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Archived Sex Stories

Dirty Amber Part 01



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


( 1 )
The woman's face was a perfect oval, tapering to a fine chin. Her
eyes were elongated, almond-shaped, lined with *kajal* She had
high cheekbones and a fine, straight nose. Her mouth was small,
but her lips were full and luscious. She had white, even teeth.
Her hair was thick and lustrous, now tied in a plait that reached
her buttocks. Her dusky skin was smooth and clear and soft, the
colour and texture of honey. A long, elegant neck led smoothly to
full, high, ripe breasts, superbly formed and heavy, like
succulent mangoes. Her belly was firm and flat, her waist narrow
and her hips flared just so, to neatly curved buttocks and
slender, long, elegant legs. Her arms were smoothly turned, and
her hands and feet were shapely. She wore a long *mangalsutra*
around her neck, a *bindi*, gold hoops in her earlobes, gold
finger-rings, anklets and toe-rings. She lay naked on a low divan
in the middle of the room, crouched on all her forearms and knees
like the sphinx, her legs folded under her belly in an obtuse V,
her head bowed. Silk scarves bound her wrists and ankles to the
divan. Her dusky skin shimmered with sweat and her chest heaved.
Her head rose slowly and she moaned, her fingers scrunching the
rich tapestry counterpane on which she lay. Her eyes were hooded
and her lips fluttered open. She tensed, whimpering softly, and
her eyes were wide and glassy.

"Please ... hurry ... please ... fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

And then her body jerked forward and her head snapped back and
her mouth tore open as if pulled by an invisible string. A long,
thin shriek erupted from her throat. Her face twisted and
contorted and spasmed in agony. Tendons stood out and strained in
her long neck and her lips snapped back in a savage rictus.

"More!" An exultant male voice cried over hers. "Shove it in all
the way, motherfucker! Ram it in!"

"Ohhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Ohhh god, yes, uhhhhh Ohhh yes!" The woman
cried, her body writhing and shaking, twisting, her chest heaving

"Yes! Yes! Do it, bastard! Do it!"

The woman shrieked again, louder and longer this time, her head
arching violently backward, her back bending steeply down. Behind
and above her, a tall, handsome, massively built black man gasped, arching his head. He was naked and his body glistened
with sweat. He groaned and his taut buttocks flexed and his hips
slid forward. His penis was gargantuan, about nine inches long
and correspondingly thick. It moved forward, disappearing
inexorably between the woman's buttocks. She cried out again, and
the second male voice chortled gleefully. The penis went in deeper
and deeper, seemingly endless. The woman's voice was ragged,
hoarse, cracked, and her cries came in choking, broken gasps and
whimpering, sobbing moans. Her body heaved and writhed. Deeper
and deeper the penis went till it was inside her fully, buried to
the hilt. The black man paused, and the woman whimpered. He
waited patiently. Her moans gradually dwindled and she began
whimpering softly. His big hands slid up her slender, curved body
to cup her swollen, pendulous breasts. Her nipples were long and
stiff in small, dark aureoles.

The woman was being sodomised. The man fucking her ass was a
hired stud, a gigolo. He had been fucking her steadily and
relentlessly for the past ninety minutes, almost without respite.
They were in the sunken living area of her house, in her home.
All around them, on all four sides of the divan, there were men watching. The woman was on display, being fucked openly and
publicly, for the pleasure of the dozen or so voyeurs.

The woman's name was Sayali and she was twenty-four years old.
Her husband of six months, Suresh, prowled around the divan,
goading the gigolo, urging him to greater heights sexual action.
The watching men were his friends and business associates. Now,
as they chortled and whistled and clapped their approval of the
performance, he smiled to himself in satisfaction.

Sayali was the best thing that had happened to his business. He
was a small-time trader in an infernal hurry. Sayali lived
opposite. He had known her all his life, but never noticed her.
Now, needing someone to keep house for him and to entertain his
associates he proposed to her. Never in his wildest dreams had he
imagined that she would do it so well, or with such astonishing

Suresh realised that his bride was anything but a virgin on their
wedding night itself. There was nothing shy or timid in her
manner, no sign of hesitation. On the contrary, it was he who
suddenly felt nervous and unsure. He had only had one previous
affair, a short-lived and sexually unsatisfactory relationship
with one of the girls in the office several years earlier. She
was delighted that he was a virgin, and said she had never fucked
one before. Suresh thought they were making love, and said so.
Bina laughed and told him to stop being idiotic. He could call it
what he liked, but they were still only fucking, doing what every
one of God's creatures did. Intimidated, Suresh let her take him
to bed. She was apparently insatiable and over the next few weeks,
they fucked daily. He enjoyed the sex and her body. The affair
ended as abruptly as it had begun. Bina walked out after a few
weeks, saying that he was a bore in bed, that she needed a man who knew how to fuck.

Shaken and frightened, Suresh deliberately kept away from women,
and concentrated on his work. He left the company -- the constant
proximity with Bina and seeing her contemptuous, pitying glances
-- was too much to bear. He set up a small industry in the
suburbs making aluminum utensils. He began to do well and, under
pressure from his family -- he was getting older, after all --
married Sayali.

On their wedding night, all his anxieties returned. He worried
that he might not satisfy her, that she, too, might reject him. He
made a first, fumbling, clumsy attempt, trying to kiss her
ineptly as she sat on the bed dressed in all her bridal finery.
She must have understood the problem for she took over, and he
felt incompetent and inexperienced as she worked his body with a
cunning that took his breath away. Gently, tenderly, unhurriedly,
expertly, she aroused him till he was almost screaming with
excitement. Her lips and fingers and tongue were everywhere, and
then she had his cock in her cunt and it was a hot, tight vortex
that drew him down, down, down and drowned him in a sea of
endless joy. She moaned and panted eagerly as he plunged greedily
into her flesh and then, to his utter shock, started egging him on
with a litany of gutter obscenities. Strangely aroused, he rocked
deep into her flesh and she cried out in joy and begged for more.
Their cataclysmic orgasms were almost simultaneous.

Later, snuggling naked on the sweat and lovejuice stained sheets,
Suresh kissed her gently, caressing her breast.

"Sayali ..."

"Mm?" She swirled her tongue over his nipple and her fingers were
already crawling down his belly. Her nipple hardened between his
fingers and he felt her breast swell and grow turgid with

"You're not a virgin. Are you?"

Suddenly her lips were hot on his and her body was across his.
"Suresh," she whispered. "Don't ask me that. Not tonight.
Tomorrow, maybe, and I'll tell you. Not tonight. Tonight, just
let's enjoy each other."

"Tomorrow, then." Suresh was secretly relieved. He did not really
want to know. Not that night, not when the magic was all around

"Yes. I promise."

Then he moaned softly as her lips engulfed his penis and she
started again. She was inexhaustible, insatiable and she aroused
him repeatedly with such gentle dexterity and skill that he never
felt otherwise than in full cont It was only later that he
realised that it was she, and not he, who had guided their
lovemaking till the end, that he had only done what she always
intended him to do, said what she wanted to hear, moved to her

The next day, they left for their honeymoon and Suresh was
hopelessly and passionately in love. At the luxury hotel in
Kodaikanal -- he could afford it this once, he had reasoned -- he
fell on her the minute they arrived and, laughing, she tormented
him, teasing and flirting with him till he was mad with lust.
Then, laughing, she gave in and he fucked her like one possessed.
She arched in evidently unfaked pleasure under him and made him
go faster, harder, deeper.

They fucked all afternoon, slept all evening, skipped dinner, and
fucked all night. By three in the morning, they were ravenous and
he ordered too much food and drink from room-service. It took
forty-five minutes to arrive and they used the time to fuck
again, and he took her from behind, squatting over her hips and
pounding his inflamed penis in and out of her cunt, crushing her
swinging breasts in his hands. She orgasmed violently and he
jerked out of her came between her buttocks, on her anus, then
slid his cock into her cunt again just as the room-service steward
rapped on the door.

Cursing softly, Suresh went to the door while she flung on a gown
and stepped out onto the moonlit deck. The waiter wheeled the
laden trolley into the room, and she came in through the window,
shivering slightly, remarking on the chill in the air. She looked
at the waiter and Suresh felt a sudden, fleeting tension, a
peculiar glint in her eyes. The waiter was a tall, handsome, lean
man. Then it was gone and the waiter turned to him with the
leather folder and ball-point pen to sign the voucher. Suresh
signed it and handed it back and the waiter said thank you in a
voice that somehow seemed to convey bafflement. He looked at
Suresh a shade longer than was polite in such a plush hostelry
and only turned away when Suresh doubled the tip.

Suresh looked at his retreating back for a minute, wondering what
it was that he had missed, when the steward said, in a very odd
voice, "Have a *very* good night, sir."

Before Suresh could respond, the door clicked shut. Suresh turned
to find Sayali already at the trolley, heaping a plate. He looked
at her and felt his pulse quicken. Her gown had fallen open and
her naked body was revealed to his view. Her long *mangalsutra*
swung against her breasts and belly.

"Here you are, love." She handed him the plate, heaped with food.

"I don't want to eat. I want to fuck you."

"After you've eaten."

"No. Now. I want to come in your mouth and on your face and your
tits and in your cunt and ..."

Sayali laughed prettily. "That's a lot of coming, Suresh. You
won't be able to do any of it unless you eat. Eat."

"Only if you will."

"Of course."

"Take off your clothes. I like seeing you naked."

"All right. Take off yours."

"No. You take off mine. Later. When we fuck. I like having you do

Sayali smiled and slithered out of her gown. They ate in bed and
Suresh realised how hungry he was when the first morsel went into
his mouth. He took a second helping and was about to go for a
third when she stopped him.

"Enough. You must eat little, fuck, eat again. If you eat too
much, you won't be able to do anything."

Then his cock was in her mouth and they tumbled around on the
floor, and he struggled around and pulled her legs apart and
pushed his head into her crotch, questing for her cunt with his
tongue, aching to thrust it deep into that warm, succulent,
perennially moist cavern. Her tongue and lips and teeth wrought
their magic on his penis and her slender finger slipped between
his buttocks and pressed to his anus. He felt his jizz roil up,
eager for another release.

While they were fucking, she reminded him of her promise made the
previous evening. Astride his lap, impaled on his cock, her dark
hair tumbling down her front, she smiled gently down at him. He
rocked gently under her, not hurrying, toying with her splendid
breasts, unable to get enough of her wonderful body. Her cunt squeezed his penis gently, insistently. She bent over and kissed
him, her hot, heavy breasts swinging against his chest, her
*mangalsutra* cold between their bodies.

"Remember your question last night?" she asked, tonguing his ear.


"You still want an answer?"

"Yes. More than ever."

"Do you trust me?"

"With all my heart."

"Will you believe what I say is the truth and that there is
nothing else?"

"Will you tell me everything?"


"Then of course I'll believe you."

"Even if it's something you don't like?"

"There's nothing about you I don't like."

"You might still."

"What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing. Only promise to keep faith in me, and to do as I say."

He looked at her quietly. "What are you trying to tell me,
Sayali? I don't understand."

She sighed softly. "Sometimes, you know, Suresh, when I can't
sleep and the night won't end, I ask myself the same thing and I
say the same thing. I don't understand myself either."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Love, listen to me." Suddenly her voice was serious and urgent.
"Believe me when I say that these past two nights have been the
most wonderful in a long time. Not the best ever, because there
were others. Yes, I've had lovers. But it's not enough for you to
know just that. Oh, I could tell you: how many, where and when
and how. But that still won't tell you the most important thing --
*why*. So I'm going to do this. I can just talk and tell you and
then you'll have to do with it what you like; accept it and
accept me, or reject both. Because you can't have me without my

"Fair enough," he said after a little, thoughtful pause.

"There's another way."

"What's that?"

"For that you'll have to wait. It's more difficult, to accept, to
understand, to acknowledge. The harder road. But if you take that,
then everything else falls into place."

"You're not making sense."

"Few things do. Trust me. Just choose. Shall I talk now or will
you wait till tomorrow, say, afternoon?"

"And if there's anything to be explained tomorrow, you'll do

"I promise."

"Then I'll wait."


She smiled, it seemed in relief, and lifted her breast to his
lips. He nibbled on her stiff nipple and she moaned softly.

"Come on, now," she said. "Fuck me, Suresh! Fuck my slit! Come
on! Shove your cock into my cunt!"

= o =


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