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Dianas Slavery Part Two


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for
adults in locations in which it is legal. If it is illegal in your
location, DO NOT read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any
other use strictly prohibited without the express, written permission
of the copyright holder, except may by posted as part of a review or
posted to free-access archive sights.

Copyright 1998 by EzRiter

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WARNING!!! This is heavy Sado-masochism. Go away if this is not what
you want. Go away if you are under eighteen (twenty-one in certain
locations). Go away if this kind of stuff offends you.

This is not meant to be reality. If you think it is, seek a mental
health professional immediately. Do not attempt these sex acts at

Part Two

Famished, David ate hardily, grabbed a beer and turned on the game.
But, he fell asleep in front of the TV. Breaking in a slave was hard
work. He awakened when he heard Diana walk into the room.

Diana was a beautiful woman: fine, golden, blonde hair; huge tits, now
blue across the middle with fading red splotches; narrow waist. Her
best part was her lower part . . . the world's best ass . . . those
unbelievable legs . . . and her pussy . . . that sweet, tight pussy .
. . that pussy which smelled as good as it tasted . . . with its
flowing juices . . . juices that now flowed only for him.

Her face, so gorgeous, a face Miss America would die for, was puffy
and tired. But, she smiled at him, a sweet, shy, little girl smile,
as she padded over and knelt beside him. Her big, beautiful round blue
eyes with their long black lashes fluttered at him. She looked content
and eager to please . . . and please him she would!

He was going to enjoy owning her . . . using her . . . having her as
his slave. He looked into her face. It was something he did well,
reading faces for the hidden thoughts and feelings behind them.

In her, now . . . now that she had received her first punishment, her
first injection . . . he saw compliance . . . he saw submission . . .
he saw a deep need to please . . . to please him . . .

He knew that now was the time to punish her again . . . to let the
pain flow through her . . . to reinforce the submission she was
learning . . . and loving . . . so quickly.

On her knees, she leaned over to be kissed. Her breasts brushed his
bare arm. He put in his hand in her hair, crushing her full lips to
his, tonguing her hard. She responded, kissing him back, her mouth
soft and complaint. He sucked her lower lip between his teeth and
nibbled, holding it hard and then . . . biting down . . . sucking .
. . until she squirmed from the pain. She could not move her head as
he bit and sucked . . . she whimpered and he tasted her blood.

When he let go, she touched her lip with her hand feeling the
swelling, making her pouty, seductive lip even bigger. She licked her
lip, her fat tongue sliding over the swelling bruise he left. Her
face was shy and sexy as she looked at him with her face slightly
down, eyes big under their long lashes. She had enjoyed it.

"Raise your tits to me, slut."

She cupped a breast in each hand and lifted them toward him, watching
his face for approval. He stroked the breast with his finger tips. She
winced when he touched a welt.

"What size are they, slut?"

"36-D, master. I hope you like them."

"They are acceptable, although I may want you to have breast implants."

Diana smiled at him. "Whatever my master wants."

He sat up and faced her, putting a leg across each of her shoulders.
He grabbed her hair and brought her mouth to his crotch. She looked at
him, her big, blue eyes soft and yielding.

He put his prick against her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and licked
it . . . her hand holding it . . . licking it. He rubbed it on her
face . . . letting her lips caress it . . . letting her feel the
fine prick in her hand. She tongued his prick like a lollipop. She
dragged her nails gently down it.

She started to open her mouth.

"No, you stupid slut. You must get permission to suck my cock," he
said as he jerked her head back by the hair.

He slapped her across the face and she looked dazed, softly rubbing
her red and smarting cheek. Her eyes were glazed . . . glazed in
submission and in passion. He could tell she wanted to suck him . . .
please him . . .

"Please, David, may I suck your cock?" she said sweetly.

"You may," he replied.

She opened and took him in her, her lips closing around him, her
tongue massaging his prick. She had not lied. She was damned good at
sucking cock! She was a pro . . . and she loved doing it . . . loved
a man's hard dick in her mouth . . . loved the feel of his throbbing
prick against her mouth and tongue . . . she had always loved it.
She looked up into his eyes . . . looked at him while her mouth bulged
with his cock . . . his hard cock, wet with her saliva, moving in and
out of her mouth . . . her full, pouting lips, bruised and swollen,
her hot, fat tongue caressing his prick . . .

"OH!" he moaned as she licked his balls . . . those big seed sacs . .
. those tender bags of dynamite. She was unique. She was the best.
He felt her butterfly his raging cock, flicking her tongue end over
his prick. She sucked the head, cheeks concave as she applied a
vacuum, then convex as she breathed again.

She took his balls in her mouth and sucked the whole sac. He groaned.
He felt his orgasm rising in him and knew he soon would shoot into

"My worthless whore slut, I am going to cum in your mouth. swallow it

Her eyes twinkled at him. Her lips turned up, the best smile she could
give with a hard prick in her mouth. He could tell she was loving it.
And, she could tell so was he.

"I am cummmmmingggg" he moaned as his throbbing prick exploded in her
soft, wet mouth. He saw her throat move as she swallowed his load. He
heard the soft slurping sounds as she sucked it all down. He laid back
against the couch as she continued to suck on his softening prick,
taking all of his cum into her. She did not let go of him but sucked gently as he rested, as his prick softened in her mouth.

He sat up and looked at her. Her sexy grin was even more sexy because
his prick was still in her mouth. It was the best cock sucking he had
ever received but he would never tell a slave that.

"That is marginally acceptable, you worthless slut. If you practice
and work hard, you can improve."

"Thank you, David, I'll try to improve," she said, now holding his
prick in her hand.

Her face was complaint and teasing. She knew she was good and she knew
he loved it. But, the only thing that mattered to her was his

He reached for his pussy, letting his finger slide over the pussy lips
so full and plump, like figs, from the blood coursing them. He
flicked her clit and she whimpered in her passion. He watched as
passion rose in her face as her sweet love hole pumped liquid. He
could feel the heat coming from her. He stopped.

"Master, don't stop . . . please . . . " she whispered.

"Go into the bedroom. In the closet is a sack of rope. Bring it to

"Yes, master," she said as she quickly went to the bedroom. She soon
returned, handed him the sack and knelt at his feet.

He looked at her. She looked sweet . . . patient . . . but
adrenalized and sexually ready for whatever he wanted. She needed
relief . . . needed to cum . . . but she would happily wait for him
to do to her as he wished . . . whatever he wished. And, her face,
her eyes told him she was loving it.

He slowly began to bind her.

"Left wrist, slut!" he said. She held her wrist out, watching as the
thick, white rope was wound five times around, covering the red,
burned area she received previously.

"Do you like the rope, pig?"

Her eyes were liquid heat as she whispered, "I love the rope, master.
I love all of it."

She sat passively, patiently, watching him, following his instructions
as her bound her. Her face, her actions told him . . . she loved it .
. . loved being submissive . . . loved being bound by him . . . to
please him . . . to be his SLAVE.

He tied a rope tightly around her narrow, taut waist. He tied her
bound wrists together and pulled them behind her head. He pulled the
rope down hard, her back arched. He pushed on her lower back, arching
her more, as he pulled the wrist rope tight. The muscle tension made
her groan and her eyes showed the pain of the binding. Her elbows
pointed straight up but David pushed them until he though her tendons
would pop and pulled the rope tight.

"Master, please . . . " she whimpered.

Holding the elbows back, the pulled the rope up between her legs and
yanked. She squeaked as the heavy rope bit into the tender flesh in
her ass crack. He pulled the end up in front . . . the rope burrowing
between her full pussy lips. He pushed the rope through the rope
around her waist and tightened it slowly, letting it drag abrasively
through her ass and pussy.

Diana sobbed quietly, feeling the rope cut into her. But . . . he
was not through yet. He ran the rope between her soft thighs and
wrapped it around each ankle and then togther, binding her ankles,
cutting circulation to her feet, pulling her ankles hard against her
butt. He tied off the rope. Diana tried to move . . . , she had
to move . . . move to ease the pain. But, the pain continued as each
movement made the ropes cut into her and pull tighter.

Now she was ready . . . ready for what he wanted to do to her. She
was immobile . . . totally frozen . . . helpless.

"Talk to me, bitch, you slimly, worthless piece of shit."

"What . . . what do you want me to say?"

"Stupid bitch! Are you enjoying being bound like a fat pig on a
roasting spit?"

"Yes, David. I like it . . . you know I like it. You know I love it .
. . it hurts David, it hurts and . . . I love it!"

"What do you love, stupid cunt?"

"I love being tied . . . being bound . . . being so helpless . . .
I love the feeling of pulling against the ropes, of feeling my muscles
tighten and yet make no movement. I love the feel of the ropes on my
skin . . . of the ropes pulling, tearing, holding me . . . I love
being totally at your mercy . . . to have you do what you will with
me . . . of being totally submissive and without control. It is
funny, David, but I feel at peace and, at the same time, sexually

A sexy, wanton look crept over her face.

"You were right, David . . . I LOVE the whip! ... I love you whipping
me, David, my master. I just want to please you, David, so you will
please me as only you can. Let me please you, David. Let me please
you any way I can."

"How many men have you fucked, bitch?"

"You are number twelve, master David. But, never any like you."

"How so?"

"None have ever given me the pleasure like you, David. I have never
cum like that before. I love it. Thank you for giving me such
pleasure, David."

"How many cocks have you sucked?"

"Oh, master, I don't know . . . many . . . I love sucking cock,
master, you could tell that. Many times I pleased a man with my mouth
and made him glad to forget he did not get fucked. I give a good hand
job, too, master," she said, teasing him with her eyes.

"And, your ass is virgin?"

"Yes, master."

"Soon I will fuck you in the ass."

"Thank you, master."

"Do you think you will like that, like my hard prick shoved up your
tight little asshole?"

"I am sure I will, master. I am sure I will love whatever you do to

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes, master," she said with sweetness.

"Do you know what I am going to do to you now?"

"No, master."

He held up his hand. He held two nails. They were thin nails, about
twice the size of a gold ear ring stud. They were sharp.

"I am going to drive these nails through your nipples, slut!"

Diana turned pale. Fear overcame her. Her lip began to quiver. She
would have fallen over but she was tightly bound.

"Oh, master, no," she whispered so low he could barely hear her.
"Please, David, I can't stand that."

"Yes, you can."

"Oh, God, no . . . please, David. I couldn't take it. David, you love
my breasts . . . my hot full tits are for you, master David . . .
you know you love my big, full tits, master . . . please, why hurt them so?"

"You can stand it. In fact, you WANT it . . . you want the pain
because you know pain will lead to pleasure . . . you want me to
pierce your sweet nipples with these nails . . . beg for it, whore . .
. beg for me to pierce your tits . . . "

"Oh, god, I can't . . . please, David, something else . . . not that
. . . my poor tits . . . my poor, punctured tits . . . "

Her face was filled with fear and apprehension but he saw passion also
. . . the passion that had been missing before her first punishment .
. . the PASSION that told him she was going to be his slave forever .
. .

She was moving, pulling against the ropes holding her immobile . . .
pulling and feeling them cut into her. He could see the red, raw areas
where the ropes bound her. He could see little muscle spasms in her
hands and legs telling him she was in pain . . . a pain she had not
admitted . . . a pain she was enjoying . . .

He began to move the nails back and forth in front of her,
hypnotically, rhythmically. She followed with her eyes, eyes that
were changing . . . changing to passion . . . total, uncontrollable,
animal PASSION . . . the passion he wanted.

"Yes, you sorry slut, you bitch, you pig, I will drive these nails
through your nipples. You will love it . . . you will love the pain .
. . it will make you want to have more pain . . . then pleasure will
flow through you."

Sweat began to seep from her skin . . . tears were falling from her
eyes . . . her muscles were tight, pulling against her ropes . . .
but, her eyes were glazing in her passion. She followed the moving
nails with her eyes . . . watched them hypnotically . . . her big
tits stuck up toward him . . . so available . . . their huge
nipples engorged, erect and desperate to be touched . . . or pierced.

He forced his hand between her legs. He could feel the wetness on her
thighs even before he touched her steaming pussy. That wetness,
flowing from her, proved her heat . . . her desire . . . and the
pleasure she was receiving.

She looked at him as he played with her. Hers face was passion filled
. . . wanton . . . and incredibly sexy.

She mumbled.

"I can't understand you."

"Please, David, pierce my nipples," she barely whispered.


"Please, David, pierce my nipples."


"Please, David, PIERCE MY NIPPLES."

Her breath was coming in little, short spurts. She froze into
position. David grabbed one nipple and squeezed, increasing the
pressure, hearing her groan as the pain grew in her. He held the
nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand. His right
hand placed the piercing nail on top. He would pierce top to bottom.

"Yes, you worthless whore, I am going to pierce your nipples. You will
have intense pain . . . pain who will love . . . pain that will be a
part of you always . . . pain that will lead to pleasure . . .
pleasure that makes you belong to me . . . "

"Remember your pain, worthless slut. Remember its leads to your
greatest pleasure. Remember I am the one who knows you . . . knows
what you desperately need . . . knows what you want from the pit of
your soul . . . remember."

She looked into his eyes. Her blue eyes were liquid with desire . . .
glazed with passion . . . she was SO HOT . . . hot for her PAIN . . .
for her PLEASURE! Her face was LUSTFUL as she quivered in her fear and
her desire.

"Yes, master, I will remember. Pierce my nipples please, master," she
said, licking her hot lips in desire.

He pulled the nipple out, distending it, placed the nail against it
and began to slowly push. The nail tore through her sensitive nipple

. . DAVID, I'M GOING CRAZY . . . NO, DAVID . . . NOOOO!!!!!"

Slowly, he pushed. She was moving as best she could . . . muscles
expanding and contracting . . . joints groaning . . . but she was
bound . . . bound tight . . . and her efforts were futile.


David pushed slowly, letting her feel the nail tearing through her
tender, sensitive nipple flesh . . . drawing out her pain . . .
extending it . . . letting the drops of blood fall onto her legs. He
would stop and let her watch the nail sticking out of her torn nipple
. . . a nipple quivering with its pain and passion.

David thought, "she is mine . . . ALL MINE . . . she is helpless . . .
she is in pain like I have never seen . . . she is MY SLAVE . . .
slave to the PLEASURE, the PAIN I bring her."

Her face looked like it would explode. She was sweating like a pig!
Like the pig she was! She could not even scream. Only a low, constant
moan came from her deepest being as she stared bug eyed at the nail
slowly penetrating her nipple.

David was hard, his prick was pounding against his pants, knowing that
he had done IT . . . he had made her his own slave.


She moaned low, deep.

The nail was through her nipple. He reached for her pussy. It was so
wet against his fingers.

Harshly . . . roughly . . . he rubbed her throbbing clit . . . hearing
her groan . . . feeling her try to part her legs so tightly bound.

"Yes, master, yes, it hurts so good . . . so good," she moaned as
pain and pleasure fired through her as if the earth had exploded and
was spewing lava through her.

He stopped.

"Please, don't stop . . . let me cum," she begged. "DON'T STOP!"

"I must pierce the other nipple."

"Yes, master, yes . . . pierce my nipple . . . quickly, please . .
. then, let me cum . . . I want to cum so . . . please, I want to

He jammed the other nail through her other nipple, hard, fast.

She gasped.

"That was good, master . . . so good . . . now, master, please fuck
me . . . "

Quickly, the cut the rope so it fell away and pushed her own her back.
Eagerly her legs spread wide, feet planted on the floor . . . her
hips rose to meet him . . . she grabbed his prick to put it in her
throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me long and hard . . . fuck me so good."

He slammed into her. He was harsh, ramming was all his weight . . .
brutalizing her sweet pussy with his turgid cock. She loved it. She
pushed back against him, fucking him as hard as he was fucking her.
She egged him on.

"Hard, David, fuck me hard. Slam me. Let me feel it. Oh, migod, it's
so good, so good. I love it . . . love it. Yes, HARD, HARD . . .
MORE . . . I want more . . . fuck me . . . FUCK MEEEE!"

David felt the nails in her tits prick his own skin as he crushed
against her.

She ground her hot, throbbing pussy into him. Her pussy was spasming,
squeezing his hard cock. She was sweating . . . covered in wetness.
Her pussy was flooding its sweet juices. They smelled of sweat and
passion and pussy juice.

Her eyes were wild, passion crazed . . . she was an animal. Her
fingernails dug into his back and she tried to pull him into her very
being. She crushed her mouth on his. He bit her lower lip and sucked as her tongue pushed against his mouth.

Every muscle was tight . . . contracted. Every pore sweated



David felt her cunt grab his prick and he let go, flooding her with
his cum, enjoying her pulsating pussy on his hot prick.

They lay spent on the floor. When they revived a little, David said to
her, "Take my cum from your worthless cunt and suck it down."

"Yes, David."

She stared at him, a sexy, sensual smile on her face, a "fuck me" look
in her eyes. Her hand began collecting their juices and she slurped
them down, swallowing every last drop. She watched him as she ate. Her
eyes were submissive . . . passionate . . . wanting of his approval
. . . needing his commands . . . his domination of her.

"Now, slut slave, clean your master's prick with your mouth. Always
eat my cum and clean my prick."

"Yes, master," she said. She eagerly took David's prick in her mouth,
licking all the juices from him.

He led her to the bathroom. They washed each other in the shower.
David loved her hands as she washed him from head to toe, even
kneeling in the shower to wash his feet and calves. Her hands stoked
and cleaned his ass and prick, lovingly caressing them as she washed.
David watched her as he washed her lush body. She stood, the water
flowing over her. She turned the nails in her nipples, rotating them.
He could see the tiny movements of her hips telling him she was
enjoying the nails. She looked up and smiled at him, a shy but sexy
smile as she turned the nails.

"Master," she said shyly, "would you please fuck me again?"

Diana took his hand and led him to the bed. There was no punishment
this time. It was just a long, sweet, session of love making as she
genuinely wanted David to possess her. The quietness, compared to
their previous fuck, was noticeable as she loved him, holding him
tightly against her with her long legs, her arms around his shoulders,
her body, hot and sweaty, plastered against his.

She lay back on the pillow, her long blonde hair around her like a
halo. Her pussy hair was wet with their juices as her finger sought
the cum to take to her mouth. The nails through her breasts glittered
in the light. Her eyes were closed, muscles relaxed, as she sucked her
fingers clean.

He looked at this unbelievable beautiful female. Her eyes opened.

"Thank you, master," she whispered as she drifted off to sleep.


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