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Deserted Part 6


Deserted Part 6/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 6

Sue and Sandi giggled, "Well, why not right now?" asked Sue, "We don't
have anything else planned for the day, and I'd really love to watch daddy
make love to his sister, and help Jenny to become a woman." Mary's eyes
popped wide open, "Yu mean you want to watch?" she gasped softly. The
girls both shook their heads "No Mary, we want to join in, and help you to
have the best loving you ever experienced with our daddy, and help Jenny to
feel as good as we did when daddy first made love to us." This got Jenny's
attention "You make love to your daddy?" she said, almost unable to believe
what she was hearing. The girls grinned and nodded "Yes Jenny darling, we
have for a long time, since before our mom left daddy, and it's been the
best time we ever had. We thought that having you and Aunt Mary here might
stop us sleeping with him, but now you know about it, it won't matter if we
do, because I'm sure you'll both want to do the same, won't you?" Mary
grinned, and nodded briefly "If at all possible girls. I know how good a
lover your daddy is, and I'd love to be able to try it again." They looked
down at Jenny, who also was nodding, "If you don't mind, I would like to
see what it's like making love to a man, and as Uncle Jack is the only one
here now, I guess it better be him, don't you?"

A few minutes and we were all sitting round the kitchen table, Mary and
I with cups of coffee, and the girls with a glass of juice, as we relaxed
for a short while before setting off on a journey of exploration. Sandi
and Sue were well and truly pumped up about what we were going to be doing,
but I felt that Mary was having second thoughts, especially about having
sex with her brother while her daughter not only watched, but possible
joined in. As we sat there I held Mary's hand and talked to her quietly,
while the three girls sat at the other end of the table whispering to each
other as Sandi and Sue talked to Jenny about some of the things they and I
did for fun. When at last Mary and I had finished our drinks I said softly
"Well ladies, are we all ready?" the girls jumped to their feet, and Mary
gave a nod, despite still looking a little reluctant. I did notice that
Sue took a full glass of juice upstairs with her, giving me an inkling one
thing she had in mind. When we got to my bedroom I'd hardly got close to
the bed when I felt myself being pushed over. I landed on my back, and a
moment later I had three pair of hands almost ripping my clothes off me
until I was laying in the middle of the bed, completely naked.

Despite her reservations, Mary was grinning at what had happened, and I
smiled back up at her as I saw the girls all stripping themselves naked
behind her. "Come on Mom" cried Jenny with a giggle "You're the last one
dressed, and you'll miss the fun if you're not careful." I was then covered
with naked teenagers, all of them trying to get a turn at kissing me as
passionately as they could. Very slowly Mary began to remove her clothes,
and eventually she was able to lay beside me, pressing her naked body
against mine as she cuddled up close. "What's wrong Mary darling" I asked
in a whisper "I feel so awkward Jack darling" she replied, "After all
there's three wonderful firm teenage bodies here, why would you want to
have mine as well?" I put my arms round my sister, hugged her close and
kissed her lovingly, "Don't be so silly sis, believe me darling, your
body's just fine. Lets face it, theirs will be the same as yours in a few
years time, no matter how much they don't want to think it, age and gravity
will take their toll. Anyway, I love you just as much as I do them, so
what difference is there between the four of you?" As I was talking to Mary
I'd been feeling soft warm hands touching my cock as it began to stiffen.
Just then I felt something that made me groan with pleasure, and Mary
turned her head and looked down my body to see what was happening to bring
this reaction about.

"Oh, fuck" she gasped softly, and I followed her gaze and saw it was
Jenny that had engulfed my cock in her mouth as she got detailed
instructions from Sue and Sandi as to how to give a proper blow job. As
Jenny lifted her mouth from my hard throbbing penis she looked at the girls and asked "But why do this when you want him to make love to you, won't he
go all soft and not be able to do anything. That's what all my friends at
school tell me." The girls giggled softly "Ah, yes Jenny, but when there's
four of us, we have to do this so daddy will stay hard longer, and be able
to give us all a good time." I heard a soft giggle in my ear, and turned to
see Mary was smiling. "It seems these girls of yours know what they're
talking about Jack darling, did you teach them that little trick?" I shook
my head, "Not me Mary darling, they worked it out all by themselves, and it
didn't take them very long either." Mary smiled at me, I then saw a shiver
run down her body, and she whispered "I guess I better go see if I can join
in the fun. Don't go away darling, I'll be back soon" with that she
climbed over me, giving me a good look at her open pussy, and went to kneel
beside Sue, saying "Can I come and join you girls, I have something I want
to show you." With that she bent down, covered my cockhead with her mouth
and lowered herself on to me until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

This brought a gasp of surprise from Jenny, and one of admiration from
Sue and Sandi. "Lets make him cum girls" said Mary softly, "I want to show
you something I think you may well enjoy." She then began to jerk me off,
sharing this duty with the girls until Sue said softly, "He's nearly there
Mary, I can feel it, he's going to cum..." and before she could do anything
about it Mary had my cock resting on her tongue and was taking blast after
blast of my semen into her mouth until all there was left was a few drips
hanging from the end. Mary closed her mouth, and offered my cock to the
girls, Sue and Sandi taking turns to lick me clean, while Jenny held back,
unsure as to whether she should try it. Suddenly Mary slipped her arm
round Sandi neck, drew her close and pressed her closed lips to Sandi's.
As we watched we saw Sandi's eyes pop open, then her lips opened slightly
and we saw her swallowing. Mary broke off the kiss, turned to Sue and did
the same to her, this time having Sue press her tongue into Mary's mouth as
she realised what was happening. When they broke their kiss Sue had her
lips tight shut as Mary licked her lips and swallowed before turning to
Jenny and saying "Jenny darling, I'd like you to kiss Sue just like I did.
Will you do that for me please darling?"

Jenny grinned, slightly unsure about kissing another girl so sexily, but
nodded anyway and leaned close to her cousin and opened her lips. Sue
pressed her lips to Jenny's, opened them slightly and pressed her tongue
into Jenny's mouth before she knew what was happening. As Jenny tried to
pull away Sue held her tight to her mouth until she was finished doing what
she had started. Jenny drew back quickly, rubbing the back of her hand
across her lips and spluttering as she tried to spit out the cum that Sue
had pressed on to her tongue. "Stop that Jenny" said Mary firmly, "It
isn't that bad, even the first time, just give it a chance, suck on your
tongue, and see what it actually tastes like. If you definitely don't like
it, you don't have to do it again, but at least you can say you gave it a
try, OK?" Jenny looked up at Mary, "Sorry Mom, it just took me by surprise
that's all. I didn't know what was happening, why didn't you tell me
that's what was going to happen?" Mary smiled lovingly at her daughter,
"Because I know you darling, you'd have said you don't like it even before
you'd tried it. This way, you had to try it, like it or not. Now, how was
it?" Jenny grinned, "We'll, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might taste,
maybe it will taste better the next time." Mary chuckled, reached over and
then handed Jenny the glass of juice, "Here, wash it down with something
sweet, Champagne is better, if a little more expensive, but OJ will do for
now." Jenny offered the glass to the girls, both of whom refused it, saying
they liked the taste of my semen, and tried to get a mouthful at least once
a week. Sandi then leaned over, whispered in Jenny's ear and sat back on
her heels as Jenny looked at her and Sue in astonishment.

Sue and Sandi then looked down, grinned and Sue said "Well, it seems we
killed something here, how about you bringing it back to live Jenny, I
think your mom could make use of it right now?" Mary blushed, but Jenny
grinned and bent her head down as she sucked my soft cock into her mouth
and tried to revive it for her mother. I pulled Mary into my arms, kissing
her lovingly, and tenderly caressing her hot wet smooth pussy lips as Jenny
sucked on my rapidly swelling member. Mary giggled as we kissed and we
heard Jenny say "How's that Mom, is Uncle Jack's penis hard enough for
you?" she then pushed herself up, looked down at my hard throbbing cock and
said "Yes darling, it looks just fine, you did a good job on it." Jenny sat
back, looking so pleased with herself, as Mary slithered down my body until
her hips were hovering over my hard pulsating cockhead. Before Mary could
do anything else Sue had grasped my shaft and was holding it steady as Mary
lowered her self slowly, moving her hips round and round feeling for her
target. The moment that she felt my cock touch the entrance to her vaginal
canal, Mary paused, smiled at me, and lowered herself until she was sitting
on my pubic bone, my cock buried full length in her aching body. Mary sat
there, quite still, for a few seconds, then she began to move her hips to
and fro, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock as she leaned forward
and placed her hands on my chest, allowing me to cup her breasts in my
hands and gently squeeze then in time with the movement of her hips.

On and on Mary moved, back and forth, round and round, then she suddenly
sat up and began to bounce up and down on the length of my cock as she got
closer and closer to her climax. She and I had ignored the movements made
by the girls, until I saw, and Mary felt, a pair of soft warm arms wrap
themselves round Mary's body. Jenny was sitting close behind her mother,
pressing her naked, hard nippled breasts against her back and hugging her
tight during the final seconds of her first orgasm with me in many, many
years. Mary came so hard when she opened her mouth to scream in ecstasy
nothing came out. All that happened was that her body began to quiver, her
back arched and she suddenly went limp as a wet noodle. As she began to
fall forward Jenny's grip round her waist slowed her down, and I managed to
lift my arms and hold her shoulders, then allow her to slowly subside into
a heap on top of me. It was some time before Mary opened her eyes, and all
the time she was out her body just kept on twitching, and we watched in
amazement as tiny tremors rippled up and down her back, from tight
stretched butt, up to her shoulders, then back down again.

Eventually the girls helped me roll Mary off me and lay her on the bed
beside me, allowing her to curl up into a tight ball until she could
recover her senses in her own time. Meanwhile Jenny came and replaced her
mother, in that she laid herself out full length on my supine body,
crossing her arms on my chest, and resting her chin on them as she just
gazed into my eyes from a few inches away. "God, I hope you don't do that
to me Uncle Jack" Jenny said softly, "I don't know if I'd manage to survive
anything so intense." I just smiled at her, and continued to stroke my
hands up and down her soft smooth back, occasionally cupping her firm
rounded buttocks in my hands and giving them a gently squeeze. She
obviously loved this, because each time I did it she closed her eyes and
gave a soft moan of pleasure. "Do we have to wait for mom to wake up Uncle
Jack?" asked Jenny after a while. I shook my head, "Of course not Jenny
darling, we can start any time you want. We can even wait until your
birthday if you like, all you have to do is say the word." Jenny giggled,
looked me straight in the eye and said "The word" then lifted herself up as
she spread her thighs to straddle mine. As Jenny held herself ready above
my now rampant erection she simply looked at me, a shy smile on her face,
and a look of intense lust in her eyes. There was no plea to take care,
take it slow, or not to hurt her. All this girl wanted was to feel her
chosen cock filling her insides up, just like her cousins had described to

As I reached down to hold my cock ready I felt a soft warm hand beat me
to it, and looked down to see Sandi holding my shaft firmly in her hand as
she guided it to Jenny's pussy lips; lips held open by Sue, who was laying
with her head on my thighs just behind where Jenny was going to be resting
her firm rounded buttocks in a moment or two. As Jenny paused when she
felt my cockhead touching her pussy I felt a movement beside me, and on
looking I saw Mary laying with her eyes wide open as she watched her baby
daughter start to impale herself on a hard throbbing mature penis, a penis
she had just enjoyed making very good use of. I put out my arm, slipped it
under Mary's head and gently drew her close to me, holding her in a tight
hug as she laid her head on my chest. As Jenny began to lower herself onto
my cock Mary put out her hand and laid it on Jenny's thigh, stroking her
daughters leg as tenderly as she could while Jenny continued to impale
herself on my manhood.

As Jenny sat on my hips she gasped "Whoosh.. that stings Uncle Jack,
can we just hold still for a minute please?" I stretched out my arms, and
she fell into them, pressing her firm naked breasts against my chest as she
laid her head alongside mine. As she lay there I gently caresses her back
and as far round her firm rounded buttocks as I could reach until I felt
her quiver, and she pushed herself upright. "You OK baby?" asked Mary as
she lay beside me watching every move Jenny made. Jenny looked at her
mother, smiled and said "Yes Mom, but I wish you'd let me do this a long
time ago, it feels sooo good, I'm a bit mad at having missed so much
enjoyment." After a momentary pause Jenny grinned sheepishly at Mary and
said "What do I do now Mom?" The girls and Mary burst out laughing, then
Mary scrambled up on to her knees beside Jenny and whispered something in
her ear. Jenny giggled, then began to move her hips to and fro, bending
her back slightly so she could ensure her clit was rubbing against my pubic
bone, and she could feel my coarse pubic hair scratching her almost
hairless pussy.

It wasn't long before Jenny got the idea, and she was soon bouncing up
and down on my hard throbbing cock with Mary and Sandi holding her arms to
ensure that she didn't lose her balance and fall over. From where I was
looking this was a wonderful sight. Jenny's firm breasts were moving up
and down, just like the ripples in an overfilled waterbed, while Mary's
were bouncing around like a strippers. Sandi's were doing something in
between, being larger than Jenny's but smaller and firmer than Mary's.
Suddenly my view was blocked when Sue lay her upper body on my chest and
began to kiss me passionately, pressing her breasts on to my chest and
side, while she stroked her soft warm hand over my abdomen from my nipples
down to the base of my sopping wet cock. Despite having already cum a
gallon, all this stimulation was more than enough for me, and I was about
to yell a warning that I was close to orgasm when Jenny suddenly froze, her
back arched, she screamed out "I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg..
Aggghhhh..." and almost before Sue could move Jenny began to collapse in a
limp heap on my chest. Only Mary and Sandi holding Jenny's arms stopped
her falling, they allowed her to fall slowly on to me, after Sue had
managed to roll out of the way.

As I lay there, with Jenny on my chest, her firm hard nippled breasts burning holes in my skin, I wrapped my arms round her, one round her back,
the other round her firm twitching butt. I felt movements beside me as Sue
and Sandi climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom to get what was
needed to clean up the mess Jenny had made. Very gently I eased Jenny off
my cock, and held her still while Sue first washed her pussy clean, then
did the same for my blood flecked penis. Sandi followed up with a towel,
and very soon we were both clean and dry once more. The girls had just
finished when Jenny began to stir; she lifted her head, look me in the eye
and said in a husky voice "Oh, WOW, Uncle Jack, that was awesome, can we do
it again soon please?" I smiled, and shook my head, "No, I'm sorry Jenny
darling, that just isn't possible in afraid" I said as gently as I could. I
saw tears suddenly appear in her eyes, and she made a half hearted attempt
to shake them away before asking "Is it because of you making love to Sue
and Sandi?" I shook my head silently. "It's not because of mom is it,
because I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we did it every now and then if I
asked her."

I shook my head again, and before Jenny or I could say anything more Sue
slapped me on the thigh and said "Stop it daddy, or you're going to be in
serious trouble. Jenny darling, what daddy means is that you can't do that
again because you're no longer a virgin, and you don't have a cherry to be
popped. Of course he'll make love to you again, and very soon too, even if
Sandi and I have to tie him to the bed and we all rape him, OK?" Jenny
giggled, smiled sweetly at Sue then turned to me and said "You're a rotten
beast Uncle Jack, and I hate you. One thing though, can you tell me why I
didn't feel you cum inside me. I thought it would be something I'd feel
quite easily?" "That's easy Jenny darling" I replied softly, "I didn't get
a chance to reach my climax, you were so quick coming to yours. You don't
have to worry about it though my love, it often happens when I get the
treatment you lot gave me earlier. I take a little longer to get aroused
enough a second time." Jenny reached up and kissed me tenderly on the lips,
"You will do that for me though won't you Uncle Jack?" she whispered, I
grinned nodded and said softly "Of course I will Jenny darling, if you like
I'll try and take you by surprise, so try to make sure you're always nice
and wet so I don't hurt you, won't you." Jenny blushed bright red, grinned
and I felt a tremor of excitement run through her young frame as she nodded

After a few minutes of laying there, Jenny on top of me, and Mary laying
in my arm, snuggled up close, with Sue and Sandi kneeling on my other side
watching the three of us, Mary suddenly lifted her head, looked at Jenny
and said "Come on Jenny darling, I think we should move and let Sue and
Sandi get close to their daddy, we don't want to be pushing them out, do
we?" the girls chuckled, Sue leaned over my supine body and kissed Mary
lovingly on the lips, "Don't be so silly Mary darling, we've had daddy for
a long time, and we'll be having him again before very long. You and Jenny
have only just got together with him, so enjoy yourselves, we really don't
mind, so we sis?" Sandi shook her head "Of course not Sue, tell you what,
why don't we go and make something for lunch, then daddy can bring the new
lovers down in a few minutes when they've had a nice long cuddle?" a moment
later and I was alone with Mary and Jenny, the pair of them taking it in
turns kissing me passionately, and stroking my semi hard penis as they
tried to bring a little more life back to it. Despite their best efforts I
stayed flaccid, and soon suggested we have a shower together, something
that Jenny jumped at saying "What? all together at the same time? WOW,
that sounds really sexy, do I get a chance to wash your penis for you Uncle
Jack?" Mary smiled at her daughter as she scrambled to her knees and said
softly "Why not Jenny darling, I'm sure Uncle Jack would allow me to show
you the best way to do it, using him as a model, won't you Jack darling?" I
agreed as I rolled Jenny off me and we all got ourselves to the bathroom
and showered together.

Jenny had great fun washing my cock, and Mary and I ended up laughing as
she spluttered when she got a mouthful of suds after she tried to practice
giving me a blow job before she'd rinsed me off. In the end we all went
down to the kitchen where the girls had laid out a nice lunch of sandwiches
and drinks. When we'd finished eating I suggested to Mary that we went and
dug out all her paperwork that Pete was going to need when the divorce
papers came through, she was a little reluctant, but agreed to do it when I
said "Well Mary darling, the sooner we do it, the sooner it's all over
with, and you can decide what you're going to do with the house and
furniture." As I got Mary to her feet I said softly "We can leave Jenny
here with the girls for now, if there's anything she might want we can
always get the girls to come over and get it for her, especially if she
doesn't want to come herself." We were gone for about three hours, and when
we returned it was to find the three girls snuggled up in each other arms
on Jenny's bed, all of them jaybird naked, and the room smelling strongly
of sex. I pulled Mary back as she went to wake them up, whispering "No
sis, let then enjoy their sleep, it looks like they earned it." We then
went down to the kitchen and began to prepare supper between us, so it
would be ready for when the girls woke up.

In the end Mary had to go upstairs and wake the girls, telling them to
have a quick shower, get dressed and hurry down as super was about to go on
the table. It took less than half an hour to have them sitting at the
table as Mary served them. All through the meal we talked about anything
but what the girls might have been doing while Mary and I were out, and I
could see it was driving Sue and Sandi mad with frustration. It wasn't
until the dishes were done, the kitchen cleaned up and we were all sitting
in the living room that I said "Right girls, I think Mary and I have a
fairy tale to listen to, who wants to start telling it?" "Me, I guess" said
Jenny, blushing bright red. I put out my arms, pulled her on to my lap and
wrapped my arms round her waist as I said "Right then Jenny my love, why
don't you start at the beginning, then Sue and Sandi can add anything you
might forget?" Jenny lay her head on my shoulder, slipped her arms round my
chest and said "Well, Uncle Jack, it was like this.."

* * * * * *

Continued in part 7


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