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Deserted Part 4


Deserted Part 4/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 4

Mary was a couple of years younger than me, and we had been very close
as kids, even well into our teen years. Being older and bigger, I was
naturally her protector, and got into a good deal of trouble, and fights,
defending her honour, if not her body. As I said, we were very close, so
close that when I was sixteen she induced me to pop her cherry, telling me
she didn't trust any of the boys at school to do it without hurting her and
then bragging to all and sundry about what they had done. I didn't tell
her until a long time after that she had also got my cherry, something I
regretted immediately, as from that day on Mary refused to go out with
anyone else, and we spent the next couple of years making love on a regular
basis. It all stopped of course when I went to college, and despite all
our efforts we never managed to get into the position where we could
continue our sexual activities. In the end Mary married an old school
friend of mine, and they had a very happy married life, having one child,
Jenny, who was now fifteen, going on sixteen.

By the time we got to Mary's place it was almost dark, and I saw that
there was just one light on. I knocked on the door, and Jenny came and
opened it, standing aside as the girls and I walked in. "Moms in the
living room Uncle Jack" she said, "She said to take Sue and Sandi upstairs
with me while she tells you what's happened." With that she beckoned the
girls to follow her while I went and found Mary, and tried to find out what
was going on. Mary saw sitting on the sofa, and I went and sat beside her,
slipping one arm round her shoulders and holding her close when she
suddenly burst out crying. Eventually it all came out; Dave had gone on an
out of town job for his firm, one that was supposed to last for a week or
more. This was unusual, but Mary just accepted things because he'd been on
one or two before, just not for so long. Anyway, that evening a special
delivery letter arrived from Dave, telling Mary that he'd found someone
new, and was leaving her. He promised to send her the papers from the
'quickie' divorce he was getting so she could make a new life for herself.

It took me some time to calm Mary down, and I spent the rest of the
evening talking her through the past couple of years to see if we could
find any logical reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Apart from
Dave tapering off on the sexual front over the past year or so, something
Mary put down to the fact he was getting it somewhere else, there didn't
seem to be anything that might have caused it. "I guess I just got too old for him" said Mary softly, "He has seemed to be getting interested in
younger women than me recently. I even caught him eyeing up Jenny one
evening, but when I tried to talk to him about it he lost his temper and
stomped out of the room." I chuckled, "Well, from what I saw when she
opened the door, Jenny has grown into a very beautiful young lady. It's no
wonder that he started to take notice, I don't mind admitting I did the
same." Mary giggled into my chest "Yes, well we both know why that is don't
we brother mine. I still remember how much fun we used to have when we
were her age." I bent my head, lifted Mary's chin and placed a soft warm
loving kiss on her lips. "Yes Mary darling, we sure do, but not to where I
speak about it to anyone."

We sat there for a while then Mary lifted her head and said in a quiet
voice "Jack darling, I don't suppose you could put me and Jenny for a few
days, could you please. I really don't want to stay here right now,
there's too many memories to haunt me." I bent and kissed her again, this
time a little more warmly, then said "Of course we can Mary my love, you
know we have plenty of space, especially since Jan walked out. Come and
stay as long as you like." I thought for a bit then said "I tell you what,
why don't I talk to the girls about it, maybe we can come up with something
a little more long term, something that might benefit all of us." Giving
Mary one more kiss I eased her off my lap, got up and said "You stay there
darling, I'll go and see about getting Jenny to start packing some clothes.
I'm sure the girls will help her if I ask." Mary smiled up at me, "In that
case Jack, I need to do the same, unless you want to start rummaging
through my underwear drawer?" As she stood up I pulled her close tome,
slipped my arms round her waist and pulled her close. "Mary darling, I'd
love to get into your underwear again, I just don't think now is the time
or place, at least not while the girls are around. Lets try again when
we're on our own, OK?" Mary nodded "Is that a promise Jack darling, if so,
I can't wait, it's been so long since we made love, I've almost forgotten
what it feels like."

We went upstairs hand in hand, Mary opened the door to Jenny's room and
we saw the three girls sitting on Jenny's bed laughing and giggling as
teenage girls are wont to do. "Jenny," said Mary, "Start packing some
clothes please darling, Uncle Jack had said we can go and stay with him for
a few days while we get this thing with daddy sorted out." Quick as a flash
Jenny rolled off the bed and began to open drawers and closets, dragging
out all the suitcases and bags she could find, and stuffing her clothes
into them as if they were old rags. Sue and Sandi sat there laughing at
the expression on Mary's face, then they got up, stopped Jenny from her bag
stuffing and said "OK Aunt Mary, we'll get things sorted, you go and do
yours. I'm sure daddy would love to help you."

Despite it being pretty late when we got home I phoned Pete and told him
what had happened, asking if he'd handle all the legal stuff for Mary, and
make sure she had as few problems as possible. I promised to get him all
the info he required from Mary as soon as she felt like going back to the
house. Very soon I was getting both of them settled into rooms of their
own, Mary being in the room adjacent to mine, and Jenny next to the girls room. I left the girls to help sort out and put away their clothes while I
went to the kitchen and made a start on fixing a late night snack.

Despite not feeling hungry I got Mary and Jenny to eat something, then
took them into the living room while the girls cleared up the kitchen and
did the dishes. I sat on the sofa between Mary and Jenny and allowed them
to snuggle up close in the circle of my arms which I slipped round their
shoulders. Very slowly I felt them begin to relax, and when the girls came
in to join us I asked if they would take Jenny upstairs while I had a talk
with their aunt. As soon as we were on our own I shuffled into the corner
of the sofa and gently pulled Mary round to lean back against my chest,
while I slipped my arms round her waist and hugged her to me. After a few
minutes of rocking Mary to and fro to get her relaxed I said softly "What
we need to do Mary my love, is to get all your paperwork together so I can
get my lawyer to sort things out for you. I'm sure there's going to be a
lot to do, and he can take most of it off you, and get it sorted so much
quicker. How do you feel about going home in a day or so and the two of us
sorting through everything?" As I'd anticipated this started Mary into
crying her heart out, which is why I got Jenny out of the room, so Mary
wasn't embarrassed. When she'd cried herself out she said softly "Yes
please Jack darling. I'm so sorry for being to stupid about this, but I
still can't grasp the fact that Dave's not going to be with us any longer.
I just don't know what I'm going to do without him."

As Mary began to cry once more I scooped her up and sat her on my lap,
holding her tight to me as she sobbed into my shoulder. I spent the next
half hour comforting Mary, only stopping when she finally drifted off to
sleep in my arms. I then laid her down on the sofa, and crept silently out
of the room to go and see how Jenny was coping. Needless to say she seemed
to be in as bad a state as Mary, and I walked into her bedroom to find her
sobbing into Sandi's chest as she tried to comfort her cousin. Very gently
I took Jenny in my arms, brought her up to sit on my lap and sat on her bed
holding her close as I had her mother a few minutes earlier. It seemed
that all Jenny needed was a pair of strong masculine arms round her,
hugging her tight, and a broad shoulder on which to sob her heart out. It
wasn't too long before she too was all cried out, and I stood up, scooping
her into my arms as Sandi drew back the covers on the bed. As tenderly as
I could I laid Jenny on the bed, and eased her arms from round my neck,
then stepped back as Sandi gently drew the comforter up to Jenny's neck and
tucked her in. I bent over and kissed her on the cheek whispering "You try
to sleep Jenny my love, I'll be here if you need me, OK?" Jenny nodded
silently, and I crept out of the room leaving Sandi to stay with Jenny for
a while to ensure she got off to sleep knowing someone was with her. I
went down stairs again and roused Mary, taking her to her room and telling
her get what sleep she could, and I'd see her in the morning.

The girls and I spent most of the following day taking it in turns to
comfort Mary and Jenny, and by bed time we were well and truly tired.
Despite the smiles I got from the girls when I asked them to get Jenny
ready for bed while I did the same for Mary, I was soon closing the door to
her bedroom and sitting her on the edge of the bed while I slowly undid the
buttons on her blouse before gently easing it off her, and placing it on a
chair. "Stand up sis" I asked softly, and when she did I removed her
skirt, pulling her panties down at the same time. The last time I was in
this position, with my nose a few inches away from Mary's naked pussy, we
were in our mid teens, and she had very little pubic hair. Now was no
different, because I could see that she was in the habit of shaving her
lower lips clean, just leaving a small patch of nicely trimmed fur on her
prominent mons. Somehow I managed to resist the temptation to cover her
pussy with my lips, and I simply stood up and slowly removed her bra,
leaving her standing there completely naked. Very gently I eased Mary back
to sit on the edge of the bed once more as I reached for her nightie which
was laying on her pillow. "Arms up sis" I said softly, and struggled to
suppress a gasp as she did as I said, that simple action bringing her
magnificent breasts into greater prominence. Quickly I slipped the nightie
over her arms and body, suddenly worried in case she looked down slightly
and saw the bulge that was growing rapidly in my pants.

"Stand up sis" I said, and when she was standing by my side I turned
back the comforter and gently eased her back to lay down so I could cover
her up. I don't know if she did it deliberately, but as Mary shifted round
to lay down she opened her thighs wide and bent her knees, giving me a very
clear and long look at her wonderfully shaved pussy. When I was able to
tear my eyes away I saw that she was looking directly at me, and thought I
saw the glimmer of a smile appear in her eyes. I covered her up, bent over
her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Before I could do anything she
had her arms round my neck and was pulling me into a hard hot kiss, like we
used to share when we were a lot younger. All too soon for my liking she
released me, then said "Thanks so much Jack my love, I don't know what I'd
do without you. Jenny and I are so lucky to have someone like you to take
care of us. You will take care of us wont you Jack darling?" I kissed her
tenderly, nodded and whispered "Of course I will darling, you know I'll do
anything in my power to help you. All you have to do is ask, OK?" Mary
nodded, and for the first time I saw a tiny smile on her lips as she turned
over and snuggled down, closing her eyes as she tried to go to sleep.

When I had Mary settled I went to Jenny's bedroom, knocked softly on the
door and went in when Sandi came and opened it for me. By now Jenny was in
her nightie, and was sitting on the edge of her bed. "Come on Jenny my
love" I said softly, "It's time for you to be in bed, your Mom's already
asleep, and so should you be." Jenny smiled weakly "But I was waiting for
you to come and put me to bed Uncle Jack" she said, "Daddy always used to
when he was home, and I don't think I could sleep unless you please do it
for me tonight." I smiled, "Well, OK darling, but I have to speak to your
mother about this in the morning, I don't want her to think I'm doing
anything she wouldn't like, understand?" by now I'd turned the comforter
back and Jenny jumped into bed, lifting her nightie up to her waist as she
lay down. Once more I got a nice beaver shot, this time though it was of a
teenage pussy that had just a sparse dusting of soft downy fur covering the
mound, and the top of her lips. Quick as I could I covered Jenny up,
trying hard not to let her know what I'd just seen. As I tucked her in
Jenny lifted her arms from under the covers, put them round my neck and
pulled me down into a kiss almost as hot as the one I got from Mary a few
minutes ago. When Jenny was done kissing me I sat up and was about to
stand up when she said "Uncle Jack, I thought you were going to kiss me
goodnight like daddy always did?" I sat still, unsure what to do, then said
softly "What else did daddy used to do when he kissed you goodnight Jenny
my love?" she blushed prettily, pushed the top of the comforter down and
lifted the hem of her nightie which was now just under the swell of her
breasts. "He used to kiss my boobies for me of course. If he didn't do
that every night I couldn't go to sleep. It was our way of saying we loved
each other. Please Uncle Jack, please do it for me?"

Despite the fact Jenny was almost in tears I still hesitated, until I
felt a soft warm hand touch my cheek from behind and realised that Sandi
was still there, and had watched every thing that had gone on. "Do it for
her daddy, I'll tell you all about it in a few minutes" she whispered in my
ear. I turned to look into her eyes, and saw she was smiling. "Go on,
it's OK really darling" she urged, so I turned back to where Jenny was
still laying, her breasts still open to my gaze. The look of longing in
her eyes was unmistakeable, so I bent down, opened my lips slightly and one
by one covered her nipples, giving a gentle suck, and a flick with the tip
of my tongue. As I lifted my head I glance up at Jenny's face, seeing that
she had her eyes tight closed and a look of pure ecstasy on her face.
Tenderly I kissed her once more on the lips, then I covered her breasts up
with her nightie, finally pulling the comforter up to her chin. "Goodnight
Jenny darling" I whispered "I'll see you in the morning." "G'night daddy"
she said softly "I love you so much." With that I left the room with Sandi
close behind me, closing the door as quietly as possible.

I was about to ask Sandi what that was all about when she placed a
finger on my lips and beckoned me to hers and Sue's bedroom. Sandi sat me
on her bed, bent down and removed my shoes then told me to get on the bed
so we could snuggle while we talked. Sue came and joined us, and I was
soon laying down with the two of them wrapped in my arms with their heads
resting on my shoulders. "Right then Sandi my love, do I take it you have
something to tell me about what I just did in there?" they both giggled,
and Sandi looked up and said "Isn't it obvious daddy, we aren't the only
ones to have a special relationship. Jenny is hurting more than you might
think because she and Uncle Dave had recently started to kiss and cuddle,
and even make love without Jenny losing her cherry." "Oh, shit!!" I gasped
softly, hoping the girls didn't hear me. Some hope, "Oh, don't worry
darling" said Sue softly, "It's not as bad as you think. Aunt Mary knows
all about it, Jenny said she often used to get into bed with her mom and
dad, and aunt Mary even promised to showed Jenny how to give Uncle Dave a
proper blow job." This made the two of them burst into a fit of the
giggles, and Sue said "Maybe if mom had done the same for me and Sandi, she
might still be here enjoying making love to all of us." I chuckled at the
thought, then after a moments thought I said softly "OK girls, please don't
let on to Aunt Mary that you know anything. I'll see if I can find some
way to speak to her in the morning. I'd hate for her to think I was taking
advantage of Jenny when she's so upset and vulnerable, OK?" They agreed,
kissed me passionately then wished me goodnight before I went to my bed to
sleep alone for the first time for a very long time.

I hadn't been in bed long, when I heard the muffled sound of crying. I
lay there for a while to see if whoever it was, Mary or Jenny, would stop,
but without any luck. Quietly I got out of bed, slipped on my dressing
gown and crept silently along the passage to Mary's room, from where the
sound was coming. Without knocking I opened the door and crept in, closing
it behind me. I was beside Mary's bed in a couple of strides, and sat
beside her, bending down and whispering "You alright sis?" Mary nodded,
sniffed and said softly "Yes, I'm sorry if I woke you Jack darling, I can't
help it. I feel so alone, I'm not used to this.." Suddenly she stopped,
looked at me and said, almost in a whisper "Jack, I don't suppose I
could..." again she paused, and I could see in the half light that she was
suddenly blushing, "Don't suppose you could what sis?" I asked, almost half
afraid I knew what she was trying to ask me. "I don't suppose I could come
and have a talk with you right now, could I" she said firmly, "I do mean
get into bed and talk to you. There's more room in yours than in mine." I
stood up, deciding it was going to be best if we could get things out in
the open as soon as possible. "Come on then sis" I said softly "Just don't
make too much noise, I'd hate to wake the girls up and get caught with my
sister in my bed. I'd also hate to think what Jenny's reaction would be if
she found out."

Mary threw the covers back, swung her legs round, giving me yet another
good long look at her pussy even in the half light provided by the moon
shining in through her open drapes. This time I knew it was deliberate,
because of the look she gave me as she sat there. Hand in hand we crept
back to my bedroom, closing the door tight before getting in and I once
more enjoyed having a soft warm female body cuddling up to mine. After a
couple of minutes of just laying in my arms Mary raised herself up on one
elbow, bent her head and kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "I know it
might seem a little callous of me Jack darling, but nothing I say or do is
going to bring Dave back home. I know that, and I'm hoping that I can get
Jenny to realise it too, before she gets too depressed about not having her
daddy with us." "It's not callous sis" I replied, "I think it's just being
realistic. I don't suppose you'll ever forget Dave, no matter how much you
feel you may want to, and I don't think Jenny will either. But, life has
to go on, and while you can regret his leaving, I don't think you should
allow it to destroy your life." Mary smiled sweetly, then she kissed me
tenderly on the lips. "Thanks Jack darling, I knew you'd think the same as
me. All I have to do now is see what I can do about Jenny, and how she's
going to take Dave's leaving." I took a deep breath, looked Mary in the
eyes and said softly "Mary darling, is there anything, anything at all,
that you might want to tell me about you, Jenny and Dave?"

Suddenly Mary went so pale I thought she was going to pass out. "What
do you mean?" she gasped, and I almost grinned at the look of horror on her
face as she looked down at me. "Mary my love, this is your brother you're
talking to, you know, your loving brother. The one that has kept our
special secret all these years. I didn't think there'd ever be a secret
that you'd want to keep from me. Seems I might have been wrong." I had to
pull her down into a soft loving embrace as soon as I saw the tears running
down her cheeks. I held her to me for some time before she stopped crying,
took a deep breath and raised herself up once more on her elbow. "It seems
you know already. I suppose Jenny told you?" I shook my head, "Not
specifically darling, why don't you try and tell me so I get the story straight right from the beginning?" Mary looked at me, then said "OK Jack,
but first you have to tell me what has already been said. I suppose Jenny
let things slip out?" I nodded "Well, I think she may have said something
when the girls were trying to comfort her during the day, and before she
went to bed. When I went in she was waiting to be put to bed like Dave
used to, and she asked me to do it for her. I agreed without thinking, and
got a surprise when I was presented with a very nice pair of teenage
breasts to be kissed and suckled." I gave a tiny smile, then continued,
"Mary my love, I'm only human, and as Jenny was so sure she wanted me to do
this, I did. I'll even admit I enjoyed it, but I did say that I would have
to tell you that I'd done it for her, just in case you found out and got
upset. The fact that she didn't seem at all bothered told me you already
knew Dave was doing it. Then the girls told me that the one thing Jenny
was upset about was that she wouldn't have anyone to love her now her daddy
was gone."

This time I smiled lovingly, "Now sister mine, why don't you tell me all
about the special loving relationship you had with your husband and your
lovely daughter?" Mary took a deep breath, let it out in a long shuddering
sigh and laid her head on my shoulder as she snuggled up close to me. "I
guess it started a couple of years ago" she said softly, "Dave and I were
making love, in fact I was actually riding him like a cowgirl. He really
loved it when I did that, and it was my favourite position too. Anyway it
just so happened that there was a storm raging at the same time, which is
one reason we didn't bother to keep our noise down too much because we
didn't think Jenny would be able to hear us. We were wrong, mainly because
the storm had woken her up, and she was scared enough to want to come and
get into bed with us like she used to when she was nine, or ten." Mary
chuckled softly as she paused for breath, she then continued, "Anyway, we
didn't hear the door open, and it seemed that Jenny stood there and watched
me and Dave for quite a long time. She even forgot about the storm, she
was so enthralled with what was going on. When I finally came, and
collapsed in a heap on Dave's chest, Jenny came up to me and asked if I was
all right, thinking I'd hurt myself, or something. When Dave and I finally
stopped panicking Jenny simply sat on the edge of the bed and said 'Is what
you were doing what they call fucking daddy?'" Mary paused for a moment,
once more chuckling at what she was remembering, and I thought how nice it
was to hear her sounding happy once more.

Continued in Part 5


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