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Archived Sex Stories



by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fiction.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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male solo, m/f, oral, public sex

The naked bodies twisted together in an orgy
of wicked pleasure. I watched, fascinated, the
tangled partners in quite unorthodox positions,
listened to the cries of deep pleasure, and others of
Then, the hands and mouths were on my
body, caressing my breasts and thighs and sex,
driving me mad with longing. Teeth sank hard onto
my nipple, making me cry out. Thick, invasive
fingers spread my channel wide, then vanished. The
teasing caresses drove me to tears. I begged for
someone to fill my channel with beautiful hardness,
but they only laughed, calling me a wanton slut.
Desperate, I looked around the room.
Richard sat in the corner, his arms crossed over his
chest, scowling. "Richard!" I gasped. "Come to
me! Come in me, Richard! Fill me! I need you!
Please, make love to me!"
I woke with a start, my eyes falling
immediately on the form of a maid standing at the
end of the bed. Her eyes were wide with shock. Had
I spoken out loud? I pressed a hand to my mouth,
feeling my face flood with colour.
"L-lord Richard is down in the breakfast
room," the maid stammered, almost as red as I. "I'm
to help you dress so you can join him, m'lady."
"Yes," I murmured. "Yes, of course. What's
your name?"
"Mary, m'lady."
"Would you fetch me a dressing gown,
The girl fled from the room. By the time she
returned, we had both had a chance to recover
ourselves and meet with equanimity. I slipped into
the robe and followed her into the dressing room. It
took Mary some time to get the knots out of my hair,
but I was eventually made presentable and she led
me down to the breakfast room.
Richard was reading a copy of the London
Times, but tossed it aside as I entered. "Hungry?"
"Really?" he asked slyly. "Perhaps I should
have kept you in the bedroom then. Or were you in
need of a different kind of meal than I? There's
kidneys, scones. Or the cook could make you up an
omelette, if you like."
"An omelette would be lovely. But I don't
want to put anyone out."
"Nonsense, Lady Mansfield. After you've
eaten, I'll show you about your new home." He
nodded to the servant waiting near the doorway, who
quickly slipped out, leaving us alone. His voice
dropped to a husky whisper. "Then perhaps I'll take
you back upstairs and fuck you again."
The coarse word flooded my face with
colour. Richard leaned back in his chair, smiling at
my consternation.
"Don't you want me to fuck you?"
My blush deepened. I did. I really did. But
how could I say it?

He loved to see her blush. It only took the
smallest about of dirty talk to bring the colour to her
face. Lord knew what would happen if he told her
even half the things he wanted to do to her. She was
such an innocent. Well, he'd find the vixen in her.
It was there. He had already caught glimpses of it in
his bed.
The servant returned with her breakfast.
Richard sipped at his coffee and watched her eat,
mentally removing the multiple layers of her
ensemble. What possessed women to wear so many
clothes? Probably to extend the pleasure of taking
them off.
When she was finished eating, Richard set
down his coffee cup. "Come. The grand tour."
He started by showing her the drawing room,
dining room and parlour.
"I'm going to get lost all the time," she said
with a smile as she wandered about yet another
room, looking as if she had always belonged there.
"No," he answered. "Not here. But in
Mansfield Park, yes. I'll take you out there soon."
She looked a little daunted at the idea, but recovered
in a moment.
He led her to the library. The shelves took
up most of the four walls. The rest of the space was
taken up with the portrait of some old ancestress that
he'd never bothered to take down. He smiled to see
Devona's eyes light up at the rows of books. This
would be her favourite room, he had known that
from the start. And he planned to make good use of
her love of reading.
He let her wander about the shelves for a few
minutes, then said quietly, "Would you let me make
a suggestion?"
"Of course," she smiled.
"Good." He walked directed to a certain
shelf and pulled down a certain book. Tossing it to
her, he let her examine it, waiting for her reaction.
The title was deceptively innocent. She only
realized what she had been given when she opened
the cover and saw the illustration on the frontispiece.
She looked twice, then gave a surprised choke.
"Read it, Devona. And let me know if
there's anything there you'd like to try."
"Yes. There's some things in there that
might intrigue you."
"Like what?" she asked breathlessly.
"Well, there's a couple of positions in there I
couldn't have come up with myself."
He nearly laughed at the look on her face.
"Yes, Devona. We don't always have to do it
with you crushed beneath me."
"Oh," she whispered. "Really?"

He came toward me, his eyes glittering.
"Really," he assured me, backing me against the
nearest bookshelf. "I think we should try one."
I felt the tingling beginning between my legs.
Richard's mouth came down on mine. The taste of
meat from his breakfast overlay the now familiar
tang that was Richard. Trying to find it, I slid my
tongue timidly over his lips. He shocked me by
sucking it deep into his mouth, sending shivers down
my spine and into my sex.
Grasping my hips, Richard lifted me, setting
me down on a small table at the end of one of the
bookshelves, against which I braced my back.
Richard's hands spread my legs wide as he stood
between them.
He pushed my skirt up my legs. His fingers
slipped under my garters and broke them with a
snap. My stockings slithered down to my ankles.
Richard stroked my legs, then lifted my ankle to
knock of my shoe. He slowly pulled off my
stocking, then pressed his mouth against the arc of
my foot. When he started sucking on my toes, the
tingling sensation travelled up my legs, reaching all
the way up to my sex. "I thought you were
experienced, you know" he told me, his voice
hoarse. "I thought you'd had at least dozen men."
"Richard, I'm sorry. I "
"Don't apologize. I'm hardly disappointed."
His fingers slipped into my channel, which was slick
from my arousal. "No other man has been here.
This is my place." He kissed me deeply, ravishing
my breath with his tongue. "I want to be there now.
In my place."
With a smile, I tried to slip off the table, but
Richard's hands were suddenly braced on the
shelves, trapping me between his arms.
"A-aren't we going to go upstairs?" I asked.
"No need," he said roughly, one hand
reaching down to rip open his fly buttons.
"Here? Now?" My heart lurched to a
panicked pace.
"Yes, here and now," he murmured into my
neck. He pulled me to the edge of the table. I could
feel him pressed against me, hot and ready.
"Richard," I whispered. "Are you sure no
one's coming?"
"So what if someone is? Let them come." he
growled, grasping my hips and plunging into me. I
gasped, feeling myself stretched in new ways. "Let
them see."
He began to thrust into me. Leaving one
hand on my hip, he reached up to pull my breasts free. He buried his face in them, his breath hot on
my skin. The wet sounds of coupling filled the
Looking over his head, my eyes caught the
portrait of his ancestress, directly across from me.
Her gaze seemed to look on me in disapproval. I
closed my eyes, blocking out her condemnation.
My legs wrapped tight around Richard's
waist, I hid my face in his neck, listening to the suck
and gasp of our lovemaking, riding the waves of
ecstasy coursing through me.
"Harder, Richard," I found myself
whispering. "Oh, harder."
With a laugh, Richard put his hands back on
my hips to hold them steady as he drove into me.
With each sweet invasion, I gasped again and again,
louder and louder, until Richard roughly captured
my mouth. "Ssh, quiet" he murmured between
thrusts. "Unless you really do want someone to
come see what all the noise is about."
Lowering his head, he kept pounding into me
until, with a harsh shudder that shook the bookshelf
behind me, I orgasmed. A moment later, Richard
ejaculated deep inside me.
With a sigh, he withdrew, quickly
straightening his clothes. "Come, there's more
rooms to see." Taking my hand, he pulled me off
the table.
I reached down to pick up my stockings, but
Richard snatched them away. "I think I'll keep
these," he said smiling, as he tucked them into his
I blushed again as I slipped her shoes back on
over bare feet and covered my breasts. Taking my
hand, Richard led me on a brief tour of the rest of
the house, ending up back in the bedroom. I could
have predicted it, and was far from complaining.
Stripping off our clothes, he took me again, hard and
fast, then fell asleep still inside me.

When I next woke, Richard was sleeping
peacefully on his side, with one arm slung over my
waist. Blinking once or twice, I slowly pushed
myself up from the bed. His arm slipped down as I
reached a sitting position. Slowly, hoping the cold
air of the room would not wake him, I pushed the
bedcovers down, so I could have a lingering look at
his body.
With a light touch, I ran my fingers over the
broad shoulders that had once frightened me. Now,
they represented the potent virility his body could
wield for my pleasure.
My hand drifted over his chest, following the
line of his chest hair dwindling to a seam over his
navel before luxuriating out again. My eyes were
drawn down to where his sex was cozily settle in its
nest of hair, looking anything but terrifying, as it had
the other times I had met it.
I touched it gently with one hand, exploring
the changes. I nearly jumped when it began to grow
under my hands. The sight of his virility growing
long and stiff brought back the vivid feeling of
having that hardness buried in me.
Immediately, a tickling sensation started
between my thighs. I smiled. When he woke, he
would take me again. The idea thrilled me, making
my body warm, flooding my sex with arousal,
making me ache for him. Had it been like this for
him? This aching need, unfulfilled, when he had
forced himself away from me in Vauxhall Gardens?
I suddenly thought of how it would have been, the
open air around us, the hard ground under my back,
as we enjoyed each other, the nearby crowds
unaware of our passionate joining.
The ache in my sex grew stronger as my
mind lingered on my fantasy. Richard, lowering me
onto my back, raking his heated gaze over me, then
teasing my body to a fever pitch, before taking me in
hard, pleasureful thrusts, ripping through my tender
channel, sore from all our previous lovemaking.
Still gently stroking his manhood, I leaned
down to my husband's ear. "Richard," I whispered.
He didn't wake. My body was itching unbearably. I
called his name several times, but he continued to
sleep soundly.
I squirmed on the bed, my free hand
wandering down between my legs, trying to give
some friction to my sex. This gave only a little
relief. Already, that climatic release had become
addictive. I need to feel Richard inside me. My
eyes drifted over him, lingering on the sight of his
member standing straight out from his body.
Not entirely sure what I planned to do, I
pushed on his shoulder until he rolled onto his back.
My firm strokes on his manhood were not enough to
wake him, though a sleepy moan of pleasure escaped
him. I decided it was time to take matters into more
than my hands. Climbing over him, I straddled his
sex, guiding him to my entrance. Sinking down, I
impaled myself on him with one smooth motion.

Richard opened his eyes to the glorious sight
of his wife body on full display above him. Her
hands splayed over his chest, she was riding him
with the unbridled lust of a whore. Her pleased
moans and sighs increased his pleasure as he reached
up to cup her succulent breasts, thumbing the
hardened nipples. She breathed his name.
Releasing her breasts for a moment, he
angled her hips until she shifted her hands to rest on
his shins. Her back arched, opening her entire body
to his vision. Closing her eyes, she gave a long, deep
moan. "Yes, Yes!" she whispered feverishly.
Richard chuckled as he cupped her breasts again. "Yes, Devona. Ride me. Ride me until I beg
for mercy, my little vixen."
Their bodies smacked loudly together with
each downward thrust of her hips. The bed creaked
to their rhythm as she pounded almost hysterically
against him. Richard released her breasts and
searched out that little pleasure nub just above her
channel, flicking it gently. She screamed his name
as she climaxed hard, then collapsed over his chest.

When I was once more aware of the world,
Richard was softly stroking my hair. I pushed
myself up to look into his eyes. There was laughter
in them. "Well, my sweet Devona, it seems this
time it's you who has selfishly neglected your
partner's needs."
I giggled. "You didn't...?"
"I didn't. And I think you should be
punished for that."
The look in his eyes intrigued me. "How?" I
"Get up."
Confused, I rose. He stood, moving around
behind me.

Coming up close to her, Richard pressed his
hips against her behind, rubbing slightly up and
down, so she knew how aroused he still was, then
slid his hand between their bodies, cupping her
buttocks. "Bend over, Devona. Time for another
position," he said playfully.
He tried to guide her over the bed, but she
was stiff as a poker. He pressed her shoulders down
until she gave in and spread her body over the high
bed. He looked at the sight of her rounded buttocks,
presented to him like a gift. Slipping a hand
between them, he touched her tiny rosebud, stroking
the tight fissure with longing, before lowering his
hand to slip inside her wet channel. He pulled her
tight against him, feeling the fleshy globes against
his hard, throbbing cock. It was then that he noticed
she was crying.
"Devona, I'm not going to hurt you. You
know that don't you."
Shaking, she nodded. "But you're going to
sod-sodomize me."
"No, I'm not." He touched her rosette once
more. "Though I hope someday you'll let me." He
stroked her back, trying to comfort her. Gently
spreading her legs, he pushed himself into her
channel. He hadn't given more than two thrusts
before the tension flooded out of her body and she
groaned heavily.
"You like that Devona? I've not been this
deep inside you before."
"N-no. Not like this. Oh!"
He had reached around her body to play with
her tender nub, making her shake again. She lay
peacefully on the bed as he pulled himself deep
inside her and let his seed spurt into her womb. He
had a sudden vision of Devona growing round and
heavy with his child.
He pulled gently out of her. She had fallen
asleep. He crawled back onto the bed, pulling her
against him. Who would have thought that this little
woman would grow so dear to him so quickly?



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