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Deserted Part 5


Deserted Part 5/7 A story by davidb234
(Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast) Deserted A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
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Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 5

"Anyway" she continued, "We decided that there was no sense in lying to
her, and I told Dave that we should tell her the truth, and make sure she
understood all there was to know about sex. After all, at her age, it
wasn't going to be long before she was going to be exposed to it at school,
and amongst her friends." Mary looked up at me and said "I was working on
the principle that it was better for her to know the truth, than rely on
half truths, and myths picked up in the school yard." Mary sighed, shuffled
up so she could see my face. "Anyway, it wasn't long before Jenny wanted
to go from explanations, to demonstrations, and that's when Dave began to
show her just how nice it could be to have her breasts caressed by someone
that loves her, rather than what happened when she went on her first date
with a boy from school. She came home with bruises on her breasts and a
broken bra strap where he'd been too rough and far too eager. After that
Jenny never went out with any more boys, and she said she couldn't get to
sleep unless her daddy kissed her breasts when he kissed her goodnight and
tucked her up into bed." Mary looked more than a little worried as she
finished speaking, and after a short pause she said "I guess we better
think about going home in the morning Jack, I'd really hate for Sue and
Sandi to get the wrong idea about how Dave, Jenny, and I carried on."

I pulled Mary down on top of me, holding her tight, and allowing her to
feel the hard throbbing lump that was now pressing against her crotch.
When our kiss was ended I said "Don't be so silly Mary, I'm not going to
ask you to go home. You don't have to worry about the girls either, after
all it was them that told me about what they'd found out from Jenny, and I
can assure you they weren't at all bothered. Besides, after what we used
to do when we were their age, I couldn't be so hypocritical as to ask you
to leave." Mary rested her arms on my chest, and her chin on her arms,
smiled at me and said "We did have some fun didn't we?", and she began to
move her hips against my erection. "God, I still remember the night you
popped my cherry. I was so scared that mom or dad would hear the noise I
was making, yet I don't remember it hurting all that much. I suppose time
has dimmed my memory somewhat. I do remember how scared I was afterwards
when you came inside me, and I thought you'd got me pregnant. How could we
have been so stupid?" I chuckled softly, "Believe me sis, you weren't as
scared as I was. I knew that if I'd knocked you up dad would have killed
me, or at least thrown me out of the house and never spoken to me again. I
didn't sleep for three days straight." Mary giggled, "I remember, I came
into your bedroom on a Saturday morning, and told you I'd just started my
period. You fainted didn't you?" I nodded, "I sure did, and that was the
last time we made love without a rubber, until you managed to persuade mom to get you on the pill."

"You know Jack" Mary said softly, "The one thing I always remembered
about those times, is just how gentle and caring you were. Not once did
you hurt me, and you always ensured that I came before you did. Even Dave
wasn't always that considerate. I'm going to miss him Jack darling, I just
don't know how I'll manage without him." By now my erection had begun to
subside, and I slipped my arms round Mary's back, moved one hand down to
her firm butt, and said "Well, like I said Mary my love, I'll take care of
you, and so long as we get the girls to agree, I don't see why you and
Jenny can't move in here for as long as you like." "Would the girls opinion
make that much difference to your decision Jack?" asked Mary, somewhat
surprised at what I'd said. I nodded "Oh, yes, after all, this is their
home too you know, but I shouldn't worry too much, I'm sure they'll see
things the same way I do, especially if they know the truth about what was
going on with Dave and Jenny, unless you don't want me to tell them." Mary
shook her head, "I don't suppose it matters now" she said quietly, "That's
all come to an end now Dave's gone." She then looked down at me, "I don't
suppose.. no.. it's too much to ask. Forget I said anything Jack, it
wouldn't be fair to ask you to do something like that." "Like what?" I
asked, thinking I knew the answer to that question.

"Well, seeing as you've already done it once, and enjoyed doing it. I
was just wondering if you'd carry on putting Jenny to bed so long as we
stay with you?" "You mean like I did last night?" I asked. Mary nodded,
"Yes darling, like you did last night. I promise I wont make trouble, I
know just how much Jenny likes it. To be honest I used to get Dave to do
the same thing to me before I went to sleep. Believe be Jack, it used to
feel so good, and like Jenny I knew that Dave loved me when he did that for
me." I nodded "OK, so long as the girls don't object, I'd love to stand in
for Jenny's daddy, for as long as she wants me to. But like I said, we do
have to get the girls to agree." Suddenly Mary was alert, and she lifted
her self up and said softly "Why on earth would you want your daughters
permission to.. OH, god, don't tell me..!" Mary stopped speaking for a
moment then said in a hushed voice "You're doing it as well aren't you
Jack? You're having sex with Sue and Sandi, that's why you're insisting on
asking them if you can do things like I've asked you to do for Jenny, you
don't want them to get jealous." All I could do was nod, then I saw the
tears forming in Mary's eyes, and watched them as they started to roll down
her cheeks. I took her face between my hands, reached up and kissed her
tears away then said softly "Why the tears Mary my love, does knowing what
you now know make all that much difference?"

It took some time for me to get it out of her, but in the end Mary
confessed that she was going to wait a few days, then she was going to do
her best to seduce me into making love to her. She then hit me with her
bombshell: "To be honest Jack darling" she said, "I was going to ask you to
do something far more important than that. You see, it's Jenny's birthday
in a few weeks, and we, Jenny and I, I mean, we'd managed to persuade Dave
to pop Jenny's cherry for her. I think she may have forgotten about it for
now, but I'm quite sure that she'll remember soon enough. I was thinking
that if I could seduce you for my own benefit, I could get you to do that
for Jenny." I grinned up at her, "I tell you what Mary my love" I said
softly "Why don't you have a nice long chat with the girls in the morning.
I'm sure that you'll be quite surprised at the reception you get, and I'll
agree to abide by what they say. How does that sound?" Mary kissed me
tenderly, "Sounds like the best deal I can get, under the circumstances
darling, so I think I'll go along with it." Mary kissed me again, this time
a lot more tenderly than before, and I started to get hard again as she
rolled off me and lay beside me pressing her body against my side, and
wrapping her uppermost leg over mine, rubbing her almost naked pussy against my thigh.

Despite Mary's best efforts I managed to resist her blandishments, and
slowly drifted off to sleep with her in my arms. The morning saw me
opening my eyes in the same position, except that somehow Mary had managed
to lose her nightie, and was completely naked as she lay snuggled up close
to me. What I also saw were two pairs of eyes, and two grinning faces, as
Sue and Sandi sat at the bottom of the bed watching Mary and I laying
there. I grinned at the girls, and said "Now, don't you two go jumping to
conclusions. Your aunt had difficulty sleeping last night, and I brought
her in here to see if I could calm her down and get her to sleep. She
really does need to get a lot of rest, you know girls." With that I rolled
out of bed, put on my dressing gown and made my way to the bathroom where I
was careful to lock the door behind me as I remembered that we had guests
that weren't used to our open lifestyle. When I was done showering,
shaving and so on, I went back to the bedroom to find Mary and the girls all snuggled up close, chatting away as if they'd been bosom buddies all
their lives. "Anyone checked on Jenny yet?" I asked, and when they all
shook their heads I left them alone and went to do it myself.

I knocked softly, so as not to wake Jenny if she was still asleep, and
quickly, and quietly followed up by walking into the room Jenny was using.
I was glad I was quiet, as Jenny was still curled up into a tight ball,
sleeping deeply and covered up closely with the comforter. Just as quietly
as I'd entered the room, I left it and closed the door, going back to my
own room and getting dressed, despite the presence of my daughters and my
sister. "Quite a hunk, isn't he Mary?" I heard Sue say, and smiled
inwardly as she replied "Oh, I know that Susan my love, I've known that for
a lot longer than you two lucky things, believe me." 'Oh shit' I thought,
'she's going to tell them what we used to do'. Sure enough, by the time I
was dressed in sweats and a T-shirt, Mary was putting the girls in the
picture about our childhood experiences, and our incestuous relationship.
As I walked out of the room, forcing myself not to stay, I heard Mary say
"I'm still amazed that he kept his hands off me last night. I did all I
could to get him to make love to me like we used to, but he insisted he had
to discuss it with you two first. I guess he really does think a lot about
your special relationship, doesn't he?" I was later told about the rest of
the conversation.

"I don't know about that Mary" said Sandi, "But I do know that we love
him more now than when he was just our father. I know it's difficult to
explain, but since mom left, he's been so much more relaxed about making
love to us." She giggled, then continued "You know, we sleep together all
the time, but we don't make love every night, or even every day. It's just
as if Sue and I are sort of married to him, and we don't need to fuck all
the time, just when one or two of us gets really horny, or really just
fancies a little bit of heavy petting." Mary sighed, "Yep, that's how it is
with happily married couples, you make love, not fuck, and have no need to
gorge yourself, because it's always available, like a Buffet, and you can
have a nibble any time you like. I'm just so sorry that Jenny isn't going
to be able to experience it like you two are, now her daddies gone." This
got the girls attention, and Sandi asked "Where you planning to have Uncle
Dave pop Jenny's cherry for her then?" Mary nodded, "Yes, it's her birthday
in a couple of weeks, she'll be sixteen, and we'd planned to do it then.
Now I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed, as well as frustrated like
me." Sue looked across Mary's body at Sandi, they both grinned and Sue said
"I don't suppose you'd be interested in daddy standing in for Uncle Dave,
would you?" Mary looked from one to the other, grinned ruefully, and said
softly, "I don't think he'll be interested girls, not if last night was
anything to go by."

The girls both giggled, "Oh, don't be silly Mary" said Sandi, "Last
night, it was just daddies ethics stopping him fucking your brains out.
I'm surprised he didn't tell you he had to discuss it with us before he
laid a hand on you," Mary smiled, nodded and said "To be honest girls, he
did, but I just thought it was an excuse because he didn't fancy me any
longer. I didn't think he meant it." The girls laughed, then they both
kissed Mary on the cheek, "Mary darling" said Sue, "Daddy won't be able to
resist you the instant he knows we don't mind. I'm also quite certain that
if you asked him to do something special for Jenny on her birthday, he'd be
only too happy to oblige. After consulting us, of course." "Well, I don't
know girls" said Mary softly, "It seems a bit strange asking my brother to
pop my daughters cherry on her sixteenth birthday, sort of like he's a
stallion at stud or something." That got the girls chuckling again, and
when they stopped Sandi couldn't help saying "Oh, he's a stud all right
Mary, why do you think we prefer him to any of the guys at school?" Soon
after this exchange Mary and the girls went to the bathroom and either sat
chatting, or showered, until all three of them were done, and ready to go
and get dressed.

Before they came down to the kitchen for breakfast, Mary went and
checked on Jenny, who was still sleeping, if a little fitfully. She
decided to leave her daughter where she was, and came down to join me and
the girls and wrap herself round the meal I'd prepared for them all. When
breakfast was over the girls loaded the dishwasher while Mary insisted on
clearing the kitchen up, then we all went into the living room taking our
cups of coffee with us. I'd hardly sat down when Sue came over to me, took
my cup off me, placed it on the table in the centre of the room, and then
sat on my lap, straddling my thighs. Putting her arms round my neck she
pulled my head forward, placed her soft warm lips on mine and kissed me
lovingly. "Daddy darling" she said softly "Sandi and I have had a chat
with Mary, and we think it would be nice if you could try to make her
forget her current troubles for a little while, just like you used to when
you were our age." I glanced across at Mary, saw she was blushing, then
said to Sue "By that I guess she's told you all about what we used to do
when we were growing up." Sue grinned, nodded and said in a loud whisper "I
guess you just can't resist committing incest with some one, can you daddy

I grinned sheepishly, and replied "That's what it looks like Susan my
love, does it make you love me less, knowing what Mary and I used to do?"
Sue leaned forward, pressed her lips to mine again and this time kissed me
passionately. "No daddy, nothing you could do would make me love you less,
and I think Sandi feel the same way too. I do think though, that you
should spend a little time with your wonderful sister, and do whatever she
asks of you, with our blessing. OK?" "You sure you don't mind darling?" I
asked softly, Sue shook her head, "Of course not daddy darling, to be
honest, when we get to know Mary a bit better, I'd like to come and join
you occasionally. How do you feel about that for an idea?" I hugged her to
me, placed my lips by her ear and whispered "I think it's a wonderful idea
Susan my love, and I'm sure Mary will too." Sue slipped off my lap, and
handed me my now almost cold cup of coffee. I'd just finished it when the
door opened and a very drowsy Jenny came stumbling into the room rubbing
the sleep from her eyes. "Good morning Jenny darling" said Mary brightly
as Jenny staggered past her. "Morning Mom" replied Jenny, without pausing,
or even looking at Mary as she padded towards her goal, my lap.

Almost without a pause Jenny seemed to step off the floor right on to
straddling my lap, her knees placed each side of my thighs, her still naked
pussy pressed firmly on to my suddenly swelling manhood, and her nightie
covered breasts pressed against my chest where I could feel her hard rigid
and very prominent nipples almost boring holes through my shirt. Jenny
then pressed her soft warm moist lips to mine in a less than niecely kiss,
her tongue pressing it's way between my lips and deep into my mouth as it
sought out mine for an early morning joust. "I waited a long time for you
to come and wake me up Uncle Jack" she said, almost petulantly, "You never
came, so I had to come and find you. Can I sit on your lap for a while
please, I feel so much happier when I'm snuggled up close to you?" Very
gently I caressed her back through the materiel of her nightgown, then I
said softly "I don't see why not darling, I'm going to be sitting with your
mother, why don't you go upstairs with the girls and get showered and
dressed, then you can come down and sit cuddled up to me, just like your
Mom will be." Jenny jumped up, and followed the girls upstairs where they
all got showered and dressed and soon came down to the living room and
joined Mary and I.

I was sat in the centre of the sofa with Mary laying against me on my
left side. I was leaning my back against the sofa, and Mary had snuggled
down under my arm so that it rested down the front of her body. When Jenny
came in she came and did the same on my other side, while the girls sat in
armchairs opposite the three of us. I soon found out that the girls had
set me up slightly when they got up and said they had things to do. They
simply walked out of the room, leaving me with Mary and Jenny cuddled up
close to me, not that I was actually complaining about this, you
understand. It wasn't long before Mary shifted round so her back was laying
against my side, and the arm that was draped over her shoulder was now
resting across her breasts. Jenny in the mean time has slowly slid down my
chest, and turned to lay on her back with her head on my lap, and her legs
over the end of the sofa. Definitely something the girls had taught her,
and very tempting as far as I was concerned. I'm easily led, and when
something is offered to me on a plate, I'm just liable to make a meal of
it. That's why, as soon as I saw how Jenny was laying, I did the same as I
would if it was one of the girls, and placed my hand on her tummy, gently
caressing her by moving it in ever widening circles.

With Mary things weren't quite so subtle, she simply grabbed hold on my
hand and placed it right on top of her breast, pressing it firmly into
contact, and holding it there until I began to do what she was obviously
wanting me to. In the end it was almost like rubbing one hand in circles
on my own tummy, while patting myself on the top of my head at the same
time. It didn't take me long, however, and I was soon in a rhythm of
stroking and gently squeezing Mary's breasts, and caressing and stroking
Jenny's abdomen at the same time. I sat there concentrating on what I was
doing, when I glanced down at Jenny, and saw she was looking up into my
eyes and smiling like I'd never seen a girl smile before. It suddenly
occurred to me that she was about to do something for the first time, and
she was actually wondering if she should. She did. She moved her hand to
my wrist and began to press it down her body towards her hips. I smiled at
her, looked to where she was aiming and saw that her knees were bent up,
her skirt had slipped down to her hips and that she had no panties on.

I looked back at Jenny's eyes again, smiled lovingly and gave her a wink
as I moved my hand myself, pulling her skirt up over her tummy and well
away from her hips, completely baring her virgin pussy. Very slowly I
placed my fingertips on the inside of Jenny's thigh and moved it up her leg
until I reached her knee. I then switched to her other leg, and moved down
until I was an inch or so away from her vagina, where I stopped and jumped
across to her other leg once more. I did this a number of times, each time
getting a fraction closer to her pussy, but each time not quite touching
it, despite the fact I wanted nothing more for myself. This wasn't about
me though, it was all about making Jenny feel good, and to that aim I
eventually brought her torture to an end by placing the palm of my hand
over her vaginal mound, and gently pressing down on it. This brought a
loud gasp from Jenny, and I felt Mary's head move round as she tried to see
what had happened to her daughter. I glanced at Jenny's face, and saw her
eyes were tight shut, and her mouth was open as she gasped for breath after
the feel of a mans hand on her private parts for the first time.

"You OK Jenny darling?" asked Mary softly, "OH, yes Mom, I'm fine
thanks" gasped Jenny as she opened her eyes and looked up into her mothers
smiling face. A moment later and I had Mary swivelled round so her head
lay on my lap beside her daughters, her legs over the arm of the sofa, and
her skirt pulled up her legs to lay over her lower abdomen, uncovering her
skimpy panty covered pussy. "If it's that good baby, maybe I should join
you" said Mary with a grin, "Maybe Uncle Jack will show me how he made you
feel so good if I ask him nicely." Jenny grinned up at me, I nodded my head
and she closed her eyes again as she said softly, "I think he will mom, if
you close your eyes like me." Mary turned her head, looked me in the eye
and smiled, then screwed her eyes up tight as she lifted her shirt out of
the waistband of her skirt. As I placed my hand on Mary's naked abdomen I
tugged at Jenny's, and soon had both hands on naked body, and moved upwards
to find they both had no bra on, and I had free access to their naked
breasts. As I caressed their bodies I bent down and touched my lips
firstly to Jenny's soft warm lips, then to Mary's, where I got a firmer
reaction, and a good deal of tongue, as she began to show her state of

As I sat there, my hands on Mary's and Jenny's breasts, and my fingers
and thumbs tweaking and rolling their nipples turn and turn about I saw
Mary slowly pushing at her panties as she tried to push them down without
making too much fuss about it. Quick as I could I released her titties and
moved my hand down her body, slipped my fingers in the waistband of her
underwear and helped to push them down her thighs and off her legs. As
soon as her panties were gone Mary opened her thighs as far as she could
and I immediately covered her pussy with my hand. As I gently squeezed her
whole vaginal mound Mary gave a loud gasp of pleasure. "You OK Mom?" asked
Jenny, then she did the same as I covered her pussy with my other hand.
"Yes baby, and you?" "Oh, I'm great mom Ohhh.." and Jenny cried out as she
felt my middle finger slip between her wet swollen pussy lips and the tip
press against the entrance to her love tunnel. As I was doing the same
thing at the same time to Mary, she also cried out in pleasure, only louder
as I had twisted my hand slightly, and was rubbing the side of my thumb
against her hard swollen clitoral bud as it poked out from it's protective

Not wanting to penetrate Jenny too far I moved my hand up her pussy until I could trap her clit with two fingers and gently roll it between
them until she began to cry out in ecstasy as she felt her climax hit her
like an express train, and explode all over her young body. As Jenny began
to scream, so did Mary, as I pressed my long middle finger as far into her
vaginal passage as as I could without removing my thumb from her hard
swollen and pulsating clitoris. The sound of the two of them screaming as
they came to orgasm brought the girls into the living room, the two of them
coming in quietly so as not to disturb their aunt and cousin in their
moments of pleasure. Softly the two of them crept up behind the sofa,
leaned on the back and lowered their heads so they could both kiss me on
the cheek at the same time. "WOW, daddy" said Sandi softly "That sounded
really sexy. I wonder how they'd feel about having you make love to them
at the same time." "Sounds good to me Sandi" said Mary as she opened her
eyes and looked up at the three of us, "How about you Jenny my love?" "Oh,
can I Mom, can Uncle Jack really be my first lover. I'd really love that
to happen if you mean it" replied a breathless Jenny from my lap.

Continued in Part 6


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