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Depraved Descent2


Depraved Decent
by Prof X

Part 2 - Post college
It took me a long time to get over the idea of my friend and
roomate Alex fucking Karen, the girl I loved. Of course at the
time I didn't know for sure, though it did seem fairly obvious.

I didn't really talk to Alex much anymore after we graduated
He went to New York and became a very successful salesman in the
garment industry and I went out to San Francisco to pursue a
career as a graphic artist.

It started to disturb me how I would wake up in the middle of
The night after having dreams of Alex taking his freakish cock and
stuffing it in Karen's tight little pussy, she was always
screaming as it stretched her tiny tight cunt grotesquely open.
The dreams were so vivid I always woke up with my cock harder
then it ever had been and I had to masturbate until I came all
over my stomach. Disgusted with myself I cleaned the cum off me
with a sock and went back to sleep.

I became obsessed with huge cocks, always thinking about how
my own dick, which was I measured for the first time ever at just
5 inches and not very thick, would compare to a big hard cock that
could really make a girl scream. I still had problems getting it
up sometimes, afraid that I wasn't pleasing the girl I was with,
none of my girlfriends ever came when I fucked them, but I could
get them off easily with my tounge, I gave great head, I loved
licking a hot pussy.

Even with all the porn I watched, I rarely saw a cock that
compared with Alex's sickeningly big cock. I thought about all the
girls he ruined in college, none of their boyfriends would ever be
able to make them cum and scream like that or fill their young pussies until they thought they were going to be split open. I
couldn't understand how girls liked something so big inside them.
Maybe they really didn't? that a cock like mine was better off for
most women. Then I thought about the look on Karen's face when I
saw her kiss Alex at graduation, I never saw her look like that

I was working at a graphic artist at a huge ad agency, a good
looking guy with a fast- developing size complex. Like most ad
agencies there were tons of gorgeous girls working there. Being
San Francisco, most of them were single and looking to date. They
were always coming into my space and flirting like crazy. Even
though I thought the girls were totally hot, always wearing sexy
little outfits that showed off their perfect bodies. Embarassingly
tight tops that were often lowcut, and tight little pants with
sexy platform shoes. I felt totally intimidated and that there was
no way I could ever please a woman like that sexually so I just
brushed them off or mumbled excuses.

Instead I started dating Helen, who was a totally
unthreatening, plain girl, even a bit mousy. She didn't have a
bad body, she was very petite, I felt I had to find a small a girl as possible to be able to please her. Helen was about 5'1, and 95
lbs with no more then an A cup. She had pretty unstylish hair and
wore glasses and tended to dress plainly. Most people I knew
considered her kind of mousy even though she had a cute little
face and body. She was totally unthreatening and happy to be with
a good looking guy like me. People started to refer to us as the
Vanilla Couple and we were pretty vanilla, our sex life was as
well. It was always the same, a little kissing and petting in the
dark, a little oral sex on her tight hairy pussy and then a few
minutes of fucking. Even with Helen I had trouble getting it up
sometimes and came too quickly and even with a tiny girl like
Helen I couldn't make her moan and scream. Still she didn't really

So that's what my sex life had become, boring and bland and soon
enough I began to forget about the hot girls at the agency and the
screaming I heard while Alex fucked his girlfriends, until a few
months later.

I was at a graphics trade show at the Moscone Center, just looking
around at the different vendor booths when I felt someone tap me
on the shoulder. It was a guy from school named Justin. He was a
wrestling teammate and a fraternity brother of Alex, another
pretty big guy.

He was all loud and convinced me to have a beer with him later. We
went to a pub I know nearby and he was pounding the beers. "Have
you spoken to Alex much lately?" he asked.
"No, not really, I said, "I haven't spoken to him in a few
years really." Actually I hadn't spoken to him since college.
"Yeah him and I speak pretty often," Justin said. "He's
worth a few mil, the bastard!"
"Jeez, really?" I said, feeling jealous.
"Ohh yeah, he's quite a salesman, always good at convincing
people to do it his way!" "That's why he always fucked so many
girls at school, hell I hear he's dating some 18-year old model right now,
that fuck!" I just sat there blankly listening to him seem to brag for Alex, it
was so annoying but it got worse. "Yeah, the crème de la crème was
his last girlfriend before we graduated, this dancer named Karen,
did you know her?" Huh? "You knew her right? I've seen you walking
with her a few times"
"Um, yeah, I knew her a little"
"Well that girl HATED him!" he continued loudly. "but he
FUCKED her so often, I don't know how her body held it to the
fucking's he gave her!" "She couldn't stand being around him, they
always fucked at the fraternity house for some reason, and Alex would
fuck her for hours and she'd leave right afterward"
"She was THE hottest little slut. Damn, we all wanted to fuck
her, she had such a hot body with those long legs and perfect
little tits and that long flowing hair. I've never heard a bitch
scream like that!!! I mean all the girls Alex fucked screamed and
moaned but he must have been tearing her tight little pussy up! He
used to tell us how she had the tightest pussy he ever had, that
her old boyfriend didn't have much to give her. The first time he
did her she actually bled like a virgin!!!!"

He was laughing uproariously, having a great time
remeniscing. I was totally numb, thinking about Alex's impossibly
huge cock fitting somehow into the girl I loved tight tiny pussy.
"Anyway, she became so addicted to his big fuckin dick that
she basically lived at the frat house after awhile. We loved
watching her walk around in her tiny panties and tank tops but
Alex never let any of us touch her. He loved pounding her tight
little pussy and eventually that little ass so much. She screamed
bloody murder the first time he tried to fuck her ass, which was
so small and tight. Eventually she hearned how to take it. I
didn't believe Alex that that hot little whore could take his hose
in her ass. So I watched him do it once.
And man let me tell you that was the most unbelievable thing
I've ever seen. It was like watching a teen girls little asshole
get fisted. But somehow she took his whole huge cock! The thing
must have been going into her stomach. After watching him pound
her ass as she screamed, it was unbelievable watching him pull it
out of her. It was like seeing someones arm sliding out and the
amount she was gaping open was kind of fuckin disgusting, man!
Jeez. Of course after he had been fucking her for a few months, he
opened up her tight little holes so much, she walked around with a
huge gap, I mean when she wore something tight, or her little teeny
panties, you'd see the light coming through the other side no matter
how tightly that slut closed her legs!!! Haha.
I was feeling pretty ill and dizzy. And he said. "Daym man,
Are you okay, you look pale as hell!!!
"Um, I must have ate something bad, I have to go." And I got
up abruptly and got home as quickly as I could. I lied in bed my
world shocked that my best friend and my girlfriend who I would do
anything for had betrayed me so bad. Again the only picture in my
head was of Alex's obscene cock somehow spreading open Karen's
tight little pussy, hearing her scream as each thick inch entered
her pussy as she got wetter and wetter. I'd never been so hard in
my life. In fact I masturbated three times that night thinking
about it.

Coming Next. Part 3 - Reunion

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