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Denying Denise 3


Denying Denise Ch.3
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2002 by Couture

Denise wondered at how she had got into this position.
April had driven her to the sex shop and helped her
out of the car. "Here's a list of things to buy."
April pressed a piece of paper and a credit card
beneath the older woman's bra and then patted her
possessively on the ass. Then, to Denise's horror,
she got back in the car and locked the door.

"Go ahead Neesie, I'll wait for you in the car," she

"Please, April. I can't." Denise begged. "Not by

"You better hurry up Neesie. You're giving everyone a
show in this wind."

'Oh God,' thought the older woman. She could feel the
cold air on her sex. The worse part was she had been
asked if she wanted to wear panties this morning and
refused them. The memory of peeing in the last pair
was still fresh in her mind at the time.

She was terrified of going in the store dressed as she
was in the April's too small skirt and the thin
blouse, but if she stayed out here someone would
surely see her, and with this wind, much more than she
was prepared to show. So, she did the only thing she
could; she sprinted to the sex shop as fast as her
legs would go in the too high heels.

Denise shuddered and blushed with embarrassment. She
was quite certain everyone in the sex shop was looking
at her. She could feel their burning glances on the
back of her neck.

She tried to find something not quite so perverse to
look at. She settled for the small selection of
lingerie they had.

'Oh God, please go away!' she thought as a large
piggish man walked toward her. He was coated with a
thin sheen of sweet and the armpits of his shirt were
wet with the same.

"Need sum help with sumpthin?" he asked. Denise could
hear his breath wheeze as he breathed.

'Not from you,' she thought. "No thank you. I'm just

Denise looked around the store and saw a woman behind
the counter. She looked to be in her late forties.
Her hair had been bleached too many times and her
clothes were equally trashy, but at least she looked
normal. Trailer park trash normal, but at this point
Denise wasn't going to sweat the small stuff.
Anything would be better than the Pigman, especially
considering where her dreadful niece had placed the

She tried to catch the woman's eye several times, but
the bleach-blonde was too interested in the book she
was reading. Finally Denise gave up. She cleared her
throat. "Please Miss, I-I need some help." Her
cheeks burned at asking for help.

The woman's face wrinkled with irritation, as she set
the book face down on the shelf. "What is it?" She
said an exasperated sigh.

Denise wondered how many cigarettes the woman smoked
each day to get a voice like that. Denise's face
deepened to a crimson red. This was not going as well
as she wanted. "Ah, I-I need to get some t-things."

"Well, what are those things? I don't have time to
wait for housewives to come up with some backbone."

"There is a list- ah- in my bra." She couldn't meet
the woman's eyes. "I'm sorry- my -ah- I was in an
accident," she said, lifting cast covered arms to show
her helplessness.

"If you don't know what's on the list, then you were
sent in to fetch a few things. Am I right? Tell me
again-the truth this time."

Things were going steadily downhill, but it was either
this or the Pigman. Swallowing her pride, Denise
answered. "I-I was sent in to f-ah-fetch some

"Good, this might be much more interesting in the book
I was reading, so let's see this list," the blonde
said. "My name is Miss Casey, by the way." Then she
started unbuttoning Denise's blouse.

Denise flinched and pulled away. "Wait, what are you
doing," she gasped.

"What? I bet you were just itchin' for me to dig
around in your bra, but I'm not playing your game,
you're playing mine." Miss Casey didn't even pause.
She continued until Denise's bra was totally exposed.
"Is the list here?" she said, flipping the right cup
down, twisting it inside out. Denise's large breast
jiggled on top of the cup of her bra like a bowl of

"Nope, then must be in this one." As she flipped the
other cup down; a credit card and small piece of paper
fell into her waiting hand.

She quickly scanned the list and quite a list it was
too. But, what caught her attention was what was
written on the last few lines. *My pet may be played
with, but she is not cum or to be damaged in any way.*

"Very nice, very nice indeed," muttered Miss Casey.

"Please, someone will see," Denise pleaded, her large
breasts quivering under the bright fluorescent lights.

"Don't worry. It's nothing that everybody here hasn't
seen before." Then she walked off.

Denise quickly turned her back and faced the back
wall, crouching behind a display. She wished with all
her heart she had the use of her hands.

Miss Casey returned with a few items. "Now let's get
you fitted." Then she sat everything down, but two
small items remained in her hand.

'Fitted?' Denise was horrified at the thought. "No, I
don't want to be fitted," she said, almost too loudly.

Miss Casey reached forward and grasped an erect
nipple. "Yes, you can't just buy this stuff. You
have to know your size. Besides, don't tell me you
aren't enjoying yourself, slut, your nips give you

Denise tried to pull away, but she was held firmly by
her nipple. "I don't care. Just give me what's on
the list. I'm sure it will all f-Ahhhh!"

It was at that moment the dreadful woman applied a
clamp to her sensitive flesh. "You bitch! Ah, Jesus
that hurt!" Denise said.

"See, I told you we have to fit you." Miss Casey
pulled the clamp off; then gently caressed the aching

"Stop it. . . please."

"I know it must hurt. I was just trying to ease the
pain, before we try another one," Miss Casey said,
reaching for another clip. "But, since you insist."

Denise's poor nipple was in too much pain to tolerate
the other clamp. "Wait-wait-it's okay," she said. "I
didn't know."

Miss Casey continued to sensually manipulate the small
pink disc capped with an eraser-like nub, until Denise
could barely stand. "Okay, let's try the other one
now." This time when she applied another clamp,
Denise felt her pussy surge with pleasure accompanied
by the sensual pain shooting from her nipple.

Denise moaned a little loudly and caught herself.
Then she looked back and saw that several people had
noticed her and were pointing.

"I see the little slut likes this one much better,"
Miss Casey said, giving the clamp a little tug.

"Please, mmm- please Miss Casey-not here. Not like
this." Denise begged.

"Are you a shy pet?"

Denise didn't like the way Miss Casey treated her, but
she wasn't in the position to do anything about it.
She could only blush and nod her head.

"I'll be finished in just a bit pet. Say, please
Mistress, the slave's other breast is lonely."

'Did she say slave? This has gone entirely too far,'
thought Denise. It was just then she noticed one of
the store patrons move in front of her for a better
view. He was quickly joined by another.

"Please, my other breast is lonely."

Miss Casey manipulated the clamped nipple. Tears
welled in Denise's eyes, as she bit down to stop from

"The pet is being disobedient. Does she think
Mistress is stupid? Try it again."

Denise didn't dare to disobey again. "Please
Mistress, the slave's other breast is lonely," she
managed to force out.

Miss Casey deftly stretched out the other nipple and
applied the next clamp. Denise bit her lip to hold
back her moan. Then the dreadful woman attached a
small weight to each chain and gave them each a little
flick to set them swinging.

Denise was no longer able to suppress her reaction.
"Ahhh," she moaned loudly. Each time the weights
swung, she felt a throb of pleasure in her cunt and

"Say, please Mistress, the slave needs to be collared.
Then, turn around so I can put it on. I'll take you
out of the way afterwards," Miss Casey whispered in
Denise's ear, too low for the men watching to hear.

Tears welled in Denise's eyes. It wasn't so much the
talking she dreaded, but the thought of turning around
to face the rest of the store.

"Please Mistress the slave needs to be collared,"
Denise said. Then, with her lip trembling, she turned
to face the stares of the other store patrons.

Thankfully, Miss Casey swiftly buckled the collar on
her neck. As if the collar weren't enough humiliation
to endure, the woman hooked a leash onto the collar
and led Denise behind the counter.

Denise had never been so mortified in all her life.
There she was, being led around like an animal, while
her clamped breasts were pushed up proudly due from
the upside down bra cups underneath. The worse part
was; she had expected to go to the back of the store,
where no one could see her. However, Miss Casey had
only moved her behind the counter. Everyone could
still see!

"Wait, not here!" Denise whispered urgently.

"You are so right pet. . ." Miss Casey said, causing
Denise to feel relieved. "We need to do something
about that disobedient mouth of yours." Then, when
Denise opened her mouth to argue, the woman stuffed
something into her mouth.

Denise tried to fight the invasion, but the woman was
forceful and not afraid to pinch a nose or an already
clamped nipple to get her way. Soon, Denise found her
mouth kept painfully open by some sort of ring.

"Bend at the waist for me pet."

Denise found she didn't have a choice anyway, with her
legs against the counter as they were. Miss Casey
pushed her forward until her torso was lying on the
counter. Her breasts dangled freely and the weights
swung in small circles.

She looked up and noticed she had attracted quite a
crowd. She was afraid to meet their eyes, but she
could see that every one of the men sported a bulge in
their pants. She realized she would fuck them all
right now, if she were allowed to cum.

She felt something probe her. 'Not there!' she
thought. She tightened her rear passage, and tried to
resist. However, all she did was set those devious
little weights to swinging all the harder.

The finger didn't stop. It continued to explore her
forbidden hole and worse, she was beginning to enjoy
it. She wished she were in a less public place or to
at least not have drool leaking out of her mouth in
front of everyone.

Denise soon found herself moving back and forth in
time with the finger. She moaned its loss when it was

Then, she felt it at her entrance again. She relaxed
as it was pushed in, but to her surprise, it was
bigger . . . much bigger.

"Ugh," she gasped, sending a fresh stream of spittle
from her mouth. Whatever it was, it was huge. She
was thankful Miss Casey was patient, even if she was
persistent. Denise groaned with relief when she felt
the widest part slide home. She had never felt so
full before.

"All done." Miss Casey playfully spanked Denise on
her bottom. The shock of the blow was light, but
thanks to the plug, Denise felt it travel straight to
her insides.

The older woman helped Denise straighten back up and
whispered in her ear. "You've made Mistress hot pet.
If I take you to the back room will you make me cum?"

Denise struggled with the decision, but in the end her
need won out. Maybe she would finally get to cum, or
at least away from this leering audience. She nodded
her head.

Miss Casey led the married woman to the back store
room by her leash. Denise knew she should be
horrified, but she was too turned on at the moment to
care. She could only imagine what the shop patrons
thought of her as she walked obediently behind this
woman like some sort of pet.

And what a sight Denise was. Her breasts were
bouncing freely and pressed up by her twisted bra.
Weights swung from her clamped nipples with every
step. Her mouth was kept open by a ring gag, begging
for penetration. Her wet aroused shaved sex, cried
out slut. Her stance was wide and her hips rotated in
an exaggerated manner due to the large plug, whose
base was sticking out of her ass. Yes, the men in the
store would talk about this for a long time to come.

Miss Casey closed the curtain behind Denise and helped
her to her knees in front of an office chair. "Let's
set the mood shall we?" Miss Casey said, turning a
radio on to some very God-awful music. Then the
bleach blond unzipped her dress and sat down in the
chair. It was the first time that Denise had seen
another woman who was shaved other than herself.

Miss Casey kicked off her shoes and placed a foot on
each of Denise's shoulders. "Eat me slut!" she

'Oh God, what have I become?' Denise thought, as she
lowered her face to this woman's sex.

"That's it-eat it. Eat that pussy, bitch." Miss
Casey positioned her hand underneath the chair and
pulled the leash, mashing Denise's face against her
sex. Denise tried to keep up, but with her mouth
opened with the gag, could barely keep up. Her only
choice was to stick her tongue out and lick, while
Miss Casey moved her all over her sex.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get the horrible
woman off. Miss Casey slid the chair back. "You
don't suck worth a fuck. I guess I'm going to have to
take care of it all myself."

Miss Casey got up and returned with a double-ended
dildo, which she placed in Denise's open mouth. Since
the house wife's mouth was held open by the ring gag,
she had to use her tongue to hold the rubber phallus
in place.

The bleach blonde then sat back down in the chair and
inserted the other end of the dildo in her sex and
placed her feet on Denise's shoulders. Using the
leash to control the reluctant house wife and the
motion of the chair, she began to fuck herself on the

First, she would tug on the leash, causing her chair
to slide forward, until the dildo was firmly embedded
in her cunt. Then, she would kick her legs out
sliding the chair away from Denise. Her chair rolled
back and forth easily, thrusting the dildo in and out
of her sex. Her other hand was free to play with her
clit or a nipple, whichever she seemed to be in the
mood for. Miss Casey was floating on cloud nine.

However, poor Denise was getting the worst of it. Due
to the ring gag, she was unable to bite down on the
dildo. Instead, the only thing keeping it from going
back further was the pressure exerted from her tongue.
In short order, the dildo was banging against the back
of her throat. To make matters worse, the weights on
her nipples swung freely, causing her additional

It wouldn't be so bad if she would cum though. Miss
Casey was certainly well on her way, judging from the
aroused state of her sex. Denise was helpless and
watched jealously from her close vantage as the dildo,
dripping a combination of spittle and cum, fucked the
sleazy looking woman.

'It isn't fair,' thought Denise. 'This sleazy bitch
gets to cum, while I have to suffer. God, I would
trade my car for five minutes alone with this dildo.'

The speed of Casey's fingers on her clit sped. She
had dropped the leash, grabbed Denise by the hair,
thrusting the dildo in and out.

"I'm cumming. That's it fuck mouth. Work my cunt
with that fucking whore mouth. Work it bitch-work it.
Ah-Ah-Ah-here it cums-here it cums." Casey's hips
rose off the chair and the banged up and down as she
climaxed violently.

"That was very good pet," Miss Casey said. "Wait her
while I ring up your purchases."

Miss Casey removed the plastic cock from the ring gag,
went back into the front of the store and then
returned with a large bag. She took the collar and
leash off the kneeling woman and placed them in the
bag along with a very large dildo. She helped Denise
to her feet. "It was a pleasure doing business with
you slut."

Denise shook her head violently. She couldn't go back
out like this. What if someone she knew drove by as
she was leaving? What would April think?

Miss Casey pushed Denise out into the bright
fluorescent lights of the store. The men in the store
clapped, seeing the wet-faced woman emerge. "Maybe
you can talk Frank into making you a bit more

'Oh God, the Pigman,' thought Denise.

Denise walked behind the counter, with every eye
watching the weights swinging from her nipples. She
wondered how she was going to be able to make Frank
understand what she needed with the ring gag in her

As he saw her approach, he unzipped his pants and
pulled out a thick flaccid cock.

'What am I turning into?' Denise thought as she knelt
in front of the sweaty fat man. He removed the gag
from her mouth and pushed her face toward his crotch.

Denise licked his penis. It tasted of salt, but it
wasn't as bad as she thought. She only wished she had
the use of her hands, because Frank was making things
very difficult for her. He grabbed a handful of her
hair and guided her up and down his thick shaft. He
teased her with the head of his cock, trying to stick
it up her nostril, slapping her chin with it, before
making her chase after it; humiliating her in front of
the store patrons.

By the time she captured the bulbous head in her
mouth, she was more than eager to suck it. Where she
had once been timid with her husband, with this total
stranger, she was bobbing her head up and down like a
madwoman desperate for cum. And she was desperate for
it, because the quicker he came, the quicker she could
get out of this perverse hell hole.

"God, this one loves a cock, doesn't she?" said Frank.

"You should have seen her suck a pussy. She wasn't
very good, but she loves a pussy something awful."

Denise felt her skirt being lifted and a finger slip
easily into her soaking sex. She moaned and felt
Frank pushing her head further against his crotch.

It was already at the back of her throat. She
struggled against him.

"You better not bite me bitch."

Miss Casey slipped another finger into Denise's cunt.
"Stop fighting it. Just relax and swallow it fuck

Denise obeyed. The cock slipped down her throat. At
first she felt like she was choking and then gagging
as it was withdrawn. She tried to swallow to quite
the involuntary need to heave.

"It's alright. Just breathe through your nose and
don't try to fight it," Miss Casey said.

It slipped into her throat again. In and out it
violated her. She wasn't blowing him, she was being
fucked orally. He was fucking her face. Denise had
long since ceased being embarrassed. Her only
thoughts were the penis going in and out her mouth and
the fingers exploring her aching cunt.

"Oh God, I'm cumming." Frank grabbed the back of her
head and forced his cock down her throat. She felt it
spasm and spurt, then cum emptying into her once
virginal throat.

"Uh-uh-uh-swallow it all, you cock sucking whore,"
Frank groaned.

Denise worked her throat. She had no choice; it was
swallow or choke.

Frank pulled the housewife off of his softening cock.
"Clean it," he ordered.

Denise began the rueful task of cleaning the
congealing cum from his thick hairy organ. It
wouldn't have been so bad but for the audience
watching from behind the counter.

Finally the task was over. Frank did make her a bit
more presentable, but not as much as Denise had hoped.
She left the grimy store wearing her short skirt and
her thin blouse was still unbuttoned. Since her arms
were covered with casts, her bag of sex supplies was
held between her teeth. Thankfully, it hid her bare
breasts and her clamped nipples, at least from the
front. High heel shoes, sunglasses and a hot pink wig
completed the outfit. She hurried back to the parked
car, praying nobody she knew would recognize her.

To be continued . . .


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