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Denying Denise 4


Denying Denise Ch.4
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2002 by Couture
April held the door open for Denise to get inside the
car. The older woman grunted when she sat, as the
plug was driven deeper into her ass.

"God, slut, couldn't you wait till we got home to try
everything out?"

Denise was hysterical. "It was so awful Ap-I mean
Mistress; that bitch in there practically molested

"Oh, you poor thing," April consoled the stricken
woman with mock sincerity. "Tell Mistress all about

Denise told April about her traumatic experience
inside the porn shop. It was difficult to remain
focused, especially when the young girl took the
clamps off her breasts. Denise found out that
unbelievable as it seems, they hurt more coming off
than they did when they were on.

The further into the story Denise got, the more
liberties her niece took with her. Soon the older
woman, sat with her legs spread wide, trying to tell
about her adventures between moans, while April teased
her tormented sex.

"And then they made me stick his penis in my mouth,
there on the dirty floor, while everyone gawked at

April removed her finger from Denise's sex then
brought it up to the older woman's mouth for her to
clean, before moving it back down and pulling on her
crinkled nether lips.

April said, "I bet it made little Neesie's wet being
watched by all those people, didn't it?"

Denise shook her head, but spread her legs wider.

"Oh my, Neesie, what would Ted think if he knew the
woman he married was a slutty exhibitionist?"

"I'm not an exhibitionist. It was horrible."

"Really? You seem to be enjoying it now."

Denise opened her eyes in shock to see several
lecherous stares. She clamped her legs closed. "Oh,
God, please April, lets go."

"It's Mistress April. Just for that, you're going to
give them a show," April said. "Open your legs,

Denise reluctantly complied and April buried two
fingers in her aunt's wet sex. Then pulled them free
and held them in front of her lips.

"That's my girl. Now, clean off your nasty juices and
remember to smile and look at the nice men."

'God, I'm turning into such a slut,' Denise thought as
she sucked her juices from the proffered finger,
making sure to smile as if she were enjoying it.

April took her time starting the car and Denise was
thankful to be away from the horrible sex shop, but
became terrified when her niece pulled into a park at
her final destination.

The mall.


"Please Mistress, I'm begging you. I can't go in
there. Someone might see me."

"I've already explained this once Neesie, we have to
get you a makeover. Otherwise, you will attract too
much attention when we are together. I can't help it
you are so old looking, can I? Now, either do what I
say, or no cummie-cum."

Denise was trapped. She couldn't bear the thought of
either alternative. "I can't." she whispered.

"Fine, then lets go to the country club to socialize."

Denise turned white with horror. She would definitely
be recognized there. Everyone knew her.

"Wait. I'll do it. I'll go in."

"Are you sure? Will you do everything I ask? Hair,
nails, makeup - the works?"

Denise shuddered. "Yes. Yes, I'll do it everything."


It sounded so simple in the car, but two hours later
Denise sat shell shocked with April on a seat in front
of Belks.

"You look so awesome Neesie, I wonder if Tom will
recognize you when he gets home?"

'Oh God, Tom!' thought Denise. 'Will he still want
me, much less recognize me?'

In truth, Denise barely recognized her self. Her hair
was bleached to a platinum blonde. Bronze streaks
ended in gel-set points. Her face bore the latest in
make-up fashion, bright colors suitable for a
nineteen-year-old, with long glued on nails, and gaudy
jewelry. The worst part of it was that April didn't
even let her retain a semblance of pride. She just
took charge telling everyone what she wanted for her

With no exception, every person looked at Denise in
shock, waiting for her to discipline the impertinent
young girl, but the older woman could only blush and
nod her head.

After her transformation, she had lost ten years, but
she needed twenty for the style April selected. She
still looked ike an older woman trying to be a
teenager -- a teenaged slut.

Denise shuddered, causing her long earrings to jangle.

"Kiss me pet," April said.

Denise kissed the young girl chastely on the cheek and
then beside her full lips.

April turned her head away. "I thought the nasty girl
wanted a cummie-cum?"

"I do Mistress." Tears of frustration welled in
Denise's eyes.

"Then give me a real kiss like a good little wifie."

Denise trembled, looking around quickly to see if
there was anyone around who might spot her and then
did as commanded. April kissed her passionately and
Denise couldn't help but react. When her niece
finally pulled away, Denise was left sitting there,
mouth open, and tongue questing, in the public mall.

"Good girl," April said. "Now, stay there. I'm
always the aggressor and remember to moan for me to
show me your pleasure."

'I can't believe I'm doing this,' Denise thought, as
April kissed her again, their tongues dancing together
in broad daylight. When April smother her mouth with
her own, Denise didn't need to summon the moans of
desire, they came willingly on their own.

After the kiss, April licked her lipstick smeared lips
predatorily. "Delicious."

Denise blushed, as she wondered about her own

"Do you want an orgasm little dykie?"

Denise's heart leapt with anticipation, before
settling back down with reality. "If Mistress wants
me to."

"Mistress does." April reached into the bag she
brought in from the car and took out an item that was
purchased from the sex shop. It was a large dildo,
which she sat down on its flat base next to Denise.
She disguised its presence with the now empty bag.

"But April," Denise gasped in shock. "We're in the
middle of the mall."

"So?" April raised her eyebrows, as if daring Denise
to question her.

"B-b-but. . ."

"This is your last chance until Tom gets home."

Denise looked around frantically. Though they were in
the main aisle, it was slow and no one appeared to be
paying them any attention. She couldn't believe she
was contemplating this, but it had been too long -
three long weeks, followed by April's constant
teasing. She had to have release.

She blushed a bright crimson. Her lips trembled. "Oh
God, Mistress, how'm I gonna do this?"

"Don't worry, I'll guide you every step of the way.
First, stand up." Denise tried, but the high-heeled
shoes and unusable arms made it impossible. April got
up and helped her aunt to her feet. Then she moved
the bag out from in front of the large dildo. "Now
ease back down on it pet."

April lifted the hem of her aunt's skirt, so it
wouldn't catch on the rubber phallus. Then she guided
it into the opening of Denise's sex. Trembling, the
older woman eased down onto the thick pole until it
was halfway in her stretched pussy.

She gave long groan and her descent stopped. "Ugh-get
me off. It's too big."

April's eyes grew with alarm. "Oh shit!" she said.
"Here comes someone."

'God knows. I knew something like this would happen,'
thought silently, cursing herself for allowing this to
happen. She pressed down harder to hide the dildo in
the only place she could - inside her. But it was
still stuck. "Help me Mistress," she begged. "Ugh-
baby please help me."

April pushed down on Denise's thighs and the older
woman resumed her progress down the giant cock. Her
face screwed up and a loud groan escaped her mouth.
April caught her aunt's mouth in a kiss, smothering
the cries until the older woman was tightly mounted on
the large phallus.

Once Denise was firmly seated, she returned to her
senses. She was hot and sweaty, and between the dildo
in her cunt and the plug in her ass, she had never
felt as full-as stuffed- in her entire life. She
looked around quickly to see if she had made it in
time, but she didn't see anyone. She realized April
had lied to her!

"I can't believe you lie-oh!" Denise was interrupted
by a vibrating sensation deep in her body. She could
feel it run through her insides it was so strong.
Panicked, she looked over at her niece, who had a
shit-eaten grin on her face and a white controller in
her hand.

"You're mine," April whispered, licking her lips.

Denise felt the vibrations increase in glorious
intensity, until she thought she would swoon and then
die down to nothingness. She squeezed her thighs
together and then cast her glace fearfully around the
mall to see if anyone was coming.

"No," April said. "I want you looking at me. If I
catch you looking anywhere else but in my eyes, then I
will stop. Say yes Mistress if you understand."

Denise flushed, eyes darting around in fear, before
looking up to meet her Mistress's intense gaze. "Yes,
Mistress." She felt her heart warm and skip a beat as
she got lost in her Mistress's pale blue eyes. She
was quite certain she loved her, even with all that
had happened.

This was the part that scared Denise the most. How
her body betrayed her was one thing, but it seemed to
have a mind of its own and she could divorce herself
of responsibility due to her handicap. But, these
feelings she felt whenever she looked into the young
girl's eyes; how could she explain them and could she
ever get rid of them.

She felt the vibrations stir in her sex again as April
grinned widely.

"Who do you belong to pet?"

"You, Mistress."

"And whose cunt is that? And tits and ass?"

"Yours." Denise knew she needed to look away from
those two pools of crystal clear blue that pulled her
in. She was drowning and she couldn't escape.

"And whose heart is that?"

"Yours." Denise was sobbing now, overcome with
emotion and pleasure from the ever increasing
vibrations. "I love you Mistress," she volunteered.
Her eyes locked onto April's now, returning her gaze
in intensity.

"What about Tom?"

"I don't care about him, I want you. I need you. Ah-
Ah-Oh shit!" Denise felt her ass and cunt spasm
around their intruders. She was awash with pleasure.
She was going to cum.

"Are you going to divorce Tom?"

"Yes!" Denise cried, as her body quaked with pleasure.

"And marry me? Be my wifie, my cunt, my slave?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"To love, honor and obey."


"To get teased, frustrated, punished, and anything
else I can think of."

"Yes-yes-oh-yes!" Denise felt the damn break inside
her sex, as she was overcome by the most mind-
consuming, earth-shattering orgasm in her entire life.
She struggled to keep looking into April's eyes, while
her body shook. 'Kiss me,' she thought and as if
April could read her mind, she did.

Denise ached for her arms to be free, so she could
return April's snug embrace. She shook and cried, as
she had an orgasm, two, then three, until finally her
body stilled with exhaustion. April broke the kiss
and breaking into a crocodile grin. "You're mine

"Till death do us part," Denise whispered in a faint


On the day her husband was due home, Denise was naked,
wearing a blindfold, face planted on the floor, with
her ass raised into the air on the living room floor.
Her niece was behind her, naked as well, and a leather
crop in her hand. She traced a particularly red welt
on her aunt's ass before bringing the crop out and
back down with a loud thwack.

The older woman grunted and her hips bucked

April tisked disapprovingly. "What just happened

"I flinched."

"What flinched?"

"Your ass," Denise moaned. "Your ass just flinched."

"Did I give you permission to flinch my ass?"

"No Mistress."

"Then you must think it is your ass instead of mine
little wifie. Give that ass back to me."

April swung the crop, hitting the same dark welt as
she had before. This time the only movement from her
aunt was the jiggle of flesh from the contact of the

"Oh that's it lover," April cooed. "Give me that
ass." The wicked crop danced on the older woman's
plump ass, but except for the pained expression on her
face, she didn't move.

April stopped and admired her handiwork. The ivory
flesh of her aunt was the canvas, the crop was her
brush, and the crisscrossed welts her masterpiece.
She took the crop and tapped on the insides of
Denise's thighs.

"Show me your cunt lover," April said. "Show me that
hungry little gash."

Denise arched her back and opened her legs wider. Her
thighs were streaked with moisture from her blossomed
sex. Her mind drifted to earlier in the afternoon
when April took her to the country club.


It was one of the things that Denise dreaded all week,
but knew would happen whether she liked it or not.
April dressed her in a small tennis outfit sans bra
and panties; her neck was adorned by the collar from
the sex shop. April wore jeans, heels, and a white
oxford blouse.

A dubious looking hostess met them at the entrance.
"I'm sorry, we only serve members-Oh Mrs. Thompson!"
she said, finally recognizing a very different looking
Denise. "Uh-hold on just a minute. Let me see if we
have anything available."

"That's fine," April said, her hand caressing her
aunt's skirt covered rear possessively. "We can

Denise saw the host go talk to the manager, pointing
back at her. Eventually, the woman returned and led
the blushing woman and her niece to the rear of the
restaurant. Densie was even glad for once to be seated
next to the door to the kitchen to be away from prying

"What will you have for lunch Mrs. Thompson," the
waitress said.

April said, "I will have the jerk chicken salad and a
red wine. Bring the wine back in a hurry."

The woman looked to Denise expectantly. "For you?"

"Nothing," Denise said blushing as she thought of
eating her meal in this very public place from her
niece's sex. Her stomach growled in anticipation as
it did every time she saw April's sex, after eating
her meals from the girl's cunt since the first of the

The waitress shrugged her shoulders and returned with
the wine. April swirled the glass lightly, sniffing
the aroma, while her aunt trembled in fear.

April took a swallow, closing her eyes as she enjoyed
the experience. "Thirsty," she said.

"No thank you," Denise said, knowing what April would
expect of her.

"It wasn't a question." April took a swallow, holding
it in her mouth, and leaned over to her aunt. Denise
could feel the blood rushing to her face, pounding
with every beat of her heart. She tilted her head and
leaned over to her niece. They kissed, while Denise
swallowed the wine with practiced ease, leaving only a
small trail of liquid down her chin when April broke
the kiss.

April licked the remaining wine from her aunt's chin
with an obvious display of decadent sensuality, while
Denise's eyes darted around the country club coming to
rest on Mrs. Davidson, a particularly rich and uptight
woman who just happened to know everyone.

Denise's heart dropped to her feet. It was over.
Everyone would know about her and her niece.

April pulled away and caught Denise's wander eyes.
"Who are you looking at?" she asked.

"Nobody," Denise said hurriedly, looking back at her

"Liar," April turned and looked at the staring woman.
"Well, show nobody my cunt."

"Please Mistress," Denise begged, the mistress part
coming out as a whisper. "I know her."

"Show her," April said in a voice the brooked no
argument. "*My* cunt. Show her what I do to you."

Reluctantly, Denise slid her legs to the side and
spread them, displaying her wet aroused sex to the
older woman. She wished with all her might that she
still had her pubic hair, but April kept her fully
bare. Her sex was wet almost all the time now, with
no release since the day at the mall.

The old woman coughed in surprise, splattering coffee
over the table. She mouthed slut, hurriedly got up,
and went to see the manager.

Denise longed to closer her legs. "Please," she

"Keep them open," April warned.

The manager walked back to them, making sure to get a
good eyeful of Denise's pussy, before asking them to

"Come along lover," April said, taking Denise by the
hand, and loud enough to draw more stares. "The
service in this place is terrible." With her aunt in
one hand and her wine in the other she walked
imperiously to the door. As she walked by Mrs.
Davidson, she tossed the wine on the woman's expensive
blouse. "And they seem to be overrun with

"Stupid old bitch," April laughed as they left the
club. "Come on little wifie, let's go home, so you
can eat my pussy."


"Your pussy is hungry for me isn't it?" April idly
traced the petal of the Denise's nether lips with the
crop. Denise kissed the carpeted floor, wanting
desperately to hump the crop, to work it into her
pussy, but daring not to.

"But you know who this cunt belongs to, don't you

"Yes Mistress," Denise gasped. "It belongs to you."

The crop traveled up and began to lightly tap on the
older woman's crinkled rosebud.

"And this tight little asshole," April said, turning
the crop around and poking the tip of the handle
inside. "Or should I say formerly tight little
asshole. Who does it belong to, wifie?"

"It's yours Mistress," Denise said, relaxing her ass
to make herself available, mentally begging for relief
from the constant teasing.


Denise's mind drifted again as she thought about
April's term of endearment. Wifie. 'That's what I
am. Her wifie,' she thought.

But Tom thought of Denise as his wifie too. Desise
had tried to be a good wife, but she knew deep down
now that she was just a slut. April's slut for as
long as her niece would have her.

She pretended to be a good wife, especially when Tom
called at night. He was nice and he was a good

"How is everything and how are you getting along with
April?" he asked.

Denise looked down between her spread legs, ankles
tied to each bedpost, her niece down below with a
paint brush teasing her.

She tried her best to concentrate on Tom, while he
told her of all the dreary things that happened at his
conference. Denise all the while thinking of the
brush, her clit, and how swollen and aching it felt.

Then April smiling wickedly, licking her lips.
"You're mine," she mouthed, before crawling up her
aunt's body and spreading her thighs just above the
older woman's head.

Denise kissed the unblemished thigh, before returning
her attention to the phone. "Tom, look something has
come up and I have to go." A pause. "No-I really
don't have time to hear about that right now. I'll
talk to you later. Goodbye."

April smiled her crocodile smile, moving the phone
from pillow and replacing it on the cradle.

"All mine," she said, settling down on her aunt's


"Yes, all mine," April said, as she strapped on a
dildo. She walked behind her aunt, placing a hand on
Denise's crotch and one on her back, lifting up and
pushing down until she was satisfied with her aunt's

"I think I just heard Tom pull up. This is your last
chance to back out little wifie." April said as
placed the head of the strapon she was wearing at the
entrance of Denise's sex.

Denise lay obediently in front of her niece, not
daring to try to pleasure herself on the dildo she
desperately needed. "I don't care. I love you. Oh
God, please fuck me. Fuck me Mistress."

"You want to fuck?" April said. "Do you cunt?"

"Yes," Denise begged. "Fuck me. Use me. Fuck my hot

April plunged the phallus in the hilt and began to
pound into the married woman. She heard the faint
sound of the car door slamming. 'It wouldn't be long
now,' she thought. Her pelvis slapped loudly every
time it hit Denise's plump red-streaked ass.

"Does my little dyke want to cum?"

"If it pleases you Mistress," Denise forced herself to
say. In truth she needed it more than life itself.
She would give anything for it. In truth she *was*
giving everything for it . . .her husband . . . her
house . . . her life.

"Then beg me for it bitch. Tell me what you want."

"Ugh, please fuck me Mistress. Fuck my ass. Fuck my
pussy. Oh goddamnit, fuck me anyway you want me."

"Louder," commanded April as she heard a knock on the
front door, and then it finally being unlocked when no
one answered. She fucked her aunt harder, even

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Denise gasped with
every thrust.

April grabbed a handful of her aunt's hair, pulling
the older woman's head back. Denise wailed as the
climax hit full force.

"Oh God, Jesus I'm cumming. Keep fucking me. Oh fuck
me my Mistress-my lover!"

Tom entered. His briefcase fell to the floor as he
stared in shocked silence.

April met Tom's stunned gaze with a confident stare.
'You might not recognize her, but this was your wife,'
she thought feeling her own orgasm unleash, her body
joining her lover's in bliss. "and she's mine now . .
. all mine."

The end.

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