand as she worked it hard in and out of her
now dripping vagina, caused Steve to groan with excitement.

"OHHHH, damn! I'd say she's hot for it, wouldn't you Dave?" Steve said,
as he smiled and watched the older woman suck furiously on his cock,
grinding her hips against her hand. As she pumped her body back and forth,
her full 38D tits swung and swayed beneath her. "Damn, she is hot!"

"Oh, yeah," Dave said. "Look at that. I think she's ready for it. How
about it, baby? You ready for some animal cock?

"AHHH," Diane shrieked, as she tore her mouth away from Steve's
throbbing cock. YESSS! I want it!"

"What do you want? Tells us!" Dave taunted.

"I want him. Now!" Diane urged, she continued to shove her hand in and
out of her gaping passage.

"Who, baby?" Dave teased. "Tell us who you want and what you want."

"The dog! The dog! Please bring the dog over!" she moaned.

Dave looked over at the huge, brown Great Dane tied in the corner, and
back to his wife. She was on her hands and knees trembling and rocking,
her legs spread apart and ass invitingly turned up in the air. The Dane,
with his front legs wrapped to protect Diane, had been watching the woman
closely ever since she came into the room. For the last 30 minutes his red penis had been protruding from its sheath. The animal had been welltrained
and fully aware of what was about to happen.

"Why, baby? Tell us why you want us to bring the dog over?" Dave
continued, knowing that this talk would just heighten Diane's torment and
lust. Diane knew what Dave wanted her to say, but she just couldn't bring
herself to say it.

"Do you want the dog to fuck that hot cunt of yours?" Dave pushed.

"Yes! Yes" she panted. "I want the dog to fuck me! I want to be its
bitch, like before!"

"You really liked getting that dog cock in you, didn't you?" Dave

Diane was beneath any humiliation now. Naked in the middle of the
floor, rubbing her dripping cunt and begging these two men to let her be
fucked by a dog, Diane couldn't imagine anything lower, or anything hotter.

"YES! YES! YES!" she wailed. "I'll take any cock, man or dog!

"Or horse?" Dave added.

"Yes! Anything. As long as it's big and hard," she cried in

"Good," Dave said, pleased with her admission. He nodded to Steve and
lifted the camera. Steve walked quickly over and unleashed the dog and
hurried back to stand again by Diane's face. She knew instantly that she
would be sucking Steve's cock while the dog fucked her and Dave took the

"Fuck, boy!" Steve commanded the dog, and the Dane broke from his stance
and rushed over to Diane. He stuck his nose between Diane's legs, sniffed
for several seconds, then lunged forward wrapping it's front legs around
Diane waist. She could feel the pumping of the dog's hips against her
upturned ass as the dog's penis struggled to find it's way into her cunt.
She reached between her legs, grabbed the dog's cock and slid it into her
hot cavity. Instantly, the Dane began pumping madly, his hips working
frantically in and out in short rapid strokes. Diane braced herself with
her arms and began to push back against the frenzied thrusts of the animal.
The faster it pumped, the faster she pumped back. She could feel her
pendulous breasts hanging down and flailing wildly beneath her as she
struggled to keep up with the pace of the dog.

Diane could see her husband, Dave, moving around them, a camera pressed
to his face as the shutter snapped, one picture after another. She lifted
her face to smile for the camera, afire in her hot sensuality, and was met
by Steve's huge cock forcing its way into her open mouth. She devoured his
meat with the same animal passion of the beast behind her. There was no
love, no guilt, no conscious caring about a partner's needs, just wild
animalistic, fucking. And Diane and the dog were both sharing that

At that moment, a loud commotion resounded outside and the front door of
the house flew open. Through the door, down the hall and into the living
room spilled a wave of raucous, young people. Fifteen college kids, who at
one moment were laughing and joking, and now stood in silence and shock at
the scene that lay before them. Everyone froze. Dave stood naked with his
erect penis sticking out and the camera in his hands. Steve, his massive
cock wagging up and down, now dislodged from Diane's mouth, stood with his
own mouth open in shock. And there was Diane, frozen, kneeling in the
middle of the floor in absolute terror, naked and being fucked by a dog.
The entire room was still, except for the dog. Unaware that a human
disaster was looming, the dog continued pumping and thrusting, oblivious to
it all, its hips pounding madly at Diane's upturned ass.

"Mom?" a confused voice erupted from the gaggle of college kids. "Dad?
What the hell's going on?

A young man emerged from the group, stepping into the room. It was Dave
and Diane's youngest son, Doug, now pale and white in complexion.

"Doug? What… What are you doing here, son?" stammered Dave.

"Never mind that. What the hell's happening here?" Doug shouted.

"Honey, I can explain…" Diane replied and started to break away from the

A tremendous growl thundered from the huge Dane that froze Diane and
everyone else in the room.

"Don't move," Steve cautioned quietly. "Diane, you're going to have to
let him finish."

"I can't. I can't," she said trembling and started to move again. And
again, a menacing growl followed by a ferocious bark erupted from the dog.

"You're going to have to. Even I can't do anything 'til he's done,"
Steve said.

Part in fear, and more in utter humiliation, Diane dropped her head into
her hands, covered her face in shame, as the massive brown beast continued
to pound its swollen red penis into her. Everyone in the room remained
still as the scene continued to play out like some horrific nightmare.
Minutes passed as the animal humped furiously away. Diane was sobbing
softly now, her mind spinning wildly out of control about how to handle the
situation. However, her body was more in tune with the animal passions
than was her brain. It was obvious to everyone in the room that Diane's
body was responding to the dog's thrusts and soon there was no holding her
back. With tears streaming down her face, in front of the frozen assembly
in the room, Diane began pounding and bucking her ass back to meet the
pummeling from behind.

Diane could feel the swelling inside her, the knot forming at the base
of the dog's penis. She had felt it before and knew what was coming. But
suddenly, an even larger surprise came when an attractive, brunette coed,
dressed in a skimpy halter-top, bare midriff and shorts lept out of the
group of kids.

"Sorry, guys," she said, "but I'm not about to let this go to waste. I
may never get a shot at anything like this again."

With that, the coed ran out into the middle of the room, dropped to her
knees in front of Steve's still swollen cock, opened her mouth and slid her
lips over his penis head and down along at least eight inches of his
massive member.

The room stood in amazement, now more captivated by the oral prowess of
the young coed than the impending climax of the dog. As Diane lifted her
face to look up, the girl quickly pulled Steve's cock out of her mouth and
leaned over and kissed Diane full on the mouth, sliding her tongue deep
into the older woman's mouth.

"Don't worry about it," she said softly to Diane. "I think you're so
hot." With that, she plunged Steve's penis back into her mouth and resumed

Diane, herself, was ready to explode. She could tell both by the
swelling of the dog's knot and the mad pace of his lunges, that it was
going to come. And she knew that she was perched dangerously on the brink
as her own body began to shudder. Oh, how she wanted to let go, to give in
to the fire inside her and let her orgasm take her. But should she dare?
Could she? Within moments the decision was made for her. She could not
have stopped, even if she had wanted to, as the beast on top of her now
took control of the beast within her. And she let it all come out.

She could feel it inside her. The dog's knot at the base of its cock
was now inside her as she could feel her cunt lips wrapping snugly around
it. Instinctively, the dog knew that he was securely hooked into her and
came instantly. The animal's hot semen exploded inside her, filling her
with spurt after spurt of molten juice. The milky liquid bathing her
insides triggered her orgasm. Diane's body tensed and quivered, shaking
from the strength of the orgasm as her lust crashed over and consumed her.
She was aware that screams of ecstasy and passion were coming up from
inside and out of her mouth, but she could hardly stop them. And then it
was over. She could feel the dog jerk, struggle and try to pull free. She
looked up to see only the cum-covered chin and face of the young coed. The
girl was licking and slurping, trying to consume as much of Steve's load as
she could.

Then she saw it, Doug's face, her son's face, and Diane was destroyed.
Praying she was not tied up with the dog's knot stuck inside her, she
lurched forward and was relieved as the dog's rod popped, then slid out of
her stretched opening. She jumped up, ran across the room and up the
stairs, slammed and locked the bedroom door behind her.

Diane lay on the bed, crushed by the humiliation of a lifetime. How
could she ever look at her son again? And what will happen when he tells
his sisters? What could she possibly say to her daughters to explain this?
Had she done this for Dave as she first believed? Or had really done it
for herself? She curled up on the bed for several hours, trying to figure
a way out of this, but was always grabbed back to reality as she felt the
rivulets of dog cum trickling out of her vagina. Twice, Dave tapped on the
door and asked to come in, but each time she had ignored his pleas. Soon
she drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Diane awoke and the bedside clock glowed at 4 a.m. She showered, threw
on her house robe and decided that the time had come to face the situation.
She went downstairs and whatever she thought that the situation might have
been, she was certainly not prepared for what she saw in the living room.
On the floors and sofas were naked, sleeping college kids. Eight of the
guys and two of the girls in the group were asleep in large piles around
the room. Diane did notice that Steve, also naked, was in one of the
piles. And it was obvious that there must have been one hell of a party, or
orgy, to put a better name on it. The two girls had clearly been well used
during the night and exhaustion had overtaken the entire group. Even
Steve, who had clearly joined the party, was worn out. His large prick,
now flaccid and red, looked much the worse for wear.

Diane heard noises coming from the study and went down the hall to see
who was still awake. As she entered the study, she was surprised to see
six people gathered around the computer monitor. There was her husband
Dave, her son Doug, the cute brunette coed who had sucked Steve named Kari,
and three other young men. Given what had transpired during the evening
nothing should have surprised her. But what she saw did. Her husband and
all of the kids were naked – including her son!

The group was focused on the monitor and as she approached she realized
what they were all looking at. Dave was showing the kids photos of the
anniversary/birthday gangbang party from several months ago. On the screen
were images scrolling of her fucking five guys at one time, some of double
penetration with two well-endowed black men, photos of her fucking a dog,
two cocks stuffed into her cunt at the same time, and even photos of her
masturbating with a champagne bottle. Would her humiliation ever cease,
she wondered to herself?

"Dave! How could you do this?" she said amazed. The group turned as
one to look at her. Five erect penises pointed at her as Dave and the kids
spun to face her.

"Mom! Mom, it's okay," Doug said, trying to clam her. "Dad and I were
talking about tonight and one thing led to another and Dad told me about
the party where you guys met Steve. Then he said there were some pictures
and… well, some of us wanted to see them."

"Wow, Mrs. Stone, you're a real hottie!" injected Kari, the young brunette, as she broke from the group and ran over to grab onto Diane's
arm. "I mean, really. Who would have thought it? Doug's mom! I mean,
soooo hot!! And then Mr. Stone, Dave, showed us the horse ranch website…
and we heard about your idea to go up there. I mean, it's just so hot!!"
The girl was babbling and rolling her eyes as she clung to Diane's arm.
"And, wow, now I want to get my clit pierced, just like you!! And I
really, really want to go to the ranch with you guys. I mean, it's just
soooo hot!"

"Mom, everything really is cool," Doug said, as he walked over to the
two of them and wrapped his arm around Kari's waist. As he spoke, he
playfully slipped his hand down between her legs and began to finger the
girl's moist cunt. Dave got up and walked over to join them. "Dad's is
being great about all this, and I can handle it. I am twenty years old,
not ten. And I promise, I won't breath a word of this to my sisters." He
waited for another moment, and then added, "I promise this is not going to
send me into therapy or anything. Besides, it's kinda great having a mom who's so hot."

"See, isn't this great?" Kari spouted out, then, without warning,
dropped to her knees. She took Doug's stiff cock in one hand, Dave's
erection in another and guided both of them into her mouth at the same
time. With almost professional expertise, the young brunette began sucking both cocks at once. This certainly could not be happening, Diane thought.

Diane was dumbstruck. She would have been stunned and outraged by the
casualness of her son's attitude about all this, or the sight of him
fingering Kari right in front of her, his erect penis waving up and down.
But watching her husband and her son being sucked at the same time and by
the same woman was just too much for her to deal with. Diane spun around
and ran out of the study and back upstairs to the bedroom.

Diane sat quietly down at her make-up table and stared at herself in the

"Why am I the only one who's upset about all this?" she wondered to
herself. Her shame at being caught having sex with a dog by her son and
his friends was bad enough. But then there was the added humiliation of
having all of those party pictures displayed. And then their
correspondence with the guy at the horse ranch had now turned into an open
invitation for the whole group.

"And what about all those pictures of me as a dominatrix," she moaned
aloud. "Or Thomas and I ass fucking each other! I guess they'll see it
all," she sighed, reflecting on all of their sexual escapades over the last
several months. She stared at herself in the mirror. Time passed slowly
for her as she sat there for over an hour thinking about what to do.
Occasionally, streams of tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to figure
out a solution. And there wasn't one. Diane had finally hit rock bottom.
She began to sob deeply at the realization that there was no way out for
her, no way to shift the clock back and undo what had happened. She wanted
to go back to before this terrible evening had begun and change it.

It was only when she began to piece it all back together that she
realized the only possible solution. Her success as a professional woman,
loving wife, and a good parent really did account for something. And then
she knew the answer. She hadn't done any of it for Dave or for herself.
She did it for them, together. How she and Dave chose to enjoy themselves
was really up to them. Doug and his friends would just have to live with

Finally, after two hours of soul searching, Diane looked at herself in
the mirror and said, "Fuck it! If they think Slut mom is hot, then it's
Slut mom they'll get."

She showered, fixed her hair and applied her make-up. She decided to
make it clear how she had decided to handle this situation and applied her
best, come-fuck-me makeup. She pulled on a pair of black fishnet thigh
high stockings and added the black vinyl mini-skirt from one of her
dominatrix outfits along with a pair of black patent stiletto heels.

"Let's see," she said, looking at herself in the floor length mirror.
"Anything else?" she mused, now beginning to take some enjoyment at the
image of Slut Mom, as she pondered her appearance. The vinyl mini skirt
was so short it did not even completely cover her vaginal lips or the
pierced hoop ring. "Oh, I know," she said smiling upon seeing the glint of
gold from the ring above her clit. She removed the ring and replaced it
with one slightly thicker, but that had a mounted 3-carat diamond dangling
from it. It had been a whimsical present from Dave after she had the
piercing done. At 50, her 38D breasts were in great shape and didn't sag
too much, but she thought a little support might help, especially with
naked, firm-breasted coeds running around the house. She put on a black,
open-sling bra that pushed her up a bit, but still left her breasts uncovered. She stepped back, looked at herself and admired the flash of
diamond from her cunt.

"Now that's Slut Mom!" she said aloud, smiled and headed out the bedroom

Downstairs, little had changed since she first walked through the room
several hours ago. Sleeping, naked college kids still covered the floor
and furniture. As she walked through the room on her way to the study,
Diane noticed that one of the boys was sporting a massive erection in his
sleep. It certainly wasn't up to Steve's huge proportions, but it was over
10 inches and the boy was absolutely gorgeous. Besides, Steve was still on
the sofa and looking like he wasn't going to be up for anything, anytime

She walked into the study where she found Dave and the four boys in a
pile around Kari. Dave was on his back on the floor and Kari was on top of
him, his cock sliding in and out of her dripping vagina. Clearly, Dave had
not been the first one there tonight, Diane thought to herself, noticing
the steady stream of cum seeping from her cunt. Another of the boys was
pumping frantically into the girl's stretched rectum, while Doug thrust his
stiff tool into her mouth. In each of Kari's hands were the cocks from the
other two boys. Diane smiled, realizing that they were recreating the
photo now glowing on the computer monitor, one of the scenes from her

She walked up to the pile of bumping, sweating flesh and said in her
sexiest voice, "I'm back. And I'm all right with it now." The six people
on the floor stopped suddenly, frozen in mid-thrust and looked up at her.
From that angle on the floor, they were all staring up her mini-skirt and
into her shaved, exposed sex. She slowly smiled, turned and with her best
wiggle, walked out of the room and back into the living room.

Diane walked over to the young, blonde fraternity boy asleep on the
floor, saw that his erection was still rock hard, and stepped over him,
straddling his body. She planted her feet just outside his narrow hips.
Diane reached down and pulled her stretchy vinyl skirt into a gathered
bunch around her waist. She quickly lowered herself onto the boy's hips,
lifted his rigid cock upward and gently positioned the swollen head against
her moist vaginal lips. In one quick push, she impaled herself on the
boy's massive rod and began pumping up and down, both hand firmly planted
on his strong chest.

"God, but I do love fucking," she thought to herself, as she rocked
smoothly back and forth. With each down thrust she could feel his large
cock sinking deeper into her. Soon she began to feel her downward thrusts
being met with equal energy from below. He was now awake and arching his
hips up to meet her. Diane ferociously ground her shaven mound against the
boy's pubic bone as he struggled to push deeper into her. She pumped her
hips rapidly as the friction increased and his hard member reamed into her.
The ring above her clit only increased the stimulation as it rubbed and
scraped. She could feel the growing heat as their two pubic mounds crushed
together. All of her anxiety, anger and frustration of the last hours was
playing itself out as she worked her body against this handsome, young hunk.

She felt his two strong hands grasp her ass cheeks and lift her upward.
She then felt her feet firmly plant under her. As he lifted and she thrust
up with her thighs, she rose upward to the full length of his penis, then
just as his cock was about to pull out, she crashed downward, riding the
length of his cock in an amazing descent. Again and again, strong arms
lifted her up, to come crashing down again in one wild act of impalement
after another.

"Dam, this kid is a fucking stud," Diane moaned to herself, enjoying the
teasing ride upward, the split-second her hot opening became vacant, then
the crushing ride down, and her tender sex being forced wide apart by his
broad cock.

"AHHHHH! AHHHHHH! DON'T STOP!!! DON'T STOP!!" Diane moaned, as the
young man, face contorted with pleasure and pain, pushed her up again and
again, only to be pounded harder and harder by her as she landed. Diane
wasn't sure whether his arms grew tried first or her legs gave out, but
with one final crash she landed roughly on him, and collapsed. Their
sweating bodies rested briefly and then with a deft roll, Diane found
herself on her back, but still fully stuffed with the boy's huge erection.

As the boy lifted Diane's knees upward, she could feel him sink even
deeper inside her. She could see his handsome face above her, smiling

"Good morning," he said. "I'm Chad."

"Hi, Chad," Diane panted, trying to catch her breath. "I'm Diane."

"You know, last night when I saw you, I thought that was pretty hot,"
Chad whispered. "But I'll tell you the truth. Now, I know it for a fact.
You are the sexiest woman on the planet."

Diane would have blushed if her face hadn't already been flushed red from the vigorous fucking.

She was about to say thank you to the young boy, when she felt his
strong arms push her legs higher toward her head and his cock slowly pull
all the way out of her. He gently spread her legs wider as her gaping,
moist cunt lips pointed upward. He looked down at her swollen sex and said
softly, "Is that thing real?" referring to the large diamond dangling from
her pierced clit hood.

"Honey, it's all real," Diane whispered smiling softly, and reached
between her legs, slowly steering his hardened meat back into her hot
opening. Chad smiled and slowly pushed forward as they both watched his
slippery cock slide smoothly back into her steaming depths.

"Ooooooooo, that feels so good," Diane groaned.

Slowly, methodically at first, Diane could feel the deep, strong strokes
inside her. Then gradually the rhythm became broken, the pumping more
frenzied and wild. She knew it wouldn't be long now – the boy was about to

"I want your cum in me. Shoot it in me, baby," Diane moaned. "Please,
fill me."

The urging and the invitation was all it took. Chad arched his back and
then rapidly drove deep into Diane. With wild pump after pump, Diane could
feel the boy empting himself into her, his balls slapping hard against her
ass. His spurts hosed her insides with warm streams of cum, as he pushed
again and again deep into her. Slowly, finally, he subsided and eased
himself out of her, falling heavily onto her chest. Smiling, she pulled
him to her as he nuzzled against her breast. She gently lifted his head
and positioned his mouth on one of her breasts. As he opened his mouth,
she pressed one of her tits into it and he began gently sucking as she held
him tight.

Well it wasn't love, she thought to herself. But what she'd just felt
wasn't raw, detached sex either. She wasn't sure how she was going to
categorize this one, but it was sure great, she mused. Maybe it was just
the pleasure of knowing that you are the sexiest woman on the earth, in
this young man's eyes.

"I hope that was as great as it looked," said a quiet voice.

"It was," Diane said, smiling up at Dave, standing nearby.

Dave knelt down on the floor and kissed Diane softly on the lips as Chad
continued to suck on her hard, protruding nipple.

"So, what now?" she asked. "Do we scrap the trip, or do they cart us
all off to the loony bin?

"I don't know about you, but I say we stick to our plan tomorrow and go
to the ranch. But I'll leave it up to you. You're the one who's going to
have to do all of the work there. I just get to watch. So, what's it
gonna be?" Dave asked and kissed her again.

" I guess it's off to Tennessee," Diane said smiling and stroking the
head of the young man at her breast, wondering what kind of fun they could
get into with Chad and the rest of the group before they left.

End of Part Six

To Be Continued in Dave and Diane - Chapter Seven: Diane Gets Back To


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