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Depraved Descent1

Depraved Descent
by Prof X

Part 1 - college
It doesn't bother me to say that I'm a very attractive guy, if slightly short.
I'm about 5'8, 145 with short dark hair, fair skin with blue eyes and smooth and
lean muscular body, I have a chiseled All-American face, and kind of boyish.
Still I'm very shy and have never had a great charisma when it came to girls.
While my friends were flirting and teasing girls at 13 or so, I was always kind
of nervous around girls even though lots of them paid attention to me. I didn't
have sex until I was about 20, and only because she nearly forced me. My friends
used to joke that if I was more aggressive and not so quiet I could have fucked
all the women that I wanted. But I just didn't have that outgoing nature and
charisma that a lot of girls like.

My best friend in college is a great example; he's not nearly as good looking as
I am. Where as I have great features and a gymnasts body, he is a wrestler and
is like 6'2, 230 and huge like an offensive lineman, all thick bodied with not
much definition, even a little overweight maybe and unbelievably strong. Not a
really good-looking guy, but he had so much charisma that he always had tons of
women. In college he fucked more women then he could possibly count and the
thought of a long-term relationship is not in his vocabulary. I remember the
first time I ever heard him fucking someone, the girl was screaming and moaning
so loud I couldn't possibly imagine what he was doing to her, the two girls I'd
been with had never made any noise like that!

Not long after I learned why the girls he was with made so much noise. We were
working out together once, before the season started (I was a gymnast), and we
took a hot tub together. It was the first time I'd ever seen him naked and his
cock was so big it was embarrassing to look at it. It was like a giant hairy guy
(he was pretty hairy) with this long thick slab of uncircumcised meat and big
balls hanging down. I mean I'd seen some fairly big dicks but nothing like this,
it's hard to describe without actually seeing it. He was totally not self
conscious about it too, just getting into the tub making his usually quick
witted jokes and paling around with everyone. I on the other hand was incredibly
self conscious.

My dick wasn't too big, I mean it always seemed okay with Karen my girlfriend,
who was as sexy as a girl can get. She was a dancer and was 5'9, with gorgeous
long legs and a tight hard body with long flowing hair and a gorgeous face with
perfect pert tits. Still, my dick erect was so much smaller then my friends dick
was soft that it was branded into my head forever. It got even worse when we
moved in together in our last year of school, the constant screaming, banging
and moaning coming from his room made me all the more self conscious. sometimes
I even had a hard time getting it up with Karen as I thought how quiet she was
when we fucked and never seemed to cum. There were times when I lost my erection
and we were lying in bed frustrated and we could hear my roommate pounding some
girl in his room as she screamed louder and louder. I would be like "Jesus" and
Karen always said stuff like, don't worry about it, he's a total asshole. Karen
was very arty and creative and a total feminist and couldn't stand my friend and
his gruff jock attitude. He was always been brash and crude around her because
he knew it got her goat and she would even tell him what a fool he was to his
face and how stupid she thought he was. He just laughed her off. He always spent
a lot of time trying to bait her and they often had heated arguments.

Still, I felt worse and worse. In the morning he'd be walking around the
apartment sometimes naked. He totally didn't care about concealing himself,
sometimes the girl he'd be with the night before, always a sexy little hottie
would be there in panties and a little tshirt or something. I imagined very sore
from the previous nights activities. Sometimes I would see girls leaving late
angrily cursing my friend out, I imagined they were pissed off that he fucked
them so long with that huge dick. Alot of girls probably didn't enjoy taking
something that big inside them I'd imagine. In fact as I looked at alot of the
girls he was with, I could hardly imagine how such little girls could take a
dick like that in the first place.

By the time graduation rolled around, my relationship with Karen had
deteriorated not just because of sexual issues. In the last few months before we
graduated, she was irritable and almost hostile toward me sometimes and we
argued more and more. Secretly I was devastated because she was so gorgeous and
I loved being with her, but our sex life had become almost non-existent. Finally
she broke up with me. Even though I thought about her constantly, I didn't see
her again until graduation, and just by chance, after the commencement, people
were outside and around saying goodbye to each other and I saw Karen talking
with some of her friends, her robe was open and her hat was off and her long
hair was flowing in the wind down by her gorgeous ass and she had on a tight
clinging white top, which showed her nipples subtly and skin tight clinging
pants that went down to her ankles and little sexy sandals. She was wearing nice
burgundy lipstick and no other makeup. My god, she looked like a model, better
then most models I've seen. I was lost in my thoughts staring at her, when out
of nowhere my friend appeared in front of her. Damn, she's going to to probably
tell him off I thought but instead I saw her smile and laugh a bit and he gave
her a warm hug! Then he reached down and slid his hands into her robe and
grabbed her little ass and he started to kiss her passionately. I watched in
horror as he pulled her hips into him and I saw her grinding her hips against
his crotch a bit. When he broke the kiss she seemed almost forlorn. My head was
spinning as I watched him give her another little kiss and say goodbye. She
turned toward me, her nipples now rock hard and she was really flushed and then
she saw me. At first she she looked shocked that she had just been busted, but
then she just gave me a little shrug and a smile and turned and walked away. I
literally staggered back against a tree like I had been shot in some bad movie.
I was blind to everything else except my minds eye that saw Karen spread out on
a bed while my friend held her long legs wide as he pushed his giant cock into
her and she screamed in pain then pleasure, covered in sweat, him fucking her
from behind her face contorted her pert titties swinging as he fucked her hard,
nipples pointing and taught. sweat running down her back. her mouth and
glistening lips wrapped around the huge head, pulling his foreskin back. her
skirt being hiked up as he pounded her from behind and she continued to scream
and scream and scream...

Coming Next. Part 2 Post-College

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