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Deserted Part 2


Deserted Part 2/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 2

The bedroom door opened and the girls came in this time wearing their
bathrobes. Sue was carrying an old bath towel, and Sandi had a bowl of
warm water and a wash cloth which she placed on my night stand out of the
way. Sue threw back the comforter and I rolled out of the way as she then
laid out the towel where I'd been laying. I rolled back where I'd been
before and made sure the bed linen was covered in case of accidents.
"Right girls, did you decide who was going first?" they nodded, and Sue
climbed between my thighs, knelt up and slowly removed her robe. The sight
of her now naked body was almost overpowering. Her breasts were firm,
nicely rounded and topped with hard erect nipples that reminded me of two
bolts that had been cropped. Her abdomen and tummy were smooth and flat,
and the patch of fine silky pubic hair invited the caresses it was soon to
be having. Slowly Sue sat back on her heels for a moment, opening her
knees slightly to allow me a good long look at her virgin body as she
reached out and touched my hard throbbing penis with her fingertips. "Does
this mean you like what you're seeing daddy?" she asked with a cheeky grin.
I nodded "It certainly does darling, I didn't realise just how much you've
grown up recently. You really are very beautiful, and have a wonderful and
desirable body." I then held out my hands, and Sue twisted round and sat
between my thighs, leaning her naked back against my chest and allowing me
to slip my arms round her and hold her to me in a soft passionate embrace.

As we sat there Sue turned her head as far as she could, reached back
with one hand and placed it behind my head, pulling my down until our lips
met. This was our first truly sexual kiss, and it almost made me cum, it
was so passionate, and I had to force myself to break it off so we could
get on with what we had planned. Besides which I really did need to save
something for when it was Sandi's turn. Sue laid back, her eyes closed,
and her upper body suffused with a hot flush that seemed to make her
breasts glow with arousal. I gave her abdomen and tummy a few gentle
strokes, but this wasn't a normal Tummy Rub, this was sex, pure and simple.
The instant my hands cupped Sue's breasts I felt my cock jump, as did Sue
due to the fact she was now holding it gently in her hands behind her. Her
breasts? They felt like hot marble. Hard, smooth, but so much warmer than
any marble statue could ever feel. They were also hyper sensitive, and the
instant Sue felt my fingers touch her skin she cried out with pleasure, and
arched her back in an attempt to increase the pressure I was exerting.
Gently I cupped her breasts in my palm and very tenderly I began to caress
them, rubbing my palms over the tips of her hard throbbing nipples, making
her gasp with pleasure every time my hands moved.

After a few minutes working on Sue's titties I slowly moved my hands
down her body. Over her ribs, down her abdomen, caressing her tummy with
my fingertips until I reached the tops of her thighs. I then stroked my
fingers down the tops of her legs as far as I could reach before moving
them between her thighs and working my way back up towards her groin.
Instantly Sue opened her knees and allowed me free access to the soft
sensitive flesh between her legs, quivering and trembling as I moved
inexorably towards the centre of her sexual being. As I reached the tops
of her thighs I slid my hands down so I was touching the swell of her
buttocks. I then moved my fingertips together until I had them in between
her labia and her thighs. I then drew them slowly upwards, pressing her
lower lips together as I stroked her fine downy fur. As I moved along her
pussy lips I felt the string of her tampon, and whispered "Shhhhh.." as she
gasped and twitched when she realised what it was I had encountered. By
now I was getting aroused myself, more so when I began to realise there was
a new aroma reaching my senses. When I finally placed my hand over Sue's
naked pussy and press my middle finger between her lips I realised it was
the scent of her arousal. It was also the moment when Sue suddenly arched
her back, clamped her thighs together and screamed as her climax exploded
inside her. Moments later and Sue collapsed against me, laying there, her
breast heaving as she gasped for breath while tiny tremors rippled up and
down her firm young frame.

I lowered my head and placed a soft tender kiss on her cheek, "How was
that Sue darling?" I whispered. Sue opened her eyes, looked lovingly at me
and said softly "Oh, god, daddy, if I'd known it was going to be like that
I'd have done it years ago. I never felt anything like it in my life. I
thought it was good when I masturbate, or when Sandi does it for me, but
this was a million times batter" she paused for a moment then giggled "I
can't wait to feel this great big wonderful thing inside me daddy, it's got
to be even better than having you masturbate me." She then closed her eyes
again and relaxed as she gently squeezed the shaft of my cock that she was
still holding. After a couple more minutes Sue and I felt a hand tugging
at us, and opened our eyes to see a very impatient Sandi trying to get our
attention. "Come on you two, this isn't the time to go to sleep, it's my
turn now." I grinned at her, kissed Sue on the shoulder and patted her on
the tummy with my hand. "She's right Sue darling, get up now and let's see
what we can do with your sister." Sue shuffled over my thigh, sat beside me
and allowed Sandi to take her place.

Sue had been hot, but Sandi was even more aroused, having been subjected
to the sight and sounds of her sister being brought to her first really
good male induced orgasm. it didn't take me very long to have Sandi laying
in my arms gasping for breath as she recovered from her first experience of
sex with a matures male. When Sandi was recovered sufficiently we all slid
down the bed and the girls lay in my arms, allowing me to caress their
naked bodies while they shared time and space on my hard throbbing cock.
By now I was beginning to feel a long remembered ache between my thighs. I
was starting to suffer from lovers balls. It was essential to my plan that
I should be able to maintain an erection for long enough to satisfy both
girls, so drastic measures were called for. "Right girls, it's time you
had a little more fun, and did the for me what I've just done for you."
That got their attention, and a moment later I was explaining in detail
what they were to do, giving them practical demonstrations as we went
along. With one soft warm hand stroking up and down my shaft, while another
was cupping and caressing my swollen balls, and me having sight of two
wonderful naked teenage virgins, it wasn't long before I was crying out,
"I'm going to cum girls, get ready, I'm cumming, I'm cumming NOOOWWWW.."
and I started to shoot a massive stream of hot sticky semen so high in the
air I thought it would reach the ceiling.

Luckily the girls had their faces out of the way, and I saw them sitting
there, their mouths open in astonishment as they watched my cum spattering
on my belly and chest, and well as on their own wrists and arms. "OH..
JEEZ.. that's awesome" gasped Sandi as she extended her fingers and rubbed
them through a puddle of cum that had formed on my abdomen. Before I knew
what she was doing she smiled down at me, lifted her fingers and put out
her tongue, licking her fingers clean. "Mmmm.. tasty" she murmured, and
suddenly Sue was doing the same, only more so, scooping up great gobs of my
semen and licking her fingers clean. Sandi was soon doing the same, and
very soon I was all but clean, having just a few sticky spots where cum had
been sitting for a few moments. Sandi grinned down at me and said "We've
been waiting to do that for ages daddy, you see, one of our friends at
school told us how much she liked sucking guys off and having them cum in
her mouth. Seeing as this was our first time we thought it best if we
didn't try to give you a blow job, but leave that 'til another time and
place. Mind you, I have to agree with Stacey, it is pretty yummy, don't
you think sis?" Sue grinned and nodded, "Sure do sis, and I can't wait
until I give daddy a blow job either."

I lay there for a few minutes, my cock laying limply on my thigh, and my
breath coming in ragged bursts. When I was recovered enough I sat up,
pulled the girls into a three way hug and kissed them both as lovingly as I
could. "Right girls" I said softly, "Are you ready for the next stage?"
the nodded, scrambled off the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom,
closely followed my me and my slowly stiffening penis. By the time I got
to the bathroom the girls were both in the middle of removing their
tampons, and both gave a squeal of embarrassment telling me to look away. I
smiled, but turned my back anyway, realising just how they must feel at
having a man watch them doing something so personal and intimate. A moment
later and Sandi said "OK daddy, you can look now" and I turned round to
stare at the pair of them standing proud to be naked in front of their
father. "Who's first this time?" I asked softly. There was a pause, then
Sandi said "Me daddy, you will be gentle, wont you?" I put my arms round
her, pulled her gently into a hug, feeling her hard nipples and her firm
breasts pressing against my chest. I lifted her chin with the tip of one
finger, touched my lips to hers in a soft loving kiss and said softly "As
gentle as I can my love, I promise not to hurt you any more than nature
makes me, understand?" Sandi smiled up at me, "Of course I do darling,
don't mind me daddy I'm just being as silly virgin." This made her and Sue
giggle, and I chuckled along with them as I stepped into the shower and
turned the water on.

Sandi joined me, and, as instructed earlier she turned her back to me,
placed her hands against the wall and bent over, shuffling her feet
backwards until her back was almost level with the floor. While Sandi was
doing this I'd opened up a tube of KY and was applying a good coating to my
now rigid cock. Squeezing a gob of jelly on my fingers I said "You ready
for this Sandi darling?" "Hmmm" she replied, and I touched my fingers to
her pussy lips and pressed them in, wiping the lubricant around her vaginal
passage. Wiping my fingers on a washcloth I turned back to Sandi, placed
one hand on her hip and took the shaft of my cock in the other. I shuffled
my feet closer to Sandi's, then touched the tip of my cock to her pussy,
guiding it to the right place with my hand. Giving the gentlest of thrusts
I lodged the head of my cock inside Sandi's vagina uttering a soft groan
that was drowned out by Sandi's loud cry of pleasure as she felt me inside
her for the first time. Gripping her hips gently but firmly I gave a few
tiny thrusts to and fro, getting a little deeper with each one. When I
finally felt myself battering against her hymen I paused and said "Are you
ready Sandi my love, now's the last chance to change your mind." As my cock
was touching her maidenhead Sandi took things into her own hands, so to
speak, and suddenly thrust her buttocks back against my belly burying my
cock balls deep inside her, and destroying her cherry for ever.

"Owww.. damn that smarts" cried Sandi as she stood there, her head
hanging, and her breath coming in short gasps. I leaned forward, cupped
her breasts in my palms and rubbed my hips against her buttocks. "Do you
want to stop and rest darling?" I asked. Sandi lifted her head, turned to
look at me and said "Not on your life daddy, I want to feel you cock
filling me up over and over again. I want you to FUCK ME" and she cried
out the last two words as she rammed her butt back at me. I gave a soft
grunt as I felt the tip of my cock mash against the mouth of Sandi's
cervix. Then I grasped her hips, held her as still as I could and began to
move to and fro as gently as I could. When Sandi realised I was doing as
she wanted she relaxed and allowed me to do it at my pace. That was quite
fast enough for her as it turned out, because, when I slipped my hand under
her belly and began to rub gently at her swollen pulsating nubbin it only
took a matter of moments before she was screaming in ecstasy as she
experienced her very first penetration orgasm. It was a good job I was
holding on to her because after crying out "I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg.." Sandi
went limp and almost fell to the floor of the shower as her knees gave way
beneath her.

As gently as possible I lowered Sandi to the floor, sitting her the
corner out of the range of the shower spray, and stood up to wash off my
menstrual blood stained penis. "Oh WOW!" gasped Sue as she stood by the
door of the shower watching what happened. She then gave herself a shake
and stepped in beside me saying "Can you do me now please daddy, after
seeing what you did for Sandi I don't want to wait." I took Sue in my arms,
pressing her naked body against mine, and allowing my rapidly recovering
cock to press up between her slightly open thighs. Giggling softly Sue
reached up, pressed her soft warm lips to mine in a long hot passionate
kiss as she closed her thighs round my cock and began to move her hips to
and fro. "Please daddy, please make me a woman like you just did Sandi. I
don't care how much it hurts, I want to feel you hard cock deep inside me
filling me up with your hot creamy cum. Please daddy I need you to fuck me
now." "Turn round then darling" I said softly, and she faced the wall, bent
over as had her sister as I reached for the tube of KY once more.

"Hnnngg" was all I heard from Sue as I pressed the tip of my cock
through her hymen. When I was lodged deep in her vaginal canal with my
cock filling her as full as she yearned for, I leaned forward, cupped her
breasts in my hands and whispered "You OK Susan my love?" She nodded "Oh,
yes daddy, I'm very much OK, I've been dreaming of this for ages, and it's
even better than I ever thought it could be." She lifted her head and tried
to look back at me, "Will you be able to cum inside me daddy?" I smiled,
and shook my head "I don't think so darling, I usually need longer than
this between orgasms, and lets face it, what you two did for me in bed was
the best I've had for a very long time." Sue giggled, and I felt her newly
found muscles clamp tight around my throbbing manhood. "Maybe I can help"
she said softly, and she began to move her hips back and forth until I
started the same motion myself. It took just a couple of strokes for Sue
to get into the same rhythm as me, and each time I drew back from pressing
my hips to her butt, she tightened her grip on my shaft. When she felt me
pushing into her she relaxed and allowed me to fill her up once more. As I
stood there pumping my cock in and out of my daughter I became aware of a
movement beside me. I opened my eyes and saw Sandi getting to her feet.
When she was standing Sandi came and stood behind me, slipping one arm
round my waist as she pressed her firm naked breasts against my back.
Suddenly I gasped with pleasure as I felt her other hand slip between my
thighs from the back, then gave a soft groan as she cupped it under my
balls allowing them to roll against her palm as I humped back and forth
into Susan.

By now I'd almost forgotten that I was supposed to be getting Susan to
have an orgasm, I was concentrating so hard on bringing myself off.
Suddenly I stopped stock still, then I rammed my cock as deep as I could
into Sue's cuntal passage and cried out in ecstasy as I began to shoot a
stream of hot sticky cum deep inside her. Almost immediately Sue screamed
as she too exploded in orgasm, her young body shaking and thrashing about
as her climax rippled up and down her body until she suddenly went silent
and started to collapse to the floor of the shower. I managed to follow
her down, landing on my knees a second before Sue, and managing to pull my
blood stained cock from her pussy before she ripped it off as she
collapsed. As tenderly as I could I eased Sue into a sitting position to
allow her to rest and recover her senses. While I stood up very shakily
and hugged Sandi to me while I struggled to get my breath back. After a
couple of minutes Sandi stepped back from my embrace, picked up the soap
and began to work up a lather so she could wash me from head to toe. She
knelt down in front of me when she got as far as my waist, and looked up at
me as she took my now limp penis in her hand and gently washed it free of
her sisters menstrual effusion. "It seems to have died daddy" she said
with a grin, "What can I do to bring it back to life?" I grinned ruefully
down at her, "I don't think there's anything you could do darling, it's had
more exercise in the last hour than it's had in the previous three weeks.
Just leave it to rest and we'll see what it can do in the morning, OK?"

"Does that mean we're going to do this again daddy?" asked a small voice
from the floor. Sandi turned round, helped her sister to stand up, then
brought her close to me so I could take them both in a loving embrace.
"Well, we've gone too far now for me to say NO, haven't we?" I said as they
pressed themselves up close to me. They both nodded, "OK" I continued, "So
long as we're very discrete I don't see why we can't continue making love.
We do have to have some rules though. Why don't you get dried off, get
ready for bed, and come to bed with me tonight so we can talk about it
before we go to sleep?" As I dried myself off I noticed that the girls replaced their tampons without a sign of embarrassment, although they did
turn their backs to me when they did it. A few minutes later and I was
laying in the middle of the bed with the girls laying each side of me and
pressing their almost naked bodies up against mine, their heads laying on
my shoulder and one arm across my chest as they hugged me tight.

"Right girls" I said softly, "If we're going to continue with this we
have to make quite certain your mother never finds out. To that end you
have to make sure you never do or say anything that might make her think
there's anything going on between us. Even something a simple as pressing
against me, or holding my hand could get her thinking things. When we're
out in public the same applies, although if we're somewhere like the mall
it should be OK for you to slip your arms in mine. Just don't start
hugging me as we walk about. Any questions?" "What about kissing you
daddy?" asked Sue. "Well, if you mean something like kissing me goodnight,
or when you come down for breakfast and kiss me good morning, that's OK, so
long as you do the same to your mother. I don't think giving her a peck on
the cheek is going to hurt you, is it?" they giggled as they shook their
heads. "The only other thing I can think of right now is, please don't be
tempted to dress up to tease me while your mother is home. There's no way
I could stop getting an erection if you start flashing your half naked
bodies at me. When she's not home, then I won't mind too much as I can
always give you a spanking if you take things too far."

This made them giggle, and Sue said, almost in a whisper "Would you
really give us a proper spanking if we did something naughty daddy?" Now,
I'd never ever subjected the girls to any sort of physical punishment, and
certainly wasn't going to start now. "No darling, you know I'd never hurt you, and spanking you would certainly do that, wouldn't it?" I said
quietly. "What about if we wanted you to spank us daddy?" asked Sandi. I
suddenly remembered her reaction to my slapping her on the bottom when she
placed my hands on her breasts. "OK girls, why doesn't one of you tell me
what's on your minds" I said softly, and Sandi raised herself up on her
elbow, looked over at Sue then said "It's just that when you spanked me
earlier daddy, I got a wonderful tingle in my pussy, and I felt like I was
getting all wet. It felt really nice, and I wondered what would happen if
you did it a lot more times while I had my panties pulled down and my bare
bottom feeling your hands coming down and making me all warm and tingly"
Sandi paused for a moment and I felt a tremor ripple down her body as she
pressed it against me. "Hmmm" I murmured "How about you Susan, did you
feel the same when I patted your butt?" Sue nodded, and I smiled as she
blushed prettily. I lay silent for a few moments, then said "OK girls, let
me think about this. I might just be persuaded to give it a try if you're
going to enjoy it. Just don't expect it to happen too soon, I've got a lot
of things to get used to myself right now."

Sandi leaned over, pressed her lips to mine in a warm passionate kiss
and said quietly "Good night daddy darling, can I have a Tummy Rub in the
morning please?" "Of course you can my love" I replied, and kissed her
lovingly before she snuggled down into my arms. Sue shimmied up the bed so
she could kiss me goodnight, she then said "Daddy, will I get pregnant by
having your cum inside me?" I grinned, shook my head and whispered "Sorry
darling, but I can't make a baby with you. You see darling, just after you
were born your mother insisted I have a vasectomy so she didn't have any
more children. I'll be honest with you my love, had that not been the
case, I would have refused to even consider starting what we're now going
to be doing, understand?" "Yes daddy, and I love you for thinking about our
welfare before your own pleasure." With that she also snuggled down into my
arms and moments later I was laying there with two sleeping girls in my
arms. It took me a lot longer to get to sleep, but I managed it, and had a
short, if satisfying rest after so much unusual exercise.

From that day on the three of us have never looked back. The girls still dated occasionally, but didn't have a single boyfriend to take up
their time. Jan noticed they didn't go out so much, and they showed her
that they were too busy studying to be bothered with boys all the time. I
have to admit their grades did start to lift, even though they were already
getting many A and more B grades. These slowly became all A, and even some
A+, something that Jan remarked on when they got their end of term results.
One benefit that this had was that the girls found they could get away with
being close to me if Jan could see I was helping them with homework, or a
project. All in all, our love lives improved, and it wasn't long before
the girls stopped making constant demands on my body, understanding that it
was freely available, and they didn't have to gorge themselves. Even when
they asked for a Tummy Rub Jan never demurred, and left it to the girls to
look after themselves and each other. I had however instilled a good deal
of discretion into the girls, and they never asked me to go beyond a normal
massage all the time their mother was in the house, the benefits of
abstention far outweighed the risk of a quick grope.

* * * * * * * Continued in part 3


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