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by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fiction.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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male solo, m/f, oral, public sex

Richard watched his new bride as she fiddled
with the ring on her left hand. The ceremony had
been little more than a blur. The one clear moment
was when Devona had pledged to be his wife. She
was his. Finally his.
She had worn yellow for the ceremony, the
fashionable colour for brides. It suited her
wonderfully. A ring of honeysuckle blossoms
topped her brown locks, making her look even
younger than her eighteen years.
They had danced before their guests and
were sitting now at the head table of the wedding
breakfast. The morning was dragging interminably.
There was a bed waiting for them in his townhouse,
if only this interminable meal would be over.
He reached over and covered Devona's hand
with his own. Giving it a squeeze, he kissed the
back of her hand. He allowed her hand to fall,
where it rested naturally on his thigh. For a glorious
moment, she didn't move it. Then, with a sharp
blush, she jerked it away.
Enough was enough, Richard decided.
Taking up her hand again, he stood, gathering the
attention of the guests. "Ladies and gentlemen, our
friends. Thank you for coming to celebrate this day
with us. Lady Mansfield " He paused to savour the
name for a moment. " and I appreciate all you've
done to make this day a joy for us, but regretfully,
the time has come for us to leave you."
With that, Richard tucked Devona's hand
into his arm and began to lead her through the crowd
to the front door where his carriage waited.
Knowing looks, cat calls, and even a few coarse
gestures followed them until they paused to bid
farewell to Devona's mother and sisters. The bride
embraced each of them, her mother longest of all.
"Come, Devona," he said, trying to keep the
longing from his voice. With another blush, Devona
turned back to him and allowed herself to be led out
to the carriage.

I nervously adjusted my skirts as Richard
climbed into the coach beside me. I had been on
edge all morning, remembering what had happened
in Vauxhall Gardens last night. I was still very
frightened of what was to come but now there was a
strange anticipation as well. I could almost see the
tethers that linked my body to Richard. I was
uncomfortably aware of his proximity through the
entire ceremony. It was worse now that we were
alone. Though he was several feet away, I could feel
the very heat of him.
I nearly expected him to lunge at me at the
carriage set into motion. My body was rigid with
tension as he only watched me with a sly look on his
face. I could feel myself growing warm under his
gaze. Nervously I pulled the ring of honeysuckles
out of my hair and, after toying with them for a
moment I laid them on the seat beside me.
We did not exchange a word until the
carriage came to a halt. Richard let out a slow
breath. "Home at last." He gave me a reassuring
As I climbed down from the carriage, I heard
the scuffling of many feet. I swallowed nervously as
I saw the last few maids skitter into a rough line on
the entrance steps.
"It's all right. I'll take care of this," Richard
With a few polite words, he introduced me to
the butler and housekeeper, then assured the rest that
I would be happy to make their acquaintance when I
had settled in. I blushed at the knowing looks, but
thankfully, Richard quickly led me past the ranks of
servants and upstairs.
The bedroom where we soon found ourselves
was dark, despite the fact that it was just past noon.
The shades were drawn tightly over the windows and
a couple of candles were lit, giving the room a soft,
romantic glow. A wide bed dominated most of the
room, the bedding pulled down.
I was shaking as Richard turned the key with
a soft click, but whether from anticipation or nerves,
I couldn't tell. Crossing to the fireplace, Richard
lounged back in one of the chairs before it, folding
his arms behind his head.
"All right, my lady. I want them off."
"Them?" I asked.
"Your clothes. All of them."
The blood rushed to my face, a familiar
feeling. I could only stare at my new husband. Not
an eyebrow twitched. He was serious. Instinctively,
my arms crossed over my breasts, as if he could
already see beneath my clothes.
He leaned forward and grasped my skirt,
pulling me so I stood between his spread legs. He
ran his hands over the yellow fabric, pausing to
caress my breasts carefully. He smirked up at me.
"Take off your clothes, Devona. I want to see you.
Really see you."
The deep sensual growl in his voice sent a
shiver through my body. Before I realized it, my
hand had wandered to the buttons of my dress and
undone the first two. I stopped, frightened for a
moment, but then reminded myself that there was no
shame in this. I whispered the words, trying to
convince myself.
"Of course there isn't," Richard said gently.
"You're my wife. This being our wedding night, I
intend to use your delicious little body for my
wicked gratification. I promise to give you all the
pleasure you deserve, pleasure you never thought
My hand was still shaking, but I quickly
undid three more buttons. Richard's hand captured
my wrist. "We're taking our time tonight. Slowly."
"But "
He smiled, slipping his hand into my
loosened bodice and finding my nipple. "'But'
"Can't you do it quickly?"
Richard tormented the nipple between his
fingers, sending little shocks of pleasure through me.
"I suppose we could do it quickly," he said, "but it
wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable."
"But Mama said she said it would be
easiest if I lie still and it's over quickly."
Richard pulled me down so I sat on his lap.
My leg brushed heavily against his erection, and I
jerked away, but his strong arm kept me from
"If this is true," he said quietly, "then I pity
her, for she obviously knows nothing of the
pleasures of the marriage bed." At his words, I
suddenly became aware that his hand had found its
way under my skirt and between my thighs. His
fingers gently touched the folds of my sex and I
gasped sharply from the fire that flashed through me.

His hand brushed the folds for a few
moments before one of his fingers actually slipped
inside my body. As he stroked it gently in and out,
his thumb reached up and found a tiny spot just
above my opening that convulsed with pleasure at
the light contact. He touched it once or twice more,
then pulled his hand away, resting his wet fingers
lightly on my thigh. My body trembled, feeling
strangely weak.
"Now, Lady Mansfield," he gently pushed me
into a standing position again. "The clothes. Off."
Still shy, but a little reassured, I finished
unbuttoning my dress. Holding the garment with
one arm, I pulled the other out of it, revealing my
bare shoulder. Looking down, I saw the nipple was
visible through the thin fabric of my shift. A glance
at Richard proved he noticed it too. His mouth was
hanging slightly open as he stared at my body.
Feeling exultation at the discovery of my power, I
pulled my other arm from the dress, letting it fall.
Lifting one foot from the floor I pulled off
my slipper and nervously tossed it aside. Placing my
foot between his legs, I lifted the hem of my
petticoats and pulled off the ribbon of my garter,
rolling the stocking slowly down to my toes.
Tossing the stocking with my slipper, I similarly
stripped the other leg. The tug of a few ribbons sent
my petticoats to my feet. Taking a deep breath, I
crossed my arms and grasped the hem of my
chemise. With a quick motion, I pulled the last
garment up over my head stood, naked, before my
I reached up to my hair and swiftly pulled out
the pins. A shake of the head sent my hair tumbling
down around my shoulders. The dark strands
reached past my waist, tickling the skin of my
backside as they swung.
He stared at me without moving for a long
time. I felt myself growing red again. As I blushed
deeper and deeper, he only smiled. "I thought so."
At my questioning look, he added, "The colour goes
right down to your breasts."
As my blush deepened, he took my arm and
pulled me down onto his lap. He kissed me hard as
his hands wandered hungrily over my body, lingering
longest at my breasts. He seemed fascinated by
them and spent more than a few minutes toying with
the pink nipples before lowering his mouth to suckle
them, making my back arch and my toes curl.
I found my own hands wandering to his
waistcoat buttons, but he pushed them away with a
chuckle. "Not yet, little miss," he said quietly giving
my nipple a final, gentle tweak. He stood and held
my nude body against his clothed one, then lead me
by the arm toward the bed. "Lie down. On your
I trembled as I obeyed, more from
anticipation than fear. He sat beside me, letting his
hands run over my body. When his fingers slipped
briefly back between my legs, I pushed my hips up
from the bed, trying to keep the delicious contact.
Richard climbed onto the bed, bracing
himself over me. "It seems there may be a vixen in
you, Lady Mansfield. You should bring her round
sometime, I'd dearly love to meet her." He kissed
me before I could respond, not releasing me until I
was nearly breathless. He trailed his mouth down
my neck stroking his tongue over my skin. I
shivered. His knee slipped between my thighs and
pressed gently against my sex. There was a strange
wetness at the spot he caressed, and a stranger heat
spreading through my limbs.
My hands slid though his hair, then to his
strong shoulders and over his back. I revelled in the
sensations he was sending through me. I gave
myself up to him.
Removing his knee, he slipped his hand into
its place. As his mouth tenderly cared for my
breasts, his fingers stroked and probed my sex, cool
against the heat of my growing arousal. Carefully,
he slipped one finger, then two, into my opening,
sliding in and out in smooth motions.
"Hot and wet, just as I thought you'd be," he
whispered. "Tell me what I'm doing to your body.
How I make you feel."
I opened my mouth, but before I could speak,
his fingers started assaulting my sex, pumping in and
out of the sensitive flesh, faster and faster and faster,
creating the most intense heat I'd ever felt. As the
waves broke over me, I couldn't form a single word.
My mouth opened in a deep, visceral moan, "Oh!"
I heard Richard chuckle, but his hand didn't
even hesitate in its ministrations. If anything the
assault grew more intense as I felt the heat in my
loins growing slowly toward something unknown,
something mysterious, something.... I moaned and
panted and arched my back, trying to grasp it, but it
hovered just out of my reach.
His mouth closed over mine, robbing me of
air and his fingers searched deeper into me, one,
Then, it happened. A strange, quivering
culmination that shook my body to its core. My
mouth broke away from Richard as I cried out. "Oh
God!" It was too much! The pleasure ripped
through me like lightening through a storm.
When I opened my eyes again, Richard was
brushing the damp hair away from my face.
I pushed myself up onto my elbows. "What
was that?"
He kissed my nose. "That was an orgasm,
sweet Devona. The first of many." He smiled. "I
don't have to ask if you enjoyed it."
I gulped air, trying to catch my breath.
"Wasn't it supposed to hurt?"
He looked seriously at me, shaking his head.
"Not when it's done like that, but it will hurt you the
first time I...."
My gaze was pulled inexorably to the crotch
of his breeches, where the fabric strained against the
large, hard mass within. He took hold of my chin
and raised my eyes to meet his. "I wanted to be sure
your first was painless." He released my chin and
my eyes drifted again to his breeches. Wanting
know my fate, I reached for the fastenings. He made
no effort to stop me.
As I unbuttoned the garment, his manhood
nearly sprang from within, hard and ready. I looked
at it, registering only disbelief. Surely he couldn't fit
that terror into my body. There simply couldn't be
I felt Richard's hand on my cheek. "It will
hurt the first time, Devona. But you'll love it, trust
I trembled at the thought. Summoning up all
my courage, I whispered, "Can I touch it?"
At Richard's smiling nod, I reached out a
tentative hand. It was warm against my palm.
Deliciously warm. Slowly, I traced the veins that
stood out like little ridges along its length, then
touched the bit of moisture that glistened over a tiny
slit in the tip. Hearing Richard suck in a harsh
breath, I took my hand away. "Does that hurt you?"
Richard shook his head. "On the contrary.
Go on."

She had small hands. Small, devilish hands
that devastated his body. Her shy, inexpert strokes
were more arousing than the touch of any number of
trained courtesans. Richard panted, unable to think
past the sensations travelling through his body.
Through blurry vision, he watched her eyes. She
knew what she was doing to him. Or did she?
Roughly, he ripped open his coat, tossing it to the
Devona released him, grasping his shirt to
pull it over his head. When he was naked to the
waist, she crawled up beside him, pressing her
breasts against his chest.
He felt her mouth on his neck, her tongue on
his skin. He shuddered with pleasure as her mouth
slid up to tease his earlobe. Growling with need, he
turned his head to capture her mouth.
Kissing her deeply, he sculpted her flesh into
his palms. He felt her hands wander down his back
to explore his backside and thighs. He slowly
lowered her back until they were lying on the bed.
Gently nudging, he opened her legs, lying between
them. She pulled her knees up, and Richard could
feel the soft heat of her against the tip of his
manhood. He was nearly mad with need.
"Devona," he whispered, his voice hoarse.
"I've waited for you longer than any other woman. I
need to be inside you."
She nodded. He felt her stiffen in
Bracing his weight on his forearms, he
shifted his hips slightly, wedging his tip into her. He
saw her eyes grow wide; he was hurting her.
"Devona, I " He started to pull out of her.
"No. No. Don't leave me! I need you!"
Shaking, he leaned down to her ear. "Do you
want me to go in slowly," he panted, "or all at
"All at once," she gasped.
With one heavy thrust, he forced himself into
her, feeling her tender flesh ripping apart. Devona
closed her eyes and bit her lip. Braced above her,
Richard held himself still, hoping that the pain would
fade, that she would adjust. Finally, she opened my
eyes and met his. He smiled, trying to reassure her,
but he was trembling, needing release. She nodded
to him.
He slid nearly out of her, then thrust in again.
He was still hurting her, but he couldn't stop. He
needed her too much. He pulled out and in, again
and again, moaning at the feeling of her heat around
his cock. Her legs tightened around his waist,
pulling him deeper into her.
Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, her
breathing shallow. As Richard watched her face, she
let out a deep visceral moan. He wanted to weep
with relief. He was giving her pleasure.
"That's good, Devona. Feel it. Feel me
inside you."
She repeated the moan, calling his name.
The ancient, pounding rhythm grew steadily stronger
and faster. He needed to make her climax. He
couldn't let himself come until she did. She was so
close. It hovered just out of reach. She moaned
"Ssh. Don't fight it, Devona. Just let it
Then it did. Her body quivered beneath him
with joy, rapture and blissful sexual fulfilment. A
moment later, Richard cried out with his own
orgasm. His seed spurted deep into her. For a
moment, he wondered if he was getting her with
child. Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he uncoupled
them and gathered her against him. She nuzzled
against his chest, her legs tangling with his.
Lifting her chin on his fingers, he smiled at
her. "Well, what did you think?" His tone was light,
but he was afraid he had hurt her after all.
She burrowed even closer to him. "Mmm.
He chuckled. Nice. What a word for it!
"Can we do it again?"
She yawned. "Not now, I'm too sleepy. But
"Certainly, Devona. Anytime you like." He
kissed her hair. "There are many games we have to
play," he added mischievously.

Tired as I was, I didn't sleep immediately. I
felt terribly sore, but also satisfied in a way I had
never been before.
Mama had been only partly right. It had hurt dreadfully at first, but there had been no need for me
to feign pleasure. None of the descriptions I had
read or heard could compare with Richard's hot
hardness pumping into my body. Or the shivering
ecstasy that had come of it.
Labouriously, I pushed myself up on one
elbow. Richard's arms slipped down on my body;
he was already asleep. What had he meant by
'games'? I pushed away the temptation to wake him
up and ask him. There would be plenty of time for
Lowering myself back down against him, I
inhaled the lingering, heady scent of our coupling.



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