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Archived Sex Stories

Dave the guard


Just a story about a fed up ex-cop. No
copyrights, no non-commercial
Warnings- do what ever you want with it. If are
offended by this kind of stuff, don't read it.

Keywords: Mdom, m/f, m/fff, ws, oral

Constructive feedback always appreciated.


Dave was a bitter man.

It wasn't his fault, not really. Dave had been on
top of the world only five years ago. A wife who loved
him, two kids, the house in the suburbs and two cars in
the garage were all his. Then came New Year's Eve,

Dave had to work on New Year's. He was working
the night watch in the heights. The heights was the
neighborhood to live in, it was where all the
politicians, business owners and "old money" lived.
Dave actually liked working the heights beat, even
though the wealthy residents were often royal pains-in-
the-ass, they were the type to solve their problems
with lawyers rather than .22 pistols.
At 12:33, Dave and his partner took a call for a
disturbance at one of the houses on Strawbridge Drive.
As they pulled up to the house, actually an 8000 square
foot mansion, Dave was sure of what he would find
inside. He could already hear the female screaming
coming from the house "Don't touch me". Dave was sure
it was some millionaire and his drunken wife going at
each other, probably about the color of the napkin
As soon as he walked in the door, Dave knew
something else was wrong. There were two people in the
living room, a man and a woman. The man Dave instantly
recognized as the mayor, and the woman was definitely
not the mayor's wife.
Dave turned on the lights, and the situation got
more complicated. The woman was not a woman, but a
girl, maybe 18, more likely 16. And the reason she was
screaming was obvious. Her clothes were ripped off,
her tits were hanging out of what was left of her bra,
and what was left of her dress was hanging from her,
not really covering anything. The girl was bruised in
numerous places, and from the amount of cum running
down her leg, obviously had just been fucked.
Dave knew it was going to be a touch situation,
but decided to play it "by the book". He called the
rape squad, the detectives, and arrested the mayor.
Alerted by their police scanners, soon the press showed
up. In short, it became a major media event, and the
mayor was hauled off to jail on the 6:00 news.

But justice is not a simple thing. The mayor had
been mayor for 25 years, and was a political creature
with a lot of markers scattered throughout the state.
He started calling them in. The police detectives
couldn't be sure about their fingerprints. The local
police lab reported that the semen sample recovered
from the girl was 'contaminated', and could not be used
to identify the rapist. The girl's story was rendered
suspect when her supposed drug-dealer materialized out
of no-where and told a credibility-straining tale of
her use and abuse of Quaaludes. The mayor, a very
upstanding member of every church and civic
organization in town, told a story about how he was
driving by and heard the screams, and went to
investigate. In short, by the time it came to go to
trial, the only people who believed the mayor capable
of rape were the girl and Dan.

Chapter 2
It was Dan's day off. He was sitting on his front
porch, taking the day to relax when the limo drove up.
A tall man walked up to the porch and introduced
himself as Mr. Harper.
"Dan, I understand you recently applied for a
second-mortgage on your house." The man spoke to Dan
with no emotion, no feeling, not even bothering to look
up from his clipboard.
"Well, yes", Dan replied, but how do you know?
Are you from the bank?"
The man snickered. "You might say that. Lets
just say I work for a large financially minded
organization. I know it is your day off, so I will be
brief. You have a $133,362 mortgage on your house,
$15,503 in car loans, and $8323 in credit card debts.
All I ask is a simple favor, and all those debts will
be paid off by 5:00 this afternoon".
Dan's police instincts went to red alert. He knew
what was coming, but felt compelled to play the hand
anyway. "Just what sort of simple favor did you have
in mind".
"Now Dan, we both know that that girl was stoned
and out of her head. She wouldn't have known if the
mayor, the dog or little green men from Mars had fucked
her silly. She just picked on the mayor because he was
a good enough man to hear her screams and look in the
house to see what was happening. He is actually a
hero, a concerned citizen". The tall man said this
without a trace of irony or smugness. Dan had the
impression he actually believed it. "All you have to
do is change your testimony just a little bit, and
forget that the mayor's dick was hanging out of his
pants and dripping cum on the rug when you arrived".
Dan came from a long line of temperamental Irish
cops, and he heard himself ranting at the tall man
without ever having consciously made a decision. "Get
the fuck of my porch, and go back to your pervert mayor
and tell him if I ever see him within 50 feet of a
teenage girl, I will be a concerned citizen and cut his
nuts off".
"You're making a mistake, young man. The mayor is
in a strong position to reward his friends, and make
life miserable for his enemies. Please think carefully
before you decide to do anything fool-"
"Get the fuck out of here".

Dan related the whole conversation to his wife.
His wife was less than supportive. "You had to go and
be Mr. Fuckin' Righteous and turn down the money. And
for what? The prick is going to get off, and you are
going to be on the shit list", she screamed.
Two weeks later, it happened. A random search
turned up a joint in Dan's locker at the police squad
room. Dan was formally warned that he only was allowed
two strikes and had just used up one. Two days later,
another joint. It didn't matter than Dan had never
even smoked a tobacco cigarette, let alone a joint, and
never failed a drug test. He was fired, and fired in a
very public manner. Next came the IRS, all of a sudden
Dan owed $50,000 in back taxes and penalties. His
insurance was cancelled. His car and house loans were
called in and foreclosed. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses
stopped knocking at his door.

Dan's wife divorced him, and managed to get what
little he had left. Dan was down to a 1974 Dodge Dart,
a ratty apartment, and a job as a night watchman at the
local high-end department store. After 6 months of
walking around at night with a flashlight, Dan got a
promotion to plain-clothes security. It was the first
thing that had gone right in 2 years, but Dan was still
bitter. He hated his life, his job, and the rich,
powerful people who ruined his life.
Chapter 3
One day Dan was working his shift, walking through
the "women's accessories" section of the store. Dan
was always a good cop, and his instincts did serve him
well in his new position. The woman was just too
unnatural not to arouse Dan's suspicion. She would
pick up an expensive handbag, put it over her shoulder,
and walk over to the mirror to see how it looked.
Finally, Dan saw the switch. She left her old purse,
empty no doubt, on the shelf and walked toward the door
with a brand new one.
Dan waited until she left the store, and then
confronted her. This is where it got a little dicey.
Dan had no more authority than any other citizen, and
it was a mixture of bluff and intimidation by which he
got the woman back into the store and into the security
Dan recognized the type. The woman was quite
pretty and well dressed. She was about 30, tall, about
5'9", long, black hair, green eyes and a very pretty
face. She had a set of tits her husband no doubt paid
good money for, and a tight little ass. She was
wearing a silk blouse with a frilly bra underneath,
black slacks and black heels. The slacks were
carefully chosen, just tight enough to show off her
ass, and a hint of her pretty little mound in front.
The curves of her thighs and butt were evident, as well
as what promised to be long, silky legs. Dan had
escorted her into the security room and had her seated
in front of the lone table in the room.
"Do you have any idea who I am?", asked the woman.
"I am Mrs. George Wilson, and my husband is the deputy
DA for this county. Do you really think any cop will
arrest me? Now lets stop this silliness, I will pay
for the bag, and you can go back to counting shopping
carts". With that, the woman got up to leave.
"Sit down, please, Mrs. Wilson. You are under
citizen's arrest. I will notify the city police that I
have detained you, and they will be here shortly." Dan
had grabbed at her arm to steer her back into the
chair. The woman grabbed his hand, scratched him with
her impeccable nails, and made another step toward the
Something snapped inside Dan. "Sit the fuck down
in that chair. One more fucking word out of you,
bitch, and not only will I call the cops, but I will
personally make sure that the gossip editor for the
Daily Tribune is here, and gets a picture of you in
"Fuck you", screamed Mrs. George Wilson. " I'll
have your job-"
"You can have my job", answered Dan. He picked up
the phone and dialed a number. "Give me the city desk,
people-you-know editor". With that, Mrs. Wilson turned
pale. She reached over and hung up the telephone.
"Look, this is crazy. I only stole the purse as
an impulse. I can certainly pay for it. And look,
I'll tell you what, I'll make it worth your while- how
about $500". With those words, she turned to Dan and
smiled. It was the kind of smile that made Dan hate
rich woman. She had the perfect white teeth, pretty
face, smooth skin, and silky hair that only came with
thousand dollar cosmetics from Paris. As a final
touch, when she talked with Dan she thrust her chest
out, making sure her nipples poked through the blouse
and bra she was wearing.
"OK, bitch, I'll take the $500". Mrs. Wilson got
up, pulled a wallet out of her pocket, counted out 5
crisp $100 notes, and turned toward the door. "Just a
minute, honey. How do I know you didn't steal anything
"Of course I didn't take anything else. I have
wasted enough time with your foolishness, and wish to
take my leave of you".
"Stop right the fuck there. I am not finished
with you yet."
"Oh but you are", answered Mrs. Wilson.
"Oh, but I am not." Dan pointed to the security
camera in the room. "I have video of you, bribing me
not to turn you in. I can't image what the local Fox
channel would pay for that. There must be a "Worlds
Nastiest Rich Cunt" series in the making by now". Dan
grabbed her by the arm, led her back to the center of
the small room, and ordered her to empty out her
Mrs. Wilson turned her pockets inside out. All
she had was a driver's license, a few hundred more in
cash, and a tube of lipstick. Dan picked up her
license and looked at it. "Karen, is it? OK, Karen, I
can see you don't have anything else in your pockets,
but still, there are ways of hiding things." Dan
smiled at her, and in his sweetest, most quiet and calm
voice, said "take off your blouse".
"WHAT? No way, mister. I'll call the cops
Dan just smiled and handed her the phone. "Try to
make it a quick call. I need to call the Tribune when
you are finished."
Karen didn't move a muscle. After what seemed
like an eternity, she stood up, and turned away from
Dan. Karen walked over to where the surveillance
camera was, and hung an old jacket she found in the
room over the lens. Dan laughed, knowing that Karen
didn't realize there were two cameras, and the second
was well concealed. Karen pulled the silk skirt out of
her slacks, and one-by-one, popped open the buttons.
When the blouse slipped off her shoulders, Dan was
rewarded by the sight of her pretty back, nice and tan,
certainly without tan lines. "Turn around". When she
turned, Dan could see her luscious tits, constrained by
the silky bra. It was sheer enough that her nipples
just poked through, and the tops of her tits were not
covered at all. Again, not a hint of tan lines.
"Satisfied, pervert?" snorted Karen.
"Yes, very much so. And yet, how am I to know
that there is nothing hidden between those lovely tits?
Why don't you step over here so I can check, it will
only take a second". Karen took her time, but in the
end walked over and stood in front of Dan. Dan reached
up and put his hands around Karen's back. Slowly, he
worked his way around the sides of her breasts,
kneading and squishing them through the bra. When he
got to the front, he slid his hands to the tops, where
her tits were uncovered. Dan rubbed his hands over the
tops of her breasts, then slid his left hand between
her breasts and down inside her bra. "Don't see
nothing yet", he said.
Karen had a look on her face that would crack cast
iron. Her lips, already in a permanent pout, were even
more upturned, with her white teeth showing through.
"I hate you, you sick fuck", she hissed.
Dan couldn't have cared less. He now moved his
hands to the bottom of her tits, and cupped them in his
hands, bouncing them to see if they contained any
contraband. Finally, he used his thumb and forefinger
of each hand to pinch her nipples, first gently, then
hard, then very hard. As he did this, Karen's nipples
grew hard to his touch. "This seems suspicious. I
think you may be hiding something here like jewelry or
something", said Dan. "Take the bra off".
Karen thought about protesting, but the thought of
her picture on the society page in handcuffs made her
think better of it. She resigned herself to Dan
playing with her tits, and reached around and unclasped
her bra. Her tits sprung out, erect and firm. Karen
had 34C breasts, with no sag and a perfect wineglass
shape. Her husband called them just the right size for
sucking on, something she loved. Her nipples were not
very long, but they got as hard as steel when she was
aroused, or angry. Her nipples were as hard as they
ever got.
Dan repeated his breast examination, this time
without the bra. He loved the feel as he cupped them
from underneath and got them bouncing, first in sync,
then alternating. Dave found the small tattoo of the
butterfly on the underside of Karen's left breast, and
started flicking it with his finger, until it got red
and obviously hurt, but Karen was too proud to admit to
the pain. Finally, he amused himself by pulling on the
nipples until her tits stretched up in the air, then
letting them go. Karen had a scowl on her face, but
didn't say anything.
"Satisfied now, you fuckin' pervert?" snarled
"I wish you would stop calling me that", said
Dave. "Besides, we are almost done. Just take off the
rest of your clothes, and then I can let you go on your
"Hey, look- I let you play around bouncing my
tits, but that it. Bad enough I let you pull my
nipples until they hurt, but there is no way you are
getting inside my pants. Forget it!". Karen gave Dave
her best intimidation look.
"Suit yourself, bitch". Dave got up and started
walking out. "Of course, I don't know how you are
going to explain the article in the gossip section
about how a store security guard knew about your
tattoo. The newspaper won't say where it was, of
course, but you husband will recognize the description,
now won't he".
"OK, your win. But please, I'll just take my
clothes off for a minute and then I want to-... "
"What the fuck is with you? I make the rules
here, not you. You will take off your pants, you will
take off your panties, and you will sit your ass up on
that table and spread your legs for me, and you will do
it before I count to 10". Dave surprised even himself
with his tone. He knew he hated rich bitches, but
didn't know he had this in him. He almost started to
feel a little compassion, until he remembered the
reason he was so sexually frustrated is because his own
wife had left, all because of...
Dave was brought back to reality by Karen sitting
on the table and spreading her legs, wide. Her thighs
were perfect, smooth, and led up to a fantastic looking
bush. Karen had trimmed her pubic hair just enough to
let her pussy lips poke through. Her lips were a
delicate shade of red, and from where he stood, Dan
could just see the tip of her clit poking through. He
wasn't sure, but he thought he saw a small drop of
moisture. Certainly it smelled like sex. "Boy, I don't
know, it sure looks like you might be hiding something
in there."
Dave walked over to Karen, and put his hands on
her knees. Slowly, he ran his hands up the inside of
her thighs, finally getting to the soft fold where her
legs met her crotch. He ran his fingernail over this
spot, being rewarded with a gasp as Karen drew in a
breath. Next he slid his hand over her bush, taking
time to caress the soft hair and allowing the back of
his hand to brush over Karen's pussy lips. Karen
gasped again, and drew in a quick breath. "I knew you
would like that, you slut".
"Shut up and get on with this". Despite Karen's
harsh words, Dave knew her body was betraying her.
Already he could feel the moisture on his hand from
Karen's labia. He allowed more pressure on his hand,
and with his index finger began tracing a line around
the folds of Karen's cunt. He was rewarded with a
small gush of moisture which sprayed all over his
finger. "My god", thought Dave, "she's one of those".
Karen began squirming as Dave kept up the pressure
on her pussy. Dave took his left thumb and forefinger
and grabbed hold of Karen's clit. He squeezed it until
Karen tried to pull away, backed off a little, then
squeezed it again. Soon he was pressing just about as
hard as he could, and Karen made no move to free her
clit from his grasp. With his other hand, he worked
one, then two, and finally three fingers inside her
pussy. Karen was sopping wet. Dave used his middle
knuckle to grind against the roof of Karen's pussy, and
was rewarded with a strong contraction as Karen tried
to pull his fingers further inside of her. Karen was
now pinching her own nipples, and was moaning- Dave
hoped the room was reasonably soundproof. In another
minute, Karen started shaking all over. Dave was
amazed as she pulled on her own nipples and ground her
snatch into Dave's hand. With a loud gasp, Karen
shuddered one last time, and collapsed onto the table.
If Dave had given a damn, he would have seen a smile on
her face.
But Dave didn't give a damn. In fact, he was
angry. Here he was, trying to molest the hell out of
some rich bitch, and the fucking broad enjoyed it.
Dave stepped back and took off his pants and shorts.
His dick, all 6" of it, stood at attention. Still
angry, and hornier by the minute, Dave grabbed Karen by
the ankles, and pulled her roughly off the table so she
was facing him. Dave then forced her shoulders around,
grabbed her tits, and used them as levers to pull her
down so she was standing, but now bent over the table.
Dave came up behind her, and smacked her ass. He
did it hard enough that her whole body shook, and
watched as her tits bounced, then came to rest against
he edge of the table. He did this a couple times,
each time a little harder then previous. He was
mesmerized by her tits bouncing like they did, finally
coming to rest and hanging down.
Finally, Dave grabbed one ass cheek in each hand,
and forced them apart. Karen's pretty rosebud of an
asshole came into view, and Dave pressed his dick
against it. "No, please, I have never done that".
"That makes to of us honey. And if I were you, I
would take some of the juice your cunt has been putting
out and rub it around your asshole, and I would do it
now". Karen complied, using her fingers to probe
inside her cunt, then rubbed them against her ass.
Dave lost patience, forced her hands out of the way,
and rammed his dick into her ass.
Karen screamed, louder this time. Dave pulled
nearly all the way out, and then rammed into her ass
again. Karen crashed against the table, nearly loosing
her balance, and mashing her tits into the tabletop.
Dave had never knew anything could feel this good, and
kept at it, pulling almost all the way out, and then
slamming himself back inside her as hard as he could.
Dave knew he was about at the end of his rope. He
pulled out of her ass, and grabbed Karen by the hair on
the back of her head. He pulled up so she stood
upright, then with one hand of jet-black hair, and one
hand full of nipple, forced her to kneel on the ground.
Karen was now kneeling right in front of Dave's dick,
and Dave was jerking himself off as hard as he could.
When he came, semen flew at Karen's head, hitting
her right above the bridge of the nose. cum splashed
over her face, her eyes, her lips, and even a blob or
two was visible against her long hair. Dave forced his
dick in her mouth so she could clean him off, and was
surprised when Karen complied.
Dave got dressed, straightened his uniform, and
turned to fix his tie in the mirror. Karen could
barely stand, let alone walk. "Take your time, bitch,
you earned it", Dave said as he walked out the door and
left the room. Even after what he had done, Dave still
had some feeling, and walked over to the counter and
picked up the purse Karen had tried to steal. On his
way back to the security room, he grabbed a handful of
Godiva chocolates from the display rack and stuffed
them in the purse. He barged into the room, found
Karen stuffing her tits back in her bra, and almost
started over again. Instead he handed her the purse,
and walked out. Dave saw Karen in the store many more
times, always dressed to kill, but never saw her try
anything else again.
Of course, he did have that video tape.
Chapter 4
In his 6 months at his new job, Dave had learned
much. He was still blessed with his cop's instinct,
and could almost smell out a shoplifter. Shrinkage in
the departments Dave patrolled was down by 30%, and
word was around town that his store was not a good
place for five-fingered discounting.
Dave had numerous chances to repeat his
performance with Karen on other, unsuspecting victims.
The two weeks before the high-school prom season had
Dave looking so ragged his supervisor suggested he take
a vacation. Dave did need a vacation, but not because
of his work. He felt like he had banged half the
graduating class of the local high school- and most of
them in their prom dresses. Dave had bagged so much
teen-aged pussy that he thought his hair was going to
go gray. In fact, Dave didn't even have time for the
more humiliating things he had thought up- usually just
letting the girls go with a strip tease, blowjob and
maybe a finger in the pussy or two.
Dave also learned to patrol the hosiery
department, as stockings and pantyhose were always
popular with shoplifters. Dave was a leg man, and
usually let the girls go if they modeled what they were
trying to steal, and only what they were trying to
steal, from him. Dave had a real thing about foot jobs
from women just wearing a pair of black stockings.
Unfortunately, success has its price. The low
theft rates of the areas Dave patrolled were noticed by
management. Dave came into work one Monday morning and
was told to report to Mr. Fielders office, the store
general manager. Dave figured the gig was up. Two
days ago, Dave had caught teenage twin girls trying to
shoplift two pairs of Keds. The videotape he had of
the girls doing naked calisthenics caused him to blow
his load in less than 30 seconds everytime. A 36C girl
just shouldn't do jumping jacks... and high kicks were
just something to be seen to be believed. Still
grinning, Dave walked into Fielder's office.

Dave didn't get fired. Worse. He was now head
of the Loss Prevention Department, meaning that 5
people that were more fucked up than he was now worked
for him. It meant more money, but it also meant no
more working by himself and taking suspects to the
security room. "Oh well", though Dave. "Better I stop
before I get caught".

Chapter 5

It was Memorial Day weekend, and as supervisor,
Dave had to juggle all the shifts of people who wanted
time off. The net result was than Saturday afternoon
found Dave working by himself because the guard who was
supposed to work called in with the flu. Budweiser
Flu, Dave was sure.
Dave was wondering through the store, and without
even thinking, walked past the bridal salon. There
were three girls in the salon, no doubt trying on every
gown in the store- and they would probably end up
buying one from K-Mart anyway. Dave took a look
anyway. The bride could only be described as cute.
She was about 5'3, short blond hair, petite, with small
tits and a cute little ass. Her small face and
features made her look very young, and she had a smile
that lit up the room. She looked a little like Heather
Locklear, only with smaller features and softer curves.
The other two girls had to be bridesmaids. One
was a taller version of the bride, and had to be her
sister. They were close to being twins, although the
taller one had longer hair and a more lavish look
rather than the cuteness of her sister. The third girl
was a redhead, and while Dave could not see too much of
her without being obvious, he did notice a set of legs
and high-heeled sandals that caught his eye.
The odds of someone swiping a wedding dress were
pretty small, so Dave kept on walking. He managed to
catch a 17yr old boy trying to swipe a brandy snifter-
Dave was so amazed that a kid wanted a crystal decanter
that he just let him go. The welfare mom trying to
swipe kids underwear was just too pathetic, and Dave
turned the corner and walked in the other direction.
Why a welfare mom couldn't do her shoplifting at K-Mart
always puzzled him, but he had long since given up
trying to understand the local criminal mind. At times
like this, Dave almost thought of himself as the guy at
the casino that handed out perks- instead of free rooms
to high rollers, Dave gave out fruit-of-the-looms to
single moms. What the fuck was the difference anyway.

Dave was walking back from the young men's section
to his office, and took a detour through women's
intimate apparel. He heard the giggling fifty feet
away, and knew the bridal party he had observed earlier
was working their way through the lingerie section.
Instinct took over. Dave knew that it was common for
the bridal party to do a little shopping when they were
together, both for wedding night stuff as well as the
traditional items. Dave didn't remember the whole
poem, but he did recall "something borrowed, something
blue", and knew that often the something borrowed was
in fact borrowed from the store. Sure enough, walking
up behind the girls, he saw a blue teddy get picked out
for a purchase, and a black negligee get "borrowed"
into the redheads purse.
As usual, Dave followed them past the last
purchase point- which gave him a chance to scope out
the redhead's legs and ass. Wow. She was wearing a
pair of shorts which seemed to work their way up into
her ass, and left the bottom portion of her cheeks
visible. She had long legs, smooth, and tanned. The
high heeled sandals did a great job of adding to her
leg line and pushing her ass out further. The redhead
had nice tits, although they looked fake.
The two blonds were cut from the same mold. Both
were wearing tight blue jeans, and both had the sort of
asses that Calvin Klein was thinking of when he went
into the blue-jean business. He couldn't see them from
the front, but the curves were certainly looking good
from the back.
As soon as they were out of the store, Dave
confronted them. "Excuse me, ladies, but I am with
store security, and I need to speak with you". The two
blondes smiled at Dave, obviously unaware of what was
going on. The redhead went pale, which was a nice
contrast to her red hair and blue eyes. A sort of
Memorial Day theme, thought Dave.

Dave led the three of them into the security room.
It was a tight fit, but Dave didn't mind at all. Both
blondes had very perky, but small tits, and Dave
enjoyed being in close proximity. "What is it you
want?" asked the
Bride. "We were just shopping, and we didn't see
"I am sure you didn't, Miss, but I did. One of
you took an item from the confines of this retail
establishment after willfully concealing it to avoid
payment of the purchase price". Dave tried his best to
sound authoritative.
"But we didn't", said the larger blonde. Dave
noticed for the first time that the larger blonde had
an even smaller waist and larger hips than her sister.
And her sister was pretty damn curvy already. "None of
us took anything".
Dave was getting tired of the game already. "OK,
if nobody took anything, then this will only take a few
minutes. I will just call the police, and the officer
assigned to the store will be here within five minutes.
The police will have the authority to ask you to open
and inspect your handbags, and if my suspicions are
unfounded, you ladies will all be having lunch in our
patio restaurant, on me".
There was total silence. Dave shrugged, and
picked up the phone. "Uh, what would they do to us if
they found us with something hidden?" It was the
redhead, as Dave knew it would be without even looking.
The blondes looked at her in horror.
"Well, Miss, I can't really say. You would no
doubt be arrested for retail theft. And since there
are three of you, the officer will either have to
request backup, or cuff you together and take you to
the precinct for booking. One of you for retail theft,
and the others for conspiracy to commit..."
"You mean, like, jail?". Again, the redhead.
Where did these girls come from, anyway.
"Yes, exactly like jail", explained Dave in his
best Andy Sipowitz voice. "I can't tell you exactly
what would happen, but you would be under arrest, and
put in a holding cell at the station. Then, depending
upon the number of inmates and how soon you can make
bail, you may be transferred from the station to the
justice center down in south county."
The older blonde started to catch on. "The
justice center- THAT IS JAIL!" There is no way. I
know we can make bail. My parents are out of town, but
there are bail bondsmen, right? They would get us
right out, wouldn't they?'
Dave couldn't believe this. How could anyone get
to be an adult and be so clueless. "Yes, Miss, a
bailbondsman could certainly bail you out. Normally,
that would not be a problem at all. But you see, I
must warn you that I used to be a policeman, and I know
a little about what happens. The problem is that this
is the first holiday weekend of the summer, and even
worse, the first weekend of the summer with hot
weather. That means that every asshole in the world
has been drinking beer all day, and is pretty much on
his way to jail right now for beating up his neighbor.
I'm afraid bail-bondsmen get a little busy. If I were
you, I'd figure on spending the night in the justice
"Oh my god! I can't go to a jail like that." This
time it was the bride.
"I'll tell you what, Miss." It was Detective
Sipowitz again. Why don't you use the phone over there
to call someone now. This way they will have a
headstart at bailing you out, and just maybe you won't
have to spend the night.". Dave was truly proud of
himself. He remembered all the interrogation
techniques well, but had never had the chance to play
both bad cop and good cop at the same time. It was
time for the finishing touch. "If you will excuse me, I
have to step into my other office for a second to get
an incident form. The door will be locked, and I will
be back in 30 seconds. By the way, do not bother
trying to remove possible stolen items from your purse-
you will notice the video cameras- they are admissible
in court."

Dave knew there would be a council of war while he
was gone, and spent the better part of five minutes
standing outside the door to the security room.
Satisfied that he had let the situation sink in, he
walked into the room, even whistling like Andy
Without saying a word, Dave picked up the phone
and started dialing. "Wh-Who are you calling", asked
the redhead.
"The police, who else. But don't worry, they can
usually get here in a few minutes."
"Ah, can we talk to you for a second?" the redhead
asked. "We were wondering if we could sort of make a
deal or something".
"I am sorry, Miss, but I am just a security guard.
Only a judge can make deals on sentencing".
"We thought that maybe we could make a deal to
avoid all the hassles. My sister and I are from a
wealthy family, and we give you some money to look the
other way." The tall blonde looked at Dave, gave him
her cutest smile, and waited for an answer.
She would never know that if she hadn't said
"rich", she might have had a chance. "How much do you
have on you?" asked Dave.
"We only have about $30 on us, but we could give
you more. Would $1000 do it?"
"And just how did you propose to give me $1000
when you only have $30?" asked Dave. He could almost
feel the answer coming. This would be fun.
"We could write you a check".
"What the fuck are you talking about? A check!
How fucking stupid do you broads think I am. Give me a
break. A check." Dave picked up the phone and started
dialing again.
He got about 3 digits into the number and the
redhead reached over and put her hand on top of his.
"Maybe there is something else we could negotiate
with?" she purred.
"Maybe there is, but I don't know what it could
be. You have no money, and your credit certainly isn't
too good. What did you have in mind?" Dave loved the
suspense. Like he didn't know what they had in mind.
"Well", said the bride, "we noticed that you are a
good looking man, and we are good looking girls, and we
thought that maybe we could, you know, make you feel
"Look, girls, I am a busy man. My shift is over
in 5 minutes, and the only thing I want is to get you
three off to jail and then go home. If you have an
offer, I am ready to listen, but make it quick."
"Three" said Dave again.
"Three what?"
Dave looked at the girls. "It is 4:30. My shift
is over at 5:00. If you can make me cum 3 times in the
half hour, you and your slutty stolen negligee can walk
out of here. Otherwise the county will give you
complimentary nightgowns tonight". Dave didn't think
it was necessary to tell them that he had a matinee
double-header his girlfriend on his lunch hour, and
that three more cumshots in one day would be a major
event in his life-a new record actually. The three
girls looked at each other. The bride made the first
vertical motion with her head, not more than a fraction
of an inch. That was enough. The other two started
nodding in sync, and the deal was closed within 5

Dave sat down in his chair, took off his watch and
set the alarm to 5:00.

"What do you want us to do", asked the tall blond.
"Tell me your names"
"I am Brenda" said the redhead. "The bride over
there is Sandy, and her sister is Tina".
"Now what do you want us to do", asked Sandy.
Dave just held up his hand with three fingers
extended, and pointed to his watch on the table.
Tina and Sandy looked at each other. Sandy walked
over to Dave's chair and sat in his lap. Her butt felt
good on Dave's let, and Sandy let her hand fall down to
Dave's groin. She felt his dick, still soft, but
getting harder. Sandy reached down and opened Dave's
zipper, then reached inside for his dick.
"Can't you at least help us by taking off your
pants?" asked Brenda. Dave looked at her and nodded a
"I will stand up if that will help, but it is all
up to you ladies".
Dave stood up, and Sandy went to work on his belt
buckle. Brenda reached down to untie his shoelaces,
and when she did, Dave stuck his hand up under her
shorts and grabbed her ass, hard. She shrieked, turned
around, and was ready to say something. Sandy stared
her down, and she went back to the shoelaces. Dave
went back to sticking his finger up her ass.

Brenda took care of the footwear, Sandy had Dave's
pants and shorts off, and Tina went to work on his
shirt and tie. She stood behind him, pressed her tits
into Dave's back, and proceeded to undo his tie and
shirt. They now had Dave naked.
As soon as Brenda finished with his shoes, she
stood to one side so Sandy could use her hands on
Dave's dick. Dave reached over and grabbed the
waistband of Brenda's shorts and pulled them down. She
let them fall, and gracefully stepped out of them,
leaving her wearing her tight top and black panties.
Dave grabbed the elastic of her panties, and Brenda
tried to step away from him. Dave refused to let go,
and the front of her panties were pulled into her
pussy, and went even further in as Dave pulled harder
to make Brenda take a step back and closer to him. He
even pulled the backs up, turning her panties into
Sandy was giving him a fair handjob, but it was
obvious that it wasn't her best skill. Nervously,
Sandy started moving her mouth closer to Dave's dick.
Dave grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her
mouth over his dick. Sandy choked at first, but
managed to get a rhythm going. If it had been the
first one of the day, Dave would have come by now. As
it was, he was hard, but was nowhere near cumming.
Sandy was getting frustrated. She thought this
would be a 2 minute exercise, but obviously not. She
was also upset that her sister and friend were just
standing there, watching her do all the work. To make
up for it, she reached over and grabbed Brenda's shirt
and pulled it over her head. Brenda was now wearing a
bra, panties and heels, and was mad at Sandy. She made
up for it by unsnapping Sandy's jeans and pulling them
over her ass.
Sandy kept right on sucking, and Brenda went to
work on her blouse. She unbuttoned every button and
pulled the blouse off. Without even stopping for a
second, she unsnapped Sandy's bra, and had it off too.
Dave looked down and saw Sandy, bobbing away on his
dick and her small, but soft tits bouncing with every
suck. He wanted to see Sandy's ass, but didn't want to
take her away from his throbbing dick. Then he
remembered that he had the next best thing right behind
him. He reached around and pulled Tina in front of
him. He unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, and pushed
them over her thighs. That left Tina in a t-shirt and
her white panties. Dave grabbed the waistband of
Tina's panties, and pulled them off her as well.
Dave was pleased to see that Tina was a natural
blonde, and a hairy one at that. Her pubic hair was
thick and long, and completely hid her pussy from his
view. Her hair felt wonderful as he rubbed his hand
back and forth over it, finally settling on a finger
inside her pussy. She was dry as a bone when he stuck
his finger in, and it must have hurt her- but now after
a little wiggling inside her and over her clit, she was
wet and getting wetter.
Dave felt the familiar feeling inside his balls,
and knew he was close to coming. He let Sandy keep
working, but at the last minute, pulled out of her
mouth and came all over her face and tits. Sandy,
wearing only panties, looked lovely as the stream of
cum dripped off her cheek and onto her tits.

Dave's penis went soft, and he sat down in the
only chair in the room. He stuck his index finger in
his mouth, and drew a 1 in the air. The three girls
looked at each other, and Sandy stared hard at the
other two, making sure they knew that she had done her
Both Brenda and Tina were still wearing their
shirts, and when Brenda walked in front of Dave, he
grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples through the
shirt. Tina sensed what he was after, and came up
behind Brenda and pulled her shirt over her head. Dave
grabbed the cups of her bra and pulled them down so
that her tits- Dave guessed 36C- spilled out. He
resumed his deathgrip on Brenda's left nipple. Sandy
surprised him by pulling off Tina's shirt and bra, and
Tina returned the favor by pulling Sandy's panties off.
All three girls were naked- except for Brenda's high

Brenda moved in front of Dave, and started playing
with his penis. She looked around for a towel to clean
off the cum, but Dave just shook his head. With a
frown, Brenda used her tongue to clean off the last of
Dave's cum that he hadn't shot all over Sandy's face.
Still, Dave wasn't getting hard- not nearly hard enough
to fuck. Brenda was getting desperate, when she had an
idea. She reached over and grabbed Tina by the nipple
and pulled her in front of her. Dave's dick moved and
became a little harder. Figuring that she was onto
something, Brenda starting rubbing Tina's tits. But
these were not lesbian, girl-girl soft caresses.
Brenda had one of Tina's tits in each hand, and was
mashing them against Tina's ribcage. Every so often,
Brenda would take one nipple and either bite it or
pinch it, hard enough that Tina cried out. With each
bite or pinch, Brenda managed to get Dave a little
This was working, but it was not enough. Tina
realized she could do more for the group effort, and
she grabbed her sister Sandy. Even while Brenda was
biting Tina's tits, Tina had her hand at Sandy's
snatch, rubbing, prodding, and fingering. When Dave
looked over, Tina had two fingers inside her sister.
Then three. When Dave looked over again, Tina had her
entire fist inside her sister, and Sandy appeared to be
enjoying the feeling. Dave was getting pretty hard by
now, and Brenda took the opportunity to sit in his lap
and mount his dick.
Dave looked to his left, and saw Sandy tense up
and then go limp. Her sister had just brought her to
an orgasm, and Dave was willing to bet it wasn't the
first time. Then Sandy went to work on Tina, only not
on her pussy. Sandy came up behind Tina, and started
spreading her ass cheeks. Tina had a dreamy look on
her face, which Dave took as a challenge and so reached
over and pinched her clit, very hard. Tina screeched
in pain, and Sandy took the opportunity to ram her
middle finger up her sister's ass. Dave was watching
this at the same time that Brenda was fucking him
silly. It was too much for him, and he felt another
cum on its way. He pulled himself out of Brenda, stood
up quick, and stuffed his dick in Brenda's mouth,
coming even as he did it. Brenda swallowed some of it,
but most of it was on her lips and chin. She was quite
the sight as the last of Dave's cum dribbled off her
chin and onto her legs.
Dave looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes to go,
and Dave didn't think he had a prayer of mustering
another load. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
He decided at that point he would not turn the girls
in, even if he didn't cum again. He also decided not
to tell them that. He also made sure he knocked his
watch off the table by accident so no one could tell
the time.

Dave got up and lay down on the table. He rested
on his side, not out of any particular preference, but
more so that he could stare at the three naked beauties
in the room with him. The more he looked at Tina and
Sandy, the more amazed he was. Both had the curviest
asses and hips he had remembered seeing. Sandy was
shorter, and appeared even curvier, but Tina, with the
longer legs had a look that said fashion model. Both
had platinum hair, in both places, soft, silky and
shiny. This was not to ignore Brenda. More the
voluptuous type, she had the large soft tits, round
face and an ass that just demanded to be pinched. Her
legs were muscular- obviously a runner, and her bush
was a pretty shade of red. The bright red of her labia
and the deep red of her hair made for a very artistic
presentation of feminine charms.

As Dave lay on his side, he felt Brenda come up
behind him. She was licking his ass, and it was
something Dave never felt before. While she was doing
this, Sandy sat up on the table, and pushed her pussy
right in Dave's face. Never one to turn down a free
meal, Dave went to work on Sandy. Her pussy had a very
sweet taste, and Dave made a note to himself to find
out if sisters tasted the same. He nibbled on Sandy's
pussy lips, and used his tongue to caress the outside
of her pussy lips and her clit. Dave also remembered a
trick his ex-wife had taught him, and started humming
while he was nibbling on Sandy's clit. As soon as he
did it, Sandy went over the edge, nearly strangling
Dave as she closed her thighs on his head. Tina saw
what had happened, and obviously wanted to see what had
set Sandy off so fast. Dave obliged, and found out
that sisters do taste the same. Right about the time
Dave started his humming trick, he nearly flew through
roof himself. Brenda was still behind him, and she had
worked her tongue up and given him a rimjob- another
first for Dave. He had never felt anything so good,
and for the first time understood why fruitcakes were
such a happy lot. Dave was in heaven. Unfortunately
for the girls, he was not getting hard.

After her rimjob, and after he got Tina off, Dave
laid flat on his back, and figured he would see what
the girls came up with next. Tina came up from his
legs, licking her way up his legs, aiming at his balls.
Dave felt bad, because he knew he wasn't going to get
hard, but he was enjoying himself far too much to call
it quits. Tina had his balls in her mouth now, and was
doing a great job of sucking and licking his balls and
the underside of his penis. Sandy and Brenda looked
at each other, looked at Tina, and winked. Dave had
the feeling they had just called the hail-mary play.

Sandy sat on the floor, in a lotus kind of
position. She was off to Dave's right, and he had a
pretty good view. Brenda came up in front of Sandy,
and put her snatch right in Sandy's face. Sandy
started sucking on Brenda's clit, and Dave could hear
the licking sounds. Sandy also had one hand in her own
snatch, but Dave couldn't really see what she was
doing. Tina continued her world class blowjob, and
Dave actually felt a stir. Maybe it would work?

Dave watched as Sandy and Brenda continued to go
to work on each other. Both were now squatting on
their heels, with their legs spread wide. This let
each girl work on her friend's pussy, tits, or in
Sandy's case, Brenda had a finger up her ass.
Dave was getting even harder.
But even Dave wasn't ready for what happened.
Brenda was still squatting, but Sandy had moved her
sweet little face right under Brenda's pussy. Just
when Dave thought Brenda was going to grind her pussy
in Sandy's face, Brenda let loose with a stream of
piss, catching Sandy right on the face and tits. Sandy
held her mouth open, and some of the piss was
definitely going inside of her mouth. Brenda kept
pissing for what seemed like forever, finally ending in
a trickle that didn't even clear Sandy's hair.
Before Brenda had a chance to get up from the
squatting position she was in, Sandy jumped up, turned
toward Brenda, pushed her pussy in Brenda's face, and
let loose with her own stream of hot piss. Brenda's
face was absolutely covered in piss, and it was
dripping down on her tits. Sandy then redirected the
flow, and aimed her piss right at Brenda's snatch.
It was too much for Dave. He came in Tina's
mouth- came even harder than the first two times. Dave
had never known he was a water sports fan, but he knew
it now.
Dave and the girls got dressed- as best they
could. Dave walked out to the sales floor and
"borrowed" a couple sweatsuits for the girls. The room
smelled pretty bad, but Dave just closed the door and
went home. Let somebody else worry about it.

The next week, Dave quit his job as a supervisor,
and went to work for a different department store,
again as a floor patrol officer.

He never say any of the girls again, although he
did cut out the wedding picture in the paper. He keeps
it in his bathroom.


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