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Title: Devils Choice
Keywords: mc, mF, teen, inc, brother, sister, mom, son, voy, mdom
Author: Caesar

Devils Choice

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/09/18 12:58:25 $

The sixteen year-old teenager pulled the edge of the sleeping bag up
over his head.

The small voice became firmer, "Joey!" Something small and sharp
scratched insistently along the side of the tent.

The young man squinted between half-awake eyes toward the voice and
the scratching. What he saw caused him to immediately open his eyes
wide and sit up, throwing the sleeping bag off him.

There just inside the zippered doorway of the three person tent,
though only he and his friend Zack occupied it, sat a squirrel. It
was a short fat little thing, that sat on its hind legs and simply
watched him.

Joey considered waking up Zack, thinking he would need the extra help
in getting the rodent out of the tent.

Its little mouth moved, "Don't wake your friend Joey - I wanted to
talk to you alone."

Joey's mouth hung open in amazement. Though the voice of the animal was tiny, in respect to its small frame, it was a strong confident

"Don't be afraid Joey, I just want to talk for a couple of minutes."

After a few lengthy seconds, Joey shook his head with his eyes tightly
clenched but when he reopened them, the squirrel was still sitting
right there at the entrance to his tent. "Am I dreaming?" The
teenager had to finally ask.

The squirrel seemed to chuckle, its round belly quivering happily, "If
that will make you feel better - sure."

Joey decided that it would make him feel much better - as this simply
had to be a dream. Too many marshmallows last night with Zack!

"Listen Joey - I don't have all night. I am here to offer you a
single wish!"

Echoing dumbly, "A wish?"

"Sure - just like the fucking Genie!" Again the squirrel seemed to
chuckle, this time its small paws held that round belly as it jiggled

"Your a Genie?" Made sense to the teenager, it was a dream after all!

"Fuck no Joey. I am what you call - the devil."

There was a long pause before Joey asked, "Your joking?"

"Nope. Your heard of Adam talking to the snake right? This is
basically the same thing."

"Right." The lack of conviction in the boys voice obvious.

Again a tiny little chuckle, "Listen Joey, I can care less if you
believe me. But I have been doing this a long time and have helped a
lot of people in this world."

"If your the devil - then your wish comes at a price?" Joey went to
church and Sunday school after all - he knew the temptations that his
paster had warned of each and every Sunday.

"What price Joey?" The squirrel looked blankly at the teenager,
almost as if it was playing dumb.

"You know, in exchange for a wish, I would have to sell my soul to the
devil. I would burn in hell after I am dead." It was the stuff that
frightened Joey as a child - it was it intended.

The squirrel started to chuckle yet again, more heartily than earlier.
Finally he seemed to come under control of himself - "No Joey, thats
not how it works."

The young man frowned, "But that is how everyone says it works?"

The squirrel seemed to shrug, "They probably never had a visit from
me. It is not how I work Joey."

"Its not?"


"Then I could ask for anything and I won't go to hell?"

Another, smaller chuckle this time, "Not because you asked for
something, no Joey."

"Like I could get better marks in school - or a new computer or

The humour within the squirrel seemed to die quickly and it said in a
disappointed voice, "If you want too, yes. But school is only for a
couple more years and a new computer will be out of date by... well,
before your next birthday, right?"

Joey had to agree and nodded affirmatively.

"No, ask to be President of your country or a movie star or fabulously
rich or the ability to have any woman or...?"

"Any woman?"

The squirrel stopped his rambling and looked the teenager directly in
the eye, "Sure, with a simple wish, any woman you want would desire
you - do anything you want."

Joey liked the sound of that - he was a sixteen year old virgin, as
embarrassing to him as that felt - and thought almost constantly about
girls. No female in his life was spared his lust-filled gaze or to
make an appearance in his orgy of fantasies.

"So whats the catch - after I 'have' them, they turn around and hate
me or something?"

"No 'catch' Joey. Lets say you can have any woman in the world, who
will do anything you want, and you will satisfy each of them so
completely that they will only want more."

This was the stuff of fantasy, thought the teenager. As Joey knew
that to 'have' any woman meant to have sex. Sex with a willing and
anxious female partner... it made him swoon and made him feel light

The squirrel had to add, "No catch Joey. Your soul would be yours
after your wish."

"Why? Why here - why me?" The teenager could not help but look to
the other side if the tent floor where his best friend sleep contently
within his sleeping bag. "Does everybody get a wish?"

A small chuckle, "No Joey. I'm only one squirrel after all! No, only
a few random people get a visit from me. Why you? Because I was
looking around for another person for my generous offer - and you were
available." A short pause and the squirrel waved a single paw at his
friend, "It could easily have been your friend here - what do you
think he would ask for?"

Joey knew exactly what Zack would ask for, if the situation was
reversed. girls and girls and more girls - the ability to sleep, and
yes, fuck, any girl he wanted. His best friend for nearly ten years
could not stop talking about sex - and having marginally more
experience in the field, used that to be the voice of 'wisdom' between
the two.

If Zack could ask for such a thing - why couldn't he, Joey thought.

The squirrel seemed to get insistent and impatient, "I don't have all
night Joey - what will it be?"

The silence was thick.

"My soul is in no danger?"

A short pause, "Not from asking me your wish - no I assure you your
soul will not be affected. Think of me as a short hairy Santa Claus!"
The squirrel started to chuckle violently, obviously enjoying his own

"I would like that."

"'That' what Joey, you have to say it."

The teenager thought about it for a brief minute - trying to see the
harm in asking for what he wanted most of all, if the danger of his
soul was not at risk then all the warnings of his pastor did not seem
relevant here.

The squirrel sat on its round flank patiently.

Finally the teenager could find no fault in asking, it was only a
dream after all, "I want to be able to control any woman - to
willingly do anything I tell them."

The squirrel seemed to be thinking for a brief few moments, "Are you
sure you don't want to be a rock star or something? How do you think
most of those idiots became famous?"

Joey was firm, what he had asked for, was what he wanted most of all
in the world. "No, I want to be able to have sex with any woman I
want." He suddenly felt his face turn bright red, as juvenile
embarrassment at the use of 'sex', the real objective of his wish.

The squirrel seemed disappointed for a few seconds before it seemed to
smile very widely. Then it simply said triumphantly, "Done."

"Thats it?"

"Well no - I also changed you a little."

Fear started to creep into his heart, seeing that there had been a
catch to this 'wish' after all. "Changed what?"

"Oh don't worry Joey. Lets just say that I gave you something to help
you enjoy any lady at any time you want."

Joey had no idea what the rodent was talking about. "What?"

A deep sigh, the squirrel answered, "I have you a cock that just won't
quit Joey."

A dozen questions came to mind but the teen was too embarrassed to

The squirrel suddenly stood and crawled out of the unzipped portion of
the doorway, stopping on the other side to look at the teenager
through the mosquito netting. "I will visit you one more time in the
near future Joey - just to see how things are going. But don't worry
- I think you will be very pleased with your wish."

The rodent quickly ran away leaving the teenager seated in the
darkness by himself.


It took a long while to go back to sleep for Joey, as his mind was
replaying the conversation again and again. While his hand crept to
his dick every few minutes, but it felt soft and small as it aways
seemed to the disappointed boy. In his mind he categorized the
females that he knew, those that he wanted and their redeeming

Before he fell asleep, one girl consistently topped his list.
Something that had been in his fantasies for years, even before those
same fantasies turned sexual.

In his imagination, he thought of Zack's older sister Kris. Being
three years older than her brother and his best friend she rarely
found the time to even acknowledge the teen boys existence. Perhaps
that, as well that she was the prettiest girl Joey knew, which
convinced the teenager to test this new 'power' on her first.


In the light of day, it all seemed fantastic and Joey concluded that
it was all a dream. He was very tired though, as if he had been up
for some while before the sun rose.

Then there was Zack - exactly as he always was - and at first he
thought he would tell him about his 'dream' but thought it better not
to. It all seemed silly and Juvenal now - like a wet dream about some
big titted movie star.

The two best friends packed up their camp and walked out of the woods,
down the ravine, across the fallen log bridge over the small stream,
and up the hill to their homes. The boys lived three doors away from
each other and their parents were friends as well.

Everything was as it was the day before - it was only all a dream.
Strangely, this disappointed Joey considerably.

Reaching the top of the hill, behind both of their homes, Zack paused,
"Well bud - I have to get home. mom ordered me home by lunchtime."

Joey nodded.

"Whats eating you anyways Joey, you have been quiet all morning?"
They had breakfasted their granola bars and water, prior to breaking
camp, in silence.

"Nothing Zack. Sorry." Just before the two teenagers parted, Joey
asked with hesitation, "Hey Zack - your sister home this afternoon?"

Zack smirked at his friend, knowing that his very attractive sister had enthralled Joey since before he was ten years old. "Probably -
she is grounded. You gonna finally make your play for my big sister Joey?" He asked playfully.

Kris was grounded for lying to her parents where she had been; telling
them she was going to be at her friends house but instead was
discovered to be at the club in the city. Being nineteen, the
grounding had caused a loud and disruptive fight within the house -
Kris swore to move out - and her parents stated that while she was
their home, she would live by their rules. It was not a very unique
argument - obviously being played out in nearly every home with a

"I just thought I would come by and see how she is doing." Joey was
feeling real embarrassed, as this bordered on his revealing his dream
the night before. Something he could simply not due - it was too

Zack chuckled, "Then I'll tell her to expect you." The teenager
turned around and walked away, laughing to himself.

Calling after the retreating form, "Zack, don't say anything? Zack?"

Joey turned toward his own home, feeling more humiliated then he could
ever remember, for some reason.


Joey pounded on the bathroom door and shouted, "Damn it Sara - I need
to go now!" His father was showering in the bedroom off the main
suite, and he didn't want to go all the way downstairs just to take a

The bathroom that the two teenagers shared was the largest cause for
grievance in their lives. They fought over it constantly. Their
parents, of course, usually being in the centre of the two teenagers

Sara was Joey's twin sister. But if anyone looked for compatibilities
between the two, they would be frustrated. No two siblings, twins as
a matter a fact, could be more dissimilar. In fact Sara openly said
she hated her brother, while he was too polite to actually say that he
despised her. Their parents took a blind eye to the antagonistic
relationship beneath their roof - their mother hoping they would grow
out of it.

There were similarities in body though, both slim of frame and short
for their age. Sara could be considered 'average' looking by most of
her male peers - but more so, she was an average female teenager in
most respects.

The bathroom door unlocked and Sara stuck her head out the crack when
she opened it, "Go down stairs!" She was not as shrill as she was
most days, but Joey only barely registered this.

"I don't want too. This is supposed to be my bathroom too! So let me
in!" Joey was too polite to say the word that came to him, 'bitch'.

Surprisingly, Sara opened the door wide, and Joey paused for two
seconds before stalking in to the steamed filled bathroom before she
changed her mind.

If Sara was not in her room with the door closed, usually on the
phone, then she was in the bathroom. It was like she was a creature
from a different world, thought Joey, often.

Sara was wrapped in a large fluffy bath towel, another smaller towel
wrapped around her head. She stood off to the side and let her
brother enter, watching him.

Joey came before the toilet bowl and lifted the lid but noticed his
sister still standing there, watching him. "You mind Sara?"

Without a word, which was uncharacteristic of the teenager, Sara
turned and left the bathroom, closing the door behind her. It had not
even slammed, much to her brothers expectation.

Even before he was finished urinating, he called out to the other side
of the bathroom door, where he knew Sara was impatiently waiting for
him to make his exit, "I need to shower Sara?"

"How long Joey? I was going to go to the mall with Beth!" Beth was
her best friend, inseparable. And like Sara, Joey hated Beth.

His first response was unvoiced, so he toned it down a little, "A few
minutes. I'm real dirty from camping."

Joey expected some rude remark that sleeping in a tent in the woods
behind the house was not camping, but there was only silence. He had
to ask, to get any answer, "OK?"

"Sure. Can you let me know when your done, so I can finish up?"

This was very uncharacteristic of his sister and he answered, a little
bewildered, "OK."

He took a extra long shower, hoping he was causing his twin sister a
lot of hair-pulling and grief. It was his passive aggressive method
at revenge, used generously toward his sister.

When finally he knocked on her door, having finished his shower and
getting dressed, he was surprised when he heard from the other side,
"Come in."

Sara was standing in the middle of her room with the cordless phone
between her shoulder and her ear wearing a white sport bra and white
cotton panties with the same towel wrapped around her head. She did
not seem to care that Joey was staring at her in amazement.

A couple of things were wrong here, which Joey instantly recognized;
that he was allowed to enter into his sisters room - a foreign place
so much so that even the smell was alien, and the fact that his sister did not seem concerned that her brother was looking at her
underwear-clothed body.

"Joey's out Beth... I'll talk to you later... OK, bye." She pressed a
button on the phone and threw it on the bed.

"Finished with the bathroom Joey?"

It seemed as if she was asking from some distant place, and he had to
concentrate on her words to recognize her question. "Yea, its yours

She smiled widely at her brother, "Thats great - thanks Joey!"

This was just too freaky, he thought, welcome to the Twilight Zone!
Just as he spun about to leave her room, he turned back to face her
again. She saw this and asked, seemingly concerned, "Anything wrong

What had caused him to turn about was that dream last night - and his
wish more exactly. He had said 'any woman' when he had told the
squirrel his wish. Hope welled up in him and he felt his heart
pounding loudly in his chest. Maybe, just maybe... he told himself
over and over.

With a small stutter, which he gets when nervous, Joey asked an
innocent question, "Why do you put your hair in the towel like that?"

Sara smiled, looking relieved that his question was not a thing of
concern, only more evidence that boys and girls were from different
planets. "Its so my hair stays damp until I can work on it - it also
keeps my clothing from getting wet."

Joey looked down, yet again, at his sisters small chest and her white
sport bra, "But, your not wearing...?" He could not finish his
question, it was too embarrassing.

Sara ignored her younger brother awkward question and looked down at
her 'B' cup brassier and laughed lightly. Her eyes seemed to sparkle
when she again looked into her brothers gaze, "Your right, I am not
wearing much clothing." She seemed to think for a second, "Does this
bother you?" One of her hands came up and pointed right, what was
obviously, her nipple that seemed to be more prominent now than

This was all a coincidence, Joey told himself. It had been a dream -
and though the pastor said there were devil's in the world, they do
not appear before a sixteen year old boy in the form of a squirrel -
Joey told himself. He stuttered, his face red with embarrassment,
"No... it does not bother me."

Sara smiled widely, pleased that her near-nudity did not bother her
twin brother. The two stood silently for nearly a minute before Sara
asked, "Is there anything else Joey?"

Joey's wish kept being played back in his head, his own words rolling
through his consciousness again and again, 'I want to be able to
control any woman - to willingly do anything I tell them. I want to be
able to have sex with any woman I want.' Even though he had
catalogued many females last night, after the squirrel had left, his
sister had never been considered. At least not until this moment.

His next question had to be formed in his head before asking,
tactically prepared before delivery - because it would take every
nerve in his body to ask. "If your hair gets your clothing wet...?"

Mercifully he never had a chance to finish as Sara playfully
continued, "... then why don't I take my clothing off?"

Joey could feel his face turn red and could not meet his sisters eye.
Her presumption was not far from his own, the question basically the
same. He had to know - he wanted the dream to be true, to not be a
figment of his overactive imagination.

"Would you like that Joey? Do you want me to take my bra and panties off?" She was wearing a strange half smile that Joey could not read.
But the only answer to her blunt, and strange, question was a quick

She smiled softly and then suggested, "Perhaps you better come in and
close my door behind you? We wouldn't want mom or dad to walk by and
see us in here."

That, Joey, definitely did not want!

He took three steps into the room and gently closed her door behind
him, thinking to use her lock to bar anyone from accidentally
intruding. Suddenly, Joey saw the wisdom of his sisters installation
of her lock - the only lock within the outer walls of their family home.

Sara waited until her brothers attention was focused toward her before
reaching up and easily unclasping the front catch of her brassiere.
With a little shrug it fell off her shoulders and dropped to the floor
behind her. Next she stuck two thumbs into the elastic of her white
cotton panty and then pushed down past her slim smooth hips, soon,
stepping out of her underwear. Quickly she bent and retrieved her
undergarments, throwing them onto her messy bed.

There she was naked, except for the wet towel wrapped about the top of
her head, standing a mere meter before her twin brother.

It was the first disrobed woman Joey had ever seen. Bodies in
magazines and on the Internet did not count.

Joey thought she was magnificent - her breasts a wonder, her sparse
brown pubic hair magnificent and her female curves delightful.
Slowly, for his viewing pleasure, Sara turned so that every inch of
her naked body could be seen by her sibling.

Finally, minutes after initially standing before him naked, "I see
that you find me attractive little brother?"

Joey normally hated when she called him that, but now, right here, it
did not bother him. "Yes." He was surprised to find that his mouth
was exceptionally dry.

Then he realized that she was looking down at his crotch, the tent
that his penis made beneath the towel wrapped about his hips. He was
too embarrassed to say a word.

Gently Sara asked, "Are you a virgin Joey?"

He somehow found the strength to nod.

She nodded, since it was obvious that he was, "Do you know that I love
you Joey?" No, he never knew that. "And that I would do anything for

Sara took a step forward and placed her warm small hand upon her
brothers cheek, leaned forward and kissed him softly. Then she stood
with their noses nearly touching, while their eyes locked.

Joey very much wanted to look down to see how close her nipples where
to touching him - as he had felt their sharp points tickle his
hairless chest when she had kissed him.

"This is crazy isn't it?" Her hand was still upon his cheek, cradling

He felt the allusion of the moment start to unravel at her question
and seemed to find the strength to ask, "What is crazy Sara?"

"This... you and me... here, right now." She paused, and after a soft
smile into her brothers face, continued, "Yesterday I would never have
thought I would be standing here naked with you... feeling the way I
do right now."

Confidence was returning to the young man, more than he realized he
had! "What are you feeling Sara?"

"That there is nothing I would not do for you... and that I love you,
more than I thought was possible to love anyone."

He wanted to know, "Are you a virgin Sara?"

Without shame, "Technically yes."

The answer surprised him, for one, he thought his sister had not been
a virgin. "'Technically'?"

"I have fooled around a lot - but had never gone all the way with a

Joey wanted to ask, he wanted to know more about his sisters
experiences - needed to know what he now, obviously, had control over.
"What kind of fooling around?"

For the first time, that morning, Sara looked embarrassed. "I have
sucked off several guys, used my hands, and Beth and I sometimes help
each other."

Joey pictured voluptuous Beth, but could not imagine his sister and
Beth doing anything sexual together. Though the thought of it was
highly erotic to the young man, and he knew his thoughts, his
fantasies, could now become reality.

"Mom helped me get the 'pill' six months ago Joey - if you want to go
all the way?" Sara looked anxious for his answer, actually biting the
bottom of her lip.

The thought of his mother supporting his sisters wanton ways amazed
the young man and he had trouble thinking his church-going mother supported such a thing. Yet, he knew, what went on between women was
a mystery.

Within Joey, his feeble teen embarrassment was gone - replaced by a
dream, a fantasy, of willing ladies and dominant desires.

Gently he reached up and took her hand from his cheek, bringing it
down to his waist before letting do. Sara's cheeks were turning red as her hand fumbled with the thick knot holding the two ends of the
towel together, and in a few lengthy seconds, the damp towel fell to
the floor.

Joey felt his sisters small hand wrap itself around his aroused penis
and saw her lips part before a guttural groan escaped her throat.
Sara slowly looked down between them, at what was in her hand she
exclaimed without prejudiced, "God Joey - its beautiful!"

Sara looked at her brother, directly into his eyes as they were
exactly the same height, as if looking for permission for what she
wanted to do. She did not find it but she also did not find any
barrier, only pure joy of the moment.

That look told him so much - that it had not been a dream last night,
that this moment was no coincidence, that his sister was under his
complete control. In that look he saw her love, her lust and her
willingness to make him happy. It was the look of fantasy, one that
he had never thought would become reality.

Sara did not seem able to wait for his command and leaned forward and
quickly, but gently, kissed her way down his flat chest and stomach.
Amazed, Joey watched as she quickly reached what she sought. She was
mumbling, almost to herself, "It's so beautiful Joey!"

Then he felt it - the first erotic touch straight out of his
fantasies. Female lips kissed the smooth crown of his circumcised
penis. A warm wet tongue coming out to roll around the same crown,
the tip of the tongue digging into his pee-hole. The small strong
hand held the base of his prick, aiming it directly at her mouth.

"Oh god... oh god!" She mumbled between licks.

Joey was looking down at something he had not even imagined - knowing
that his devil's choice, his wish, enabled this moment. In his mind,
he was thanking that damned squirrel over and over.

Then Sara was stroking him with both her hands, watching it intently,
rubbing the saliva slick crown over her red cheeks and forehead.

More mumbling as she worshipped his dick, "Come for me little

That moment, Joey realized that, with his excitement level, he should
be pumping his seed by now. Instead, realized the added gift from the
squirrel, that he could control his penis to the extent that he could
tell it when it would discharge, go soft, even go hard.

Sara wrapped her lips around the crown of his cock, sucking intently
while both her small hands pumped him amateurishly. Joey realized
that she wanted him to finish, to swallow his sperm and the
realization seemed to hit him like slap.

It was OK, Joey knew, to hold his sisters small round head in his
hands and start to pump his hips so that his rock-hard cock moved in
and out of her lips. With each successful plunge of his cock, he was
pushing deeper into her mouth, until he thought he felt himself
hitting the back of her throat. When he pulled her head and shoved
his hips forward, trying to see if she could take all of him, Sara
started to gag and immediately Joey let go of his sister, yanking his
dick from her gagging, coughing, mouth.

"Oh god Sara, I'm sorry!" Joey was worried that in his immature
excitement to experience everything, he may have hurt his sister.
"Are you OK?" He was genuinely worried for her.

After she stopped coughing, Sara answered by immediately opening her
lips and returning his cock to her mouth.

At that second, Joey knew he wanted to orgasm into his sister's mouth.
Wanted to hear a woman swallow his sperm, a sound he had only imagined
after reading the stories in magazines and on the Internet. Then
there was something definitely dominant in the action, orgasming into
his kneeling sisters mouth, that excited him immensely.

Joey again grasped the back of her head and again started to pump his
hips. Sara's two hands were not idle, both grasping his hard ass as
if guiding and fondling at the same time.

With a smile and a mental confirmation, Joey felt the familiar
tightening of his balls and the squeezing of his shafts muscles. It
was his turn to call out to god, "Oh god...!"

Time seemed to freeze, as Joey stopped all movement of his body, his
sister stopped moving with her brothers penis half ways in her mouth.
Joey was looking down at his sisters sweaty face, her closed eyes, the
way her cheeks turned inward as she sucked him.

Then it happened and nothing would ever be the same again, Joey knew
with a certainty. His cock spurted again and again and he heard his
sisters loud swallowing, heard his own groan of pleasure.


Rather then go to his best friend Zack's home, embarrassed and nervous
as he had been expecting, Joey was actually looking forward to trying
his wish with Kris, Zack's sister. His attitude had changed as
quickly as it took for Sara to suck him off.

At nineteen years old, Kris has been the prime focus of Joey's sexual
fantasies since he was twelve. With her large firm breasts, to the
hourglass figure and long black hair - she had what Joey thought as
the perfect body.

She was seated upon the couch watching some lame girl-movie, wearing
less than flattering gray sweat pants and oversized sweater but that
angelic beautiful face turned to him, as he stepped into the room, and
Joey knew he could have her. Power flowed through him, still
remembering the sight of his sister as she worked her face up and down
his hard cock, and looked at Kris's red lips in comparison.

"Hi Kris?"

She looked up and rather than her normally disinterested and even
discouraging look, Kris looked pleasantly surprised at Joey's
appearance before the couch. "Hi Joey!"

He pushed old papers, two books, a cup, and some dirty plates to the
far side of the coffee table and sat down, directly in Kris's line of
sight to the television. When she did not seem to notice this
interruption, more dominant energy flowed though him.

Kris pushed some of her loose black hair from her forehead and smiled
widely for her younger brothers best friend, as if wanting to look her
best even in her diminished capacity. "I didn't know you were coming
over Joey?"

"Zack didn't tell you?"

She sat up and squared her shoulders, which did little to show her
generous chest beneath that bulky sweater, "I wish he had - I would
rather you have seen me at my best!" She laughed lightly,
offhandedly, but her eyes looking anxiously at him.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight?"

Her face brightened up before looking suddenly very sad, "I'm

He had forgotten.

"Joey!" Zack's bellow preceded his appearance into the room.

"I'm in here Zack!"

Kris looked disappointed at the intrusion.

Joey stood up from the coffee table just as his best friend came into
the room. Zack looked surprised that his sister was in the room, and
that it was obvious that the two had been talking. His sister normally had nothing to do with her brother or his best friend.

Zack was frowning as he motioned his friend to follow him. Before
either had left the room Kris called out, "Joey, are you going to be
here for a while?"

Joey looked at his friend for confirmation but got a shrug as an
answer, then answered, "Sure. Probably an hour or two."

She smiled nervously, "Maybe I'll see you a little later then?"

Joey felt awkward with his friend looking on, "Yea, sure."

As they were leaving the room, Zack leaned over and harshly asked into
his friends ear, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Your sister has the hots for me?"

Normally this would have produced a loud and creative negative
response, but after witnessing the display a few minutes before, Zack
only replied with, "You have to be joking?"

Joey only shrugged and smiled privately, which Zack, of course, did
not miss.

Nearly a full awkward minute passed before Zack laughed short and
harsh - "Your fucking with me right?"

Joey only shrugged, barely smiled, and was, in fact, thinking of Kris
in the next room.

"Did you two guys think this up to fuck with me?"

"No." The two teenagers shared a long, dissimilar, look. Joey
finally spoke up, "I can prove to you that your sister is hot for me?"

Zack laughed harshly, for a longer time than last, "How would you do

Joey thought of his sister Sara for a brief second before answering,
"Give me ten minutes alone with her and then come into the room."

The harsh laugh died and now Zack was frowning, "What could you do to
prove it to me?"

Joey just shrugged.


"Oh, is Joey here honey?"

Joey stepped into the kitchen to see Kris and her mom talking. Kris
had changed from her sweat pants and sweat shirt into a silk blouse
and tight jeans in the couple of minutes since he had last seen her.

"Hi Mrs. Simmons. Hi Kris."

The mother daughter duo turned and smiled happily. Kris noticed
Joey's eyes appraise her in her newly changed clothing and her smiled
widened happily.

Though Zack's mother had always been friendly, her smile now seemed
almost inviting and it amused the teenager that his wish also
pertained to the older women in his life. And it wasn't that he had
never thought of her, in a sexual way, with her large swaying breasts and her large round bottom. Why not, Joey thought, she was a mature version of her daughter, wider in bottom and breast - but still rather

"Could I talk to you for a couple of minutes Kris?"

The nineteen year-olds face brightened up and she only nodded
enthusiastically while her mother looked a little disappointed.

Kris lead the way, deeper into the house, to the study. Before she
reached the door, Joey reached out and rubbed his hand over the curve
of her right ass cheek above her blue jeans. Kris did not say a word,
or even look at the younger teenager behind her, but she stumbled when
she first felt his hand along her denim bottom.

Joey left the door partially open to the study, as Kris spun around
facing him looking nervous and excited at the same time. She stood
with her nails rubbing along her denim thighs loudly as she shuffled
on her bare feet. "What did you want to see me about Joey?"

He strode two steps toward her and pressed his finger against her
perfect lips. "Please Kris - let me say what I need to say."

She nodded slowly, looking like she was trying to contain her nervous
pleasure, unsuccessfully.

"You are the most beautiful girl that I know and I had always thought
about... wondered what it would be like too...?"

She nodded enthusiastically and could not help but hoarsely agree,

Joey looked down as both his hands moved toward the zipper and snap of
her jeans, amateurishly fumbling to open them, the jeans being rather
tight. Kris did not even seem to notice - but watched the younger
boys face. "... to be with you... to touch you...!"


Joey saw that beneath the blue jeans, Kris wore no panties, as he
pushed them down far enough to see the black triangle of pubic hair
exposed. His hand slipped between the open jean and her sex easily.
Finding it hot and wet, seemingly filling his open palm with her

It was the first handful of pussy that Joey had ever grasped, and he
was very conscious of the enormity of the moment.

Kris swayed on her wide spread feet and closed eyes uncontrollably
before letting out a long guttural groan of pleasure. So far, he had
barely even touched her and this knowledge caused a wide pleased smile
to appear on the boys face.

"Thats it Kris... I have fantasied about you like this... doing this!"

His middle finger slipped upward and was suddenly engulfed with a hot
wet envelope of feminine flesh.


A few minutes of little visual movement, but enough that Kris was very
quickly rising to an obvious summit.

"Tell me if you like this Kris... like me touching you?"

"Yes! God yes! Touch me Joey... please!"

"I am touching you Kris?"


"Do you want me to stop?"

Her eyes snapped open and he saw the pleading within them,
"No... please Joey... make me come?"

His commanding smile was his answer and Kris's head fell back on her
shoulders and her eyes closed yet again. Joey doubled his plunging
fingers movement and Kris looked in danger of falling. With his free
hand, he pulled the nineteen year old toward him, letting her use his
body to help her to stand.

The door to the room creaked a little and Joey turned, expecting to
see his best friend Zack. While Kris was too focused on the finger
giving her pleasure to notice if a car was to drove through the wall
of the study.

No, standing in the doorway, looking wide-eyed was Mrs. Simmons.

Joey felt all the strength and dominance of the afternoon drain away
in that one second. Forgotten was the wish, his control over any
woman as he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar - literally.
Zack's mother had always been a polite good natured woman, passionate
about her god and her family - in that order.

Mrs. Simmons just stood there, her eyes looking at where Joey's hand
disappeared beneath the jeans and thighs of her daughters body. Joey
watching her mature face - noticed when her body seemed to shudder,
her nipples trying to break out from the confines of the blouse.

Joey felt his strength and dominance return, three fold, at seeing her
obvious pleasure, her helplessness at the sexuality before her.

"Come in Mrs. Simmons, and have a seat?"

She strode in, without taking her eyes off the erotic sight before
her, and sat heavily in the hard wooden chair only two meters away.

Kris was in her own world, swaying against Joey as she wiggled and
ground her crotch into his hand, his finger.

Using a handful of thick black hair, Joey pulled Kris's face from his
neck and spoke into her face, "Is it OK if your mom watches us Kris?"

Without opening her eyes, looking as if she were stoned, Kris
whimpered dream-like, "It feels so wonderful mommy!"

One of Mrs. Simmons hands slide across her stomach and began to
roughly fondle her own huge breast, the other hand slide down, her
thighs spreading. Joey watched the mother as she watched her daughter and her son's best friend. One knee lifted and rest upon the wooden
arms of the chair, the woollen skirt all the way to her waist on the
raised thigh, her hand beneath the skirt, high up between her white
thighs. It was an addictive sight - much more than the teenager would
have considered only the day before and it captured his erotic

There was something highly sensual to the teenage as he watched the
mother of his best friend masturbate. It was as if Joey had never
considered the sexuality of mothers, of middle aged women. Watching
Mrs. Simmons, and not even being able to see much, was the most highly
energized sight in Joey's short sexual life.

Kris's mother groaned and started to pump her hips against her single
hidden hand.

There was no sound but Joey turned back to the wide open doorway and
saw his best friend Zack standing in astonishment, turning his wide
eyes back and forth between his mother and his sister.


The shriek seemed to break the sexual tension and Mrs. Simmons quickly
brought her feet back to the ground, knees together and skirt back to
her calves, while her hands squeezed her thighs nervously. "Honey?"
There was sweat upon her brow and Joey could see her desire to look
back at her daughter, at him.

Kris, though, never heard a thing - but instead started to violently
thrash against Joey as her orgasms finally started.

Every eye in the room looked upon the teenage girl as she cried out in
pleasure, gasping for breath as her body visibly spasmed wildly
against the smaller body before her.

Joey, though, had the most pleasure in Kris's orgasm. Feeling her
clenching and spasming internal muscles torture his finger, her juices
flooding his hand, her sex almost too hot to hold.

As the high started to descend, Mrs. Simmons suddenly stood up and ran
out of the room, almost shoving past her son to leave the room.

A few seconds later Zack turned and also quickly strode from the room,
going down the hallway opposite to where his mother had retreated.

Coming down from her mind-numbing high, Kris was smacking her lips as
if parched before asking the teenager before her, the only thing
holding her from falling to the floor as if there was not a muscle in
her body, "Was mom and Zack here?" She lifted her face, with effort,
from his shoulder and looked into Joey's eyes.

Joey saw no reason to lie, "Yes. Is that a problem?"

Kris spend a long minute looking into the sixteen year-olds eyes
before answering, "Not if you don't think so?"

Joey smiled, "I don't."

Kris's worried look disappeared and she lifted her hands to run them
through Joey's short hair, with a soft seductive voice she asked, "Is
there anything else I can do for you Joey?" It was obvious that
'anything' was the right word.


A part of him thought himself crazy for letting Kris go get cleaned
up, leaving him very excited. She was the most beautiful female that
Joey had ever seen and he had not continued with the next evolutionary
step to their encounter. The things he had considered, all now
possible with his wish, momentarily forgotten by seeing Mrs. Simmons
seated, masturbating, to the sight of her daughter getting finger

Joey knew it was only the power of the devil, his wish, that caused
these 'Twilight Zone' encounters to become reality - yet he did not

He did not knock upon the door but opened it triumphantly, surprising
the woman laying upon her stomach on the bed. Mrs. Simmons,
masturbating. Wearing only the same shirt from earlier, the tail
bundled up to her waist exposing her round soft white ass and her
shapely legs. One knee was bent upward, the arm beneath her, the
other arm behind her with the hand between the cheeks of her ass.

"Joey?" Her initial scared look quickly disintegrating to anxious
pleasure. She must have thought it was one of her children he thought

"Don't stop on my account Mrs. Simmons." Joey closed the door behind
him, as the middle-aged woman sighed and dreamily closed her eyes,
returning her head to the pillow. Her hips started to again press
rhythmically forward, her ass clenching in harmony, as the two hands
moved mysteriously before and aft.

Joey began to disrobe, enjoying the sight before him. Quickly the
woman started to rise toward her summit, faster than even her
daughter, thought the young man.

He walked around to the side of the bed and bent over to see better
between the gap of her soft thighs. His best friends mother was
moving two fingers of the hand beneath her, in and out of her vagina,
and another finger in her ass hole, with the other hand. It was a
fantastic sight!

Mrs. Simmons gasped when she felt Joey's hand take her pumping
quivering ass firmly, squeezing and pulling it from its partner. The
sight before him was something out of an erotic picture off the
Internet - a woman with her own finger submerged nearly to the third

After watching this bawdy sight for a short while, Joey gently pulled
Mrs. Simmons hand from her backside. It exposed the gap of her
relaxed anus - the dark passage enough for the width of a single

The middle-aged woman froze after Joey hand stopped her anal
self-pleasure, the fingers of her other hand fully submerged in her
hairy red wet sex.

"...I want to be able to have sex with any woman I want."

With an abrupt swing of his arm, his palm came down upon those wide
soft cheeks, loudly slapping her flesh. Mrs. Simmons whimpered and
then arched her back so that her ass rose high above her bed.

"I want to be able to control any woman...!"

"Turn over Mrs. Simmons." Her soft fleshy body rolled quickly so that
she lay upon her back. Her very large white breasts hanging down to
either side of her chest, her one hand still between her spread
thighs, the fingers inside herself.

Joey started to crawl up between the mature woman's thighs - the pain
in his balls rushing him toward the one action that he had only ever
dreamt about. She on the other hand only watched him as if in a
drunken stupor, watching his cock more specifically, between the
valley of her huge breasts and over the soft mound of her stomach.
Only when the teenager straddled his best friends mother with his
hands next to her chest, on the hard mattress, to hold himself up,
that she moved.

Using the hot wet fingers that had just been inside her female cavity,
Mrs. Simmons grasped and guided that virgin pole toward her sex. Her
anxious pleasure obvious in the movements.

Her eyes found his as Joey entered a woman for the first time in his
life - the feeling exquisite as it was unique. It was better than
fantasy - it was better than any written word. He looked down into
the aged face beneath him, her awe-like pleasure as she seemed almost
fearful that this was some dream.

The sixteen year-old started to jack-hammer his hips, just as he
thought he was supposed too, and his best friends mother started to
pump her hips upward while mewing loudly in pleasure.

The seconds turned to minutes and Mrs. Simmons had spread her legs
wide, bent her knees so that they touched Joey's arms just beneath her
hanging breasts and was oblivious to nothing but the young cock giving
her more pleasure than she thought was humanly possible.

Joey, on the other hand, was enjoying it immensely, but his mind was
active. Remembering Kris and then Sara - how he head dominated both
with his desire - the touches, the smell, the sounds. It amused him
that after the slim average, but attractive, frame of his sister, to
the hourglass figure of Zack's older sister that he should end up
loosing his virginity to a middle aged softly curved mother and wife.
His amusement turned to questions about his own path between this
woman's thighs, and he knew that he found this moment precious and
very sexy. There was something completely feminine about a mature woman - something sexy about an older woman in heat. There was also
something totally dominant in possessing, and giving pleasure, to this
mature woman.

Sweat had coated his body so that he shined. Beneath him,
Mrs. Simmons was sweating profusely - a pool of it in the small of her
throat as it dripped down her huge sexy breasts. And as tired as he
was, he was cognisant enough to wonder how to finalize this joining.
To complete his first fuck.

Mrs. Simmons, with her wide-eyed pleasure, was heading toward yet
another orgasm - Joey having lost count after three. Not knowing that
the middle-aged woman had not had three orgasms in the last ten years
with even her own husband let alone in one vigorous fuck.

As he had seen on movies downloaded from the Internet, Joey suddenly
jerked his cock from that wet cavern of Mrs. Simmons sex and quickly
crawled up her body. The aged face looked surprised and then
delighted as she opened her mouth while her eyes watched that dripping
wet crown intently. Joey reached out and found one of her hands and
wrapped it around his meat - she earnestly began to stroke it very
fast, aiming its firing port directly toward her mouth.

Though inept, Joey wanted her to complete him to orgasm. Only a
momentary second of surprise, that a woman who has been married for
twenty something years did not know how to properly stroke a cock.
When he felt his balls tighten in that familiar warning, he grasped
his cock above her hand and aimed it at her forehead. The blast of
sperm shot out of his cock and the teenager would swear that it
splatted against her brow. The next upon the bridge of her nose and
cheek. The remainder pumping copiously into the open mouth.


Joey came out of Mrs. Simmons room to find his best friend Zack seated
upon the carpeted floor looking very depressed. It was obvious,
suddenly, that his best friend had heard every sound in the room -
every command from the teenage boy. Joey felt his face flush in
embarrassment - not from his actions but that he had neglected his
best friend.


The teenager looked up with such pain, his eyes red and his cheeks
stained with dried tears, that Joey felt deeply resentful of his
timing and actions. He hated feeling that way - he had learnt so much
with Mrs. Simmons, Zack's mother, that it was more pleasurable than
even his fantasies had allowed him to conjure.

Just as he was about to apologize, to promise to make it up to him, he
saw the press of something beneath his friends crotch. Zack had sat
out here, hearing every passionate gasp, the sloshing of his mothers
sex as his best friend pumped again and again into it, the squeals of
a womans orgasm, the tired whispers of content lovers. It had
affected him, Joey knew, but not in the way he had realized.

"Zack... I'm sorry man!"

Zack took a long while before he uttered a word, "I guess this means
you'll be fucking my mom more often now?"

That very topic had come up after Mrs. Simmons has used her fingers to
scoop up as much sperm from her face until her skin glistened in a
diverse collection of juices. At first it was a quiet embarrassed
question, then, later, pleading for more - telling her new teen lover
that there was not anything in this world, her husband, her kids, her
church, nothing, that she would not give up for him. Of course it was
his wish talking, guiding her desires toward him. The devil provoking
him in his imagination with such kinky lust, that he too wanted more
from this middle-aged slut. So the promise was given, with several
conditions, and Mrs. Simmons with tear-filled eyes of happiness
gratefully crawled down to clean the god-cock that had pleasured her.

Joey saw no reason to lie - "Yes." After it was over, Joey realized
that he had fucked Zack's mother rather than his sister Kris, due to
some erotic kink to have what was morally unobtainable.

"What about dad?"

The question did not surprise the teenager, he had thought of that
himself - even as he dressed, looking down to the well-fucked wife in
her marriage bed. "Your mom will keep your father satisfied." It was
one of the conditions put to her - she had reluctantly agreed, but
promised to never enjoy any other but him. Joey did not care if she
enjoyed sex with anyone else but him, had nodded in agreement.

Still seeing that insistent bulge in his best friends pants, Joey
broke the thick silence with an offer, "I have a deal for you?" An
overwhelming urge to preserve this friendship hit Joey. With the new
power that the devil had given him, women may come and go but
friendship should not be forsaken.

Zack looked up but did not say a word.

"I will give you Kris but your mother is mine?" The finality of his
words surprised the teenage boy but now that he fully realized his
words he found no regret.

Joey held his breath as his friend just looked upon him blankly.

"'Give' me Kris?" Joey had not been the only one sexually fascinated
with Kris. At odd, and rare, times in the past, Zack had voiced his
lust for his older sibling. Once, even, revealing that he often
'borrowed' his sisters soiled underwear to jerk off too. So, this
offer from Joey was not totally baseless - not such a shot in the

Joey could not hold back his triumphant smile, "Do you still doubt me

Joey saw the bulge in his friends pants jerk and knew he would never
forget this day.

"No, I don't doubt you any more Joey."

Both teenagers shared a look and a ever-widening smile.


That very night Joey lay in bed, staring at the shadows upon the
ceiling of his room, contemplating the last day. His lust for Kris,
his numerous erotic fantasies of her, contributing to his acceptance
of a wish from the devil himself. Then at the end of the day, simply
trading her off to his best friend for the older version.

Kris has looked disappointed for a moment until Joey had growled in
anger at her - telling her to do what he says. Then she disrobed at
his command, whimpering her apologies, promises to try to do her
best... for him. Then he brought Zack in - the brother and older sister shared a long look before Zack rushed forward and threw Kris on
the bed. Joey had watched only for a moment as his best friend
fumbled with his pants even as he lay between his sisters thin very
sexy thighs.

And now, after the day was over, there was no regret. If he ever
wanted Kris, she would always be available - his new found power would
assure that. No, it was the memory of that fabulous first fuck that
was regenerating his cock - the mature fuck that he would forever
remember and cherish.

Still, the outcome of the day still surprised him and he wondered what
other surprises the day ahead would hold?


Sara kept looking over toward her brother, throughout the meal, trying
to constantly catch his eye. She looked both hopeful and lustfully
toward her twin brother. She had even taken extra time in her
appearance this morning - wanting to please her twin brother even in
this simple way.

Joey smiled at his sister but otherwise did not encourage her.

It was his mother that he looked at now. She noticed as well but only
smiled sweetly at her son's attention. Though the teenage boy saw
that his parent spent a lot of time posing with in various positions
for him - though she did this almost naturally and he wondered if she
even realized she was doing it.

Sara and Joey's father noticed nothing - his head in the paper or
drinking his coffee. A typical morning for him. Yet between brother and sister, a sexual tension and mother and son pleasant love-filled

After the old man had left for his office, Sara leaned over the
breakfast table, when her mother's back was turned to them while she
cleaned up the breakfast dishes, and whispered to her brother, "I want
you Joey...?"

He reached over and touched her cheek tenderly and whispered back,
"And what about Beth?"

Sara looked very puzzled, Beth was her best friend but what had she to
do with how she was feeling for her brother and what lay between his

Joey continued, "I would like you to seduce her for me."

Sara's first emotion was disappointment.

Her brother caught it and continued, "After I watch you two I will
fuck you Sara." He understood this was what she desired most - if he
would grant it to her.

The wide smile upon her face confirmed her agreement but their mother turned and further conversation was halted.


"Yes honey?" She stopped and gave her son her full attention,
something she rarely found time for. But of course, Joey knew,
everything was now different.

Joey let his gaze travel slowly down and then back up her body,
letting her see her son's interest in her. "How about you and I stay
home today - have some mom-son time?"

Susan's face was bright red with embarrassment; feeling her son's eyes
upon her as if a physical touch - her daughter looking between her
brother and mother with a small private smile. The most startling
thing was that his attention, his eyes upon her, his request, actually
excited her like a physical blow.


Joey smiled, having seen the obvious affect he was having upon her.
"When was the last time you and I had time alone mom?"

"Its...?" Susan now looked between her daughter and son, realizing
that she would do anything for him - and it scared her. The answer to
his question obvious, years.

Without looking toward his sister, Joey said, "Isn't it time you went
to school Sara?"

Sara was watching her mother humorously, "It sure is."

"Why don't you go to Beth's after school - stay for supper?"

"Thats just what I was thinking Joey." She stood up quickly and
before she sped from the kitchen called over her shoulder, "Have fun

Susan just stood there, both her hands wringing the dish towel
fiercely - red of face and nipples painfully hard.

Suddenly she was alone with her son. The minutes dragged by and not a
word or movement from either mother or son before Joey asked light
heatedly, "Anything wrong mom?"

Strangely she was so nervous she could not find the words but had to
nod her head negatively.

"Why don't you put that towel down mom and lets go into the living
room and chat?"

"Can I call the office and tell them I won't be in today?"

"Thats a great idea mom."

She did not hesitate to let the dish towel drop to the floor at her
feet and then turned toward a phone on the wall.


It was the largest room in the house, with marble shelves above the
huge fireplace, expensive couch and chairs, large skylights and wide
windows. It was bright and open and it was the one room in the house
that Joey wanted to prove his mastery over his own mother.

That was what this was all about, more so than sexuality. It turned
him on fiercely that even his own mother would do anything he wanted
and she would love it. He wanted to possess her.

He sat down immediately in the middle of the wide white couch and
before his mom had a chance to sit across in the chair, he nodded for
her to sit down next to him. She did not hesitate but neither could
she met her son's eyes.

Just as the lady she had always been, his mother sat down with back
straight, shoulders back, knees together and seated on the edge of the
couch. Her hands automatically smoothed down the tops of her skirt,
over her thighs. This gave her son time to appraise his mother yet
again. She was not tall but her slim frame gave the appearance of
height. Susan had small breasts that her son had never seen
unhindered by a brassier. She had slim hips but a tiny waist so she
did not have a boyish figure by any stretch of the imagination. Long
slim legs, soft well formed thighs, tiny ankles and feet - she always
wore dresses to work and her son guessed she understood this to be her
most obvious attraction. Her age, and added weight of age, showed in
her backside - her ass bordering on large. It jutted out from her
back and moved with precision as she walked.

"I wanted to tell you what I discovered yesterday mom."

She swallowed loudly and then turned her face to look at her son, but
still could not meet his eyes and stared at his knees instead.

"I had the chance to loose my virginity with the most beautiful woman
that god created and I gave her up for her mom."

Susan hissed when she heard her son say the word 'virginity' but
gasped loudly when he said 'mom'.

"What I had learnt was that I liked older chicks." His hand reached
out and lay itself gently upon her woollen skirt. "And who is sexier
than my own mom?" In truth, Joey considered Mrs. Simmons more
attractive than his mother yet the erotic knowledge that he could
possess his own mother at any time had a more profound sexual affect
upon him.

Susan did not move or say a word - a part of her consciousness tried
to fight this new passion welling up within her, but both mother and
son knew the impossibility denying him anything.

Joey smiled faintly, which his mother could not see, staring at his
knees as she was, but he knew that even his own parent had no defence
against this power he had over women. In truth he had little passion
up to the new start of his new life, yesterday, for his mother - at
least as a sexual object. Yes he had appraised her physical assets
more than on one occasion but that was simply a the admiring gaze of a
horny teenage boy - and though his sight was focused on his mothers
legs or ass, her body could have belonged to anyone. Joey's world
seemed broader now, as if he owned each and every woman within it -
which, he now believed, he did.

Laying in bed last night, remembering the passion that Mrs. Simmons
delivered despite his surprise, he thought of her sexy soft curves and
started to compare those with his mothers slim sexy lines. The rest
came easy to one that knew that no woman could deny him. And in his
euphoria over this new power over women, he actually thought his
mother would benefit from a sexual affair with him. Look at the
passion that Zack's mother had experienced, the newfound pleasure in
her life, the spark of youthful passion. Joey considered his mother deserving of at least the same, if not more considerations.

Mrs. Simmons whispered to Joey about her passionless life - the lack
of pleasure, the missing spark of being a woman. In truth Joey only
understood one thing from her lengthy dissertation, that she had never
experienced anything like what she felt with Joey and that she was
willing to do anything to not loose it.

This was what he wanted from his mother, to lay naked and exhausted
after a vigorous fuck and listen to her praise and worship her only
son - to be willing to give anything up for him.

Joey slowly pulled up the hem of her knee-length skirt with soft
movements of only two fingers and a thumb. Slowly those nylon clad
thighs appeared looking very inviting to the young man and he slipped
his hand firmly over them, enjoying the new intimate touch between
mother and son.

"When was the last time you and dad fucked mom?"

Susan shivered from her shoulders down to her buttocks before she
answered, "A few weeks ago."

"And when was the last time you orgasmed?"

She did not hesitate but her voice sounded incredibly small in the
large striking room, "A couple of days ago."

"So you masturbated?" He hated that word but Joey didn't know what to
call it when a woman 'jerked off'.


"How often do you masturbate mom?" His hand, now, was opening and
possessively fondling the inside of her thigh, from knee to just below
her crotch. It was softer than her thin shapely legs suggested.

"Two or three times a week."

"Well mom, when I am done with you today I expect you to orgasm at
least 5 times with me inside you." Joey could not keep the triumphant
bravado out of his voice. He wanted to see that god-like devotion in
his mothers gaze, wanted to hear her exhausted pleasure echo
throughout their home. She had worked too many years, putting on a
stern but fair face while her husband worked and travelled constantly.
Her son wanted his parent to rediscover pleasure to see the majesty of
awareness as it became apparent that it was only her son, his cock,
that could deliver it.

"Now lean over and kiss me properly!"

She did not hesitate. Susan couldn't.

Like a coiled spring Susan lunged forward and with an open mouth found
her child's waiting. Even before they touched lips, she was groaning
in unrestrained pleasure.


Zack and Joey sat on either side of the wood fire and spoke in amused
hushed tones - as if the dark woods surrounding them were listening to
their teenage lust-filled stories. It was only a week before that
Joey had camped a few hundred meters from here and had been visited in
the middle of the night by a talking squirrel. The days, and nights,
since that eventful conversation had been filled with female bodies,
passion filled whimpers and humble begging voices - their conquests.

Zack knew that his good fortune was linked directly to Joey - what had
been given freely could also be taken away, and that the teenage boy would not freely give up what he had not found. In the last week his
sister, Joey's twin sister and her best friend had given him more
sexual experience than any bragging jock in the shower room could
think of. This, though, paled against Joey's own experiences.

This trip, away from those sexy female toys, was a temporary diversion
away from demands of pleasuring the women they desired closest to
them. For Zack it was the three teen girls, the four of them often
camping out upon pillows in his basement. And for Joey, it was one or
both of their mothers.

Around the fire, though, the bragging stories turned to other women,
other potential conquests - both young and old that both had known in
their lives. Zack thinking of the hottest looking girls in their
school - Joey often thinking of the middle-aged women in their
neighbourhood or their teachers. They had come up with a game for the
next day, in the afternoon, when the fathers were expected to play
golf - where mothers would be paired with daughters, fastest orgasm
wins and to the victors the prizes.

Just as the two teen boys were rolling out their bedrolls and crawling
into the sleeping bags, they both laughed at their fathers, the weary
smiles the old men constantly wore now. Joey had seen that no one was
left out of the pleasure that was available - as the wives went to
great lengths to please their middle-aged dicks. Keeping them
sexually satisfied so they were too weary to consider the
impossibility of this new reality. Zack even voicing his thoughts
about having the daughters service their fathers so that if the
husbands ever found out about their wives and daughters sexual
fascinations, nay submission, to their sons they could have nought to
say about it. Joey did not like the thought of it - felt wrong - so
both teens lay down without his consent but both knew it may
eventually come to that.


The squirrel stood just as it had a week before, just inside the
opened zipper of the tent. Humorously, after Joey sat up on his
elbows and recognized the little fella, it spoke, "Had a good week

Still not fully awake, Joey exclaimed stupidly, "Its you!"

"If you were a little younger I may have been the tooth fairy!" The
little rodent put its paws to its round hairy belly as it laughed at
his own joke. Quickly it calmed down its black little eyes looking
intently at the teenage boy. "I told you I would be back."

Joey had no idea what to say, but gone was his belief that this was
all a dream - simply too much has happened. "Uh... thanks."

"Your welcome. And thank you!"

Joey shook the sleep from his head and wondered why the squirrel had
thanked him, "Thanks for what?" Something down in his gut started to
tighten - worry returning to his heart. What he feared most,
suddenly, was losing the pleasure he had gained in the last week.

"For the soul... of course!"

The sixteen year old boy could not say a word for several seconds and
the devil was uncharacteristically quiet as it waited for a response.
"My... soul? I thought my soul was in no danger?"

The squirrel laughed again, to itself, "It wasn't... at least not from
the wish or anything I had done. Nope, the loss of your soul is all
your own doing."

Joey sat up suddenly, his head hitting the top of the tent as he
half-shouted, "What!"

"Your actions Joey - not the wish - helped in selecting the eventual
path of your soul."

The silence was thick when the squirrel started to shuffle, as if
anxious to go. "I gave you one little present as well; no, don't
worry you still can 'control any woman', a deal is a deal, but you
will never be able to sleep again without seeing the hell you will
eventually end up."

A flash of the dreams the squirrel had promised suddenly filled the
teenagers vision and Joey screamed out in terror and jumped up and
back, as if able to get away what he had just seen.


Zack had a hand on each of Joey's shoulders and was roughly shaking
him, "Its only a dream Joey... its only a dream!"

Joey knew it was all true.



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