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Archived Sex Stories



"Debt Without Honor"

Alecia D <> for story comments

(c) copyright 2002, Alecia D

Episode 1 - Ashley Pays a Price


"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You made a promise, pal. You made a promise,
and now it's time to deliver."

The man talking to John was big, very big indeed. Although he was
nicely dressed in a two piece silk suit, it was obvious that he would
be far more comfortable dressed in leather and scuffling in an ally
someplace in the inner city. The two other men with him, looked far
less reputable. Ashley couldn't imagine ever meeting people like these
and yet here they were standing inside her home. Her husband had let
them in as soon as he saw who they were. He knew who these animals were
and that made her very frightened.

"Look John, last week you gave me a sob story about how you couldn't
pay me the vigorish. You said you'd take care of me this week. Well,
here we are again, Johnny, and more bullshit from you. I don't like it,
"Did I force you to borrow the $250 thousand? No. Did I ask you if 5%
vig per week was okay? Of course I did. Did you agree to everything.
Hell yes!

"John, what the fuck is going on? You owe me a payment of $25 thousand
this week, but you give me nothing, nothing mother fucker, and I want
to tell you I'm really mad, more than you can believe."

John and Ashley were just ready to go out for a happy night on the
town. It was their fourteenth anniversary and they wanted to have a
good time. They decided to dress tonight and they looked like an
upscale Ken and Barbie.

John was wearing the understated elegance of Saville Road, and Ashley
wore the magic of Stella McCartney. Even though she was in her early
thirties, she could get away with wearing such young looking clothes
because she looked much younger than her actual age. She almost weighed
the same as she did at eighteen, and she had the same shape except that
her breasts were a little fuller, and her butt a little rounder. The
years were good to John as well. The couple looked like something from
the cover of a fashion magazine.

"John, things are different now because you lied to me. Don't worry,
I'm not going to kill you or anything. Not today, no, not today
asshole. But it's time for you to understand that you fucked up."

Ashley was afraid. She had never seen men like these before and didn't
know what to do. She wanted to run from their flame, but she also
wanted to stay and see what would happen next. She really had no
choice, though. She was here and she knew she could not get away from
these horrible people.

A really ugly man stepped forward and hit John very, very hard, and he
collapsed to the floor holding his stomach, moaning softly to himself.
He couldn't breath at first, and he would feel a lot worse later on.

"Look Johnny, I know you plan on making your marker. No big deal,
really, but you've made me look bad, and I got to go back to the office
and explain your shit to the big guy. You understand, don't you? I got
to show the boss that I'm in charge and that you're really going to
happen next time."

Ashley knew that John had borrowed $250 thousand to remodel the
restaurant. Well, he was a little extended at the bank, but that was
not a problem. The cash flow from the restaurant would certainly cover
the debt in very little time. John said that expenses were high just
now on account of the remodeling, and sales were low because they had
to close the place while the work was being done. It had something to
do with construction delays and permits. She didn't know all the

"Here's what we're gonna do, pal. I know you'll get things up to date
in the next three or four days, maybe sooner, right? Of course. So
we're just gonna take some collateral to make sure everything happens
like you said.

"Since your wife is all ready to go, we'll just take her along with us.
And, don't bother getting up, John, we can find our own way out." The
big man started to laugh as one of his colleagues grabbed the young
wife and pulling her roughly away from her now prostrate husband.

John raised his head from the floor and looked at the men in stunned
disbelief. They were taking his wife? He saw it happening and yet, he
couldn't do anything to stop them.

"Here's something to think about when you're getting my money
together." As he spoke, his left hand reached down and grabbed the hem
of Ashley's dress. Both her arms were being held behind her back, so
her struggles were useless as her dress was slowly pulled up over her
stocking tops and then over her garter belt. Ashley was wearing really
sexy panties that she knew would make John hot later in the evening.
She couldn't believe that these three ugly men were looking at them now
and that she could do nothing to hide herself from their lustful eyes.

"You're wife's got some damn nice legs. John. Damn nice, and her pussy
isn't that bad either."

He started moving his hand up and down the white expanse between the
top of her stocking and the start of her tiny panties. She tried to
move away from his wandering hand, but only succeeded in pressing her
ass into the pelvis of the man who held her. He held her so tightly
that her struggles resulted in nothing more than her ass moving slowly
from side to side. She could feel the hardness start to form behind her
and knew that the man holding her was getting a hard on. She stopped
moving and hoped that his arousal would stop as well. It didn't, and
his dick only got bigger as he pressed it into the crack between her
ass cheeks. Even though it was still in his pants, Ashley realized that
it was the biggest dick she had ever felt, and it seemed to be getting
bigger as she struggled to get away.

"John, we're not telling you to wait until you pay up. Hell, no. You
could run to a safe and give us the money right now and all would be
forgiven. Since you don't look like you plan on doing that, here's what
might be happening to the little lady while you screw around and don't
pay us."

He pushed her panties aside and covered her pussy with his hand and
started rubbing it with a persistent up and down motion. She couldn't
believe that at the most frightening moment of her life, she was
getting aroused.

She could feel the heat build up in her pussy that was now being
lubricated by her love juices. She felt his finger press on her slit
and then force it's way deep inside her. His finger seemed to be as big
as the average mans dick. She felt like she was being fucked and
couldn't do anything to stop the torment. She also found that she
couldn't do anything to stop herself from being turned on by this
intrusion on her dignity. Her pussy lips embraced the finger that was
violating her and the wetness caused by her juices betrayed her, making
it easy for the intruder to slide in and out of her cunt.

The man kept up the vigorous in and out motion until she started
making some sounds that only John had heard before. She could feel the
man behind her rubbing his dick up and down inside the crack of her ass
in time with the finger that was torturing her pussy. And, when the
third man stepped next toher and started massaging her breasts, she had
an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before. In the front of her
mind there was nothing but pleasure. Somewhere in the back, she watched
everything that happened with a sense of disbelief. How could she get
turned on by what these horrible people were doing to her? How could
she have an orgasm against her will?

The giant kicked John in the stomach again, and then watched him writhe
in pain as he tried regain his breath. At the same time, one of the
other men grabbed Ashley by the arm and started moving her toward the
door. She struggled for a second until she realized that her strength
was nothing compared to the monster who now held her. He didn't even
notice that she was struggling and so she gave up trying to get away.
Instead, she opened her mouth to scream, but before she could make a
sound, a beefy hand covered her mouth and most of her face.

"Look bitch, make one fucking sound and I'm gonna hurt you real bad. Do
you understand?"

Ashley realized that this man had total control over her every
movement. If she didn't do what he said, she was sure that he would
hurt her. She knew she could end up laying on the floor like her
husband, or maybe something even worse would happen to her. She stopped
struggling and stopped trying to make a sound.

The tormentor in charge looked at her in the grasp of his henchman and
said, "We're gonna go outside and get in the car that's waiting for us.
You're not going to make a sound or else Ralph will apply some real
force. Do you understand, bitch?" She was still afraid to make a sound
so she just nodded her head, "Yes". With that, the four of them left
John where he remained laying on the ground.


Two of the men sat in the front seat while Ashley sat in the middle of
the back seat between the leader and the man that grabbed her when they
took her from her home. They pushed the skirt of her dress up revealing
every thing from the waist down. Her panties were quickly pushed aside
and the leader continued on with the hand job that had embarrassed her
so much just a few minutes ago. Once again she was unable to stop from
being turned on by his rough treatment and started to make sounds of
passion and lust.

The second man unzipped her dress and pulled it roughly off her
shoulders and down her arms. Her black strapless bra was clearly
visible making it easy for him to pull both of her tits free from the
tiny undergarment. He squeezed them and pulled on the nipples in a way
that almost made her scream, not from pleasure, but from the pain that
he seemed to be trying to inflict on her. She didn't understand how she
could be having another orgasm and still be in such pain, and yet she
was cumming once again. She screamed out this time as waves of lust
rolled over her body like the relentless Pacific Ocean surf in the
winter time.

The black car pulled into the underground parking lot and stopped next
to the basement elevator. There she found out that the man in charge of
her kidnapping was called Renford by the rest of the gang. The three
other men all seemed to give him respect and a lot of distance.

When Renford stepped out of the car, he reached back and roughly pulled
Ashley out after him. She found herself being moved toward the elevator
with her dress up around her waist and her tits revealed for all to
see. She wanted to stop and hide herself so these horrible people could
not look at her nudity, but Renford moved her along so fast she could
just barely maintain her balance. She could hear the comments from
Renford's three goons as they talked vulgarly about her exposed

"Look bitch, I didn't want you here, It's your husband's fault and now
we are stuck with you for as long as it takes for him to come up with
the money. We expect you to behave and do exactly what you're told. If
you don't, you're going to be punished severely. Do you understand what
I'm saying here?"

Ashley had never seen a more frightening look on any person's face
before that minute. Yes, she understood what he said, and she knew that
he meant ever word of it. She knew she could do nothing except what he
told her and she didn't want to think about the consequences of not
obeying every single word.

The elevator stopped and opened directly into the Penthouse Suite where
Ashley was shoved into a room that opened off the main entry hallway.
When she looked around, she found herself in a well appointed bedroom.
The room was beautiful with the main feature being a king size four
poster bed with a canopy that draped down in a way that seemed to add
some excitement and mystery to the whole room. The bed had some hidden
secrets that she would only find out about later.

Renford looked at her with a sardonic smile on his face and said,
"Ashley, you don't seem to understand that you are going to do just
what we tell you or you'll pay a stiff price."

She was afraid and quickly turned in an attempt to leave. Ralph grabbed
her and threw her to the floor before she was able to move even one
step away. She landed on her side and then rolled over from the
strength of the throw. As she did, her dress rode up and revealed her
legs and the vee of her panties to the three men who were looking at
her with anticipation.

Before she could pull her dress down, one of the men grabbed her and
forced her up on her hands and knees. Her dress was pulled up by one of
the others until her ass was completely revealed. She felt her panties
being slowly pulled down as if her ass was being unveiled at some sort
of pervert art show.

"Hell of an ass ya got there, babe." "Sure can't wait to stick my nine
incher up that crack, bitch." "I bet she could fuck and suck all of us
and still be begging for more."

She wanted to ask them to stop talking about her like that, but before
she could, she felt a hand slapping her on here exposed butt,


"This is just a taste of what you will get if you don't do just what I
tell you." Renford said this in a very matter of fact way, and yet,
Ashley knew he meant every word of it.


She felt the pain of his bare hand battering her unprotected ass. The
two slaps left large red marks on her butt cheeks and her ass felt like
it was burning from the pain.


"Do you understand what I'm saying, Ashley?"


"Yes!", she screamed out hoping that he would not hit her again.


"When you talk to anyone around here, you say master. Do you understand

The giant appeared ready to strike her again. Before he could do it,
Ashley blurted out some words she hoped would stop him.

"Yes master, I understand you. Please, don't hit me again, master."


"Look bitch, you don't tell me what to do! Open your fucking mouth
again and I will shove my fist down your throat. Do you understand?"

"Yes master", she answered him in a feeble and terrified voice that
revealed all her fear and terror.

Ashley never had anyone talk to her like this before. She was afraid.
She was more than afraid, she was terrified and excited at the same
time. She was on all fours, with her dress pulled up over her ass and
her panties pulled down to her knees. The three ugly men were able to
look at her red ass and her clearly excited pussy, and there was
nothing she could do about it. Worst of all, she knew that this was
just the start. Her only hope was that her husband would raise the
ransom money soon, and if he didn't, she knew that she would under go
some horrible treatment at the hands of these terrible people.

She heard a zipper being pulled down and then Renford told her to get
up on her knees. The big man stepped in front of her and displayed his
fully erect dick. She realized that he enjoyed making her ass red in
some twisted sexual way and that she would have to satisfy his lust or
face even more punishment. She decided she had to make an effort to get
this degradation over with as quickly as possible. The other three men
watched her expectantly as she addressed the cock that was only inches
from her face.

Ashley grabbed on to the base of Renford's cock with one hand and she
started to rub his balls with the other. She stroked his cock and
felt it get even bigger as he forced it into her tiny mouth. She
started sucking on his penis as hard as she could while moving her
head back and forth. With each thrust, his dick was able to get a
little farther into her mouth and she soon felt it touching the back of
her throat, but fear kept her from gagging even when it seemed as if
the fat prick was pushing down her throat. She kept sucking his cock
harder and harder, hoping he would quickly cum and stop her torment.

She moved her other hand back toward Renford's asshole and rubbed
around the rim at first and then tried to push a finger inside. Her
hope was that this would get him off quickly and so stop the degrading
act she was playing out for the men who watched her. She could hear
their rude comments as she moved her fingers back toward his balls
again. As she did, she squeezed and jacked his prostrate in time with
the movement of his dick into her mouth. She could not understand why,
but she was giving this evil man the best blow job she ever gave to
anyone one and she seemed to be getting aroused as she continued with
her efforts to perform this humiliating act.

In less than two minutes, she felt him shoot a big load of sperm into
her mouth. She knew that she had to swallow every drop of his spunk
before she could expect him to take his dick out of her mouth. He
continued his in and out motion causing the last vestiges of his seed
to dribble into her mouth. Her furious sucking cleaned out the last
milky white drop and she let all of it go down her throat.

Renford pulled his dick out of Ashley's mouth and stopped when it was
just in front of her face. He looked at her with an evil grin and said,
"Clean it off, bitch, and don't leave a speck of anything on it."

The woman quickly started to lick his dick to clean off any remaining
traces of his orgasm. She pushed back the skin of his uncircumcised
dick and used her tongue to clean the area under that protective skin.
She deep throated him a couple of times and finally felt that she
cleaned off every bit of the mess from his orgasm.

Ashley thought she was done, but soon realized her work had just begun.
As soon his Renford stepped away, Ralphie moved forward with his dick
already out of his pants, standing up in a beckoning way, and ready to
be buried in her mouth. He wasted no time jamming his cock into her
face and pumping away in a rapid fury. Ralph grabbed her hair and
pushed her face against his body. His dick was buried in her throat and
she started to gag. Her moaning sounds seem to excite Ralph and as she
struggled to get away, he came mightily in her mouth with an explosion
of male juices. Ashley swallowed everything he had, and then started
cleaning off his cock as she had done for Renford. While she was
working on Ralphie, she heard him say, "Billy, you're next and is this
shit good. Feels like a fucking vacuum cleaner. Man, you're gonna love
this bitch."

Billy almost pushed Ralphie out of the way as he quickly stuck his
fully erect penis into Ashley's mouth. Her jaw was sore from sucking on
the first two cocks, but she knew better than to slow down now. She
gave Billy the same workout she gave the other two and it seemed that
his watching helping things along as he came in her mouth less than 30
seconds after she started sucking him off. His load was just as big as
either one of the others and he made her clean him off and suck him dry
using nothing but her mouth and tongue.

"Did you like that bitch?" said Renford as he laughed at her still
kneeling on the ground.

"Yes, master." She really didn't want this to continue, but was afraid
of what might happen if she said anything he didn't want to hear.

"You want us to do it again don't you, Ashley?"

"Yes, master." She hoped he wasn't serious and was quite relived when
he told her to get up. He pointed to the bathroom and told her to get
ready for a party. She knew that she had to hurry and returned in a few
minutes looking almost as nice as when they first saw her. She didn't
feel that way, though.


Ashley and her three captors walked from the bedroom, down the hall and
there entered a large room where a party was well underway. At first it
seemed that they were just five more people coming to join the happy
crowd. But when the people noticed Renford and Ashley, there was a
heightened sense of awareness as if this was the moment everyone had
been expecting. Conversation dropped to a minimum as all eyes turned to
the newcomers.

"Renford, this must be Ashley. Nice of you to decide to drop by babe
and act as collateral for your husband's loan." The man who was talking
was obviously in charge, and when he spoke no one else made a sound.
When he joked about Ashley's predicament, everyone laughed along with
him as if everything he said was the funniest they had ever heard.

"Yes, Don Reynaldo, this is Ashley." Renford no longer seemed to be the
man in charge. Even though he was much larger than Reynaldo, he gave
the Don all of his respect.

Don Reynaldo turned to the young woman who was standing next to him.
She was very beautiful and couldn't have been more than 18 or 19. It
was easy to tell that she had a wonderful body under the clothes that
she was wearing because they were tight, skimpy and hid almost nothing
from view. And, she had plenty to view. "Taylor, what do you think of

The girl leered at Ashley and seemed to be enjoying Ashley's

"She looks real hot Rennie, and I just love that dress she is wearing.
Looks like a designer original."

Don Reynaldo faced Ashley once again, and said in a matter of fact way,
"Taylor likes your dress, Ashley, so why don't you give it to her?"

Ashley couldn't believe what she just heard and she wasn't taking her
dress off in front of all these people. Just before she started to
object, Renford grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

"Look bitch, when Don Reynaldo tells you to do something, you do it. He
doesn't want to hear any excuses, or have you waste his time. Do you
understand?" She said that she did and tried to get up, but he easily
pushed her back down and told her to stay there until the Don decided
what to do with her.

"Ashley, you have to realize that I'm in charge here and you're
nothing. I think you need a small taste of what will happen if you
don't start understanding how things work. Get up on your hands and

Before Ashley could make a move, Renford picked her up with one hand
and adjusted her in a way that she ended up on her hands and knees. As
soon as she was in place, Renford turned to a stand near the wall and
removed a long cane from the container. It was about a half inch in
diameter and slightly shorter than three feet in length.

She knelt on all fours as she heard the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sounds
Renford made as he swung the cane in the air. She imagined how much it
would hurt her ass even though she had some protection from the dress
and panties she was wearing. She waited fearfully until she heard Don
Reynaldo speak.

"Taylor, why don't you pull our little friend's skirt up so she can get
the full impact of the lesson Renford is going to give her?"

As soon as she heard Renaldo speak, Taylor gleefully ran over to where
Ashley waited her punishment like a tiny animal before the slaughter.
She pulled Ashley's dress up around her waist, revealing her black
garter belt, black seamed nylons and tiny black panties. The large
crowd of people pushed forward to get a better look at the secrets
being uncovered right before their eyes.

"Get those panties down, too. We're going let the rubber hit the road,

There was a murmur of expectation from the crowd as Taylor slowly
inched the tiny black panties over the round globes that comprised
Ashley butt. She tantalized and teased the crowd with the unveiling of
Ashley's ass, then the tiny brown bud the was hidden in the crack of
her butt was revealed, and finally she let everyone see the poor girl's
pussy as the panties slide easily down Ashley's legs where they stopped
when they hit the floor.

Ashley's panties held her legs together and made it very difficult for
her to maintain her balance. She knew that everyone in the room was
looking at her, and she could hear laughing and movement as people
tried to get a better view of her humiliation.

Ashley could hear the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the cane as Renford
sliced it threw the air. He was warming up and she realized that he
planned on hitting her very hard, very hard indeed. For a moment she
stopped thinking about what the people in the audience could see, and
started to worry about the pain that she knew was going to come next.

Renford stood to Ashley's left as the room went silent with
anticipation. The giant glanced down at the terrified woman who looked
even smaller than she was as she knelt on her hands and knees, and he
said, "You have to learn how to behave while you're here. Do you
understand, Ashley?"


Whoosh. Smack!

The girl screamed as the force of the cane made a highly visible red
stripe across her well proportioned ass. "Ashley, you have to show some
respect when I talk to you."

"Yes, sir."

Whoosh. Smack!

She screamed again as another stripe was laid on just above the last
one. "Not good enough, Ashley."

The woman was frantic. She had to say the right thing before he hit her
again. She was trying to think and cry at the same time. The tears were
running down her cheeks and she could do nothing about it. The two
blows had numbed her ass at first, but now the heat and pain from the
two hits raced up from her ass and attacked every nerve in her body.
She felt the agony and pain with almost the same force as she had when
the actual blows were struck. It was as if a bolt of electricity jolted
every part of her in one blinding flash.

"Yes, MASTER!" She finally remembered the right words to use and hoped
that he would now stop and let her hide herself from the eyes of these

"That's more like it. Just make sure that you call everyone Master or
Mistress. If you don't, well, there is plenty more of this."

Whoosh. Smack!

She screamed out at the hardest hit of all. She could not hold back her
crying. Crying that was caused by the pain of her punishment, and also
by the realization that she was trapped by these people and could do
nothing about it.

Renford pulled her roughly to her feet and made her stand in front of
Don Reynaldo once again. She was afraid to look at this powerful man
and hoped that he was finished punishing her.

"Okay Ashley, back to where we were. Taylor likes your dress and I want
you to give it to her, now."

Ashley knew that she would be quickly thrown back on the floor if she
didn't do as she was told. She didn't have a choice and slowly moved
her hands toward the back of her dress. There was a sound of excitement
heard from the crowd as the zipper slowly move down the woman's slender
back. Ashley pulled the dress from her sleeves and then struggled to
pull the tight skirt up from her hips. The dress proved difficult at
first, but them slipped over her ass revealing Ashley standing there
with her panties still around he knees.

She pulled the dress over her head, and after a moment she handed the
silk garment to Taylor. The young girl threw the dress off to the side
and Ashley waited to see what would happen next. It didn't take long
for her to find out.

"Gee, Ashley, looks like you panties are already half way off, so why
don't you give them to Taylor as well." Reynaldo was smiling at her
with a look of interest and expectation.

Everyone watched with amusement as she stepped out of her panties and
handed them to the young girl. Taylor had a big smile on her face as
she looked at Ashley's pussy that was now on display for all to see.

"We don't have anymore time to waste with this shit, so give Taylor
everything you got on and make it fast, understand, Ashley?"

"Yes, master."

Ashley understood even more as she saw Renford give her a fierce look
and take a step closer still holding the cane that brought her such
exquisite pain only moments before.

She quickly unsnapped her bra and handed the black lacy to Taylor. She
undid her suspenders and freed the black nylons from the garter belt
she was now removing. She took off her shoes next, and handed those to
Taylor as well. She put on an unexpected show as she almost fell over
trying to take one of her stockings off. The pink slit at the vee
between her legs was clearly visible as she struggled to maintain her
balance on one leg as she removed the stocking from the other. She
finally handed over every item of clothing she was wearing to Taylor
and felt herself turning red as every eye in the room soaked in her
complete nakedness.

"I said everything and that means your jewelry, too. Get you ass
moving, now."

Ashley took off her ear rings and pearl necklace and handed them to
Taylor and then followed these with her watch and several bracelets.
She tried to stop then because she had not taken her wedding ring off
since the day she was married. She could tell by the look in Don
Reynaldo's eyes that she was not finished, so she slowly removed her
rings and gave them to the girl.

Ashley could not believe it as she stood completely nude in front of a
crowd of people. She tried to cover herself as best she could, but she
only had two arms and so much of her was exposed. She could hear the
people talking about her standing there naked and how quickly she
stripped off once she felt the cane. She saw Taylor laughing at her and
her embarrassment was even more intense.

"Ashley, if I wanted you to cover up, I would have let you keep your
clothes on. Now show everybody what you got, girl. Put you hands at
your sides and walk around the room and give everybody a good look."

The Don was laughing at her and so was Taylor. Ash could see that both
of them were enjoying ever minute of her humiliation, and everyone in
the crowd of people who watched her humiliation was excited by what was
happening to her.

"By the way folks, if you see something you like, feel free to examine
the merchandise."

As soon as the Don said that, several hands reached out and started to
explore her body. Her arms were pulled away from her sides and hands
started to examine her breasts. Other hands moved up and down over her
ass. She felt fingers on her pussy and finally a finger forced it's way
into her body through that entrance way. She felt another finger pushed
into her asshole. Soon there were two fingers inside her asshole and
then three fingers probing away at the last vestiges of her dignity.

It seemed like most of a hand was now inside her pussy. No matter how
she tried to move away and protect herself, her body was violated more
and more. Everyone wanted to touch her everywhere and no one was going
to stop until they had their chance at every secret part of her body.

Ashley was surrounded by a large crowd of people with nothing on their
minds, but lust. There was nothing about her body that was sacred now.
Not only were they touching her in every private place, but they were
also fondling her and manipulating her in a painful and very sexual
way. Once again Ashley found herself becoming aroused at her violation
and she could not understand why her body was reacting so favorably to
its defilement. The fingers in her pussy were moving easily in the
wetness that she provided. She could not hold back the moans as her
body moved into a higher state of excitement.

The people who molested her thought it was funny that the girl could be
assaulted like this and still be turned on. That only encouraged them
to do even more, and soon Ashley was screaming out her orgasm as the
crowd laughed at her humiliation.

She was completely exhausted from the power and strength of that
explosion which rocked her whole body. She could hear Don Reynaldo's
voice as she tried to get it together.

"Ashley, you tried to stop people from playing with you. That's not a
nice way to be with your new masters, is it." Ashley just stood there
in disbelief. She had been molested by uncounted people, forced to have
an orgasm in front of this crowd and then heard Don Reynaldo say that
she was wrong for not letting them have even more access to her private

"Renford, this bitch is still not showing respect. I think it's time to
let her know what real punishment is all about. Get the Frame."

Two of Renford's goons left the room and quickly returned with
something that looked like a door frame. On closer examination, there
appeared to be another frame inside the first one. A rope was attached
at each corner of the inner frame and a harness hung from what would be
the its top.

Renford threw Ashley to the ground and she landed in the middle of the
imposing frame that was on display for all to see. Renford's goons
quickly pulled her arms up to the top corners of the frame and tied
them securely. Next, they grabbed her feet and repeated the process.
Finally, her head was placed in the harness and stretched toward the
top of the frame. She was spread eagle and unable to move in any
direction after Renford's men tightened the ropes binding her arms,
legs and head. She felt as if her arms and legs were being pulled out
of their sockets as the ropes tightened and pulled her body apart.

The fear in Ashley's face was easy to see as the men hoisted the frame
to an upright position. Ashley was on humiliating display for everyone
to see. The crowd moved closer to get a better look at her humiliation.
Ashley felt disgraced and embarrassed by being put on display like this
and she also felt a strange excitement warm her body as she realized
that she was the center of everyone's attention. She was spread eagle
with every part of her body on view for all to see.

Renford stepped forward and demonstrated the versatility of the frame.
He pulled the inner frame forward and Ashley was now displayed facing
the floor. Her breasts appeared much larger as gravity reached out and
took hold of them. Renford casually grabbed one of the tantalizing
globes and squeezed it easily at first, and then in a way that caused
pain to shot from her tit to everyplace in her body. The intense
suffering caused Ashley to make a sound that only someone in extreme
agony could produce.

Next, he spun the frame and it slowly rotated a full 360 degrees. As it
moved, Ashley's breasts bounced and jiggled in a provocative way. Her
ass moved suggestively as if it was inviting any and all to partake in
the pleasures in might provide.

Renford slapped Ashley on the ass and watched her rotate another
quarter turn. Her head was now pointing at the ground and her ass was
line of sight for most of the people who crowded around the exhibition.
A few people tentatively touched the beautiful woman's body as she was
displayed in this unique fashion. The tentative touches became more
aggressive and soon hands were exploring every part of her body. Ashley
could not move and was helpless in the face of these assaults.

After he adjusted the inner frame so that Ashley once more faced the
ground, Renford demonstrated how her luscious body could be raised or
lowered to any desired height. He then stepped away to watch the crowd
have their fun.

Soon the touching and probing and squeezing started again. Ashley could
not tell how many people were violating her, but it seemed like there
was a hand or mouth everywhere. While the frame was being lowered she
heard the sound of a zipper. When the frame stopped moving, a cock
ripped into her pussy. She realized that this new experience had gotten
her excited and very wet. The invader in her pussy was big, and the
person ramming it into her didn't care how much he hurt her and yet,
his dick slid smoothly into her already wet pussy, as if this was the
foreplay she always wanted.

While the big cock pounded away at her cunt, she could feel a finger
being pressed into her exposed asshole. The finger probed her in time
with the fucking. Soon a second finger joined the first, and finally
three fingers were moving in and out of her tight little hole in
counterpoint to the dick that was in her pussy.

She felt two hands on her tits. One belonged to a large man who
squeezed and kneaded her breasts in very painful way. The delicate hand
of a woman teased her other tit, rousing her nipple to stand out like a
miniature prick. At the height of excitement, Ashley felt the long
finger nails of the woman pinch into her extended nipple. She screamed
when the woman failed to released her from this painful grip. Next, the
woman pulled and twisted her nipple in a way that magnified the pain
even more.

Two hands ripped her hair back causing her to holler out in agony. When
she did, an erection was jammed into her mouth all the way to the back
of her throat. She started to gag at first, but when she did, the man
pulled her hair even more, causing a pain that gave her something far
more sinister to think about. Soon, the cock was sliding in and out of
her mouth. She knew she had to suck on it and offer the best blow job
she could provide, or she would suffer greatly from the man who had
hold of her long hair.

She felt the heat of the ejaculation from the man who had been fucking
her boil up inside her pussy. She was filled with an unexpectedly large
volume of sperm. The cock continued pumping as the lasts drops of spunk
were liberated into her pussy.

She thought she would have some rest when the first dick was removed
from her body. She was wrong again.

Immediately, she felt another hard member pressing against her
privates. She felt this new monster slide along her slit at first then
it moved between the crack of her ass. The fingers that had readied the
tiny brown bud, moved away to be replaced by a large probe that
threatened to tear her tiny brown hole apart.

Ashley felt like someone had put a hot poker in her asshole as the man
pressed forward with his dick. He rammed it quite deeply into her bung
hole and then started pumping in and out.

Her scream was stifled as the person she was sucking off came at that
very moment. She almost choked in the sperm that flooded into her
mouth. The volume was such that it was almost impossible for her to
swallow it all and a large amount dribbled slowly down her face.

The frame was adjusted to various heights and angles. She was fucked in
the ass, in the pussy, in the mouth and had cocks rubbed on every part
of her body.

The excitement and heat caused by the ravagement of Ashley's body got
everyone hot. Soon Ashley could feel pussies being rubbed on her hands
and then pressed to her face. When she did not respond, Ashley felt
pain. When she tried to resist in any way, the attacker doubled and
tripled the effort. Her only hope was to go along and cooperate with
everything that was happening to her.

Ashley could not think of any experience that would be worse than what
she was going through. And yet, she was aroused and excited as the
crowd violated and abused her in any way they wanted. She was totally
helpless to resist and yet seemed to want even more things to happen to
her. Her juices flowed down from her pussy just as the screams flowed
from her mouth. She had orgasm after orgasm, and when she did, the
crowd got even more excited and renewed her violation with extended

It was impossible to count how many people got off taking advantage of
Ashley's helpless condition. She was back in an upright position now.
Sperm dripped from her pussy and asshole. Her own juices coated the
inside of her thighs. Her hair was matted with the cum shot by those
people who jacked off in her face and her body glistened with
perspiration and desire.

Ashley never had such a horrible thing happen to her, and she never had
such a wonderful thing happen either.

After what seemed like a very long period of time, there finally was a
lull in the activities and it gave Ashley time to think. Only a few
short hours ago, she was dressed up and ready to go out on the town.
Now she found herself nude in the midst of many people who were staring
and laughing at her as she was displayed spread eagle for anyone to see
or take advantage of. She could do nothing to protect herself from any
incursion. She was completely helpless and at the mercy of strangers
who only wanted to use her for their own amusement.

She saw Taylor standing in front of her laughing at her predicament.
The young girl seemed to really enjoy Ashley's total degradation, but
there was more to it than that.

Taylor had something in her hand. Ashley could not tell what it was at
first, but then realized that Taylor had a long, thin wooden switch. It
was no more than a quarter inch in diameter and about two and a half
feet long.

Whish! Thwack! Whish! Thwack!

Ashley screamed as Taylor crisscrossed her breasts with the sting of
this tool of pain.

Whish! Thwack! Whish! Thwack!

Taylor applied two more red stripes to Ashley's tits. Each one an inch
below the other.

Whish! Thwack! Whish! Thwack!

Ashley's nipples were ripped by the electric attack from Taylor's
switch. The scream or pain and ecstasy could be heard everywhere in the

Whish! Thwack! Whish! Thwack!

Taylor used an underhand motion to torture Ashley's sensitive pussy.
The pain from these blows was more than she had ever felt from anything
in her life. The pain was so exquisite that it caused her to have her
most explosive orgasm of the day. She came in waves of lust that
dominated her, changing her from a woman to some sort rutting animal.

Taylor continued tormenting Ashley and left red stripes on every part
of the beautiful woman's body from the neck to the knees, in the back
and the front. She only stopped when Ashley finally passed out from
pain. Ashley's body was red from the stripes caused by the beating. The
pain would be even worse later when her body got over the shock of the
relentless torture and was able to complain about the horrible
indignities that were inflicted on it.


Ashley felt like she was being smothered when she finally woke from her
nightmare. In her dream, she was being sexually abused repeatedly by
many unknown persons. As she slowly gained consciousness, she realized
that this was just what was happening to her.

Her arms were tied to the top of the bed. A large man occupied the
space between her legs and was forcefully pounding away at her now
swollen pussy. His cock was relentlessly moving up and down within her
vagina, smoothly moving back with a crisp motion and then crashing
forward to the very rear of her snatch in a painful display of

Sperm dripped from her pussy and asshole, and it was matted on her legs
and face. Her hair was sticky with the creamy substance. Ashley knew
the person who was so freely using her body was certainly not the first
one to take full advantage of her helpless condition. Many people must
have visited already, and as she turned at the sound of someone
talking, she realized that several men were standing near the bed
watching her debasement and getting ready for their turn.

Her body betrayed her with its lust and desire. She was being taken by
a complete stranger and many others proceeded him. Instead of screaming
out in rage and humiliation, she found herself being aroused by her
predicament. As the large cock moved mightily within her body, a new
wave of excitement heated the vee between her legs.

The beating that Taylor inflicted on every part of Ashley's body
heightened her senses. Somehow the pain that racked her body fueled her
lust as well. The pain somehow added to the strange sensation that was
coming out of nowhere to control her every action.

When she finally had full awareness of her situation, her body exploded
with the most intense orgasm she ever had. She screamed out, not in
pain, but in pleasure. Her body moved with such force that she almost
dislodged the man who was using her to satisfy his own lust. Her sudden
outburst, put him over the top and he soon shot a vast load of spunk
that flooded her pussy with the hot milky liquid.

As soon as he finished, another man got on the bed and started fucking
her. Once he got well under way, he rolled over on his back with such
force that it almost ripped her arms from their sockets. Before she
could even wonder why he did this to her, she could feel a cock
pressing against the brown bud that was her asshole. It played with her
in a tentative way, at first, but they got more insistent and finally
ripped through the meager defense of her sphincter. The force of the
effort lodged almost all of the large dick into her asshole. The cock
was widening this entrance in a way that would make it much easier for
the next penis to attack her from behind.

She felt trapped between the two men who now synchronized their
activities in a way that kept a constant pressure on her pussy and her
asshole. The men continued the assault without any regard to what they
were doing to Ashley's body. They didn't care about her feelings in any
way and this was only a simple matter of animal lust and immediate
sexual gratification. Ashley knew she was just being used as a
receptacle, and yet, the realization only added to her own arousal.

Another man laid down on the bed. He grabbed her hair and forced her
face toward his fully erect penis which was sticking out from the front
of his pants. She knew that she must suck his dick or face severe
consequences. Her mouth was somehow able to open enough to accept the
thick new member. She inhaled the dick and started sucking on it while
her tongue examined and probed its dimensions.

Her body was wracked with pain. The beating left marks over every inch
of her fully exposed flesh and the pain caused by the ill treatment
could be felt in every part of her body. Her pussy and asshole were
being pounded from front and rear, and the cock in her mouth was trying
to crawl down her throat. In the past, she always gagged when someone
pushed too far into her mouth. Today, she didn't mind having this cock
explore her mouth and wanted it to be fully buried within its confines.

Once again, she had an orgasm that she could feel in every part of her
body. She didn't open her mouth to scream because she wanted to hold on
to the cock in her mouth for as long as she could. Her body betrayed
her with involuntary moving and jerking and the three men who were
assaulting her were immediately excited by this turn of events. One by
one, they filled her various orifices with their seed. Ashley was too
far into her own pleasures to realize that her body was being inundated
with the warm substance.

Ashley had no idea who these men were, or if anyone of them took her
more than once. Soon the continuous sexual assault merged into what
seemed like one endless attack. It felt like her pussy, mouth and
asshole always had a cock moving in them, and this didn't stop until
she finally passed out many hours later.


Once again Ashley awoke from a dream. This time she heard a woman's
voice talking to her. She tried to move, but soon realized that her
legs were now firmly tied to the end of the bed. She found herself in a
spread eagle position, unable to move anything except her head.

"Good morning Ashley! You certainly look like you had a good time last

Ashley realized that it was Taylor who was talking to her, and when she
looked in the direction where she heard the voice, she could see her
nemesis standing there completely nude with a leering grin on her face.

Ashley had no idea what Taylor was going to do. She only knew that it
would be very unpleasant indeed.

Taylor produced a large brass ring and what appeared to be three long
threads with knots on one end of each one. When Taylor put the device
close to her face, Ashley realized that the thread was actually fishing
line with a slip knot at one end. The purpose for this setup was
unclear at first.

Taylor fondled and squeezed one of Ashley's breasts with the skill of
an expert lover. The young girl lowered her face to Ashley's tit and
started slowly sucking on the red nipple that was now so prominent. She
gently used her teeth to tease and pull the nipple into its fullest

Ashley was never aroused by another woman before this day. Now she
wanted Taylor to continue her ministrations and do even more to satisfy
her lust, but this was not to be.

Taylor suddenly put the slip knot around the swollen nipple. She used
two fingers to pull the nipple up as far as she could. This distended
Ashley's tit and brought on a new feeling of pain. While Ashley was
distracted by this new feeling, Taylor pulled the slip knot very tight,
trapping the nipple in its most extended position. Taylor sat back for
a moment and watched Ashley as she realized that her nipple would be
aroused and sensitive as long as the knot held it in this position.

Inevitably, Taylor started to tease Ashley's other breast. This time
her movements were much slower and more pronounced. She was obviously
trying to rouse Ashley to a state of extreme excitement, and she was
succeeding. Even though Ashley knew that the final result would not be
to her liking, she felt her body sliding into a condition of intense
excitement. She was soon moaning with pleasure as Taylor sucked and
touched her nipple and breasts. Somehow the pain from the torturous
prison that trapped her other nipple was forgotten for the moment.

Ashley neared orgasm just as Taylor slipped the knot around Ashley's
excited nipple. When Taylor forcefully closed the noose around the tiny
erection, Ashley felt her body betray her again with another orgasm and
she made an animal sound of pleasure. Now both nipples were distended
and being held erect and obvious for anyone to see.

Taylor sat back on the bed and watched as Ashley tried to move and
relieve the tension being caused by the fishing lines holding her two
nipples in an aroused condition. Taylor flicked a long fingernail at
one of the red tiny towers and Ashley moaned in response. When Taylor
brutally squeezed the second nipple between the fingernail on her first
finger and her thumb, Ashley screamed out in pain. This only caused
Taylor to pinch the nipple even more.

When she tired of playing with Ashley's defenseless nipples, Taylor
started kissing Ashley's flat stomach. She continued to kiss on a slow
path that lead eventually to Ashley's prominently displayed pussy.
Taylor's tongue moved up and down the pink slit that was now soaked
with Ashley's juices. It required little effort for Taylor to force her
tongue into the defenseless cavity between Ashley's legs.

Taylor used her tongue to torment Ashley with a new feeling of sexual
lust. She explored every part of Ashley's vagina with a probing tongue
that could not be stopped or slowed down.

Soon Taylor's tongue isolated Ashley's clit and attacked it with a
vengeance. Ashley no longer had control of her body and she writhed and
bucked in time with the tonguing of her clitoris. Taylor sucked on the
clit and pulled it into her mouth, and then slowly allowed it to leave.
She pulled it in and the let it slide out, again and again. Ashley
never felt anything like this before and could only think how wonderful
the feeling was.

Ashley didn't care that she was tied up and unable to move. The pain in
her nipples was long forgotten. The only thing that mattered to her now
was the attention being paid to her clit by Taylor's well trained
tongue and mouth.

Just as Ashley felt herself going over the top, Taylor stopped and
slipped another knot over Ashley's clit. Then Taylor used her teeth to
pull the clit forward and she used her two hands to tighten the knot
around the now fully extended clitoris. Taylor let Ashley know just how
vulnerable she was as she squeezed and pinched the trapped clit. The
knot forced Ashley into a constant state of excitement which would only
increase with any sort of contact or pressure.

Taylor placed the brass ring on Ashley's stomach. The first thread was
pulled through the ring until Ashley's tit was distended and her nipple
was stretched and pointing at the ring. The line was quickly pulled
taught and a knot was tied around the ring to hold the tit in this
painful situation. The process was repeated on the second tit with a
similarly unpleasant result. The thread holding Ashley's clit in place
was pulled through the ring and tied off in a way that caused the ring
to remain floating above Ashley's stomach. The slightest movement would
bring Ashley exquisite pain in the three most sensitive parts of her

Ashley felt that Taylor must be through tormenting her, but she was
wrong once more.

Taylor picked up a flexible dildo that was laying on the bedside table
and roughly jammed one end into Ashley's unprotected asshole. When she
screamed out in pain, the tension on the other sensitive areas of her
body caused her to scream out again in an endless loop of agony. The
dildo was easily bent and the opposing end was then pushed into
Ashley's unprotected pussy. Once again a sound of horror and agony
forced itself from the woman's mouth.

Taylor slide off the bed and stood and watched Ashley who no longer
wanted to move or even breath. The pain from the most simple movement
was beyond belief.

After watching this incredible scene for what seemed like a very long
time. Taylor moved to the end of the bed and started twisting and
adjusting the controls that held the ropes in place. Ashley realized
that this was causing her leg to rise and be pulled toward the bedpost.
Taylor repeated the same procedure on the second leg and soon both legs
were being held tightly above the mattress.

Taylor smiled at Ashley and slowly walked to the head of the bed where
similar adjustments were available to pull Ashley's arms. Taylor
continued to tighten the adjustment even after both of the girls arms
were raised off the bed. The process continued until Ashley was lifted
off the very surface of the bed and soon, only her head touched the
sheet while the rest of her body floated painfully above it.

Ashley was not given time to consider just how painful her new
condition was. Taylor quickly produced a long, thin bamboo cane and
used it to rub and probe Ashley's elevated body. She did this only to
let her know the intimacy of the cane and as soon as Ashley was fully
aware of the details of this device, Taylor used it to achieve its true

Whoosh. Thwack! Whoosh, Thwack!

Ashley felt a sting on her arms as Taylor beat her savagely with the
cane. red stripes began to appear from where the cane marked her body
with pain. The shock of the blows caused Ashley to move which increased
the agony from the threads pulling at her nipples and clitoris.

Whoosh. Thwack! Whoosh, Thwack!

The cane was used with full effect on Ashley's legs.

Whoosh. Thwack! Whoosh, Thwack!

Ashley felt the brute strength of the device on her unprotected

Whoosh. Thwack! Whoosh, Thwack!

Now the cane whipped painfully across Ashley's pussy.

Whoosh. Thwack! Whoosh, Thwack!

The whipping continued until every unprotected part of Ashley's body
was crisscrossed with red stripes. With each blow, the tension on the
fishing lines tortured Ashley's nipples and clit even more. The dildo
that looped from her asshole to her pussy chafed and rubbed these
sensitive areas reminding her of the potential for ecstasy even those
she faced the reality of pain.

When Ashley could finally think, she was amazed to discover that the
torture was raising her whole body to a condition of extreme arousal.
Juices flowed freely from her pussy and thoroughly coated the distance
from her cunt to her asshole. A warmth started in the vee between her
legs and spread to every part of her body. Finally, Ashley had an
orgasm that went on and on without let up for more than five minutes.
Taylor continued to punish Ashley's body with blow after blow.

Just before Ashley was going to pass out, Taylor abruptly stopped the
torture and said, "Well, there is only one way that I am going to stop.
Do you want to know what it is?"

"Yes mistress. Please tell me. I can't take anymore!"

"All of this has gotten me so turned on, Ashley. I'll let you up if you
get me off first." While she was saying this, Taylor was gingerly
sliding her body over one of Ashley's arms. Taylor moved to a position
just above Ashley's head where she could look at her handiwork on
display before her. Taylor bounced the bed a couple of times which once
again caused pain to burn in Ashley's nipples and clit.

"All you have to do, Taylor, is get me off and I'll unbind you." Just
as she finished talking, Taylor moved her pussy over Ashley's mouth and
waited to see what happened. While it was very difficult for her to
breath with Taylor sitting on her face, it didn't take long for the
tortured woman to make an effort to comply with Taylor's demands.

Ashley tried to use her tongue to excite and stimulate Taylor. When she
did, the pain from the devices attached to her body renewed once again.
Somehow she was able to go on in the face of all this. She knew that
the only way this would end was when Taylor had an orgasm.

Taylor was very turned on by all that had happened. It didn't take long
before she reached the point of orgasm. Ashley's tongue probed and
licked and sucked and nibbled. Even though she had never done this
before, she somehow knew all the right moves. She had to do this right
in order to make the pain stop.

As Taylor moaned loudly in the throws of her orgasm, the door to the
bedroom slammed open. Don Reynaldo and several other people entered the
room to find the two women in a most unusual condition. They laughed
when they saw what Taylor had done to Ashley, and they were turned on
by it as well.

When Ashley realized that all these people could see her servicing
Taylor while she was bound in such a way that she couldn't move without
feeling the most excruciating pain, she turned red with embarrassment.
Taylor didn't care who was watching, she only wanted to get off, and
get off she did as her body was rocked with a massive wave of lust.

Don Reynaldo finally regained his composure and said, "Ashley, your
debt has been paid and you going to be leaving us very soon."

Ashley couldn't believe it. She was going to be free and finally this
would all end. "When will I be seeing my husband again, master?" she

"Shit, that fucking deadbeat got closed down for selling booze to
minors. He can't make the deadline now. Hell no, but someone else
stepped up and made good on the marker instead. I don't know if you
remember Mr. Mahamood from the party, but he remembered you. In fact he
liked you so much that he bought you for what your husband owed us.
Yes, you'll be leaving us, and going to the Middle East as Mr.
Mahamood's plaything. Most people wouldn't want to play games with
Mahamood, but you seem to get off on pain so you might like it."

"He is making arrangement's now for you to be shipped over to him. In
the meantime, me and the boys figure we might as well take advantage of
having you here and do some fucking of our own since this will be our
last chance before you go away for good."

"Oh, and one more thing, Ashley, since your husband couldn't come up
with the money, he forfeits you as collateral, but that doesn't mean we
aren't going to collect our money from him. Nope. I just sent Renford
over to pick up your daughter. Maybe your husband will think more of
her than he does of you, and make good this time. I'm sure we'll have
fun no matter what happens."

Don Reynaldo was laughing as he unzipped his pants. It now dawned on
Ashley that she could do nothing to protect her daughter and that she
had nothing to look forward to but the life of a sexual slave from this
moment on. She had no other choice, but to do what she was told.

The End

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