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Archived Sex Stories



by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fiction.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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male solo, m/f, oral, public sex

We were seated in the library after dinner. I
was reading the book Richard had given me. I
should have been disgusted by the things that the
characters were doing to each other, but I kept
turning the pages, fascinated, and more than a little
The particular passage I was reading
involved four separate couples, who were taking
turns as coupling, while on full display to the other
six in the room. I bit my lip, wondering whether
Richard had been excited by this scene when he had
read it. I shifted in the chair, aware of the slick
wetness growing in my thighs.
I glanced up at Richard and found him
watching me. He smirked, setting his book aside.
"Enjoying your reading, Devona?"
Blushing, I put my nose back in my book.
The third couple had taken the floor. The man was
taking his lover from behind, as Richard had done to
me last night. I remember how deep he had reached
into me. The arousal between my legs grew even
more noticeable. I glanced at him again.
"Richard," I whispered, "did you want me
badly, when we in Vauxhall Gardens?"
"I was nearly mad," he said tightly.
"Well," I said, blushing fiercely. "I was
thinking about how it would be to to, well "
"To fuck?" he asked wickedly.
"Yes, to to do that, there on the ground, in
a public garden. It it's kind of exciting, I think."
"Is it?" he asked playfully.
"Yes. And I was wondering if you would
like to to do that."
Richard frowned for a long moment. "Go
and get your cloak."
"Now? You want to go now?"
I heard a metallic snap and looked up to
Richard, who was holding his watch. Vauxhall will
be opening right about now." He stood and moved
to the door. "Five minutes," he commanded, before
Following him up the stairs, I moved to my
dressing room, tastefully decorated in cream and
sage, my favourite colours. I quickly opened the
wardrobe and pulled out my domino cloak. About to
pull it on, I was struck with a thought. Looking over
to the mirror, I examined my reflection. Quickly
undoing my bodice, I pulled my chemise out from
under it, then refastened the buttons. I did the same
with my petticoat.
Shoving them back onto the shelf, I took up
the brush on the dressing table and quickly brushed
and pinned my hair into a neat chignon, examining
my figure at the same time. If you looked carefully,
you could see the outline of my nipples and the dark
patch of my pubic hair through the dress. Wickedly
wondering if Richard would notice, I quickly donned
my domino cape and mask and returned to the
bedroom to meet him.
Grasping my hand, he pulled me down to the
doorway, where the hastily ordered carriage was
pulling up. Nearly shoving me inside, he climbed
after me.
As the carriage jerked into motion, Richard
pounced on me, his hands on my breasts and legs.
He chuckled as he stroked over the fabric of my
bodice. "Devona Mansfield," he breathed. "You're
naked under that dress."
I laughed. "Yes. I am."
"Vixen!" he said, reaching for my buttons.
His lips seared the skin of my breasts as he
slowly defeated the fastenings of my gown. His
mouth found my nipple. I ran my hands into his
Unfortunately, before we could proceed
much further, the carriage slowed to deposit us at
Vauxhall Garden. Richard ordered the coachman to
pick us up in a couple hours time and, not even
bothering to sit for a few minutes in a box, for
decorum's sake, we moved immediately to the
moonlit paths.
I found myself remembering the last time we
were here. How frightened I had been. And how
generously Richard had yielded to my fears. Many a
man would have taken me by force. I stepped close
to Richard, putting my arm around him, as he led me
on through the paths, past any number of possible
spots. What was he waiting for?
He finally stopped. "Recognize it, Devona."
I looked around, then slowly smiled. It was
the same spot where he had forced himself away
from me.
"Yes," I said. "It was only a few days ago,
you know."
"I won't be put off this time," he teased.
"I won't try to put you off," I told him
Richard swirled off his domino cape and
spread it over the ground in the middle of the
clearing. Smiling I took off my own and rolled it
into a pillow. As I straightened again, Richard was
starring at my gown. My hand reached up to cup my
breasts, kneading them provocatively.
Slowly, hoping to tempt him, I loosened the
buttons of my bodice. Richard came forward, his
hands out. I dropped my own allowing him easy
access to my chest. He toyed with the nipples,
tweaking them gently, then harshly, as his tongue
ravished my mouth. I gasped at his every touch, my
sex dripping, ready for his invasion.
Stepping gently away from him, I shrugged
the fabric off my shoulders. It billowed like a cloud
at my feet, leaving me completely exposed. Richard
began to tear at the fastenings of his own clothes.
Revelling in the cool air on my naked body, I slowly
laid back on his cape, strangely unconcerned that
people could walk by at any moment. I looked up to
my husband. "Well?" I asked. "Now that you have
me here, what are you going to do with me?"
Naked now himself, Richard joined me on
the ground, his hands and mouth devouring me. He
trailed kisses down my body until he reached the
matted nest of hairs between my legs. His tongue
snaked out to touch my sex. I murmured my
pleasure as his tongue stroked me again and again,
slurping at my dripping sex.
He took me near to orgasm again and again.
I arched my hips, urging him in whispers that I was
ready, that he should take me, as he wanted to the
last time we were here. He ignored me, teasing my
body into a fever.
Taking a deep breath, I whispered, "Fuck me,
He jerked in surprised at my words. "Fuck
me," I repeated, hardly believing the words were
coming from my mouth. Richard lay over me,
crushing me into the ground. I could feel him at my
entrance and he covered my mouth with his own,
plowing his tongue deep inside. "Now," I
whispered, when released. "Do it now. Fuck me."
He obeyed and was soon sheathed in my soft,
wet heat. His weight pushed me into the hard
ground. He drove into me, more harshly than he
ever had before. I felt beautifully, glorious
stretched, as his weight stole my breath. "Oh God,
Richard," I whispered desperately. "Don't stop!
Never, never stop." My words lost their coherence
as I began to cry out with ecstasy, over and over.
"She, Devona," Richard whispered, thrusting
as hard as ever. "Someone will hear. Or see."
"Let them come!" I gasped shaking into a
climax. "Let them see!"
Richard ejaculated deep inside me, then
gently stroked in and out as we came down again.
Finally, he rolled off me and we lay back, looking up
at the stars peeking through the trees.
"That was glorious," he whispered.
"Yes, it was," I said, the cold air and the
sweat on my body making me start to shiver. "Can
we do it again?"

"Yes," she said, rolling so she lay on top of
him. As she pressed her mouth to his neck,
Richard's erection began to renew itself. Reaching
down, Devona put a hand to it, slowly, gently
chaffing it back to its full hardness. Within
moments, she had lowered herself onto it and was
riding him again. Richard closed his eyes, enjoying
the feeling of his wife on his cock. As she rode, she
clenched and unclenched her inner muscles, driving
him to madness until he burst inside her. She
lowered herself onto him, her body like a human
blanket, keeping him warm. His arms circled her.
"Wouldn't it be wonderful," he whispered, "if we
were making a baby right now?"
"Yes," she replied. "But if not, I'm willing
to keep trying."
He laughed, running a hand into her hair and
kissing her temple.
She pushed herself up from him and took up
her clothes. Richard stayed on the ground watching
her dress. When she was finished, he found his own
clothes and reluctantly pulled himself into them.
"You'll let me take you back here, won't you?" he
She smiled. "Of course. But for now, I want
to go home." She smiled slyly. "I want you to tie
me to the bed."
He grasped her arms. "Don't tease me like
She laughed. "I want you to tie me up and
take me like a vicious highwayman. You will, won't
Without a word, Richard took her hand and
pulled her back to where the carriage was to meet
them. He ignored the chuckle that escaped his wife.
His dirty little wife.


This is the end of the first story featuring Richard and
Devona. Sequels are a definite possibility, so let me
know what kind of things you'd like to see them do.

Please feel free to email me at if you have comments.


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