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Deserted Part 3


Deserted Part 3/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 3

As was normal for me I stripped naked and got into bed. I hadn't been
there for more than a couple of minutes before the bedroom door open had
the girls came in, both of then wearing just their panties. As usual this
gave me an erection; I never grew tired of seeing their firm rounded and
hard nipple topped breasts, no matter how often we did this. As they got
into bed with me the girls pulled the comforter down past my knees, and a
moment later Sandi was straddling my thighs, pressing her panty covered
pussy against my hard throbbing penis. Bending her head slightly she
pressed her lips to mine in a soft loving kiss, then whispered "Please kiss
my titties please daddy, they're so tender, it's almost painful to touch
them with my fingers, and I know your lips are a lot more gentle." Who was
I to argue? I smiled at Sandi, placed my lips of one nipple and sucked gently, at the same time flicking my tongue over it, making her moan with
pleasure at what I was doing. After a moment I switched to her other
nipple and did the same for that one, getting more moans of pleasure, until
I finally pulled back and said "Come on Sandi my love, time for your Tummy
Rub, get into position please darling" a moment later and Sandi was sitting
between my open thighs, her hack leaning on my chest and her hands behind
her, gently holding on to my hard throbbing penis.

Firmly, but gently, I massaged Sandi's abdomen, and tummy. From just
below her breasts, to the waistband of her panties I stroked and caressed
her body, tenderly easing away the pain of her period. As I massaged her,
I did often wonder just how much period pain she and her sister were
actually experiencing now. It had been almost five years since I started,
and although the treatment was always successful the pains always seemed to
return the following month. Despite that thought, I certainly wasn't going
to rock this particular boat, I enjoyed getting my hands on the girls naked
bodies too much, besides, they may just be in pain, and I may have healing
hands, you just never know, do you? There was a gasp of pleasure from
Sandi as she lay against me, this was because I had cupped her firm young breasts in my hands, and was rolling her hard erect nipples between finger
and thumb. As I did this I placed a soft tender kiss on her shoulder, and
she turned her head, searching out my lips with her own until they were
locked together in a hot passionate kiss. As we kissed I moved one hand
down her body until I could slip my fingers inside the waistband of her
panties and cover her hot swollen pussy with my hand. Gently I pressed my
long middle finger between her swollen lips, and at the same time I rubbed
the side of my thumb across her tender puffy clitoris until she screamed
out in ecstasy as her climax hit her like a freight train.

Sandi lay in my arms for some time while she recovered enough to move
away and let Sue get in place. It didn't take her long to reach her climax
either, and I ended up having both girls laying beside me as I lay down and
went to sleep. This was pretty normal when Jan was away, and nothing
changed for us until next morning when Sandi went put and emptied the post
box. There were the usual batch of junk mail, and those I ditched without
bothering to read them. There was a utilities bill that I promised myself
I would see to first thing on Monday; and there was a personally addressed
letter for me with a local postmark. I had just stepped into the kitchen
reading the letter as I walked, when I stopped short, and shouted "Fucking
bitch!!" "Who's that daddy?" asked Sandi as she came up behind me and
slipped her arms round my chest. I took a deep breath and said softly "Oh,
sorry I swore Sandi my love, but I just got this letter from your mother" I
looked up at the wall clock, then said "In about ten minutes there should
be a knock on the door, and I'll be served with a set of divorce papers by
your mothers lawyer. The lousy bitch has walked out on us claiming
desertion by working long hours as a cause for incompatibility." Sandi had
taken the letter from my hand and was reading it as I spoke. I looked at
her not knowing what sort of a reaction to expect. What I saw surprised
me. Sandi looked up at me, grinned and dashed to the foot of the stairs
calling for her sister to hurry on down as something had happened.

Sandi took me by the hand and led me into the living room, sat me down
on the sofa and placed her self beside me. When Sue joined us she sat on
my other side, and Sandi handed her the letter. Sue read it, looked at
Sandi and the two of them began to laugh. Before I could get them to stop
the front door bell sounded, and as I got up to answer it Sandi stopped me
and said "No daddy, I'll get it, I think we may be able to have some fun
here." She then went and answered the door, inviting whoever it was inside
and brought her in to join us. It was a young lawyer with the divorce
papers to serve. As she handed them over Sandi took them, opened the
envelope and briefly read what they said, then passed them to sue, who did
the same. Finally I got to read them, and confirmed that they repeated
what Jan's letter had said. "Could you clear something up for me please?"
asked Sandi of the legal type, who nodded, "I'll try, what is it?" she
responded. "Well, if this goes before a Judge, and he finds that mom has
been committing adultery for the past three years, what would happen to
moms case?" Jill (the legal type gal) frowned, and said "He'd probably
throw it out, why?" Sue grinned wickedly, "Oh, nothing, we were just
wondering what daddy could tell his lawyers when he goes to see about
contesting this. I'm sure he'll be advised to issue a counter suit, and
make sure mom ends up paying him alimony and child support for us two.
It's a good job we kept all those letters mom thought she'd burnt, isn't it
sis?" Sandi grinned just as wickedly, nodded, and said "I think we better
get them somewhere safe, don't you sis, just in case someone tries to get
them back."

Jill looked at the girls and said "Are you serious girls, or are you
just jerking my chain?" Sue giggled, dashed out of the room, returning a
minute or so later and handed Jill an opened envelope. Jill extracted the
contents and started to read, her face getting redder and redder as she
worked her way down the page. When she was done Sandi held out her hand
for the letter, and very reluctantly Jill handed it back. "I suppose you
have more like that?" she asked. Sue and Sandi nodded, smiled sweetly and
Sue said "Oh, we have lots of them. You see mom was stupid enough to leave
one laying about some years ago, we were curious like all teenage girls,
and we read it. When we realised that mom was cheating on dad, we tried to
tell him, without much luck, so we decided that we would collect all the
letters we could in case mom started to get vicious about something. It
seems like a good thing we did." Jill looked at the girls, then at me, and
said "I don't suppose you'd care to give me back those papers, would you?"
"NO DADDY" cried the girls in unison. I smiled, shook my head, "Don't
worry girls, I'm not going to do that, I'm going to call Uncle Pete and ask
him to come over this afternoon." I turned to Jill and asked her for her
business card so my lawyer could contact her on Monday, then stood up and
held out my hand, which she took and shook gently. "Well, it's been nice
talking to you, maybe I'll see you in court sometime" I said, and politely
showed her the door.

When Jill was gone I got on the phone to Fred my companies lawyer, who
also happened to be our personal lawyer too, told him what had happened and
asked him if her could come over as there was something more to take into
consideration. When he came I handed him the papers served on me, then
asked Sue to explain what the girls had, including giving him the letters
they'd collected over the years. Fred looked briefly at some of the
letters, grinned and said quietly "I wonder if she writes to Forum, or if
that's where she gets her ideas from?" I was surprised to find the girls laughing at his joke, and wondered where they knew about Forum from, after
all girls don't usually read Playboy, or didn't in my younger days. After
a few minutes Fred said "Well, do you want her back, or do you want rid of
her?" "RID" cried the girls, and I nodded, "Yes Fred, I don't think I could
stand having her around me after reading what she seems to have been doing
with this guy, whoever he is. Especially since she's been like a block of
permafrost for the past few years. Now I know why." "OK Jack" said Fred,
"I'll get things moving first thing Monday, just remember that if Jan tries
to come back, don't allow her in the house without calling me first. If he
wants something tell her you'll have it delivered with the rest of her
things. Do the same for anyone who claims to represent her, or be acting
on her behalf" he turned to the girls and said in a stern voice "Same goes
for you girls, if you're on your own in the house keep the chain on the
door when you answer it, and don't let anyone in you don't personally know,
alright?" "Right Uncle Pete" the say, and he smiled and said his goodbyes.

As might be expected Jan was round early Monday morning, arriving just
as the girls were leaving for school. Despite her attempt to be friendly
the girls refused to speak to her, leaving her standing on the doorstep as
they got into Sue's car and drove away in silence. I stood there waiting
for her to say something, which she did after what seemed like ages, but
was probable just a couple of minutes. "I don't suppose you'd consider
letting me come in and explain things would you Jack?" she said eventually.
I shook my head, still staying silent. "Oh, come on Jack darling, it was
all a silly mistake. I was just pissed off that you'd just spent four
weeks of not sleeping with me, and I lost my temper. Can't we let bygones
be bygones?" I gave the foulest sneer I could muster, and probably sounded
pretty stupid doing so. Still I did say, in as level a voice as I could
"After reading some of those letters the girls saved for posterity, I
wouldn't even want to be in the same street as you, let alone in the same
building. If you want to say anything to me I suggest you make an
appointment for us to meet Pete, and your lawyer, and you can say it all
then. Meanwhile I suggest you stay clear of me and the girls, until this
thing is settled."

As I said this a truck pulled up in the driveway, and a guy got out
carrying a toolbox, he'd come to change the locks on all the doors, and
that's when Jan literally stomped away cursing me under her breath all the
way to her own car parked in the road. The locks were changed in a matter
of an hour or so, and I took possession of the spares I ordered for the
girls, and went back in doors to fix myself a very stiff drink. Later that
day, when the girls got home from school I was asleep on the sofa in the
living room and they managed to prepare our evening meal without waking me
up. This was still pretty usual as I often took three or four days to get
back to a normal routine, and I often had to be woken up to eat. I wasn't
always woken up like I was this day though! I was dreaming I was being
eviscerated by a giant vacuum cleaner that was trying to suck my insides
out through my cock. I opened my eyes as I tried to fight it off, and
found I was being held down my Sandi while Sue was doing her best to suck
my balls dry. Despite their best efforts I just wasn't in the right frame
of mind right then, and all through dinner I had the girls asking me if I
was feeling all right.

After dinner I was told to leave the dishes to the girls, and I went
into the living room with a beer and sat down to watch some TV. I'd hardly
finished the drink when Sue came in, grabbed my hand and said "Come on
daddy, we know what's wrong with you, and think we know what to do about
it." I allowed myself to be dragged up to the bathroom, where Sandi was
already in the shower, and did as Sue told me and stripped to my shorts
then sat on a chair until I was told to move. When Sandi was done Sue took
her place in the shower and washed herself all over, paying great attention
to between her thighs. I did notice that neither of them were replacing
their tampons, and surmised they were finished with their period. While
Sue was showering Sandi got out my wet shaving gear and began to whip up a
load of lather, changing the blade for a new one. That's what got my
attention, and despite how low I was feeling I also felt the glimmerings of
something stirring in my pants. Placing a towel on the vanity unit Sandi
jumped up and sat on it, opening her thighs and saying "Come on daddy,
we're both decided we want to get shaved, so we can see how it feels,
besides which I think we might be able to have some fun afterwards, don't
you?" I stood up, stepped over and kissed Sandi lovingly, "You don't have
to do this just for me you know Sandi my love, I'll feel better very soon
once I stop feeling tired." Sandi reached out, picked up a pair of
hairdressing scissors and handed them to me, "Don't argue please daddy,
just do this for me please."

Nothing loth, I moved the chair to between Sandi's thighs, sat down and
began to trim her soft downy pubic hair as short as I could. When I was
done I couldn't help but place a soft loving kiss on the inside of her
thighs, then on her pussy lips right on top of her clitoral hood. This
made Sandi giggle, and moan softly with a good deal of pleasure. I then
reached for a washcloth and held it under the hot water for a couple of
moments, before placing it gently on her groin. "Owww, that's hot daddy"
cried Sandi as she jerked away from the cloth. "Sorry darling, it has to
be quite warm to open up your pores and let me get rid of more of your
hair" I replied, and kissed her inner thigh again to compensate for the
trouble I caused her. After a couple of minutes soaking in the heat of the
washcloth I uncovered Sandi's pussy, and began to cover it with lather from
her anal pucker up to the swell of her mons. Here I'd left her fur a
little longer than the rest, and as I lathered her up I asked "Do you want
it all off darling, or shall I leave a shaped piece at the top?" Sandi
giggled softly, "Could you leave a little triangle pointing down please
daddy, then you'll know it's me if you get to feel me in the dark?" I
smiled as I nodded, thinking I didn't really need that much of an
indicator, as I already knew every inch of both their wonderful bodies, and
could read them like Braille.

Very carefully I shaved Sandi's pussy clean of all traces of hair. As I
had to pull sections of skin tight before drawing the blade over it, it
didn't take long for Sandi to be getting well and truly aroused, and when I
finally got to shaping the top she was oozing her lube juices and they were
soaking the towel. When I was done, I wiped her clean of lather, and
placed a soft tender kiss on her pussy, grinning internally as I pressed my
tongue between her lips and drew it up her wet swollen slit until I reached
her hooded nubbin. Here I flicked it a few times with the tip of my
tongue, then pressed my lips to her and gave her a short suck before
standing up and offering to help her down. Sandi slipped her arms round my
neck and fell into my arms, pressing herself against me as she slid down my
body until she was standing on her own two feet. "WOW, that didn't take
very long daddy" Sandi whispered as she pressed her hips against mine,
feeling my erection pressing against her. I chuckled "Well, what did you
expect darling, limp spaghetti?" Sandi laughed as I gently pushed her away
and turned to Sue, helping her to jump on the vanity unit and get herself
ready for the same as Sandi had. Sue was far more aroused already than
Sandi had been, and I gave her a quick licking before I trimmed her fur.
She opted for a single line ending just above the start of her slit, and I
soon had her done, and washed off, and writhing with pleasure as I kissed
and sucked at her swollen and erect nubbin.

I helped Sue to her feet, grinning as she wriggled her hips, rubbing her
pussy against the swelling in my shorts. When she let me go I turned round
and saw Sandi with her arms folded on the edge of the vanity, her forehead
on her arms and her back held level with the floor with her feet a couple
of foot apart. Sue hugged me from the side, pressing her naked breasts against my ribs. "We want you to love us daddy, make us scream with
ecstasy when you bring us to a climax, but please try not to cum yourself.
We have plans for your semen, that we think you might enjoy, OK?" I nodded
silently, bent down and kissed her, then stepped over to stand close to
Sandi's buttocks and pushed my shorts down to the floor, kicking them out
of the way behind me. I didn't need to do much to prepare Sandi, her pussy lips were gaping, and running with her lube juices, she was so aroused. As
gently as I could I touched the tip of my cock to her slit and slowly
pressed it between her lips, until it was buried to it's full length inside
her hot wet and very slippery vaginal passage. I paused for a moment,
basking in the feel of her tight passage clamping even tighter as Sandi
used her well tried muscles to assist in my arousal. Slowly I began to
hump my hips to and fro, quickly reaching beneath her and cupping one hand
over her soft smooth freshly shaved pussy. As I pumped my cock in and out
of her warm wet haven I began to rub my fingers on her clitty, forming
circles, and then trapping it with two fingers and rolling it between them.
This was enough for Sandi, and suddenly her back arched, she threw her head
back and she screamed out that she was cumming as she rammed her ass back
at my hips, mashing my cockhead against the mouth of her cervix.

Once Sandi was quiet I held her tight round the waist, pulled my hips
back to allow my still hard cock to be free of her tight wet love tunnel,
then gently eased her limp body to a sitting position against the vanity
unit. "WOW, that worked" said Sue softly, she then positioned herself over
Sandi's feet, rested her head on the vanity as had Sandi, then said softly
"Can you do the same for me now please daddy?" I bent down and placed a
soft tender kiss on each of Sue's naked buttocks, then slipped my hand
between her thighs, cupping her hot swollen pussy in my palm. It was
pretty obvious that she was more than ready, so I stood up, took hold of
her hips and slowly pressed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and
through her tight grasping vaginal passage. Having sat and watched Sandi
get hers, Sue was so aroused she came almost immediately I entered her. I
only managed to get a couple of deep slow strokes in before she was crying
out as her orgasm exploded inside her travelling outwards from her vagina and ripping through her body like a tidal wave. Very slowly Sue sank down
beside her sister, and I stood over them as they lay against each other,
waiting for Sue to get her breath back.

I stood there, my cock still hard, and throbbing, bouncing up and down
as my blood coursed through it. Sandi looked up at me, grinned and said
softly "Now it's your turn daddy, but you have to do the work yourself. We
want you to cum all over us while we sit here at your feet, understand?" I
sure did, and a moment later I was jerking myself off as the girls shifted
around so they were showing me their freshly shaved pussies as they sat
cross legged at my feet. It didn't take long, especially considering what
we had already been doing, and I was soon gasping out that I was close to
cumming. When I did cum, it was hard, hot and heavy. I stood there and
began to shoot a massive stream of semen from the end of my cock, trying my
hardest to aim it at the girls faces and wide open mouths. Certainly lots
did land there, but most of it landed on their titties, their bellies and
their thighs. Watching them rub their hands in the cum on their faces,
then lick their hands clean, before doing the same over the rest of their
bodies, almost made me cum again, it was so erotic a sight. Trouble was I
was totally spent, and unable to even raise another erection no matter what
the girls were doing. I just had enough strength to help them to their
feet, and aim them towards the shower once more, telling them I'd see them
in bed when they were done.

The next few months were pretty fraught for all three of us. I saw Pete
almost every day, discussing the divorce, and how close we were to getting
it settled. Finally he called me to his office one morning and when I was
sitting down with a drink in my hand he said "Well Jack, it's all over bar
the screaming Jan's going be doing when she signs the final papers. We not
only win, but she pays all our costs, and gives you five hundred bucks a
month in child support. That lasts until both girls are eighteen, and is
intended for their educational need until then. Oh, yes, and she gets no
access to the girls, because of her lack of moral turpitude. Now how's
that for a result?" I took a deep breath, let it out in a huge sigh and
said "Pete, it's worth every penny she's paying you." When I got home that
evening I stopped the girls preparing dinner, and told them to get dressed
up in their poshest frocks as I was taking them out to celebrate losing
their mother for good. Their cries of joy almost deafened me, and I had a
job keeping their exuberance within reasonable limits, especially when we
were in the restaurant. When we got back home, the girls were still on
their personal highs, and they all but raped me when we finally got to bed.
I managed to get them both off, with them doing most of the work, and
finally came inside Sandi after they almost came to blows about you would
get my load.

After the divorce we settled down into a pretty simple routine. I
stopped doing nights, telling my partner that there was no one to be at
home with the girls at night, and I wasn't going to leave them alone. He
saw my point, and we looked for someone that was prepared to take my place
in the shift rota. Luckily one of the foremen fancied the extra money
being offered and agreed to take my place, with me just being on call for
emergencies. The girls were just a week or two away from the summer
vacation. This was going to be Sue's last one, as she would graduate next
year, and we would be looking round for a college for her to go to. In the
mean time the girls were determined to enjoy every minute of their
vacation, making me promise to take some time off so we could all go
camping for a week. With me no longer doing shifts, meal times became
pretty regular, and the girls got into a routine of fixing dinner as soon
as they got home from school, then going and doing their homework until I
got home. Most evenings were spent with us all cuddled together on the
sofa in the living room, sometimes fully dressed, but more often than not,
half or fully naked. The 'fully naked' times usually ended up with us
having sex on the carpet, and the 'fully dressed' times it was in bed, or
not at all. Then something happened that changed all this, and for a time
really pissed the girls off.

We were sitting on the sofa one evening, the girls were laying with
their heads on my lap, and their legs over the arms. I was gently
caressing their breasts under their nighties, and occasionally slipping my
hands down their naked bodies and stroking my fingers across their still
smooth hairless pussy lips. Suddenly the phone rang, and I cursed under my
breath, as I thought it was going to be a call from work. It wasn't, it
was my sister, sobbing her heart out and asking for my help. It took me
some time to find out what was wrong, and where she was. As soon as I had
all I needed to know immediately I called to the girls that I had to go
out, and told them "Your aunt Mary's in trouble, do you want to come with
me, or stay here?" five minutes later and the three of us were on our way
to see what we could do to help.

Continued in part 4


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