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by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fiction.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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male solo, m/f, oral, public sex

Lord Richard Mansfield pressed his heels
into the horse's flanks, goading it viciously back into
a gallop. After a moment, he let the beast slow
slightly. He shouldn't be taking his frustration out
on Storm. It wasn't the stallion's fault, after all, that
Richard couldn't get the brown waves of Devona
Montbatten's hair out of his mind.
Try as he might to restrain them, his thoughts
insisted on wondering whether the same gold
highlights were strewn through the hair between her
thighs. He felt his groin tighten at the very idea.
"Calm down, Richard," he told himself.
"Just one more day." After tomorrow morning, he
would be married to Devona and then this ridiculous
abstinence would come to an end.
He was still amazed at the entire situation.
The Montbatten girls, especially the two elder
sisters, were quite well known in society for their
lack of scruples when it came to entertaining their
admirers. Out of the three of them, they had no
doubt bedded half the aristocracy. Devona, unlike
the other two, was at least discreet in her affairs. No
one, to Richard's recollection, had publicly claimed
to have had her.
She had held out against Richard a long time.
She was still holding out. No doubt she had seen her
sisters' fate and knew she had to marry before the
same reputation caught up with her. All he had even
managed was a few brief kisses, after which she had
ruthlessly pushed him away.
It was a very intelligent thing to do. After a
few weeks, Richard had been yearning for her. He
had thought when they were engaged, she would
relent, but she had not. Now, the day before his last
chance of escape, he was on fire, and had no thought
of struggling. Devona's slightly plump body would
provide many, many nights, even years, of pleasure.
She had a keen mind as well, which would fill those
days not taken up with even more lovemaking. And
unlike Rose and Lily, she might make a decent
mother when it was time to produce an heir. Yes, all
things considered, she wasn't a bad choice at all.
She would be faithful too. At least, she
would if he had anything to do with it. He'd tie her
to the bed, if he had to. He felt a stirring at that idea,
as well. Damn it! Would the day never end? He
had to hold out until tomorrow. The wedding would
be over by noon at the latest, and he would take her
immediately to bed and not leave for a week.
He was swiftly earning himself an
uncomfortable erection. He turned the horse toward
home. Why was he even waiting? Surely she knew
she had snagged him. They were to be married in
the morning.
He resolved immediately. He would drop by
to see if he could get her out of her house. Perhaps
to Vauxhall Gardens. The secluded paths there
would be perfect for a hasty pre-nuptial coupling.
Then he could relax and make it through the
ceremony without exploding.
It might be hard to get her mother to let her
come alone. Unlike her daughters, Mrs. Edwina
Montbatten was as frigid as the grave. Perhaps he
could find some companions to lead at least a veneer
of respectability. Harry Turbell, he knew, was
shagging Rose and would be happy for an
opportunity to see her. That would solve everything.
He would go straight to the Montbattens' and
arrange to pick them up this evening.
Richard let out a heavy breath, shifting in the
saddle. He felt a little better already.

Hearing the drawing room door open, I
looked up from my book. The parlourmaid curtsied
and announced, "Lord Richard Mansfield."
I smiled as my eyes met those of my husband
to be. Setting the book aside, I rose from my chair to
greet him. He deposited a brief kiss onto my cheek,
gave my older sisters, Rose and Lily, a brief nod,
which they returned with flirtatious smiles, then
moved to take my mother's hand in greeting. Mama,
setting aside the needlework she was performing on
my veil, looked quite pleased with herself, as she
always did when she thought of my impending
marriage. Our family was poor and without rank;
the advantage of the match was entirely on my side.
"I understand you must be busy with plans
for tomorrow's ceremony." Richard told Mama,
smiling. "But I was hoping for the company of you
and your daughters at Vauxhall Gardens this
evening, if you can find the time. I was thinking of
organizing a small party."
Mama smiled in return. "I'm afraid I have
simply too much work to do, and I've made Lily
promise to help, but I'm sure Devona and Rose
would be pleased to join your group."
Richard glanced at me. "Excellent. I have a
few things left to arrange, if you'll excuse me."
"Of course."
Richard crossed back to me and bent to kiss
my cheek. This time, however, his mouth also
touched my neck as his hand found my waist, then
slid deliberately down to my hip. "Until tonight," he
whispered thickly.
Bowing to my sisters and mother, he quickly
took his leave. Mama looked carefully at the door
for a long time after it had closed behind him, then
shot a glance to my sisters. "Lily, Rose, I want to
talk to your sister alone."
Years of experience with Mama ushered my
sisters out the door. Mama set aside my veil,
smoothing it once or twice. She didn't look at me as
she began quietly, "I intended to have this discussion
with you tomorrow morning, but I suppose it's best
to get it over with."
With a few clinical words, she described
what would be "expected" of me after the ceremony,
or rather this evening, if Richard's behaviour was
indicative of his plans.
Though I knew more than Mama seemed to
assume, it was still disconcerting to hear the act I
had occasionally read of described in such plain
terms. Was that really what would happen? I
shuddered at the thought of the pain she described.
"...but he'll want to think you're enjoying it.
So you must pant and sigh, as if you take pleasure in
all of this."
She looked up at me. My face felt deathly
pale. The concern flooded her eyes. "Just lie still
darling, and it will be over quickly." She reached
over and patted my knee. "Now go put on a pretty
frock for your fianc‚."
Trying to control the trembling in my knees, I
moved up to my room. Sitting on the bed, I put my
head into my hands. Until this moment, I had
always seen my future with Richard as a kind of
higher friendship, only vaguely aware of the physical
aspect. Now, it had rushed in on me, shaking my
very foundations. I had always assumed he
employed a mistress for such things. But of course,
Richard would want an heir to continue the line. It
was silly of me not to think of it earlier.
The few times he had kissed me, I had been
unable to do anything but nervously push him back.
Thankfully, he hadn't pressed, but now his patience
had run out. Wrapping my arms around my chest, I
faced the facts. Tomorrow, I would have to share a
man's bed. Richard's bed. A vision of my fianc‚
rose up before me, intimidating, nearly frightening:
half a foot taller than me, with broad shoulders and
strong arms that could crush me easily, Richard was
not a man to be denied.
I must have sat with my thoughts for over an
hour, for the next thing I knew, Rose had knocked on
the door and slipped inside. She was dressed in a
provocatively low-cut blue gown. A scarlet domino
cape was draped over her arm, and she held her loo-
mask in her hand. Rose had been to Vauxhall
Gardens several times, and claimed to know the
secluded walks blindfolded.
Catching sight of me, she looked
immediately concern. "Devona, what is it?" she
asked, coming across the room to put her arms
around me. "Are you ill?"
I wanted desperately to confide in my sister,
but I knew she wouldn't understand. I shook my
head. "I'm just nervous about tomorrow."
"Is that all? Don't worry, I'll see you're all
right. For tonight you should just enjoy yourself.
Lord Richard is going to be here in less than a
quarter of an hour. What are you going to wear?"
I shrugged.
"Well, you're not going to get very far with
that attitude. Come, we'll find something."
Rose crossed to my wardrobe and quickly
sorted through the dresses. She returned to me
holding a dark green silk. I had tried it on once,
when mother had first brought it from the
dressmaker's, then banished it to the back of the
"This one," Rose said decisively.
"But, Rose "
"No arguments, Devona. You're wearing
this one."
Unable to protest, I meekly allowed myself to
be pulled into the gown. Standing before the glass, I
felt positively naked. My full breasts nearly spilled
from the low-cut neckline and the flimsy fabric
clung to my waist and legs, leaving little to the
Rose allowed me to wear a fichu to fill in
part of the neckline, but insisted on arranging it low
enough to allow a healthy view of my breasts.
Standing at my shoulder she smiled at me in the
glass and kissed my cheek. "Richard won't be able
to resist you."
That was exactly what I was afraid of, but I
was silent as Rose arranged my dark brown hair for
me. She was twisting the last curls over my neck
when we heard the bell ring. Richard had arrived.
With a deep breath to fortify myself, I moved toward
the stairs, snatching up my domino and mask as I
He was standing in the vestibule and looked
up as Rose and I descended. I felt myself blush, but
managed to reach the base of the stairs without
tripping over my train. When I reached him, he took
up both my hands, turned them over, and laid a soft
kiss in each palm. There was a dangerous glitter in
his eyes as his gaze raked over me, making me feel
suddenly naked.

Her dress was positively seductive. Richard
was immediately pleased that he had taken the
initiative this evening. In an hour or so, this burning
hunger would be over, or at least slightly appeased.
Sitting beside her in the carriage, Richard allowed
his gaze to wander blatantly over the expanse of
chest revealed by her fichu. A tinge of red slowly
spread from her face down over the creamy flesh.
Richard smiled. A minx who could still blush. She
was enticing indeed.
Halfway to the Gardens, Harry and Rose
were already ignoring them, engaged in a little tete-
a-tete between themselves. Richard reached out to
pull Devona to him. She pulled away, blushing
again. Richard didn't let the motion deter him in the
least. He took Devona's hand from her lap and,
turning it over, brushed his mouth against the inside
of her wrist, his tongue darting out to touch her
pulse. He felt her inhale sharply. He allowed his
mouth to drift up her forearm, pulling it across him,
turning her body toward him.
She smelled wonderful. There was no heavy
perfume, just the faintest hint of soap tinging the
scent of Devona herself. He wanted to bury his face
between her breasts and live on the scent.
His lips had reached her shoulder and he was
pulling aside the tiny froth of sleeve when the
carriage jerked to a halt. Devona pulled her arm
away as the driver opened the door. Rose and Harry
descended first, laughing. Richard stepped out, then
reached back to assist Devona in descending. Her
hand was shaking harshly as she put it into his. She
stumbled as she stepped down, falling awkwardly
against him. Unable to resist, he held her close for a
moment. His hand, of its own volition, wandered
over her backside, finding it plump and firm.
"Well," Harry said with a smile. "Shall we
claim a box and find these girls some champagne?"
"Oh yes, please!" Rose said eagerly.
Devona seemed willing to be pulled along
with the rest. Richard wanted to take her into the
darkened garden paths immediately, but even in
Vauxhall, proprieties had to be observed. The
quickly found an empty box overlooking the
courtyard and edge of the gardens and tipped the
doorman to ensure its use for the evening. Glasses
of champagne were provided to the girls. Devona
made a slight face at her first sip, but when Rose
gave her an encouraging look, she quickly downed
half the glass.
If asked, Richard could not have recalled a
single word of the conversation that passed over the
next quarter hour. He was too busy watching
Devona, thinking of what he would do to her when
they were finally alone. Imagining how those
delicious breasts would look once freed from the
fabric of her dress, he became painfully aware of his
cock straining against his breeches.
"Miss Devona," he said, nearly laughing at
the formal tone of his voice. "Would you care to
accompany me for a walk in the gardens?"
For a long, dreadful moment, she was silent.
Richard felt his heart lurch. What if she didn't
agree? Thankfully, she placed her hand in his and
nodded shyly. "I would be pleased to, Lord
Richard took up her hand and tucked it into
his arm. Rose and Harry rose as well, but at the
doorway of the box, they skipped away, disappearing
into the hedged paths of the gardens. Richard led
Devona at a more sedate pace to another section of
the moonlit paths.

I started as Lord Richard made a quick turn
down one of the narrower paths, pulling me with
him. The trees were too close for us to walk side by
side and leave any kind of respectable distance.
Richard put his arm around my waist, pulling me
tight against him. I shivered at the feeling of his
hard body next to mine.
Richard caressed my hip and murmured, "It's
all right. Just come with me a moment."
He quickly led me to a small clearing in the
trees, just off one of the paths. With a sudden jerk
on my arm, he pulled me against him. His arms
were like a vice around me as his mouth came down
on my neck.
"W-what are you doing?"
He chuckled, his mouth coming up to pull on
my earlobe. "I'm going to make love to you, sweet
Devona. What did you think?"

"H-here?" I stammered. "On the ground?"
He smiled and, taking off his domino cape,
he spread it over the grass at our feet. I stared at it.
He took my wrist and pulled me into his arms. As he
ran his hands over my tense body, I shivered. His
smirk slowly disappeared. "Devona, you've done
this before, haven't you?"
I shook my head fiercely. "No," I whispered.

Richard slowly, perhaps reluctantly, released
me. He ran a hand through his hair, shaking his
head. "I suppose I should have known, but, with your
sisters, I thought God! Are all Englishmen fools?"
"You're disappointed."
He shook his head. "No. Just caught off
guard." He smirked again, playfully this time, his
gaze raking over me. "I've never bedded a virtuous
woman before," he murmured. He approached me
slowly, backed me up against a nearby tree. I
opened my mouth to protest, but he stopped me by
settling his mouth over mine.
It was a kiss like I had never felt before. He
pushed his tongue into my open mouth, making me
gasp. His hands drifted over my clothing and toyed
briefly with the buttons of my dress as his tongue
slowly explored the inside of my mouth. Finally, my
weak protests made him pull back.
"What was that?" I asked, my voice shaking.
"What was what?"
"You put your tongue "
He smirked. "You can't tell me you didn't
enjoy it." He kissed me again, this time stroking his
tongue deep into my mouth. For some reason, this
caused my knees to turn to water. Richard held me
close against him and slowly lowered me to lie on
his cape. He kissed me ardently, shifting his body so
he was half on top of me. There was a hardness in
the front of his breeches pressing against my thigh.
Mama's description was enough for me to guess
what it was.
Richard released my mouth and gently bent
his head to nibble at my neck. I suddenly felt so
very warm. When he reached the edge of my fichu,
he pulled it quickly away with one hand. I suddenly
felt the cold open air of the gardens on my skin.
"Lord Richard I "
His mouth was already trailing over the
newly exposed flesh, quickly counteracting the cool
environment. My protests melted away. His fingers
gently manipulated the buttons on my dress. I only
held my breath. But when his hands actually slipped
into my bodice and touched my breast, I couldn't
help but give a nervous shudder.
His hand dropped away and he met my eyes
again. "You don't like that?"
I could feel myself blush. "I Well, no one's
ever "
He smiled. His teeth looked white in the dim
light, like a wolf. Not breaking eye contact, he
raised his hand again. I felt him slide gently under
the fabric, his hand warm against my breast. His
fingers curled to cup the flesh against his palm while
his thumb played lightly against the nipple. I
couldn't move or breathe. He glanced down at the
rounded globe, pulling it gently free of my bodice.
His eyes looked up, full of mischief, as he lowered
his head and actually took the little nub into his
mouth. His tongue, probing against it, was hot
against my skin. My body involuntarily relaxed,
shivering with delight as I exhaled audibly. Richard
released my breast with a low laugh.
"I think you like it, don't you?"
"It's l-lovely."
He pulled my other breast free of the bodice,
then put his mouth on me again, sucking hard at my
nipple. His knee slipped between my legs, gently
spreading them apart, then he pressed even closer,
shifting over me, his hips in line with mine. His
mouth found mine again as he firmly tilted his hips
against mine, pressing that hardness against the apex
of my thighs. Slowly, the feeling of his body,
rubbing up and down against mine, began to create a
well of heat just below my abdomen. My mouth
opened in a warm gasp.
Richard reacted with a rough sound, pushing
himself up from the group. Walking a few steps
away, he leaned against a nearby tree, breathing
heavily. Turning back, he glanced down at my
exposed breasts, then deliberately found my gaze
and held it. "I think I'd better take you home. Or
you'll end this evening considerably less virtuous
than you started."
I was at a loss to explain the strange sense of
disappointment that flooded through me. Pushing
myself up on my elbows, I asked, "I I thought
that's why you brought me here."
Richard gave me a scolding glance. A
moment later it softened as he said gently, "It was,
originally. But I am not going to take your
maidenhead like this." His eyes, for a moment,
wandered down, then shifted suddenly to my face.
"I think you'd better cover up."
Embarrassed, I sat up, struggling to cover my
exposed breasts. As I buttoned my bodice, Richard
knelt beside me. His fingers slid under my chin,
tilting my gaze up to his. "My poor Devona. I'm
confusing the hell out of you, aren't I?" He kissed
me briefly, then pulled me to my feet.
He said nothing else. Taking up his cape, he
grasped my hand and we turned our steps back
toward the main paths. My breasts ached beneath
the tight fabric of my bodice. I tried to adjust it, but
that only seemed to make it worse. I gave up as we
stepped onto one of the lighted paths.

She was a virgin.
Richard could scarcely believe it, but there it
was. Despite growing up with two wanton sisters in
a promiscuous society, she was untouched. She had
never even so much as kissed another man. The
pieces all fell together. Her shyness at his caresses.
The lack of rumours featuring her specifically. How
could he not have known it? How could he be so
She was a virgin!
Nevertheless, Richard reminded himself, she
was most obviously a passionate woman. Her
reaction in the garden had shown that much. Her
only trouble was that she didn't know what to do
with her hands. Or her tongue, for that matter.
Well, he could teach her that. With great pleasure.
With his valet's help, Richard quickly
stripped off his outer garments. Dismissing the
servant, he sat on the bed a moment. Tomorrow, he
would finally bed Devona. He would be the first
man inside that delectable body, sheathed in her soft,
wet heat.
He took a deep breath, stripping off his
breeches and climbing into bed.
A nagging fear tugged at the back of his
mind. He had heard, even from his own partners, of
how painful sex was during a woman's first time.
He only hoped that if he was slow and gentle with
her, he could bring her some pleasure. Richard
leaned back on the pillows, recalling the sight of
Devona in the moonlight, her breasts spilling from
the open bodice of her dress. They had been silky
yet firm under his hands, the nipples pleasantly hard
against his palms.
He had barely been able to force himself
away from her. But it was, after all, one thing for a
woman to have a quick coupling in a public place,
and quite another to lose a maidenhead with her
skirts over her head, like a Whitechapel whore.
Plenty of time to act out torrid fantasies later, when
she was used to his cock plowing into her nightly.
And perhaps daily as well.
His thoughts had made him nearly mad with
need. With a guilty feeling, he reached down and
gripped his cock. Filling his mind with images of
Devona's body, in his arms, in his bed, he stroked
himself into a frenzy. Tomorrow was his wedding
day. Tomorrow, he would have her.
Richard rolled over in the bed, away from the
stain he had created, and drifted off to sleep.



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