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Diane and Dave Part1

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights
Reserved. nccplwow@hotmail.com

Dave and Diane

Written By AnnabelleandJay Comments to: nccplwow@hotmail.com

Chapter One: A Night To Remember

Diane Stone sat at her make-up table and put the finishing touches to
her make-up. "Not bad for an old broad," she thought to herself as she
looked in the mirror. Diane was suffering from what she called "the sags,"
- sagging ass, sagging tits and sagging self-esteem. And, on this, her
50th birthday, she was not all happy with the idea of being another year
older. "Not bad at all - for 50," she mused, glancing down at the
reflection of her mostly-naked 36D breasts. They were being pushed up from
the shelf, half-cups of her black corset. She had always been proud of her
breasts, but sticking out like this was a little too much, she thought.
And she had never worn the corset because of it, even though she'd had it
for well over three years. It was just another impulse purchase. But
tonight she was wearing, and wearing it because of the note. "Oh, yes, the
note" she thought and smiled, recalling the little piece of paper she found
on the bed after Dave had hustled off to work unusually early.

The note was from her husband, Dave. She looked at the note lying on
the make-up table in front of her and smiled again as she applied a heavier
layer of eye make-up. "Christ," she thought, "I already look like a Vegas
showgirl or a streetwalker." The heavy lip liner, the false eyelashes, and
the dark eye shadow had all been detailed in the note, along with the
clothes and her routine for the day.

She picked up the note again and re-read it. "Diane, You will not be
going into work today. Call in and tell them you are ill. They will live
without you for one day. Next, you will not to eat anything for the entire
day. You may drink only water. Take a nap and rest up because you will
need your energy. This evening, you will give yourself and enema with the
container of liquid on the kitchen counter. Then you will shower, fix your
hair, and put on false eyelashes, and heavy make-up. You will wear your
black corset, seamed black stockings and your highest heels. In your
closet you will find a new dress. Put it on. At 7 p.m., a car will arrive
and drive you to the West End Hotel. Do not wear a coat. Go into the
lobby and ask the man at the desk for the number to Mr. Wilson's room. He
will give you the number and a key. Go straight to the room."

She broke into a small laugh as she put the note back on the table. No
matter how clever Dave thought he was, she had this entire thing figured
out. Today was, after all, her 50th birthday and their 25th anniversary.
Getting married on her birthday seemed a clever idea to her and Dave
twenty-five years ago. Now, twenty-five years, three grown children, a
successful career, a house in the suburbs, and a totally predictable sex
life later, here she was. And Dave was planning his present to her. She
could pretty well guess exactly what would happen tonight. She would meet
him in the hotel room, they would laugh about it, and they would go off for
a large, sumptuous meal. That was obvious from his order not to eat all
day. And the enema and sexy outfit could only mean a titillating roll in
the hotel bed. Obviously, this was Dave's memorable evening for their
anniversary/birthday celebration. A "night to remember," he had said,
recalling his exact words some three or four weeks ago.

He had been sitting in the den at the computer. She walked in to find
him web surfing at some amateur swingers web site.

"What have you got there?" she had asked, pointing to the computer

"O, just seeing what's going on out there," Dave casually replied as he
continued to surf the site. Dave had often suggested that they to venture
forth, sexually. But Diane had neither the time nor the energy, what with
her work and the family. Besides, she had said to Dave, they we too old for that now. "So, what would you like for the big five - 0 and two five?"
meaning her birthday and their anniversary.

"I don't know," Diane replied. "You can get me one of those," she said
jokingly, referring to the photo of the naked guy on the computer screen
holding his erect cock in his hand. Dave clicked the mouse and another
naked male appeared on the screen sporting an even larger cock.

"Oh," she laughed, "and one of those..." Dave clicked yet again and
another naked, erect guy on the screen. "And, yes, I'll have one of
those," Diane said as she broke into a laugh.

"Ahhhh, so you want the big 50 and 25 to be a little exciting, something
you look back on as a night to remember?" Dave said smiling as he looked at
the computer screen. "Well, why not!" Diane said, more teasing than

So, this morning she awoke to the note and Dave preparations for her big
surprise. The day passed pretty quickly for her. She tried on the
underwear and dress that Dave had selected. The black corset looked good
on her as she looked in the full-length mirror. She mused that whatever
the years and a relatively inactive exec desk job had done to her body, the
corset would fix. But when she held up the wisp of fabric that someone
laughingly called underwear, she winced. "Oh, this ought to be funny!" she
said aloud. She looked at the tiny sliver of sheer, black satin attached
to thin, elastic strips and shook her head. She had worn g-strings years
ago, but not in the last few years, and certainly not now. And this was
smaller than anything she would have worn, even when she was in her prime.
Yes, she reflected, her prime years had been prime indeed. At 5'10'' and
120 pounds, she was a knockout. Her 34C breasts went well with her long
slim legs. "But, that was then," she thought, releasing a deep sigh. Then
came a great marriage, the kids, grad school, and a skyrocketing career.
All in all, she was pretty happy, in most respects. Except for getting

Diane stepped into the tiny, transparent thong and slid it up. She
stared into the mirror with a look of dissatisfaction on her face. Her
pubic hair was not particularly thick or bushy, but this tiny strip of
sheer satin hid nothing. Hairs stuck out from around the sides of the
g-string and matted under the sheer wisp on her crotch. "Well, that looks
pretty trashy," she said aloud. "So shave it." It would be a great twist
to Dave's surprise evening.

" So old Davy boy wants this to be a surprise, with his mystery note and
everything. I'll give him a surprise. I can just imagine the look on his
face when he sees this." With that, she proceeded to shave her entire pubic
area. When she finished, she slipped the g-string back on.

"Wow, that's pretty hot," she said to herself as she looked in the
full-length mirror. She stared at the lips of her shaved cunt as they
pressed against the transparent fabric. Then she took her hand and lightly
grazed the smooth surface. A rush of pleasure ran up her body. Still
stroking herself, she smiled and thought, "I can predict everything Dave
has planned for tonight. He'll have one of his pals pick me up and drive
me to the hotel. He and I will go out and eat at a nearby restaurant, do
the hotel bed thing and we'll be home by 11 p.m." Stroking her smooth cunt she said, "Well, this will get him going."

She put the finishing touches to her make-up and put her dress on, she
remembered something. "Oh, damn, I almost forgot the enema." She paused
for a second, thinking that she would skip it. But then she thought, "What
the hell, why not?" She and Dave had never been big into anal sex, just a
handful of times over the past 25 years. But in keeping with the spirit of
Dave's surprise, she would play along. Dave would probably just kiss and
lick her ass a little bit, then they'd have sex in the hotel and head for

Going down to the kitchen, she went over to the large container sitting
on the counter and read yet another note. "Warm this up and use all of it.
All of it!" the note next to the container read.

" He's got to be kidding," Diane thought, looking at the bowl of dark
liquid. "There's got to be a gallon of stuff here." Carefully she took the
large bowl and returned to her bathroom. The dark liquid had a very
familiar smell to it, but she couldn't place it. After giving herself
three separate enemas, she had indeed used all of the liquid. "Well, I'll
say one thing," she mused to herself, "I've never been this clean. Let him
lick and nuzzle all he wants."

She moved quickly to put on the dress back on, realizing that it was
getting close to 7 o'clock. She slipped on the dress and took a quick look
in the full-length mirror. The dress was a shiny purple, shorter and
tighter than anything she would ever be caught dead in. There was a large
cutout at the top of the dress revealing the tops of her breast and the
edge of her nipples, right at the top of the corset. "God, you can see all
of my tits!" she exclaimed. She tugged at the neckline of the dress
pulling it up as high as she could. "I only hope I don't see anybody from
the office."

She rushed downstairs and opened the front door, expecting to see one of
Dave's pals leering at her. But instead, parked at the curb was a silver,
stretch limousine. She couldn't believe her eyes, as she walked to the
car. Maybe Dave rented the limo and was going to play at being the
chauffeur. Oh, that was it! The surprise was that he wanted to role-play
as the chauffeur and the mistress. "Okay, fine with me," Diane smirked.

As she reached the car, the driver's door opened and a young man in his
late 20's or perhaps, early 30's got out and walked around to open her

"Good evening, Mrs. Stone. My name is Steve, and I'll be your driver
this evening. If you need anything during our trip to the hotel, please
let me know."

"Thank you, Steve" she said, still a little dumbstruck.

She smiled at him and then thought she noticed his eyes leave hers and
drop to her breasts. She hurried to get into the limo, as Steve extended
his hand to help her in. She settled into the spacious back seat and there
on the table in front of her was a bottle of chilled champagne and
twenty-five red roses. "Dave," she said aloud and smiled. She poured a
glass of champagne and began to sip as the limousine pulled away from the

She was well into her second glass of champagne, when she glanced up and
noticed Steve inspecting her in the rear view mirror. Steve's eyes jumped
back to the road as she almost laughed out loud. "Well," she thought, " I
may be losing it a little, a few wrinkles and sags here and there, but I
can still catch the eye of a good looking guy." She stared at Steve in the
rear-view mirror, but his eyes focused straight ahead. She poured her
fourth glass of champagne and thought again about the days when she had
been a real eye catcher. At 5' 10'' tall, she could walk into a room and
watch every head turn. Her breasts were great then, a little large she
thought, but as tall as she was, they looked incredible. Normally a
brunette with what she called "mousy" brown hair, Diane had colored her
hair blond during the early years of their marriage. With her long legs,
large breasts, and that blond hair, she was not a woman who could be
overlooked in a crowd. Her recollection was cut off as she noticed that
the limo was approaching the hotel entrance. She swallowed the remaining
champagne in her glass and tried to clear her head.

"Wow!" she thought. "A couple glasses of champagne and I'm drunk on my

She chalked it up to not eating all-day and stepped out of the
limousine, as Steve swung the door open. As she walked past, she wanted to
give Steve a quick kiss on the cheek for his appreciative looks, but she
settled on a "Thank you, Steve."

She strode into the hotel lobby and stopped just beyond the entrance.
She was feeling good, though a little dizzy from the champagne. She took a
deep breath and convinced herself that the champagne would help her get
though the lobby and through a restaurant dinner wearing this nothing of a
dress. With that, she lifted her chin and started walking toward the desk.
She noticed that her stiletto heels added a little more swing to her ass
and a bit of a bounce to her breasts, as she moved across the lobby, now
aware that every male head in the place was following her, eyes locked in a
stare. "Not bad," she thought and smiled.

She approached the desk and asked the only man at the desk for Mr.
Wilson's room. The desk clerk smiled broadly, said "Room 604" and pushed
the card key across the counter toward her. She thanked him and look down
to pick up the key. As she glanced down to pick up the card key, she
gasped. Her breasts and nipples were completely exposed, popping out while
she walked. "Christ!" she thought angrily to herself, "I should be wearing
a sign that says 'Hi, I'm Diane. Please fuck me.' " She pulled up the
dress as best as she could and went off in search of room 604.

In the elevator ride up, she leaned against the walls to steady herself,
and thought "Well, Dave is going to have a hell of an evening staring at my
tits in this restaurant we're at," now convinced that she knew exactly how
Dave had planned their celebration evening. "Screw it," she said aloud to
herself, then added silently, "A little titillating foreplay at dinner and
sex with your husband in a hotel room sounds pretty good to me." Diane
laughed out loud. She was still laughing when the elevator bumped to a
stop at the sixth floor, tossing her off of the wall. The doors opened and
she staggered into the hall, trying to catch her balance.

Sensing that she was really drunk, but knowing that she just couldn't be
from that small amount of champagne, Diane shook her head and walked down
the hall to room 604. She could hear the heavy, rhythmic beat of music
coming from the other side of the door, but nothing more. "Ah, that's Dave
setting the mood," she affirmed to herself and smiled as she slipped the
cardkey into the lock, opened the door, and stepped into the room.

Her mouth fell open as she looked around the room. There, with
champagne glasses in their hands, were 15 or 20 men. Some were white and
some were black, with a wide range of ages. They stood around the outer
edges of the large suite, leaving the middle of the room open. The room
was silent except for the thumping of the music. Unusually bright light
filled the room, with a few too many lamps turned on. Diane closed her
mouth as her mind scrambled to catch up. Then she had it! She knew what
this was. A few years ago, Dave had tried to convince her to join in an
amateur night contest at a strip club. They were there on vacation, and
Diane was bragging that she could do better than any of the women up there.
"But, nobody wants to see an old woman strip," she told him, when he
challenged her to get up and dance. Indeed, in the privacy of their own
home, she had put on some terrific shows for Dave.

"So that's what this is," she realized to herself. "Dave wants me to
get up on the table and strip for this bunch of guys." She snatched a
champagne glass from the hand of a nearby man, swallowed it's contents in a
quick gulp and returned the empty glass to the smiling guy. "Well, what
the hell," she thought. "Let's see if any of these guys can appreciate a
mature woman shaking her ass." This twist was unexpected, but she was sure
she knew where Dave was going with this. She smiled and slowly looked
around the room. Then she saw him! There, across the room stood Dave.

She locked eyes to his and with a bit of an overdone dramatic flare, she
tossed her hair and started walking across the open floor. She added a
little extra wiggle to her hips and ass as she stepped out. "A little
something for the boys in the back," she thought. As she walked, the heat
in the room, the lights, and the champagne seemed to make the room swim
around her. Despite this, Diane slowly strutted across the floor and as
she approached Dave, said "Dave, what is..." Dave interrupted her and put
his fingers to her mouth as he stepped quickly forward.

"Shhhhhh," he said silencing her. He was only inches from her face now,
as he stepped closer. He smiled and slowly leaned forward. His arms
wrapped around her waist and he pulled her against him, his mouth now on
hers. His tongue slid into her mouth as they kissed.

Diane relaxed into the familiarity of her husband's kiss, but she had to
admit that this was a little strange. This kiss was not like any kiss
she'd ever shared with Dave. His tongue was exploring every part of her
mouth as her held her tight. Slowly his hands moved from around her waist,
and began rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Still locked in the kiss, she was
startled when Dave lifted the hem of the short dress and pulled the tight
fitting sheath up around waist. She stood there with her ass fully exposed
in this room full of men. Now, for the first time, she was totally unsure
of what was going on. Before she could move to pull the dress back down,
one of Dave's hands slipped down between her legs, and gently began
stroking her cunt.

Dave easily pushed aside the flimsy triangle covering her pussy and she
could hear the wet, liquid noises coming from her as his fingers massaged
her vaginal lips. "My God! I'm sopping wet," she thought as she continued
to suck on Dave's relentless tongue. Then suddenly, Diane gave out a deep,
guttural groan as one of Dave's fingers pushed fully inside her. She had
almost forgotten she was standing in the middle of a room filled with men.
The men said nothing, but as if cued by the sound of her moan, a small
group of six or seven stepped over to them. Their clutching bodies were
consumed in a tight cluster of men. She could feel their hands all over
her, gently stroking, gently caressing her entire body.

Hands ran up and down her stocking clad legs. More hands stroked the
cheeks of her ass, her shoulders, and her neck. The knot of men pressed
close to her, gently touching every available part of her. Diane felt like
she was going to faint. And she could feel Dave, his mouth on hers and his
finger probing deeper. Dave massaged her cunt for a brief moment more,
then with a practiced ease, slipped another finger in her. Another moan
came from her muffled throat and with that she could feel her right leg
being lifted, held up by someone in the group. She gave a quick sigh of
disappointment as Dave fingers pulled out of her, but just a quickly she
became aware of a rigid penis pushing its way into her. Her eye's popped
opened and she tried to speak, but Dave's tongue only plunged deeper into
her throat, as he held her tight.

The man behind her now pushed his hips forward and plunged his erect
cock deep into her moist opening. Diane couldn't believe this! She was
being fucked by another man while her husband and some strangers held her
upright. At that moment, the man holding her leg lifted it even higher,
allowing the guy penetrating her to go still deeper. The man began to pump
rapidly, as he filled the air with short grunts and groans. She could feel
his increasing thrusts and knew he was about to come. Instinctually, she
sensed the urgency and pushed her ass against his hips. He exploded into
her and with 4 or 5 remaining pumps dumped his load into her. As the man's
cock slipped out another instantly took its place inside her.

The pumping began up again as Diane began to yeild to the pleasure of
the moment. She couldn't see the man behind her, since she was still
locked in Dave's mouth, his hands holding her tight against him. She did
notice that this guy was larger that the first. In fact, she imagined that
he was pretty much of a handful. He was driving very deep into her wet
cunt as she could feel her body trying to adjust to the size of his rather
large penis. She realized this guy would normally be a tight, or even
painful, fit inside her. And she found herself wetter than she had been in
years. Her own juices were added to the first man's cum and allowed her to
ignore what normally might have been painful. Instead, she felt herself
getting hotter and hotter riding this large cock. Each thrust seemed to go
a little deeper, until she could only guess that she must have about 12
inches of very hard dick pushing into her. "Damn," she said to herself,
"size has never meant anything, but I could sure get into this." Again, she
sensed the speed and the pressure building from the man behind her, feeling
his urgency. She matched his pounding with an urgency of her own, and as
he came inside her, she clamped down on his large cock with her cunt muscles, trying to milk every drop of semen from his deflating cock.
"Let's see him get that from a twenty year old!" she though smugly to
herself. "I may be fifty, but I do know how to use what I've got."

She felt the large cock slipping out of her and with a pop, it seemed to
break the suction created by the heated fucking. At the same time, Dave
broke what had to be the longest kiss in the world and peeled his mouth
from hers. He stepped back and away from her, and Diane felt the cluster
of men move in even closer. Quickly, she was spun around, and several
hands pulled at her dress easily lifting the stretching fabric over her
head. Her leg was up again and she felt another stiff cock slip into her
from behind. Her large breasts were out of the corset now and being
fondled. A mouth moved quickly and began sucking one of her erect nipples.
Another tongue moved deeply into her mouth. She felt a warm release flood
the inside of her vagina and the man behind her withdrew his cock. Then
another man entered her. And again, another. And another. "Too many.
Too many," she murmured to herself as the room swirled around her.

She was dripping with sweat and could feel the hot juices deposited
inside her starting to run out and down her legs. Someone handed her a
glass of champagne and she gulped it down. There was a brief pause as she
tried to catch her breath. Diane felt the tight knot of men around her
ease and move away. It was only then that she realized that she had fucked
seven or eight men while standing in the middle of the room.

Silently, another group of eight men moved around her and began easing
her across the room to the bed. She looked across the room and caught a
glimpse of Dave. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Then she noticed
him hand an empty quart jar to another man in the room. She saw Dave pick
up a camera and turn it toward her. His eyes disappeared as he lifted the
camera to his face. She could feel more of the warm cum leaking out and
down her legs, as she moved across the room to the bed with the group.

She crawled onto the bed as the small group began taking up positions
around her. A tall black man got on his back and Diane quickly threw one
leg across him, straddling his hips. Leaning forward, she reached down and
grabbed his cock. She gasped in astonishment at the size. It wasn't the
length of the rigid cock in her hand that amazed her, but the width. "My
God!" she thought, "There's no way that is going inside me!" She paused,
realizing the she could even get both of her hands around it, and she was a
big woman with good-sized hands. But the pause was too long. Unseen hands
from behind her grabbed the enormous cock and started to work it into her
dripping opening. Even with loads of semen as lubricant and loosening up
by the previous men, her cunt strained from the pressure. "No way! No
way!" she kept thinking to herself, as she felt herself about to split.
She was ready to lift her hips up, when she felt the enormous black cock
push inside her.

Diane opened her mouth and started to exhale as the huge dick began to
slide in. "Ahhhhhhhhh," she moaned, in small part because of the pain, but
more by pleasure and amazement that her had managed to get it inside her.
With that, a nearby man on the bed slipped his hard cock into her mouth.
Being fuck by a cock this huge was a totally new experience for her, but
Diane knew she was right at home with a dick in her mouth. Dave had often
said she was the best cocksucker he'd ever had or seen. She could deep
throat Dave's cock without any problem. Indeed, she took a sense of pride
in her oral skills. Now she sucked this stranger eagerly, working her
mouth all the way down to the base. She could tell he wasn't going to last
long at all. And sure enough, within a few seconds, she felt his cock
explode in her mouth. She swallowed hard, and began to suck the last drops
from the quickly softening cock in her mouth. As it fell from her mouth,
another slid in and took its place. All the while, the massive black cock
drove deeper and deeper into her.

She could feel the cluster of men on the bed overwhelming her. She had
one cock in her mouth, one in each hand, and a cock so thick it felt like a
tree trunk stuffed into her cunt. She could feel hands helping her make
love to this man, lifting her up and pressing her down as she fucked the
black man beneath her. She had never fucked a black man before and this
one seemed to be lasting forever. She could feel that her pussy had now
stretched to accommodate his huge cock and she was just beginning to really
let go and enjoy his size. As she bounced up and down on top of him, the
sound of her ass smacking on his sweating hips filled the room. Then she
knew she had him. She could feel the change. The pace of his thrusts
quickened, his hip muscles began to tighten as his groans filled the room.
Diane felt him explode inside her.

His fingers dug into her rounded ass cheeks, grasping to pull himself
deeper inside her. She could feel his cock erupt with wave after wave
inside her, as each push by her brought another spurt, filling her with
more semen. Diane smiled to herself knowing that she had just given this
very experienced black man the fuck of his life. Then, Diane could feel
herself being lifted up, and the black cock falling out of her now gaping
cunt. "Well, Dave should love this. He always says I'm a little too tight
for his wilder ideas." And as if on cue, Dave appeared near the bed, camera up and snapping photos. She smiled at Dave, giving him her best sexy look.
Before she could lower her hips to rest, another man in the group was
moving beneath her, sliding his rigid cock into her wide pussy. She could
hear the slosh as his first thrust easily pumped into her sopping cunt. On
that sound, the cock in her mouth exploded, catching her off guard, and
causing a cascade of cum to pour out of her mouth and down onto her tits.
With her middle finger, she caught another large glob of cum hanging on her
chin and stuck the finger in her mouth, licking it clean. She smiled at
the men around her as another cock slid into her mouth. Dave was there
getting it all on film.

"If its pictures Dave wants, let's see if I can give him something hot,"
Diane thought, as she now began performing for Dave and the camera.

They had played around with sexy photos several years ago and got quite
a kick out of it. Then, that too, faded. Now, Diane looked up and smiled
at Dave behind the camera. She wrapped her lips around the swollen cock
head in her mouth. She pursed her lips, giving Dave and almost pouting
look as she sucked. Then she slowly started to lick the head, in a slow
circling motion. She had done this often enough to Dave and knew how
sensitive this area was and how it drove him crazy. The guy she was
sucking responded immediately. Several quick pumps with her mouth and she
knew what was coming. With that, Diane pumped her hips harder onto the
stiff cock beneath her. She had been riding the guy's cock in a slow
steady rhythm, but now started grinding down with her hips. She could feel
the tensing muscles beneath her and she sucked harder. Simultaneously, the
two men came in her, filling her from both ends.

Diane looked around the room to see every man there focused on her. She
was the absolute center of attention as the entire room hung on her every
move. She smiled at the men, their stiff cocks sticking out as they slowly
stroked themselves and stared back at her. She saw one man staring at her
and masturbating into the same quart jar Dave had passed around earlier
that night. A tall guy in his 30's was staring at her as he furiously
pumped his cock with his hand, shooting cum into the jar, now over
one-third full. Diane lifted up her leg and hips to make room for a
gorgeous, probably twenty-year-old guy with a 10-inch cock slipping under
her. Diane looked down and noticed a thick, continuous stream of cum running out of her full vagina and down her stockinged leg. She scooped a
handful from her dripping crotch and spread it on one of her ass cheeks,
sending the room into frenzy. On fire, the young man beneath her quickly
drove his hips up toward her, impaling her as she sank to meet him. He
started with a frenzy, bouncing her about on his rigid shaft. "Someone
needs to teach this boy how to fuck," she thought to herself.

She was enjoying driving the young guy beneath her crazy, when she felt
a greasy finger massaging her asshole. She turned briefly to notice an
older, gray-haired guy with a large glob of lubricant on his finger,
positioning himself behind her and between the legs of the boy jammed in
her cunt. She had no sooner caught a glimpse of the man, when another guy
stepped in and pushed his cock into her mouth, as her face became buried
into another anonymous crotch. But she could feel the man behind her,
working his lubricated finger around the rim of her tight asshole, gently
massaging her tensed rectum. She had enjoyed anal sex with Dave on
occasion, but not with enough frequency to make her a big fan of it. She
had just decided to herself that she was ready to try it again.

Then, as if to signal the man at her ass that she was okay with what was
about to happen, Diane reached behind her with both hands and spread her
ass cheeks wide. Her pink, rubbery asshole stood exposed and inviting.
"Well, I guess I'm going to see if this old ass of mine is up to it. And
it's certainly clean," she said to herself as she felt one knuckle of his
finger pop into the tight, elastic ring of her anus. Then, she felt a
second knuckle, then the entire finger worked its way into her twitching,
upturned ass. "This guy really knows what he's doing!" she moaned to
herself as the man moved his finger in a circular motion around inside of
the passage, while his thumb massaged the outer rim. She responded by
pushing her ass upward toward the invading finger. She could feel her
sphincter muscles relaxing as a second greasy finger slipped into her
well-lubricated ass.

She was aware that the young man under her had momentarily stopped
thrusting into her. In an instant, the older man slipped his two fingers
out. She could feel the head of his cock now positioned against her anal
opening and the pressure against the rubbery tightness of her asshole. She
felt a brief moment of pain as the head of his dick pressed harder against
her tight hole. For a second she thought he was going to be too large, but
his gentle rubbing and a handful of lubricant paid off. The rubbery ring
of her asshole blossomed as his cock entered her bowels. Slowly, slowly,
she could feel him pushing in. Then after a moment, she could feel him
begin to pump in long, slow strokes, moving in and out of her ass.

The boy beneath her began to pump again, now in rhythm with the older man, as both of their cocks plunged in and pulled back simultaneously. She
could feel the two cocks inside her rubbing against each other, only a thin
membrane separating them. The pleasure of this large cock slipping in and
out of her anal passage was unbelievable. In her mind, she was begging the
older man to go deeper. Then the man fucking her mouth picked up the
rhythm of the other two. She could feel all three cocks driving deep at
the same time into every opening she had. She and Dave had occasionally
fantasized about her doing two men at once, but she now had three men fucking her at the same time. Her body began to respond to the sensory
overload. For the first time tonight, she felt like she was losing it.
She struggled to stay in control but her body did not listen. "I can't
control this," she moaned to herself, knowing what was happening. Her body
had taken over, leaving her mind far behind. "Oh, no! Oh, no!" she
thought, but it was far too late. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy, as the
three men responded to the signals her body was giving off. This time,
they had her and she knew it. She was nearing orgasm and they increased
the wildness of their thrusts. She rocked with the pounding as their three
cocks drove into her and she met it with wild uncontrolled, lust. She rode
wildly to the top of the crest, and then her body trembled and her orgasm
exploded. Wave after wave raced through her body as the contractions and
spasms involuntarily shook her, lasting for what seemed like hours.

As she emerged from the clouded haze that had swallowed her, she
realized none of the three men inside her had come with her. They had
stopped fucking her as her orgasm swept her away. And now the three
started again, slowly at first, then their steady pumping turned into a
pounding. She felt her body on fire, driven by a lust she could never have
imagined. Her asshole ached, not from pain, but rather from a craving for
more. Her cunt now pressed her for attention, for size, for cum, for cock!
Stuffed between the three, Diane's body rolled with the thrusts and she
felt it coming again. "No, no, no! Not again!" With that, her body
lurched with her second orgasm, only this time, even more incredible that
the last. She could feel her mouth, cunt and bowels suddenly brim over as
she was washed inside with spurts of cum as all four of them climaxed

She collapsed into a heap on the bed as the three men withdrew from her
openings, but as quickly as they slid out, three more moved in. Again, one
man slid beneath her, one behind, and one kneeling in front of her. Again,
silently, the men each entered her openings. The room was spinning around
her now as Diane eagerly reached behind and steered the incoming cock into
her stretched asshole. There were no hesitations and no resistance this
time, as the man's rigid member easily slipped into her now dilated and cum filled anus. Her body began to sway with the thrusting motions and the
four started moving together. But Diane could tell she was feeling
different, stronger. She could tell that she was now back in control, not
fearful of her next orgasm, but now eagerly awaiting it. No, she was
encouraging it. And soon it came, this time with an exhibitionism that
offered everyone a glimpse of her amazing sexuality.

On the bed, Diane went through five more trios of men, each with one in
her cunt, one in her ass and one in her mouth. Except for the last group
of men. Then, she had taken two large cocks in her mouth at the same time.
This was another first for her. The extra guy was the attractive, young man who fucked her the first time around with Dave holding her. Her mouth
stretched around both cocks at once and they pumped feverishly together.
She almost drowned in semen when they both came at the same time, flooding
her mouth and almost choking her. She swallowed all she could and wanted
to spend more time cleaning the twenty year old's cock, but had to
immediately shift her attention to the two men enjoying her cunt and ass.

When this group finished, they moved away from her, silently slipping
back into the crowd, leaving her alone on the bed. She had no idea about
how many men she that had fucked already tonight or how long she had been
fucking. She didn't even know what time it was. She could have been here
for an hour or for five hours. Judging from the large spurts of cum that
dripped from her cunt and from her ass every time she moved, she'd guessed
that it had been several hours. Her mouth and jaw ached from the
countless, large cocks she had sucked.

She glanced around the room and still the only sound was the music. No
one spoke as every man just continued to stare at her. She could read all
of the faces in the room. Some displayed lust, some desire, some
amazement, and even infatuation on the faces of a several of the younger
ones. Almost all of them had fucked her at least once. On one side of the
room she saw another man masturbating into the mayonnaise jar, while he
stared at her. She was slightly confused, but even more amazed when she
looked at the jar. The jar was now almost totally full.

She noticed Dave out of the corner of her eye and smiled back her best
"I am the sexiest woman alive" smile. She got up off of the bed and sexily
strutted into the open area in the middle of the room. She was sure that
the evening was about to come to an end and wanted to tell them how
grateful she was for tonight and their attention to a mature woman, when
she saw a young, teenage boy maybe just 18, on the other side of the room.
She had noticed him always on the edge of groups tonight, but not
participating. He stood there now, his erect penis sticking out with an
anger and intensity that comes about from only one thing. "Ah, I get it.
He's a virgin," Diane thought to herself, as she walked toward him. She
reached out and wrapped her hand around his penis and pulled him back out
into the clearing in the center of the room.

The rest of the men in the room smiled broadly and chuckled as they knew
what awaited the boy. She kissed him on the mouth and then lowered herself
down onto the floor and her knees. She eagerly took the young boy's rigid
cock into her mouth. For several minutes, she took long sucks on his dick.
She could tell there was going to be no time to waste with this one. She
quickly pulled him out of her mouth and holding his dick, she steered him
around behind her. In one easy motion, she pulled him down to his knees
and slipped him inside her. She wasn't quite sure which hole she put him
in, since both her cunt and asshole were stretched and almost numb to
feeling. He hooked his hands around her hips and began thrusting wildly.
In a matter of moments, Diane felt his body shudder as he shot his load
into her. He slowly withdrew from her and stepped back into the group, a
large smile on his face.

Diane was on her hands and knees on the floor, now totally exhausted and
ready to go home. Before she could get up, one of the men in the crowd
stepped forward and placed a chair directly in front of her. Another man sat down in the chair, his erection inches away from her face. All of the
men in the room now moved rather quickly, gathering around her as she
remained on her hands and knees. Reeling from exhaustion and still feeling
very drunk, Diane figured that this would be the last one. "This must be
the candle on my birthday cake," she mused and she stared at the cock now
an inch away from her mouth.

With that, she plunged her mouth around the stiff penis. "I'll make
this a something they'll all remember, including Dave." she bragged to
herself. "Let's show them what a little experience can do." She began to
perform for the group, teasing them with her glances, while licking the
man's balls and sucking his cock. She noticed Dave moving around the edge
of the crowd, still snapping photos and smiling. He'd been on the
receiving end of her oral expertise and knew how great she was. And she
could tell that all of the men were responding. Suddenly, the cock in her
mouth exploded, showering her face and mouth with cum. She had expected
the guy to last a little longer and he caught her unprepared. Without
missing a beat, the man moved out of the chair and another man sat down.
"Okay, maybe two candles," she said to herself, mildly confused. She
smiled and continued on with her show. She grabbed the cock and lifted it
up, while slipping the man's balls into her mouth. Diane gave out with a
long, sexy moan, similar to sound she made when she had an orgasm.

Her moan enflamed the group. The aroused men moved in even tighter
around her. She continued giving them a show, as their hands reached out
and began touching any bit of her exposed flesh they could find. Hands
caressed and rubbed her breasts, dangling below her and jutting out from
the corset. Hands wildly roamed her legs and ass. She could feel fingers
working their way into her now enormous cunt, forcing the cum in her to
squirt out. "I guess I'm better than I thought. They're going crazy," she
said to herself. Then she felt the two fingers stuffed in her cunt had
become four fingers. Her hips pumped back in response to the attention. A
man behind her was pushing four fingers into her cunt, slowly working his
hand into her, well past his knuckles. "Jesus, that feels good," she
thought as she pushed backward, straining to press her cunt against the
hand. She now sucked feverishly on the cock in her mouth as hands
continued to tug at her nipples. Then suddenly, as she pushed against the
hand jammed in her pussy, the pressure moved from a white, hot ache to an
explosion inside her.

"Oh, my God!" she groaned in pleasure, as she realized the man's fist
was now inside her. She tried to catch her breath but at that moment, the
man in front of her grabbed the back of her head and jammed her face into
his crotch as he sprayed the back of her throat with cum. Diane took
several deep swallows, quickly gulping down the semen filling her mouth.
"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, as the man behind her pushed his balled fist into
her wide cunt. Then, he pulled his fist back out slowly, paused, and
pressed it back in. She drove wildly back into him, working her ass from
side to side causing his fist to rub the inside of her cunt walls. She
could feel him opening his fingers inside her, stretching her as he pulled
his hand back, then closing his fist as he plunged forward. She had never
experienced anything like this.

She couldn't take much more as she felt another orgasm swelling inside
her. She started bucking her hips and the man increased his tempo, fisting
her deeper and deeper with each push. She opened her mouth to yell, but
another cock jamming into her mouth smothered the sound of her climax. She
shook from spasm after spasm, as the man continued to fist her stretched
cunt. She was delirious as the man pulled his fist all the way out of her
and pushed his balled hand back inside her again and again. Her cunt offered no resistance. Clarity was just returning to her mind when the
cock in her mouth exploded. She couldn't even begin to guess how much
semen she had swallowed tonight. Then, she began to feel the hand slowly
slipping out of her. "Why," she questioned herself as she slumped down
trying to breathe, "has it taken me so long to find out about this?" She
wondered why something so pleasurable, intense and satisfying was just now
finding her.

Diane suddenly felt the crowd of men around her step back, creating a
space around her. Then as she lifted her head she saw a massive, erect
cock dancing inches from her face. She had never seen anything this large
or wide, including some of the giant penises in the room tonight. As her
gaze continued upward, Diane recognized the face of the man wielding the
huge cock in front of her. It was Steve, the limousine driver. "Oh, this
must be the final act, she thought to herself. No sooner had the spark of
recognition passed across her face, than Steve smiled and reached out and
held her face firmly with both of his strong hands. He moved forward and
steadily pushed his huge organ into her aching mouth. He began slowly
pumping in and out. Diane soon realized that she was not sucking him at
all. Rather, he was fucking her face! His strong hands held her head
still as he worked a fraction of is large dick into her mouth. Slowly, but
inevitably, Diane began to respond. Her ass started swaying and bobbing,
hoping that someone in the crowd would step up and fuck her aching cunt.

She was relieved when she felt the familiar pressure on her ass and back
as two arms wrapped around her corseted waist. The man was pumping wildly
against her, as she felt a large penis poking and pushing against her legs
and ass cheeks. He couldn't seem to find her cunt. "This guy is wild.
It's got to be another eighteen-year-old, " she though. I've got to see
what he looks like," she said to herself, feeling the wild frenzy of the
man behind her. She tried to turn and look, but Steve's hands held her
head firmly in place as he crammed his cock in her mouth. Then suddenly,
the one in the back entered her, pumping with a ferocity and speed she had
never felt before. The speed of the humping was unbelievable as the large
dick pounded her cunt. At first, Diane just held her ass in place, as the
guy humped away. Then, she began to find the rhythm and worked to match
the frenzied pace, bucking and thrusting her ass against the hard dick
ramming into her. Steve continued to hold his vise-like grip on her face
while pumping his cock into her mouth. Then suddenly, Steve removed his
cock from her mouth, removed his hands from her face, stood up and stepped
back. With her head now free, Diane threw her head back and forth as their
fucking grew wilder. She glanced down at the arms wrapped tightly around
her waist. It was then she realized that something was seriously wrong.
The arms locked around her waist were wrapped in fabric and tape. Where
she should have seen hands, Diane saw large animal paws. Quickly, she spun
her head around to see the head of a huge, brown Great Dane. The dog's
head was inches away from hers, as it panted hard, saliva dripping from its
huge mouth and onto her shoulder. The animal was locked around her body
and continued to drive into her, jamming its large dick in and out with
furious speed.

"I can't do this! I can't!" she thought. But whatever her mind was
saying, her body refused to listen. Again, the control that she had
struggled so desperately to keep was gone again. She could not stop. She
didn't want to stop. She ground her hips back to meet the dog's oncoming
thrusts. She pounded harder and faster, and soon it was obvious to Diane
and every man in the room that the dog was no longer fucking her, but
rather she was fucking the dog.

Diane bucked harder, working to match the bestial frenzy of the dog.
After several minutes, she could feel its knot begin to swell inside her
vagina, as the dog's penis inflated and grew even larger. The dog was now
pumping its cock into her at an uncontrolled speed, clinging to Diane's
rounded ass as she bucked and tossed. Feeling the dog's swelling knot,
Diane felt like an orange was being stuffed into her cunt and worked back
and forth. Then she could feel the spasms inside her coming, signaling the
approach of yet another of her orgasms. She grunted and screamed as she
and the dog came at the same time. She felt the animal's penis gush inside
her, flooding her whole insides with a hot liquid as her body shook again
and again.

But the large knot that was now the dog's penis did not ease or deflate.
As the Great Dane dismounted, its penis remained hooked inside Diane,
bulbous and swollen. The dog then turned around, leaving the two of them
ass to ass. The dog began to pull away, trying to free itself. She tugged
against the knot holding them and felt her cunt suck at the swollen ball
inside her. Then the knot started to move, sliding out of her, moving
slowly and gradually. "AHHHHHHH," she screamed, feeling as she was in
childbirth again. Desperately, with a wild tug, she pulled her hips
forward, and the huge knot popped out of her. She realized that if she had
not been so stretched from the earlier fisting, she would have been hooked
to the dog for twenty or thirty minutes. Diane breathed deeply and for a
brief moment, nothing happened. Then, a flood released inside her, with
spurts of dog semen gushing out of her cunt and down onto the floor. She
couldn't believe how much liquid poured out of her in large streams and
blobs, running down her legs and pooling at her knees on the floor.

Only then did she look up and see the faces of the men surrounding her.
The sight of her fucking the Great Dane had evoked something bestial in the
group. She saw men with burning lust in their eyes and thirty swollen,
rigid cocks pointing directly at her. With her ass still upturned and
sticking in the air, she could feel her cunt opening and closing on its
own, its spasms continuing, as if offering an invitation, a need to be
filled. Unable to hold off, the group of men consumed her. Hurried
fingers pulled at her corset, in seconds dragging it from her body. Hungry
hands grabbed her hanging breasts, kneading and pulling the soft mounds.
Fingers rolled and pinched her large, hardened nipples. Quickly, one angry
cock rammed into her dripping, stretched pussy. Another dick jammed into
her waiting mouth, while her hands found hard cocks and began jacking them
off. And for the next, two hours Diane Stone's world consisted fucking
anything in the room that was hard.

She took whatever the men in the room had to offer. Two well-hung black
men sandwiched her between them, grabbing and spreading her swollen cunt lips. She moaned with encouragement as they stuffed both of their cocks
into her wide opening at the same time. They worked together, fucking her
like one enormous dick. Moments later, she was on her back while several
men pressing her huge tits together while another sat on top of her and tit
fucked her. She would have noticed the large jet of cum spurting up on her
chest and chin, but her attention and mouth were otherwise engaged, filled
with two more cocks in her mouth at the same time.

At times, she could not even tell what was happening, only that she
craved to be constantly filled, every hole, and all of the time. After
endless fucking for what she guessed was two more hours, Diane appeared to
have exhausted all of the dicks in the rooms. Finding herself on the floor
on her hands and knees, Diane looked around and grabbed one of the nearby
empty champagne bottles that littered the room and jammed it into her
dripping pussy. She wildly began raising and lowering herself on the
bottle, rocking back and forth at a furious pace as she rubbed her swollen
clit with her fingers. All of the men could see that she was driving to
another orgasm. Not missing a beat, a young black male slid in behind her.
He guided his revived twelve-inch cock effortlessly into her bubbling
asshole, which by now was a two-inch opening and brimming over with cum.
The combination of being bottle-fucked and ass fucked by a young, black
stud while she pushed and rubbed her swollen clitoris, was too much. Her
body shook and trembled as she gave into wave after wave of pleasure
washing over her. Exhausted, she rolled over onto the floor. She had been
fucking for 8 or 9 hours and only now felt tired. She couldn't understand
that. "How can a old woman fuck like this and not get tired?" she wondered
to herself as she lay on the floor. Looking up, she found Dave's smiling

He had been there all night, moving on the edge of the crowd, smiling at
her, with camera in hand, and the object of her seductive looks and
actions. Now he reached down and helped her to her feet. Diane's rubbery
leg's struggled to keep from buckling as she stood. She was covered with
sweat and semen, her vagina sore and bruised. She stood there naked except
for her stockings and stiletto heels as fluid streamed out of her. Diane
looked at Dave as he helped steady her. He was holding a quart jar filled
to the brim with semen! She remembered seeing the men jerking off into it
during the evening. She looked at Dave's face and knew instantly what it
was for. Without Dave even offering, Diane reached out at took the jar as
everyone in the room looked on in silence. Slowly, remarkably, she lifted
the jar to her lips and began to drink. Gulping slowly at first, then
steadily as she continued, Diane swallowed the milky fluid, mouthful after
mouthful, until the jar was empty. She lowered the jar and smiled back at
Dave, as several droplets of cum clung to her chin.

Then Dave spoke the first words uttered during the entire night.

"You're absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary," he
said smiling.

She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, slipping her salty tongue
deep into her husband's mouth. She smiled as she broke the long kiss,
looking first at Dave then slowly at the men in the room. She had fucked
every man in the room numerous times tonight, but she could tell from the
looks on their faces that each one would die for another shot at her. She
felt a surge of power as she realized, for the first time in her life, the
true strength of her own sexuality. She smiled, now knowing the real
answer to her concerns about getting older. True sexuality wasn't firm
bosoms and wrinkle-free skin. It was all about knowledge, letting go and
enjoying it.

Diane looked at all of the men staring back at her. She slowly
straightened her aching body and stood up, rolling her shoulders back.
This caused her large breasts to stand further out. Despite her smudged
make-up, the sags and wrinkles, runs in her stockings and being soaked with
sweat and cum, she knew that she was a sight to behold. Diane gleamed as
the moisture on her body caught the bright lights around the room.
Smiling, she eyed the men in the room and purred, "So, who's next?"

To Be Continued in Part Two: Diane's Web

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