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Archived Sex Stories



by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fiction.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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male solo, m/f, oral, public sex

I awoke to the smell of coffee, cream and
By the small clock on the bedside table, I had
slept through the afternoon and most of the evening.
Sitting up, I realized I was in the bed alone.
Frowning, I looked about the room and noticed the
sitting room door was open. I put one foot on the
floor, then the soreness of my body reminded me
that I was naked beneath the sheets.
Luckily, Richard chose that moment to
appear in the doorway, wrapped in a dressing gown.
"Good morning, sweetheart. The servants will be
gone in a moment." He crossed to me and kissed
me. Unhappy with his performance, he perched on
the bed and we kissed again until we were
interrupted by a loudly closing door.
"Ah. They're gone. Time to get up, Lady
Mansfield. Then, after supper, we can get back to
bed," he added with a wink.
I looked around for a dressing gown, but
there was none in sight.
"Don't bother looking for clothes, my lady.
You won't be needing any for quite a while."
I blushed. Getting up, I tried to wrap one of
the blankets around my body, but Richard snapped it
out of my hand. Pulling the rest of the blankets back
sharply, he commanded, "Up!"
Blushing deeper, I slipped my sore legs out
of the bed. I was about to pass him when he grasped
my arm. Looking back, I saw he was staring at the
splash of dried blood on the sheets.
He pressed my body to his. "Did I hurt you
badly?" he asked, his voice tight.
I smiled to myself. hurt me? Compared to
the other sensations experience in his bed, the pain
was a fleeting ghost of a memory. "Hardly at all," I
told him, knowing if I denied it completely, he
would never believe me.
He kissed my forehead again. "Come."
In the sitting room were two beautiful sights.
A small table with a hot meal for two, and a hip
bath, filling with steaming water.
"Which first?" he asked.
My growling stomach answered the question,
making us laugh.
"You'll need your strength," he said
wickedly. "Come on."
I sat across from him as we ate in silence.
But for the moments when looked at me as if he
would devour me whole, I was surprisingly at ease,
being naked before Richard. I had never thought of
my body as beautiful before, but that's exactly how
he made me feel. Beautiful. Sensual....Wanted.
Though we lingered over our meal, the bath
water was still hot as I gratefully sank into it. There
was a piece of flannel and a cake of soap beside the
tub. When I reached for them, however, Richard
brushed my hand away. "Just lie back," he

She leaned back in the water, closing her
eyes. Wetting the piece of flannel, Richard slowly
looked her over. In the heat of his passion last night
he had only been aware of a piece of her at a time,
her breasts, her hips, her hair, the slippery wetness of
her sex. Now, she lay displayed before him. His
eyes drank her in.
She was small-breasted compared to others
he had known, but the pretty mounds rode high on
her chest. The pink nipples, slightly darker than the
surrounding areolas, made his mouth water to suckle
them again. The flat plain of her stomach led down
to the patch of curly, brown hair between her thighs.
Hair that was, as he had hoped, faintly tinged with
gold. She was utterly beautiful.
Starting at her delicate feet, he slowly
lathered her body. He smiled as he found the first
one. The little places that drew gasps from her
throat. He lingering slowly in them, memorizing
them, enjoying the variety and frequency of those
little inhalations of air. She really was a responsive
little thing.
Last night, despite the pain and fear, she had
taken pleasure in his bed. Richard knew in his heart
that it had not been feigned, could not have been
feigned; she was too innocent. Had she been
experienced, he might never have known for sure.
He looked her over again. His sweet wife. His
virgin wife, as least until last night. He had been the
only man inside this sweet, carnal, responsive
He reached for a towel as she stood before
him to be dried. The droplets of water clung to her,
sliding slowly down over her skin, hovering on her
breasts, gathering in her sweet little mound.
With a sudden motion, Richard threw down
the towel and, scooping up her wet body, moved
with long strides back to the bedroom. She laughed
wickedly as he dumped her unceremoniously onto
the bed. Crawling up beside her, he put his mouth
on her skin, licking up the water that clung to her.
Along with the taste of her was the faintest hint of
His mouth closed over her nipple, feeling the
hardness against his tongue. He felt her gasp as his
teeth came down lightly on the little nub. She
responded with an eager hand on his cock, chaffing
it in her hand until he growled with need. Did she
even have an inkling of how much he wanted her?
He wanted to plow into her until she screamed.
"Are you ready for me, Devona?" His
fingers searched briefly inside her. She was slick
and wet. Ready.
"Invite me inside, Devona."
She spread her legs open. "Come inside,"
she breathed, "Come inside me, Richard."
He entered her with a deep sigh and began to
thrust. He loved her hard and deep, riding her with
intense, sensual groans as she wrapped her legs
around him, rocking into the bed with each powerful
plunge of his pelvis.
He tried to extend her pleasure, but he had
not gauged his own need well enough. Far too soon,
his groin tightened and he exploded inside her.
After a few desperate thrusts, Richard collapsed onto
her chest, then rolled off of her, mumbling an
"W-why are you sorry?" she asked timidly.
He raised himself on his elbow and brushed a
strand of hair from her face. Did she really know so
little? "You didn't orgasm," he said gently.
With a fierce blush, she murmured, "That's
Richard took her face between his hands,
frowning down on her. "That is never, ever alright.
You hear me!" His wife would know her rights, he
would be sure of that. "This is about your pleasure
as much as mine."
Slowly, a smile began to play on her lips. "If
that's true, you'll have to make it up to me."
"Oh, you're taking that line, are you?"
"Yes," she said with a half-smile. "I want
another another what was that word you used?"
"Another orgasm?" Richard asked.
"Orgasm," she breathed. "Make me

He stroked his hands slowly over me.
Pulling my nipple into his mouth, he sucked it until I
groaned. "Well, I could give it a shot," he
murmured, "if you're really desperate." He
continued to play with my breasts, suckling one, then
the other, back and forth, as his hands roved over my
skin, stroking my hips, then the backs of my knees,
then coming up to toy with my nipples as his mouth
moved to my earlobe. By this time I was shaking,
and he hadn't even touched my sex.
With a low chuckle, he did just that. He
touched me softly, gently, teasing the tender flesh.
His fingertips drifted over my entrance, but, though I
arced my hips invitingly, they did not penetrate. His
mouth left a blazing trail of kisses down my body,
then feathered them over my inner thighs. He hadn't
shaved and the slight stubble of his beard
tantalizingly grated the soft skin. He pulled himself
up my body and began the entire process again,
beginning with his mouth on my breasts. I ached for
him, my channel empty.
"I'm ready, Richard," I whispered, hoping
this was the signal he was waiting for.
"I know you are," he replied as he slowly
continued teasing my body. His hand had reached
my sex again. He gave it one light stroke before
abandoning it.
"Richard, I'm ready. I need you."
He chuckled. "You need me?" he asked
"I need you inside me."
"Do you?"
"Oh, yes."
His hand slipped briefly into my sex, again
only stroking once before moving on. I whimpered
"Oh, you're going to have to do better than
that," he teased. "Beg me, Devona. I won't make
you come until you beg me."
I felt embarrassment flood my face as I
whispered, "Please, Richard."
"'Please', what?" he prompted.
I stumbled over the words. "Please put
yourself in me. I want you so badly."
Richard's hand came down and started to
play with my sex, teasing around the sensitive little
nub. I felt an orgasm start to build, but his hand
drifted away and it disappeared.
"Beg me, Devona."
He touched me again. A wave of heat moved
through me, only to dissipate immediately. Richard
did this time and again until I was whimpering and
begging, heedless of how wanton I sounded.
"Please, Richard. My body's so hot. I need you
inside me! Oh, please, Richard. I want you! I need
you! Oh, God, please! Please!"
Then suddenly he was there, filling me,
stretching me, rocking my body with his. My hands
glided to clasp his firm buttocks, trying to pull him
deeper inside me. The orgasm started slowly, then
built and built as Richard pushed into me, grunting
with effort. When it finally came, my climax left me
weak and panting, but Richard was far from
finished. His thrusts continued with almost wild
As he kept driving into me, I was amazed to
feel another climax building. I cried out my
husband's name, trying to thank him for the bliss he
was sending through my body. Gasping, I let it wash
over me as Richard finally allowed himself to
release. He rolled off me, both of us panting. When
I was able to speak, I whispered fervently, "Thank
you Richard. Oh, that was beautiful. Thank you so
"My wife." He gathered me against him.
"God, I love you!" he whispered thickly.
I froze. I could hardly believe what I had
heard. "Do you?"
He pulled me close. "I love you, Devona, my
dear wife."
We lay silent for a moment. "Well? This is
where you say you love me, too."
"I love you, Richard. So much."
He kissed me, deeply and ardently. "Thank
you, Devona."
We settled back against each other. A
nagging thought tugged at my mind. "Richard?"
"Yes?" he responded sleepily.
"What did you mean before. About
Awake again, he pushed himself up on an
elbow and smiled at me. "Are you interested in a
game, my little Devona?"
"It depends," I said evasively. "Why don't
you suggest one?"
"How about a little play? Have you heard of
mouth play?"
I felt my brows come together in confusion.
"Like kissing?"
"Yes," he said, pressing his lips to my neck.
"And no." There was another kiss between my
breasts. "I'll show you." He trailed his mouth down
to my navel, flicking his tongue briefly inside. He
quickly continued down the matted nest of curls
between my thighs. I struggled slightly as I realized
his intentions. "Shh," he said firmly. "Or I'll
choose a different game and you'll find yourself tied
to the bed."
He gently spread my sex with his hand and
touched his tongue once, just once, to the heated
flesh. I whimpered.
"You taste so good, Devona my love. Like
honeyed nectar. Did you know that?" I felt the flat
of his tongue stroke me and I shook again. He
played with my body a few moments, then set to
work in earnest. Grasping my hips to hold them
steady, he thrust his tongue into my entrance.
As the spasms in my body began, I threaded
my fingers into his hair, moaning quietly. Richard
responded energetically to the sounds, playing
mercilessly with my body, controlling its reactions.
He would stop now and again to gently slurp up the
liquid I could feel running from my sex, then resume
violating me with his tongue. This went on and on
until I lost all track of time.
Eventually, he pulled away slightly. I
thought this was the end of it, but instead he moved
his target barely an inch. As he attacked the little
nub above my entrance, I nearly fainted with the
pleasure. He teased and licked the little spot until I
felt I could stand no more.
His fingers slid back into me as the assault of
his mouth continued. I could feel the heat building
again. "Richard," I gasped, moving my hands in his
hair, arching my hips, trying to pull his mouth even
closer against me. "Richard, it's coming."
He said nothing. Instead, he tilted his mouth
slightly and covered the spot. His mouth sucked powerfully at me, sending the sparks of pleasure
careening through my body. It built and built until I
thought I would die, then released me in a final
My body went limp. I was only vaguely
aware of Richard, crawling over me, trapping me
with his weight. He smiled down at me a moment,
then lowered his head and kissed me. I could taste
my own arousal on his lips.
"Do you like mouth play, Devona?"
"Y-yes," I stammered, still trying to recover.
"Enough to return the favour?" he asked
lightly, rolling onto his back and propping his back
against the headboard.
I looked down at his manhood, standing
stiffly out from his body. No. I couldn't do that.

Richard saw the frightened look in her eyes
and realized it was too soon. He longed to have that
sweet mouth sucking hard at his cock, but she had to
be comfortable first. He touched a hand to her
cheek. "It's alright. You don't have to."
"No. I-I want to. I just I don't want to do it
Richard laughed, making her blush. Wrong?
"My dear Devona. It is very, very hard to do this
wrong. Kiss it. Start with that."
She slowly bent her head toward his cock.
Her hair came forward, hiding her face. She lightly
kissed the tip, then raised her head again.
Richard slipped his hands into her silky hair,
pulling her head gently back down. She took the
hint, laying kisses over the length of the shaft,
hardening him into full arousal. Reaching beside
him, he found her hand and guided it to his testicles.
She played lightly with the spheres as her tongue
began to peek from between her lips, flicking over
the little ridges on his cock. Richard closed his eyes.
"Take it in your mouth, Devona. Suck on it."
She slid her lips around the very tip of his
cock and suckled gently. "That feels good, Devona,"
he said encouragingly. "Try taking it deeper."
Her mouth covered another half-inch of his
He slid his hands into her hair again.
Guiding, not forcing, he pulled her head lower. She
meekly took the length into her mouth until he hit
the back of her throat and she gagged. Raising her
head slightly, he murmured, "Sorry." He pulled her
down again, careful not to go too far.
"Ow. Watch the teeth, sweetheart," he
She obeyed, pulling them back. He guided
her mouth up and down over his length until she
understood and took over the motions herself.
Leaning back against the headboard, he
allowed himself to enjoy the surprisingly good head
his wife was giving him. She could use a little
practice, but he wasn't adverse to that chore.
"Oh, that feels good. Harder, Devona. Suck
She obeyed, pulling at his cock like a leech
as she withdrew, gliding her tongue heavily against it
as she moved down. "That's good. Keep doing
that." He could feel the climax coming. Her tongue
paused to circle his tip, making him shiver. "You're
beautiful," he gasped.
Before he could warn her, he quivered, then
came hard in her mouth. She released him, choking
and sputtering, as his seed spurted over her neck
and breasts before stopping.
Richard, with a great effort, reached to the
bedside table and took up one of his handkerchiefs.
Turning back, he was greeted with the sight of his
wife, timidly lifting his seed from her skin and
placing it in her mouth. She swallowed, her hand
reached down for a second taste.
"If you tell me you like it," he said with a
chuckle, "I will worship at your feet forever."
Richard reached toward her and began cleaning her
"I need another bath, now," she said with a
smile. "You've made me all dirty again."
"No baths. I like you smelling of my seed."

Richard wiped the last of the white liquid
from my body, then tossed the handkerchief away.
Caressing my face and hair, he whispered, "I didn't
think we'd come to that for weeks. You are a vixen,
my little Devona."
I turned my face away, blushing. He caught
my chin in his hand, leaning down for a kiss. "Don't
be embarrassed. You're everything I dreamed of,"
he whispered hoarsely. His hands cupped my face. I
thought I saw his eyes shimmer, but he blinked and
it was gone. "Devona, sweet Devona. My dirty little
wife." He paused to kiss my forehead.
"I am dirty, aren't I?" I whispered. "Me,
little Devona Montbatten, just sucked on a a
Richard smiled, putting a hand into my hair.
"But you're not Devona Montbatten, anymore.
You're Lady Mansfield. And Lady Mansfield, if I'm
not mistaken, quite enjoyed sucking on my cock."
I nodded, blushing. "I like giving you
"And you do it very well, m'dear. Very well,
indeed. But perhaps I should let you sleep for a bit.
I don't want to wear you out." He pulled me against
him and we settled down into a comfortable
I let my hands wandered over him.
"Richard? Were you joking before? About tying me
to the bed?"
"Why? Does it excite you?"
I looked away. "Yes. A little." More than a
Richard looked down at me, his smile
positively wicked. "When it excites you a lot, then
we'll do it."
I burrowed closer to him. "More games
tomorrow? Please?"
"More games tomorrow, I promise. Sleep



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