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Archived Sex Stories

Denying Denise 2


Denying Denise Ch.2
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2002 by Couture
While April was gone, Denise's body had begun to ache
from her uncomfortable position. At first, it was
only the aching in her knees, but now the stretched
feeling settled into the stiff joints of her ankles
and hips as well. She knew she dare not move her legs
in, for fear of her niece's punishment.

'Oh God, why am I worried about her?' she thought.
With her thighs and hip joints burning, she rolled her
womanly hips down and back, to relieve the pain.
However, this just only served to ease her discomfort
slightly. Soon, this position started to hurt as
well, only in slightly different places. Denise
decided that if neither position was going to be
comfortable, she would assume the one April originally
put her in. It was like this, with her knees spread
wide, pubic mound thrust out indecently, and her face
wincing from concentration and pain that April found
her Aunt in when she returned.

"Ahem," April cleared her throat, startling the older
woman from her trance. "So what do you think Neesie?
Am I sexy?" she asked, pushing the thin fabric of her
leotards into the valley of her sex.

"Yes, Ap-I mean M-mistress, you ah-are very s-sexy,"
said the older woman. She looked up expectantly,
silently begging the young girl to let her out of her
humiliating position.

"And would you just look what I found in your
bedroom," April said as she brought her other hand out
from behind her back. In it, she held her aunt's
marital aid . . . better known as a vibrator.

'Oh God, she's been poking through my damned stuff!'
Denise cursed silently, a deep crimson blush of
embarrassment flushing from her face to her large

"I believe Neesie has been a very nasty little girl,
hasn't she?" April asked, grinning at her aunt's

"Yes, Mistress," Denise answered in shame. It was now
very easy to think of the young girl as her Mistress.
In just hours she had been so thoroughly subjugated
and humiliated by her niece, Denise would always be
more than a little afraid of her young Mistress.

"Okay Neesie, let's get started. Come here and lie
down on the floor," April commanded.

Denise was placed on her side, on the living room
floor. April guided the older woman's leg forward and
then up, then down and back up and a backward motion.

"Keep doing that until I tell you to stop," April
said. She turned on the vibrator and began to use it
to subtly train her aunt. A light touch underneath a
limb would cause her aunt to follow the gentle
pressure exerted by her niece. Denise would be
expected to hold the position as long as possible.
Her reward was the vibrator gently massaging her
erogenous zones, while she endured the burning muscles
and aching joints. Then, the vibe would be moved to
coerce the older woman into the next humiliating

Soon the vibrator was discarded and the pace of the
exercise became more intense. Not a word of
instruction was spoken. A tug of the nipple, a slap
of the bottom, a grasp of the thigh, directed the
older woman to obey. Denise's body trembled and
strained as she was put through her paces by her young
niece. She kept up the rigorous workout for as long
as she could, but eventually the strain grew too much
and she collapsed from exhaustion.

April smacked her aunt's slightly rippled ass and
heaving breasts to try to get the older woman to
finish exercising. But try as she might, the poor
woman was so exhausted; she wouldn't even move to
escape the stinging slaps.

"Well, as long as you are laying there, might as well
make yourself useful," April said, slipping out of her
leotard. She mounted her aunt in a sixty-nine
position, except she remained on her hands and knees,
so that her sex was about a foot away from her aunt.

"Come on Neesie, give me one more and you will get
your reward," April encouraged her aunt as she wiggled
her hips enticingly.

Denise looked up and was humbled by the young girl's
aroused sex. She was in awe of her young niece's
stamina and her firm youthful body. Denise crunched
her upper body off the floor and explored the petals
of April's nether lips with her tongue.

"I can't hear you slut. I want to hear some nasty
noises out of you down there! Talk dirty to me bitch,
tell me what a dirty slut you are for eating your
niece's cunt," ordered the young girl.

Denise thought she was making enough noise before, as
she grunted and groaned from the strain of holding her
upper body up using only the muscles in her stomach.
She slurped and smacked with abandon - anything to
please her young niece, so that she could be granted
release from the frustrating teasing. "I'm a slut.
I'm a dirty rotten slut for eating my niece's cunt,"
the older woman groaned. She could picture herself
there laying on her back, eating her niece like a
common whore . . . worse than a common whore - a slut
. . . a lesbian slave slut.

"Make me cum slut!" April demanded, but Denise's
stomach muscles couldn't stand the strain of bending
forward in her crunched position. She fell back

"I can't. I'm sorry," she sobbed.

"Eat me slut or so help me, you will never cum again!"

Denise's stomach trembled and burned as she lifted
herself up one more time and attacked her niece's clit
with her lips and tongue. 'Please cum April," she
begged silently.

"Oh that's it you cunt licker! That's the fucking
spot!" cried April. She lowered herself on her aunt's
face and began to roughly hump the older woman as she
pussy began to spasm in orgasm. "Oh fuck! Fuck-in-a
that's the spot."

With her lungs burning, Denise tried to endure the
inhumane treatment as best she could. She hoped her
niece had more regard for her well-being than to use
her face as some sort of dildo, but hopefully the
young girl was just so caught up in the moment of
passion that she forgot for an instant her aunt needed
to breath.

As April's climax cooled, she slowed her use of
Denise's face underneath her. She even lifted up
slightly and grinned with satisfaction when she heard
the older woman gasping to catch her breath. The
young girl couldn't believe that she had just
experienced yet another mind-blowing orgasm and even
after that, she was still hot! Having control of the
older, prissy, and mature relative set her blood to
boil with ecstasy and she was damn sure not going to
give it up. She glanced down at the exhausted older
woman and asked, "I believe I promised you a chance to
have a cummy-cum, didn't I Nessie?"

Denise's eyes opened suddenly and she strained to sit
up with a renewed vigor, brought on by the promise of
a much needed release.

"No-no, you stay right where you are. I'll be right
back." April said, as she left the room.

When she returned she carried a video camera and she
filmed her aunt lying on the floor, opening and
closing her legs, relishing in the feel of her pussy
lips opening and closing.

Denise heard a giggle and was stunned to see her niece
filming her, as she tried to stimulate herself without
her hands. "No, please, no cameras!" she cried as she
tried to turn her face out of view.

"Oh no you don't bitch," said April, as she grinned
smugly. "The camera stays on and I'm only going to
give you ten minutes to get off."

"Oh, and you have to do your nasty business on my
foot," she added as an afterthought.

Denise had finally had enough. She refused to go
along any further. It was bad enough, when it was
just the two of them, but it became intolerable with
the addition of the camera. "No, I won't do it!
Goddamn it, April, I refuse you little bitch!" she

"Suit yourself . . . and by the way Neesie, you just
lost five minutes for failing to call me my proper

Denise could feel herself beginning to hate her niece.
The girl had promised her an orgasm and now she was
attaching all these humiliating conditions to the
bargain. Unfortunately, with her arms uselessly
trapped in casts and bound to her torso, Denise was
helpless to do anything about it. She could feel the
aching need in her cunt welling up. It was enough to
drive her crazy . . . insane enough to do what the
young girl asked.

"Please, just put the camera up and I'll do it,"
Denise begged, tears welling in her eyes.

"Uh-uh," April said licking her lips in anticipation
of victory.

Denise rolled over and tried to reason with her niece.
"At least, let me have the ten minutes back. Please?"

April grinned. Her aunt was as much as admitting
defeat. The young girl leaned back in the chair and
stuck her foot out, wiggling her long skinny toes and
teasing her aunt. "You better get busy; you only have
four minutes and thirty seconds now."

Tears fell freely from Denise's eyes, as she ambled up
on her uncooperative limbs. She had no choice; her
body required her to at least try. But to her dismay,
as she tried to mount her niece's foot, the young girl
pulled it away.

"Please," the frustrated woman begged.

"Please, what?" asked the grinning girl, all the while
videotaping the humiliating debasement of her aunt.

"Please, Mistress, hold your foot still," Denise
pleaded, while trying to look away from the camera.

"Tell the camera why Nessie. Tell it what you want .
. . what you need," April teased, while running her
painted toenails up and down the older woman's thighs.

"Please let me fuck your foot Mistress! I need it, I
need to cum!"

"I don't know Neesie, you might get your nasty fuck
juices on my pretty foot. Promise to clean it, win or

"I promise Mistress. I swear I'll clean it. Just let
me cum. Please?"

April held her foot still and her aunt mounted her
ankle like a saddle. The older woman moaned in
pleasure and her hips pumped involuntarily.

To Denise's horror, April was videotaping the whole
humiliating experience, even going as far as taking
close-ups of her face and sex, while she humped.

April said, "That's it slut. Work those fat hips for
me. Faster slut. Lick those lips whore and tell me
you love my foot."

Denise found herself obeying. The camera served to
make her even hotter.
"I love it. I love your foot," she moaned.

To make matters worse, Denise noticed that April's
foot was going lower and lower, causing her to squat
in an uncomfortable position as she sought release.
Soon, her thighs felt like they were on fire from the
strain and she was sure she was looking even more
stupid as she squatted lower and lower, pumping her
flabby hips.

With the camera held up to her eye, April laughed at
her aunt's pitiful efforts. "I wonder what Tom would
say if he could see you now Neesie? Oh, that's right,
we can always show him the tape, can't we?"

Denise pictured what would happen to her if the tape
got out. Her husband would kick her out of the house
and divorce her. Her family and friends would no
longer talk to her. She knew she should stop, but her
hips refused to obey. Giving up on stopping, she was
determined to get it over with. Her hips worked
faster faster, but in a much more abbreviated motion,
like a jackrabbit humping.

"10-9-8-7-6" April counted down the remaining seconds
and Denise groaned in frustration. Her legs were
cramping and she threw modesty in the wind, as she
humped the foot with abandon, her body jiggling with
her effort. However, the much needed climax remained
just out of reach and the older woman's legs gave out
even before the April called out, "Times up!"

Defeated, Denise lay crying in torment on the floor
from the pain in her cramping legs and her unfulfilled
desire. She opened her eyes only to find April's wet
coated foot in front of her face. She didn't need to
be told what to do next. Automatically, her
glistening pink tongue sought out the remnants of her
nectar from her niece's foot.

"That's good Neesie, suck my toes now. That's my
girl; suck them like you suck a cock. Hmmm, I wonder
what Tom would think about you sucking someone else's
cock? Does Tommy know you are a little cocksucker?"

Denise cringed at the thought of her husband. What
would he think of any of this? What would he do if he
knew his wife was a slut . . .an incestuous lesbian
slave to her niece. She tried to put him out of her
mind, and concentrated on the feel of the calluses on
April's big toe, as she bobbed her head up and down on
the stubby digit.


Later that night, April finished securing each of
Denise's ankles to the bedposts. The bonds were not
too tight, but they prevented her from trying to
pleasure her self. Then she stripped off her clothes
and snuggled up next bound woman. "Sleep tight
Neesie," she said as she snuck her hand between her
aunt's legs to make sure her slave was still aroused.

"Please . . ." Denise pleaded.

"Please what Pet?"

"I need to cum Mistress - have mercy." Denise thrust
her sex up to meet April's soft fingers.

To the older woman's disappointment, the fingers were
withdrawn and held up to her mouth. Denise dutifully
cleaned the glistening proffered fingers like a good
little sub. Next, April lowered her mouth to her
aunt's and kissed her deeply. Denise found herself
first accepting the kiss and then returning it
fervently with mounting passion.

'What is happening to me? This is a girl -*my
niece*,' she reminded herself. 'Oh God, why do I want

Denise was lost in the moment. Lost in the sensation
of her niece's tongue exploring her mouth; praying
that it would move down to her aching sex.

April pulled her mouth away from her aunt's. Denise
tried to capture the young girl's mouth with her own,
but the young girl put a finger to Denise's pouting

"Shhhh," she said, laying down and pressing her body
tightly against Denise's and lightly brushing her
fingers over her helpless body. "There you go, just
relax Neesie. Let it all go my pet . . ."

Denise found her body relaxing under April loving
touch. Soon, she was fast asleep. However, she was
woken up many times that night. Sometimes it would be
to fingers in her sex and bringing her to the brink
before once again massaging her body until she relaxed
enough to fall asleep. Other times, she awoke gasping
for breath, only to find April riding her face to
orgasm. It always seemed as if the precocious girl
wouldn't rise up enough to let her breathe, until she
felt a tongue buried in her slit.

Once during the night, Denise accidentally stuck her
tongue in the wrong hole. She immediately withdrew it
when she noticed the difference.

"Ugh! Put it back bitch. Stick your tongue in it,
you ass licking whore!" April shouted.

Poor Denise was too tired to fight and had long since
submitted in both her body and her mind to her niece.
She licked the young girl's ass, even though she
thought she would gag. When it was over, Denise
rolled off her. Denise could hear her niece snoring
beside her. She ran her tongue over her lips and she
could still taste the pungent flavor of her niece's

'God, what is happening to me?" she wondered, as she
caught herself, tasting its flavor again. She made up
her mind to call someone and escape before she was too
far gone.


In the morning, April jumped out of the bed and
stretched her nude body, tantalizing her aunt. "God,
I feel like a new woman!" she said, as her eyes blazed
with power. She undid the binding on her aunt's
ankles and helped her out of the bed, massaging her
aching limbs.

The pitiable older woman felt utterly beaten and
powerless from the prior treatment by her young niece.

April opened up the lingerie chest and asked Denise,
"Do you want a pair of panties on?"

Denise looked down at her swollen and aroused sex.
"Yes, Apr- I mean Mistress."

"In you go Pet."

April watched as Denise stepped into the panties and
they were pulled up snuggly to her crotch. Then she
led her to the bathroom.

"Kneel down here Neesie," April said, directing her
aunt in front of the toilet bowl. The young girl sat
down immodestly and began to pee in the toilet right
in front of her aunt's face. Denise blushed being so
close to this very disturbing and personal bodily

"You know what I want you to do," commanded April,
spreading her legs widely.

Denise's blush deepened. 'No, she can't possible mean
it!' she thought in horror.

However, April did mean it. "Do it or no cummie-
cumm." She could still see the hesitation on her
aunt's face. "No time limit this time. I promise."

"This isn't right April," said Denise. She was the
adult again, if only momentarily. The ache grew in
her cunt and she began to rationalize.

'Well, I already did worse last night. Much worse,'
rationalized the kneeling woman. Hesitantly, she
leaned forward and lapped the droplets of golden dew
from the curly hairs of her niece's sex.

After she was done, April was kind enough to brush her
teeth and then Denise's.

Denise's bladder felt like it was about to burst. It
was even worse after listening to April pee and the
water run. "Mistress, I've got to go," she begged.

"Okay Neesie, I'll be right back." To Denise's horror,
when April returned she was carrying the now dreaded
video camera. She helped her aunt sit down on the
toilet, but failed to remove her panties.

"Please, Mistress you forgot my panties," Denise
begged, while April turned the faucet on to a trickle.

"Now, spread your legs for me Neesie," commanded

Reluctantly, her aunt's legs widened, displaying the
damp crotch of her panties.

'Oh God . . ." Denise moaned as her cheeks blushed in
shame and her brow knitted with anguish. The darkened
spot grew bigger and then began to drip. Her mouth
opened as she relaxed her bladder, the golden water
gushing from the crotch of her panties as April caught
her humiliation on tape.

"Ewww, nasty girl, you made a mess on yourself again.
Time to clean you up." April led the older woman to
the shower and stripped her of the soiled panties.
Using the back-scrubber and the pulsing jet of water,
she soon had her aunt moaning loudly and begging for
mercy from her constant teasing.

"I'll stop teasing if you pose for me," April said.

"Please, I'll do anything . . ." Denise begged.

"I know you will. Now, hold still while I get those
nipples nice and hard." April reached down and cut
the hot water off, then proceeded to spray the
freezing cold water on her aunt's helpless body.
Soon, chill bumps covered the poor woman's body and
her large thick nipples contracted into tight
elongated nubs.

"Perfect." The young girl turned off the water then
filmed her naked aunt.

"Stop, hunching and straighten your back. That's my
girl. Smile pretty now." When Denise refused to look
at the camera and smile, April tweaked her already
aching nipple harshly. "Again. Oh yeah, that's
gorgeous. Lick your lips for me, beautiful. Great!
You should see your nips and twat, they look so
aroused, I could cum from just looking at you. Come
on, spread those fuckable legs for me slut. . ."

Denise knew she should hate what was happening to her,
but she found herself growing aroused displaying her
body before her niece in this manner, even with the
knowledge that it was captured on tape forever. Soon,
she was posing for the young girl as if it were the
most natural thing in the world.

"Goddamn, you are hot for an old woman!" beamed April,
as she watched her aunt, tits mashed against the cold
tile wall, humping her hips back, begging her niece
for relief with her newly shaved gaping cunt spread
wide for the camera. To cap it off the older woman
moaned, her mouth opened and her tongue escaped pink
lips to lick the dirty tile wall without even being

April said, "I see you. You wish you were licking my
cunt don't you? Go on. Show me what you'd like to do
to me."

Denise couldn't help herself. She moaned at her
depravity and proceeded to lick the grimy wall as if
it were her lover. Tonguing and sucking it, all while
she was being filmed by her niece.

"That's enough. We better stop and eat breakfast
before I jump in the shower and rape you right now."

Yesterday, Denise would have been frightened by the
thought, but today she yearned for her niece to rape
her - to ravage her pussy. Anything. Just as long as
she would be allowed to cum. Reluctantly, she got out
of the shower and was led to the kitchen.

Once there, April fixed a bowl of cereal and took a
banana from atop the refrigerator, before returning to
the living room. She turned the television, her moist
pussy displayed between her widely spread legs. "Come
here Neesie. Yes, that's right, I want you between my

Denise nuzzled her head between her niece's thighs and
reverently kissed the petals of the young girl's sex.

"Did I ask you to lick me?" April demanded.

Confused and looking slightly dazed, Denise shook her
head. "No," she murmured.

"I didn't think so. When I want my dim-witted Neesie
to do something, I'll tell her. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Denise weakly replied.

"Good." April sat the cereal bowl on top of her
aunt's back and proceeded to eat breakfast.

Denise felt like crying. She couldn't believe her
niece had reduced her to a mere tv tray. The older
woman tried to keep perfectly still, even when her
niece dribbled milk on her back and hair. But, the
worst thing had to be the moist aroused pussy inches
from her face. Only yesterday, she would have been
horrified at the thought, but today for some reason,
she felt the urge lick it, and the thought horrified

When April finished she placed the remainder of the
bowl beneath her wet sex. "Lick it clean," she

Denise lapped the milk from the bowl, while staring
fixedly at her niece's sex. April looked on
approvingly, and peeled the banana, breaking it into
three parts.

"I hope you know how much I enjoy feeding you,
Neesie," April said, as she inserted the banana into
her tight pussy.

'Might as well get this over with,' thought the older
woman. Denise buried her face into her niece's cunt,
sucking the opening with her mouth.

"Uh-huh, not like that pet. Where's your manners?"
April pushed her aunt's puzzled face away from her
matted sex, before releasing her. "Make love to it.
Coax my pussy into feeding you."

Denise couldn't believe her ears; it wasn't bad enough
her niece was making her do this, to eat from her
cunt, but now the bitch wanted her to pretend to enjoy

"Do it!"

Denise lowered her head back down to the young girl's
soaked flower and traced her tongue along the puffy
lips. She lightly kissed the girl's swollen clit and
was rewarded with a long drawn out moan.

"Look at my pussy Neesie. See, it's rewarding you."
April's brow wrinkled in concentration and a tiny bit
of the white fruit peeked from her nether lips. "Go
on, don't be afraid. Take a tiny bite - but, don't be

Denise took a small bite from the white fruit. She
swallowed it and looked up for her niece's approval.

"That's a girl, now, push it back in with your tongue
and start again."

The older woman formed her tongue into a point and
pressed the fruit home until it disappeared into the
glistening pink folds of April's sex. Then she began
to lick her niece's sex again.

"Mmmmm - goddamn - oh fuck!" moaned April, as her aunt
forced the banana back inside with her tongue.

Denise couldn't believe she was doing this. She felt
helpless enough before, but now it seemed she didn't
even have control of eating. She had to rely on the
whim of April - no, not even April, but her cunt for
her nourishment.

She kept this up for quite some time, with April
urging her to take smaller and smaller nibbles each
time, until Denise felt she would be eating her
breakfast for hours. However, just when she had given
up on quelling her hunger, her niece grew more

The young girl's body was drenched in sweat, as her
body quivered from the effects of her aunt's tongue
and to Denise's dismay, while it tasted fresh; it no
longer smelled fresh. April spread her legs widely,
straining her lean taunt muscles.

"Eat it! Eat you hungry cunt licking bitch. Oh God,
I wish Tom could see his pretty little wifie now. Ugh
. . .you're my wifie now, aren't you cunt slut? Fuck
- fuck -fuck you're gonna make your husband cum little
wifie. Oh-oh-here-it-cums-" The eighteen-year-old's
hips began to thrust, and her body quaked from the
effects of a powerful orgasm.

She pushed her aunt's face to the mouth of her pussy.
"Suck it! Suck it!" she screamed.

Denise sucked and licked frantically at her niece's
cunt, struggling to keep up with banana and cunt juice
that was expelled from the young girl's quivering sex.

Denise lovingly explored April's pussy with her tongue
while the girl came down from her orgasm. Then April
reached down and captured her aunt's head between her
hands and looked deeply in her eyes. "Goddamn you're
awesome," she said and kissed the sticky coated lips
of the disheveled woman.

"please . . ." Denise weakly moaned when April broke
the kiss.

"Please, what?" asked the young girl innocently.

"cum . . . I need to cum . . ." begged her aunt.

"Shhh, don't worry, I'm going to take care good of
you, little wifie." April's hands roamed over her
aunt's unresisting body. Reaching underneath her
restrained arms, she took out her large breasts and
laid them on top of her cast covered arms.

Then April parted her lips just inches above the rosy
areole, teasing her aunt. Denise couldn't believe she
was doing it, but she lifted her breast up to her
niece's mouth. It felt better than she imagined it
would. However, much too soon the young girl pulled
her lips away and then moved them further away than
the first time.

Smiling, April watched the kneeling woman struggle to
bring the nipple to her lips. This time, instead of
kissing the breast, April lightly bit down on the hard
little nib and pulled the breast upwards. Then she
released it and watched gleefully as the breast
bounced down and jiggled, before coming to rest.
Denise gasped from the both the pleasure and the pain.

"Don't move a muscle," Denise warned. Then set about
tormenting her aunt's breasts in earnest.

She began to lightly flick her fingernail across the
nipple drawing out a moan from her aunt. "You love
this don't you, my sweet little dyke."

When Denise didn't answer, April grasped the pink
nipples between finger and thumb then pulled out and
twisted. "Don't you?" she demanded.

"Ahhh-yes-yes-ugh-I love it."

April began to caress the sore nipples again. "What
are you?" she whispered.

"I-I-I'm a s-slut?"

<Smack!> April slapped the large orb, causing it to
quiver. The red marks of her fingers developed on the
formerly white skin. "What are you?" April demanded.

"A slut."

<Smack!> "What are you?"

"A slut. A dirty slut. <Smack!> Ow! A horny woman!"
Denise's eyes danced around in anguish. More red
handprints joined the first.

"What are you?"

Tears were streaming from Denise's eyes. "A whore! A
cum slut!" she cried, but she knew there was a place
she was afraid to go, but there was no hope for it.
Sobbing she blurted it out. "A dyke. A dyke in love
with her niece." Broken and defeated the older woman
sobbed with her eyes closed. She was afraid of what
April would think of her, now that she had admitted
her weakness.

"There-there, I know it hurts. The truth always
hurts, but it's always good to get it out, isn't it?"
April said, kissing the breast once again before
lifting her aunt's chin and kissing her on the lips.

Denise opened her eyes and sniffed. "Yes," she meekly

April stood up. "Here, I think you deserve a reward
for being so honest." The young girl helped her aunt
turn around and then lowered her upper body to the
floor, with her ass sticking in the air, before
returning to her seat.

Lifting her foot up, she traced the older woman's sex
with her big toe.

Denise moaned and shifted back to impale herself on
the small digit. However, April removed it, before
admonishing, "No Neesie. Never forget that I'm in
charge. You may open yourself and moan, but that's

Denise whined in frustration. She needed it and the
thought horrified her. She knew she must resist these
perverted impulses rushing through her mind. 'I love
my husband. I love my husband. He treats me nice,'
she repeated in her mind. She tried to fight against
these new emotions, but soon opened her legs wide to
signal her intentions and become a willing sexual toy
for her niece.

April slid her toe down the entrance of her aunt's
cunt. "That's good pet, just relax." She inserted
her toe easily into the slick depths of her aunt's
sex. She was impressed with her aunt's obedience, but
something was still lacking. "It doesn't sound like
you want this Neesie."

Denise moaned loudly, grunting and groaning like a
common slut. Somewhere it the back of her mind, she
knew she was acting like a depraved slut, but the
thought was soon blown away like fall leaves by the
strong winds of her needs.

"See? It feels good doesn't it, little dykie? Mmmmm,
you don't even want a cum right now, do you?"

"Ugh-yes I do. P-please . . . please let me cum,"
Denise moaned.

"Wrong answer little dyke. Little niece lover."
April abruptly withdrew her toe. "and you were doing
so well there for a moment. The correct answer is
only if Mistress wants you to cum."

April slid her toe up and down the wet lips of her
aunt's sex teasing her, before slipping it in. This
time Denise wailed so loudly that April was afraid the
neighbors might hear. She fucked her aunt gently with
her foot, until several toes were smacking wetly in
her slick passage. "Does the little dykie want a
cummie-cum?" April asked.

"Ah-ah-only if ah Mistress wants me to," Denise said,
all the while praying her niece would continue.

"Well I don't. Not yet anyway. We need to do some
shopping first." April eased her toes out. She felt
her own sex juice up as she looked at her aunt's
gaping wet hole. The poor tormented woman was
shuddering helplessly with her desire.

April knelt next to her aunt and massaged her tight
shoulders. "There-there, let it all go my pet.
You're pleasing your Mistress very much, you know that
don't you? Doesn't it feel wonderful to please me?"

Denise spread her legs and thrust her ass up in order
to make her self available for her niece. She had
never felt so alive before . . . so desperate and in
need. Slowly, the aching need mellowed as the massage
went on until it became bearable. Then the young girl
helped her to her feet.

"Come on pet. Now, let's get you dressed and then we
will go out."

"Out?" Denise murmured in dazed disbelief and then
thought: 'Oh dear Lord!'



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