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Deserted Part 1


Deserted Part 1/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 1

I drove down the wide tree lined street, making quite sure I kept within
the legal speed limit, concentrating very hard on driving correctly. When
I reached my driveway I turned in slowly, stopped my car beside my wife's,
pulled on the parking brake, turned off the engine and relaxed for the
first time in over an hour. I sat there for some ten minutes, my head
resting on the steering wheel, while I allowed most of the stress to drain
from my body, then I slowly got out of the car, locked it up securely and
made my way into the house. It was Thursday, about seven thirty in the
morning, and I had just finished the last night duty of a straight run of
twenty eight of them. While this was a pretty punishing schedule for a
family man, it was worth it as I now had two weeks when I wasn't working,
before I went back on to the same number of early shifts.

As usual when I got to this stage of my working cycle I walked into the
kitchen to find my wife Jan, getting her breakfast before leaving for work
herself. She had a job in an advertising agency, one she liked, and the
same one she had been doing before we married eighteen years ago. There
was no real need for her to keep on working, as I had a very good job
managing an engineering works, one in which I was a fifty percent partner,
Jan just worked because it gave her a sense of security, and, in her own
words 'stopped her vegetating in the house'. This morning as usual she
kissed me on the cheek, said softly "You should be in bed", and handed me a
cup of tea as she told me to get upstairs. As I started to do as she said
she called after me "I won't be home tonight I have to go out of town for a
while." I murmured something appropriate and continued upstairs where I had
a quick shower before making my way to my bed. My head had hardly hit the
pillow when there was a soft knock on the door and before I could say
anything my daughter Sandi came in and sat on the edge of the bed beside
me. "Rough night daddy?" she asked softly. I grinned and nodded "Very, but
I got things sorted, and I'm off for a while now." Sandi grinned, lowered
her head and kissed me lovingly on the lips, "Forget work now daddy
darling, just get some rest, and I'll see you about supper time, OK?" I
smiled up at her, nodded and closed my eyes as I felt her tuck the
comforter up over my shoulders before placing a soft tender kiss on my
cheek then creeping out of the room and leaving me to sleep.

It was about four thirty when I woke up, again my usual time when I was
on night duty, even if it was the day after my last one. It was going to
take me until Monday to change my sleep pattern back to a normal diurnal
one, so I wasn't too worried. I got up, showered and dressed in sweats and
a T-shirt, then went downstairs to see what I could do about getting our
evening meal ready. I needn't have bothered, Sue and Sandi, our seventeen
and sixteen year old daughters had it all sorted, even if it was just a
Pizza they were putting in the microwave to re-heat. As I entered the
kitchen Sandi came over, slipped her arms round my chest and kissed me
tenderly on the lips "Good afternoon daddy, did you have a nice sleep?" I
nodded, gave her a hug and said "Yes thanks darling, but what's this I see,
Pizza for dinner? What would your mother say?" Sue giggled as the oven
pinged, "Well darling, seeing as she's not going to be here tonight, we
thought it would be nice for you to have it as a treat. Besides, it's been
far too long since we had one, so we decided we deserved one too." With
that she placed the Pizza in the table, replaced it in the oven with a
second one, and began to cut it into decent sized portions.

I have to admit I enjoyed that meal more than any I'd had in months.
Mostly because it seemed as if we were being naughty by having it, but
mainly because of how much the girls enjoyed it knowing their mother would
disapprove if she found out. When all the packaging was disposed of Sue
made a fresh pot of tea while Sandi and I went and sat in the living room
and watched tv for a while. When Sue came in with the tea tray the girls came and sat each side of me while we drank it. Then Sue went and switched
off the main light so all there was, was the blue light from the tv screen
when she came back and sat beside me once more. This was the signal for
both of them to come and snuggle up close to me as I held out my arms and
they lay their heads on my chest. I allowed my arms to fall round their
shoulders and down their sides, finally resting on their hips as they
pressed their arms round my back, and over my abdomen.

"When's mom due back daddy?" asked Sandi softly. "Well darling, all I
know is that she told me she wouldn't be home tonight. I have no idea what
time she'll get back tomorrow, or even if she'll be back before Monday.
You know how her weekends sometimes run into four day trips." Sue sat up
quickly, twisted round to face me and said "In that case daddy, can we come
and get a tummy rub before we go to bed please. Both of us are on our
period, and you know how much easier it is if we get one." I chuckled and
shook my head slowly, "I don't know Sue darling, don't you think you might
be getting too old for that sort of thing, after all you're not fourteen
now you know." They both giggled as they hugged me tight, "Oh, we know that
darling, but we're old enough now to properly appreciate what you're doing.
Besides we like it, it's real good fun" said Sandi with a broad grin.
"Well, OK, just so long as you both behave yourselves, understood?" They
nodded, "Yes daddy" they said in unison, then they stood up, pulled me to
my feet and dragged me upstairs and gently pushed me into my bedroom to get

* * * * * * * * * * *

Tummy Rub? Well, when I was in college a girl I was very intimate with
had always suffered from painful periods, and as a result tended to miss
the odd class here and there. I happened to go and call for her in her
dorm one evening, only to find her curled up on a tight ball, tears
streaming down her cheeks as she waited for her painkillers to kick in. I
sat beside her on her bed, hugged her to me until she was laying beside me
and then began to gently stroke her abdomen and tummy. After a couple of
minutes she gave a deep sigh and relaxed in my arms before lifting her
shirt and pushing down the waistband of her skirt so I could make contact
with her naked flesh. I don't know if it was what I was doing, or that her
painkillers had actually kicked in that made things easy for her on the
first night. I do know that the following evening I got a call from her to
meet her again in her dorm. When I got there she was wearing the same as
the evening before, though this time her shirt was undone, and her skirt
was pushed down below the level of the waistband of her panties. She
patted the bed, telling me to climb on, and sit up against the headboard.
When I was in place she shuffled between my thighs, leaned back against my
chest and opened up her shirt showing me she wasn't wearing a bra under it.
Between us we worked out what felt best as regards how and where I should
massage her, I then spent twenty minutes stroking and caressing her abdomen
and tummy while she relaxed against my chest.

From then on I got called to her aid every time she had her period.
Every evening I would give her a Tummy Rub, and every night she would give
me a blow job as a reward. As our time at college progressed we both
became quite expert in our chosen field, especially after the night I took
things a little further than we had gone before. This evening I was
feeling particularly horny, and as I got close to finishing the normal
massage I decided I wanted to get a feel of my girls wonderful firm comical
breasts. To this end, when I was moving my hands up her body I went a
little higher than usual and cupped her breasts in them. I gave her
nipples a tweak, something she enjoyed when we made love normally, then
moved my hands down her body until I was able to cover her panty covered
pussy and press my middle finger between her hot swollen pussy lips. Much
to my amazement she went stiff as a board, clamped her thighs together and
cried out as she climaxed. What was so amazing was the fact that I'd
hardly touched her pussy, or her titties before she exploded. From that
moment on we always ended a session with me giving her what she called 'the
full treatment'. Word also spread, as it will in a closed community like a
college dorm, and I ended up with hordes of nubile young women that wanted
me to get my hands on their naked bodies. It also gave many of the Bi and
lesbian women something else to use in their own special relationships once
I'd shown then the right technique.

Jan knew about all this, and one evening when Sue was little more than
twelve she came up to me and asked me if I'd be prepared to give Sue a try
as she was having a very bad time with her newly started periods. Jan
brought Sue to me wearing a modest two piece swim suit, and sat with us
while I tenderly stroked and caressed Sue's aching body. The fact that Sue
almost fell asleep in my arms when moments earlier she had been curled up
in pain, told Jan that I was successful. From then on Sue got a Tummy Rub
with her mother as a chaperone every time she had any period pain, although
I'm sure that after a time Sue wasn't actually in pain at every visit, she
just enjoyed having me caress her almost naked body. When Sandi started
her menses Jan started her having Tummy Rubs like her sister, always with
her there as a chaperone, something I was glad of as it meant I could never
be accused of child abuse should anyone else find out what we were doing.
By the time Sue was sixteen she convinced Jan that she wasn't needed as a
chaperone as daddy wasn't going to be doing anything wrong, especially as
Sandi was always going to be there when it happened as they always had
their periods at about the same time of the month. That was fine, until
the first time Jan went away on a long weekend job with her agency.

Jan was so hyped up over going away that nothing else mattered during
the week previous. When Friday came she loaded her bags into her car and
without even a wave to the rest of us, she drove off, not to be seen or
heard of until she returned on Monday evening. What happened while she was
away actually changed my life forever. I'd locked up, and was making my
way to the bathroom for my usual shower when Sandi stopped me and said
softly "Can we have a Tummy Rub tonight please daddy, I'm hurting quite a
lot, and I'm sure that Sue is too." "OK darling" I replied, "Just let me
have my shower, then you can come and get on the bed with me." When I was
finally sitting up in bed the girls came and joined me, sitting each side
of me and cuddling up close for a few minutes. "OK girls" I said, "Who's
first?" and as Sue said "Me" I spread my legs apart and allowed her to come
and sit between them, leaning back against my chest after stripping off her
nightie. As she was wearing a bra this wasn't actually a problem for me as
I'd done this many times before. As Sue relaxed against me I placed my
hands on her abdomen and firmly stroked them down her body until my little
fingers were touching the waistband of her panties. I then moved them back
to her rib cage, stroking gently in the upwards direction.

After about a dozen strokes I moved my hands out to Sue's side and
stroked down over the site of her ovaries, knowing that this was where she
felt most of the pain. As usual I spent about twenty minutes massaging
Sue's abdomen and tummy, and was about to finish off when she took hold of
my hands and held them against her ribs for a while. Very gently Sue began
to move my hands up and down her abdomen once more, holding them firmly in
contact with her flash with her own hands. Then, before I could stop her
she moved them a little further upwards than before, cupping them over her
bra covered breasts and pressing my palms against her hard pointy nipples.
Quick as I could I pulled my hands away, unfortunately giving Sue a little
more pleasure as they were rubbing and pressing against her nipples. Once
my hands were free I rolled Sue from between my thighs to lay face down
beside me, bringing my hand down hard against what I suddenly realised was
a very willing bottom. I knew this because instead of crying out in pain
Sue simply turned her head, looked at me and smiled. Trying hard to keep a
straight face I gave Sue one more spank, then turned to where I could see
Sandi was getting ready to come and have her Tummy Rub. I sat back and
Sandi quickly settled herself between my thighs. "What, not taking your
nightie off Sandi my love?" I asked. "Sure you want me to daddy?" she
replied. I shrugged my shoulders, "It's up to you darling, I don't mind
either way, it's just that that's what you usually do." Sandi twisted
round, looked at me and smiled, "OK daddy, but only because you asked me
to, and because it'll make it easier for you to give me the Tummy Rub."

Sandi whipped her nightie over her head and showed me she wasn't even
wearing a bra. "OK girls" I said firmly as I almost reluctantly placed my
hands on Sandi's naked abdomen, making sure I kept well away from her naked
breasts. "Will one of you please tell me what's going on while I give
Sandi what may well be her very last Tummy Rub?" Sandi turned her head as
far as she could, "Please daddy, don't say that, at least not until you've
listened to what we have to stay." "Yes, well, that's all very well girls,
but so far no one is saying anything, all that's happening is that I'm
being put in some very embarrassing positions. Susan, while I finish off
your sister, why don't you tell me why you did what you did?" by now Sue
was kneeling close to where Sandi and I were sitting. She leaned forward,
placed a soft tender kiss in my cheek and said softly "We'll, to be honest
daddy, we decided it was time we tried to seduce you. We know what's going
on between you and Mom, we also know that we need to have some fun of our
own." She paused for a moment, then said, with a broad grin "Did you know
daddy, that from what we're told, Sandi and I are the last two virgins in
our class. OK, one or two of the girls might just be bending the truth
somewhat, but even so we're having a good deal of difficulty holding on to
our virtue every time we go out on a date with our current boyfriends." I
glanced at Sue suspiciously, "What does that have to do with what you're
doing here and now?" I asked, dreading the answer I might get.

As I was on an upstroke in Sandi's Tummy Rub, my hands were fairly
relaxed, but I was still able to stop her when she took hold of my hands
and tried to move them up to her firm naked breasts. As she struggled
against my stronger arms Sandi turned her head, looked up into my eyes and
in a soft husky voice gasped "Please daddy, I'll explain in a minute." I
closed my eyes, relaxed my arms and then for the first time felt how
wonderful it was to cup my hands over a pair of firm, smooth, hard nipple
topped teenage breasts. Despite only holding my hands still for a matter
of a few seconds it was long enough for me to get a rampant erection. I
was eternally grateful that my hard cock and Sandi's almost naked butt,
were separated by the thickness of the comforter she was sitting on. What
did surprise me was Sandi's reaction. Despite me doing nothing with my
hands but allow her to hold them to her titties it was only a few seconds
before she was trembling with desire and thrusting her chest out in an
effort to get more contact between palms and nipples. All too soon for
Sandi, I pulled my hands away, once more pleasing her as my palms rubbed
against her nipples. I then reached over and picked up her nightie,
slipping over her head before rolling her off me and on to her tummy beside

As she lay there Sandi turned to me, grinned and said "What, don't I get
spanked too daddy, after all I did more than Sue to deserve it?" Reluctant
to get too far into this sort of thing I gave Sandi a couple of firm slaps
on her butt cheeks, smiling inwardly as she arched her hips after the first
one just as if she couldn't wait for the second. A moment later and I had
both girls getting into bed with me and snuggling up close as they almost
dragged me down the bed so I was laying on my back with my arms round them,
their heads on my shoulders. "Right, what's going on then?" I asked as
soon as I was settled. As if I didn't know. "Oh, come on daddy, surely
you know what we want. Isn't it pretty obvious?" replied Sandi. I grinned
inwardly, "Oh, it's pretty obvious all right Sandi my love, why now, and
why on earth me?" Sue shuffled up the bed a bit, until she was able to make
close eye contact. "Well daddy" she said softly "We were talking a couple
of weeks ago about how we were both fed up with coming home after a date
with bruises on our breasts, and almost as often with our panties or bras
ripped. We're both fed up with fighting off boys who just seem to want to
get into our underwear, or want us to get into theirs. Not one of them has
tried to be gentle, or understanding, otherwise one of them would have
probably been successful by now." She paused for a moment, looking closely
at me to see if I was going to react. She was disappointed. "Anyway
daddy, I made a silly joke about how the best one to get to make us women
would be the one guy that we know loves us, and that would never hurt us.
In other words daddy, YOU!" Sue grinned at the look on my face, then she
continued, "Well, after a moment to think about it Sandi agreed with me,
and we started to make our plans to seduce you."

I was really glad neither of the girls were too close to my groin,
otherwise they would have got an answer to their question if only from the
stiffness and throbbing that again began to affect my cock. By now Sandi
was also laying with her face close to mine, and I looked from one to the
other, then said "You do realise what you're suggesting don't you girls?"
they nodded in reply. "I mean, really understand. For example what you've
suggested is Incest, and that is illegal. If details of what you suggest
got out then I would be assured of a very long spell in prison, and may not
actually survive to get out. The next thing to consider is; what happens
if your mother found out? Do you think she would simply let it go, or
might she do something about it?" Sandi chuckled, then she kissed me
tenderly on the cheek. "Oh, we've thought about it daddy, and we can't see
why things like that should be a problem. First of all no one is going to
find out if we don't tell them, and it won't be in our own best interest to
tell anyone, now will it? Secondly, we won't have any trouble keeping it
from mom if we only have fun when she's not home." I was about to say
something when Sue placed a finger on my lips, "Look daddy, we really do
want this to happen. We're both intelligent enough to understand what
we're doing, and we do understand what might happen if it became common
knowledge. But we're also quite certain that no one need find out if we
exercise the right amount of discretion." Sandi kissed me on the cheek then
said "The only thing we worried about was that you might not find us pretty
or mature enough for you to want to do this for us, but I guess we have
that answer don't we?" and before I could do anything to stop her she threw
back the comforter exposing my hard throbbing cock to hers, and her sisters

"Oh WOW!" cried Sue as soon as she saw where her sister was looking,
"That's so huge!" it wasn't of course, I was just about average in the
penile stakes, but I guessed that the girls hadn't seen too many mature male appendages, or at least I hoped that was the case. Sandi giggled as
she reached down and gently wrapped her fingers round my hard shaft,
closely followed by her sister who ended up with the purple head in her
palm and a drop of precum oozing over her fingers. As she knelt there
looking up at me Sue grinned cheekily and said "Now daddy, you're not going
to tell me you're not interested when you have such a nice hard erection,
are you?" I smiled, "Of course not Sue darling, but I'm still not too
enamoured of the thought that I might start abusing you sexually now you
know how I feel about what you're suggesting." Sandi let go of my cock,
shuffled up the bed on her knees and bent down to kiss me. "Don't be so
silly daddy, the only way you could abuse us right now is to refuse to
teach us how to make love. We both know you'd never deliberately hurt us,
even if you do occasionally spank us for being particularly good" both of
them giggled, and I had to smile at the thought of rewarding them with a

"Anyway" Sandi continued "We have already decided that if you refuse to
do it for us, we're going to go and find one of the guys from school and
have him do it. We know it won't be a pleasant experience for us, but at
least it will get this monkey off our backs." Despite the look on the girls faces I did doubt they would do as Sandi said, and with little more thought
I said "Well, if that's the case Sandi my love, I guess the best thing I
could do is try my best to keep you safe and do as you ask." The next
minute and I was smothered by two virtually naked girls who seemed bent on
kissing every inch of me that they could lay their lips on. After a few
minutes to allow them to get things out of their system I got them to lay
quietly beside me, pull the covers over us and allow me to think as to best
do what they wanted. If I was going to take this step, I wanted it to be
fair for them both, and as good as I could make it despite the pain they
were likely to experience. I suppose I was being a bit clinical about it,
but I wanted to enjoy it too, and hated the thought of making them cry. In
the end I hugged them to me and explained to them the plan I had come up
with. Giving them both a loving pat on the bottom I told them to go and do
as I said, and get things ready. In the meantime I lay back and allowed my
thoughts to run riot as I imagined just what fun we might have in the
future. I knew what we were about to do wasn't 'right', but I also knew
there was nothing I could or say to myself that would make me draw back.
The girls wanted this, they had initiated things, and although I could have
said 'NO', I doubt if that would have stopped them. At least if I did it
for them, I knew they weren't going to get hurt, and I would therefore be
protecting them. Pretty thin morality? OK so sue me. I doubt many men could have refused this offer, and I had the knowledge that it was going on
all over the place, most times with the girls being unwilling participants,
and being truly abused.

Continued in part 2


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