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Archived Sex Stories

Dirty Amber Part 02



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

( 2 )
They woke late the next morning and fucked again. Suresh was
roused the touch of her lips on his cock and his penis ballooned
swiftly in her mouth. They fucked slowly and unhurriedly, then
fucked again in the shower when he took her standing, from behind.
Finally, almost reluctantly, they left their suite and went down
to a late brunch. He watched her butter a croissant and nibble on
it delicately, almost sensuously and grew aroused again. He
pressed his hand to her thigh under the table.

"I want to fuck you. Now. Let's go," he whispered.

She smiled. "No," she murmured. "Later. Now I want you to take a


"Remember what I told you last night? Well, this is it. So please
go out, anywhere you like. Be back in forty-five minutes. And then
this is what you must do. Are you listening?"


"When you come back, don't knock on the door. Open it with your
key. Quietly. *Very*quietly. Go through the living area of the
suite onto the terrace outside and cross to the bedroom doors, the
ones that open out on the terrace. Whatever you do, don't come in.
First look into the room. Don't be surprised or upset by anything
you see. I think you'll like it."

"And then?"

She smiled. "Then let your heart and mind decide. You'll know what
to do."

"Patience, my love," she smiled, her bewitching eyes dancing.

And so, after the meal, Suresh and Sayali parted for the first
time in three days. She went up alone to the suite and Suresh went
out for a walk. He browsed through the pretty bazaar, bought some
chocolates and cheese for her, meandered around the edge of the
lake, noticing that there were plenty of pleasure boats for a
leisurely evening out. He forced himself to wait, but itched to
get back to her. Time seemed to crawl. He sat by the lake, smoked
a cigarette and, closing his eyes, snoozed in the dappled
sunlight. His mind filled with erotic fantasies as he saw himself
fucking his beautiful, naked wife, plundering her flesh, making
her moan and gasp erotic obscenities as he entered her again and
again. The dream was vivid and vibrant and Suresh acquired a huge
erection. He squirmed on the park bench.

His digital watch chimed and he woke with a start. It was almost
time. Gathering his things, he hurried back to the hotel. His
pulse quickened as he got out of the elevator and went up to his
door. He inserted the key in the door and silently let himself in.
The room had been cleaned and serviced. There were fresh flowers
in the vase on a small circular table and the thick drapes at the
French windows leading to the deck were drawn back, and the fine
muslin curtains carefully arranged in scallops. The doors were
open and sunlit flooded the room. The curtains rippled in the
gentle breeze. The door to the bedroom was shut. Suresh dropped
his purchases on a side table and cautiously stepped across the
room and went out onto the terrace. It was empty, except for a
round wrought-iron table and chairs arranged under a colourful sun
umbrella. He noticed that the doors that led from the bedroom to
the terrace were also open, the drapes similarly pulled wide, the
muslin inner curtains half-drawn. He heard voices, sounds, strange
sounds from the bedroom. He crept along the terrace and looked in.

As long as he lived, he would never forget the sight that met his
eyes. Sayali, his bride of all three days, was on her knees on the
carpeted floor of the bedroom. She was wearing only a terry-cloth

Standing before her was the room-service steward who had delivered
their meal the previous night. His shirt was pulled off, and his
trousers were unzipped. Sayali was sucking his cock.

He was a handsome man, tall and lean with a fine-featured,
aquiline, rugged face. His body was strong and muscular, with
broad shoulders, a deep chest, neatly cleaved in the centre, a
flat, hard belly, narrow waist and high hips. His arms and legs
were long and bulged with muscle. He was clean-shaven,
square-jawed and his eyes were deep and dark. His thick black hair
was swept clear off his forehead.

He groaned softly, his head tilted back, his eyes closed, his
mouth open. His hands were on Sayali's head, rocking it steadily
back and forth between his thighs. His hips pumped at her face.
Suresh could see his inflamed penis glistening between her lips.
Her face was distended by its size. She held the cock in one fist
and pumped it vigorously as she sucked and licked his cock-head.
His hands slipped to her shoulders and he pulled her gown open and
slid his hands down to her breasts.

He bent his head and looked down at her, gasping in delight.
"C'mon whore ... suck it! Suck my cock, bitch! Do it!" he grunted.

Suresh went stone cold. He could scarcely believe what he was
seeing. Hot tears pricked his eyes and his legs buckled. He slid
to the floor and moaned softly, burying his head in his hands, his
back to the wall. From the room, the steward's loud gasps burned
in his ears.

"Oh baby yes! Yes! C'mon, whore, suck it harder! That's it ... oh
fuck yes!"

Suresh's mind whirled in confusion and rage. The sex with Sayali
had been glorious, better than he had imagined possible. She
seemed to love it, too, and had said so, repeatedly. How could she
be doing this, then? How had he failed?

The rage rose like a suppurating sore and rancid bile filled his
throat. For several minutes, he sat there, rocking back and forth,
whimpering softly. He forced himself to take control, taking long,
deep breaths and steadying his breathing. He thought of what she
had said and asked of him, of his promise. Clearly, she was not a
virgin. He could have left it at that. Instead, he had pressed for
an explanation; she hadn't volunteered one.

She could have given him a hundred different lies and he would
never have known better. Instead, she had offered to tell him the
truth. Even there, she gave him a choice. Suresh realised that
Sayali was doing this quite deliberately, to show him what he
wanted to know, needed to know, had to know. She had kept her
word. He would have to keep his. He loved her too much not to.

He lurched to his feet and went to the French windows again and
looked in. They were on the bed now, and the steward lay on his
back, naked, while she sucked and licked his throbbing penis
lasciviously, slowly running her teeth up and down the nine-inch
long shaft. Suresh noticed with a pang of envy that his penis was
much larger than his own, his body was harder and better muscled.

He saw her eyes glitter with lust as she dragged her tongue up the
glistening shaft, her lips wide, her cheeks and breasts flecked
with pre-cum gunk. The waiter craned his neck and grinned at her.

"Keep sucking, bitch ...," he murmured. "You give great head.
Always loved sucking cock, didn't you?"

Suresh started. How often had they done this? How did she know
him? When was she here? How long had they been lovers? A thousand
unanswered questions flooded his mind.

He watched as Sayali bent her head and drew his cock deep in her
mouth, sucking it slowly and heavily, working it with her tongue.
The man's cock spurted and she moaned, swallowing his pre-cum

"Please," she murmured. "Come in my mouth. I want to drink your

"No chance, bitch," he grinned and pushed her head away.

Sayali's head rose, and she smiled wantonly. "Then lick my slit.
Tongue-fuck me."

"Anytime, whore!"

She slid up his body, kissing and licking it like a whore, sucking and licking his nipples. Suresh watched as she kissed him deeply,
thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her legs spread on either
side of his body. She slithered higher, unbelting her robe and
pulling it wide. Her breasts were swollen and hard, her nipples
rigid with excitement. She lifted them to his lips and he sucked on them, kneaded them, squeezed them together and sucked both
nipples simultaneously.

"Ohhh yes!" she gasped, clenching his head.

Whimpering and gasping, she slid higher and his tongue and lips
pressed to her naked belly as she moved. She knelt over his face
and, spreading her legs wide, pulled her cunt-lips open with the
fingers of one hand. The steward gripped her buttocks and thrust
his face into her crotch.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh yes! Do it, Michael baby yes! Ohhh fuck fuck

Sayali's obscenities rang in her husband's ears. He watched,
transfixed, as she moaned and gasped, her hips writhing and
swaying over the hotel employee's face. His tongue probed her
slit, darting in and out of her visibly wet crack. His finger slid
between her buttocks and she whimpered as she felt it at her anus.
He sucked her gorged clitoris and she hissed in pleasure, one palm
flat on her sucked-in belly, the other crushing and kneading her
swollen breasts in an agony of lust. She began to jerk and bounce
on his face, her hands under her breasts, her head arched back,
her eyes half-closed, her mouth open in a wide 'O'.

"Do it! Do it ... god yes ... shove it in deeper, babe ... OHHHHH
yes! Lick my slit, Michael Ohhh MichUHHHHHl yes!"

She moaned and panted, and stroked herself sensuously, caressing
her face and breasts and belly and thighs, hissing in pleasure as
he swirled his tongue through her sodden cunt. Getting off his
face, she sat propped against the bedstead, her knees drawn up and
spread wide. The waiter flipped over and pushed his head into her
crotch. She gripped his hair and moved his head round and round
between her thighs, her hips jerking and lurching, her face
flipping from side to side, her hands caressing her breasts.
Suresh watched as she twined her fingers in her *mangalsutra* and
rolled the rough beads over her rigid nipples.

"OhmaunhhhOHHHHH!" she cried as the man jammed two fingers into
her cunt and masturbated her vigorously, his tongue flickering
rapidly in her slit.

Her back arched, her breasts thrust outward and her head jerked to
one side. Her face was radiant with lust, her mouth torn open in a
wide 'O', her eyes closed and she squeezed her swollen breasts in
a frenzy. The man pumped his hand furiously at her crotch.

When he finally stopped, Sayali was panting and moaning like a
bitch in heat. He straightened and she flung herself forward and
buried her face in his crotch, sucking his rampant penis greedily
and hungrily. There was no mistaking the lust in her. She wanted
it. There was no pretense.

The man fucked her face rapidly for several minutes, jerking her
head back and forth in both hands, pumping his hips at her mouth.
His head bent to watch her, he gasped and groaned and then
chuckled softly as she played with her breasts and fingered her
slit. He pushed her head away abruptly.

Moaning, her chest heaving, Suresh's bride turned around on the
bed on her forearms and knees, her naked buttocks thrust back at
the steward. She spread her legs apart and he shuffled forward,
his swollen penis in his hand and squeezed it between her

"Want it in your ass, bitch?" he chortled. "Like in the good old days? You always liked it in your butt, didn't you?"

"Yes," she moaned. "But later ... first ... first fuck my cunt,

In the ass? Like the old days? The way she liked it? Suresh could
hardly believe his ears. His beautiful bride had not only slept
with this man, she had been sodomised by him! And she had enjoyed
it, wanted it! The questions erupted again, confusing and clouding
his mind. He moaned softly in despair.

Before his eyes, Michael squeezed his cock-head into Sayali's
cunt. She moaned softly, her head lifting, biting her lower hip.
He groaned his joy, his fingertips on her buttocks and arched his
head. Suresh watched as his powerful buttocks flexed slowly and
his hips slid forward. The monstrous penis disappeared into her
cunt, vanishing between the curved lobes of her buttocks.

"Oh fuck yes!" she gasped in joy, her face radiant. "Oh god
Michael that's so good! Come on, lover ... Shove it in! Deeper!
Ahh yes! That's it! Ohh yes!"

Her body rocked forward as the steward drilled his penis into her
flesh. He gasped, his buttocks flexed taut, his thighs pressed to
hers, his balls against her buttocks. His hands slid up her body
and he squeezed her large, succulent, pendulous breasts. She
turned her face and he leaned over to kiss her. Suresh noticed her
hungry, ardent response.

"Come on, Michael! Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!" she gasped.

He chuckled softly. "Yeh, right, like a whore. It's what you are,
right, bitch? A regular whore! Always were, always will be, eh,

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes ... I'm a whore, Michael ... a randy

He eased his buttocks backward, his cock glistening out of her
cunt, emerging from the curves of her buttocks. She moaned softly
and he slid slowly back into her again, going in deep, till he was
embedded in her cunt. She whimpered and rocked under him, moaning
in pleasure, her buttocks swaying and writhing erotically against
his. Her long *mangalsutra* swung and slithered back and forth.
Michael twined his fingers in it and rolled it across her rigid
nipples. Sayali groaned, whimpering in unmistakable pleasure. They
fucked slowly and unhurriedly, like lovers do, in no visible
anxiety about time or being caught at it. His buttocks flexed and
unflexed and his hips swung back and forth and his cock glided
smoothly in and out of her cunt, emerging and disappearing between
her buttocks.

"So tell me, cunt," he said. "When did you first start doing

"Fuck you, Michael," she gasped thickly, rocking and swaying
passionately under him.

"No babe. Fuck *you*. Come on, tell me."

"What, damn it? Tell you what?"

"How you got to be such a whore. Who you first fucked. When. And
after him, who. All of it."

"Later," she gasped. "Not now."

"No. Now."

"Fuck you, you bastard," she hissed.

"Tell me, bitch, or I'm gonna walk out of here and tell the world
about you. I'm sure that wimpy husband of yours would like to hear
about the whore he got suckered into marrying," the steward

"You motherfucker," she snarled over her shoulder at him, her face
red with rage. "Don't you dare hurt Suresh."

"Oh, his name's Suresh is it? Suresh the wimp." Michael jeered and
rocked his cock in and out of her cunt, holding her by the waist,
keeping her pinned.

Suresh noticed that she made no attempt to break free, just kept
rocking her cunt back and forth along his shaft. Her breasts wobbled and swung.

"Listen, you bastard," she said softly in a voice that trembled
with anger. "I love that man. I love him with all my heart, more
than I have anyone else in my life."


"It's the goddamned truth. I've fucked men, and I've had friends,
but I've never had a friend whose also a lover or the other way
around. Look at you. You're not a friend. You just fuck me ..."

"And you love it, and you love me."

"No, sisterfucker, that's where you're wrong. I don't love *you*.
I love being fucked by you, but it's not you that I love. It's
your cock and your body and things you do to me with it. And
you're just another prick, that's it. I've had others, and they
were just as good, and I loved it just as much."

"And Suresh, tell me you like fucking him, too. Tell me he's good
in bed."

"He is. He's fantastic."


"Fuck you. He's a lover like you'll never be, Michael
motherfucker. Because he's kind and decent and gentle and he loves
me. I have orgasms with him that make me want to cry. That good.
You just bring me off. That's the difference, if you must know."

"Yeah, I believe you," the man chuckled, completely unperturbed,
arrogant in his ophelimity. "Explains why you called me here to
fuck you. Makes a whole load of sense."

Laughing in disbelief, he continued fucking her unhurriedly. His
hips slid forward, his cock squeezed into her cunt; he paused,
then slowly withdrew, and paused again. Holding her waist, his
buttocks flexing and unflexing alternately with his thrusts, the
steward fucked Sayali. She whimpered softly, writhing in unfaked
pleasure under him, her body lurching and rocking back and forth
on her forearms and knees.

Slowly, he built up speed. His motions grew faster and his thrusts
went in deeper. Sayali gasped and cried out, jerking forward under
his lunges. Faster and faster he went, his hips swinging rapidly.
Holding her hips, he rammed into her. Sayali cried out thinly as
his cock plunged deep into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh Unhhh yes! Ohhh yes-yes-yes Ohhh fuck yes!" she cried.

"Take it! Take it whore! Take it!" he gasped, moving at a furious

He slammed his hips back and forth, pummelling her buttocks with
his thighs. His thighs smacked loudly against her flesh. She
gasped and cried out, jerking and rocking under his thrusts. Her
breasts shook violently. His cock pistoned and plunged furiously
in and out of her cunt. His buttocks flexed and unflexed
powerfully and his hips swung back and forth, up and down, like a
trip-hammer at full blast, driving his rampant penis deeply in and
out of her flesh. Suresh noticed that he was in complete control
and envied his skill.

Suddenly, just as she was on the verge of an orgasm, he slid out
of her cunt. She gasped in shock and frustration and reached back
for his cock, trying to claw it back into her flesh.

"You bastard!" she cried. "Don't stop now!"

He laughed and slapped her buttocks gently. "I want to raid your
ass, bitch. Give me some cream."

"It's on the dresser. Hurry!" Sayali moaned softly and bent
steeply forward in a *namaz* pose so that her shoulders were on
the bed, her buttocks and hips lifted high. Her face was turned to
the French windows where Suresh stood.

The steward strolled to the dresser and selected a plastic bottle
of lotion. Flipping open the cap, he tipped some into his palm and
anointed his cock luxuriously, stroking it with pleasure. His
penis glistened and gleamed. Taking some more, he parted her
buttocks and massaged her anus and then pressed a fingertip into
her asshole. Sayali gasped and lurched forward. He wriggled his
finger in and out of her anus, laughing at her reaction.

"Come on, whore. Say you want it. Tell me you want it in your

"Yes," she whimpered. "Shove it into my butt, Michael! Come on, do

He was behind her again, his penis pressed between her buttocks,
his cock-head at her anus. He paused and grinned.

"Can't hear you, bitch," he said. "Louder."

"Please ... Michael ... oh please ..."

"That's it, bitch. Beg! Beg for it!"

"Please, Michael ... fuck my ass! Shove your cock into my ass! I
want it! Please ... please do it!"

Suresh watched goggle-eyed. This was a fantasy come to life. He
had long harboured a secret desire to fuck a woman in the ass, but
feared an outright rejection at best, or, worse still, being
labelled as depraved and debauched. He had often heard of women
who were said to enjoy sex; he could scarcely believe that his
bride was one of them. To his shock, watching them, he found he
had a massive erection. He unzipped his fly and started
masturbating slowly.

On the bed, Sayali twisted her body and gripped Michael's
protruding shaft in one hand. He laughed down at her and held her

"Set?" he asked softly.

"Come on ... do it!" she cried.

Michael flexed his buttocks. His cock slid between her fingers and
the cleft between her buttocks. Her head jerked upward and her
face contorted in a violent trismus of lust. Her mouth tore open
and a soft shriek erupted from her throat. Michael gasped, his
mouth falling open, his body taut and quivering with tension.
Sayali's chest heaved and she cried out again, in sobbing,
shuddering gasps. Her long neck was arched and tendons stood out
in her throat. Her arm was rigid with tension, and her fingers
tightened on his cock. Her thighs and buttocks tensed.

Suresh watched in mounting disbelief and excitement. Michael
waited; obviously, he had done this before to her, and knew what
to do. He held still. Beneath him, Sayali's ragged breathing
gradually steadied. She began jerking his cock slowly, gently.

"Come on," she gasped. "Come on Michael ... fuck my ass!"

The steward groaned and slowly flexed his buttocks and eased his
hips forward. His penis slipped between her fingers and into her
rear channel. She gasped again, and now it was a cry of naked

"Yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhhhh unhhhhh yes! Do it, baby! Fuck my

Inexorably, his cock vanished into her flesh. She held it till the
very last, till her hand was pinned between his thighs and her
buttocks. Then, slowly, hissing in pleasure, she released it. Her
hand slid up her body and she squeezed her heavy breasts in wanton
lust. Her body writhed and swayed in pleasure on the bed. Her face
was radiant with pleasure. Her buttocks squirmed against his

"Oh fuck that feels so good, Michael," she moaned.

"Just like it used to be, eh, bitch?" he grinned. "Just like the
old times?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes! I want it!"

Suresh watched in horrified fascination as the steward sodomised
his beautiful bride. He fucked her ass slowly and in no apparent
hurry, savouring her delights to the full. His buttocks flexed and
unflexed and his hips rocked gently back and forth. His cock went
in and out of her anus, appearing and disappearing as though
extruded from her flesh, then drawn in again. Sayali's face
twisted with excitement and lust and she whimpered, her shoulders
on the bed, her face turned to one side, facing Suresh, her eyes
closed, and her body rocked and swung back and forth under his
thrusts. Suresh was transfixed by the sight of Michael's hard,
glistening penis sliding in and out of his wife's butt. She moaned
her pleasure and he began to move slightly faster, holding her
buttocks and hips, squeezing her soft flesh eagerly as he pushed
and squeezed his swollen cock into her asshole. He thrust hand
under her belly and fingered her slit. Sayali moaned and orgasmed
violently, her body shuddering and trembling. The steward groaned
in delight and slowly skewered her ass deeply, once, twice, three,
four, five times. Each thrust drew an ululating moan from her
throat. He gasped in response. Finally, gasping, he pulled slowly
out of her and, jerking his cock in his fist, came copiously over
her back and thighs and in the crevice between her lovely
buttocks. Groaning, he pushed his still dribbling cock back into
her asshole and fucked her again slowly for a few minutes.

They behaved like lovers, as if it was their honeymoon, not his.
Suresh watched as the man flung himself into an armchair and lit a
cigarette. On the bed, Sayali lay on her front, whimpering and
gasping, her chest heaving. Slowly, she turned her face to him.

"Hey, Mike."


"You're not done yet, are you?"

He chuckled. "What do you think?"

"The Michael I knew could have fucked me at least twice more."

"I haven't changed."

"So fuck me."

"Come and make me."

"Tell me what you'd like." Sayali turned on her side to face him.
"Shall I frig for you?"

"With a dildo?"

"If you like."

"You have one?"

She laughed. "Part of my travelling kit. I don't leave home
without it. It's the first drawer, there, a blue travelling pouch.
Will you get it?"

"Nah, forget it. Prefer the real thing. C'mere and suck my cock."

Sayali rolled out of bed with a delighted, wanton smile and walked
across to him. He grinned at her. Suresh moaned to himself, his
fist sticky with his jizz as he took in the sight of her superbly
curved, slender, dusky body swaying across the room, her breasts bouncing, her buttocks rippling smoothly and strongly. He
remembered her reaction when the steward pushed his cock between
them and into her anus and was filled with a desire to emulate
him. He watched, now numb to the trauma, alive only to the
hyperbolic sexual debauchery being played out before him.

Michael grinned wolfishly as she came up to him. He sat, smoking,
one leg drawn up, the heel on the seat of the chair, the other
flung casually over the arm. He masturbated slowly, his legs
spread wide. He put out his cigarette as she came to him. Standing
before him, she bent forward and they kissed. He cupped her
breasts and fondled them gently. Her long *mangalsutra* swung
between their bodies. Her hands got busy in his groin, stroking
his cock deftly. He slid a hand down to her crotch and her legs
shuffled apart in immediate welcome. Her buttocks writhed in
pleasure as he slid a finger into her slit.

They broke the kiss and Sayali bent her head and sucked and licked
his nipples. Slowly, she dragged her tongue down his body,
slipping to her knees. Finally, her head bent over his crotch and
her tongue snaked out and coiled around his cock-head.

"Mm, tastes good," she murmured, smiling wantonly as she licked
the penis, so recently in her ass. "I love this."


"Sucking a cock that's been in my ass."

He grinned and gripped her head, pushing it down onto his penis.

"C'mon, whore! Gimme head!" he grunted.

Sayali fondled his penis lovingly, masturbating him with a
deftness that was evidently acquired by long years of incessant
practice. His penis throbbed and stirred and began to swell. She
licked it gently, steadily, and then her lips parted and slipped
about the cock-head. He grunted and grinned and moved her head up
and down. She sucked his cock steadily, then faster and faster.
His erection ballooned in her mouth, distending her face. Rising,
she squeezed her breasts in a sheath around it and masturbated him
briefly with her breasts before resuming sucking his cock.

"Mm, yeh ... suck it ... suck it good, bitch," he murmured. "Mm
... yeh ... that's it ... suck it ... suck it, whore!"

Sayali whimpered deep in her throat; evidently, she enjoyed
sucking cock. She caressed her breasts and her hand slid into her
crotch and she masturbated gently. After several minutes, the man pushed her head away.

"Time to fuck again, whore," he chuckled. "Come on."

Sayali got to her feet and, turning around, straddled his lap. He
slouched low in the chair, his huge penis pointing upward. She
reached down and, taking it delicately in her hand, guided to her
cunt. Suresh saw her pause, her palm along the shaft, her
fingertips against his balls, his cock-head at her cunt-lips; then
she drew in her breath and her hips sank and her cunt slipped down
on his cock-head, running smoothly and rapidly and easily, so that
his cock disappeared into her cunt like a knife into butter.

"Ohhhhh yes!"

Sayali gasped loudly, her head rising, her mouth fluttering open.
Her belly rippled in and she grimaced in pleasure. Still holding
the shaft, she moved her cunt lower still, and lower yet. His cock
disappeared into her belly. She moaned thickly, her head arched,
her belly sucked in, her hips squirming and writhing in pleasure
on his lap. He caressed her back gently, his hands gliding up and
down her smooth, dusky flesh, moving around to fondle her breasts.
She hissed softly as he squeezed the swollen mounds in his hands
and pinched her rigid nipples. She cupped and squeezed his balls

"Oh fuck, that feels so good, Mikey," she murmured and leaned back
against his chest, turning her face to his.

He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.
Their lips parted and their tongues fenced openly against each
other. He caressed her cock-filled cunt and she moaned softly, one
bangled arm looped over his head. His hands roamed over her torso,
playing with her breasts, caressing her belly, fondling her cunt.
He twined his fingers in her *mangalsutra* and rasped the rough
beads over her nipples, making her shudder in delight. Slowly, she
straightened. Her hips began to move, gyrating in tight, erotic
circles on his lap. She groaned and her arched slowly. Her hips
swirled slowly round and round, her buttocks flexing and squeezing
over his cock. She hissed softly and her hips rose, still circling
and undulating, then spiralled slowly down again. Her mouth
fluttered open and she leaned forward, her shoulders hunched, deep
hollows appearing them, with her hands on his knees. Slowly, she
began to rock up and down on his cock, sliding her cunt up and
down the length of his shaft. Her belly rippled inward and she
arched her back, hissing in pleasure as her cunt ground down deep
on his cock. She paused, his cock half in her cunt and clapped her
buttocks rapidly together, squeezing his cock with her cunt. He
gasped under her and arched his hips; his cock reared into her
cunt and she moaned in delight.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh god yes!" she cried.

"Come on! Come on, whore! Do it!" he groaned, his face flushed
with lust, his mouth hanging open, panting like a dog in heat.

Whimpering and moaning her pleasure, Sayali began rocking up and
down on the steward's swollen penis. Her breasts jumped and
bounced with her motions and the long *mangalsutra* tossed and
slapped on her skin. Gasping and crying out lewdly, she moved
faster and faster. Her buttocks caromed off his thighs. She
squeezed his balls in excitement. Her palm, fingers spreadeagled,
lay flat on her belly as she suddenly ground her hips round in
tight, jerky circles. Hissing his pleasure, she dragged her hand
up her body, crushing her breasts savagely, up to her arched face.

"God yes, Mikey, yes!" she moaned. "Oh fuck I love your cock in my
slit! Ohhhh yes! Ohhh fuck yes!"

"C'mon ... take it ... take it whore! Take it!" he gasped.

Holding her waist, he moved her up and down on his cock, pumping
his hips beneath her. His penis went in and out of her flesh; her
cunt slithered along the length of his shaft. Leaning forward, her
breasts in both hands, her mouth open in a wide 'O', Sayali rocked
faster and faster up and down on his cock. He jerked her down
savagely onto his lance with rising urgency, forcing choking cries
from her throat. Her head hung on her chest.

They paused abruptly. Gasping and panting, her chest heaving, she
rose off his cock. He slid out of the chair and lay on the
carpeted floor on his back, his head to the windows where Suresh
stood, watching numbly.

Sayali straddled her lover's hips and quickly moved his cock into
her cunt. She gasped as her cunt slipped down and engulfed his

"Mm," she said, rocking slowly back and forth on her knees.
"That's good. Very good. Tell me you like it, Michael. Tell me
what it feels like."

"Great, whore," he snickered. "Nice tight little cunt you've got.
Hot and juicy."

"Can you feel it? Can you feel it squeezing your cock?"

"Oh fuck, yes!"

"Does it feel good? Tell me, Michael!"

"Feels great! Just great!"

He slid his hands up her body and fondled her breasts. Sayali
arched her back and moaned. He moved his hips round and round and
up and down under her. She whimpered in pleasure, writhing on his
hips. Smiling down at him, she paused to coil her long hair in a
knot high on the back of her head, exposing the superb line of her
neck. Then she bent over him and kissed him deeply, her tongue
snaking out long and sharp, flicking against his. He squeezed her
buttocks and pressed a finger to her anus. She writhed over him
and arched back, one hand behind her body to squeeze his buttocks.
He thumbed her clitoris. She hissed and moaned loudly. Her eyes
were wide open and she was looking straight at Suresh; yet there
was no hint of recognition, or acknowledgment of his presence. He
stared at her silently, not knowing whether she saw him or through

They fucked in this position for several minutes, moving faster
and faster. Her breasts jumped and shook and her cries rang out
loud and clear. Then they stopped again. He got to his feet and
she sucked his cock for some time. On the bed, she lay on her back
and the man began licking her slit. She murmured in pleasure, her
body rocking and jerking gently on the soft bed. Finally, he moved
up over her, between her legs, his cock in his hand. She spread
her legs wide and guided him into her flesh. He flexed his
buttocks and his cock dipped into her flesh and vanished slowly
inward as his hips swung forward and down. Sayali arched under
him, moaning loudly, her face radiant with pleasure. She clenched
his thick biceps, caressed his hard, muscular torso and fondled
his taut buttocks. He began to move, fucking her slowly and
unhurriedly, sliding his hips gently back and forth, stroking his
cock in and out of her cunt. She murmured in pleasure, rocking and
jerking under him, kissing him lasciviously. Craning her head, she
sucked and licked his small, dark, stiff nipples, her hands
caressing his hard back.



"You really want to know?"


"About me. About my lovers, and my whoring."

He grinned and kissed her. "You want to tell me, tell me."

"I want to tell you."

"So talk."

She kissed him hungrily. "Just don't stop fucking me."

"Not a chance."

She smiled and her head fell back and she murmured in pleasure. "I
had my first affair when I was sixteen. I was very horny even
then, and we had this very sexy servant, Ramu. One day, I bunked
school, said I had a headache and came home, because I knew
everyone else would be out except him. He was alone."

"How old was he?"

"Oh, twenty, twenty-four, something like that. But very sexy. Tall
and handsome and dark, with this great muscular body. I used to
frig like crazy dreaming about him. Anyway, I got him and he was
there, so I took off my underclothes and went to him in my school
uniform, all the buttons undone. He understood what I had in mind
and he was hot as hell. He fucked me first in the kitchen, slowly
and gently and that orgasm blew my mind. I couldn't believe how
fantastic it was. I got him to fuck me again, in the bedroom, from
behind. Then one more time with me on top."

"Crazy bitch. At sixteen!"

"At randy sixteen, yes. We continued this for a long time, several
months. Then he asked if I would like to fuck some friends of his.
Of course I said yes. He brought up some guys and I loved the
differences in their cocks and the different ways they had of
fucking me. Then they asked if I would like to try fucking more
than one at a time. I'd been waiting for them to ask. So I did. It
was pure heaven."

She paused and he kissed her, still rocking rhythmically in and
out of her cunt, a master in complete control. He licked and
sucked on her nipples gently and she murmured softly.

"It was great. I loved fucking, and they loved fucking me. Then I
graduated, and in college, I had a couple of guys. We used to fuck
up on the hostel terrace or in their rooms. They were good,
athletic types and it continued for a few months with each before
I went on to the next guy."


"Then I graduated and had to get a job. I learned typing and
shorthand and one day, while I was fucking with the servants, a
new guy came up. He was introduced as a friend. He fucked me very
well, better than I'd been fucked before. I was deliriously happy
when he was finally done, after a couple of hours."

"Must have been quite a stud."

"Of course he was. He was a talent scout for Hedon & Venery."

"No shit."

"God's truth, he was. Sanjay. He came back the next day, and the
next, and the day after that, every day for a week. One Sunday, he
asked me to come with him, he wanted to show me something that
would blow my mind."

"And he took you to the Apistia?"

"Right. And asked me to sign up. And told me the salary."

"So you did. There and then."

"Without a second's thought. He asked me when I wanted to start
work. I said now and he laughed. And ten minutes later, I was a
whore, being fucked by a guy I didn't know and getting paid for

Michael laughed softly. "That's quite a story. But it's not

"What else is there to know?"

"Why you got married."

Sayali smiled gently and luxuriantly and stretched her body,
arching pleasurably under him, kissing him, fondling his muscular
physique. Her hips moved gently under his, pumping rhythmically up
and down. He stroked gentlyand unhurriedly in and out of her cunt.
She licked his nipple lasciviously.

"Because, my darling stud, I needed to. I wanted a man who was
decent and gentle and kind and loved me and not just my body. I
wanted a friend, a real friend. All I'd had since sixteen was
lovers, men who wanted to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and
that's it."

"So why him?"

"Because he asked. Because I liked what I saw. He's a generous,
hardworking, sincere, faithful kind, who doesn't do things by

"You think he'll be the same when he finds out."

"He already knows."


"Believe it. He knows it all. Anything else he wants to know, I'll
tell him."

"And you don't think he'll mind?"

"No. I know he won't."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I've slept with him. Not just fucked. Made love to him.
When a man makes love, his soul is open. I know Suresh. He'll
understand. He'll accept. We'll make this marriage work."

"Doesn't look like it, if you're fornicating on your honeymoon."

"Sex isn't going to be the thing that'll keep us together."

"But it'll drive you apart."

"No. We'll be together despite my fornicating."

"So you intend to continue."

"Yes. Certainly."

"What if he minds? Says no?"

"He won't."

"Lucky you, then."

"Not just me, darling," she murmured, smiling. "You, too. Come on
now, Michael, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore!"
= o =


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