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Dave and DianePart 7


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Dave and Diane: Part Seven

Written by AnnabelleandJay Comments to:

Chapter Seven – Diane Gets Back To Nature

The shock of the unexpected arrival of their son in the middle of one of
their wilder sexual exploits had shaken Diane Stone to her very core. At
50 years old, the 5'10" redhead had become a sexual dynamo over the last
few months, much to the delight of her devoted husband, Dave. Together
they had engaged in sexual adventures that would have shamed even the
lustiest of ancient Rome. And their marriage of 25 years had never been
happier or more fun.

Until last night, when her youngest child, Doug, derailed their fun by
showing up at the house with 15 other college kids right in the middle of
Diane having sex with a couple of old friends – Steve and his dog. And the
ensuing party that followed had not only helped Diane resolve any qualms
about her lustful life as a mature, hyper sexed wife, but also as "Slut
Mom," as she laughingly now proclaimed herself. And her son, Doug, was
clearly ecstatic about the demonstrated sexual prowess of both his mom and
dad. As Diane jokingly put it, ' I guess that means that we won't be
winning the Ozzie and Harriet Award this year."

As Dave and Diane soon found out, Doug and his college friends were on
spring break and on their way to the beach for two weeks. The unplanned
rest stop at the house had changed their lives as well as numerous travel
plans. While seven of the college group would continue on to the beach,
eight of the kids were now joining Dave and Diane for their trip to the
horse ranch in Tennessee. Son Doug, Kari, Chad and five of the other guys had opted for the trip with Dave and Diane, a trip the two of them had been
planning for weeks. The ranch, as Dave and Diane discovered some months
earlier, was a resort for women interested in enjoying the sexual pleasures
of the well trained horses that resided there.

As preparations for the drive to he ranch neared, Diane Stone was
bursting with glee at the trick she was about to play on her husband, Dave.
For the four-hour drive to the ranch, Diane had planned a voyage of teasing
torment for Dave. She had selected a pair of black crotchless panties,
black garterbelt and seamed black stockings. As she hooked an outrageous
black shelf bra, she smiled to herself, "This will give him something to
think about while he's driving."

She adjusted her overflowing D sized breasts into the tiny push-up cups,
and she had to laugh out loud. "Well," she said to herself, noticing that
her breasts and nipples were totally exposed and shoved up as far as they
possibly could in the outfit, "I guess this will give them all something to
think about."

She put on a simple, purple silk wrap dress that clung tightly around
her mature curves and that was held closed by a single button on the side.
The front of the dress wrapped so low, that she literally fell out of the
dress every time she moved. "Well, that's the purpose of it, isn't it,"
she thought to herself. Her plan was simple. She would sit next to Dave
as he drove and play with herself, thereby teasing him the whole way. The
dress and underwear were perfect for it. She could easily fondle and
masturbate herself, given the openness of the outfit. "Wow!" she said
looking at herself in the mirror as she headed out the door, "Now that's
what I call a real ranch outfit!"

Outside, Diane slipped into the passenger seat of the mini-van and
flashed a huge smile at Dave, already in the driver's seat and waiting for
her. Chad and another fraternity boy had piled into the seats directly
behind them, and another of Doug's frat buddies sat behind them in the
third row of seats. Diane looked behind them at the other SUV in their
caravan and noted that Kari was in the passenger seat and son Doug was
driving. "Well, she won't have nearly as much fun as I plan to have,"
Diane quipped to herself, doubting that Kari would be tormenting their
driver as Diane knew she was going to do to Dave.

They were only on the road for a few minutes before Diane began her plan
and what she was sure would be four hours of pure agony for Dave. She
casually spread her legs open and the slit of the wrap dress fell apart and
ran all the way up to her waist. She coyly slipped a hand between the
opening in the crotchless panties and began casually fondling herself,
smiling all the while at her husband. She noticed that the guys sitting
behind them had apparently dozed off, so she playfully lifted a finger to
her mouth, slipped it between her lips and sucked on it for a minute. She
could tell from the look on Dave's face that she was getting just the
reaction she wanted. Slowly removing the salivadrenched finger from her
mouth, she lowered her hand and stuffed the dripping finger into her damp
crotch and spread her exposed vaginal lips wide apart for Dave to see.

"Ahhhh," she gave out with a small gasp, working the finger in a little
deeper into her opening. "Had the boys heard anything?" she wondered,
turning her head slightly to see. No, they all asleep and seemed unaware.
Reassured, she pushed aside the top fold of the dress. With her other
hand, she began pinching and rolling the hard nipple of one of her large
exposed breasts. "Oooooo," she said very quietly. Dave was really going
crazy, and she could tell it. He was trying to watch her as much as
possible and still keep his eyes on the road. She could see the huge bulge
in his trousers and playfully asked, "Is there anything wrong, dear?"

Turning slightly to the seats behind him, Dave said, "Okay, fellas, I
think now would be a good time."

Someone hit the lever on her seat and the backrest quickly reclined,
almost throwing her over into the back seat. Now lying nearly flat, Diane
didn't have time to react. Strong hands unsnapped her seatbelt and slid
her effortlessly into the back seat and between the two laughing college guys. The seatback returned upright and Diane could feel a hand searching
for the button on her dress. Instantly her dress was pulled wide apart and
she sat now fully exposed between the two young men.

"So boys, what did you have in mind?" she asked playfully.

Two hands reached over from the seat behind her, grabbed her wrists and
pulled her arms gently up over her head, pinning them to the back edge of
her seat.

"Hey!" she barely had time to utter, before the boy behind her who was
pinning down her hands, leaned over the back of the seat. With his face on
hers, he pressed his lips to hers, his tongue thrusting deep in her mouth.

More strong hands slipped between her stocking-clad thighs and with one
swift tug, they spread her legs wide apart. Diane's ankles were now being
held over the boy's laps and pinned on the outside. She was pinioned,
spread-eagle in the seat, as eager mouths now clamped to each of her large
breasts and began sucking.

"Uhmmmm," she struggled to speak, but only mumbles came out of her
tongue filled mouth.

She could feel busy fingers now working at her spread vagina, pulling
her cunt lips apart and opening her even wider. Slowly, fingers from two
different hands slipped easily inside her moist crease and began moving
smoothly in and out.

"I guessed that you would try something like this on the trip, so the
guys agreed to help me," she heard Dave smugly say from the front seat.
"You should know dear, it's not fair to tease a defenseless man who can't
do anything about it. So we thought we'd do a little turnabout for the
next four hours. You'll get to play, but you won't get to come."

And for the remainder of the drive, Diane lived through hours of pure
torment. Repeatedly, one of the boys would massage and rub her clit,
working her right up to the brink of an orgasm, and then stop. At
intervals, she would find her face buried in one of their laps, sucking on
a swollen cock, while a guy sitting behind her pounded his meat into her
aching cunt or stretched rectum. But again, whenever she neared a climax,
they would pull out, leaving her to cool off for a moment. Then, they
would re-entered her, come inside her and withdrew again before she could
reach orgasm.

Pleeeeasse, let me cum!" Diane wailed. "YES! YES! I neeeed to
cummmmm! Please!"

"Sorry," Dave laughed. "Were just getting you ready. When we get to
the ranch, you'll be so hot, that you'll die to fuck something."

And at no point in the trip was Diane allowed to have an orgasm.
Occasionally, one boy would pump her hard in the anus, pull abruptly out,
and roll her around, where another guy would quickly penetrate her cunt for
several pumps. Then, diabolically, they would flip her again for more
rapid pounding in her dilated asshole as she bucked and humped. And
always, her hands were held tightly to keep her from touching herself and
relieving herself. Repeatedly, the men took her to the very brink of her
orgasm and ecstasy, then nothing. They would stop and leave her to cool
down, writhing, moaning and suffering.

Frequent roadside stops allowed them all to switch places and drive or
play with Diane. Six of the college guys, including three from the other
car, and Dave swapped positions numerous times throughout the trip and when
they finally drove up to the ranch, everyone was well satisfied. Everyone,
that is, except Diane. Where as the guys had come numerous times during
the journey, Diane was a picture of pent up sexual frustration.

"Boys, she's so hot, she'd fuck a fence post," Dave said to the group,
mockingly, getting to the western cowboy mode as they all climbed out of
the van.

"Great! Great! The rest of the group's arrived!" bellowed Bob, the
ranch owner, as they all walked into the lodge house. A portly,
gray-haired man, Bob and his diminutive, leathery-skinned wife, Harriett,
reminded Diane of a couple who should be running a dude ranch or a bed and
breakfast, rather than a sex resort.

Introductions were made all around and they met the other three couples
with whom they would be sharing the session. They met Emma and Phil, a
short, slim couple in their 40's and Jerry and Rita, a mismatched couple if
ever there were one, Diane thought. Jerry was well into his 60's, a Brit,
very tall at six foot eight, with gray haired and a pencil thin body.
Rita, his wife, on the other hand, was a hefty Midwest girl in her twenties
with peroxide-white hair. The last couple introduced startled Diane a bit,
as she recalled their faces from photos and movies on the ranch website.

"This here is LeAnn and Roy," Bob boomed gleefully. "Why hell, they're
such regulars here, we feel like they're family. "Cept they keep throwin'
money at us, trying to buy the place and the horses."

Diane smiled as she greeted the stunning blonde. Her enormous breasts,
as Diane knew from the photos, were obvious implants with no sign of
subtlety. They were at least 44 inches, but stood unnaturally, albeit
awkwardly, straight out. Her full, pouting lips were obviously the result
of collagen injections. But what Diane noticed more than LeAnn's huge
breasts and lips were the diamonds – a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and
rings – all huge, all real. Her clothes were tailored and expensive.
Diane guessed Roy to be an exjock with this, his trophy wife toy. In his
30's, he was tanned, health club fit and very handsome, with a heavy
Southwest twang when he spoke.

"M'aam," Roy said smoothly, as he shook Diane's hand. "Really lookin'
forward to watchin' you ride that stallion."

"Well," said Bob, jumping in. "I guess that takes us right to it, don't
it! So y'all unpack and come on out to the barn. Fellas, don't forget to
bring your cameras, but remember, no flashes. Spooks the horses, and I'm
sure the ladies don't much like it either," he said laughing.

Within minutes, the place looked like a nudist camp, with everyone
running around naked and rushing out to the barn. Diane bumped into LeAnn
in the hallway, both now naked, clad only in their high heels.

"I have a small confession to make. We're not here accidentally this
time," LeAnn said after they had chatted for a minute. "Bob showed us some
photos your Dave sent to him, so we asked Bob to let us if you ever decided
to come. That's why Roy was really hot to see you. And…, well, so was I."

The blonde looked down at Diane's shaved cunt and added, "You'll want to
take that off," referring to Diane's pierced diamond ring dangling from her
clitoris hood. "Could be painful for you and the horse."

"Oh, sure," Diane replied, now feeling that the conversation had grown a
bit awkward. She reached down and started to take the ring out of her
pierced vagina and LeAnn asked, "May I?"

Without a word, the buxom blonde dropped to her knees in the hallway as
Diane spread her legs. In a second, LeAnn had removed the ring. Diane
started to say "Thank you," but before she could, LeAnn stood up and
pressed her body firmly against Diane's and kissed her. LeAnn put her hand
onto Diane's pubic mound, then slipped one, two, three, and finally four
fingers into Diane's generous, dripping cunt, still filled with the boy's
cum from the trip.

Breaking the kiss and slipping her hand out from inside of Diane slit,
LeAnn smiled saying, "Just wanted to make sure you won't have any problems
with the horse. Don't worry, honey, it'll be fun." At that, LeAnn turned
and walked down the hall.

Diane was embarrassed, not at what LeAnn had just done, but rather that
she had all of that cum still inside her. Obviously, LeAnn had known what
the globs of sticky cream were.

"What was that all about," said Dave, walking up to her in the hall,
after observing the scene with LeAnn. "I thought I was going to have a
heart attack, right there. I've never seen that much tit pressed together,
except in my dreams," he said jokingly.

"Well," Diane replied. "I think I was just measured, fitted, and
approved for the afternoon activities," she said smiling, as they walked
down the hall and out to the barn.

Everyone had gathered outside the barn, as the cluster of naked people
milled around waiting for Bob. The men all carried cameras and Dave had
loaned Doug and the college guys some of his extra equipment. Diane
thought that she was not going to have any problem with this, but when she
saw her son, Doug, standing there, stark naked with a movie camera around
his neck, preparing to film her having sex with a horse, she instantly
wanted to run.

"It's okay, sweetie. Trust me," came the voice at her shoulder. There
stood LeAnn, comforting her and noticing that Diane was staring across at
son Doug. "What's wrong, Honey?" LeAnn asked. "Did you bring your husband
and your lover to the same party?"

"You have no idea. Even worse," Diane replied. "Husband…" she said,
pointing to Dave, "…and son," shifting to point to Doug.

"All right!" LeAnn said. "Well, you folks really are going to have a
good time, aren't you?" After a moment, LeAnn added, her smile now becoming
slightly menacing, "Well, the biggest thing is that you all enjoy yourself.
And I can sure help there." Then she disappeared into the crowd.

Diane was now confused and a little bit worried about what seemed to
come out as a threat from LeAnn. Then she shrugged it off, figuring that
she just read it the wrong way.

Soon Bob and Harriett emerged from the barn leading a brown stallion and
brought the animal to rest in front of the group.

"We thought y'all would like a little lesson in animal husbandry," Bob
said, "so for those who've never seen one, we'd like to show you what the
ladies are about to enjoy. We just need one of the ladies to help us out."

Without a second's hesitation, Kari's voice shot out of the crowd. "Oh,
pleaseeee!! Me! Me! I'll help. Please, can I?" And at that, she came
bounding out of the crowd.

"Why, yes M'aam, you sure can. Just settle down and don't move quite so
fast around the animals," Bob drawled, as if he were a game show host.
"Now just come down here and do as I say."

Kari dropped down below the horse and for the next few minutes followed
Bob's instructions and he directed her to rub the animal while Harriet
waved a small cloth under its nose.

"We just help things along with a little mare scent. And these animals have been well trained, so they know what this is all about. If Mr. Ed
ever shows up, he can tell us whether they prefer fucking the ladies or
other horses," Bob drawled.

Waves of laughter erupted in the crowd. Diane could tell that that was
a standard joke that Bob used for every one of these parties. She had the
odd feeling that she was on an amusement park tour.

Within moments, the horse's massive pink cock began emerging from the
sheath and Bob directed Kari to rub gently and then start to suck. True to
form, Kari didn't hesitate and slipped the huge black, mushroom shaped head
of the horse's cock into her mouth. Diane looked around and noticed that
the men in the group were now all sporting rigid cocks as they watched Kari
perform. Some of the men were photographing the action. Diane also noted
that the few women in the group were helping some of the guys out and were
sucking on any available cock. Emma was locked onto the cock of her
husband Phil, while Rita's head bobbed up and down on one of the college boy's rigid member.

Diane turned around looking to find Dave but saw LeAnn kneeling in front
of her son, Doug, her mouth and cheeks stuffed full with the boy's prick.
LeAnn had both of her hands wrapped around the boy's ass and was rapidly
slamming his hips into her face, as his cock disappeared into her full
lips. Her husband, Roy, was nearby, not photographing Kari and the horse like the others, but taking pictures of LeAnn sucking Doug.

Diane looked back to Kari and was now amazed as she saw the gigantic,
fully erect horse cock swaying beneath the animal and the young girl struggling with the massive member.

"My God, that thing's huge," Diane murmured to herself, amazed not only
the length of it, but more by the width. "There's no way, now way."

Kari was able to get the head and four inches down her throat
comfortably, but more was just not possible. After several minutes of
frantic sucking, Kari was about to quit, when suddenly the girl's mouth
erupted, filled with milky horse cum. Diane watched as Kari clamped down
with her mouth, attempting to swallow all of the enormous discharge and for
a moment appeared to be succeeding. In a moment, the girl's moth exploded
again, covering her face and drenching her in a shower of horse semen.
Kari coughed and gagged as she tried to recover from the torrent of milky
liquid running down her chin and onto her chest.

"Well, as you can see, everything with horses is on a bigger scale," Bob
said to the group, as he helped Kari up. "Some are bigger than others,
some will produce more semen than others. Sorta like men," he quipped.
"Two or three cups of semen is about normal, but I've got one that, I
swear, will give over two quarts. So let's all head on into the barn,
shall we."

Inside the barn, bright lights illuminated the large open area. Only an
inclined, wooden platform filled the vacant area and all of the lights seem
to illuminate and focus on that one spot. The platform was padded and had
worn leather handles on one end. Diane instantly recognized the raised
area from the photos on the Internet. She remembered how hot she had first
become watching the short video of LeAnn being fucked by a horse on that
very platform. She could feel herself growing a little weak in the knees
at the thought of being up there herself, while the group looked on, ogled
and photographed her.

As Harriet, Bob's wife, led a large brown stallion out from the stable
area and near the platform, word spread throughout the crown that Emma, the
petite wife of Phil, had upon seeing Kari choke on the massive horse cock,
chickened out and was now just another spectator. So that left Diane and
the plump girl, Rita. It was Rita who spoke up and wanted to go first.

Cameras began clicking and whirring as Rita awkwardly climbed up on the
platform, grabbed the leather handles and waited with her large, round ass
sticking up in the air. Leaving the horse for a moment, Harriet moved over
to Rita.

"Relax Honey," Harriet said, as she smeared a handful of slimy substance
on Rita's exposed cunt and repositioned her legs, spreading them a little
wider apart.

"This stuff will get him up and it'll sure make it a hell of a lot more
comfortable for you," the old woman explained, as she worked her tanned
fingers into the young woman's spread vaginal folds. With that, she walked
back to the horse, took its reins and walked it over to the platform. The
horse paused momentarily, sniffed at the protruding buttocks in front of
it, then lurched forward. With both forelegs up on the platform, the
animal shuffled its hind legs into position. With a nonchalance that comes
from repetition, Harriet grabbed the massive black and pink erection that
swung below the animal and pressed it against the woman's greasy sex lips.

"Okay, here we go," Harriet warned and steered the huge prick into the

"AHHHHHHH!" the young woman shrieked and began shaking her ass from side
to side, attempting to dodge the invading cock.

"Hang in there, Honey! You'll get used to him in a minute," Harriet
comforted, as she steadied the woman's wildly swing ass. Slowly four
inches of the giant pink tube slid forward and disappeared as Rita
continued to whimper.

Diane watched the scene unfold before her eyes and was about to turn and
walk out of the barn when she felt familiar arm wrap around her naked
waist. It was Dave, there as if on cue to provide reassurance.

"So what do you think now? You still up for this?" Dave questioned, as
he nodded in the direction of the platform, Rita, and the horse.

Diane remained silent, pondering her response, when she felt his hand
slip from around her waist, down around her ass, between her legs and start
massaging her swollen vagina.

"You were such a hot slut on the way down here," Dave whispered in her
ear. "And you know how much you like being a hot slut, don' you?" Diane
remained silent. "Don't you? You want to show everybody what a slut you
are, don't you?" Dave whispered.

"Yes," Diane said softly.

"Yes, what?" Dave pressed.

"Yes, I'm a slut and I want everybody here to know it," Diane quietly

Dave kissed her deeply and she could feel his fingers spreading her
swollen vaginal lips apart. She felt a quick thrust from behind as Dave
spread her open. A rigid cock slipped between her ass cheeks from behind
and worked deep into her spread opening. Dave pressed his mouth hard
against hers as the cock drove deep into her dampness and then began a
steady pumping.

"Ohhhhh," Diane moaned as Dave broke the kiss. She could feel his hand
still rubbing and spreading her hot cunt, opening her up for the
penetration from behind. She turned slightly and saw Chad's glowing face
as he pumped away.

"Look at that," Dave again whispered into her ear. " Look at that hot
horse cock. You really want that, don't you?" Dave said, nodding in the
direction of the platform. "Chad, you want to see Diane fuck a horse,
don't you?"

Chad leaned forward and nibbled on her ear as he continued to pound his
cock into her from behind.

"Yes, oh God yes! You're the hottest woman I've ever seen. I can't
wait to see all of that big dick in this sweet cunt of yours," Chad
murmured in her ear.

Diane's head was spinning as the voices poured into her ears. She
looked out with half open eyes to see the brown stallion dismounting. Rita
had taken eight inches of the beast and called it off, unable to take any
more. She saw the chunky young woman climb down, her face streaming with
tears as many in the crowd applauded. Now fears flooded into Diane's mind
and she was about to scream, ending this bizarre dream, when another erect
cock pressed hard against her belly. Agile fingers began manipulating and
rubbing her rigid clit, and a new voice filled her ear. It was Doug, her
son, now rubbing his swollen cock against her, as Dave and Chad now pressed
hard against her shaking body, as she was sandwiched tightly between the
three, unable to move, unable to think.

"You can do this, Mom. The guys all told me what a hot fuck you were on
the way here," Doug whispered. He began to rapidly rub her hard clit, as
he poured encouragement in her ear from one side and Dave from the other
with Chad whispering from behind.

"You want to come, don't you. You've wanted to all day. All the time
our hard cocks were filling you with cum. So, now's your chance. Go let
it all out!" Dave said and in one swift motion, Chad's cock popped out of
her cunt and Diane was propelled forward.

"All right. Here's our next little lady," Harriet called out. "And
she's already warmed up." Everyone in the crowd hooted and clapped, having
all witness Diane's preliminary with Chad. "So, fellas, get your cameras
goin' 'cause this should be a good one."

Diane walked over to the platform, as if in a daze and was about to
crawl up when she saw a huge black station emerge from the stable area.
Leading the huge beast was LeAnn, with a huge smile on her face, her
magnificent breasts, bouncing with each stride. The two closed in on Diane
and when the blonde was next to her, LeAnn stopped.

"I saved the best for you, sweetie. This fella's the biggest they got
here. Hell, even I've never been able to take all of him. And sweetie,
I'm there best there is at this," LeAnn said, her smile blurring to become
a sneer. "So get your old ass up there, 'cause I'm really enjoy this."

Diane stared at her, first in confusion, then in anger. Then she
shifted her gaze over to the horse, a giant, looming, black beast. Diane
looked back to LeAnn, then again to the horse and stepped next to the
stallion. She leaned over and in a mock whisper into the animal's ear,
said in a voice loud enough to be heard by all said, "Let's fuck, stud.
I've been wanting to come all day!"

With that, Diane climbed up on the platform, grabbed the leather handles
and began wiggling her ass in the air. The stable erupted in applause as
Diane seemingly teased the horse, spreading her legs and gyrating her hips.
But Diane knew it wasn't the horse she was teasing, but LeAnn. And the
blonde knew it also. LeAnn dipped her hand in a container of the
mare-scented lubricant and walked over to Diane's bobbing backside.

"Like I said, I'm really gonna' enjoy this," LeAnn hissed and smeared
the slimy mixture all over Diane's swollen cunt lips. LeAnn grabbed the
horse's reins and in seconds had the animal looming over Diane, his
enormous cock now fully extended from its sheath. Diane looked back to see
almost two feet of horse cock swaying wildly behind her. The huge black
mushroom head was all Diane could focus on as she instantly regretted her
decision to go ahead with this. Then LeAnn stepped in and with both hands
wrapped around the gigantic organ, positioned it against Diane's slippery
opening. With a firm push, LeAnn jammed the huge shaft forward and the
bulbous black head and six inches of the shaft split wide the resisting
labia folds and disappeared inside.

"OHHHHHH," Diane groaned, as the air was driven out of her body.

Diane wanted to scream but bit her lip instead. Her body felt as if it
was being ripped apart under the pressure inside her. She could not
imagine anything that wide being put inside her. She was about to call out
and stop this from going any further, when she looked up and saw LeAnn
grinning with perverse pleasure, a look of satisfaction on her face. At
that moment, Diane Stone knew that there was no turning back on this one.

She tried to remain still for a moment and give her crammed vagina a
chance to accommodate the giant inside her but the horse had other ideas.
Relieved at first, Diane thought it was over and the horse had changed his
mind. She felt the huge bulk begin to slide out of her, then a real sense
of terror as, without warning, the beast reversed and plunged even deeper.

"Ahhhh," she moaned and tried to shift forward as much as she could.
Again the animal began to withdraw. She could only think of the birthing
of her children as the only conceivable time when that much flesh was
moving out of her body, like a giant plug being pulled. And just as
quickly the horse lunged forward and sunk deeper into her. Finally, after
several minutes, Diane felt like she could breathe and was going to survive
this. She marveled for a split second at the elasticity of the female
vagina as she began to feel a moment of pleasure, rather than just pain.

She saw crowd around her, the lights, the cameras snapping, stiff cocks
waving about and all of the faces turned on her. Sweating faces, lust
filled faces, all focused on her.

Grasping the leather handles tightly, she actually began to push
backwards, driving the enormous rod deeper into her womb. Then she pulled
with her arms and felt the monster inside her withdraw. Then she pushed
herself down, each time allowing the giant tube of flesh to sink deeper and
deeper. And she knew that she still had some depth to go before an end was
reached inside her. Steve's huge cock had gone deeper than the horse was
now, but this damn thing had to be over six inches wide and she felt like
she was going to be ripped in two at any moment.

But gradually, each time Diane pushed her upturned ass against the
animal, she could feel his belly on her back, the sweat dripping off of her
and each time the cock went deeper still. Lunge after lunge, Diane could
feel the huge member sink deeper and deeper. Within minutes she was
driving her own body back and forth, and all of the pain was gone. There
was only the ecstasy, the endorphins, the adrenaline and the lust. She
rode like a wild woman, howling and shrieking with pleasure. She could
feel the heat and abrasion under her knees as she bucked madly back and
forth, now totally unaware that anyone was watching, photographing, or
within miles of her and the horse.

I'M GOOOOOINNNGGGTOOOOCOOOOMMMMMEEEE!!!" she shrieked. All of the passion
and heat, stored from a whole day of sexual teasing and torment, flooded
out. She came with a fury unmatched by anything that she had ever felt
before. The huge cock was relentless and it was all hers to ride. Her
head flew from side to side as her orgasm consumed her and her body shook
and twitched.

"YEEESSSS. YEEESSSSS. YESSSS," she groaned, as the spasms wrenched
through her, flowing from the epicenter of her body, her vagina. She
wanted to collapse as the tremors began to subside but only then realized
that her body was still impaled on two feet of rigid horse meat. And while
she had experienced the earth shattering orgasm, the stallion was still
there, still hard, and still lurching into her depths.

Weak from exhaustion and out of breath, Diane mustered up enough
strength to pull herself upward on the inclined platform and hopefully
disengage from the animal. But no matter how far up she pulled herself
using the leather handles, the massive cock kept receding but would not
come out. She could not believe how much of the animal's prick had been
buried in her body.

"AHHH!" Diane exhaled, and gave one large push backward hoping that
would give her the bounce upward to withdraw. But she felt the strangest
thing. The horse only drove deeper still, and for the first time she could
feel its massive balls slap against her upturned ass. And then she felt
something else. Not sensing it or not even wanting it, she could feel her
body twitch and start to shake again.

"Oh, God, no. Not another one," she thought to herself as she felt her
abdomen contract and her hips spasm. Diane felt like she was going to pass
out as her body began to sway and tremble, moving from side to side as the
massive organ reamed around inside her. Her vision became a blur as her
head flailed violently to and fro. The sounds in her ears became one large
roar – her pulse pounding, the echoes of her moans resounding inside the
stable, cameras clicking, and the wet smacking sounds of the animal's balls
against her greasy ass.

"OHHHHHH, GOD!" Diane wailed, as she felt the tremendous eruption inside
her. She was totally unprepared for the explosion, as a torrent of slimy
juice flowed into her until there was no more room and began pouring out in
gush after gush. She could feel the steaming liquid pouring into her
battered depths, then spilling out, down her trembling legs and pooling on
the platform. Diane was sure that at least a gallon of horse cum had been
pumped into her sweating, tired body. Then, she felt the huge horse cock
rapidly withdrew from inside her, and as if she was a puppet having her
strings cut, she collapsed in a heap on the platform.

Diane lay motionless for what seemed like an eternity, and then stirred
as the stable erupted in applause. Cheers and shouts filled the building
and Diane tried to lift her head, move, or anything that would signal that
she had survived. She could feel rivulest of sweat dripping off her face,
more torrents streaming off her body. She turned her head slightly to
catch sight of LeAnn and her husband, Roy, moving out of the crowd and
coming over near her. The two seemed to be whispering together in an
animated and rather heated discussion than stopped as suddenly as it began.
Without a word, LeAnn came over to Diane, rolled Diane over on her back,
and positioned her limp body on the edge of the platform. LeAnn spread
Diane's legs apart and pressed her face into Diane's sopping cunt. LeAnn
began lapping and slurping the dripping ooze that flowed out of Diane
swollen opening.

Roy turned and spoke awkwardly to the rest of the surprised group.

"Folks, got a little confession to make. When I saw this lovely lady
today, I knew she was gonna' put on a helluva show. Ride that boy like
he'd never been ridden before, like nobody we've ever seen here at the
ranch. LeAnn, here, didn't think so. She went so far as to say that Diane
wouldn't take more than 12 inches. So, we made a little bet, and … well…,
and as you can see, now's time for LeAnn to pay up. Dave, Diane, we'd just
love for you two to join us for a little party at our place in Texas.
We'll all have a good time and it'll be our way of sayin' thanks. Our
plane is just down at the airstrip. And for the rest of ya'll, fellas,
just step right up here, cause that's part of the payoff too."

With that, Roy gestured to the upturned backside of LeAnn as she leaned,
straight legged, over the platform and devoured Diane's pussy, her massive
breasts hanging beneath her. There was a brief pause, then a stampede of
men rushed forward, as one stiff cock after another lined up behind LeAnn.
Diane looked up and grinned as she saw Dave smiling back at her, second in
line, followed by son Doug, then Chad and the rest of the boys.

"Oh, this should be good," Diane thought to herself, and then laid her
head back, closed her eyes and relaxed. She was really enjoying the
attention that the beautiful blonde was now paying to her clit.

Ooooooo, that's nice, honey," she purred to LeAnn. "Do more of that."

End of Chapter Seven

To Be Continued in Chapter Eight – Texas Twister


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