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Deserted Part 7


Deserted Part 7/7 A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
Part 7

* * * * * *

"As soon as the door closed and the girls heard the car pull away Sue
and Sandi sat each side of Jenny on the sofa and Sue said softly "Well
Jenny, how was it, your first time I mean?" Jenny wrapped her arms round
herself, gave a shudder and gasped "Oh, Sue, it was simply awesome, even
better than you said it would be. It didn't really hurt when my cherry
popped, and when Uncle Jack's penis was all the way inside me, I felt so
full. To be honest, I never realised I'd got so much empty space inside me
that could ever need to be filled like that." The three of them sat
giggling at this description of being deflowered, then Jenny turned serious
and said "You don't really mind if I ask Uncle Jack to do it again, do you
girls, cos if you do I won't, I'd hate to spoil things for you" "Jenny
darling" said Sandi with a wide smile on her face "You can make love to
daddy as much as you want, it isn't going to make any difference to us.
You see darling, we don't do it every night, even though we sleep with him
all the time, so there's going to be plenty of chances for you and your mom to enjoy yourselves." They chatted some more about sex and making love
until Jenny came out with "I bet it's a bit of a bummer when you're having
your monthlies, after having so much loving it must be awful going without
for a week or so?" Sue and Sandi looked at each other, then Sandi nodded
and Sue said "Not really Jenny my love, we always get a Tummy Rub from
daddy, and if we get really horny he'll always make love to us in the
shower. It feels sort of cleaner than if we just did it in bed, and we can
always wash daddy afterwards, so it's not too bad."

Jenny was aghast at what she just heard, "You fuck when you're having
your period? Ooerr!! That sounds really gross!" the girls chuckled "Well,
so did tasting daddies cum, but you changed your mind when you tried it,
didn't you?" Jenny sat there and grinned ruefully, "Well, yes, but this is
different. It's such a.. dirty time for a girl" she giggled then
continued "A girl at school used to put a tampon in when she went on a date
where she didn't want the boy to touch her. She just said she was on her
period, and showed him the string. The boys always left her alone after
that, and she had a hands free date." When they finished laughing Jenny
looked at the girls and said "Can you tell me what else you do with Uncle
Jack, you know, when you make love to him?" Sue and Sandi thought about
this for a moment then Sue said "Well, there's not much else really. We
fuck, sometimes with daddy on top, but mostly with us on top because that's
the way we all like it best. Sometimes daddy will eat us out until we
almost pass out. He's really good at that, and we have lots of orgasms."
The two of them went all dreamy as they recalled some of the times this had
happened, then Sandi said "Oh, and there's always the times daddy shaves
our pussies for us. That's really awesome, especially afterwards, when he
gives us a nice warm cum shower, but It's only every few weeks we have

Jenny sat there fascinated, and taking it all in for future reference,
then she asked "What do you do if Uncle Jack isn't there and you feel so
horny you can't wait for him, do you masturbate like I'm always doing?" The
girls shook their head slowly, "Not necessary Jenny my love" said Sandi
with a broad smile, "What are sisters for, if not to give a helping hand,
or tongue, in an emergency?" "You eat each other out, but I didn't think
you were lesbians, after all you make love to Uncle Jack." "Oh, we're not
lesbians Jenny darling, we may be bisexual, if you really have to put a
name to it. No dear, we just like helping each other out, and if that
means a bit of oral sex, well so what. Besides we always try to let daddy
catch us doing it because he thinks it's really sexy, and likes to watch."
This was the point that Sue realised Jenny had a strange look in her eye,
and she grinned at Sandi as she said "Jenny darling, I don't suppose you'd
like to have a demonstration would you?" "Oh, please, if you don't mind
that is, I'd love it if you could show me how to do it." Two minutes later
and Sue was undressing Jenny as Sandi stripped of beside them. Sue then
stripped herself in a matter of seconds and dragged Jenny down on to the
bed, laying her out with her arms above her head and her thighs wide open.

"Right Jenny, all you have to do is lay still, and enjoy yourself,
understand?" Jenny nodded silently and closed her eyes tight smiling as she
felt the first tender touch on the inside of her soft smooth thighs.
Suddenly her skin was on fire everywhere the fingertips made contact, and
when she felt the first warm breath on her hot swollen pussy she almost
fainted. As gently as she could Sue touched Jenny's wet swollen labia with
the tip of her tongue, starting at the tight wet entrance to Jenny's
vaginal passage and running the flat rough surface up the full length of
her slick slit until she reached her tender clit, nestling beneath it's
protective hood. Jenny went wild, her hips bucked and thrashed as she
screamed out in ecstasy as she suddenly exploded in the greatest orgasm of
her life. Better even that when Uncle Jack had popped her cherry, and a
thousand time better than when she did it herself in her frequent hour of
need. Somehow Jenny managed to keep herself conscious all the way through
this experience, and she just lay gasping for breath, staring up at the
ceiling until she was able to say anything at all. "Oh, god, it isn't like
that all the time is it Sue?" she gasped. Sue chuckled "Not likely cuz, if
it was I don't think we'd need to bother with daddy very much. It was only
that intense because it was your first time. Mind you, it's not far off
that good when daddy does it for us sometimes."

That was it as far as Jenny was concerned, she just had to learn how to
do this so she could get to enjoy having it done to her some more. The
next two hours were spent with the girls taking turns to eat, and be eaten.
What Jenny like best of all was when the girls showed her how to form a
daisy chain. "Mind you cuz" said Sandi "It's best if you have someone like
daddy to join in, then we girls can take it in turns to suck on his cock.
We sometimes take bets as to who will manage to make him cum first. That's
really good fun, especially of he doesn't know what we're doing." In the
end, even the girls had to admit defeat, and they all ended up totally
spent, and wrapped around each other, being too tired to move they just
fell asleep where they were. That's how they were found when Uncle Jack
and Mary returned unexpectedly.

By now Jenny had turned round so her back was to my chest, and my hands
were covering her firm naked breasts, under her shirt. "Well, are you a
lesbian then Jenny my love?" I asked softly. She giggled "Maybe if I'd
tried that first Uncle Jack, I might just have been one. The trouble is I
really like the feeling of having your hard penis in my pussy, so I think
I'd rather be bisexual if you don't mind." This brought a loud ripple of
laughter from everyone, and Jenny almost wet herself she laughed so much.
Later that night, when Mary and I were laying in bed I said softly "Well
sis, is this turning out like you hoped?" Mary sighed deeply against my
chest and after a short pause said "To be honest Jack darling, I hadn't
even thought this far ahead. I just hoped I could get one good old fashioned brotherly fuck out of you, and maybe get you to pop Jenny's
cherry for her, then just get out of here as fast as we could. I had no
idea what you and the girls were doing, and certainly didn't think they'd
be so mature about Jenny and I joining in." I kissed her tenderly on the
lips and said "Well sis, you know you're quite welcome to move in with us,
and I don't mean just for a while, I mean permanently." Mary shook her head
against my chest, "I don't think that's a very good idea Jack darling" she
said in a whisper. "It's going to be too much of a strain on you and the
girls. I'd hate to be the cause of something like that." Not wanting to
start an argument right then I just sighed, said "OK Mary darling, just as
you please", gave her hug as I snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I woke early as usual, rolled put of bed and, seeing Mary
was sleeping peacefully I crept to the bathroom, took care of my morning
business and got under the shower. I'd hardly got wet before the door
opened and Sue came in, sitting on the toilet as she said sleepily "Good
morning daddy, did you sleep well?" I poked my head out of the shower door,
smiled at her and said "Yes thank you Susan my love, and I'll tell you all
about it of you come and take a shower with me right now please." That woke
her up, and a moment later she was pressing her naked body against mine as
she reached up to kiss me lovingly with her arms wrapped round my neck.
When she was finally relaxed and I could make a start at washing her
wonderful body I explained what Mary and I had talked about, and the
decision Mary had made. "The thing is Susan my love" I said, "I don't want
to let her and Jenny go and live on their own if I don't have to. I'd much
rather have them living here with us, and I don't mean just for the fun and
games we've been having recently. I just don't think they'll manage on
their own no matter how good a job Mary might be able to get." "Gosh daddy,
you really are worried about them aren't you?" Sue said with a girlish
giggle. I looked down into her laughing eyes and saw she was standing
there with my limp cock laying in the palm of her hand. "You know daddy, I
think that's the first time I've ever held you in my hand, when you haven't
become erect in a matter of seconds." She grinned up at me then continued,
"If that's what's going to happen when you're worried about something I
think me and Sandi better do something about it. Just you leave Mary to us
darling, don't mention the subject to her again at all, and we'll see if we
can't get her to change her mind, OK?" *

I had to go to work, and as I'd made an appointment for Mary to see Pete
I dropped her off on my way in, telling her that she was to call me as soon
as she was done and I'd come and pick her up and run her home. As it
happened that wasn't necessary as Pete ran her home, coming into my office
on the way back to see me about some business matters. I was very lucky in
that I had such good staff I didn't have to go in to work every day as they
could manage just as well without me. Having recently gone through a nasty
divorce himself, my partner told me he wasn't going to make waves if I took
some time off to help my sister sort hers out. "Believe me Jack" he said
"Having family around to help can make the world of difference, especially
if there are kids involved, and even more so if the kids are teenagers."
Despite being given so much latitude I only agreed to take off such time as
was necessary, knowing just how much extra work could land on his desk if I
was away too much or too long. As it was I told everyone I was likely to
be doing shorter hours for a while, starting at the same time, but
finishing an hour or so earlier each day. That's what I did that day, and
got home just as the girls came in from a walk round the neighbourhood,
showing Mary and Jenny where everything was.

I'd no sooner removed my coat than I had Mary throwing her arms round my
neck pressing her lips to mine as she did the same with the rest of her
firm curvaceous body. When she broke the kiss she laid her head on my
chest and said in a whisper "God I've missed you Jack, I've been thinking
about sitting on your hard throbbing cock all day. I guess I'm going to
have to get used to doing without it, won't I?" I kissed her tenderly "I
guess so sis, but not just yet, surely you can stay until your divorce is
sorted out, can't you?" she looked up into my eyes, smiled and said "Well,
OK Jack darling, but only if the girls don't mind, this is their home too
you know." I chuckled at the way she was trying to turn my own words back
on to me, I then gave her a slap on the butt and said firmly "Well, in that
case Mary my love, I'd better go see if I can't persuade them, hadn't I?"
With that I made my way upstairs to my bedroom, stripped off and went for a
shower, after which I got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. I then went to
the girls bedroom and knocked softly on the door, going straight in as soon
as I was called. There I found all three girls sitting on Sandi's bed
chatting away about whatever girls talk about. You know! The mysteries of
the universe, how to save their skins from zits, and other such important

"Jenny darling" I said, "I don't suppose you could give me a few minutes
to talk to Sue and Sandi could you please, I promise you'll be told what
it's all about soon, but I have to talk to them alone first, OK?" Jenny
jumped to her feet, came and kissed me tenderly and said "Of course I don't
mind Uncle Jack, I'll go and see if I can give mom a hand getting supper
ready." As soon as Jenny was gone I turned to the girls and said "Right
girls, what have you come up with? By the way, I'm supposed to be talking
you two into allowing Mary and Jenny to stay until the divorce is sorted
out, OK?" they nodded, then Sue chuckled as she said "Well daddy, I think I
have an idea that might just make Mary think it's a good idea to stay.
We've been telling her just how much we enjoy having them stay with us, and
impress on Mary just how much happier you've been since she came. We also
told her how we miss having a mother figure around as you can only do so
much as regards taking that role on your shoulders, and how it would be
nice if she could help out sometimes." "We didn't even mention the sex"
said Sandi with a grin, "We were going to let you do that, and we had a
great time working out how best to convince her. This is what we thought
we might try.." and they outlined a scheme that they wanted me to try that
evening. I had to admit it was a real doozie, and I said I couldn't wait
to try it.

By the time the girls and I got down to the kitchen Mary had our evening
meal ready to serve. We sat down, and when Mary was sitting opposite me
Sue said gently "Mary, daddy tells me he's having a problem getting you to
agree to stay until your divorce is sorted out. Something about imposing
on us, or some such rubbish." Mary grinned sheepishly and just nodded.
"Well, at risk of insulting you, by dear lovable Aunt, I think you're
talking a load of old garbage. Sandi and I would love to have you say for
as long as you'd like. You're not imposing on us at all, in fact we've
loved having you here with us, if only because we've missed having a mother around the house since ours deserted us. Does that answer your silly
question?" Mary smiled at the girls, then at me, then said "Well, OK Susan
my love, but only until the divorce is sorted out. We have to go then,
understand?" Sue grinned, nodded and said "Yes Aunt Mary, I understand."

When dinner was over the girls insisted that they did the dishes and
cleaned up the kitchen. "You two go and sit down in the den daddy" Sandi
said, "I'll bring you both a cup of coffee in a few minutes, OK?" and with
that Mary and I found we were being pushed out of the kitchen and towards
the den. When we were sat together on the sofa I slipped my arm round
Mary's back, hugged he to me and said "Why don't you tell me what Pete said
to you this morning?" It wasn't much, but it seemed to me that Mary relaxed
a little when she was talking to me, and I gently eased her round a little
so her back was laying on my chest and I had both arms round her body.
While she was talking I began to gently caress her breasts through her thin
summer dress. We were sitting like this when there was a knock on the door
and Sandi came in with our coffee, placing it on the table by the sofa and
leaving as quietly as she had entered. We drank our coffee in total
silence, and when we were done Mary lay back against my chest, I laid my
hands on her breasts and said softly "Now where were we?" "Right there"
sighed Mary, and she relaxed just a little more as I stroked and caressed
her breasts once more.

After a few moments I moved one hand to the centre of her dress and
began to undo the line of buttons that ran right down the front, until I'd
managed to get the all undone, and the sides of her dress fell open,
exposing her now naked body. Now I used one hand on her breasts, the other
I slid down her body until it was cupping her naked, shaved pussy, getting
more access as she opened her thighs as far as she could. "God I'm going
to miss this Jack darling, I don't suppose I could come round occasionally
to get some of your special loving, could I?" As much as you like sis" I
said as I kissed my way down her neck and across her shoulder, "Any time at
all. Just give me a call and I'll be ready for you." Mary sighed, and I
felt her pussy lips spasm as my finger slipped inside her. "Ohhh.." she
gasped softly as I sucked on her neck, raising a hickey as I trapped her
clit between finger and thumb and began to roll it to and fro. "Ohhh..
Can I bring Jenny too please Jack? Sheeeellll.. get mad if I leave
herrrrr.. out.." suddenly Mary was having trouble stringing her words
together as I brought her closer and closer to her climax, holding her
close as she finally exploded in orgasm in my arms. Despite the noise Mary
made the girls didn't come crashing in, knowing full well what was going
on, and hopefully explaining to Jenny what we'd planned between us.

I held Mary in my arms for some time while she got her breath back.
Then I gently eased her off my chest while I pushed my pants and shorts
down my legs and off my feet, leaving me naked from the waist down. Mary
just sat there and watched me, looking hungrily as she saw my cock starting
to swell to it's fullest size. "What's on that dirty mind of yours Jack?"
she asked softly, not moving her gaze a single inch. I grinned
lasciviously at her and said "I just thought you might like to try out
something new I thought of sis. Maybe it'll give you something to think
about when you go home." I sat beck down beside her and slipped my arm
round her waist. "All I want you to do is sit on my lap darling, but this
time face away from me. You'll see what I have in mind when you do that."
Mary grinned and stood up in front of me with her back to me, then bent
forward as she began to lower herself on to my thighs. quick as I could I
lifted her dress up and threw it over her back so her butt was uncovered. I
then held my cock down so it was laying between my slightly open thighs
until her butt was about to land on it.

That's when Mary got her first surprise, when my cock was released it
flicked up and slapped her right on her wet swollen pussy lips, bringing a
gasp of surprise and pleasure to her lips. "God, you do have some very
good ideas Jack darling" she gasped as she moved her hips to and fro,
rubbing my hard throbbing cock against her pussy. "Here's another one sis"
I said, and whispered instructions to her, getting an almost girlish giggle
from her as she did as I told her. What that was, was to hold my cock
against her pussy with one hand, then move herself slowly against it,
making sure she travelled the full length. What she thought might happen
did, and she was soon working hard to bring herself off as she felt the
ridge of my glans rub over her erect swollen clitoris each time she got to
the top. It didn't take long for her to cum once more, and I had to hold
her in my arms to ensure that she stayed where she was and didn't collapse
over my knees and on to the floor.

I pulled her back against my chest holding her by her firm swollen
breasts while she recovered, noting that she still held her hand along the
length of my cock, pressing it between her puffy wet pussy lips. "Lift up
a little sis" I whispered, and as she did she felt my cockhead run between
her lower lips and slip into her hot slick love tunnel as soon as it
reached it. "Ohh.. God.." she gasped as she automatically lowered herself
on to my erection, suddenly screaming out as she felt the underside of my
cock pressing against her 'G' spot as it travelled deeper and deeper into
her body. All I had to do now was to hold her tight to me, which I did by
cupping my hands firmly over her breasts, while she jerked her hips to and
fro on my hard pulsating penis. Her cries of ecstasy were suddenly
replaced by a scream as she struggled to see what it was that had suddenly
started to stimulate her clit. Something warm, wet and fleshy was lapping
at her clit and the juices that were streaming from her pussy and flooding
down the length of my cock.

When Mary managed to move her head she saw Sue sitting back and Sandi
beginning to lean forward to replace her, watching transfixed as he niece
clamped her open mouth on her mons and began to flick her tongue against
the hard throbbing piece of flesh sticking out from between her lips. I
moved my hands up to Mary's face, gently turning it so I could press my
lips to hers in a hot passionate kiss, releasing her breasts, and allowing
Jenny and Sue to cover Mary's hard pulsating nipples with their soft warm
wet mouths. This was the final straw as far as Mary was concerned and she
suddenly screamed out "I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and
her whole body began to quiver and shake as a massive orgasm consumed her
body, taking away all her senses and letting her fall in a limp quivering
heap against my chest.

With a little help from the girls I managed to get Mary laying on the
sofa while I sat on the edge gently caressing her naked body from breasts down to her sticky cum soaked pussy lips. The girls sat on the floor in
and arc watching every move I made, their legs crossed and their short
skirts pulled almost to their waists as they all displayed their soft
smooth tender pussies to me. This managed to keep my cock hard, and when
Jenny whispered to Sue "Seems a pity to waste a perfectly good erection,
doesn't it cuz?" Sue giggled and whispered softly in her ear something that
made Jenny quickly strip herself bare and lay in the floor in front of me.
Sue was doing the same, and when she was as naked as Jenny she knelt over
her cousin as if to start a 69 session, turned her head to look at me and
say "Come on daddy, put your hard cock to some use while we wait for Mary
to recover please." I dropped to my knees behind Sue, shuffled up close and
went to touch the tip of my cock to her pussy suddenly finding it wrapped
in a soft warm hand as Jenny guided it to it's goal, holding it until she
had nothing to grasp, and my cock was buried balls deep in my daughter once
more. Not to be left out Sandi came and stood behind me, pressing her
suddenly naked body to me, and leaning over so she could reach my nipples.

As Sandi gently pinched and tweaked my nipples I looked up and found my
lips inches away from hers. Reaching back further I managed to catch one
in my mouth and began to suck on it as I humped my hips at Sue's butt while
Jenny cupped my balls in her soft warm hand. All the time my cock had been
in Mary, and then been licked and tongue lashed by Sue, coupled with what
was happening right now was just too much for me, and I suddenly cried out
all over Sandi's nipple that I was cumming. The only one to understand
what I was saying was Sue, and that was because she suddenly felt the blast
of hot sticky cum spatter against her insides. This took he rover the edge
and she cried out in ecstasy into Jenny's pussy who had just watched my cum leaking from around my cock and begin to drip all over her face as she
opened her mouth in an effort to catch it on her tongue. This took her
over the top and all of a sudden the three of us were shouting our pleasure
all at the same time. This woke Mary, who turned her head to see Sandi
standing over me, my cock buried in my daughter and her daughter being
eaten alive, all at the same time.

Being the only one to have a grip of her senses Sandi turned to Mary,
knelt beside her head, kissed her tenderly and said softly "Do you really
want to leave all of this and go and live on your own Mary my love?" I sat
back on my heels, Sue rolled off Jenny and they both sat up facing Mary as
she lay on the sofa tears streaming down her cheeks. I shuffled over,
kissed away her tears and sat back again as Jenny crawled over and said
"Mom, I would really like to stay her with Uncle Jack and the girls, I'll
go home with you if you really want me to, but I don't think I'll ever be
happy again. Lets face it Mom, I was a frightened virgin a few days ago, I
had no father, no future and a whole lot of misery to look forward to. Now
we both have a wonderful man to love us, and a really great family to be a
part of. It seems really silly to give all that up for no real reason that
I know of."

Mary looked round at the girls, then at me, seeing all our smiling
faces. She then said in a quiet voice "Jack darling, you really don't mind
having Jenny and I living here with you? You see my love, I'm just worried
that you might find another woman, fall in love and want to marry her.
That would make things really difficult for Jenny and I, and I'd hate to be
deserted again, especially by the people I love the most." I chuckled, then
said in a soft voice "Jenny darling, I reckon I'm pretty smart, so smart in
fact that I know when I'm well off. After all, how many men have a
wonderful sexy sister, two daughters and one niece, all willing to make
love to me at any time day or night. Why would I give up all that just to
get married again. Please Mary my love, please stay with us and make this
the best loving family in the world."

She did, and we were. By the time Mary's divorce was finalised we had
sold off her house, invested the money so it would pay for Jenny's college education, and sorted the sleeping arrangements out. Mary slept with me as
a matter of course, but we moved the girls into one room, using one of the
spare rooms as a single for when Mary, or sometimes me, were sleeping on
our own. This was usually when Mary or I had one or sometimes two of the
girls sharing our bed, Mary having very quickly decided she liked the
feeling of a female tongue on her pussy occasionally. To make things
simple Mary reverted to her maiden name and those that didn't know any
different could assume we were married if they wanted to, we certainly
weren't going to disabuse them. It wasn't long before our hectic love life
settled down to reasonable proportions, Mary and Jenny soon getting used to
having a man about the house that would make love to them any time, and
they came to the conclusion they didn't have to gorge themselves, just like
Sue and Sandi had earlier.

Life is really great now, despite the fact I only have Mary and Jenny at
home, Sue and Sandi being at college half a state away and only able to get
home at weekends. Having said that of course, there are other benefits to
having a couple of college girls coming home, especially when they bring
some of their friends with them during the summer vacation. But that is
another story:The End, maybe???

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(c) davidb234 25/05/2001


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